The TRUTH about Martial Law: Young Filipinos no longer believe that it was all bad!

The war for minds surrounding the 2016 elections now seems to be centred on how the last 30 years of “freedom” that was “won” in 1986 stacks up against the 20-year Martial Law regime of former President Ferdinand Marcos. You can see it in how much “lest we forget” messages that aim to “educate” the Filipino youth about the “evils” of Martial Law now flood both new and traditional media timelines and headlines.

Recently, the Ateneo de Manila faculty issued a statatement that was signed by “more than 400 faculty members and formators” condemning the “historical revisionism” surrounding the Martial Law years allegedly being perpetrated by vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos…

“We vow as teachers and formators to continue to tell the stories of the brutality and corruption of the Marcos family, regime, and closest allies,” the statement reads. “For as long as we remember and share these stories, we believe that future generations of Filipinos will learn the lessons of the years of struggle leading to the overthrow of the dictatorship during those historic days of the People Power Revolution in 1986.”

Ateneans strike a pose with former First Lady Imelda Marcos.

Ateneans strike a pose with former First Lady Imelda Marcos.

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Unfortunately for anti-Marcos “activists” like the Ateneo faculty, in this instance, the Philippines’ youth have long turned a jaded eye towards the tired old notion that all the Philippines’ failings can be traced back to the Marcos regime. Indeed, quite amusingly, the Ateneo found itself in the middle of a media circus after its students were caught on camera taking selfies with former First Lady Imelda Marcos.

Much of the Philippines’ vast voter base is made up of young people — many of whom were not even born during the height of anti-Marcos rhetoric in the years immediately following the 1986 ‘people power revolution’ that ousted the late President Marcos. Instead, they came of age in a period marked by widespread failure under the watch of a direct heir of the “heroes” of that revolution — current Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III — to make good on the promise of a better Philippines following the fall of the “Evil One”.

Where we are now, as such, comes as no surprise. One cannot blame Filipinos today for scrutinising the whole Marcos-Bad-Yellow-Good narrative through a more critical lens. One specific aspect of this old narrative has to do with who these so-called “Martial Law victims” really are. Anti-Marcos activists would have us believe that Marcos chaired a murderous and even genocidal regime that was bent on torturing and gunning down heretics Taliban-style. In short, anti-Marcos “activists” assert that most of Marcos’s so-called “victims” were all hapless innocents randomly picked up from the streets after having uttered the slightest plea to differ on even the most minor aspect of the Marcosian dogma we are told existed at the time.

In a Facebook post, De La Salle University professor Antonio Contreras begs to the contrary and opts to check himself out of the prevailing groupthink that has come to regard the Martial Law years as “a monolithic narrative of terror and suffering”…

To blame the complex system of pain and suffering to one man, and one tainted surname, would be too simplistic. Doing so is simply falling into the game of political opportunists who would like to turn a significant period of our history as simply a duel between two oligarchic dynasties.

More specifically, Contreras asserts that, for the most part, the victims of these alleged atrocities are not as innocent as they are made out to be but were combatants of their chosen ideologies (many of which espoused a violent destruction of the state). They were, Contreras writes, “casualties” of their “ideological choices”.

Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao too wrote that it is time that the alleged victims of Martial Law atrocities themselves be honest about what really happened. Tiglao himself was imprisoned under the Marcos regime but wrote…

There were indisputably human rights violations during Martial Law, even the most despicable ones. Many of my close friends were killed by the military or the constabulary in their mid-twenties. However, I would blame Communist chief Jose Ma. Sison for many of those deaths because he deployed those men who were barely out of their teens to foment unrest and revolt in the countryside, telling them that the masses had been roused to revolution because of Martial Law. They were very poorly armed, and were killed not even by the military but by police and militias who thought they were bandits.

Still alive: Then Philippine Constabulary chief Gen. Fidel Ramos led the dreaded 'anti-subversion' unit of the Martial Law regime.

Still alive: Then Philippine Constabulary chief Gen. Fidel Ramos led the dreaded ‘anti-subversion’ unit of the Martial Law regime.

Even more interesting, the chief executors of Martial Law atrocities — then Philippine Constabulary chief Gen.Fidel Ramos and then Minister of Defense Juan Ponce Enrile — remain alive and are even revered as elder statesmen today. Tiglao points out that they were more directly associated with his horrible experiences under Martial Law than Bongbong Marcos ever could be…

The arrest orders against me and my late wife, Raquel, were issued by Ramos, who was, would you believe, PC Chief from 1970 to 1986. It was the PC’s top anti-subversive unit, the 5th Constabulary Security Unit (which also captured Communist chief Jose Sison and most of the Party’s leaders) that arrested us, with one of their tall burly soldiers beating me up.

We were incarcerated for nearly two years, early 1973 to Christmas 1974, in Camp Aguinaldo and Fort Bonifacio special prisons that were under the supervision of Martial Law administrator Enrile, so I should blame him for the scars of the boils I got on my body because of the malnutrition and unhygienic conditions in those prisons.

Still alive: Then Minister of Defense, Juan Ponce Enrile was the architect of Martial Law.

Still alive: Then Minister of Defense, Juan Ponce Enrile was the architect of Martial Law.

Why then is Senator Bongbong Marcos the singular object of vilification and hate being issued by so-called “activists” calling for “justice” while the chief henchmen who not only were adults at the time but were leaders of the Martial Law machine walk free?

Perhaps Filipinos should start listening to people who were actually there rather than to has-been celebrities like Jim Paredes and Leah Navarro who lorded it over Manila’s burgis society in the 1970s and were as oblivious to the “atrocities” they now harp about as old farts today as the next conyo kid was back then.

Tiglao, on the other hand, actually was there and has spoken. When will others speak out and confirm to us that the Yellow Mob of President BS Aquino and his ilk have been outright lying to Filipinos all this time? Mr Ramos and Mr Enrile, what say you?

Filipinos, for their part, need to learn how to think and not just parrot old idiotic slogans. If they want a true democracy, they must earn the right to exercise their freedom by applying themselves to democratic practice in a mature and intelligent manner. In the process of aspiring to that ideal, they should start getting rid of old discredited ideas and move on.

178 Replies to “The TRUTH about Martial Law: Young Filipinos no longer believe that it was all bad!”

    1. Philippine poverty started since 1986, when the Cojuanco and Aquinos collaborated and move to stand out among all others “People Power”. They used the mass people for their own personal goal-to look rich and special above all others.

      1. Never Again Marcial Bonifacio aka Ninoy Aquino the malaysian madbomber of Plaza Miranda and co founder of Joma Sison Communist party of the Philippines(1986-2028) and Late santa cory kurakot the mother of all Corruption of all Government Owned controlled corporations of Mabuhay Apo Lakay Marcos Malakas Masagana99 True Great Nation Hero of the Philippines!!

    1. Move forward.

      If you were mugged or had something stolen from you, do you sit and do nothing until what was stolen was returned? Or do you get up, brush yourself down and move on?

      Yes, the Philippines may have been “robbed”… but isn’t it high time we count it as a loss and move on to better things? Waiting for the robbed wealth to come back is like waiting for the proverbial guava to fall into your mouth.

    2. Mrexicx I have also a question for you. Do you have any evidence that PFEMarcos stole billions from the Philippine Treasury. I will tell you what the media is hiding to corrupt your minds. When PFEMarcos took over as President the Philippines is still on the way to recovery from the ravages of world war 2 devasted by heavy bombings. 20 yrs pa lang ang nakakaraan. But MARCOS thru his brilliant management of governance he built massive infrastructure projects that until now we are profiting from these projects. He built schools and universities bringing the education level of the pilipino masses on above average among Asian nations. He built roads and bridges connecting Luzon visayas and Mindanao. He built medical centers and hospitals. He built LRT the first in Asia. He built seaports and airports where the MIA was among the best in the world during his regime. He built power systems geothermal plants and dams for electricity and water irrigations to have a self sufficient farming productions where in our neighboring countries buys from us.there are many more but my point here is he was able to build these massive projects with his total budget of 458 billion for 20 yrs no room for thief compared to the budgets of mag-inang Aquino trillions of pesos without any concrete projects that you can see to profits with. Ngayon kung you can proved that PFEMarcos stole billions wherebdid he get the money he funded with his massive infrastructure projects? Edimanda mo si Macoy.

        1. Sad to say that all FEM’s project were sold and privatized mainly by Cory Aquino and Fidel Ramos!!!

      1. plus add the YOLANDA incident, which the yellow gov. do nothing but shit on the victims faces
        with the person currently running for pres, saying “bahala kayo sa buhay nio” what the fuck…

        1. Electing the Son of the thief of the Nations Wealth for over 25 years will not change that, now will it?
          You sound like a child, ‘whah, he did this, so imma gonna elect the other guys Son. I’ll show him.’.

          Sure you will.

      2. That is right. About time for Filipinos to think new. Where is your Christian psyche that in Jesus we become new creatures? It is paranoidal of you victims of your ignorance supporting those propagating communism then. Quoting JPII – Remember the past with gratitude – all the infrastructures you are enjoying now, live the present with enthusiasm and look into the future with confidence. We the generations then did not have discipline.

        1. ‘The infrastructure your enjoying now…’, LOL, what infrastructure would that be? The mass transit subway line that is among the worlds worst? or that flea bag Internationally disgusting airport? Or the terminally congested streets of the most traffic ridden city on earth? I could keep going,but..Get the picture? Imagine what the plundered wealth of the last 50 years could have done to that crumbling mess you call ‘infrastructure’,yes….keep listening to who told you that.
          The thieving continues today, and everyday for the last 50 years,24/7 it continues,even right nwo its happening if you and the rest of the Filipino nation do not do something drastic to stop it, it is going to keep happening.

      3. In addition, when PFEM was forced out of office according to World Bank Pres. in 1986, almost U.S. $ 1T reserve/earning from the Royal Clans Wealth was left in our National Treasury which was placed in roll over program at HSBC-HK and maybe we have about U.S.$10T now deposited at LandBank which can not be touched /opened by anybody except the Sole Heir/Sole Signatory of the Royal Clan, the still living 115 years old TVM. From this account, the U.S.$30B debt of then PFEM administration was all paid.Further, the more than U.S.$ 110B debt from World Bank incurred from Pres. Cory Aquino to Pres. GMA ending year 2004 was all paid in January 2005 with receipt ASBLP No. 0001 out from the Signatory’s Account from LandBank. Still waiting to be paid again from the same LandBank Account of the Signatory is the new debt amounting to again almost U.S.$100B incurred from 2005 to 2015. There is about U.S.$10B excess or not used by the present administration and not yet programmed. What will happen to this money, only asking? So there is no ill-gotten wealth of PFEM,instead he got his share from the TVM Account being then the legal counsel of the Royal Clan as indicated in the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement in Aug. 11, 1950. I can shed light on this, myself being the Administrator/ Representative of the Sole Signatory tasked to initiate the opening/activation of the account for the immediate benefit of the Filipinos and the economic development of the Philippines.

