So many putangina Filipinos Mr Duterte, so why Pope Francis?

Mr. Rodrigo Duterte, what the hell, man? Why swear at the Pope?? He’s, well, the Pope! You had a good thing going there for a while. And then you had to swear at Pope Francis. Jesus Christ. I know you’ve got an army of Dutertards who will follow you to hell (specially now that you swore at the Pope!). But there’s still this business of running for President of the Philippines that you got into. And for that, you need votes — votes from people who worship the Pope!

Swearing at the Pope is like swearing at Maine ‘Yaya Dub’ Mendoza or Vice Ganda. Or Joey de Leon. You just don’t do that when you are running for President of the Philippines, Mr Duterte. I don’t get it. There’s just so many other people you can swear at in the Philippines that you can choose from.

Just on my drive to work this morning there was a bus driver and a couple of jeepney drivers that, I swear, I’d line up for an hour each just to yell my choice expletives in their faces. Then there was this call center chick in the mall during my lunch hour walking while fiddling on her iPhone 6 who almost crashed into me. I swear I’d pay ten thousand bucks for the chance to sit opposite her on a small table and watch her eat that phone (including that pastel-colored case it was encased in) for dinner — and maybe another ten grand to watch her shit it out the following night. And how about that idiot in the Subaru ahead of me on my way to my parents’ place last night? His ride was fitted with low-profile tires and lowered suspension and took five minutes to gingerly get over a speed bump in our subdivision. Here, let me fix your precious car up with a baseball bat, dipshit! Those tricycles occupying an entire lane while queueing for their next fare? Mowed down with machinegun fire and bulldozed into a pit I dug up with a backhoe I rented the other day if had it my way.

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All of those morons I observed just over the last 24 hours firsthand.


Just one more rant about something I didn’t experience today but saw on my Facebook timeline the other night. How about those three moron drivers who each unsuccessfully tried to park that big white Mitsubishi Montero in that now-viral video? Tangina talaga. Add stupid people to the list of people who I’d pay good money to put a boot up their asses. That obnoxious SUV was probably bought with OFW money by probinsyanos who bought their drivers’ licenses from the LTO yesterday. Imagine if instead of those motorbikes and cars parked in the vicinity, that vehicle plowed into hapless pedestrians. They wouldn’t stand a chance. Not from some frigwit who couldn’t tell a brake pedal from an accelerator.

Bili bili ng Montero, e parang mga unggoy naman mag-drive.

See, Mr Duterte? There’s just so many other people and things to direct your macho irreverence and vigilante brand of “cleaning” things up here in this country. There’s just so many discourteous, disrespectful, inconsiderate, stupid, and downright crooked Filipinos to choose from. I’m quite sure the Pope is none of these. But no. You chose to swear at the Pope nonetheless.

I saw this word in the GRP comment threads a while ago — idoltards. Nice! Nowadays, it is no longer followers of President BS Aquino who monopolize the honor of being given a tard suffix to their advocacy brand. Every one of those idiots who follow politicians with Taliban-like zeal today deserve to have “tard” added to their camp’s brand. Noytard, Dutertard, Poetard, Martard, Binaytard, Miriamtard. Y’all behave like idoltards! An entire electorate of idoltards. Sweet. Welcome to Philippines 2016 suckers!

[Photo courtesy Top Gear Philippines Facebook Page.]

31 Replies to “So many putangina Filipinos Mr Duterte, so why Pope Francis?”

  1. Why take notice of Mayor Duterte of swearing to the Pope francis of the traffic chaos, where this traffic congestion has been going on for almost 32 years of MADPnoy rule of Deception? the real issue on this matter was MADPnoy doing of hiding those children from Pope Francis because of his Creation of third world status.

