How The Negative Reaction To “Fast Forward Sa Tuwid Na Daan” Gives Me Hope

Ladies and gentlemen, before I begin, I would first like to share with you something I’ve read from a book about the Nazi occupation of Denmark. I don’t remember the title nor the author of the book and I don’t exactly remember all the details of the scene I’m about to describe. However, I will try to recall it as best as I can so that you will understand what I’m trying to get at here.

An old Jewish man goes to the market to buy milk. Following closely behind him is his 12-year-old granddaughter. He didn’t really want to bring her along but she was very persistent and he had no choice as he was too old and frail to buy a drum of milk by himself.

Sadly however, upon reaching the market, they are immediately caught by a Nazi death squad. They intended to kill the old man in the center of the market where everyone could see them. The old man’s granddaughter desperately pleaded with them not to kill her grandfather and even tried to cover his frail body with her own when the Nazi officer pointed his gun at them.

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The old man begged the Nazis to just kill him instead and let his granddaughter go but to no avail. The Nazis would kill the girl too because she was in the way. The old man just closed his eyes, perhaps in prayer as the Nazi officer raised his gun. The little girl held fast to her grandfather, protecting him with her own small body while crying and screaming: “Don’t hurt my grandfather! He’s the only family I have!”

Before the Nazi officer could level the gun at the old man’s head, he is suddenly hit in the chest by a potato.

Looking among the crowd, he saw that it was one of the market vendors. An old woman, perhaps in her late fifties had thrown it. She held a bag of potatoes which were probably her merchandise and she was holding another potato in her other hand, preparing to throw it.

The Nazi officer shook his head at the act, intent on killing the old man.

Then a tomato flew out of nowhere, striking one of his men and splattering him with the tomato’s red juices.

Looking again, the Nazi officer saw that it was one of the buyers in the market. It was a young man, perhaps just out of his teens with cold blue eyes and neatly combed blond hair. The young man rolled up his sleeves and positioned himself as if he was in a boxing match.

The Nazi officer only gave the young man a stern look, made a mental note of the man whom he would have arrested later on and continued the old man’s execution.

This time, a whole uncooked chicken struck the Nazi officer in the chest, nearly causing him to topple over. 

He saw that the man who had thrown it was the town butcher. A tall and muscular man with a broad mustache, he wore a blood-spattered apron and held a large cleaver in one hand and a wooden hammer in the other. His face looked as if it was part of a rugged cliff-face and contorted with rage.

After getting himself up, the Nazi officer saw that he and his death squad were now surrounded by the market goers. They had come from all over town, the Nazi officer thought and all of them carried various weapons from simple rocks, crude clubs, antique cavalry swords to actual guns. A look of pure anger contorted their faces and none of them seemed afraid even if the Nazis were well armed.

What follows is a beatdown of epic proportions that I still have difficulty describing so I’ll just leave it to your imaginations as to what happened next…

Anyway, I know it’s a bit too early to celebrate. Truth be told, the massive criticism Mar Roxas’ “Fast Forward” campaign video received isn’t even a huge success in any case. Indeed, I have already consigned myself to the possibility that I will be long dead before my goals as well as the goals of GRP are achieved. Also, I do not wish to speak too soon as that is a good way of jinxing one’s efforts. I know you guys prefer to be logical but it’s time I admitted that I can be more than a little superstitious sometimes.

However a success is still a success in my book and it’s all thanks to you, readers and allies of GRP. It’s a small victory but at least we’ve lit some candles against the darkness and made our first steps towards some degree of progress. Those ~20,000 dislikes and the removal of the video from Youtube is a sign that the game has changed in a some ways and the possibility of triumph, even in some small way, has grown.

To give you all an idea of what I’m talking about, here’s what those ~20,000 dislikes, those ~20,000 candles against the darkness of ignorance and stupidity, signifies:

The LP Has Just Wasted A Lot Of Resources

The LP can insist all they want that the celebrities in the video volunteered for free. However, I doubt that the video was entirely made with minimal resources. If anything, they probably at least paid for the venue which most probably did not come cheap.

Now, we all know that the LP isn’t poor and can probably afford to make more videos like the one shown. However, with the election well on it’s way, they can only do so so many times now.

They’re Getting Desperate For Attention

We’ve seen just how people nowadays simply scoff at Mar Roxas’ various attempts at gaining public sympathy. It’s apparent that Mr. Roxas is quite desperate about becoming president of the Philippines even though it’s probably obvious that the common people know better. Mar Roxas, along with the rest of the LP, are now desperate to gain more supporters asides from their usual media-brainwashed slaves.

While the election is quite a few months off, I’m sure Mar Roxas and his camp will certainly do quite a few interesting and entertaining stunts in those coming months.

The People Are FINALLY Waking Up

This is probably what I’m most grateful for at the moment. When once, as long as a political candidate shows up with a popular celebrity, people would vote for that candidate regardless of their actual aptitude at leadership, people now have begun to see through the facade created by our biased media. It’s apparent that whatever illusory spell the LP has cast upon the common people is now wearing off.

The facade is breaking ladies and gentlemen and those ~20,000 dislikes are proof of that.


