Bongbong Marcos has become popular because Noynoy Aquino sucks!

Why has Senator and Vice Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos become so popular with Filipino voters? There are plenty of reasons why but the number one reason is because of his Number One critic, current President Benigno Simeon Aquino.

A lot of voters have become disillusioned by BS Aquino’s performance over the six years he’s held office. They realize that he is quite an unpleasant man who is only good at blaming other people for his own failures. His character is such a turn-off. It doesn’t help that he doesn’t have a face that could launch a thousand ships. It is a cringe-worthy experience watching the President speak in public.

It’s hard to tell if it is because of the shape of his mouth, which looks like it is always upside down or because his mouth is always spewing negative things about other people. Either way, BS Aquino is just so uninspiring. He has never been one to inspire unity in Philippine society anyway. In fact, his speeches are quite often about how “evil” his rivals are compared to him. People have noticed how hypocritical he is by casting himself as pious while throwing negative propaganda against his political enemies. A truly pious person will never speak ill of others.

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Because Marcos, Jr is a threat to the so-called Aquino “legacy”, BS Aquino has shifted to full gear in trying to knock the senator’s popularity down. BS Aquino, the son of the late “democracy icon” and former President Cory Aquino would be a laughing stock indeed, when the Marcoses return to Malacanang.

Ironically, the more BS Aquino talks negatively about the Marcoses, the more people give Marcos Jr a second look. It appears that BS Aquino and his supporters do not understand the concept behind public relations. They inadvertently help give Marcos Jr free publicity at the height of campaign season for the Presidential Elections. As they say, all publicity is good publicity.

This brings us to another reason why Marcos Jr has become popular with voters. Every time BS Aquino mentions the name Marcos, the voters unconsciously give the senator’s performance as a public servant a second look and they begin to see him as his own man, separately from his father.

The problem with BS Aquino and his supporters is that, it has become obvious that the only things they can use against Marcos Jr are the atrocities allegedly committed by his father’s government during the Martial Law years and nothing about his performance as a senator. They keep insisting that Marcos Jr has not apologized for them. But Martial Law was declared when he was only 15 years old. How can they blame the atrocities committed by members of the Philippine military and police on someone who was still a teenager when they occurred? Some people are suffering from a bad case of tunnel vision that they can’t think straight anymore. On one occasion, BS Aquino criticized Marcos Jr for dyeing his gray hair black. Only a bald man would notice another man’s hairdo, I suppose.

Bongbong Marcos's surging popularity is a result of BS Aquino's bad performance.

Bongbong Marcos’s surging popularity is a result of BS Aquino’s bad performance.

BS Aquino’s hypocrisy was made more evident when he hosted the Japanese Emperor and Empress recently. During World War II, the Japanese Imperial Army committed worse atrocities against the Filipino people and yet BS Aquino recently welcomed the Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko in the country. While BS Aquino sees the importance of making peace with one of the country’s previous oppressors, he doesn’t see the importance of making peace with the Marcoses. He talks about them as if they did nothing good for the country. This despite the fact that a lot of the infrastructure built during the Marcos years like the Philippine International Convention Center, the North and South Luzon tollways, the Philippine Heart Center, and the San Juanico bridge among others are still being utilized by Filipinos today. We also need not mention some of the policies initiated by Marcos Sr like sending overseas contract workers abroad to help the economy still benefit even the BS Aquino administration today.

Yes, those are some of the things that give voters something to think about. Unfortunately for BS Aquino, the more he highlights how bad the Marcoses are, the more he highlights that he is worse than his enemies.

This brings us to yet another reason why Marcos Jr is becoming popular. Despite the negative propaganda thrown at him, Marcos Jr still manages to smile and take things with a grain of salt. The voters notice this and find him a refreshing alternative to the hostile demeanor BS Aquino quite often projects.

Indeed, what the Philippines needs is a leader who will promote unity and harmony among Filipinos and not someone who promotes discord and division like BS Aquino. The voters have had enough of him and his despicable personality.