  2. Get real! This article is embrace everything this Web is against to: the “failipino” mentally. How many times had you been critical of that that is inherited from your over religious sensitivity… It was a man cursing another. Miss Kate you just went full pinay

  3. Dutertetard you say?! Oh yes I may consider myself as one. Why? Because I want real change and results from an accomplished public servant. Someone who has a great performance as Mayor, someone who has no record of corruption. Killing? Yes he has that record too, infact he admitted it. But it was an engagement or in tagalog “nagka barilan” so he finished them off based on his admission. Were they hogtied when they were shot? Most probably not. Going to cursing at the Pope he has acknowledged his wrongdoing, palamura kasi sya. Haven’t you met anyone in your lifetime na madalas mag mura habang nagkukuwento? That is exactly what happened. It was a long speech, over an hour. He spoke of his life in Mindanao, his aspirations and beliefs. And towards the end of that speech, boom! Napamura sya while talking about the 5 hour traffic he experienced during the week of Pope Francis’ visit. So please, call me a Dutertetard all you want. I just gave you the facts. I watched that speech and it was not about cursing at the Pope at all!

    1. ” I watched that speech and it was not about cursing at the Pope at all!”

      “Gusto kong tawagan, ‘Pope putangina ka umuwi ka na. Wag ka nang magbisita dito,’” -Duterte

      Kailangan pa ba ‘espelingin’ ‘yan?!


      1. Tang ina , yan lng ang line / phrase of the statement na na highlight mo? DUMBSHIT! Read the whole thing you idiot, dont base with your misinterpreted info. Dumbass! bobo grabe.

  4. I heard Duterte saying he has three balls, damn, this guy is a senseless d*ckhead. I’m from Davao city and I don’t like this murderer.

  5. Lol..natatawa na ako tlga sa GRP.same tayo ng idea ky makoy at sa admin na ky duterte prang nwawala logic nyo or mo. Sana nag research ka kng always ba nya sinasabi yan.2 years ago parang nasabi ata din nya yan or almost lahat ng interview nya pro kay pope highlight masyado ha.
    Tanong lng kng natrapik ka di ka ba makamura?tapos nagmamadali ka? Nice one GRP.

  6. Duterte’s actions are indeed becoming more ‘inappropriate’. But still, as some people say, bad PR is better than no PR at all…

    As Duterte said some time ago, he does not have the money for expensive campaign ads unlike other candidates. I can’t blame him if this is what he resorts to. But still, he probably does not mind the people becoming critical of his actions because in turn, this’ll mean that he is grabbing their attention. And we all know what kind of shit candidates are willing to go through just to grab the attention of the masses.

    And speaking of grabbing the attention of the masses, the same can be said of all other candidates. It is just that Duterte’s method does not reek of hypocrisy. Walang hugas kamay tulad ng marami kapag nagkamali.

  7. Yet another example of how Dick Gordon described the problem with Filipinos: they don’t think, they just react.

    And of course, the starstruck ignoramus supporters who defend their “star” are like that too. All reaction, mostly emotion, little thought.

    In the end, sometimes the ones who want to curse are the Filipino people themselves. They manifest all the dysfunction that brings the country down.

  8. Completely disingenuous article, not even sure how this passed essay quality control. No amount of over the top imitating the monkey will insult the monkey if the monkey is oblivious of the fact that it is a monkey.

  9. i am a registered voter since 2003 but never participated in elections because i see the incompetence of the government. i know about Digong long ago but never researched about him until last year in youtube. and just this august i requested for the reactivation of my voter account hoping that he may run for the higher office and now I became a Dutertard. I never expected that I will become a “tard”.

    Confederates VS Union, Christians vs Muslims in the Holy War, Dictatorship vs Democracy. no matter which side we choose, it will always be for the good of the country. though there are ‘+ and -‘ in each of these stones what counts is patriotism. minding our own business everyday and hoping for a better tomorrow doing nothing leads nowhere. one of my officemate said, “oh well, i can’t complain because i’m not a voter.”

    So, choose which side are you on! 5 leaders, 5 kingdoms, 1 throne. Play the Game of Thrones PHL style!

