Who is better, Rody Duterte or Mar Roxas?


When will we find out nga ba? All I see are the rabid supporters of one camp trolling the other. The only ammo I see flying are lame globs of mud being flung from one side of the fence to the other?


But then, hey, this is the Philippine electorate we are talking about, I might remind myself. The ‘debate’ we see playing out over social media is nothing more than a meeting of the bobo-minds. Battle of the Brainless on a national scale! An affront to every bit of intellectual achievement claimed by humankind. Every Pinoy political ululation is a substraction from the sum total of global human intelligence.

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I must be a glutton for punishment expecting more intellectually-stimulating discourse in the lead-up to yet another Philippine election. I noticed that there are no more of these Platform Plez types of “voter education” initiatives. Or at least I no longer see them being retweeted or being shared on my timeline. I no longer see any witty memes extolling the virtues of voting ‘wisely’ — because there never was a candidate named Wisely ha ha! I know, I know. Lame attempt at humor there.

The point is, nag-sawa na rin ang mga ‘voter education’ ka-ekekan. No amount of education will ever cure the acute bobotanteism that afflicts the Philippine electorate. You know why I am so sure of this? Because you can see the evidence right now. It’s down to just the Talented Mister Mar Roxas and the Homicidally Misogynist Rody Duterte to choose from in these elections today. And the funny thing about the situation today is that at no time in electoral history has the rabidness of the supporters of both bobo-candidates been so, well, so rabid.

Why has the future of the country’s top executive office come down to a choice between these two idiots? How did the Philippines come to plumb such a low in the annals of non-excellence? Why does the Philippines continue to excel in efforts to become the world’s premier anti-thesis to the age of enlightenment?

Well, I’m not going to go into that because much has already been written about the fact of the idiocracy that the Philippines is.

Since Filipinos have, by their own doing, pretty much imprisoned themselves into this lose-lose choice of who their next president will be, I think the task at hand is to once and for all find out which is the better candidate. I do understand, of course, the futility in this exercise, as it is like one of those trick questions we used to ask one another as kids. Like: What sort of guy do you prefer to marry, a man who is rich but physically repulsive or a man who looks like Oscar Isaac but possesses the wit of a doorknob?

Fortunately, comparing Mar and Rody need not be such a paradoxical joke. Both options actually have a common denominator on which to match wits. I think most Pinoys have forgotten what that is but here is a quick brain jogger: the national interests. Let’s remind ourselves that the next president of the Philippines should have the interests of the nation as his or her foremost mission to uphold.

In that light, the discussion of who the better candidate is — Mad Max Duterte or Hollow Head Roxas — actually does have an important context. The Philippines’ future is at stake. Perhaps, seen in this light, we could actually start taking the real debate at hand a bit more seriously. Rather than ponder the question of who the “better candidate” is, the question should be more about who will serve the Philippines better.

28 Replies to “Who is better, Rody Duterte or Mar Roxas?”

  1. Kate, if you are that Good, then why didn’t you RUN? Ba’t di mo gamitin ang talino mo para mapabuti ang kalagayan ng mga kapwa mo Pilipino, kesa namumuna ka lang? Again, mediocre minds discuss people.

      1. Lol! Thanks for your vote, Mr Grimwald. But even if I make a better presidential candidate than Mar, he’s so far down the popularity polls that I’d still lose to either Binay or Duterte… 😀

  2. What a waist of my morning reading time. GRP pa naman. I thought something is laid on the table. Sadly its just another lousy viand.

  3. If I were to vote it will be for MDS. The problem is if she’s still physically fit to run the country for 6 years. Same case as to how it was when I voted for Raul Rocco who eventually succumbed to cancer. I know Duterte is “low class” but if we will be left with only 2 choices, it’s a no brainer for me,I’d be for Duterte. Mar is just an empty hollow shell or to be precise, a worthless piece of trapo. We’ve been dealing with his former running mate for almost 6 grueling years and that is more than enough already. Call me bobotante now but Duterte is the only chance we have. I did vote wisely in the previous presidential election but unfortunately, Gordon/Bayani did not make the cut.