90 Replies to “Bongbong Marcos has become popular because Noynoy Aquino sucks!”

  1. Nice observationand it is the truth that our lame president papularize BBM. The lame president open my eyes to take a second look at BBM which is had a very good track record and very fit to be our next VP.

  2. Aquino thinks, he is a “royalty” in Philippine politics. His administration is a failure. The Aquino era, is the worst era in Philippine history.

    Marcos Sr. is history. Just like the treasonous records of Benigno Aquino, Sr. Marcos Sr. records is no longer relevant in the political situation of the country. It is just a “scare tactic” of Aquino and Mar Roxas.

    I’m glad that what we are discussing here at GRP, are now resonating to the younger generation of Filipinos.

    EDSA is past. Cory Aquino and Ninoy Aquino, Jr. are history. Hacienda Luisita issue , DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, the political zarzuela of the CJ Corona impeachment, SAF massacre, BBL Law; Chinese Luneta tourists massacre, Hacienda Luisita massacre, all kinds of murders and massacres; the virtual take over of Aquino on the Legislative and Judiciary branches of the government; Aquino and Mar Roxas incompetence, and misconducts in their offices; Typhoon Yolanda relief goods rotting in warehouses; Typhoon Yolanda Relief Funds missing; etc…they are too numerous to write here…

    One thing: people are just fed up with the Aquinos; his sidekick, Mar Roxas; and their incompetence and lousy performances.

    1. True indeed, more on revenge rather than unity of every filipinos, it shows that both Mother and Son not capable in handling cases like for the good and not evil doings… HURRAY for the MARCOSES despite of hatred thrown by the AQUINOS still can manage to keep calm and concentrate planning for the good of the COUNTRY…

      1. Toro007 statistics of Marcos Era achievement beamed at nation building plus your imput Emerson, completes a picture of Pnoy as ” the boy who cried wolf “, thinking it is smart to fool the people for his own amusement seeing them cringe at the prospect of having their flock of sheep destroyed by a vicious attack by wolves! Pnoy is not only mediocre compared to the Marcoses when it comes to the performance of public service but a saddist as well. What tough luck our republic have been dished-out by national karma! But, we can as a people change this karmic account by changing how we feel and think about our predicament by heeding the voice of ” let us together work so that this nation can be the best it can be “! What sayeth?

      1. Mistake president.
        What a shame for you as a leader, your mouth is full of garbage. Your Vission for the Filipino people is to fill there ears with your garbage. You speaks garbage because your heart and mind is full of it.
        What we need today is a leader not a cancer or curse of our nation.
        Only Miriam Santiago and BBMARCOS is the best.

      2. He was a finger pointing fault finder holier thou, judgemental non performing and no vision president but not really the worst. The presidents we,ve had in the past years are all fighting to top the rankings game.

    2. very true, indeed, lets put EDSa, to where it should belong, and move on,remembering it is useless and no meaning at all!!.. I spent three sleepless nights during those days!!.. for nothing?.. BBM is in the right track, VP for the meantime, and next the Presidency!!.. he will continue the good works his Father did to our country, hopefully, and not to follow Abnoys words about his anointed candidate!! wala namang silang nagawa!! NGANGA lang!!


  4. Every now and then AQUINO’S envied Marcoses, the words you spoke Pnoy against to Marcoses shown how pity you are and uneducated.
    You fooled your self.
    You’re shameless and Arrogant.
    Sorry to my words but it’s True.

  5. personally, am sad that being in the mil svc before & after martial law has been declared was the the very reason that we AFP-Veterans has bot been included in the recently approved increased of the AFP & PNP uniformed personnel w/c is 50 percent the uniformed retirees is entitled to be.

  6. Its about time to change this abnoy President…He is arrogant bastard he bĺamed BBM or Marcoses to killed his father Benigno Mr.President open your big eyes and see WHO is the true killer maybe he is under your pant i mean maybe one of your family clan to killed your Father…idiot!

  7. Yep, you definitely nailed it again Ms. llda.

    I’m sure we’ll see some butthurt yellows that will try to dispute this article with their piss colored and piss poor propaganda.

