Dutertards need to win over the Manila vote by being a bit classier

I don’t like starting my articles with the caveat “Don’t get me wrong, but…”. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what everybody did in my last article. So here’s the thing (and I hope all you ‘tards turn on your comprehension faculties for a change): I have no problem with Duterte and, really, I don’t mind him becoming president. He’s got some semblance of a reform platform which makes him a whole cut above the rest. He just seems to be doing everything he can to lose this election. Too bad he is surrounded by idiots who, rather than advise him properly, instead, egg him on by cheering his buffoonery.


Thing is, the reality of Philippine politics is that hipster Manila (and all its gay progressiveness) is still at the center of it all. So you probinsyanos can huff and puff all you want about doing it “da macho Mindanao way”. You’re not gonna win against Manila’s urbane imperialism over the mid-term unless you come up with a long-term strategy. Manila is the wealthiest, most powerful city in the Philippines. Your Davao City is just terrorist-infested hinterland pipsqueak in comparison. The entire Philippines orbits around my city. So guess what:

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Deal with it!

If you seriously want to change this current Imperial Manila situation, you need to get your horse to win the race to Malacanang first. Once he’s in Manila and warming Malacanang’s seat, THEN you’re ready to rock n’ roll.

How difficult to understand is that?

If you choose to continue being such probinsyanos about these elections, well, bahala kayo. Manila wins. You lose. You need to think your way through the challenge of winning Manila in the name of Mindanao. If you choose to stomp around and throw tardic tantrums instead of acting like adults, well, all you’ll get is a Happy Meal for your trouble.

Then again, as the conspiracy theories I keep hearing about go, perhaps your guy Duterte is just a turkey dangled by the powers-that-be before all the ‘tards to suck votes away from Binay to pave the way for Mar Roxas’s victory at the polls. After all, without Duterte and G.I. Poe, Mar needs 51% of the vote to win against Jojo Binay. With Duterte in the race, and if he wins over enough of Binay’s camp, Mar could need only 34% to win.

Didn’t do the maths? Of course you didn’t. ‘Tards don’t do math, as I recall.

So who’s the sucker now?

I’ve got news for you guys. GRP is not the enemy here. As soon as you take the time to do some serious thinking, perhaps you’ll get that someday. But I’m not holding my breath. Bobotantes, after all, rule Philippine elections. Being tardic about election debate aggravates that pathetic state of the Philippines’ electoral brains trust. Power to the people, right? Well we’ll reap what we sow again in 2016 by the looks of it. Stupid politicians elected by stupid people. You can tell even now based on the pathetic state of our political “debate” — as vacuous as it’s ever been.

331 Replies to “Dutertards need to win over the Manila vote by being a bit classier”

  1. Kat. How could you possibly say that these people suck at math when you think winning the voters of Manila is enough to win the Presidential elections?

      1. or maybe as bright as she is.. she thinks manila has the majority voters over the visayas and mindanao region. hahaha…. such an idiot! powerful city nga kasi andyan ang mga kuta ng mga criminal, mga kurakot, buaya, mga trapo, mga hipokrito, mga walang modo…. Mayaman na city? mayaman sa pollution kamo… kya mga utak pyro alikabok ang laman… simple mathematical ratio and proportion di ma kwenta2x…. bobo!

      2. Hoy Kate Natividad, hindi ikaw yang nasa picture mo! That girl is a model from nudemanila.com kaya it’s either you are a poser, or kung ikaw yun, you are a real-life professional prostritute! Kilala ng mga kapwa ko manyakis yang pic mo hahaha.. STFU

        1. If what you say is true, this whole article could just be a ploy to start a rift between “imperial manila” and the “probinsyanos” in the hopes of decreasing Duterte’s votes in the NCR..I hope this writer’s petty rantings will not escalate to a big stupid fight among Filipinos..The difference among us is not the issue..the writer is the issue so target her! LOL

          Being in the medical field, people should stop using “retards” and also in this case slapping it to their face (those who truly have the condition) that the ‘tards don’t do math. That is just cruel and unfair.

  2. Talk all you want, but isn’t Philippine politics predicated on who gives the most (money, material goods, etc.) to the voters to buy their votes?

    Case in point: long-standing Mayor of a city in the province loses her re-election bid after being seated for years – should have been automatic according to what I was told. A “voter” (I was informed that this guy, for years, was the lechon cook anytime the now ex-mayor had an event) was asked why he voted for the other guy? According to him, the mayor didn’t give him his customary one sack of rice to vote for her. The other guy did.

    What to make of that? Microcosm of the voting process or an isolated incident?

  3. Are you effing kidding? I would check your socio-economic stats on Manila residents, dear. And to refer to Duterte supporters as ‘tards shows how non-progressive this rant is. Manila residents are in no way more sophisticated voters than the ‘syanos.

  4. Duterte just topped the latest Pulse Asia survey in Manila with 34%. I also thought about Duterte being a ploy of LP to take away populist votes from Poe and Binay. But if you would look at the PA survey in Manila, the moment Duterte declared his candidacy the biggest losers are Poe (down by 15%) and Santiago (down by 12%). Binay on the other hand is barely unscratched down only by 1% while Roxas also suffered and loss 4% (Based on PA Survey in Manila October and November 2015). It seems that Roxas is also affected by the entry of Duterte and caused very little damage to Binay, so I find it hard to believe that Duterte is an LP ploy (but I’m still open to the idea). It’s like they dug out their own graves, I think their way smarter than that.

    But back on your point that Duterte needs to be classy to win Manila, well the data shows he doesn’t need to. Plus if he would be approaching things in a more classy manner then he will lose his anti-fragile characteristics that sells well to the people, it kind’a separate him from the traditional politicians which gives him his distinctive character. So I think Duterte need not to change his approach. He’s anti fragile nature makes it hard for his rivals to throw anything at him, just look at the CBCP.

  5. pagiging mababaw man pero paalala ko lang na ang nanggatong diyan sa pope issue kay duterte ay si edwin lacierda, and i will not give him that satisfaction. alam naman natin na spokesperson ito ni mar.

    so sino ba talaga ang pakawala ng liberal?

    yes, i am a dutertard.

    admittedly, i suck at math (‘tard nga eh) but my limited skills in arithmetic has led me to conclude that no matter how passionate our debates are on issues and non-issues of our chosen candidates, these will all be for naught if the security features of the hocus-pcos are not reinstated.

    rather than hurling insults at each other, we should be demanding comelec to prove to us that this election would be clean and honest.

  6. Dear Kate Natividad,

    Just because we don’t have the same opinion as you doesn’t mean we are retards. By the way you speak in your article, it seems like you’re the retard here and doesn’t have class at all.

    You have agreeable points, but you have wrong mentality. Stop giving negative connotation to “probinsyano”. And Davao is not a terrorist-infested hinterland pipsqueak in comparison. Deal with that 🙂

    The only thing there is something called “imperial manila” because there are people like you who thinks that way. Your percentage of votes are even just estimations.

    Again, your article has good points it’s just that your thinking is wrong 🙂

  7. ***edited

    Dear Kate Natividad,

    Just because we don’t have the same opinion as you doesn’t mean we are retards. By the way you speak in your article, it seems like you’re the retard here and doesn’t have class at all.

    You have agreeable points, but you have wrong mentality. Stop giving negative connotation to “probinsyano”. And Davao is not a terrorist-infested hinterland pipsqueak in comparison. Deal with that 🙂

    There is something called “imperial manila” because there are people like you who thinks that way. Your percentage of votes are even just estimations.

    By degrading Mindanaons, who among us doesn’t have class now? ????

  8. I see on your profile that you are a frustrated artist doing geek for a living. Try harder. That’s coming from a geek who has been earning his living crunching numbers and advising companies. Your math doesn’t add up. Plus thinking that Manila residents are classy? Davao is terrorist infested hinterland pipsqueak? Get your facts right before you try to do geek for a living.

  9. Isa ka sa dahilan kung bakit maraming tao ang gusto iboto si duterte. Mapanglait at ang tingin sa sarili ay napakataas, dahil ba sa taga manila ka? And please manila is not the whole philippines, and fyi yung tinatawag mong probinsyano ay napakarami sa manila. Check your fact straight!
    Ang lakas ng sapi mo ng sabihing bobotante ako (kami) because we want duterte to be in malacanang. Well ang basehan ko lng nman ay açcomplishment nya. Then lets talk about your roxas, maybe he is good as legistrator but not as administrator. As a matter of fact palipat lipat ng departamento from DOTC to DILG. What does it means? He dont know what he’s doing, he is incompetent! And that’s a fact! But still you keep supporting the guy? Sino bobotante sa atin? Ikaw na pilit na sumusuporta sa taong alam mo na incompetent o kami na hinahanap ang mga resulta ng trabaho ng politiko? Mukha k nman matalino, nabulag k lng commercial nila at pinagsasabi nila sa media. God bless to you…

  10. Here’s another thought peeps. Maybe we should study the origins of most of the people who inhabit Metro Manila’s SQUATTER areas. Where do they come from?

