Bongbong Marcos has become popular because Noynoy Aquino sucks!

Why has Senator and Vice Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos become so popular with Filipino voters? There are plenty of reasons why but the number one reason is because of his Number One critic, current President Benigno Simeon Aquino.

A lot of voters have become disillusioned by BS Aquino’s performance over the six years he’s held office. They realize that he is quite an unpleasant man who is only good at blaming other people for his own failures. His character is such a turn-off. It doesn’t help that he doesn’t have a face that could launch a thousand ships. It is a cringe-worthy experience watching the President speak in public.

President BS Aquino's negativism fails to inspire.
President BS Aquino’s negativism fails to inspire.
It’s hard to tell if it is because of the shape of his mouth, which looks like it is always upside down or because his mouth is always spewing negative things about other people. Either way, BS Aquino is just so uninspiring. He has never been one to inspire unity in Philippine society anyway. In fact, his speeches are quite often about how “evil” his rivals are compared to him. People have noticed how hypocritical he is by casting himself as pious while throwing negative propaganda against his political enemies. A truly pious person will never speak ill of others.

Because Marcos, Jr is a threat to the so-called Aquino “legacy”, BS Aquino has shifted to full gear in trying to knock the senator’s popularity down. BS Aquino, the son of the late “democracy icon” and former President Cory Aquino would be a laughing stock indeed, when the Marcoses return to Malacanang.

Ironically, the more BS Aquino talks negatively about the Marcoses, the more people give Marcos Jr a second look. It appears that BS Aquino and his supporters do not understand the concept behind public relations. They inadvertently help give Marcos Jr free publicity at the height of campaign season for the Presidential Elections. As they say, all publicity is good publicity.

This brings us to another reason why Marcos Jr has become popular with voters. Every time BS Aquino mentions the name Marcos, the voters unconsciously give the senator’s performance as a public servant a second look and they begin to see him as his own man, separately from his father.

The problem with BS Aquino and his supporters is that, it has become obvious that the only things they can use against Marcos Jr are the atrocities allegedly committed by his father’s government during the Martial Law years and nothing about his performance as a senator. They keep insisting that Marcos Jr has not apologized for them. But Martial Law was declared when he was only 15 years old. How can they blame the atrocities committed by members of the Philippine military and police on someone who was still a teenager when they occurred? Some people are suffering from a bad case of tunnel vision that they can’t think straight anymore. On one occasion, BS Aquino criticized Marcos Jr for dyeing his gray hair black. Only a bald man would notice another man’s hairdo, I suppose.

Bongbong Marcos's surging popularity is a result of BS Aquino's bad performance.
Bongbong Marcos’s surging popularity is a result of BS Aquino’s bad performance.
BS Aquino’s hypocrisy was made more evident when he hosted the Japanese Emperor and Empress recently. During World War II, the Japanese Imperial Army committed worse atrocities against the Filipino people and yet BS Aquino recently welcomed the Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko in the country. While BS Aquino sees the importance of making peace with one of the country’s previous oppressors, he doesn’t see the importance of making peace with the Marcoses. He talks about them as if they did nothing good for the country. This despite the fact that a lot of the infrastructure built during the Marcos years like the Philippine International Convention Center, the North and South Luzon tollways, the Philippine Heart Center, and the San Juanico bridge among others are still being utilized by Filipinos today. We also need not mention some of the policies initiated by Marcos Sr like sending overseas contract workers abroad to help the economy still benefit even the BS Aquino administration today.

Yes, those are some of the things that give voters something to think about. Unfortunately for BS Aquino, the more he highlights how bad the Marcoses are, the more he highlights that he is worse than his enemies.

This brings us to yet another reason why Marcos Jr is becoming popular. Despite the negative propaganda thrown at him, Marcos Jr still manages to smile and take things with a grain of salt. The voters notice this and find him a refreshing alternative to the hostile demeanor BS Aquino quite often projects.

Indeed, what the Philippines needs is a leader who will promote unity and harmony among Filipinos and not someone who promotes discord and division like BS Aquino. The voters have had enough of him and his despicable personality.