    The funny thing is that Bongbong was already popular even when his mother, Imelda is still alive, Noynoy on the other hand, only relied on his parent’s death for him to gain sympathy votes.

    It might have took 3 decades but I believe that its good that the people are already rejecting the “Marcos bad, Aquino good” propaganda.

  8. DUALITIES in Philippine Politics

    Aquino/Conjuanco in the last 30yrs always resorted to political gimmick of DUALITIES or personification of the following:

    HORUS vs. SET
    DAY vs NIGHT
    GOOD vs. EVIL

    It’s a ubiquitous & mythological dualities that still expressed on many levels especially in Philippine Politics:

    Ninoy vs. Marcos
    Cory vs. Marcos
    Noynoy vs. BongBong
    Daang Matuwid vs. Martial Law

    This Gimik is already overused (GASGAS na GASGASna), now ineffective or obviously back-firing and now had a reverse on PNoy.

    1. People who cannot or do not move on from their past are very insecure people. Aquino cannot move on from the supposed “heroism and sainthood” of his parents. Aquino is dependent on this falsehood(concept), to function as a human being…

      Aquino and Mar Roxas are using martial law, to scare people. So that, they can stay in power, and continue to plunder this country. Anybody can look at the Cory Aquino’s Constitution; martial law is impossible to declare by any President, alone… They want to bring conflict to this country thru the BBL Law; financing MILF/Al Queda/ISIS. They want to partition Mindanao, and give ISIS , a foothold…

      These people are really wicked people, that I have ever seen. Maybe, except Hitler, who used Geobbels , racism and demonizing Jews, and other minorities, as political tools.

      1. Aquino/Conjuanco destroyed the name MARCOS and made it synonymous with Bad/Evil/Dirty, Corrupt/Plunderer/Ill-gotten wealth, Torture, extra-judicial killings, Human Rights abuse during Martial Law, etc.

        While exerting full effort to paint their name Aquino/Conjuanco or project an image of being (only a facade), victim card, Clean/Good, Holy, Godly/Saintly, Heroes/Martyrs, etc.

        Yes, the Aquino/Conjuanco continue to use the falsehood, but why did FM allowed this to happen. So for me FM is partly to blame for our predicaments in the past 20+30yrs (before & after EDSA), present and future.

        FM served the longest President. He was very bright & a strongman that he completely forgot he’s only mortal. FM failed to create a pool of Leaders to succeed him mainly due to poor vision & planning which typical to most of our leaders. He was too old & very weak to oppose the EDSA revolt or coup de eta and eventually was overthrown by Aquino’s.

        On otherhand, maybe it was a grand plan between FM & Ninoy to take full control of the Philippines amongst themselves, since no clear culprits for Ninoy’s Assasination (real or fake?) despite of both Cory & Noynoy taking the highest position as President.

        Politics is the art of deception.

        It’s more about making the public believe half truths and lies to gain votes. Politicians will stop at nothing for power and wealth.

        FMarcos wasted 20yrs.
        All Leader since EDSA wasted 3Oyrs
        Total of 50 wasted years
        Lee Kuan Yew made Singapore from a dump to 1st world for only 30yrs. (it only take 1 man with vision)

  9. He wants to project a good image of himself and his family…by showing how bad the Marcoses are…not a good idea…he forgets there’s a truth other than his truth…

  10. Aquino has lost his sense of direction, has no vision, wisdom and statesmanship as a leader yet a self proclaimed righteous person? To quote Alex Magno of the Phil. Star “he is a lameduck president w/ no brain of his own”.

  11. “On one occasion, BS Aquino criticized Marcos Jr for dyeing his gray hair black.”

    Yeah right and so as your appointed dswd chairperson stinky soliman who changes her hair dye a lot than BBM.

  12. BongBong Marcos has become popular because the promises that were made behind the 1986 “People’s Power” EDSA Revolution were not kept by the very same oligarchs who made them and are in power now.

