Homestretch Showdown: Grace vs. Rody and Chiz vs. Bongbong


With roughly a month to go, I guess many of you have already “cast in stone” the names of who you plan to vote this coming May 2016 presidential elections. But just a final word of advice from someone who’s “been there done that”: Don’t waste your vote guys! You will only regret seeing your vote go down the drain for having supported a highly qualified yet clear loser. Surveys are showing it’s gonna be a homestretch battle between the Yellow Camp’s spare tires and the Iron Camp’s visionary intellectuals. The final gladiatorial showdown will be Grace vs. Rody and Chiz vs. Bongbong (the links clearly showing them to be on top of the charts). So you might as well dismiss the others to be nuisance candidates, like those distracting flies annoying you during a picnic at the beach.

Survey Says

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If you’ve tried betting in a horse race as a clueless newbie before, it can be quite disappointing. Things happen so fast with just a few thoroughbreds going neck to neck at homestretch and the rest of the pack lagging hopelessly behind. It’s either you wished you had a time machine, or wished you could change your bet on the fly during the final leg of the race.

But thank goodness political elections are not like horse races. You can actually cast a pretty informed intelligent vote based on the most winnable/viable candidates as we approach D-day by simply looking at the surveys. And in elections, you can change your choice and make a final decision based on who the leading contenders are in the crucial “last 2 minutes.”

Surveys being sample tests have some margin of error, which is why they often say there is a statistical tie between two candidates. It’s much like getting a sample of water from a pond and counting the bacteria; you can make pretty accurate conclusions about the rest of the pond simply based on the small cup you scooped up – weather it’s safe to drink or not.

So why waste your vote on MDS when she is clearly and consistently way down on all surveys? Ask yourself: if I had the chance to change my bet during a horse race, would I choose the horse that is at the No.5 position with only 5 seconds left – well yeah, fat chances can be miraculous. But use your logic man! What’s your God-given common sense in your coconut for?

Just because MDS is the most qualified both intellectually and in experience doesn’t mean she’s the one to vote. Unfortunately, this is a democracy (not a meritocracy) we have here where popularity is a huge if not the main factor. You have to fit your vote in with all the other voters – most of which are bobotantes who don’t think as intellectually as you do.

More detailed surveys show that each candidate actually leads in their respective region, whether it be NCR/Balance Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao. Many in Luzon prefer Poe because they may be happy with the status quo (Luzon receiving the Lion’s share of the pie), but mostly left-out disgruntled people in Mindanao want change – which is why they back Duterte. The polar opposite difference these two stand for was recently highlighted in Ilda’s recent article.

Radical Development and Unity for the next 30 years

You who are familiar with my posts here at GRP all know that I’m for Iron Rule to bring back discipline and for the eradication of the two great evil twin towers in Philippine politics and society: corruption and incompetence. It just so happens that Rody DU30 and what he stands for almost perfectly aligns (“almost” because I still want Algebra in schools) with my own personal wish-list “platform” for this country:

  1. changing the oligarchy-protecting constitution to allow better services and more jobs to come in,
  2. moving away from Manila-centric development,
  3. restoring the use of English in public communication,
  4. raising up real home-grown industries involving advanced materials and technology,
  5. stamping out criminality and the utter lack of discipline in every level of society – which are reflections of the Pinoy’s poverty-inducing dysfunctional squatter mentality.

As we see the curtains close on the 30-year reign of the Yellow camp (led by the triumvirate of Pinoy zombification: Cory, Kris & PNoy), the country is ripe for a big transition into a new 30-year era, moving along the same path taken by Singapore – a goal that can best be achieved through tough leaders with real backbones, unquestionable intellect and lofty visions, considering how lame-duck dysfunctional Pinoys have grown to become under the sham Yellow democracy they have enjoyed for some time now.

Joining Forces for the Common Goal

In conclusion, those of you supporting MDS should just add your weight onto the winnable candidates of Iron Camp. By uniting to lump all our coins together to back a candidate that represents our best chances for radical change in this country, we can tip the scale of the balance in favor of our common desire for real and lasting change.

I’m quite positive we are headed to become a Singapore-class state; it’s just a question of “when”: do you want to take a hundred years? – well go ahead with Poe-Escudero. But if you’re in a hurry like me (coz I still want to be alive to see the day), let’s back up winnable (I mean winnable!) iron-fisted visionary intellectuals. Enough is enough! This time, the next 30 years should be for the Filipino masses who have suffered for too long, not just a few happy dudes in coats and ties enjoying their red meat and wine as they watch the carnage from their ivory towers.