Of course, we still have a long way to go ladies and gentlemen. Our crusade to bring truth and knowledge to the forefront of Philippine society has barely even begun as we’re still quite a distance from gaining the attention of the majority of the Filipino people. The night upon which we keep our vigil has only gotten deeper and various threats still loom in great numbers in the darkness.

While we haven’t “won” in even the broadest definition of the term, I am still glad that winning has finally proven itself a possibility to the Filipino people. As I feel my health beginning to falter, I can only say that I have never really seen the people who share and support our cause as simply “readers” and “followers” but as my brothers and sisters in arms. After all, you are my countrymen and therefore all of us are but children of our beloved motherland.

If you are with us, and I doubt you’d get this far if you aren’t, then you probably know that there is still much for us to do and quite a ways off to walk still. However, what is important is that more have joined the quest for justice and progress together and we’ve begun to make a headway in the grand scheme of things.

Like the old woman mentioned in the story above, we have made our first combined effort of defiance. While it might not seem like much right now as the odds are still stacked quite well against us, it’s small acts of defiance like these that start the snowball rolling. Even the French Revolution probably just began with a bunch of French peasants saying that they had had enough of their aristocracy’s tyranny. So even one dislike, like a lit candle, might be small but as others join it become something more than what it was meant to be. One thrown potato might not mean much in the long run, but as more join our cause, victory comes closer.

So I ask you my beloved countrymen, my brothers and sisters in arms, please stay with us. I know that we’re not even close to winning yet but at least now we have a fighting chance to make a difference. Please, continue to resist and defy the brainwashing that both our government and media have tried endlessly to ingrain upon our minds.

Fear not my siblings and even when hope falters, remember these words:

“Don’t believe in me who believes in you nor the you who who believes in me, but believe in the you who believes in you! Remember always, your soul is the SOUL THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!”

And to Mr. Roxas and his supporters as well as all you other trapos out there, I only have this to say:


10 Replies to “How The Negative Reaction To “Fast Forward Sa Tuwid Na Daan” Gives Me Hope”

  1. As interior secretary Mar Roxas may have some influence over COMELEC. So this is his way to win:

    Disqualify Poe due to her residency issue /This is already in progress)
    Disqualify Duterte because he is the replacement of Martin Dino who filed an incorrect COC
    Disqualify Santiago because of health issues
    Get Binay arrested because of graft

    So just Roxas and some unknown newbie without any campaignung funds are left….

  2. Love that Gurren Lagann reference at the end.

    With that said, it is good to see the people finally starting to think for themselves and shaking off the influence of celebrity propaganda.

  3. That Gurren Lagann reference made it more epic. Kudos, sire!

    Indeed, people are already using their neurons for the country’s sake. I’d love to see how these trapos crumble into nothingness.

  4. I don’t know how to put these question subtly, so I’d just as soon ask them straight up. “Is GRP a political movement?” “Is it, at least, an arm of a political party.. or bloc, perhaps?” “Now that we are well into demolishing Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party, who’s next”? This article leaves little doubt that GRP is doing a hatchet job on some hapless, (if deserving) ‘trapo’.. and doing so as a forum or congregation. While, indeed, there are a few contributors who seem to be ‘singing’ from a different ‘hymn book’, there is a feeling that, for the most part, we all preach to the same choir. I could be wrong, of course, or I may simply have a different perception.. in which case I would be properly mortified once I am told.

    I probably must go back and read the protocols of this blog site. I still am of the impression that this is a ‘free market’ of ideas, (political or otherwise), where one might express his or her sentiments and offer up his/her views for the others to consider and, agree or disagree with, as the case may be.

    I’m sure there are some kindly souls out there who might disabuse my mind of some misconceptions.

    1. Well, to answer your question, I think we still ARE a free market. We each have our own personal quest or agenda that may or may not coincide with that of our fellows.

      I only wrote this because I see my hope in my own personal crusade which so happens to be similar to that of others here and that is to end or at least dispel idolatry in our society. I am merely expressing my joy that at least more than a few hundred Filipinos are no longer “starstruck ignoramuses”. It is a sign of hope that Filipinos are now beginning to realize how stupid being beholden to celebrities is.

      I hope that answers your question… 🙂

      1. Grateful for the candid reply. ‘benign0’ and ‘Hayden’ down there, likewise, give further perspective. I’m glad I asked.. I needed to be assured. Thanks.

    2. All GRP writers are free to take any position on any issue on condition that they are willing to subject their work to the scrutiny of the commenting community of this forum.

  5. The articles and comments here can be shared at the grass root level of our kababayan. It can be translated to Pilipino, or to other dialects.

    Information is being controlled by the Aquino Media; to make themselves : heroes, saints, etc…

    Truth is the luxury of common people. Because the Truth has been taken away, from them. they are fed with: disinformation, political propaganda, falsehood, etc…

  6. I have never been overconcerned or obsessed with opinion polls or popularity polls. I think a leader who is, is a weak leader. If you are concerned with whether your rating will go up or down, then you are not a leader. You are just catching the wind … you will go where the wind is blowing. And that’s not what I am in this for.

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