    E di saan pa? 😉

    If probinsyanos are so proud of themselves, why do they come to Manila by the shipload and infest our esteros and waterfront views?

    Hey I know why, because they depend on Metro Manila for their livelihoods. I wonder why they couldn’t build their own industries there down south so that they could employ themselves and keep off our streets?

    Tsk tsk…

    1. Wow! just wow! GetRealKatNatividad! You are the real anti-pinoy! Ilda, Chino, benigNo, BongV… asan na ang critical thinking?

      1. I’m from Davao city, but will not vote for duterte. However, this is b*tch right here is not a geek after all. And she will bring this blog site down, so benigno and ilda you better save this site by kicking her butt out.

    2. Apparently may alternative pala ang American racism dito sa Pilipinas: classism. But it’s so funny, isn’t your first article on here about Manila not being “an acquired taste”?

      And I quote, “..kudos for the artistry you apply in a way you routinely paint lipstick on a pig.” Also, “Unlike ginisang ampalaya… the taste Manila leaves in my mouth continues to grow ever more bitter with every year I spend here.”

      Then after that you ramble on about traffic and pollution, but it’s just boring words on a boring article that a boring writer wrote.

      If you have to sensationalize and exaggerate every single idea (and pepper your sentences with pathetic Mo-esque commentary) you’re not really much of a writer. You’re just a person who writes.

      A non-Davaoeno “Dutertard” who’s got more “class” than a hundred Kate Natividads

    3. You are nothing but a snob. No wonder Philippines is not going anywhere…it’s because of people like you. Davao is
      Not the whole mindanao for you to say terrorist infested. And neither is Manila the whole Philippines. Do not underestimate the “probinsyanos and the probinsyas.” These are the people who work hard so the Manila “elite” get food and feed their spoiled mouths.

    4. Be thankful of the current form of government, which allow Manilenos becomes classy yet so corrupt.

      Looking forward for “Federalism”. 😛

      1. Agree! Sila nakikinabang sa tax ng bayan pero walang totoong nagiging solution sa mga problema. Para silang bulakbol na anak na pinagkakagastusan ng pera ng mga magulang na halos mamatay sa pagkayod magkapera lang, pero binubulsa ang pera at inuubos sa masamang bisyo! OO GANYAN ANG PAMALAKAD NG GOBYERNO SA MAYNILA! kahiya-hiya!

        Kaya kaawa-awa talaga ang Maynila pag ang mga totoong tax payers na mula sa PROBINSYA ang totoong makikinabang ng pinaghirapan nlang tax!

    5. I am not from Mindanao pero di ko like ang pinagsasabi mo! I think no need for long-term strategy cause your classy manila have it all. Long Traffic sa EDSA, at long Line sa MRT. Manila have it all.

      Alam mo, rather than writing negative blogs sulat ka kaya ng positive about manila para ma-excite ang mga tao. Kasi if ako nasa manila ako always ko talaga sinasabi ayoko tumira sa Manila, mas maganda pa sa probinsya.

      Also, sino ba President mo? Sulatan mo nga ng positive tingnan namin kung agree ba kami sayo.

    6. Really? So if Duterte cannot please Manila then he’ll lose the Presidency? Come on! Manila is the worst city in the Philippines! You know why? Because all the Corrupts lived there, Manila has the worst airport in the world, worst traffic, worst living, worst floods, worst rivers, worst weather, worst people. I am very happy that I lived here in Mindanao. 😀

    7. Halerr! It seems na wala kang idea sa system ng ng ating gobyerno kaya nag sisipuntahan ang mga probinsyano sa Manila. Kaya nga gusto namin si Duterte Hindi dahil sa kamay na bakal kundi dahil sa Federalism.

    8. OMG! ???????? I don’t want to generalize all people who hails from Manila are as retarted as you are because I have so many friends who lived all their lives in Manila but are not as ignorant, classless and pompous as you are and take idiotic cheap shots. Your manner of writing and mindset is stinkier than the deepest recesses of a ghetto. Try harder. You have no class at all. Tsk! Tsk!

    9. Hahah!! You’re Funny! If Duterte wins, say goodbye to the taxes from Visayas and Mindanao…:)

      Let’s see if Imperial Manila will survive..:)

    10. Well, bakit maraming pera sa Manila? dahil hakot nila ang yaman ng ibat ibang probinsya. That is why Federalism is the solution para di na kailangang pumunta ng mga syano sa Manila upang maningil ng perang nararapat sa kanila.

    11. dahil nga sinipsip nang Maynila ang budget nang Mindanao..mas binigyang pansin ang lugar mo..alam na alam mo in the first place na yan diba..sucker!!!!!!

    12. Ask your current President why there are no industries in the provinces…. !!!!!!!!!!!
      They are all greedy !!!!!!!!!

      SO STOP this BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

    13. Funny how I get accused of “sensationalizing” and “exaggerating every single idea” by the supporter of a presidential candidate whose very idea of creating buzz and publicity is to do the very same thing.

      And, get this: Me, a “snob”? That’s another laugh considering I’m just taking the cue from people who are so into the supposed superiority of their “4th safest place in the world”.

      I started out not underestimating the “probinsyanos”. Trouble is, it is you guys who underestimate yourselves by falling for the balasubas ways of your dear leader.


      2. Piece of advice. Play with facts and sense, not words. And do your math RIGHT, particularly on Manila winning over the probinsyanos.” This article is pathetic, and the author is clearly just another wannabe.

      3. Just hate the guts of this bitch! Clearly, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. A classic example of Tagalog Colonnial Mentality. If Manilenyos would agree to everything she stated in her article. I will pray to the Gods that Duterte will win and make our country a Federal State. If not, I will pray for an independent Mindanao Republic away from Imperial Manila.

      4. Your “imperial Manila” concept gives everybody the impression na wala kang alam. Buti pa ang grade 10 sa yo alam na alam ang konsepto ng “ekonomiya” at “sistema”. Maging academic ka muna miss. Wag mong hilahin pababa ang dignidad ng mga manunulat. Ni hindi mo alam ang ” tatsulok”…datos yan ngsasabing mali ang kalkulasyon mo kung saan manggagaling ang pinakamalaking botong magpapanalo sa isang kandidato. Masyadong discriminatory ang konseptong nilalahad mo. Sabihin namin mula sa Mindanao, pag si Duterte ang presidente, kayong mga “classy” magbubunot kayo ng buto para sa kakainin nyo dahil magpakasasa ang mga Mindanaoan sa pinagpaguran nila.

    14. Kaya sinusulong ni du30 ang federalism kasi kakaunte lang ang naibalik sa mga probinsya mga pera din ng mga tags probinsya ang nag papaganda ng manila

    15. Look Kate, giving our votes for Duterte doesn’t make us “tards” I think it makes us smart. Just looking at his track record within Davao City, you will see that he is capable. So what if he cusses in public? So what if he is a womanizer? We are not voting for the “most holy man” in the country here. We are voting for a president, the one that will lead and will make a difference. At least Duterte doesn’t hide his bad qualities and he doesn’t need cameras to let the world know of the good things he does. You are rooting for the other presidential candidates? That makes me wonder what qualities are you looking for a president.

      Yes, we are probinsyanos. So what? that doesn’t make us lesser than you.

      There are other authors in this blog but they are not as hateful as you. I have this feeling that you wrote this “hate” article just to drive traffic in your post and earn money from it. Does that look “classy” to you? hmm, I don’t think so.

    16. @Julia, no I did not say voting for Duterte makes you a ‘tard. I said acting like a ‘tard MAKES you a ‘tard. If you believe you do not fit that profile then by all means, consider yourself NOT a ‘tard.

      Basa basa lang pag may taymmmz.

      1. It’s in the title actually a play between Duterte and retard. We’re not blind so stop playinh dumb. You contradict yourself and are delusional if you think Manila and those who live in it are so damn classy. Grabi ang taas ng tingin mo sa sarili. Manila would die without the resources Mindanao and Visayas cultivate for elitists like you.