37 Replies to “Homestretch Showdown: Grace vs. Rody and Chiz vs. Bongbong”

  1. I am saddened by the poor prospects of either Grace or Rody being president. They will squander all the great progress that Noynoy has achieved for our country.

    Our best hope for continued prosperity is to amend the constitution and let Noynoy run a 2nd term. Once he finishes his term, hopefully, MLQ3 will be ready to fulfill his destiny of being a great president.

    1. Another YellowTard in delusion. Progress? I have not seen any progress…maybe you are talking about the Squatters in Metro Manila and urban cities. Or the Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita. Or the runaway inflation… Maybe, the proposed BBL Law; the DAP; PDAF; Pork Barrel Bribery, Feudalism, etc…

      Reality is distorted, by viewing, thru a Yellow colored glasses. You can be deluded, and suffer from :”Jaundiced Reality”…

    2. You know you’re probably right.

      I mean in the sense of allowing 2 terms for presidents, like in the US. It seems our Cory constitution was an over-reaction to the Marcos era trauma.

      It’s been said that one term may be too long for a bad president, but too short for a good one. So max 2 terms will be a good compromise.

      For example, had Rody been limited to one term as Mayor of Davao, do you think he could have achieved what he did for the city?

  2. What achievements are you talking about? You better take another look around you man. You better do your research.


  4. This is amazing. Completely forgetting the utter disgarceful governance pre-Aquino ,dating back to 1965(all the way to 2016,that is 51+ years amigo,not 30) all the way up to and including Aquino that has virtually and literally raped the Filipino nation of all of its wealth and has concentrated that STOLEN wealth in the hands of 10-15 families/dynaties and their cronies control.

    To make matters worse, the lacadaisical attitude taken towards the Son of a Tyrant, a Tyrant that stole the ENTIRE WEALTH OF THE FILIPINO NATION for over twenty years, and that Son’s nonchalant attitude of inheriting that fortune and not even so much as a comment about giving it back to who his Parents stole it from, and this goes completely unnoticed ??? It is not even an issue that this Son of a Tyrant is going to inherit the WEALTH HIS PARENTS STOLE FROM ALL FILIPINO’s (and they openly brag about stealing and still having this fortune) and he is not even made to account for where this fortune is and how it will be spent? Never mind giving it back to the people? This is utter madness. AND to compound the IDIOCY the Filipino nation is willingly going to elect this Inheritor of fantastically proportioned ill-gotten wealth and not even consider conficating it? and it is all done with a ‘Get over it,Martial Law is not coming back.’ attitude?? No one said it was but no one mentions the MONEY being given back either.

    The complete failure of the Filipino Nation to understand the criminality by which they are governed coupled with the willingness to keep electing the same families’ representative (AND GET THIS: Presenting themselves as if they have something NEW to offer,LOL,OMG ARE THEY KIDDING? NO !!!) to public office is a sign of a hopelessly ignorant electorate that has no imagination and lacks the ciurage to completely break from the past and at least have some new people, new families step up to the plate and go to bat for the people.

    After all, haven’t the Filipino people seen what these corrupt as it gets families have done, and kept on doing? Can Filipino’s possibly think that it will change simply because the same people keep saying it will if only they are elected one more time?

    I mean really, figuring out what a bunch of thieves/crooks/scumbags that have been ruling the country are is not rocket science.In fact, its a pretty simple equation.

    1. @Joliet Jake : Let me emphasise, Salvador Laurel writes about the “tyrant” ( From the Lips of Dying President) you were referring to before his last breath, and the excerpts:

      “Please tell Mrs. Aquino to stop sending me her relatives. They are proposing and asking so many things. All I want is to die in my country…I will run over 90 percent of all my worldly possessions to our conversation to our people. I ask only 10 percent for my family.’
      “Just let me die in my own country. I want to be buried beside my mother.’
      “His breathing had become more labored. The nurse stopped our conversation. ‘He has to rest not,’ she said.
      “Before leaving I told him: ‘Mr. President, I do now know if Mrs. Aquino will listen to me, but I will try.’

      To this big,big chance for all the Filipinos to have the MONEY BACK was turned down by Cory.