        1. Sa post na ito makikita ang tunay na sitwasyon ng kaalaman ng mga tao ukol kay Marcos.

          Hindi lang kulang ang alam. Marami, puro pantasya at kasinungalingan ang alam.

        2. Hi, Dante Valencia.
          I’ve also heard about this gov’t fund left behind by PFEM. But can you give me/us some proof/documents leading to this information that could shed light to some our brethren that seemed to be lost. Please email me, as I would love to find out the truth about this. I’m tired of the yellow government/propaganda that does nothing but corrupt the young minds of Filipinos.

        3. Pasensiyahan mo na lang Juan , walang kamalay-malay sa tunay na nangyayari noon ang Pinay na yan.
          Ang ganda ang buhay noon kung ihambing sa panahon ni Madam Cory Aquino hanggang sa panahon ng kanyang anak na si Ginoong BS Aquino III .

          Darating din ang panahon na lalabas ang katotohanan … ang tunay na estorya.

      4. You’ve said it all! Looks like the truth are slowly coming out. There are still people that are blinded by lies and just can’t accept the fact that during the Marcos regime, Philippines was one of the most progressive country in Asia. Now after 30 years with how many presidents came and went by, we don’t see any progress instead we see extreme corruptions, crimes, etc. Hopefully, this election, people will use their minds and hearts to vote the right person to become the commander in chief of the Philippines. BBM for Vice President. So be it!!!????????????????????????

        1. Our country was the most progressive among all Asian countries; ahead of Singapore that’s why Lee kwan Yeu admired, highly regarded and respected the late President (FEM).

      5. batang macoy din ako….sa dami ng pinamana sa atin kulang daliri ng kamay at paa natin para bilangin…after macoy ano ba ang mga iniwan nila sa atin? higit pa sa martial law dba? puro hirap at patayan nakawan drdugs at ib pa ang nararanasan natin…sana magising tayo sa katotohanan..c ramos at enrile…kawawang APO MACOY….sana manlang bago mamatay c ramos at enrile ay lumabas na mula sa bibig nila ang katotohanan.

      6. Ravages of war? Dude the war was 20 years ago when Marcos became president, ang dami ng nangyaring improvements after the war. In fact the US gave so much during the time of Quirino ang Magsaysay that the 1950s was the Philippines’ golden years. The Philippines had already normalized during the time of Marcos.

        If what you said is true, then how come the peso to dollar exchange rate from 1965 to 1986 dives. In fact the last five years of Marcos’ reign was the worse. From P7.50 to $1 in 1980 naging P20 to $1.

        That is inflation. Imagine everything in the PHilippines tripled in value. Poor Filipinos!

        Just look at the data link above, Philippines and Singapore are side by side. Singapore maintained their currency exchange rate against the dollar in fact the SGD appreciated in value. But look at the Philippines during Marcos, nose dive! Now how can Bong-Bong say if without EDSA we would be Singapore already?

        The inflation rate can not lie also. It was Marcos’ time that the Philippines experienced the highest inflation rate.

        In 1984 50% inflation rate. Wow! I can not imagine how life was during these times. Double digit inflation rates throughout Marcos’ reign. Everything is expensive during the time of Marcos.

        Those infrastructure projects that Marcos created is worthless if the country is suffering from inflation, poverty and hunger. If Marcos was a great leader, then Filipinos would not have started working abroad.

        In fact it was the time of Marcos when OFWs and the brain drain started.

        Which only goes to show, he failed the Filipino people. That is the reason why he was kicked out. The Filipinos was fed up.

        If infrastructure projects is the measure of success Marcos, you are wrong. People are more important, those things you wrote are the habits of Megalomaniacs and dictators.

        1. stupid you are!.. don’t you know that, until today you are using what was marcos provides us today. idiot you are, incomparable idiots ever! yes, really. satan is you.

        2. there was high inflation rate during the last 5 years of marcos reign because of what the oligarchs are doing. they started destroying the marcos goverment by lying to the filipino people about how bad marcos is, making the country’s economy unstable. tsk tsk tsk….sisihin ba si marcos sa kagustuhan ng iba na maghariharian sa pilipinas

      7. Most improvements of Marcos were located in Luzon. Mindanao has very few concrete roads and infra projects. Marcos has became filthy rich thru sequestration of businesses and dummy corporations. Many of his cronies became super rich at the expense of the Filipinos. The Philippine became a basket case during his time. The treasury depleted only foreign borrowings kept the government and economy running. Rebellions were at its height. Now, they don’t want to give up the wealth they stolen from the Filipino people. If that’s not true then tell me how’d they became rich.

        1. This is hilarious.

          Marcos sequestered businesses and dummy corporations? Yeah, he did that for the benefit of the people! And not to mention that the cronies after him are much worse than you could ever imagine.

          And what’s funny is that you said that they don’t want to give up the wealth they stolen. In case you don’t notice:

          While they have done nothing to attain closure and while they sit in their aircon rooms counting their PDAF, they wait for Bongbong to apologize and return whatever money his father plundered. Why would he do that? So that PCGG could plunder them again? They claim they have recovered half of the USD 10 billion, how come they have not paid a single Martial Law victim?

          They should be careful what they ask for. They are not dealing with a stupid guy. Just because he has a maligned family name does not mean he is stupid. Given the chance, Bongbong will write the history for them, they should not doubt that.

      8. no more confused about whatever it is..
        but FMarcos perfectly did his duties and responsibilities to all Filipinos and it cannot be hide. i always reading materials and i was about curious on findings, what is the really behind those years of FMarcos. Nanginginig ako sa mga nadidiskobre ko. Sa kanyang time, very far layong layo ang nararating ng Pilipinas under his perfect leadership. But many those cannot accept, what was success to us. they get extra jealous to FMarcos and they wanted also to take overdrive him in office. And i found something shocking truth about the stories behind in his exile in Hawaii. That was all about importand documents, that somebody wanted him to sign on it, about the Philippines depository in other country. That was very shocking, when i came it to knew.

        1. Sa sobrang successful ng Pilipinas nung time ni Marcos, from number 2 sa Asia nung start ng term niya naging kulelat tayo at naunahan ng maraming bansa after siya napatalsik. Bumaba ang value ng pera natin by 80%! Wow, siguro yun ang ibig-sabihin ng success sayo. Ang maging mahirap. Well, push mo yan.

      9. 28billion dallors debt in marcos administration, source wikipedia, I think dun nya kinuha pera for infra structures, income ng pilipinas anong nangyari?

      10. Also, most of this so called “celebrities” claimed about the over 250billion dollars +++deficit and debt .. Come to think of it , with just common sense- Marcos has “those tremendous development plan -and then you “ousted” him and his government .. so interest will follow.. and the succeeding government -did not in a hell continue Marcos’ Projects…

        1. Roldan,

          The government did continue the projects that Marcos had started. The only difference is Marcos’ projects benefitted the whole country. The post-Marcos government benefitted only the Chinese businesses and the political dynasties.


      11. good question Mr Pascual..thats the truth.people who are condemning marcos as theft & corrupt are the people that was brainwash by the Aquinos and the oligarch,they change all the context of the history books they removed all the good governance of Marcos they put it martial law rule,but this is the good way to protect Pilipino people that know how to follow the rule of law,and to materialized to build all that projects thats what we using it until now,they dont know how many U.S P.R FIRMS,that was hired by then Pres.Cory Aquino using the public funds just to destroy all the credibility of the Marcoses until now still have the ABS this generation the young ones if they still have a grandparents better to asked with them the true history during Marcos rule it gives you the true answers than the context of books today,,,

      12. i think and I agree na madaming napagawa under ng kanyang panunungkulan…. ant walang duda na kapag 20 years kang pangulo ai cguradong marami kang mapapagawa… some money used by FM is from the world bank which until now is our,(Philippines), debt in world bank…

    3. Why do they want the Marcoses wealth in the first place? Well, fat chance. Marcoses don’t trust anyone in this oligarchic, crocs-infested and yellow government. Imelda herself said, in a one-on-one interview by Mel Tiangco, all that “hidden wealth” belongs to the Filipinos and the rest of the world. But it’ll be too stupid to release it to those who’ll obviously waste it. And it is but right to trust their own competence on managing it because, hey, who in this present government can surpass what the father accomplished and have a better plans and vision for the country now? Who among the post-Marcos and present “presidentiable” understand what the country needs to undergo to achieve progress? Who among them understand what real progress means? All their platforms are so vague. “We will begin the government spending spree to accomplish many programs and projects. We will continue the straight path. I am not corrupt. We will fight corruption. You can’t trust anyone but me. It’s all about me, me, me but believe me I’m not full of drama. China can bomb us now but hey corruption is the major problem and I will fight corruption. I repeat. I am not corrupt. We have many more to blame for your own sufferings.” omg! Their motherhood statement is all about corruption and they want the Marcos’ wealth!

      1. If you think that is a good argument for not giving back the stolen money and jewels ,YOU WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING. Gullible is the word for you and arrogant is the word for anyone who would use that argument as justification for a wrong deed.

        1. Who says about not giving back the money that belongs to the Filipino people? Of course what’s stolen should be returned. But first you have to prove that it was stolen. We have a due process for that, don’t we? What was proved was already for recovery by PCGG, in fact they have recovered certain amount and items but we have yet to see the complete report, the inventory. Don’t you think the Filipinos have the right to know?

          What I was saying is that the wealth that belongs to the people that Imelda made public needs perfect or the right timing to be released or used. In fact you can say this “hidden wealth” is just a bonus. GovPH has more or less 100B peso collected tax money a month + the money they borrow to international sector. In fact GovPH claim about good and rising ratings means we now have good resources to accomplish important programs and projects, isn’t it? But the problem is, the projects they are continuing is still what GMA started. What are the Daang Matuwid’s own initiatives? Uh yeah. Corruption. This government is still “fighting for corruption” or so they say. See, they know it’s still one of the biggest problem leeching the blood of every hardworking Filipinos. And that also include incompetence. They still have problems releasing platforms. Don’t you think we must first learn how they plan to our money in their governance term? Without it, what can we expect? How far have we come in terms of railroad transpo and disaster reduction and management plan? What was done in face of territorial threat and terrorism? Isn’t the number of Filipino workers working abroad rising? How’s our health, pension and salary program? How’s the local business thriving? What’s done for the rights of the indigenous people? How’s the state of education in the country? And here all they know the problem is corruption and that they are not corrupt.

        2. @ SICK, it was stolen,get your head out of your butt,OK? No court in the corrupt country is going to convict that family.
          Sorry my Son, it is going to be up to the young guns out there TO TAKE IT BACK.
          Did they ask permission to steal it?Take a look at their salaries and then look at the wealth.Binay made 8 Million Dollars from a piggerry. Yes, and I am the Emperor of Mars. WAKE UP. PLEASE !!!! FFS, is the entire country so dumb as to think that these people have not robbed the wealth of the entire nation for the last 50 years? and yet the people keep on saying…you have to prove it,OMG !!!!
          Or how about we all convene anothe Senate Blue-Ribbon committee and let the thieves investigate themselves,AGAIN !!!!

