3 Big Reasons ‘Tuwid Na Daan’ Will Probably Win The 2016 Election Anyway

There was quite a bit of excitement over the second presidential debates not long ago. Indeed, I found it both fun and thought-provoking how some of the candidates, namely Rodrigo Duterte and Grace Poe, jostled against one another’s intellect and wit. It was also quite amusing and somewhat sad to see Jejomar Binay insisting that he had a right to bring notes to the debate because the TV station staff gave him permission to do so. Lastly, yeah, I’d be lying if I say that I didn’t enjoy watching Mar Roxas squirm on the podium when he was asked pointed questions by the other candidates.


Of course, truth be told, while I dread the possibility of Mar Roxas winning the presidential election and continuing President Aquino’s “Tuwid na Daan”, it will more likely than not happen anyway. With the way things are now, I really thing that the Liberal Party’s candidates, especially Mar Roxas and his new minion Leni Robredo are certainly bound to win the elections and give Filipinos six more years of suffering and unhappiness if not forever. Considering how they seem to put so much effort on their numerous publicity stunts, it’s not that far-fetched to think that they’ve already won this election hands down.

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I’m not saying this out of hand though. To be honest, this isn’t just me being pessimistic. If you take into account how the typical Pinoy thinks, how they see the world around them and how they make decisions, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a no-brainer that the LP, their nonsensical slogan and their pompous, aristocratic and vindictive candidates will continue to be in-charge of our already dying nation for decades or perhaps even centuries to come. If you have trouble believing me, below is all I have to say about the issue.

Pinoys Are Fixated To Superficial Issues

As I’ve mentioned before, Pinoys usually care more about what is superficial and insignificant rather than the important issues at hand. Take for instance that the party slogan “Daang Matuwid” barely makes any real sense in context as the current administration had done so very little to actually improve the lives of our countrymen. As a matter of fact, whatever achievements it claims to have can all too often be credited to previous administrations who were the ones who were at least a little more sincere about improving the country than the current administration.

But of course, we all know how the typical Pinoy thinks, don’t we? As long as it sounds cool, they’ll eat it hook, line and sinker. As long as it holds some kind of emotional or sexual (there, I said it) titillation for them, they’ll go with it regardless whether or not it has any actual significance or practicality. Take for instance the previous APEC meeting wherein it seems that a lot more Pinoys were concerned about the more attractive members of the meeting (also, the idea that President Aquino ranks among them is still well beyond me) than what their meeting actually entailed. Like children, Pinoys are more into stuff that’s “shiny” rather than things that really matter.

Another annoying thing about Pinoys and their annoying habits is that they are usually more than willing to base their opinions, and subsequently decisions, on a single, superficial tidbit rather than something that can be taken as a whole. No wonder “Tuwid na Daan” works so well with a lot of Pinoys. Even a single paragraph or sentence is enough for them to base their decisions on without reading a whole document, let alone read between the lines or think of an alternate interpretation. Then, when things don’t turn out the way they want things to be, they cry bloody murder and blame others for their trouble.

Pinoys Don’t Like To Think

Tying in with the above, another problem with Pinoys is their refusal or outright inability to think. When offered a valid point or argument, most would rather let their emotions get the better of them and go into full-on rant mode instead of reading the whole thing and thinking about it. Whether or not they agree with the statement and sentiment isn’t the point but a lot of them can’t even be bothered to give an argument a second glance or even read it all. Indeed, for some or even a lot of Pinoys apparently, merely thinking is painful and they go out of their way to avoid pointed questions.

Pinoys prefer to emote rather than to think, to react the way a mutt in the street reacts to stimuli rather than make a thought-out response like a logical human being. They are always more about emotional investment and “kilig” factor rather than thinking things through. As long as the LP and their allies make the voters feel “good”, even if they’re secretly killing them, people will still put them in power.

Pinoys Aren’t Willing To Uphold Justice

They say that after everything the LP has done over the years, people will no longer vote for Mar Roxas unless he cheats. Truth be told though, that will likely be the case in this year’s election. However, the question here is what are people going to do about it.

Over the years, the LP has committed act after act of injustice against the Filipino people. From the Luneta hostage crisis, the neglect of Yolanda survivors, the Mamasapano massacre, the killing of the Lumads, the SSS funds scandal to the inappropriate twerking at an LP candidates birthday, you name it. However, was anything ever really done about these issues? Was anyone willing to make a stand to address these problems and bring those responsible for them to justice?

The answer rhymes with “so”…

Whether we accept it or not, in the Philippines, we’d rather wait for “heroes” to come and save us from our problems rather than collectively get our shit together and become our own heroes. Like the princesses in fairy tales, a lot of us still seem to believe that our problems will sort themselves out rather than taking an active stance and doing something about them. So even if the LP is guilty of everything they’re accused of, if no one will take action, they will win the day yet again.


Don’t agree?

Prove me wrong!