      2. This blog is extremely an extraordinary form of cruel and acts of racism against her own country. Ms pathetic Natividad or you just making a screen name here,,i am from cebu and that doesnt mean we cannot afford to buy such amounts of decency and luxury that you found in manila thing, have you thought of yourself of where does your food come from? It accounts all in the province even thrn whether you like it or not that is so true. So how dare you put the name provinciano down and underestimate our capacity about our logic thinking and math ideas? You know if you really care about this country, you should shut your mouth and focus on the things to do to make things right and to have an honest election. You are not classy!!! You are eating your own words because from your blog itself, the name is so unproductive and very unwholesome mentality. I hope more of us will choose peaceful means in everything. Only then can we realize the important things. Let us just help one another to have a better country and stop that pedestrian attitude and unwholesome mentality and behavior.

    17. Well, with federalism, that which duterte is espousing, would develop the probinsiyas so that those squatter probinsyanos you are talking about need not “infest” metro manila.

      Maybe you should consider voting for duterte, don’t you think?

      Have a happy traffic-free day! ????

    18. You are nothing but a matapobre. For all you know, the probinsyanos are more classy than you are. And you call this piece of yours, classy? Girl, I call it “trashy”. Pray harder that a probinsyano vying for presidency will not win so that your imperial Manila will remain the richest city in this country kasi baka mawala yang pagkaclassy mo. Pagnagkataon, bye Manila! Hello probinsya!

    19. hoy animal ka.. nakapunta ka na ba ng Davao? tingnan mo daw mukha mo sa mukha ng mga taga Davao. kung makapagsalita ka akala mo kung sino kang banal.. akala mo kung sino kang malinis? bakit sino kaba? kung makapang lait ka wagas… ikaw nga yong parang walang pinag aralan dito eh.. maleducada ka..

      1. sira ulo si natividad. classy daw ang Manila o polluted ang utak dahil number 1 sa pollution ang Manila. maayong putlan ug dila kon walay masulti na maayo.

    20. Kate Natividad this is for you. Your are a f*cking retard who dont understand us Probinsyanos. You are so arrogant and proud of your City or wherever you come from. I am sure your family and your friends are so embarassed of your attitude towards your co-Filipinos… You are a shame to our Country, You know nothing but to attack us Probinsyanos…

    21. What a stupid little girl.

      Maybe you should start tracing the number of national projects made in our country since we became a republic and see where the projects all went.

      If that is your line of thinking, then do you consider Filipinos flocking to the US and other foreign nations ashamed of being from the Philippines?

    22. I’m from Manila and I believe that you are causing such divisiveness on your topic here. You are imposing that Manilenos are better than the probinsyanos. Look deeper my dear, don’t put standards on things that are subjective it’s burning you out. You are just promoting Discrimination, shame on you. BTW try to find out where your family came from there’s a big chance that they are also once probinsyanos in which you show strong hate on your reply here.

    23. Writing this article makes you a tard.. make sure to know your facts and sources first.. think think din pag ne time..

    24. Dear Kate Natividad,

      You really is the most arrogant and stupid person i know having the opportunity to write a blog. You did not even condsider the real reason why those probinsyanos went to your Manila. you don’t want to understand that Imperial Manila takes all the earnings of the probinsyanos. Where is your logic about this? Without the income from the “probinsya” do you think you can have that elite status you have? What if the central government is in Mindanao or in Visayas? and your Manila gives all your income to them and they will just return it to your beloved Manila a little percentage from your taxes? I strongly believe you will also pack your things and live like squatters as you portray the probinsyanos. If Mindanao will not give your Imperial Manila the products they have or the probinsyanos will just give you a little portion of what they have, do you think you will survive? Use your head please.

    25. According to this column of Randy David (randydavid.webs.com/1997/lives19970824.pdf), 51% of urban poor in Quezon City were born in Metro Manila, 63% work in the informal sector of the economy, 65% have rights but no papers on their land.

      Admittedly, these data were taken in 1997. Would there be data that are somewhat more recent?

      2006 – “These are usually
      minimum salaried or wage earners and casual
      workers who continue living in slums because
      there are no alternative shelter in the city and ‘they cannot afford the cost of traveling from distant less expensive peri-urban regions…” (http://dirp4.pids.gov.ph/ris/pn/pidspn1102.pdf)

      2014 – “86% of these households are employed in blue-collar work, which means that they do have an economic contribution to the city. According to a friend and commenter, Adi, they almost always pay rent, nearly P1,000 to P1,500 per month, which is actually far more than the median imputed house rental value of P750/month. Their normal wealth patterns indicate that, apart from the fact that they live on land they don’t own, they’re pretty much average working citizens, and the focus should not be on ridding the city of informal settlers, but weaning them into the formal sector – setting them up to pay rent to actual landowners and not professional squatters, and keeping them out of dangerous areas.” (http://www.jumbodumbothoughts.com/2014/02/filipino-informal-settlers.html)

      In short, a cursory Google search will turn up… well, the darndest things.

      This “writer” needs to take an extended vacation or, better yet, a good long hard look at her prejudices. This execrable piece is a disgrace to the geekdom this woman claims she is participating in.

      Seriously, this is the kind of stereotype-driven thinking that should be discouraged. Data tell us that at least half of informal settlers in Manila were born in Manila. Data tells us that economic migration is not just a Manila problem – in fact, it’s a problem of ALL highly urbanized centers of the Philippines; we just seem to be hyperfixated on Manila because it’s the national capital.

      As much as I agree with most of the posts found with this site, I just can’t stomach the idea of this kind of shit masquerading as insightful progressivism. Disgraceful.

      1. How bizarre. These people make enough money to “contribute” and yet they live ILLEGALLY on land they do not have any right to live on. Things that make you go “hmmmmm…”

        And, yeah, half of them were born in Manila. That’s because 30% of the overall population of the Philippines is under the age of 15. Most of those under fifteens were probably born by the dozen to these squatters — which means that percentage of under-15s is probably higher in the SQUATTER community.

        In short, when you multiply like cockroaches, guess what: You will be able to infest an entire squatter area with “born-in-Manila” folk within just 5-10 years.

        Math, baby, math. 😀

        1. 1) Again, copy-pasting from the article in the hopes you will re-read it…

          “there are (sic) no alternative shelter in the city and ‘they cannot afford the cost of traveling from distant less expensive peri-urban regions…'”

          Try asking around just how much is a room in a shitty legal-land-title boarding house or even bedspace in Escoda. (minimum 3k for the room if alone, 2.8k per person if 2. Bedspace is 100/night or 1.5k per month. All rates exclusive of utilities). Compare the cost of a lot for a small house and lot anywhere in the Philippines. (150php per square meter in a remote area of Sabangan, Mountain Province is the cheapest I can find – you try).

          2) that still does not alter the fact that there’s no province to send the 51% to. Again, your use of “probably” definitely indicates the continuous operation of prejudice and stereotype. “Ground your arguments” is a basic lesson we used to teach in debate class, and I still see its need here in this conversation of ours.

        2. A ok, so here it comes, that all-too-familiar product of Pinoy-style thinking…

          They’re poor and kawawa naman so they can be excused for breaking the law.


          Pinoy nga naman talaga
          Parang aso.
          Matangkad lang pag naka-upo.

        3. eh di problema pala yan dyan sa manila.. bat di ma solve ng presidente????????????>> di ba sabi mo Manila is the wealthiest…bat di nyo mapa alis kung may contol kayo? bat di magawan ng paraan.. hangang blaming na lang ba? dami mong alam na walang alam

        4. The only reason why there are so many squater in manila from the rest of the provinces is cos the money is kept there, miss kat. Centralized, imperialist manila. Almost nothing comes back to usnfor our budget but we make it work more than manila will ever be able too. And that’s why you have so much hate. Cos you cant fathom your hometown’s incompetence.

    26. Wow! An incredibly myopic retort lacking foresight or scope. Obviously, Kate Natividad knows nothing of the worldwide phenomenon of urban migration. Her comment has lowered her to the level of an ignorant bimbo. Kate, I suggest you brush up on Federalism and fiscal equalization before you post stupid comments….

    27. Why because we made a mistake in making manila as the capital. We’re do you think all the meat, rice, flour, and other food you are enjoying in luzon comes from? Visayas and Mindanao are much more progressive than the so called imperial manila with all the taxes there why can’t they sustain themselves and need the help of the “probinsya” as you said. That’s a stupid connotation by the way because there are still cities in mindanao.

    28. This is a very very stupid argument. I have nothing else good to say. I have really given up on the Philippines because of these kind of people.

    29. You are the most ill-informed person I know. You speak as if the Ph itself has its own industry, stupid! Besides, who would want to live in the messy, crime infested streets of Manila? The only reason probinsyanos swarm in your beloved Metro Manila is because we are made to believe that Manila has everything when as a matter of fact, it doesn’t! It can barely even sustain itself without getting resources from probinsyas! Kaya tumigil ka and review your literature first bago magsulat ng articles.