        3. @Malay_Pinay

          No court in the corrupt country is going to convict that family.

          And therein lies the problem. You all just want to accuse people and not prove them guilty. Don’t you think it’s your head that’s buried in your ass? (I’d rather not recourse to derogatory remark but you started it.)

      2. During the time of PGMA, in 2007, she let BSP print P40T without any bak-up and authority from the Sole Signatory which was used to pay all election officials and finance the 2007 elections including the Comelec,National Printing Office and BSP participation. Counterfeited Philippine currency signed by PGMA flooded the market worldwide for which the World Bank was forced to advise/remind the BSP to get rid of the fake money otherwise sanction will be imposed. Rest is history, as it was even made to appear that it was the fault of the Signatory. Many benefited from this criminal act of the PGMA Administration. With the same agencies involved/responsible for the 2016 elections, we are not assured that with the PNoy Administration the same anomalous act will not happen again. OMG please bless this nation. So who is really the thief here?

        1. Well, this case will also bounce back to BSP. Because accdg to the law (The New Central Bank Act) Section 50: The Bangko Sentral shall have the sole power and authority to issue currency, within the territory of the Philippines. No other person or entity, public or private, may put into circulation notes, coins or any other object or document which, in the opinion of the Monetary Board, might circulate as currency, nor reproduce or imitate the facsimiles of Bangko Sentral notes without prior authority from the Bangko Sentral…

          The Bangko Sentral shall have the authority to investigate, make arrests, conduct searches and seizures in accordance with law, for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of the currency…

          I was looking as to how the President will affect the circulation of the Philippine currency and here’s what’s stated:

          SECTION 53. Characteristics of the Currency. — The Monetary Board, with the approval of the President of the Philippines, shall prescribe the denominations, dimensions, designs, inscriptions and other characteristics of notes issued by the Bangko Sentral…

          I only responded to your post with what I learned but we’re off-topic now. 🙂

    4. mrericx

      for your information, during Marcos time the last to be burdened by taxes is the people. Marcos borrowed money from international banks to build infrastructures for the benefits of the Filipinos. If you are already working now and every December you are receiving your 13th month pay, that was from the Marcos time. It was made into law by FM to make sure na every working men will hve something on the table on Christmas eve. Ginawang batas yan para siguraduhin ang pagbibigay and for your enlightenment that was TAX FREE din kasi nga gift, eh today tax free ba yang sa yo? thats how Ferdinand marcos cares for Filipino Family.

    5. What did the government of Cory and until now Pinoy did. They have all the time to do whatever good for those alleged ill gotten wealth. What I know those alleged things they got from Marcos was only passed by them to their own oligarchs..

    6. Excuse, did you think all the money of Marcos was from the filipino tax payers money? haha. did you even know that taxes during Marcos regime cannot be felt existing? did you know that even if you merge all amount from taxes will not be sufficient to fund infrastuctures that even a hundreds of year will still exist?

      1. Can you please make a deep research regarding the Monetary-1 and the Royal Families of our country? and then, if you have the correct data. Argue.

    7. I was a teen when martial law was declared and was so scare about everyday for some news that the government of Marcos are killing people every where and curfew are also was enforce during that time.after three years I was a soldier from the Philippine Constabulary and was assigned in Zamboanga del Norte, Jolo and finally at Tuburan,Basilan 1975. It was horrible experience of more than 3 years fighting against the MNLF and trying to survive every encounter and ambush those Muslims have expertise giving us hundreds of casualties. Not much information about the fighting around the Philippines by my comrades against the NPA and the powerful insurgency until I was assigned with the CIS now DILG 1978. In my in my 8 years of being an intelligence/investigator officer I never encountered any of those atrocities that being thrown to the military instead it was a peaceful daily routines every day. There are some news about heavy encounter by military against the NPA which of course details was never divulge in the public by newspaper controlled by the government. Likewise our casualties that become thousands of soldier being slaughtered by our enemy in the south was never been in the news too. Then the 80’s came and on 1981 martial law was terminated and life was so easy and prosperous to the pilipinos. It was also that time that news about NPA and soldiers killing each other were printed in the newspaper on a daily basis. There are so many infratracsture the administration of Marcos have accomplished and you can see it in your eyes that Philippines is a progress country in the whole Asia. There are so many new buildings, roads and bridges and you will never notice that fighting is also in progress mostly in the north of thehilippe island because life just go on in Manila and most of the places. It was on those golden years that you are not afraid even to stay till morning having fun and good time not till when subversives and NPA were so strong and the the news that Benigno Aquino is coming back from the states after his treatment of cancer. We are always alert almost every day and Intel keep coming that Light a Fire movement being financed by rich people are so active that so many of them was captured/interrogated and jailed. Subversives and NPA continue their mission to bring down Marcos regime. It was the mistake of the elites to kill Aquino in the Tarmac perpetrated by some genious relatives of Aquino’s wife and high officials in the military. It was a perfect move by the elites that change the game. EDSa revulotion the following year toppled the Marcos regime and they were forced to evacuate and moved to Hawaii. Cory Aquino was hailed a hero and became the president of the Philippines and the story of the yellow party begin. All the subversives like Joma and political enemy of Marcos were released by Cory and the graft and corruption in the government spread like wildfires and continue till the last president Benigno Panot Aquino. Five president and Philippines become the poorest or next to the poorest nation in the world. This is Duterte’s regime now and his mission is to eradicate drugs and kill all the participant from drug lords,drug pushers and drug addicts. There is no more hope that Philippines will be as progress like when Marcos is running our government. The future of the pilipinos is in the hands of a person whom his tactics is kill and explained later and jail those who go against him but in due process of law. Wait and see what will be the fate of the pilipinos in the hands of the new president after five more years.

      1. Well, forgetting the atrocity will make Marcos apologia be hip for its own good.

        Congrats to be a true pro-Marcos loyalist.

  1. First time I ever came to encounter about the so-called “10,000 victims of Marcos”, I was jolted too. You mean, they were picking up just anybody then, torturing them, raping them, then killing all of 10,000 then. I think it was from Rene Saguisag, who was often gleefully citing the 10,000 victims as an indubitable evidence of Marcos’ gross barbarity, where I picked up. I did some searching to find out who these victims are and came to this:

    …the Hawaii class suit or the MDL-840 is a consolidated case of three groups who sued Marcos in the Hawaii Court in 1986. The three groups were the SELDA group of 9,539; the group of 21 Filipino expatriates in the US led by Vic Clemente and Fluellen Ortigas and the group of three of Prof. Jose Maria Sison, the parents of the former representing his disappeared brother, Francisco Sison and Jose Piopongco,… all three groups won the historic class action suit and therefore, all three must be included in any settlement agreement or recoveries to collect on judgment.

    In the past, they were just nameless and faceless “victims” of Marcos repression and brutality, poster figures in the fight for freedom and democracy. Ironically, thanks to the human rights violations victims compensation, they were outed and unmasked unintentionally. Hahaha, sila Joma Sison lang pala at mga kampon niyang mga komunista at terorista!

  2. “Young Filipinos” don’t know shit because they are blind-sided by the facade of SM malls, Jollibee, ABS-CBN, and other oligarch-owned businesses, as a sign of an improving economy; while they are forced deeper into disaparity as a nation, by joining the ranks of OFWs or ‘individualized’ organizations (legal or illegal), in order to finance their modern and aristocratic lifestyle.

  3. Somebody please explain:

    Philippine debt as left my Marcos in 1986 was USD 28.3 billion (from wiki). As this is foreign borrowing I understand that this is because of budget deficit, meaning we are not earning?

    How much then did Marcos allegedly stole from us? Keeping in mind the infra and other government spending for his whole tenure and also the global financial status during the period?

    Sorry, but it seems it is just to vague for me how much FM allegedly stole if we cannot even approximate how much is what.

    From the interweb, no definite answers on how much FM has stolen, allegedly.

    As my boss once said, If you cannot answer clearly and definitely then you’re just bull___ting me.

        1. I will agree to that, Dio, without any doubt. Just look at the post-1986 politicians (Aquinos, Enrile, Ramos, GMA; and their business cohorts (Sy, Lopez, Cojuangco, and Ayala-Zobel), just to name a few. There are other faceless oligarchs who were much greedier than Marcos, and they’re the ones in power now.

        2. TRUE. We could say that Marcos did stole money, BUT he did a lot of stuff that would benefit the Philippine people. Tell your boss that the people who came after Marcos do nothing but shit on everything that was being build up for our country. Corruption and Crime increased, many starving, uneducated, POWER OUTAGES (which we always have here in mindanao) <= most of the power plants made by marcos was stolen by the yellow party and privately owned them. what else? 1USD = 1PHP, right now working abroad is a necessity.

          okay, idk what i'm talking about. apologize if i have any gramatical errors

      1. I’d found this one from wikipedia & this is what Mr. Marcos lacks of and he’s just one of the ordinary dictators out there who are abusive & corrupt, but this kind of dictatorship is somewhat different from others and you’ve might say that it is a dictatorship made from heaven & not from hell, and that is being a benevolent dictator:

        And maybe if Duterte will become our country’s next president, he might do this unlike Marcos.

        1. In case you don’t notice:

          You overrate his abuses and corruptions yet you always turn a blind of the abuses and corruptions of his successors.

          Marcos is an asshole who kept other assholes at bay. When he is gone, the assholes at bay are now over the place and they turned this country into a shithole.

        2. And that is what has been happening since 1986: the country has been turning into a shithole.

    1. NO, the amount is near ONE BILLION DOLLARS and that is not counting interest or the current values of all assetts including PLDT,Banco Pilpinas(or whatever the name was/is).Look at the video of Imelda bragging about the 170 bank accounts scattered around the world,,order them returned to the rightful owners,the PEOPLE….and you will have about 50% of what has been stolen.That is a liberal estimate.

      1. And this is according to who/what?

        I am not well versed on national economy, but the way I see it is, money earned by country (exports of product/services, etc) should always be more that what it spends for the benefit of the people (infra, benefits, programs etc), country progresses, everybody happy. On the other hand, because of any condition which may or may not be wholly controlled by the country itself (war, global financial crisis, etc)then you have budget deficit, everybody sad.

        What you are saying is more money was somehow created to exceed what the country earned and borrowed, and stolen buy the Marcos, and yet, managed to build infras along the way.

        Please enlighten me.

      2. There is something you need to know:

        -When Marcos in Hawaii, he wanted to give 90% of his wealth to the people and 10% will be left for him and his family; his only wish is to return to the Philippines and die in his own country. And the guy who is in front of him telling those words is none other than the late Doy Laurel.

        -And yes, Imelda bragged those 170 accountss but on a one-on-one interview with Mel Tiangco, those 170 accounts should be given to the people. And you ask: why can’t she do that? Well, the answer is that so the PCGG could them again…

        1. When Marcos in Hawaii, he wanted to give 90% of his wealth to the people and 10% will be left for him and his family… a big LOL

          Yeah right, hahaha, dream on.