    Thirty years of continued disappointments are enough to make the Failipinos realize that it was a big mistake to support these arrogant and self-serving opportunists, who lied through their teeth to get what they want: put themselves in better positions to fleece (rape) the country and oppress the people.

  13. The last 2 minutes of the Aquino regime is nearly approaching and look what they have done to the ordinary citizen of this country of ours, did they improved the lives and well being of every Filipino? Only the rich and oligarch have their best opportunity in these present administratiion and it seems they wanted and wish to have a successor to continue their daang matuwid going to their pocket. Corruption, drug problems, illegal and legal gambling, high cost of electric and power generation are almost every where in our midst and it seems they don’t care about this evils in our society. Those are many reasons why investors are weighing it in if it is safe and economically sound to place their investment in our country. Now ordinary workers cannot have a solid job at work because of ENDO, which means they cannot have a security of tenure and remains only contractual for a few months and get terminated. While those officials elected or not would try everything to remain in power and get filthy rich in return. Meanwhile, the idea to open up and change the economic provisions in our constitution has not been given a chance be changed due to pressure from the old rich to preserved their monopoly and control of local economy. We will never be able to improved our economy and world competitive unless we changed and we will remain the sluggish nation in terms of economy and will come a time that everything will be imported on all foods, commercial, industrial items in our midst. Agricultural improvement in our country was neglected and humongous importation of rice was given a priority while their promised to improved rice production was only printed and broadcast media. How the Philippines will be in the next 20 years if nothing gonna change in our system? The only thing that we could actually see is population boom and one main problem is how to feed this hundred of millions of Filipinos? Are we just gonna let the Philippines be like these forever?

  14. si cory ms brownout, c pnoy mr tax collector, wala kayong napatunayan sa pag unlad ng buhay ng pilipino. We need marcos as a great leader.

  15. Despite the negative propaganda thrown at him, Marcos Jr still manages to smile and take things with a grain of salt.

    SMILE. that is so true. One of the most epic BBM rebuttal to BSA.

    “Thanks Mr. President for noticing my hair despite your busy schedule” flash a smile



    1. Correct Ka dyan Densil. Pare-pareho lang yan. How sure na walang resbak ang mananalo? All bested interests. Traditional politicians. Kawawang mga Filipino. God bless the Philippines. Choose the lesser evil, I would say to myself.

    2. tama ka….abnoy nga si PNot, pero ang santohin ng mga marcos groupies si bumbong? NAKAKATAWA NA NAKAKAIYAK…puno talaga ng mga bobotante ang pinas, madaling mabola ng mga trapo. kaya walang asenso dito.

    1. ” History is written by the victor ”

      Naturally, Marcos was the Bad guy to see the so called Good of Aquino/Conjuanco.

      1. The oligarchs today will always find a way to blame somebody, who can’t defend himself because he’s dead (Marcos), in order to deflect the attention from the all the bad they’re doing to the country. And since these oligarchs are the victors of the EDSA Revolution, they will write the present day history book that will make them look favorable to the unsuspecting, naive, and downright stupid.

      2. For Sen. Bong Bong Marcos Jr….TIMING IS EVERYTHING..
        BS AQUINO’s multitude politicial defaults are the young Marcos gains!

  17. Couldn’t agree more. In order to highlight the yellow pogi points, they needed to shade BBM’s record. Sadly, not everyone will go to lengths and see what BBM had done in service. Most would still fall on the bandwagon that because BBM is a Marcos, he is bad. In a country where students were being taught that Marcos is nothing but Martial Law, it is up to these students to dig deeper in history and read unbiased content. I just hope BBM wins.

    1. Take a look at the Bull-shit story BB’s Mommy told the world about her ‘Poor Bong-Bong’, who suffered terribly during the years of exile.The truth is the guys is a spoiled Son of a Mega-Rich Family who pilferred the wealth of an entire 80 million people population and gave it to themselves and about 1,000 other people that shared in various portions of the loot. ASK YOURSELF, where is all that money that the Old Bitch openly brags about(all 170 stuffed full of money bank accounts,WHERE IS IT?)? where does the Marcos wealth go to after the Old-Bat dies?(BONG BONG!,thats where) AND FINALLY when are they,the Marcos Family, going to give back what they stole from all of the Filipino’s who have lived in the last 60 years?(they have no such plans).
      I’ll say it again,Marcos is popular because Filipino’s are idiots.PERIOD.
      The Filippines is doomed.Electing a Marcos will just insure it a little more.