      Excerpt: “Cory’s refusal to receive Marcos’ message was perhaps her biggest mistake. Had she studied it carefully, she could have settled the Marcos wealth issue eight years ago. Perhaps we could have paid off our foreign debt!”
      -Salvador H. Laurel Vice President of the Philippines 1992

      And, Marcos Sr wants to be back in the Philippines to face all the charges against him, but, again, refused by the Cory government. Charges were lodged in the US court after he died, his wife Imelda faces it all, and the verdict was “NOT GUILTY”!

      1. Your comment, Paquito, is GOLD. It is not yellow of the Cory kind. She ushered in an age, which has become a cure worse than the disease; thus, poisoning the well by killing whatever desire Filipinos may have had for genuine revolution. The tragedy is that the Cory Magic could have been put to good use, but time has a way exposing the truth. The double tragedy is that it is her son who laid bare to all that it wasn’t magic at all, but a plain simple trick.

        Cory could only be blind to the plight of the people because of her focus on her personal vendetta. You know that blindness and vendetta had to be pernicious, and had to turn everything she touched into fake gold. In the end, she was not even about her husband; because if she was, she would have used all the presidential power to run after the mastermind in the assassination of Ninoy. Irony of ironies, it is the Marcoses who want to know with passion who was the mastermind. Yet, if that was not trivial, PNoy gave away that Aquinos/ Cojuangcos are afterall trivial; they are just about Hacienda Luisita. So, this yellow thing is never about people, but about selfish ends.

        If it was about people, Cory would not have made three major mistakes. First is what you already stated. Doy Laurel was not the only emissary FM sent to talk to her; he was continually sending various personalities. If she had just listen to even one of these emissaries, we would have settled the Marcos wealth a long time ago, as Indonesia had in the case of Suharto. But, alas, her psychological make-up was about revenge, which of course has been genetically passed on to PNoy.

        The second was the mothballing of the BNPP. South Korea has exactly the same nuclear plant, and is very profitable. We probably would not be saddled today with the highest energy cost. But again, revenge blinded her, and to hell with the people. If it were not for that blindness, she would not have been predisposed to the very noisy and influential group in Germany, who were all over the place at that point lobbying anti-nuclear moves.

        The third was her rejection of the condonation of the Philippine loans. Gosh, this one, I will never understand. It was the banks, repeat the banks, offering to write off the loans. It was a sign of goodwill in the aftermath of EDSA1. Well, she didn’t know she had the Cory Magic. People said there was Cory Magic, but she herself didn’t know because as PNoy now confirms there was really no magic. It was, is, about a trick, a propaganda to be propagated for the last 30 years.

        However the propaganda is busted; PNoy, however, would still dare to inflict the trick on the nation. Who cares about the people? It is about a non-stop revenge??? What do people care about that now when the revenge is not even about them, for them, of them, or by them? And Plan A is about Mar and Leni? Sonamagan, these two are about a party, and not about the people, but about power for power’s sake, for illegal gambling, for legal gambling as a money laundering front, for big time miners who kill Lumads, for BBL, for patronage politics? And Plan B is Poe and Chiz? Sonamagan, Poe is the candidate of Erap and Danding, and PNoy would sleep with them? A non-stop trick. And Chiz? For heaven sake, he is the slimeball in Lacoste and Zara. Ask the “toll gates” set up by Mike Arroyo in HongKong, Singapore, Kaohsiung, or any transhipment point to the Philippines; this set-up has now been perfected by Ochoa, Chiz, PNoy, Lucio Co, etc into a trillion smuggling operation with the fees to the toll gates not even getting into the Philippines, but deposited right there, offshore.

        And, they want the revenge to continue???. It is about time people take their own revenge to these yellow magicians!!!

        1. You dropped us a bunch of golden nuggets there too Add, which gets me thinking.

          She (Cory) ushered in an age, which has become a cure worse than the disease

          It parallels what happened with the US removal of Saddam and with the eruption of the Arab Spring. The removal of the tyrants of these countries only unleashed a monster far worse than anyone could have ever imagined: ISIS!

          This is why I don’t really advise starting a revolution to topple a “bad leader” unless we are sure we have a better (i mean better!) replacement. A leadership vacuum may only suck in something far worse.

          In the end, she was not even about her husband; because if she was, she would have used all the presidential power to run after the mastermind in the assassination of Ninoy. Irony of ironies, it is the Marcoses who want to know with passion who was the mastermind.

          It’s common to hear news of how wives are getting convicted for the deaths of their husbands in order to claim the enormous insurance benefits. So Ninoy’s death could be something more sinister than we think. Who knows: the proposed saint may actually be the devils’s daughter incarnate.