  4. It’s more likely the “guessers” are just bulllshitting to keep the public enamored to the myth that Marcos is still somewhat responsible for the country’s continued failure 30 years later; and to take our attention away from the subsequent administrations’ thievery of the country’s wealth, of which (I’m also guessing but almost certain) has equaled or surpassed the amount that Marcos had allegedly stolen. The evidence of the past 30 years of atrocities is right there before us. All we have to do is open our eyes and stop blaming a president that has been dead for almost that long ago (1989).

    1. NO, the reminders is about the suspension of civil liberties for ten years.The suspension of Habeus-Corpus/indefinite un-charged detention.Tortures of tens of thousands of people under Martial law.4,000,at least, politically motivated murders and more……not to mention the theft of the countries wealth by one family.

  5. It is a desperate attempt of Aquino, Mar Roxas and their YellowTard supporters to chant again the mantra: “human right abuses, human rights atrocities, etc….” “Parang sirang plake na!”…”lumang tugtugin na yan!”

    Enrile, Ramos, Honasan, etc…were all there in the EDSA political zarzuela. These political opportunists, were as guilty, as Marcos, in “human rights abuses”, atrocities”, etc…during Marcos Martial Law…if there were any of these atrocities…

    Why not drag these people out, and subject them to torture, as they had done to their “victims”, in order to make them talk… Sen. Marcos, was not even involved in the government , then…he was just a member of the Marcos family.

    Because Enrile, Ramos, Honasan, etc…wanted to save their own skins, loots, and wanted to remain in power. They collaborated with the U.S. and the Aquinos.

    Ramos was the protector of Cory Aquino. Enrile, Honasan, etc…wanted to remove Cory Aquino, and seize power…then they ,became the major players in political zarzuelas in the Aquino era.

    I talked to many old timer friends, here in the U.S., who lived thru the Marcos Martial Law years. And, they told me: ” The Human Rights abuses, etc… are fabricated and peddled by the Aquino Media and their YellowTard supporters, to confuse the new generation of Filipinos”…

    There is an political opportunist interests of the Aquinos and the Yellowtard supporters, in perpetuating this Martial Law torture myth….They want to remain in power…A lot is at stake: Hacienda Luisita, BBL Law, massacres and killings,plunder and thievery, Mar Roxas, DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, etc…


      That entire family is laughing at you…..

      1. Same question on who got what Aquino has stolen from the DAP, PDAF, Hacienda Luista scam, etc…

        1. Mar Roxas stole the Typhoon Yolanda Relief Fund. Abad and Aquino stole thru the DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery. Aquino and Abaya have the Lag Lag Bala scam at the NAIA…many more scams in the Aquino era….The money are now in their foreign bank accounts.

      2. Hell, the Chinese are laughing at our gullibility even when the “Old Lady” is still alive. What else is new?

  6. 4,000 MURDERS

    The loss of so many business due to illegal takeover is not quantifiable.

    AQUINO has proven that the country shall go nowhere but down the drain if another one of them is elected.

    SO, WHAT TO DO ? it is not hard to figure out….DUH !!!!!

    1. What do we do with the :Mendiola massacre; Hacienda Luisita massacre; Chinese Tourist Luneta massacre; Mamapsano massacre; etc…Aquino and Mar Roxas are responsible for these massacres…

    2. Then let’s elect Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. We’ll at least be guaranteed to get a Disneyland Failippines in 2018.

    3. Pray tell, did you follow the sources from whose numbers you got from wiki?

      Source 16, on the very FIRST paragraph of the paper by Al Mcoy states clearly

      What most people do not know is that none of the torturers—nor many of the regime’s allies—have every been punished for their activities under the dictator. In fact, Fidel Ramos, who commanded the Philippine Constabulary during the dictatorship—under which was located a couple of key torture units—was elected President and served from 1992-1998.

      Now don’t you find that odd? That the next president from our vilified and so called “dictator” had a hand in torturing victims?

      And yet we barley hear a peep about it? Hell, we apparently voted the guy as the next president.

      Something was up during the Marital Law and fabricated the truth. It’s not hard to figure out… DUH, if you actually bothered to look up the sources and followed the trail of bread crumbs.

  7. This may now sound cliché to some people but Rizal always see the youth as the hope of our motherland. A hope arise when one move forward from the dark past and look forward to a grander future. The youth would really hate it that the old farts are suspending their modern thinking and not allowing them to focus their energy to working towards a future goal that will not make them just a copy-cat or consumers of first world trends and innovation. Looking at the youth of the Martial Law era, they “let them be” so these youths became brave, knew which side they should root on and learn to fight and go for what they believe in. The youths of today are being held back by the yellowing yellows self-interest and are faced with unchallenging future of making their country a leader in many different fields and discipline because incompetence, mediocrity and corruption takes the lead.

  8. I don’t think this article denies things went bad in the Martial Law days. But the thing is, the abuses in those daya are not limited to Martial Law itself; or probably, Martial Law was the context, but the problems came from elsewhere. There were abuses by the communist rebels, too. Cronyism helped rush our economic downfall then. But there are so many other people who were responsible for this, not just Marcos.

    And the big lie is this: things changed after Edsa 1. No, they did not. The same problems are there. Lack of jobs, bad economy, lack of industry, etc. Same people who were bigshots in the Marcos Era are still around today (Chiz, son of crony Escudero, Enrile and Ramos, etc.). Nothing really changed and things just got worse.

    1. Political opportunism is the call in every administration…politician just change allegiances, on whoever is in power.Tthen, continue with their corrupt practices…

  9. I lost a lot of neighbors dying as a casualty of ML. Both military and the communist became so abusive. Dead bodies littered my town including poor civilians. Those were the days.

    1. Dead bodies have also littered the Failippines over a period of 3o years after Martial Law. We just don’t point at one person in Malacanang when it happens. I’m more concerned about live bodies but ‘dead minds’ of the impoverished masses, believing the country is moving towards progress when it is not, as their entire nation is swallowed piece-by-piece by the Chinese/Koreans and Failipino oligarchs.

  10. How can we demystify the alleged Marcos ill-gotten wealth? Maybe we can start with real numbers before, during and after his administration.

    How much money he inherited from the previous government before he assumed the presidency?
    How much is the National Budget during his time and how were they spent?

    (I used to have this IBON FOUNDATION pamphlet of the Marcos Projects complete with Total Project Amounts but I can’t seem to locate it. It was an NGO-FOUNDATION critical of the Marcos Government but the amounts are there nonetheless explaining where the Marcos’ Borrowings went to!)

    If I may, for starters, I can only provide something that I have, and then, the rest can follow, if interested, and if you feel you have something relevant to contribute or to dispute!

    I chance upon an old note (notes that were jotted down from a radio show) during my student days bearing the following info here below:

    In a DZEC-AM Radio Broadcast of August 31, 1986, a radio guest lawyer-commentator (forgot the name) reported that he had acquired a copy of a document from the Central Bank of the Philippines:

    signed by:

    MR. CESAR CAPINPIN, Corporate Auditor
    MS. ELENA ZALAMEA, Chief Accountant
    MR. GABRIEL SINGSON, Senior Deputy Governor

    The report indicated that then Pres. Marcos (right after his ouster/kidnap) has left in the Philippine coffers a TOTAL GOVERNMENT MONEY amounting to:


    P 19-Thousand

    I know it’s UNOFFICIAL (or hearsay if you may call it that!)…but can the above info be verified? I think so because it’s an official government document and the above personalities who signed it (subject to verification/confirmation) are real people! I just don’t know how to navigate the Central Bank Website! Or is this document publicly available?!

    Anyway, anybody who is accused of stealing something still has to be proven that said accused has really taken away something! In the case of the Marcoses, out of the more than 900 cases filed since 1986 by the past AQUINO, RAMOS, ESTRADA, ARROYO and present AQUINO ADMINISTRATIONS, here in the Philippines and abroad, pertaining to the Swiss Accounts, WHERE IS THE CONVICTION?!

  11. Now that I think about it, it’s actually fine that those “Ill-gotten” wealth of the Marcoses never be recovered by PCGG / Aquinos.

    I mean, look at what happened to the Yolanda funds. WHOOSH. GONE BY THE WIND.

    1. So it’s not just Marcos who can make money disappear. All the oligarchs after him are also capable of playing “Harry Houdine” with the money that belonged to the people. It goes to show that we Failipinos are just a bunch of thieves, regardless of our hierarchy in our very corrupt society.

  12. The Martial Law of my youth
    I graduated high school in 1972. In my junior and senior years, rallies, demonstrations, sit-ins, teach-ins and walk-outs were common occurrences. Pillbox bombs and molotov cocktails routinely deafened one’s ears. Add to that the staccato sound of armalite and the stinging smoke of teargas. Mao’s little Red Book and Amado Ma. Guerrero’s Philippine Society and Revolution were passed from one “revolutionary” to another like the pornographic Bed Time Stories of growing up years. Going to school was a fifty – fifty chance of either getting arrested or mugged. Criminals were so blatant, they would ride jeepneys and hold up passengers for money and valuables. Those who refused were stabbed. Drunks and molesters roamed the streets while street gangs battle for supremacy with their bolos and home-made shotguns as the scared-shit citizenry ran for cover. I lived in Galas, Quezon City where taxi drivers would refuse to go at night for fear they would not get out alive. Back then, I kept an ice pick hidden in my notebook cover for protection. Maybe not to save myself but to inflict whatever damage if ever. Took it out just once against two coward punks who jumped me. Still wishing I’ll have the chance to meet them again. Even without an ice pick this time.
    I attended several “progressive” teach-ins where speakers glorified Communism and how the “revolution” would unshackle each Filipino slave, how it would destroy and annihilate each oligarch, each haciendero, how the claws of imperialism would be cut off and that my country would truly be free. I asked how could that “pie in the sky” be a reality. What would be the means to achieve the goals. I never got a straight answer.
    My experience was not exclusive. The recruitment of the leftist organizations proliferated almost all schools, even the colleges of the rich. And I really thought, the Communists would win.
    September 21st, 1972 was a quiet day. No newspapers, no radio, no TV. No rally nor demonstration. Marcos declared Martial Law. The communists, the leftists, their sympathizers, Marcos’ opponents and most importantly, criminals and drug dealers were all hauled up to jail. Soldiers appeared and were more visible than ever. The squatter area by the market which served as the cocoon for gangs and criminals was demolished. Gone were the street drunks and the hoodlums. Gone were the terrifying street battles. There was order. There was peace.
    At jeepney and bus stops, people lined up. A brand new experience! There was discipline. I realized then what I wanted to do. Helped by the fact that college was unaffordable, I took the entrance exam to PMA that December. I would be a soldier to help instill discipline. It was what the people needed.
    Each Filipino lived Martial Law, the same yet different. It was and would always be a personal journey. Be such for the better or for the worse. Just like EDSA people’s power revolt, Martial Law displaced people regardless of consequences nor preferences. Lessons must be learned, as the old wise men would say. Adapt and live or refuse and be extinct.
    The jury is still out as to Martial Law’s merits and demerits. Those of us who lived through it, would always have misgivings and remorse. Remorse why the Filipino people did not follow through. Why the oligarchs and the power elite continue their dominance after all these years. Why suffering, poverty, hunger, exploitation and disease persist. Why Filipinos continue to leave just to have a better life. Why, with all richness and beauty, the people remain in the gutter of despair.
    Maybe that ice pick in my notebook cover had the answer.