    1. and if you think the Marcos family is you are smoking something unhealthy for your brain.

      The country needs a complete FLUSHING of the political system.The removal of the oligarchs and crony capitalists,UNTIL THEN, NOTHING CHANGES.(except faces, names and technologies).It is a certainty.

  18. Tapos na ang Yellow Ribbons Era, Tinimbang sila pero kulang na kulang…., alam na ninyo ang ibig kong sabihin! Subukan naman natin iluklok sa itaas ang anak ni Apo Lacay Marcos para sa Bagong Bukas at Pagkakaisa!


  19. As often as you share your take on our republic’s self-inflicted woes, I always have something to take home. And you portray the Aquino-Marcos Contest as characterstic of our politics in this part of the globe! But I feel that this contest has already run full circle that therefore we now can clearly see the hypocracy of the oligarchy of this republic which Pnoy epitomizes! Our eyes can see, our ears can hear and we have the command over our mind and heart at last! I look forward to reading more of your insights on this matter!

  20. Bing Bong Marcos has become popular because Filipino’s are idiots doomed to repeating history.All one has to do is look at who has led the country for the past 50 years, and then try to ascertain WHY ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD ELECT EITHER AN AQUINO OR A MARCOS. It defies logic,and the resulting prevalent answer is that only a bunch of idiots would collectively do such a thing.

    1. I am very sure you are crazy like the yellow ones. It’s been 30 years that our voices are not being heard by the elites like you and your founders ,the Aquinos, Lopezes, Salongas, Ocampos , Sins, Ateneans and many more .But this time , we will fight until our idol Marcos blood will be the next VP and will be the Philippine President 2022.

    2. Well said Jerzy! Most of our (?) kababayans doesn’t know their figures because what they care about are their present needs; foods on the table, money for children’s needs, the basics. They believe and live on promises.I was a govt employee during the Marcos era and what we get are always 10% across the board increases. So difficult to make ends meet. The Cory government helped in standardizing the salary grade. And it was a relief. What I am saying is there are good steps that the Cory govt started. Civil servants today are given much higher salaries to curb corruption. But corruption still exists. It’s in the system that’s so difficult to change. The Pnoy admin started some cleaning up but it’s a difficult job because others won’t change. I didn’t vote for Pnoy btw. Choosing another Pres or VP should not be between Marcos and Aquino. Why not change (a new surname) for a change. Experienced politicians know how to play with people’s emotions….and how to play with people’s money.

  21. BS Aquino only wasted the supossed gains of EDSA if there was any.What are his achievements? Modernizing the AFP with those korean prototype jets and a couple of half century old frigates? Under his administration is when Juan dela Cruz paid the highest tax to the neck.

  22. Shame on me for being one of those EDSA supporters, forgive me for supporting these trash oligarchs…this was my biggest mistake in my whole life…poor Philippines…my beloved country…

  23. The Question now is not what the marcoses did but, what the aquinos did. Whatever happened to our country? our economy?

  24. Tama wala naman nagawang maganda ang nga Aquino’s sa bayan! Stop on divisiveness as started by Cory. Tama na! Marcos will definitely go back to Malacanang Palace in 2022! Mark that!

