Filipinos hold on to PNoy’s promise to throw himself, Jun Abaya under a train

As the pressure from Filipino Netizens intensified and became too hard to ignore, Malacanang had no choice but to finally address President Benigno Simeon Aquino’s promise to get run over by a train if the Light Rail Transit (LRT) extension doesn’t get delivered by the end of 2015.

According to Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma, the President’s statement that he and Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya were ready to be run over by train if the extension would not push through within two years should not be taken literally. He said that when BS Aquino promised in 2013 that the project would be completed in two years’ time, “the bidding process was just about to take place” and the whole process of awarding the project was completed only in September 2015.

President BS Aquino: His promises do not match his ability to deliver.

President BS Aquino: His promises do not match his ability to deliver.

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Coloma’s statement is a classic example of how BS Aquino government conveniently issues lame excuses to avoid taking accountability for its failure to do what they said they would do. The people running this current government thinks all members of the public are idiots who could not see through their deception.

The problem with Coloma’s statement is that, if we are not supposed to take BS Aquino’s promise to fix the LRT extension by 2015 seriously, then what statements from him are we supposed to take seriously? Should the public assume that he is merely joking or doesn’t know what he is talking about all the time? To be fair, the public should take some blame for taking BS Aquino seriously as a Presidential candidate in 2009 in the first place.

The voters should have treated Noynoy Aquino as a nuisance candidate back in 2009 because he became a nuisance and a waste of people’s time during his entire term in office.

BS Aquino never really got over being in permanent campaign mode even after he already won the Presidency. His speeches quite often contain motherhood statements and promises most rational folks know he won’t be able to keep. Some would say he is full of bullshit. As the saying goes, the person who is slowest in making a promise is most faithful in its performance. That’s not something we can say about BS Aquino. He is quite the opposite. He is too quick to make promises without bothering to study if his promises are realistic. He promised to pass the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill but apparently realized later on that the bill when passed into law would mean he has to be more transparent with his transactions. That measure, once implemented, would have exposed all his shenanigans.

The reason why BS Aquino quite often lands in hot water with the public is because he brags about his proposals or plans as if they had already been accomplished. This could be the reason why he became so obsessed with some of his proposed policies like the Bangsamoro Basic Law. It is likely that he already made a deal with the leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front even before the bill was passed into law in Congress. He probably bragged that the deal would be in the bag and would not encounter any objections. No wonder he was in panic mode after the Mamasapano clash happened.

Going back to BS Aquino’s promise to have himself and Abaya run over by a train, it’s not hard to realize that he did not coordinate properly with his cabinet members about the correct time frame and the details of where the project was at. His own staff should share the blame for not giving him the right information. They are either too beholden to him or too scared to correct him. Either way, they all look like fools now.

In some societies like Japan, public servants resign when they break their campaign promise. That doesn’t happen in the Philippines. Most Filipino public servants are too thick-skinned and hold on to their positions as long as possible even when their incompetence already causes misery or sometimes death.

Unfortunately for Coloma, though he insists that BS Aquino should not be taken literally, a lot of Filipinos are serious about their demands for the President and Abaya to throw themselves under a train by the end of 2015. It’s something they have been looking forward to for months.

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See President BS Aquino’s promise captured on video:

14 Replies to “Filipinos hold on to PNoy’s promise to throw himself, Jun Abaya under a train”

  1. Of course the equally moronic apologists would yap away with that “no one should be stupid enough to take statements like that seriously”. I can see it all now. They’ll probably even welcome an actual ass-f***g from the guy if it meant brownie points to them from the clan Aquino.=)

    These yellows. Always a part of the problem. And always a good target for guilt-free ridicule.=)

  2. Aquino is a person, who brags on his accomplishments; even when they are still on the planning stage.

    Let us take hold of Abaya and Aquino. Tie them, and put them on the rail road tracks, to have them be run over by the LRT.

    This is to teach them a lesson, not to promise things, they cannot accomplish. Both of these idiots are well known liars.

  3. “at pag hindo ho nangyari ito, … dalawa na kaming magpapasagasa SIGURO sa tren.”

    notice the magic word of Mr. Palusot king?