    1. Thank you sir for sharing. I was born in 1973 and too young to understand what was going on around that time.

      I hope more people will share their personal day to day experience to better understand the situation back then without the political color. Coming from a simple law abiding citizen.

  13. This post is donated…err, dedicated to mrericx, Malay Pinay and Jerzy!

    May I introduce to all of you, Mr. Dewy Dee! You should know this man!

    Exerpt from:


    “In 1981, a bank scandal rocked the financial community in Manila because of one single greedy banker. His name was Dewey Dee, a Chinese-Filipino whose clan was prominent in the local business circles, proprietor of the Continental Manufacturing Corporation (CMC) which powerfully controlled around 85 percent of the acrylic yarn trade for export, and a banking entrepreneur who was labeled as one gifted with financial banking prowess and genius. He would go on to prove them all right soon after, but in a sinister fashion.”

    Read the rest:

  14. “The end justifies the means or vice versa”.Martial Law was declared by Pres. Marcos as a means to stop and destroy the communist insurgents and the Muslim secessionists in Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan as well as arrest/stop the moral decay prevailing both in the government and the people which plunged the country into corruption by the politicians in power, smuggling, illegal drugs, private armies, syndicated crime …in short social disorderliness. Martial Law was sanctioned by congress, therefore it was legal. Its implementation is therefore legal against those I just mentioned. We saw in the period of ML which is actually 7 years virtually achieved its purpose.For those who were around during this period , social disorder elements were gone – drug lords is zero, criminality and the communists leaders were easily captured, jailed and neutralized…there was peace and order over the land. A semblance of social discipline is gaining all over the country… Outside of this period when ML was lifted the political enemies of PFM succeeded in demonizing ML regime and we have forgotten that those alleged victims were all “criminals” except perhaps those “collateral damage” which is inevitable to happen which is negligible if one compares to the “Civil War of USA, French revolution, Mao Tze Tung’s social purging of China and the Bolshevik Revolution of Russia in 1917 where million lives were lost…these countries became socially, economically, politically and security stable after their revolutions… If Martially Law was not opposed by self-serving politicians and their cohorts oligarch and leftist minded people the Philippines could have been like these countries. Those who opposed PFM won and delivered and created the tupsy-turvy Philippines of today led by 2 President Aquinos…

  15. By Benjamin A. Samonte
    January 4
    HERO, he is for what he has done to the country during his time as our president. As a president, we can quantify his achievements that benefited the Filipinos in terms of the 4 dimensions of national power: Social, economics, political and national security. Any neutral cunning-educated and professional person will say that these 4 factors’ condition NOW OBTAINING in the country as compared to that of President Marcos’ is very much different. The difference ? MUCH BETTER during Marcos regime.
    VILLAIN, he is to those who were adversely affected by his political foe led by the Aquino’s, from the leftists /communists (CPP/NPA/NDF), drug lords ( he ordered the firing squad execution of Lem Seng, thereafter-no one dared drug pushing anymore), organized crime syndicates- the smugglers, the Muslim separatists ( which are actually the makings of Malaysia in cahoots with Marcos’ political nemesis) and other peace detractors in nation then. Furthermore, from those who oppose Martial Rule who does not fall under those I just stated…the citizenry who viewed Martial Law as “dictatorship” not realizing that it was a tool to create a “disciplined society.
    Speaking of creating a “discipline society”, I saw the real intention of Martial Law when President Marcos launch the TANGLAW ( Tanod at Gabay ng Watawat at Lahi) movement in the AFP in 1978. His tool is the AFP to transform the nation into a new shape of culture getting rid of the negative values on “padrino sytem, palakasan, kakilala, wrong use of utang na loob, crab mentality and many more”…I was one of those selected 65 officers in the AFP then to compose the Executive Level TANGLAW trainors course who were trained in UP Philippine Center for Advanced Studies, sort of political officers to transform the AFP personnel to become agents of positive change to create a “disciplined society”….This is part and approach to his “REVOLUTION FROM THE CENTER” to create the NEW SOCIETY.. Unfortunately, it did not succeed for many reasons- one of which is lack of time ! It takes at least 50 years to succeed…as well as It FAILED because the FORCES of the VILLAIN is stronger and so we see them after Marcos , they remain in control of the lives of the poor Filipinos…of today.
    I am hoping that the young Marcos, BONGBONG Jr, will become not only the next Vice President but ultimately, the President so that what President Marcos failed to achieve, he will fulfill it…create the NEW SOCIETY …the NEW PHILIPPINES ! the dream of a HERO, President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.

    1. What makes you a pro-Marcos loyalist?

      You think Marcos is a most decorated, greatest, most bemedalled war hero and soldier of WW2 and he is going to be a god (a god-emperor or virtual god) no greater than God (like Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il).

  16. It’s often been observed that the first casualty of war is the truth. But that’s a lie, too, in its way. The reality is that, for most wars to begin, the truth has to have been sacrificed a long time in advance.

  17. The Get Real Post starts with this premise but ends up with the same revisionism. Evidently, his bias shows his true color.

    Recently, the Ateneo de Manila faculty issued a statement that was signed by “more than 400 faculty members and formators” condemning the “historical revisionism” surrounding the Martial Law years allegedly being perpetrated by vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos…

    “We vow as teachers and formators to continue to tell the stories of the brutality and corruption of the Marcos family, regime, and closest allies,” the statement reads. “For as long as we remember and share these stories, we believe that future generations of Filipinos will learn the lessons of the years of struggle leading to the overthrow of the dictatorship during those historic days of the People Power Revolution in 1986.”
    It continues –

    Much of the Philippines’ vast voter base is made up of young people — many of whom were not even born during the height of anti-Marcos rhetoric in the years immediately following the 1986 ‘people power revolution’ that ousted the late President Marcos. Instead, they came of age in a period marked by widespread failure under the watch of a direct heir of the “heroes” of that revolution — current Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III — to make good on the promise of a better Philippines following the fall of the “Evil One”.

    Such statement is based on the notion that the administrations after the dictatorship of Marcos were failures because the Philippines was no better following the fall of the “Evil One”. If Mr. Benigno attributes these “failures” to our enjoyment of the fruits of liberty and democracy, I would rather remain in such state of “failure” than to be enslaved back to the whims and caprices of the conjugal dictatorship.

    Benigno seems unmindful of the fact that upon the downfall of the dictatorship the Philippines was second only to Bangladesh in terms of poverty. The Philippines was the sick man of Asia. Currently, the Philippines is second only to China in Asia as the fastest growing economy. I dare you deny that Mr. Benigno!

    To the point – it is not the yellow army against the loyalists of Marcos. It is democracy against tyranny. Do you want to return to the rule of a tyrannical kleptomaniac Mr. Benigno?

    And the insult continues. Mr. Benigno would have us believe that the victims of Martial law deserved to be tortured to death! That the denial of due process, even to the most guilty, justifies Martial law. Is that your firm belief?

    1. @atty cesar evangelista: No, I don’t “want to return to the rule of a tyrannical kleptomaniac”. What made you think I have any desire for that to happen? Cite specific examples to support your assertion, please.

      My question to you “attorney” is this: Why exactly do you think that the Philippines is under some kind of threat of a “return to the rule of a tyrannical kleptomaniac” following this election?

      1. You do not want to return Martial but your headline speaks differently. You are garnishing Martial Law as if it is an angel who will save us from hell and the youth should not despise it.

        You are playing with our minds.

        Saying Martial Law is not bad, is like saying Metabolic Steroids is not harmful to the body so it is alright to use it.

        Isn’t that obvious that you are trying to sell that Martial Law is not evil. Meaning it is alright to return anytime.

        That is mind conditioning Mr. Benigno. We are not as dumb as you think.

        You said:

        If they want a true democracy, they must earn the right to exercise their freedom by applying themselves to democratic practice in a mature and intelligent manner.

        –>> Well, isn’t it true that during Martial Law democracy died, and one proof of that is the closure of the newspapers, radio and tv stations by Marcos. Where is democracy there?

        How can Filipinos exercise their freedom if the right to information was deprived to the Filipinos during Martial Law. And you say it is not bad? Hello!

        Filipinos earn the right to exercise their freedom when they marched in EDSA and kicked out your idol Marcos. And we are still benefiting from that action up until today. While, during Marcos that democratic practice you are saying did not exist. Hello!

        If democracy exist, why is the KBL the only political party in Congress during Marcos. If democracy exist, you can easily travel abroad without any permit to travel from the government. If democracy exist, then how come there was monopoly and cronyism like PLDT, PAL, Meralco, communications, oil, water utilities etc.

        If there was democracy during Martial we are free to travel, free to choose political affiliation, there is competition in industries etc. We didn’t have that during Martial Law.

        Do you really know what really happened during Martial Law?

        Count your blessingS Mr. Benigno, your attitude to Martial Law and your revisionism sickens me.

        1. Well, if you think that “too much” democracy is better, then welcome to chaos. There is the closure of newspapers, radio and TV stations under Marcos. But now, who owns them? The rich families who allied with the Aquino-Cojuangco clan.

          And because of their misconception of freedom, which is “you can do anything you want”, people are abusing it. Where’s the thing called responsibility? And you say it is good? Hello!

          And yes, Filipinos “exercise” their freedom in EDSA 1? Lies.

          1986 EDSA People Power – barely 2% of the country’s population were there. Why is it called people power? I was not there during that time, I was in school studying, they didn’t ask my opinion. And same goes to most other peace loving people not within the vicinity of the NCR. Let’s just call it as it is, a mob.

          What resulted is a mob rule. Anarchy. Everyone “gained freedom” when the evil dictator left Malacanang. Freedom to do whatever they liked. Instead of peace and order, people held on to their “freedom”. Look at the country now. Poverty, unemployment, squatters, garbage in very street corner, dilapidated public transport, snatchers holdapers, etc. There is your freedom.

          The way I see it, Filipinos loved their freedom to violate every rule and order. It is evident from the results. Look at us now. Disrespect to our law and order, disrespect to each other and to ourselves.

          In actuality, KBL is mostly composed of people from the Nacionalista Party and even the crooked Liberal Party (which you fully support) are in opposition against Marcos. And in case you don’t notice, Marcos even allowed Ninoy to go to the US for his heart surgery so your claim is questionable. And another set of lies you’ve made about monopoly and cronyism on the companies you’ve mentioned that existed during Martial Law? Marcos took them for the benefit of the people! When he was ousted, those companies where now owned by prominent rich families so monopoly and cronyism still exist with a new breed, and it’s much worse.

          You like to brag about “democracy” with the things you’ve mentioned. But what we never have is responsibility and discipline. So Lee Kuan Yew was right: what we need is discipline, not democracy.