    30. Ganito ang nangyayari pag magaling lang sa english at walang analytical skill -_- . Magaling ka sa math? Baka arithmetic lang. Study ka muna ng calculus baka matanggap ka pa ng mga matatalino. Isama mo narin ang physics para may application para narin gumana ang utak mo.

    31. and can manila provide? no? nahiya naman ako sa sobrang linis ng maynila!!! wait.. and please stop talking about classy kung ang mga taxi driver dyan manloloko,, what? traffic??? kelan nagging classy ang traffic.. i wonder why you’re still frustrated.. punta ka ng davao my dear so you’ll see what classy means!

    32. Look at traces of your family if anybody from them did not came to any province, baka nga any member of your family is just a gold digger ng sinaunang panahonat biglang yamang at Kung umusta ka ngayon matapobre. And manila is not the whole philippines, what the heck are you trying to say? Come to think of it manila is like living in hell and thats where YOU( KATE NATIVIDAD) belong, traffic, pollution and the fact that lahat ng klasing basura nasa manila.
      su solo una chica pobre bastardo with not so good manners! I doubt if you were raised and sent to an elit school! Because your attitude is worst than you are saying squaters and probinsyano! What f*uck are you b*tch, m*nk walang mudo!

    33. Funny. Ang mga maaarteng taga Maynila tuwing bakasyon. Dagsa naman sa probinsya pag bakasyon. Classy ka di ba? Magbakasyon ka nalng overseas at wag na wag mong papakinabangan ang mga Probinsya namin. At yang mga squatter jan. Wag mong isisi na dahil taga probinsya sila. Sa kanila mo isisi yan. Choice nila yan. Kung sinulat mo itong article na ito para sumikat. Congrats. Pero madami kang ginalit. If I were you mag iingat ako sa sinasabi ko.

    34. You know maam mindanao can live on its own. We have enough resources here that we can develop meanwhile your place is already crowded as hell. I was just there a few months ago and when i got back to my hometown i told myself. Life is really here. Not there. Here at least i dont get chronic bronchitis and lung problems. At least here the only people who wander in our streets are our natives during christmas. There taong grasas are everywhere you guys cant even give them homes. Here we do. We see to it that everyone geta fed.

    35. Dearest Kate Natividad,

      Can I ask you one thing? And I need an answer from you. A legit answer with actual facts and supportive evidence. I will not challenge your intelligence. And if you don’t answer, everything that you’ve been saying has been pure incompetency and redundancy. And I will officially dub you as the most self-obsessed, social climber, wannabe in the world. 🙂

      And my question is…
      With all the richest and well-known companies that were established in the country of the Philippines, where were these owners originally from?

      And I suggest you name the Top 10 Philippine established companies. If these people are not born AND raised in Manila, and I suggest Manila only, not including the people born OR raised outside Philippines, then I will take back all the things I have said since I grew up and swear an oath in front of a judge that Manila is the best and richest city in the Philippines.

      But please if you’re gonna tell me I’m wrong and you’re right, I really want to see facts and solid evidence that I have been mistaken since birth. 😀

  11. Dear writer,
    Im not even from davao but i choose to support Duterte for this coming election because I’m sick and tired of hearing in the news the criminality and all the problem that befall you’re beloved imperial Manila.

  12. What? Manila is classy?! Did you look around your area? How many poor people are there compared to the rich ones? Do the math since you are good at it. Calling us tards and that davao is terrorist infested makes you classy? Wow. Hanep. ????

    1. She consider herself classy. Pero di niya naintindihan ang math sa reality na kung di dahil sa probinsya, mahirap pa sila sa daga. Wala naman silang agriculture. Bagyo lang ang sa kanila. Siguro yan ang dahilan bakit siya mapagmataas. Sobrang bagyo ang inaabot sa isang taon, kaya ang pag-iisip, wala sa hulog. Kung di dahil sa mga probinsya at mga probinsyano, di nila matitikman ang sinasabi nilang class…

  13. Let us all forgive kate, she is like a Ilda but with no intellect or class so be kind to her.

    Let us just appreciate the “post” for what it is – someones opinion that is no better than yours or mine, except sweet talked the web mod here for posting access 🙂

    Manila voters for the win eh? It does reflect alot of this womans mentality, lol.

  14. Kate Natividad – you have the typical manilenyo trash attitude! Ignorant as fuck! I bet you are one of many from Manila who’s afraid to step foot in the south or central Philippines.

    Your ignorance is a poison to society!

  15. Dear Kate,

    Do you know that half of the country’s taxes comes from Mindanao? Do you also know that most of the raw resources in the country comes from Mindanao? And, are you aware that out of the billions of the taxes collected in the country, Visayas and Mindanao only receives 17% of it? Fucking 17% Kate! Since you are so good at Math, tell us how to work on that 17% budget and not hate the Imperial Manila for it. Tell us how to create economic centers when all of our resources are vacuumed by Imperial Manila and leave us with 17% of it.


    1. Why don’t you start with teaching yourself the basic principle of presumption of innocence. To make it easier for you to comprehend, it means that someone is always innocent until proven guilty.

      With him being a womanizer, the man is single he can do what he wants with his free time. That being said, being a womanizer does not affect his performance in any way. Do you know that Duterte passed initiatives advocated for women? No, you obviously don’t.

      With the cursing, I cannot deny the shock value that this has created. It will take some time since Duterte’s not your traditional politician. He will not spoon-feed people like you by serenading you with exaggerated plans to fix the nation’s problems. He will instead expose you to the truth, to what can actually be done. Besides, all those swearing was directed to the incompetence of the current government. It’s not that hard to see the context of what he is saying unless you’re too shallow to even understand that. Either too shallow, or you simply do not acknowledge the truth in what he is saying. Truth bites.

      Why don’t you teach yourself these things first before you talk about teaching your children and the future generations? Teach yourself to think first, try it and be free from the idiocracy the mass media has engraved in your poor little mind.

      Lastly, better a Dutertard, than an actual retard 🙂

    2. Nako, KC Cruz pasintabi lang po, pag sinabi mo yan sa anak mo, kasalanan mo na yan. Kung responsable kang magulang ang sabihin mo sa anak mo ay may mga di magandang pag-uugali si Mayor Duterte na di dapat tularan. Pero meron din siyang mga magandang nagawa para sa bayan at yun ang pwedeng tularan.

    3. You’re an adult, figure it out for youself… First of all if you will be teaching your kids to follow what you see on tv then you probably are not stable minded engough to rear kids, would you say the same for the lives of the celebreties whom we so ever idolize and look up to? Secondly everyone has a dark side, no one is perfect if you want to look up to someone would’nt you just want to see their good side and replicate it? And finally just grow some common sense, you know the state of mind that is not so common these days

  17. I’m still 18 years old, and next year’s election will be my first. I bet you, Kate Natividad, are a whole lot older that me. Halata naman sa mukha e. Anyway, when I read your article, tangina. Di ko alam na may ganito ka boba pa palang tao sa mundo. Isa kang halimbawa ng isang ignoranteng nene na wala naman talaga’ng kaalam-alam sa pulitika. Nagmamarunong pa ang pota e. Oo nagmumura ako kasi nakakawalang respeto din kasi pagkaboba mo. Do your research po. Kaya wala major infrastructures dito sa vismin kasi inubos ng politicians nyo ang pondo namin para ibulsa, pangmaintain sa classy na pamumuhay nila. Iilang percent nalang po natitira para sa amin dito tsaka kinukurakot pa ng LGU. Iyan nga po pinopoint out ni Duterte na gusto nya baguhin eh. Di lahat ng pondo sa imperial manila nyo lang nakafocus para uuwi na sa kani-kanilang probinsya ang mga squatter na probinsyano’ng pinagsasabi mo. Pangit parin naman tignan surroundings nyo tsaka polluted pa masyado kahit nasa inyo majority ng pondo kasi katulad mo din bobo politicians nyo. Makasarili. Bulag ka ba? O sadyang nagbulagbulagan ka. Dun kana kay Mar o kaya kay Binay. Hindi ka naman kawalan pero di ka na dapat magsalita regarding dito kasi pinapahiya mo lang kobobahan mo

  18. This post is nothing but a stupid uneducated rant. An opinion based on her intrepid over defensive squatter-type ego. She obviously does not have anything to show but her downright insensibility. How is it even possible that your kind get to write on this website?? You just shot yourself in the knee with your own gun. Your a perfect kind of imbecile. Freedom of speech is awesome indeed. Stop shaming yourself.