    – – – GOT Opening theme starts playing – – –


    PS: wag kayong makialam sa away ni Kate and Digong. away mag-ama yan. 😀

  10. Your post is a little bit too condescending and opinionated for my taste – insulting “probinsyanos”. Who the hell are you anyway to feel so superior and self-righteous?

    1. I am a probinsyano from Davao Kate, but I’ll bet you are more ignorant than I am, have never been to places I have travelled as you spent your whole life in that miserable subdivision, and never earned as much as I did -if OFW money is your measure. No I’m not an OFW. And yes, I still keep my bahay kubo in my Davao town and makes regular visits there for my vacation.

  11. I believe in respecting People’s religion. Duterte is not a serious candidate. He was placed there by Aquino and Mar Roxas, “para pang-gulo”.

    A Presidential candidate swearing to the Roman Catholic Church’s Pope, is committing “political suicide”. Majority of the Filipino voters are Roman Catholics.

    To put discipline to Filipino people is futile. Remember Marcos’… ” Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan”…people revolted against it. The political opportunists, led by the Aquinos, took advantage. And, Marcos was exiled in Hawaii, U.S.A. The rest was history…

  12. duterte is a yellow. Grace Poe’s accusers are the one to be jailed. they’re manipulating the constitutional 10 years residency preceding ‘such’ election. they’re taking out the word ‘such’. Grace Poe is a natural born Pilipino citizen. a foundling born on Philippine soil. and that means more than 10 years before she went to USA to study.

  13. Aquino and Mar Roxas, have even used His Holines, Pope Francis I, in the election. What has the Pope do with the Philippine election, and the political issues in the Philippines?

    Si Duterte ay pawalang candidato sina Aquino, Mar Roxas at ang Partido Liberal.

    A vote against Mar Roxas and any candidate of the Liberal Party is a vote against this Outrage, against the Roman Catholic Church leader. The late Cardinal Sin, maybe spinning in his grave now, for this evilness of these people.

  14. Enjoy your butthurt, Catholics. Hahaha!!!

    Ang haba ng speech ni Duterte yung mura ang napansin. And it was even taken out of context.

    Are Filipinos still capable of comprehension?

    1. Indeed, hindi ngang makuha magalit dun sa tinapong 300 sakong bigas, o sa kinurakot na Yolanda Funds, Daming BOBO!

  15. heto mababaw…ayoko patulan yang pope issue kay duterte dahil si edwin lacierda ang nanggatong diyan. ayokong magpagamit kay dawende na spokesman ni mar.

    so…masasabi pa ba natin pakawala si duterte ni aquino?

    yes, i am a dutertard.

  16. Truth is, I’ll never know all there is to know about you just as you will never know all there is to know about me. Humans are by nature too complicated to be understood fully. So, we can choose either to approach our fellow human beings with suspicion or to approach them with an open mind, a dash of optimism and a great deal of candour.

  17. “And then you had to swear at Pope Francis. Jesus Christ”

    Oh irony.haha. Swearing is one thing, taking the name of the Lord in vain? You just violated Commandment # I can’t even….

  18. Are you freaking serious now Ms Natividad?

    First of all, before you go bashing on Duterte and his so called ‘Dutertards’ make sure you have already set foot in Davao- I believe that’s the only way you’ll truly understand why Mayor Duterte still has followers despite his arrogant attitude. Yes, he clearly isn’t perfect but who would you rather have as president in the upcoming elections? Poe? Roxas? Binay? Haha, jokes on you. If it so happens that any of the other candidates, and not Duterte, win on May 2016, the Philippines, especially Manila, will continue on suffering from poverty, corruption, traffic and etc. (You know the list would go on forever.) And Davao? Davao will continue on experiencing the kind of safety that allows them to text while on public transport, walk at ungodly hours of the night and ride taxis that wouldn’t abuse them, not even when they are drunk.

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