          I can understand how the Marcoses would want to badly unveil the truth about the assassination – it was all trial by publicity back then with them painted as evil personified. Getting to the bottom of it was the only way to clear their name.

          However the propaganda is busted; PNoy, however, would still dare to inflict the trick on the nation.

          Well the audacity of it all – PNoy wanted to paint themselves as saints with their “Daang Matuwid” slogan. They could have fooled the credit rating agencies, but it won’t fool enlightened Filipinos.

          Love the exposes! Keep em rolling man.

      2. YO PAQMAN, if you are so dumb as to keep electing the same people that have been robbing the nation of its wealth for the last 50+ years, you deserve to robbed AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN.
        FACE IT, electing the same people that well respected magazines in other countries refer to the government of the Philippines as ‘The Biggest Criminal Syndicate in S.E. Asia’ is madness,excruciatingly moronic and then some.
        Comatose victim:
        The Multi-Tens of Billions of $$$ accounts that were transferred out of the Philippines is enough CA$H to influence a court anywhere on the planet,especially in a country that has no skin in the proverbial game.

        SO, stay in your coma.I’ll see you in 6 years and tell me how this worked out for you all.

        BTW,I did not read your comment,did not have to.If you think that an Aquino or a Marcos or an Estrada or and Arroyo are anything but the best of friends acting inconcert to rob the wealth of the country, you are just an idiot devoid of a brain.
        One question proves it:
        Why do none of them ever thrown in jail? Why do none of them ever get forced to turn over their USDollar accounts(YOU KNOW ,THE ACCOUNTS THEY NEVER HAVE TO SHOW THE PEOPLE?)or at least show the people what is in them? Do you really think a pig farmer can earn 7 million USDollars in the Philippines? OMG, WAKE UP, they are all thieves and they are laughing at you.

        Some people are comfortable in their misery as it is a sure thing.

        1. @ Joliet Jake: I’ve never said nor campaigned to any politicians mentioned and to tell you honestly, I already stopped my right to suffrage since those kind of politicians joining the election. What I have replied to is your (old) accusations that never materialise, and if you have the guts to prosecute the Marcoses, go on with that multi-billion dollars alleged “NAKAW”! As my previous comment, Marcos wants to RETURN THE MONEY (90% of alleged “NAKAW” in Billions of Dollars as per Guinness Book World of Records) for the country, but refused!
          So, in your timeline, is it exactly 50 years that our country has been robbed??? Let me expand the horizon of your claim! After the WW II, CORRUPTION and THIEVERY was already in place! Have you read about the corruption in 1947 – Former Senate President Jose Avelino case? I guess not! I will won’t elaborate more so that I could not nurture your compounded dumb moronic idiocy mind since you are not interested on what I’ve posted!
          Ok, let me answer your rant, since the “tyrant’ was removed in Malacanang, we Filipinos did not prosper from the very admiringly flowery words of those who expelled him! Worse thing is, it augmented the CORRUPTION in place. Don’t tell me, it was started by Marcos and if you do, you have a brain of compounded dumb moronic idiocy mind! The voting population were pissed off of this kind of political machinery by yellows and nothing option left but to look behind before EDSA 1! And it so happens, that was the time of Marcos! More projects were erected and even compare the expenses including inflation rates. The yearly budget of these yellow cult since 1986 is hitting the roof! And yet, nothing’s happen! They failed to deliver the goods to uplift the very life of Filipinos up to this date! Why they are not thrown in JAIL? I have nothing to do with that, I may suggests, ask their lawyers!
          This coming election, expect the unexpected – and if those candidates mentioned wins the election, you have nothing to do, but to accept the result! Sure thing is, again in 6 years, political failure is at stake and I don’t need to see you by that time, and I pray that you and me were still alive!
          Some people like to rant and rants where they’re not reviewing the political landscape as a whole! They are just like inside the box not knowingly what was transcribed in political history! I rest my case!

        2. I am well aware of the institutionalized corruption dating back to 1947. Just because I do not mention it doesn’t mean I do not know about it. Stick your insults up your ass.

          The tyrant of ’65 was replaced by another tyrant and so on….I GET IT….and have known since before you were born,Son.

    2. What “lackadaisical attitude”? Can’t you see it’s warranted? Martial law is legally impossible. Have some faith in Cory’s constitution. It will never ever ever happen again!