  19. Hahaha I bet this writer has no money to go to Davao and experience the terror-infested-my-ass city. Such idiot to claim highly about Manila when I bet my bottom she doesn’t know that it’s the provinces/”probinsyano” that makes the Manila wealthy due to the stupid centralized gov’t system that we have. Manila is faaaaaar from classy my dear tangang writer and seriously, you are so bobo in math too. Manila raised and born people are of the minority compared to thr numbers of Mindanao people, not to mention those that migrated to Manila. Plus the “classy manilenyo” you claim wont even buldge the polls.

    1. If metro manila is the only barometer of an election’s outcome, as kate is saying, how come mar is moving heaven and earth courting the lgu’s in mindanao?

      Alam na this….hehe

  20. yeah huh?
    “stupid politicians elected by stupid people”.
    thats what u get what? katie chingada navidad?!
    thats y u live in f*ck up manila!
    u c? get d f*ck out of ur f*ckin place & c hu is more retard?! u think probinsyanos r retards? go ask all d millions of filipinos who left ur f*ck up manila. pinag-uusapan namin kau d nu lang alam kasi 1 lengwahe lng alam nu!
    so who’s d retard b*tch?! ????
    & oh im sorry to hear u r a frustrated artist doin geek for a living.
    what a pity.
    le me know ill send u some US$ so u will learn literature 101.

  21. you stupid…lahat ba na nakapalibot ka mayor duterte idiot….try to say that in person to mayor duterte..then i will say it to you im an idiot….regardless of what yor negative or positive comments of mayor duterte…my question is have you contributed or done through your blog or article to inspires us to be more circumspect in all undertakings….

  22. harinawa huwag ka mahulogan ng durian sa pinag-sasabi mo miss Kat. hehehe….. pero, gusto ko ugali mo, may pagka palaban. message mo ko kung gusto mo ng kainoman. Kulang lang sa alak yan at sa haplos.

  23. kath, i have to give you some points on the fact that majority of the squatters in Manila came from the “probinsya”.. but haven’t you thought of the reason why? bcoz, our fuckin’ taxes were thrown at all the projects that only you people from manila can benefit! we paid our taxes every month but these taxes were only poured on projects in manila/luzon.. u used our taxes for that LRT and MRT shit, bakit? nakaka gamit ba ang mga probinsyano nyan? kaming nasa mindanao at visayas, nakikinabang ba kami nyan? tang.ina (let me borrow duterte’s word for this) kung wala ang mga putang inang tax namin, sa tingin mo magigiing ganyan ka unlad ang putang inang manila ninyo? mag isip ka! wag kang tanga dahil di porket nasa manila ka, superior ka! kayo tong mga dependent eh, kayong tong d mabubuhay kung walang mga probinsyano, kayo tong hindi self sustaining.. bakit? nakakapag tanim ba kayo ng palay, gulay at prutas sa cemento? so bago mo hamakin kaming mga probinsyano, isipin mo, kami ang bumubuhay sa putang inang manila ninyo.. i hope i was able to deliver my message across the table! jz incase merong mga walang kasalanan na pupuna sa pagmumura ko, uunahan ko na kayo, karapatan ko yan! hahaha 🙂

  24. Tsk tsk… See, this is what I mean. The common thread in the arguments I see here is that “Mindanao is poor because Manila stole all the funds.”

    Well, boo-hoo. That’s the same argument I hear about the rest of the country for that matter — the Philippines is poor because the former colonial masters sucked our indigenous resources dry.

    Try giving that argument to Lee Kuan Yew who also governed a country once run by colonial powers and, on top of that, was booted out after the colony it was part of won its independence. Kung baga it was double-rejected.

    And yet, check it out today. Panalo.

    Look too at the Chinese-Pinoys in are midst. Did they spend their days here whining about being second class citizens? No. They went on and won despite their disadvantage. They were not only subject to the same idiotic governments of the Philippines, they were also subject to the discrimination lobbed upon them by Indios and Insulares alike. But look whose laughing all the way to the bank now?

    Mindanao is just a microcosm of that Filipino condition. Mindanaoans whine about being a resource-rich island — the breadbasket of the Philippines, in fact — (all of which is true) and having all that natural wealth “stolen” by Imperial Manila capitalists. That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s the same sort of whining ALL Filipinos make about how the Philippines was a rich country whose natural resources were exploited by “the imperialists”.

    So even if Mindanao accounts for “half of the country’s taxes” but “only receives 17% of it”, well whose fault is that? Write your congressman. Better yet, elect the right one instead of the bozos we all routinely elect.

    Boo-hoo-hoo.. That’s all I hear in pretty much ANY Pinoy forum I check out around here.

    The world does not owe you anything — not Mindanaoans, and not Pinoys. Zilch. Only you can help yourselves. Only Filipinos can help themsevlves. And the first step to helping yourselves is to have the right manok win this election then make sure that guy does what he promised he’ll do after he wins.

    1. Hahahaha “write your congressman” because we are only receiving 17% of what we’re giving. lol! Where did she get this idea lol! I see now, this is article is just for entertainment guys, nothing more. Or maybe to get herself famous. Could work. Lol

        1. I lol’d at the Singapore-Philippines comparison. A micro nation over 7,107 islands. Girl, you dumb. But hey, prolific English though. And congrats for getting this far. 😀

      1. talagang di niya alam papano tumakbo ang gobyerno ng pilipinas. kawawa naman pala itong nagmamagaling na ito. Now I can confirm, BOBO itong blogger na ito. Research din sana sa mga topic na isusulat.

    2. I feel really bad for you. You are making yourself an idiot by trying to look smart and know-it-all. May God bless your small mind. Take note dear, smart people keep their thoughts and fools speak as if they know everything. Who are you to judge by the way? Manila is not even a bountiful land to be proud of. If you don’t mind if duterte wins, then why all the fuss? Dapat nanahimik ka na lang. You are not a geek. Geeks don’t act like a whinning know-it-all. You are just a typical filipino with a crab mentality. Or maybe you just want to be famous, well you are now. May God bless you and your thoughts.

    3. marunong kaba talaga? or pa english ka lang kaya kala mo tama ka.. hoy tumigil ka di kami mga bobo.. anong The world does not owe you anything??? my ghaaad! please duterte does not need to prove anything to us mindanaoans dahil tapos na tagal na naming naniwala sobra sobra na ibinigay niya.. palibhasa wall ka nung mga panahong kahit mamalngke ka lang takot ka dahil biglang may sasabog, nung mga panahong di ka pwedend lumabas ng bahay ng gabi dahil delekado, putukan dito putukan duon,,.. sa totoo lang mas gusto namin na maging mayor na lang sya dahil ayaw namin ipa share sya sa mga bobong katulad mo…

  25. no, the first step is try to respect probinsyanos! that’s all! i can see that ur smart, malaki lang talaga ulo mo dahil nasa manila ka.. just my two cents.. 🙂

    1. sorry macky, but i think di mo pwedeng icategorize itong blogger na ito sa “smart” the way she spill out her brain in here( meron ka bang nakita? ako wala).

  26. Click bait. Anyway, this Kate Natividad is a pseudo-intellectual who works in a call center in Manila. Just because she has better grasp in english compared to others, she would like to think that she is intellectually superior to others especially us, the filthy probinsyanos. Unfortunately, it is just her opinion and only a few share such views.

    Ad hominem attacks are not my Soup No. 1 but with a whore like Kate Natividad, she deserves a bitch slapping.

    1. Ingles-inglesin ang bayan ko, punyeta! – Heneral Luna

      Kaya nga ayoko magtrabaho sa call center dito sa ating bansa kahit na uso ang mga BPO/Call Center dito.

  27. Dear Kat,

    Thank you for bringing up such a good topic for discussion.

    Well, I think that’s why you call yourself as a frustrated artist because you can’t get identify the difference between facts and YOUR OWN OPINION.

    If Davao is terrorist-infested hinterland pipsqueak, as you say so, then how come it became the 4th safest place in the world?
    And if Manileños are better than your so called “probinsyanos” then why would you talk like that as if you have class, when actually you just drag yourself down to “no-class-at-all” level?

    Your article are good for a frustrated artist, but it is based on your BIASED OPINION and it won’t give the WISE VOTERS the idea to change whoever they’ll vote for just because of your not well researched article. That may be too bad of you.

    1. It’s the “4th safest place in the world” because Duterte guns down crooks arbitrarily. That’s true and part of his appeal, as I understand and accept. But the real challenge is to become one of the safest places in the world on the basis of a consistent rule of law.

      Part of being able sustain law and order the modern way is to do so within the framework of the law. But to be able to do that, you also need your criminal justice system to work efficiently. Fixing a slow justice system by circumventing it using vigilantism is not the solution. It just creates another problem.