  25. Has anyone here actually tried to look at the bills BBM filed? Besides the infamous “half-rice law” (SB 1863, 2013), I mean (That one has a few problems: in the explanatory note, Marcos claims that we’re the world’s biggest rice importer; that’s patently false; what exactly does he mean by “cup” of rice? what if it no longer becomes financially feasible for a small establishment to sell “half-rice”?). There’s the “Hydrogen Research Promotion and Development Act,” (SB 2593, 2010), which is based on completely unproven claims of the Philippines having the “biggest Deuterium deposits in the world.” In SB 414 (2013), why does he want the vice president of the Philippines to be the “Vice Chief Scout” of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines? Moreover, knowing that the BSP can be easily abused by those in government, why not privatize it? Have a gander at his Road Rage bill (SB 2923, 2011). This is how he defines road rage – “An assault or attack on the person or property of the driver or passenger of another vehicle, or upon the person or property of a pedestrian or onlooker, by reason of or on the occasion of an incident that occurred on the road.” How broad is that? Incident?

    Don’t tell me these bills are bad because he isn’t a lawyer. He has staff (or the funds for staff). Moreover, isn’t he supposed to be this really intelligent guy, a chip off the old block? Bongbong Marcos is not his father, just like Noynoy is not Ninoy. Neither of them are close. They’re like really poor photocopies.

    1. Thanks for those references, Mr Cvnt (excellent handle, by the way). Supporters of BBM do need to have a hard look at what he’s done for the country so far, because right now he’s (presumably) on his best behavior with his eye on the big chair.

      SB1863 is just retarded: the government has no business telling restaurants how to serve their customers unless fraud or food-poisoning is involved. If someone doesn’t want to sell something, that’s their prerogative, just as it’s the customer’s prerogative not to frequent that establishment. This is known as “capitalism”.

      As for SB2593, words fail me. Did this guy not even complete high school? Is he simply trying to create yet another shell company (in the good old Marcos tradition) as a conduit for ill-gotten gains? I quote:

      “Hydrogen is being processed from deuterium which is heavy water or hydrogen water without oxygen”.

      Um … whut?

      Fortunately for BBM, the average Filipino wouldn’t recognize this at complete gobbledygook, and will happily watch their tax money disappearing into some halfwitted “Deuterium Research” project.

      1. US Fed? By “BSP,” I meant Boy Scouts of the Philippines, not Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (I thought that was clear in context). Unless there’s a US FED that’s linked to the Boy Scouts of America that I’m not aware of.



      1. Who is endorsing Bongbong? My answer is Noynoy, the more incompetent unaccomplished noynoy talk bad about the very much accomplished Bongbong, the more younger generations draw close to Marcos Jr. Millenials are looking for accompliments, of who can take this country out of the cesspool created in February 1986.

  28. While Pnoy busies himself disuniting the nation thru his accusations and negative criticisms against the Marcoses, Bongbong busies himself re-uniting the great divide which the Yellows had started….

  29. i just cant fathom it. bakit hanggang ngayon ay d pa rin tapos ang kaso ni Ninoy, wala pa ring closure? sino nagpapatay? puro bintang lang sa mga marcoses. d kaya, hindi naman ang mga marcos ang me pakana? ilang taon na ang nakakaraan, umupo si Cory, umupo si Noynoy – wala pa rin? ano ba talaga? isang nagtatakang Pinoy lang po ako.

  30. God allowed noynoy as our president, for us to realized how truly bad this yellow people are compare to the marcoses. His face alone maduduwal ka na..and the inside of him, susme walang pakialam..i wont be surprise if one day he’ll wake up he’s behind bars..and people wouldnt care either..and he can feel it right now including his allies..kapangit na nyang lalake, kasama pa ng ugali..kawawang mga Pilipino..tsk tsk tsk

  31. I definitely agree with you… Let’s start to expose the dirt and evil deeds of the 2 Aquino Administrations and their allies.. Their hypocrisy must come to an end and I believe the Almighty God will deliver us for better and united Philippines very soon PEACE AND MABUHAY TAYONG MGA FILIPINO NA NANINIWALA SA TUNAY NA KAPAYAPAAN AT PAG-ASA.

  32. We agree, Pro-Marcos Loyalists.

    Marcoses should be unapologetic. They do not want human rights becayse Aquinos suck. Let’s bash Aquinos!

    1. “Trolls will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response.”

      You need to get off from your computer and try to seek a psychiatrist. This impersonation should never be tolerated.

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