    > Fake IRON-clad resolve to finish a project.
    > Fake (merely metaphorical) IRON train wheels and tracks to run over their bodies in case of failure.
    > Genuinely IRON-thick faces.

    Way to Go Yellow Camp! Filipinos will not be surprised if plastic-looking Mr. Palenke will be able to outdo what you do best – Being Fake.

    What guarantee does the Pinoy electorate have now to ensure them that your Hcus-Pcos machines will churn out something authentic?

    I wonder what the man-of-steal has to say with all this Fake IRON business:

    I’ll be looking forward to the revival of our steel industry. So this next guy better be non-metaphorical on his promises:

    There’s a likelihood the Pinoy’s days with firecrackers in welcoming the New Year are numbered. Have a good one!

  4. The only accomplishments, if you want to call them that, he has made is to punish his enemies. Other than that, NADA! What does that tell you? He has control of both Houses and still not one major infrastructure project. As a matter of fact, he canceled project contracts just because they were signed under GMA’s watch. The Light Rail Systems are falling apart and all those knuckle-heads can do is award more contracts to companies (cronies) who are more incompetent than the ones before them. I, for one, do not trust anything he says or claims. Anything!

  5. This will be the PNoy legacy quote:

    “at pag hindi ho nangyari ito, … dalawa na kaming magpapasagasa SIGURO sa tren.”


    …the rich arsenal in the vernacular that a skilled orator in PH politics has mastered cunning use of to woo the masses into their ironically CERTAIN future: death by slow-motion torture in the hands of corrupt and incompetent leadership.

    1. Who will end the suffering of Filipinos?

    2. Sino sa kanila ang may isang salita?

    3. Kayo ba ay uto-uto pa rin?

    4. Hindi pa ba kayo natututo at naaawa sa inyong mga anak at sarili?

    5. Will Pinoy’s again cry out “TAMA NA! SOBRA NA! PALITAN NA!” hard enough to escape a rapist only to find themselves in the hands of a kidnapper?

  6. Early this year, we posted a view at another ‘blog site’, that, for the Bangsamoro and their Malaysian allies, the conclusion of the ‘peace negotiations’ last year was the beginning of the BBL’s life; and, that all other procedures…Congressional approval, the Supreme Court’s blessings, and a plebiscite, (within ARMM)…would be just ‘frosting on the cake’. We wrote then….
    “As far as the Bongsamoro, the MILF and the MNLF are concerned, the ‘Bangsamoro Basic Law’ is a done deal. Already a reality. To them, Congress’ ratification, the Supreme Court’s vote on its constitutionality, and the affirmation by a plebiscite would be nice but not necessary..that’s just frosting on the cake. As from the day that both negotiating panels signed the draft and,celebrated the event together with the Malaysian observers, the Bangsamoro had begun its life. This view is supported by Murad Ibrahim’s letter of the 29th December 2014 which, in effect, presumes that the decision of the ‘panel’ reflects the view of Congress, the Supreme Court and the President himself. Between the lines, Murad’s letter implies that the ‘peace agreement’ is now cast in stone. I might be very wrong about the Muslim mindset, (and I hope I am); but, going by our experience in dealing with the Muslim, in Marawi, Cotabato and Jolo, I could be right. We would then have been royally screwed.
    It is time now for all Filipinos to reject the BBL, and to show outrage until their voices are heard. It is also time for the AFP and the PNP to renew their pledge of allegiance to the Republic and the Constitution, to hone their martial skills and, to stay alert at all times. A repeat of ‘Mamasapano’ is not an option.
    It’s probably time, too, to have an honest conversation with Malaysia.”

  7. All stupid pronouncements should not be treated literally because that what is it – stupid. These people will just claim insanity if you insist (sarcasm intended)

  8. Unity is a beast in itself. If a wolf sees two little boys playing in the woods on one side, and a big strong man on the other, he will go to the one who stands alone.

  9. di niyo ba napapansin na unti unti na nasisira ang mga tren para pag dating ng panahon na papasagasa na siya sa tren, hindi na tatakbo ang mga tren hehehe.

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