      See, yan ang problema ng mga Pinoy — always applying shortcut solutions that go on to become permanent solutions. It’s the jeepney problem all over again. A temporary solution gone permanently bad.

      Vigilantism is that stopgap solution that made Davao the “4th safest place in the world”. Fair enough. But by the looks of it, Duterte fantards want that style to become a permanent solution. Well, good luck with that jeepney solution to the Philippines’ law and order problem then.

      1. So if you are against Duterte’s “vigilantism”, what solution can you propose to make Philippines the safest place in the world?

        1. Check out my brilliant article Rodgrigo Duterte is wrong: There is a lot of room to be ‘iron fisted’ legally!

          Particularly this excerpt…

          If they need to be rounded up by the hundreds, by all means, round them up. If the police find themselves undermanned for the task, call in the armed forces to assist. Resisting arrest attracts severe prison terms and steep fines. Sick that law on anyone who refuses to cooperate with this roundup. Impound all these erring jeepneys until such time that their drivers and operators could cough up the cash or serve their prison terms. Send their clunkers to the junkyard if they choose to forfeit.

          See what I mean?

          All of that is being “iron fisted”. But it is all within the framework of the law. There is no need for extrajudicial killings to rule with an iron fist.

          Read it all here!

      2. Peaceful and orderly Davao City? Far from it. Why does Davao city maintain a whole army battallion called TFD? Before the massacre, the Ampatuans rule the streets of Davao disregarding traffic signs and they move in convoys with their gleaming SUVs without even trying to conceal their high powered guns. Squatters are everywhere reclaiming every available foreshore areas, the banks of bankerohan river and sidewalks of major thoroufares. Even some streets and esteros have completely disappearred. And climate change is made the scapegoat of the recent floods. Zoning and land use ordinances are either arbitrary or lacks implementation and it seems it is dictated by squatters in exchange for votes. Road signs as some of you say are mere decorations. The airport which collects 200 pesos per passenger does not have a functioning escalator. The walls of the pre departure and arrival area looks more like the yellow pages. I would dare say that the city at auto pilot mode would still be where it is today because of availability of skilled labor, capital and being the trading center of the south. It’s a good thing 911 and command central is there. They are prompt, efficient and fast inspite of the fact that some are volunteers.

        1. Correction. The escalator that is not functioning is at the arrival area. The ones going up the pre dep are working.

      3. yes he’s doing things in the framework of the law. Criminals and druglords are his duty to wipe out. Killing them? yes because he is protecting the citizen of his city and it is also allowed in the law. You have to study the law to understand how to apply it. You want to go biblical? Well, just read Romans 13:3-4. God itself allows the ruler to kill the wrongdoer.
        About the corrupt? Do you know what the bible said about that? Pope Francis even said that the corrupt shall be tied in the neck with a stone and throw them into the sea.That was Jesus recommendation… believe me it is still the same as “kill”.

      4. Subukan mo nlng pumunta dto sa dvo kate para matahimik ka.. Kelangan mong madisiplina. Gaga at boba! Palulunukin ka lng nmn ng buto ng durian!

      5. we are not just fantartds my dear nakatira kami dito at nasaksihan namin.. ikaw ang bobo kase di ka taga davao pero parang feeling mas may alam ka pa? wala kaming pakialam ung ayaw mo si duterte..you are the biggest irony here.. galing mong magsalita ng ano ang tama at justice pero kung manlait ka sa mga probinsayo parang ang tama tama mo! you are not making sense.. english lang kaya medyo sosyal…

  28. The Philippines does not orbit around Manila. ???? Manila City is not the wealthiest city, its Quezon City. Maybe you were referring to Metro Manila? ???? (magkaiba kasi sila). FYI, Duterte doesn’t need the NCR (Metro Manila yan baka di mo alam) to win with only 6M voters. The Visayas and the Mindanao regions have an estimated of 10M and 12M registered voters respectively. Do the math. You’re welcome. ???? #araldinpagmaytime

    1. hahaha baka hindi niya alam na ang nakatalk ni FPJ over former Pres. Gloria ay ang 1M votes nang taga cebu nuon kaya galit sila sa taga Cebu.. eh kasi hindi naman kami mga bobo dito tulad diyan sa sinabi mong “IMPERIAL MANILA” na basta sikat okay na.. kaming nasa probinsya kasi kinikilatis namin muna kung ano ang mga nagawa nang mga kandidatong iboboto namin kaya hindi kami “tard” tulad mo na madadala lang sa mga mabulak.laking salita nang mga pulitiko!!

  29. I never knew I’d be able to say this but Im saying it now: it’s a good thing that the leaders of this country are not chosen based on the choices made by people like you. But then again I could be wrong because you might actually be far from the enlightened persona you try to resonate. Hell you could be even ignorant (and most likely you are)! For once the popular choice might actually be the right one. We have been screwed on all fours by leaders who grew up in your neighborhood and who were raised on obviously the same values. People from manila have long decided for us the way they raise their slutty children. There are movements throughout the country that want autonomy not only in Mindanao but also in the Visayas. The notion that we want to cling to Manila is yours alone. You must make a good lay because frankly you look like you are good for nothing else.

  30. Can’t believe this kind of low level rant gets published in this website. Really? with that kind of thinking that we Manileno are way classier than those down south is just arrogance at its finest. I always look up to articles with substance but this is just pathetically shit! I understand the clusterfuck opportunity imbalance in this country that is why a lot of VisMin doesn’t like the current set up of our government. And here is the author with an attitude and “class” that will put any New Yorkers to shame. You are maybe a classy person but this thing you wrote doesn’t reflect that class. Arrogant Bitch!

  31. i am not fond of using curse words kahit na beastmode na ako. i refrain from doing that. Pero dahil napakaBIAS ng writer na to gaya ng ABiaS CBN, TANG INA MO miss mapapamura ako sayong PUNYETA KA! tingin mo samin mga probinsyano, bobo? PAKYU BITCH! mas marami pang napatunayan si Duterte kesa sayo! yang pinagmamayabang mong maynila, na mga kalawangin jng ambulansya, mga firetrucks na walang tubig, #1 sa dami ng krimen, and pinamumugaran ng mga kurakot na opisyal ng gobyerno na may pahalikhalik pa sa singsing ng Santo Papa, pwe! kakahiya ka. Sino pinagmamalaki mo, ang Pambansang Goblin ng Pilipinas na si Jejomar Binay, na ayaw paimbestigahan ang bank accounts niya kasi mabubuking ang mga naibulsa nya? hay naku! utak talangka ka pala. shame on you! Di porke manila andyan na lahat ang magagaling at deserving!

    1. Ha ha! Goes to show culture too emanates from the top.

      First the Yellow Horde turned Filipinos into people whose concept of leadership involves being “sacrificial” and having dead relatives as their pitch to the voters.

      Now Duterte comes along and turns swearing, womanizing, vigilantism, and Pope-attacking into fashion statements.

      Goes to show Filipinos, at the end of the day, cannot think for themselves — because all they do is parrot the verbal diarrhea and manners of their leaders.

      Next time, don’t start your comment with “I don’t usually swear…”. Just go out and do it — because Duterte made it fashionable to do so. Nahiya ka pa, e wala namang hiya ang ina-idolize mo.

      1. my dear we saw results.. we experienced his leadership.. ikaw na judge mo lang sya dahil sa iilang comment niya sa news? 2015 lang.. kami ilang taong kasama namin sya.. pinapasakay ang mga taong nabahaan sa kalsada,, sya mismo ang bumababa,, sisisigawan niya ang mga jeepney driver lumalabag sa batas trapiko, iniikot ang syodad, sya mismo…every week naririnig namin syang nagmuura sa local tv.. dahil ano? gusto nya lang magmura? dahil nagagalit sa sa mga taong lumalabag…alamin bakit sya nagmura.. ganyan dapat? di dahil nagmura na.. kung medyo off ang pagmumura niya mas lalong off ang mga dahilan mo!

      2. Frustrated artist doing geek for a living.

        because her writing skills sucks that’s why. oh just a piece of advise, do porn instead and you might get something out of it and become famous a lil bit. lol

  32. Haha wow soooo your head’s way up your ass that the only things you hear are from your ugly innards. And your mouth is as dirty as the streets of manila. Jeez girl take it easy, and ‘tards(short for retards) is not a kind word to say.

    Ffs, if you want to get rid of the probisyanos from your beloved Manila, go write to your congressman stop bitching like were mongrels.

    This article is so biased. All the way. -_-

    1. Really, you take issue with my foulmouth? Strange, considering you don’t seem to mind your manok being the philandering foulmouth that he is.