    3. The writer must have a totally ‘band-wagon-mentality’; must be devoid of critical thinking and individuality; or, is a committed booster of Duterte and Marcos. He must think, as well, that readers and contributors here are absolute dupes. Audacity and ‘chutzpah’ I’ve seen in this pages.. and this ranks way up there.

      1. When an apparently “smart” debater has to resort to ad hominem as their opening argument, it’s a pitiful sight.

        Better luck next time. I think Dep Ed should also consider moving Philo1 to Basic K-12 education.

  5. There is only One Opposition, and that is Miriam. Both Binay and Duterte jump-started their career through Cory’s appointment after 1986 Edsa disaster. Poe-Llamanzares was a Noynoy appointee also. People wake up, you are being duped to swallow the same yellow bull crap over and over again.

  6. I’ve always been the kind of guy who thinks that a vote for the one you want to elect is never a wasted vote. That said, I’ve always thought of this in the context of a “bobotante” faced with a competent politician and an artista (think 2010: Gordon or Teodoro versus Erap). But in this case, I suppose picking one of two candidates makes sense.

    1. The point of the article really is the counter-productive “watak watak” voting accurately captured by one facebook commenter…

      TenTen D. Tarapen: Pag binasa nyo ang article, maganda ang point ng author. Let’s face it, MDS is the most qualified amongst the presidentiables, pero ‘kulang’ sya sa karisma, at ang karisma ang isang pinaka importanteng attribute ng isang pangulo… Kaya bumoto n lang sa winnable candidate, isolidify ang boto kay Duterte kesa mag watak watak pa, magaya kay FPJ/Lacson dati. Panggulo talaga ang Poe..

      1. Actually when MDS is not yet running for Pres, she’s oozing with karisma. Everybody’s awestruck when she would start her interrogations in senate hearings. People are always waiting for Miriam to do the talking because then you know the case will go somewhere. She has million followers in her social media and people love to quote her and create a meme out of something humorous but sensible lines she would say. She was outshined though by a different kind of charisma. What got me stumped is why are people looking for karisma for their leader especially when you want an iron rule?

  7. Vote with your mind…not with your emotion or heart. The candidate, you elect must have :good track record; you must know, his or her accomplishments; his or her platforms; and must be a Problem Solver. He or She must be innovative to form a good team to solve our pressing problems…he or she must have the good ability to lead , and work with others.

    Good managerial experience is a plus…

  8. This is, like I said, the “piss off” vote. People are so pissed off, that they’ll vote the perceived opposite to the current incompetent admin and its anointees. Like this thing I heard: someone voted Nancy Binay in to spite the Yellows. The piss off vote.

    1. Yup, or aka “anything but” vote.

      Well let’s just hope the “perceived opposite” is in fact better than the Yellows. Who knows – just like the totally hyped up Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight, the Iron Camp MAY turn out to be a just a DUD.

      But there’s only one way to find out. And that’s to vote them into power and see. Hopefully after 6 years we won’t be screaming for the return of the Yellows here at GRP.

      On the basis of past performance though, I hypothesize they will deliver (empirical validation is the best way to prove a theory).

      1. speaking of boxing, di ba parang tapat ang date na ipapalabas ng laban nina Pacman vs. Bradley III at VP debate? Panoorin na lang nating ang VP debate kaysa sa boxing kasi ang debate nila doon ay masmasahol pa kaysa sa mga hayop, OOPS!!! 😀

  9. Politics is good; when it works properly, disagreements get solved without people beating each other up. But when a regime knows its days are numbered, there’s always the chance it may use its position to change the rules and make the debate it is losing irrelevant.

  10. There’s going to be a VP debate on April 10 in UST. Chiz vs BBM? Bring it on! Si Chiz magaling magtalumpati like Poe. But not speaking based on experience will still make one’s speech hollow. Hopefully when the VP candidates speak, people will also compare it or hold on to facts.

  11. @Joliet Jake – and the STONE IN COMA hits you right in the forehead,big time! My goodness!! The head was badly mutilated and broken into pieces,but, there’s no brain!!


    1. Well if my single vote was equivalent to the voting power (weight) of 1000 squatters, then why not?

      Until they change the rules, it leaves many enlightened Filipinos with not much of a choice but to side with whoever among the top choices of the zombies is more competent – i.e., choosing from top 2 horses in the race (surveys).

      Voting someone who you know is 100% sure to lose is for people detached from reality.

  13. Stand for what you believe. Dont just read articles without proper basis. Do someresearch at wag magpadala sa mga sinasabi nila. #trackrecord

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