          Also, I should ask you the same thing as well because you are thoroughly one-sided.

          There is no rest for the wicked, faggot. Your own brand of faggotry and Yellowtardiness sickens me more. Hope you enjoy drinking the blood of the people at Kidapawan.

    2. “We are not blind to the darkness” and our eyes are wide open to the light!
      (an answer to the Ateneans)
      “We must start with the truth.” And so you pompously declared.
      And so what is the truth? That EDSA was a ” truly a genuine popular uprising and triumph against dictatorship”? Truth? How about Enrile and Honasan and their men planned a coup against Marcos to take over the government but was discovered which Cardinal Sin and the foes of Marcos saw as a chance for his ouster thus the call for people power? How about the Armed Forces of the Philippines holding the nation together by refusing to shoot at each other regardless of political leanings? How about 2 million or so people, by sheer noise and protest charted the next 30 years for the rest of the 60 million plus Filipinos at that time? How about the snap election being won by Marcos in spite of the cheating by both sides? How about EDSA being hijacked by the displaced oligarchs who roared to power hungrier than ever? How about the yellow governance fueled by revenge yet unable up to now to finger the mastermind behind Ninoy’s murder even with the wife and the son being president? And yet, you claim “Any call for unity, most especially from the heirs of the Marcos regime which bitterly divided the country, will be empty and meaningless unless truth and justice are upheld.” Justice? You can not even render justice to your supposed icon of heroism, how can you demand such?
      History must be written by non-partisan minds who lived Martial Law: before, during and after. It must come from ordinary citizens who shouldered the impact of day to day living. Those who toiled and struggled. Those who walked the troubled streets and endured the lawlessness. Those who survived the crumbling state of affairs and was driven to the brink of despair. No. History should not come from the immaculate pen of the learned who were perched on their mighty academic towers watching over the people like Olympus’ gods. No. Not those whose interests lie in regaining back their powers, their influence, their importance. No. Not from different masters of the same slaves.
      If the Filipinos must condemn Martial Law’s abuses, they must in all fairness applaud its accomplishments. If Marcos must be condemned, so should the presidents who came after him and damned the “spirit of EDSA”. Today, the Filipino people are no better compared to 30 years ago. It is time to stop blaming Marcos. It is time to reclaim one country, one people. It is time for leaders and patriots to work for the Filipinos. The color yellow is not the country’s present nor should it be its future.
      With the Divine Providence, the truth is, the Filipinos’ fate lie on their hands. Regardless of history. Regardless of the past.

      1. Hear hear!!!
        Both to this reply and your article posted before.

        First of all, I’d like to say that I’m very surprised at how similar your account of Martial Law is with what I’ve learn from the various geriatrics I’ve interviewed/pestered for life stories. Also, It always bugged me that TV and School Textbooks always paint a different story of the ML times than what my grandparents stories depict. And not just “my” old people, even neighborhood oldies, oldies from other neighborhoods, oldies from other cities (as far south as Naga and as far north as Claveria) tell me similar experiences.

        Although they’d be cranky about it sometimes, and complain about how strict the police were, they’d always describe the Philippines with pride during Apo Lakay’s time, and how they got sacks (yes, plural) of rice and “kreem” milk (krim?) on schedule. Most of the oldies that told their story were the poor ones (financially speaking, they are definitely under the poverty line) but they never had to worry about food then unlike they do now. (exact words: “kurapay kam man idi, ngem di kam mabisbisnan” That’s ilocano BTW)

        And lastly, they all said (in one form or another), that as long as you follow the law and lived peacefully, the army or constabulary won’t bother you.

        I’m not gonna go into the whole Marcos vs. Aquino/Oligarchs/NPA/etc… thing but I’d like to say that the late Ferdinand Marcos served in the military during WWII and was Honorably discharged. Whatever happened after that is null, therefore, just let him R.I.P.

        Petitioners did not dispute that Marcos was a former President and
        Commander-in-Chief, a legislator, a Secretary of National Defense, a
        military personnel, a veteran, and a Medal of Valor awardee. For his alleged
        human rights abuses and corrupt practices, we may disregard Marcos as a
        President and Commander-in-Chief, but we cannot deny him the right to be
        acknowledged based on the other positions he held or the awards he
        received. In this sense, We agree with the proposition that Marcos should be
        viewed and judged in his totality as a person. While he was not all good, he
        was not pure evil either. Certainly, just a human who erred like us.

        ~excerp from S.C. ruling on Marcos burial

        He improved the philippines in more ways than my lazy self is willing to write about… those who came after him either did minimal maintenance, sold it to their family members (yes, Lopez and Cojuangco) or kinda just let things fall apart…

        He was not all good but he wasn’t pure evil either, and as President, he did what (arguably) had to be done.

  18. Ayaw panalonin si bbm kasi pag nanalo at maganda ang mangyayari sa pagkabise at tatakbong presidente. End game na. Sabi nga ni duterte. I will pardon myself. But then again, i think is bbm is not self righteous peroson so. Hahayaan na lng nya at ipapakita nlng nila sa gawa.

  19. Who the f*****k do you think you are to say “The Truth about Martial Law…” The truth is that any military rule is evil and will always lead to aggression, corruption, money laundering and media abduction, disappearance and killings. Use your f****kng logic and not about laws in the Philippines that can be twisted by cronies including you of that mdrfkr Marcos regime and tyranny. Why the f****k are you trying twist and change history, change facts and poison today’s generation of what really happened! JUST USE LOGIC AND MATH!!! They don’t teach that in law school.

    Marcos loyalists were blindsided, misinformed and comic lovers and probably still sitting and living in the same household since they were born. Most of these must be in their 20s or 30s or even early 40s who have no earthly idea how Philippines was known back then during Marcos tyranny and dictatorship years. These people love talking about history, what he had accomplished, but little did they know these were small changes, ALL BORROWED MONIES and propaganda and front acts to show the banking institutions especially World Bank from NY the monies was spent for. 20 years sitting! Of course you expect him to do some accomplishments after you accumulated over $28 billion in debt which till today you’re paying for and your future grandchildren will continue to pay for. Do you know how much is that in today’s economy & inflation? $155 billion! IN DOLLARS! IN DOLLARS! BILLIONS! Now I dont have to teach you math logic to figure out how huge that amount is because your peewee brains will not be able to fathom the depth of its analogy but just an example, the San Juanico Bridge, the Phil Heart Center, CCP, PICC and Lung Center COMBINED would not even hit $2 billion to construct during the 70’s. Now go figure that! How much do you think the small projects’ cost combined? Another $2billion, $3billion? WHERE DO YOU THINK THE REST OF IT WENT???

    Yes, he was loved by the whole country during the first 6 years of his presidency but Philippines spiralled down since then faster than a shooting star crashing down on earth. Philippines was one of the richest country in Asia per capita BEFORE Marcos took over. BEFORE MARCOS Philippines was richer than China, HongKong, Singapore, Korea even when Japan was gaining tremendous recovery since WWII. Fast forward to Marcos ousting in1986, and you can open history books all you want, Philippines became a Third World country and with tremendous liabilities to show for, the country was rank as low as Laos and Bangladesh. Even Guiness Book of World Records named Marcos as the greatest thief among world leaders in world history. Yes, today we have corruption in the senate, in congress, members of the cabinet, in the judicial system and numerous sectors of govt agencies, and among high ranking military officials, but these are nothing compared to the tremendous corruption from world debt the Marcos accumulated in 20 years. Now don’t give me that crap and stupid reasoning that they don’t have it. A president’s salary back then and even today in pesos even if you don’t spend a dime of it and put it in a bank and have an interest of 1000% compounded daily (yeah, right! 1000%) will never be enough to buy properties in NY, New Jersey, have over $700 million in Swiss deposit accounts and be able to buy over 3000 designer shoes from Italy & France that cost at least $300 to $800 each and have a collection of very expensive paintings that costs over $100 million total. Well this is just tip of the iceberg compared to where the rest of the $28 billion is. Some of it went to his cronies who did all the dirty works for him, clean up journalists who defy his rules and make them quiet especially when these journalists had evidence about the administration corruption schemes. How many were they? My dad was one of them.

    With the succeeding presidents to follow, Cory, Ramos, Estrada, GMA, and now Pnoy, Philippines somehow got back on its feet. I’m not a Pinoy supporter but currently, for the first time in history, according to Wall Street and financial world analysts (not comics like you always read) Philippines is now the 2nd fastest growing economy in Asia, have performance rating of BBB+ (first time in Phil history), top 10 among global markets, and top 5 in both tourism and investment opportunities and I’m one of those successful investors.

    If nothing is happening in your life and you’re still stuck in the same seat since birth, DO NOT BLAME OTHERS! Do not blame the government for your failures. I have known the country of Norway all my life and they only have over 5 million population. PHILIPPINES HAS OVER 100 MILLION!!! Are you f****kng kidding me!!! Do you really expect the administration or anyone can solve all of the country’s economic problems? Even if you put Obama in that seat, only a miracle if he can solve this! Ang hirap sa ‘tin wala na ngang makain, anak pa ng anak at pag dina kaya ang hirap ng buhay mabilis pa kay superman kung sisihin ang administrasyon.

    Corruption has been part of Philippine politics for decades but Marcos was the founder of it all. It can only be solved if the administration is serious about solving it by implementing proper accounting procedures with audit trail from start to finish, with compliance regulations and random audit done across all government agencies and big private institutions, proper check & balance process, AND PASSING THE FOI BILL!

    You want to know about history, KNOW THE FACTS!!! REAL FACTS!!! AND THOSE ARE WHAT YOU NEED TO SPREAD!!! KNOW MORE ABOUT LOGIC! KNOW MORE ABOUT MATH, ABOUT NUMBERS, MEANING COMMON SENSE!!!! You don’t know anything about it then you’re hopeless.

    1. Corruption has been part of Philippine politics for decades but Marcos was the founder of it all. It can only be solved if the administration is serious about solving it by implementing proper accounting procedures with audit trail from start to finish, with compliance regulations and random audit done across all government agencies and big private institutions, proper check & balance process, AND PASSING THE FOI BILL!

      Yes well in case you didn’t notice, the current admin—despite your being a “non-PNoy supporter”—is about to end with nothing to show for except more patronage politics and monumental international gaffes that give new meaning to ’embarrassment’. BTW, PNoy blindsided that FOI bill. All your suggestions would have flown had the setting you were to apply those things resided in Lewis Carrol’s head. Chongkee pa more.

    2. With the succeeding presidents to follow, Cory, Ramos, Estrada, GMA, and now Pnoy, Philippines somehow got back on its feet. I’m not a Pinoy supporter but currently, for the first time in history, according to Wall Street and financial world analysts (not comics like you always read) Philippines is now the 2nd fastest growing economy in Asia, have performance rating of BBB+ (first time in Phil history), top 10 among global markets, and top 5 in both tourism and investment opportunities and I’m one of those successful investors.

      Successful investor? Yeah, right. Only for your OWN benefit and not improving the lives of millions of Filipinos. And in case you, don’t notice, our economy is a ‘bubble’.