      1. clap clap clap.. galing mo talagang maghanp ng words.. parang dyan ka lang magaling.. sayang ka pero walang sense.. di ko kinaya ang “philandering”

        1. Bobo ‘yan sa math at mahina ang analytical skill kaya ganyan ‘yan. Kung magaling ‘yan sa math, arithmetic lang siguro. Binabawi nlang sa words.

  33. So even if Mindanao accounts for “half of the country’s taxes” but “only receives 17% of it”, well whose fault is that? Write your congressman. Better yet, elect the right one instead of the bozos we all routinely elect.

    Poor girl. She is over simplifying the Philippines’ current political system.

    1. It’s not me simplifying things. It’s actually your god Duterte who is. He’s the one who “simplified” law-and-order. For him it’s as simple as gunning down suspected crooks.

      Simple nga talaga in a that tardic way Pinoys prefer things to be.

      1. For the love of god. Stop it. You DO NOT understand what makes Davao functional today. We have the most efficient police force in the country and the most intensive monitoring and dispatch system. Yes, DDS paved the way and established order and discipline but thinking that its the ONLY thing that keeps it safe, then you need to do more research. You are oversimplifying everything.

        If street justice is the only thing Duterte and Davao has to offer, then how were we able to lend assistance during Yolanda? I’m pretty sure Duterte didn’t just send hitmen to help.

        Good god, you are so misguided.

  34. Dear Ms. Natividad

    I really dont care about the negative things you write about Duterte. Nevertheless I will still vote for him. Hahaha. Sorry. The more neative things you write about him, the more Im willing to indorse him to my family and friends. Perhaps, you should also try to compare the things done by Duterte and other candidates. Try also to look for corruption scandals that other candidates have.

    U know what? I PITY you. Because for the fact that you are just writing these things just to gain publicity. Hahaha

  35. Federalism will hurt imperial Manila real bad. Less funds for MRT, NAIA, etc. as the budget gets evened out among the co-equal United States of the Philippines.

    A vote for Duterte will mean a less classy Manila. papayag ba ang taong bayan sa ganoon?

    As a consolation though – Duterte will serve as Manila’s glorified janitor to clean up the city of all it’s squatters and illegal peddlers. Maybe squatters will move to Davao where the new action will be.

    Whatever happens – this is going to be a most interesting experiment. Mar should just copy Duterte’s Plataporma virbatim if he wants to win this election.

    1. Being president is not just about “cleaning up” crime. There’s also the rest of the world out there to worry about. Globalization, remember? The Philippines is no longer an island but part of the global community — I think that huge investment in hosting the APEC is reminding us about that fact.

      1. Mahathir mohamad of malaysia wasn’t too keen on globalization but i think they are doing well enough to have enough funds to pay off politicos to get sabah and mindanao…

        Sometimes you just have to deal with the small stuff first before you can move on to the big stage….

        Happy day to you.

        1. Yeah, kaya taob si Mahathir kay LKY kasi si LKY pro-globalization, kung hindi sinipa ng gobyerno ni Mahathir noon ang Singapore sa Federation of Malaysia sana 1st world country na sila ngayon. Bobo moves talaga, Malaysia. About Duterte, wait and see lang ako, I’m prom de provens too, yo no? hehe. I almost fall for PNoy’s clean as white sheet, tabula rasa, walang bahid ng korapsyon thing before, that’s why I would take my time now to kilatis our presidentiables.

      2. @ici, sure. But at that rate, the Philippines will never catch up with the truly great countries of the world. All it can do is keep from falling further behind.

        It all comes back to our heritage of smallness — our fondness for tingi-tingi rather than projects that involve grand visions…

        Because we cannot unite for the large effort, even the small effort is increasingly beyond us. There is less to learn in our schools, but even this little is protested by our young as too hard. The falling line on the graph of effort is, alas, a recurring pattern in our history. Our artifacts but repeat a refrain of decline and fall, which wouldn’t be so sad if there had been a summit decline from, but the evidence is that we start small and end small without ever having scaled any peaks. Used only to the small effort, we are not, as a result, capable of the sustained effort and lose momentum fast. We have a term for it: ningas cogon.

        Go to any exhibit of Philippine artifacts and the items that from our “cultural heritage” but confirm three theories about us, which should be stated again.

        First: that the Filipino works best on small scale–tiny figurines, small pots, filigree work in gold or silver, decorative arabesques. The deduction here is that we feel adequate to the challenge of the small, but are cowed by the challenge of the big.

        Read it and weep!

        1. hey, not picking a fight, and yes i do read your articles and agree with you on most part. i do not pretend to be an intellectual and as much as i love ben kritz as well, i get a headache by the simple fact i am not smart enough for him.

          my simple thinking is that we should be realistic. there are ginormous problems in our country that unfortunately cannot be solved by a deus ex machina. however, there are small problems that can be solved by sheer political will that our current incompetent leadership glaringly lacks. take the simple laglag bala issue. that “small” thing has not only caused national embarrassment, but also had other countries issuing travel advisories against us. that’s not good for tourism.

          i’m a small-minded dutertard, but i believe that when you fix the little things, sustain it with some strong leadership, bigger things will follow.

          why am i such a blinded dutertard? i have a relative who frequently received letters from the npa for their revolutionary taxes. when duterte came, they stopped.

          don’t worry, i weep everyday for what our country had become.

        2. @ici, yes I know you’re not picking a fight. And, yeah, we all weep for what our country has become — just in different ways.

          We all have bad experiences that make us wish we could just take a gun and shoot whoever had caused those bad experiences. But we don’t because there are also consequences for doing so.

          Perhaps in the case of the Philippines, Duterte and what he’s achieved for Davao prove that the benefits outweigh the consequences of vigilantism. Will the same apply at a national level? That remains to be seen. And, personally, I myself want to see the experiment that is Davao scaled up to the national level.

          Thing is, that’s a pretty dangerous experiment. High risk and possibly high return. But with it also comes the risk of catastrophic consequences. When you’re transporting an atomic bomb that could potentially end a war with one blast, you wouldn’t want a reckless sociopath piloting the plane. Rather you’d choose a pilot with a level head and a professional demeanor who could fly the bomber and drop its deadly payload on its target safely.

      3. @Ici, aren’t we already in “the big stage”? We’re a major country within the ASEAN in both size of population and size of economy. Trouble is our aspirations don’t match that size. Our politics are still so inward-looking and the sorts of thinking that go into the solutions we consider are so small-time. Jeepney mentality pa rin!

        Political will is important, of course. But I can argue that this political will should be channeled to improving the justice system instead of resolving to summarily shooting suspected crooks on sight.

        That sort of vigilantism may work in a little city like Davao. But it’s not gonna work over an entire country like the Philippines. We may as well abolish the entire justice system if we’re gonna allow Duterte to deploy his DDS at a national level. You think he’ll survive his first year as president? He’ll be impeached within months. What’ll he do to try to prevent that? Abolish Congress? Being just a mayor, (and far away from Manila at that), he does not even exercise any clout over the army — an important factor to anyone who wishes to run roughshod over due process.

        1. I heard an interview of prof. Carlita carlos and when asked about this type of “justice”, she said that the present set up of the bureaucracy would make it impossible for any president to resort to such a thing. She was actually laughing about it.

          Besides, the guy may be a foul-mouthed sob, but i doubt if he is dumb enough to actually do such a thing. He is after all a lawyer as well. Besides, we should remember that davao was a no man’s land, and even if its not the safest place in the world, it is at least safer now. You have to give him that. Perhaps you can read rafael alunan’s take on this in his facebook.

          As far as dangerous experiments are concerned, well, the past five years had sunk us in such an abyss, i mean, how far deeper can we go. So tuloy na lang ang tuwad na daan? No thank you. Noytards lang naman ang nagsasabi na si bs ang “best president ever”. Maybe we should start thinking out of the box.

          What i ask of you is to listen to what the guy has to say. Seek the protein and look beyond the lousy plating. I know you guys can do it. Heck, you might actually appreciate his self-deprecating deadpan style of humour.

          @midway heaven…no, i don’t know about that but i’ll check it out later. What i know is from the personal experience of my uncle who does business in davao. He said he used to regularly get these letters from the npa but when duterte entered the scene, it stopped. I think i’d rather believe a firsthand experience than any newspaper…i have other anecdotes from people who know him firsthand, but it will eat up too much space.

          Anyway, i appreciate this civilized discourse….and again, i reiterate my fear that all these passionate debate will be for nothing if comelec does not reinstate the safety features of the hocus-pcos machine. Let us all be vigilant.

          God bless us all andl let’s spread the good vibes! ????