28 Replies to “3 Big Reasons ‘Tuwid Na Daan’ Will Probably Win The 2016 Election Anyway”

  1. People in the Failippines reject what they do not understand because it makes them feel small. They would rather believe in some other reality, even if it is only an illusion, so long as it makes them feel bigger.

    1. It’s really distracting and hard to take a comment seriously whenever I see the word ‘Failippines’ in it, kasi naiisip ko agad mga squatter jeje pronouncing it that way eh. It doesn’t make you any more clever din. So can we please, just spell it correctly? ‘Philippines’.

      1. Your so-called “Philippines” has, have, and always will be an Epic Fail. That’s why I call it the Failippines.

        Truth’s Bitch Ain’t It, Kid?

  2. We can’t prove you wrong Grimwald… But, for the sake of the Hda. Luisita farmers, I’m going to vote for someone else.

  3. Thinking aside, the household name for clueless Pinoys is Binay. For simple reason that he’s like Erap. But try asking the ones with pens and books and are members of their university social media page, it’s MDS. From people used to the game of war and iron fist ie Mindanao extending to fed up city folks, tis DU30. Starstruck ignoramuses goes for Poe. Where’s Mar in the equation? How many yellow zombies are there, really?

  4. @Grimwald you write pretty well. A pretty good characterization. Truly, self reflection can do wonders. Don’t you think?

    1. It always does. If more Filipinos asked “Am I do the right thing?” before making a decision and then asking “Did I do the right thing?” afterward, we would be dealing with less and less mishaps. Unfortunately, that is almost never the case in our lovely little country.

      1. It always does. If more Filipinos asked “Am I do the right thing?” before making a decision and then asking “Did I do the right thing?” afterward, we would be dealing with less and less mishaps.

        First off, it is difficult to prove that the Filipino is not fixated on superficial issues, are inclined to thought, and mostly upholds justice. On the issue of justice, I say mostly because I can dispute that using some academic positions beside my own. However, I will discuss that later.

        The crucial question to asking “am I doing the right thing”, is the Filipino perception of what is right, and what is wrong. According to some Filipino sociological studies, the Filipino does not think according to abstract or cognitive ideas of right and wrong. The Filipino thinks (yes, the Filipino does think) according to survival, family, relationships, and harmony with other people and with the environment. Now some here may dispute the idea of the Filipino’s value in harmony with the environment. That dispute may be stemming from the result of introspection among us which reveals that it may not be true for us individually. However, if we look to the indigenous cultures, particularly the Lumads or even the culture of the probinsyano, we may see a respect for nature, and for the fellow Filipino.

        Now, nowhere in the indigenous Filipino worldview do we see an abstract idea or philosophy of right and wrong. It is always about what keeps the self and the others alive, what brings honor and blessings to the family, what improves or maintains relationships with the community, and what would harmonize with others and with nature. If that is the Filipino worldview, how can we expect that Filipino would think about right and wrong? The Filipino is concerned with life, and this is not wrong it itself. Life must indeed be preserved and cherished. What we may need to do, is to show to the Filipino that mere survival is not the best form of life — there is a better way to live, rather than just trying to stay alive:

        A life that is right, and a life that is flourishing — such may be the new ideals that need integration into the Filipino psyche. A family that doesn’t just survive — a family that thrives on what is right, and what is well. A community that upholds well-being and moral standing — harmonious relationships born of truth, repentance, grace, and action that liberates each individual towards good deeds and cultivating the land.

        For why should the Filipino be ashamed of the upstanding values that it has inherited? Who is anyone to say that seeking life and honoring family is an abstract evil? We must know of our wickedness, and be a scalpel that cuts away illnesses, but is there a reason why the Filipino should be embarrassed of the upright ideals that it truly possesses? I think not — harboring shame for the good in us may be a shadow of intellectual colonialism. What is good in us, is good in us without any uncertainty, and no western or eastern imperialist should tell us such.

        To close this comment, I dispute the Filipino’s unwillingness to pursue justice; it may be true for most of the time, but the Filipino, being small-group minded, community oriented and familial in nature, may resort to vengeful actions for its small-group’s sake. It may come in whatever forms, whether legal or illegal means.

        1. What we may need to do, is to show to the Filipino that mere survival is not the best form of life — there is a better way to live, rather than just trying to stay alive.

          Thank you for this line, njcelles.

  5. Grimwald, once again I like what you wrote. I have to point out one fact. The society as an whole has to change here. I am finally glad that someone said that looks and sexuality play an very important part of society. It goes down to the lowest level. I hate walking by store and seeing this sign ” Young fresher saleswoman or woman cashier wanted to hire. Must be below the age of 22 and have current picture with resume.” I used to thing the USA was stupid with it’s law for equal hiring and that qualifications was the only criteria for applying to a job. Since I have been here, I have changed my policy on the USA hiring laws. The people do need to ask are they doing the right thing everyday? If the answer is no, then they need to change and other people need to start questioning their friends, family, and businesses of what they are doing.