      As the other guy said, chongkee pa more. 🙂

      1. What bubble? If it is a bubble, then how come Manila is having a construction boom.

        Our Credit rating is in the highest throughout our history.

        Our GDP is second only to China.

        Bubble is not yet in sight.

        1. Yellow Zombie faggot detected.

          Credit rating is useless since they paid Fitch Ratings to do that.

          GDP is useless when only a FEW would benefit for it?

          Everything you said is useless. Useless, useless, useless.

  20. I was raised in a time wherein the exchange rate of the pesos to US dollar was at P 2.00, and look at us now… Such a shame… People were afraid to commit crime bec they knew if they did punishment by death or incarceration was upon them. The streets were clean, I could barely see street kids or beggars wandering on the streets of the metro. I hate to sound nostalgic, but if you compare to then and now… I suppose that will give you an idea as to whom was a better leader. Politics now is more of a circus, it is now based on popularity as opposed to who has the education, experience, and qualities that’s fit for the role. Pilipinas, wake up. The only thing you have to do is compare.

    1. When was that P2 to a dollar? Here is the data below. Well that P2 to a dollar was before 1962. See last page.

      In fact if you look at the pdf file above it was Marcos who cause the depreciation of the peso. Imagine from value P7.50 to a dollar in 1980 it went up to P20.38 to a dollar in 1986. The peso’s depreciation tripled. My goodness, that P2 thing you are saying was during Quirino’s, Magsaysay, Garcia and Arroyo’s time and not Marcos’.

      Blame Marcos of the peso’s decline.

      1. Never blame Marcos of the peso’s decline. Actually, the peso decline is more like circumstantial due to the US dollar’ high value.

        You’re just grasping on straws, son.

      2. No,blame the filipino people on the down fall of the peso. filipinos are always against discipline, we dont follow laws. If you really think about it thats how our corrupt our government is roght now. When cory took power she devided everything to her family and friends, and we just stood there and do nothing. Now we complain.

        1. Actually, the 1987 Constitution allowed Cory and her personal cronies to do their thing legitimately and it makes the country regressing while they get their kickbacks.

          It wouldn’t matter how much inflation would change the value considering The Aquino/Cojuangco’s with their cronyism and others have taken advantage of the 1987 constitution to practically ROB the PUBLIC BLIND for over 30 YEARS! Their best crime is convincing the public that Cory is a saint, her son Benigno Aquino was a capable leader in comparison to that crook Marcos.

  21. ang mga tao ngayon hindi na naniniwala sa anomang sabi sabi dahil mulat na sila sa anomang pamumulitika na ginagawa ng mga kandidato,at lahat ng mga ipinangako nito puro sablay,ang hinahanap ng mga tao ngayon kung sino sa ang makatutulong sa kanila, hindi yng paninira, ang tinitingnan ng mga tao kung ano ang mga nagawa hindi kung ang mga naingawa, sawa na ang sa pumulitika na kumukuha ng simpatya para lamang sa sariling pakinabang, matalino na ang mga masa ngayon,alam nila kung kumukuha ka lang ng simptya sa kanila at alam nila kung sino ang magmamalasakit sa kanila, kaya kahit na pagusapan pa ang mga kasiraan,hindi na sila nadadala dito, yung lumalabas sa survey ang katunayan na namulat na ang mga taing bayan…

  22. Are you insane? Martial Law is not bad? If the youth want to experience Martial Law go to North Korea. That is the best example of a Martial Law rule. Where the military rules over the government and the people.

    You bet you will miss home.

    Any Martial Law is not good. The military culture is not a democracy. People in the military are not suited for civilian governance. These people are trained to kill and defend.

    1. Are YOU insane? Do you think everything is better after Marcos left? Using North Korea as an excuse makes you more of a retard. And in case you don’t notice, it’s a Communist country. And FYI, Martial Law was lifted in 1981. So what’s your point?

      You bet you are indeed a FAGGOT.

      1. You called the other person “faggot” and that means what? What does being a homosexual mean to what you wanted to call that other person? Stop using hurtful slurs to make your point. They don’t get your meaning across.
        Tama na yan. Pakiusap lang.

        1. Since there are a LOT of ignorant Pinoys that come across, seems you’e implying that they should never use their brains and rely on their EMOTIONS instead.

          Quoting Margaret Thatcher: “Listen to what I say, not HOW I say it.”

  23. This guy actually compared the Philippines to North Korea. Just so you know, art, music, and culture prospered here during the 70s. Did you even scrutinize the facts of the martial law proclamation?

  24. Wake up people, all that we believe before that PFEMarcos is corrupt that all info are fabricated. That all started when PFEMarcos reduce the US base contract to stay longer in our soil.
    Marcos and Philippines was been a victim of economic sabotage by the US Cabal, FEB, WB and IMF. He declared in Canada that he will make an Asia Dollar is more powerful than US Dollar.
    Edsa 1 is nothing to do with the PFEMarcos ousted is the CIA who do it.
    Please we need to move on and be smart to choose who will lead our country for another six years that will bring us to the brighter future of our children. Our parents done a mistake to let our country when they welcome the idea of the oligarch and Cojuangco – Aquino brainwashing to our fellow Filipinos to pollute our mind for the younger generation. I do agree PFEMarcos does a massive improvement in our country in his regime and we are next to Japan after world war II.
    I hope he will be remember through his good work.
    We need to unite and stop listening with a wrong information that will pollute our mind. We need to help its other to bring our country to progress. The government is nothing if we the Filipino citizen will not help the government to achieve what our goal for a better Philippines (Maharlika Nation) to live. God bless the Philippines (Maharlika).

  25. Lahat kayo tumahimik na! Ang dami ninyong alam! Bat di na lang kayo maging mabuting Pilipino para umangat naman ang bansa natin? Palibhasa mga mayayaman kayo. Wala kayong iniisip kundi ang yaman ninyo. Tumigil din kayo sa kaiingles at di namin maintindihan. Nasa Pilipinas kayo kaya magsalita kayo sa Pilipino. Walang dapat sisihin sa nangyayari sa Pilipinas kundi lahat tayong Pilipino! Masyado tayong mareklamo! Pag nasa ibang bansa naman sobrang sunod sa mga batas nila. Samantalang dito sa Pilipinas,”no smoking” lang di pa magawa. Sana lang tigilan na natin ang pagtuturo kung sino may kasalanan. Kung si Aquino ba or si Marcos! Tayong lahat ay may kasalanan! Di tayo naging mabuting Pilipino! Period!

  26. These unabashed marcos ass-wipes sure have the propensity for stab-in-the-dark assumptions especially when pillorying the Aquinos.

  27. Marcos apologists still at it.
    Isang kutsaritang tae lang ang inyong mga paratang at mga assumptions at mga kwentong maligno kumpara sa pagkalakilaking dagat (ng katotohanan).
    SI MARCOS AY MAGNANAKAW AT MAMAMATAY TAO. Tapos na ang debatehan dyan… sarado na ang usapin. Sorry na lang kayo mga ulol.

    1. Please re-read the artical, trollfag.

      Please, you’re overrating Marcos. ANG MGA AQUINO AY MAGNANAKAW AT MAMAMATAY TAO DIN. Hwag mong sabihin na tuwang-tuwa ka sa Mendiola Massacre na kung saan ay maraming inosente ang namatay. Hindi tapos ang debatehan diyan dahil halatang WALA KANG ALAM. Sorry ka na lang dahil ULOL ka talaga sa simula pa lang.

  28. “Perhaps Filipinos should start listening to people who were actually there.”

    I agree. With all due respect, perhaps the author might consider to follow his own advice as well, before the People Who Were Actually There die, you know, of old age.

    1. Sadly you’re not the first one to use such subtle guilt jabs. Some said it in different ways but still hinting that those who did not experience the “BAd side” of martial law somehow have “no right to speak.” Priority is given only to the so-called “victims of Martial Law.” Those who saw the Good side of martial law are marginalized, ostracized, demonized, even physically harassed and threatened just because they recount positive personal experiences during the Marcos era.

      Credentialism is just an irrelevance.

      1. This ‘Marcos was good!’ and ‘Marcos was bad!’ nonsense isn’t credentialism. It’s just Filipinos being utterly self-obsessed as usual. They’re so taken with their own personal experience that objective facts have no bearing on the matter. The big picture doesn’t matter. They don’t care what FM did to the country as a whole, to the economy, or to the national psyche, or to the international image of the country. All they’re interested in is me me me.

  29. Goes without saying the cojuangco/aquino deceived us…made us believed they’re all Marcos ‘ fault (including ninoys assassination). History will judge the Marcoses and the Cojuangco/aquin0 clans. After the edsa revolution, nothing changed ..except for the freedom they’ve been bragging about which I think already have been abused by so many sectors, poverty, corruption, extra judicial killings, human rights abuses, still remain. This is the main reason DU30 won the presidency. We are fed up with these trapos. Time for a real change.

    1. After the edsa revolution, nothing changed ..except for the freedom they’ve been bragging about which I think already have been abused by so many sectors, poverty, corruption, extra judicial killings, human rights abuses, still remain.


      ‘Freedom’ for most Pinoys do whatever they liked. Instead of peace and order, people held on to their “freedom”. Look at the country now. Poverty, unemployment, squatters, garbage in very street corner, dilapidated public transport, snatchers holdapers, etc. There is your freedom.

      And the way I see it, Filipinos loved their ‘freedom’ to violate every rule and order. It is evident from the results. Look at us now. Disrespect to our law and order, disrespect to each other and to ourselves.

  30. I agree in all the contents of the article. In my own analysis both as a student activist and former military officer (the irony), the Aquino’s: Benigno, squealed on the Sabah issue against FE Marcos; Cory who rebuffed the “Operation Big Bird” coz Marcos will now give the “money” to the people and “again” the Filipinos will owe the greatness of this country from FE Marcos which she abominably disliked; and Pnoy, who moved heaven and earth, including Hell to see to it no Marcos will ever go back to national leadership (read: as VP or P); what is common among the three, SELFISHNESS and VINDICTIVENESS. They really do not have an honest interest for the Filipinos in general. And we don’t even have to talk about the ” Ill-gotten wealth of Ysidra Cojuangco, the wealth of the Filipino revolutionary, The Hacienda Luisita saga where hundreds or thousands had been silenced, the Makapili (pro Japanese stance) of Pnoys grandfather. Now they rally behind the issue of Libingan ng mga Bayani for FM to make look and smell sweet. Hello, who are they fooling? Enough of the Aquinos! Let’s rebuild our country minus these self-proclaimed messiahs. There!

    1. If, they’re so Selfish and Vindictive, why haven’t they tried to find who really killed Ninoy?

      Answer: because they are also stupid! (or guilty as F**k)

  31. People are diciplined during Martial Law. We didn’t feel hardships in terms of living. Militaries were highly respected and btinging of weapons were regulated. i’ve never heard drugs before but during the yellow ribbon’s time pati galonggong nagmahal, but the morale o iformed men are low and if killed by the enemy, its just alright but it they killed the enemies you will be charged of HUMA RIGHT that’s why maduwag ang ka polisan pati sundalo nangngimi nang magtrabaho kaya lumaganap ang drug lords at users kasi pag gumalaw sila walang back up at baka ma HUMAN RIGHT di tulad ngayon may assurance of back up for as long as it is done lawfully.