    1. First of all, my vote goes to MDS for now. But the campaign period hasn’t even started yet.

      There is no cure when we talk of cancer in general (with very few exceptions). However, it’s possible to gauge or estimate the prognosis of a patient. We use ‘remission’ and ‘survival rate.’ Remission is a phase with little to no symptoms at all. The level of circulating cancer cells are too low to be detected by standard methods. Survival rates are a ratio of how many live through 1-, 5- or 10-year periods after optimal therapy. Life expectancy also depends on what kind of lung cancer MDS has. There are aggressive forms.

      We need strong policies for sustainable programs in the long run, not another Martial Law.

      MDS, if she wins, has to beat the clock and immediately set these reforms into motion. Her successor will see their execution through the term. Robredo has the perfect temperament to complement MDS’s.

      But if the candidates will be down to only these two, I’d prefer Mar for his theoretical foundations in economics. Government is business. Playing with the economy can be likened to playing with stocks. His experience as a banker can really come in handy. However, in a Sampalan or SLAP Elections, Digong apparently has palms and face thicker than leather.

      Screw those arguments on semantics: undergraduate vs. graduate vs. post-graduate. Average tertiary education in the PH is different from the systems in the USA. How much more that UPenn is 1 of the 8 Ivy League schools? Mar may not have the most colorful profile in a fantastic institution but at least he wasn’t expelled for misdemeanor.

      Just because Mar chose to study and work in the US before coming back doesn’t mean he’s betrayed his country. The one who did might be the one who renounced her citizenship only to re-apply after receiving her “calling” to lead the country. A lot of OFWs work abroad. A lot of Filipinos study abroad. None of them would delight in the accusation of treason. If his grandfather hadn’t been a president, he would not have come back to this country only to be slapped by a Dirty Grandpa (only Robert De Niro is more comely).

      For lack of better alternatives, I ‘partially’ believe in the truth of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Marcos-Aquino/Cojuangco circle. That’s just the thing about Mar’s allies. Regardless, he seems to be the lesser evil.

  4. WOW. JUST W.O.W. hahaha oh gurd For the LOVE OF the golden sheesh… MEN, maybe it’s time to give up? After reading the article and of course the comments I suddenly want to wish that our beloved archipelago be sunk to the bottomless pit of the pacific ocean.

    Good grief emotards. May we rest in pieces! cheers!

  5. Whatever you call it…it is the Choice of all evil…not lesser evil. Mar Roxas is dumb, renowned Ass Kisser of Aquino. Duterte is a foul mouth Lunatic Viagra Poster Boy.

    Aquino wants Mar Roxas to be elected, by hook or by crook. Aquino is afraid of his criminal activities. Aquino is afraid of his plunders and thieveries.

    So, Aquino and Mar Roxas worked for the disqualification of Grace Poe. Whatever threatens the victory of Mar Roxas. Aquino will remove it, by all means, legal or illegal.

    Don’t underestimate the Power of the HCOS PCOS.

    Platforms are not even discussed. It is every man for himself to dig the garbage of your political opponent.

  6. I cannot understand Mar Roxas bashing. Why waste time on this traitor who worked 7 years in the US and came back when his poll ratings is lower than my return on investments.

    Did Mar Roxas came back to work in the government not out of patriotism but because working in the government in the Philippines makes money than 7 years as investment banker in the US?

  7. The Real contender for the usurped power of 32 years of MADpnoy hacienda luisita self interest media manipulation, is non other than the masagana99 former agrarian reformed minister Mirriam Santiago, she had witness the conversion of a quarter of a million peasants into landowner farmers during the era of Agila ng Bayan, the Malakas and Maganda combination of Apo lakay Marcos legacy of 22 years of first world status during way back 1986 revelation of the Economic Hitmen of Marcos Destruction by the cardinal kasalanan of the Catholic churchs.

  8. my guide for choosing a candidate are performance, track record, vision for the country and sound decisions for the greater good of the filipino people and not for the interest of the few elite like the Cojuangcos, Aquinos and the Aranetas.

  9. No one is more qualified than you are to decide how you live; no one should be able to vote on what you do with your time and your potential unless you invite them to.

  10. This piece of article is a waste. It is flowery but no substance according to the title given. Who are you voting for? Who is the best candidate to lead the Philippines? If none of those two are qualified?

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