      1. I understand where you were going with your article, but I’m worried that it might cause an ERAP reaction in others. As in: “yeah, he’s going to win anyway, so I’ll vote for him”

  6. Sino ako?

    Iniaalay ko Ang buong buhay ko
    Sa paglilingkod sa inang bayan
    Walang pag-iimbot at paglililo
    katapatan iingatan buong Puso ko

    Maraming nagnais maglingkod
    Pangako dito pangako doon
    handang ibigay kahit ano
    Malagay lang asam na puwesto

    Sa oras na maupo sa puwesto
    Pagpapayaman unang inasikaso
    Hindi na alintana mga kalagayan
    Mamamayan at ordinaryong tao

    Di mo din masisisi bakit ganito
    Mga mamamayan ibinenta boto
    Paano babawiin pagbili nito
    Kurakutin sa kaban ng gobyerno

    Sino ang tahasang may Mali
    Mamamayan o Isang politiko
    Sa kauntin halagang natamo
    Kapalit tatlong taong kalbaryo

    Kailan ka magigising kabayan ko
    Panahon na ng pagbabago
    Itaguyog kapakanan ng mga tao
    Huwag ipagbili Ang iyong boto

    Gising pinoy gising pinoy
    Pag-asa ng inang bayan nasa iyo
    Walang kasasadlakan bayan mo
    Dahil sa katarandaruhan mo

  7. The Magic of HOCOS PCOS, can make Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo win the election, with the blessings of Aquino. “Tuwid na Daan”, to them is: “mga kuarta ng gobierno ,diretso sa kanilang mga bulsa”…

    It can be an interesting election. I keep my finger crossed. In this Age of Information Technology; people can be informed in a matter of seconds. Bloggers, like Mr. Grimwald, can become a “popular political analyst”…in a matter of seconds.

    I have been disappointed in previous elections. However, people have to become more vigilant. And, not waste their votes, in exchange for few freebees or for stupid slogans.

    This is the reason, we are all blogging, to inform people about the issues, and the abilities of the candidates. And, to exchange opinions…

    I found good exchanges of opinions, on this blog site. I found also, good web articles, in our Website writers.Honestly, they really surprised and fascinated me. Although, some are political hacks/prostitutes, masquerading as “political analyst”..

    Mr. Grimwald…Keep Hope Alive!!!We can all find a “common ground” with the Filipino electorates….

  8. In the Philippines nobody really loses an election. The runners-up and farther down were just cheated. They would have surely won otherwise. Could this article be a preamble for those who ‘did not win because they were just cheated’? This, by the way, could happen to any candidate or to any political party. This is just a frank and innocent question.

  9. I completely agree with this.
    We are doomed, as long as people above, who have the greater influence on the people who consider themselves part of the masses, keep on using that influence to strengthen their hold over the masses by continuously dumbing them down enough for them to believe their make believe statements.
    And who cares if we, the people who atleast try to be aware of what is going on, try to effect a change via our lectures and insights? We are, to them, just people who are like them and they would probably think “Who does he think he is?” or “Who is he to think I should change myself and my train of thought?”.
    It is sad tha most of us lack self-awareness, we deny any effort to try to even correct our mistakes unless someone we fear force us to change via ways that are threatening to our survival.
    We lack so much initiative and what is worse is we make with it our stubbornness. People need to change and it must start at the top, because the top represents clear authority since they are supposedly looked upon and voted by the people. But the biggest problem is, how do we get the right people on the helm when most of us cannot or would refuse to think critically about society as a whole and just think of ourselves?
    It is so frustrating that all it takes to win these days are false media, bullcrap and trying to look “good”.

  10. It’s sad People don’t cry out for justice. It’s like they don’t mind being raped.

    Maybe Pinoys have finally heeded Manglapus’ advice (which was only meant as a joke supposedly)…

    A Congressional hearing investigated reports that Iraqi soldiers occupying Kuwait were raping Filipina domestic helpers during the Persian Gulf Crisis in 1990. Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Raul Manglapus was severely criticized for quoting Confucius’ “If rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.”


    1. I remember Daisy

      I may not know her face but I know her name…

      And she will be avenged. I don’t care if I have to beat her image and what happened to her into the minds of every dumb Pinoy out there. I will make them see. I will teach them pain.

  11. “Whether we accept it or not, in the Philippines, we’d rather wait for “heroes” to come and save us from our problems rather than collectively get our shit together and become our own heroes.”

    -this is what they brag of edsa 1

    1. ronin,

      I think the Failipinos are waiting for Disney to start contruction of its theme park in Pampanga in 2018 so that Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck can be their next heroes. Those supposedly hereos of EDSA Revolution are now the villains pilfering the country’s wealth and oppressing the people deeper into poverty, or out of the country as OFWs and expats.


  12. The yellow will win this coming election. Why? Because Duterte, Poe-Llamanzares, Binay and of course Roxas are all yellow.
    The only genuine opposition to yellow is Miriam.

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