  32. I rather go back to martial law time than re experience the abnoy yellow tuwad na daan
    the entire govt are corrupt to the bone

  33. From the stories I heard from my mother about their Martial law experience, it wasn’t bad at all. She said they lived a peaceful life back then, different than others had experienced. Because they were law abiding citizens. So i figured, perhaps those “human rights victims” were never honest with the law.

  34. I’m not pro-Aquinos nor Marcos’, but if you will read some articles about martial law, it’s really scary. I wasn’t born yet that time, but my grandmother tells me the stories of martial law like how thousands of people disappeared without leaving any trace, how some authorities abused their powers, how thousands of people were tortured yet my question is were the ones who’s responsible fot torturing and killing those people arrested? You just cant say na “Move on na lang” to those people na nakaranas nun, it’s easy for you say it because hindi sayo nangyari yun eh. Eh pano kung sayo? Merong good and bad side ang term ni Marcos and I know he’s really smart and wise. I admire his projects for this country. Pero, hanggang dun na lang ba yun? How about the justice for those people….? Hahayaan na lang ba natin porket hindi sa atin nangyari? Again, not defending the Aquinos but after everything he has done with those people, do you really think we was deserving to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani kahit hindi naman siya naproclaim na bayani?


    1. @NEVER AGAIN:

      You are a YellowTard idiot. If many were tortured, murdered and disappeared , during Martial Law. Go and Drag Fidel Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile. They are still alive. Torture them; sue them in court; make them disappear also.

      These two people managed Marcos’ Martial Law.
      Fidel Ramos was the Chief Jailer of those subversives. He was the Philippine Constabulary Chief…if there were tortures, murder and disappearances…he was responsible for them !

      Juan Ponce Enrile was the Secretary of National Defense. He was the Architect of Martial Law. He is still alive. He is responsible also, of what happened during Martial Law.

      The Martial Law Horror Book; you are reading is a propaganda tool of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis.

      Your Grandmother is telling your, bedtime horror stories !

      What a YellowTard dimwit !

      1. Yah. I know that they were involved and where in my post did I said I like aquinos? What’s my question is, bakit hindi sila naaresto even after the term of Marcos? Wow makapag hate lang talaga. Maybe you should read carefully and analyze what I post before sending hate response. Si Enrile ang hudyat ng umpisa ng martial law, it was declared after some guys ambushed him. SEPTEMBER 21 pinirmahan ang martial law by Marcos but it was announced SEPTEMBER 23. WHAT I WAS ASKING IS ASAN NA ANG HUSTISYA PARA SA MGA NABIKITIMA? BAKIT PARANG WALANG NANGYARI EVEN AFTER NG TERM NI MARCOS NA AQUINO NA ANG MAY HAWAK? YUN ANG TINATANONG KO. So wag mo akong paratangan yellowtard coz I’m not. I’m not on anyone’s side. I’m PRO-COUNTRY. If I only have the power to arrest those guys, I will, just for the sake of justice to those people na nabiktima.

        1. @NeverAgain

          Never again?…

          Natikman mo ba and Martial Law noon?
          Di ka na ba virgin?

          Dapat #NeverBefore
          O, ayan, hanap ka ng mga konyo at burgis at muli nyong buhayin ang NPA, CPP, MNLF, etc… para mapilitan uli mag Martial Law para may substance naman ang pag gamit mo NeverAgain…

        2. Unfortunately, the #NeverAgain hashtag is nothing more than a fashion statement.

          #NeverAgain, if they have streamlined the justice system. No, they didn’t. In the Yellow Age, the undermining of the Supreme Court as an independent branch of government and a hallowed institution was complete and effective. Cases continue to be settled only after years and decades. Justice has become more selective — it is only available for the moneyed and the well-connected with the powers-that-be.

          #NeverAgain, if they have raised the quality of politics. No, they didn’t. In the Yellow Age, forward looking ideas are not important. For that matter, it is not about any idea; vision is alien. Instead, emphasis has been, with zest, on ad hominem. Cory set the pace — policies were discussed in the mahjong table. Cabinet positions are not about the best and the brightest; it is about KKK, more about cronies. Politics is removed from reality; they think they are playing a computer game.

          #NeverAgain, if legislative agendas are about nation building. No, they ain’t. Agendas are negotiated based on the amount of pork barrels. They are not shamed by being seen as voracious. It is bribery, alright. But they don’t call it that. They call it by various names — fancy names, fancy programs, all fancy. It is a system institutionalized.

          #NeverAgain, if they have stopped media killings. No, they didn’t. PHL remains the most dangerous place for media practitioners outside of war zones like Iraq or Syria. They hate making things easy, so FOI can never be approved. Therefore, you know evil is being perpetuated for evil loves darkness. They minimize that massacres in the Yellow Age have been more organized and more premeditated. If #SAF44 was not premeditated, it was nevertheless an organized incompetence.

          #NeverAgain, if they have improved the lives of 99% of Filipinos. No, they didn’t. Among others, they ignored agriculture to pave the way for smuggling — forget about unemployment. You need jobs? Go abroad; never mind if this separates you from your family. We need your remittances to support the bloated government bureaucracy; never mind about the moral and social cost. We need to make the economic data look good, never mind if in reality it is a donut economy — empty in the middle.

          #NeverAgain, if they have improved our standing and reputation in the international community. No, they didn’t. We are now seen to be a stupid people because who does the world see in this archipelago? Stupid leaders. Singing talents, beauty queens, boxing champions wouldn’t cover the fact that the country is now structured and operated like it was the 14th, 15th, 16th century Europe. Next move is to be like Africa. That to them is improvement because they didn’t want to look like Latin America. No wonder, PHL is the basket case of Asia.

          #NeverAgain, if they brought the country up to speed with the modern world. No, they didn’t. Yellow Age is all about form; at its core is a decaying society — the worst. The worst is the corruption of the best. It is the Age, people no longer know what is good and bad because of all the propaganda coming from all directions. People remain confident because they maintain a faith, or superstitions, and faith could move mountains …somehow, one day. Forgotten is that intelligence is needed where and when those mountains could, or should, be moved.

          #NeverAgain??? The Yellows should be the last to say this!!! If they still insist, then it is no longer about the search for truth. If they further insist, then it is no longer about objectivity, but about a smokescreen. They need to cover-up that they have done far worse. Traitors persist because they are very good in creating a bogeyman — they depend on this man, but will not admit it, because they cannot depend on themselves.

          #NeverAgain? It is a very good propaganda. But, history, nature, struggles, destiny, karma… are not made because of propaganda. Acts or actions determine such things. So, they could repeat #NeverAgain all they want, but their acts, evil as they have been, determine what would be relevant or not in the end. It is obvious their words reverberate less and less.

  35. What if we stopped looking at the Marcos and Aquino Clan as leaders and altogether not vote for either family? why do we have to pin our hopes on them and not on others who will not use their time in office to pursue any form of revenge from the actions of the other.
    Wala na ba talaga IBA? wala na bang mas QUALIFIED at mas may maitutulong?

    1. @Propaganda Boy:

      I’ve been in a hiatus for a year to avoid this stupid shit like this. And here you are, enjoying yourself mocking other users in this site.

      Only psychopaths like you are enjoying this.

  36. I was a P2lt after I took 6mos Probationary training in 1984. The anti Marcos movement was rising until 1986 Feb 25. His reign officially ended when the Americans bring him to Hawaii (Honolulu). The height of insurgency was at this point. The Army went on mass CAD ( Call to Active Duty) of Reserved Officers ( from ROTC) and I was finally admitted as 2nd LT in 1988. I hardly got my order as P2LT from G-1 because being a graduate from Xavier University my classmate ( Aspiring to be Number 1 did not make it to the top) a soldier from NISA made unqualified derro report against me as left leaning of which I am not and never will. They were ahead of my class OPC’27 of 1989. After being CAD, signed by President CORY, our first duty was with the Headquarters Service, HPA detailed as OD when rumors of counter coup’ was rendering the “RED Alert” status of the camp. Finally my orders was with the 8th “Storm Troopers” Division. There,I would say that It was the troops from the Philippine Constabulary which made the biggest contribution to the recruitment of the NPA’s. In Northern Samar during the offensive psyops of SOT operations came the report that before the Army joined the Insurgency war, the PC failed to discipline their troops.” Women, married or not will be “borrowed” from the husband or parents by the irresposible troopers. The term ” borrowed” was used by an old man in a barangay of the Municipality of Rosario. We had a hard time of turning the tide of support to the government side. But I doubt if it was Marcos who ordered the PC soldiers to perform said acts to the poor farmers of Northern Samar. FVR the PC chief then, will be acquiring the blame for command responsibility . The people attending our “Dialogue” are mostly old men and women including children who can not be categorized as able bodied, therefore, can carry firearms . Marcos is loved by the people, it was the military uniform worn by the PC/INP that they hated much. But slowly the Army regained the trust and confidence of the people. The 20th Infantry Battalion was 2nd to turn-over the COIN operations to the Police by 1991 to 1993. It took several lives of soldiers to convince that their Army was on their side. Martial law was not actually the enemy, it’s the conduct of the government Agents that defines the support of the masses. It is wrong to give praises to the heroes of EDSA. There needs a thorough study or research on individual responsibility before we condemn the dead man from Ilocos. Joma and the recently released husband and wife,the Tiamson’s what they do to their purging campaign. We dig several mass graves in Samar.

  37. Ateneo obviously a yellow machinery.never partial,misleading and brainwashing the youth of today. I am aware of the history I may still young at that time but my mind are open to what we have after marcos. We but vulture in our government who became very busy stealing tax payers money.who uses religion to cover their evil works. May you go to helll all you yellowtards.especially you BS AQUINO a mentally retarded person who have no heart to the real poor filipino. No heart to our brave soldier. The only aim is to protect his family fortune by suppressing the right of the farmers to have their land returned to them. MAY YOU BURN IN HELL YELLOW OLIGARCH.for you are the reason of our frustration and why so many filipino are walking zombies now a should be put behind the bar together with your QUEEN of all evil and a drug master.

    1. This is the problem with people who shares these w/o thinking for a second.

      Unfortunately, the article fails to mention that anti-corruption efforts of the post-Marcos presidents were futile because they have their own forms of corruption and uses Marcos’ history of corruption as a bogeyman. So it leads to this:

      30 years ago, there was just one plunderer. Today, there are plunderers left and right that if you total what has been plundered for 30 years, that one plunderer 30 years ago now looks like an amateur. The national budget during the military rule looks like peanuts now compared to the three Trillion budget of two years ago. And yet, they trumpet that Yellows are of Daan Matuwid. Indeed, a lie that is repeated often enough becomes a truth.

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