      4. WOW APEC.. yes and whats next????? ano kaya ang gagawin ng leader natin? hosting APEC , or miss universe or whatever will not solve the problem.. its the implementation and to do that we need a leader who is strong hindi sunod sunuran? wait meron ka bang ma suggest? dali!!!

  36. An unitellectual article written by a pompous elitist.
    Thank you for this article. It’s Good to know Duterte supporters are more educated than this writer.

  37. Is GRP and its writers now resorting to shock tactics to gain more attention from its readers? I’d like to dissect every thought and statement you made Ms. Natividad and come up with a clever retort but it seems that you’re just in it for the notoriety points. Shame on you GRP for allowing this kind of article to be published. You used to be a site where people who read your articles would pause and think..”Oo nga noh” and none of elitist, narrow-minded crap.

    1. Excuses excuses.

      Come back when you have something of more substance to say rather than issue empty promises like all the politicians do.

  38. Hahah…. lumabas tlga tunay na kulay..hahahah… ohh well, di pa naman kabouhan ng GRP contributors ang nakikita kong bias or hypocrite.. pro patungo na doon..
    Parang nagiging atack dog kayo ng…kanino kaya. Sino kaya ang mga taga manila na candidate or feeling taga manila na di kagaya ni digong sinusulong ang equality..

  39. kate darling, a little champagne perhaps? you need it dear.. people could be so brutal when they see someone feigning brilliance. ummmm can i be trully honest? i just see this article like $$$$ .. nice try dear! ta ta ????

  40. Idol mo ata Kate yung mga corrupt, killer and kung ano ano pang mga hayop sa manila.

    Pano mag invest mga investor dito sa pinas kung maraming mga gago.

    Sino ba manok mo Kate? Pagod na ako sa mga taong masyadong matalino at plastic alam nila pano gaguhin ang mga tao.

  41. Only the people who knows how Mayor Duterte governs know him. You are free to criticize our Mayor Duterte. But for us Davaoeños, he has done so much for our city and he is worthy of our respect. What you see and hear in the news are totally different when you’re here. If you want to see what has done to our city, I suggest you live here in Davao for a year. Not unless you are in for partying since bars and clubs here in Davao are only good until 2:00 am. You’ll probably be the next Anthony Taberna when you get here.

  42. Kate…..tingnan lng natin kung may mangyaring masama sa yo o sa pamilya at kaibigan mo. Yung karumal-dumal talaga. Baka bawiin mo lahat ng mga sinasabi mo ky Duterte at mg pa tulong ka sa kanya para ma wala ang mga kriminal sa Pilipinas. It takes a tragic event for u to realize these things. It may not be today, but will be in the future. Karma is a bitch.

  43. Ano bang pinaglalaban mo? What is your goal in writing a bias, arrogant, sarcastic article? Does it make you feel above everyone else? I am from Manila at kinahihiya ko ang pagiging arogante mo againts probinsyanos. Nakatapak ka pa ba sa lupa? You started this hate article tapos kapag may nagalit at nagreact sayo at minura ka, sasabihin mo because we learned it from our leader. Simple yellow tactics just like your yellow candidate na ang alam lang gawin ay manisi at magturo ng ibang tao dahil wala namang nagawa. If you are pro Mar then be it. Write articles that would lift him up rather than writing hate articles about his opponents and his supporters because that just shows how shallow you are.

  44. This Kate Natividad is just lonely. I think because she just got dumped or friendzoned. Too bad, she’s just so ugly that I cannot even give my 2 cents. Worthless piece of shitty article.

  45. So here we have on the comments proof of just how balasubas Duterte supporters are. It seems that when the very same language their leader uses is directed against THEM, they get all butthurt in response.

    Ha ha!

    1. So you agree with her assessment of Filipinos who do not dwell in Manila.

      And you complain and attack Dabawenyos on how they think about you.

      A classic case of pot calling the kettle black.

    2. Lol! As usual another point-misser.

      The point of my comment above was in regard to the appalling conduct of the commenters we are seeing here which, it seems, you yourself are unable to deny.

        1. toby, i think they’re sleeping together. he doesn’t seem to understand what he’s saying. oh and by the way ben, u child, the reason why i say that you’re a child is because of your immaturity towards discrimination. so duterte cursed the pope, does that give others the reason to curse others? and let’s be honest, even discriminate? regardless, it’s childish. and one more thing, don’t generalize. because i have never cursed anyone who does not agree with my opinion.

  46. Disregard her view. Latest result of Pulse Asia disproves her. She is also not aware of voter segmentation. Catering the elite will alienate the lower segments which have larger number of votes. Rubbish and elitist view.

  47. Stupidity at its finest.Aren’t you wondering why Duterte is #1 @NCR in the survey? Have you ever thought that”probinsyanos” block vote can bring one to the presidency? I don’t know whose payroll you are under but this one is a big blunder. Do fact check before writing.

  48. Kate, what is it about living in a hole in a wall you call a condo and getting stuck in perpetual traffic that make you think you’re better than people outside of Metro Manila?

  49. @Beni,

    1. Absolute terms… i don’t think it means what you think it means.

    2. Fine Blog POST. not fine blog

    3. Right terms… doens’t mean what you think it means.

    See? Get your terms straight.

    “What part didn’t you understand?”

    Oh, I understand it well. What I cannot do is understand it for you.

  50. I think what Beni and Kate are trying to do is just provoke the hardcore Duterte fans and see how they react through their comments here.

    Then again, there are others who can read what she wrote and point out the glaring errors.

    Nonetheless, the train is fine.

  51. Do not feed the trolls.

    Gusto lang nyan magpasikat, magtrend sa mga social networking sites, kaya ganyan mga term. 🙂

    Clearly, wala syang alam at mas wala siyang class.. isang lang elitistang tao. feeling elite.

  52. One Duterte won, we are doomed. Big time. Seems that they don’t know what Federalism really means. If such thing becomes a reality, the next thing we know that the Philippines will no longer exist. It will become smaller, puny states bragging and having arguments one after the other.

    This article strikes through the ignoramuses of this Dutertards, big time.

  53. another thing…. hindi applicable sayo tong logo nyo:

    We beg to differ.

    isa ka sa mga taong ayaw ng pagbabago e. gusto mo kung ano ung dating proseso, un lang. ayaw mo subukan ung iba dahil feeling mo ito (at kayo) lang ang tama…

    kawawa ka naman 🙂

  54. Dear twisted Manila- based “blogger”,

    without us your city is a piece of shit metropolis that reeks of high criminality, traffic jams, unbearable pollution and obvious social inequality.

    while it is true that you have all the economic and political power in this country, don’t forget that we (the provinces) hold most of the resources to sustain your economic growth. i’m talking about all those natural resources such as gold, copper, nickel etc. that lines up the pockets of Manila based companies and which in turn indirectly powers your service-based economy. and even the natural gas that powers your grid, comes from….. oh that’s right, the provinces.

    So don’t you dare belittle us from your little ivory tower.

    to all my fellow probinsyanos (especially from Davao and Mindanao), this is one of the reasons we need federalism and decentralization of power. Arrogant Manila-centered people such as this author offers us insult and belittles us in such as a way we are treated as second class citizens of this country. Enough. Now is the time to demand decentralization for us to call the shots at our own areas. we had enough of these Manila based bastards fucking up our country big time. In the name of what little respect we have left for this Republic we must demand this immediately. It is high time we govern ourselves locally and without the interference of Imperial Manila EFFECTIVELY.

    and if these bastards won’t offer us any concessions and will continue to insult us, well, we can always demand more radical terms. Who says we can’t survive on our own?

    Manila without the provinces is powerless, always remember that.

  55. Kate Natividad:

    I only have 1 question for you?! have you been to mindanao? or have you been to atleast 1 city here in mindanao? if not then shut up!!
    Stop underestimating us from the southern part of the Philippines because as far as I know and the economic stability of the country’s concern most of the agricultural export of the country comes from mindanao!! so if you think that your Imperial Manila is the wealthiest I dont think so. because if you are then matagal na sanang binitiwan nang pilipinas ang mindanao kng sa tingin nila eh wla silang makukuha from the Island.Matagal nang hinihingi nang ibang taga mindanao na ma separate dahil nga din siguro sa mga taong gaya mo mag-isip!!

    So my advice before you rant or say negative things against the people from the South, punta ka muna dito nang malaman mo kng saan mas magandang tumira sa imperial manila mo or sa progresibo, tahimik, walang masyadong traffic at may preskong hangin na MINDANAO!!!

  56. Lol. This is by far the stupidest thing I have read today. And I have been browsing 4chan’s /b/ board all day. So that’s says a lot.

    You really do show the ignorance of some people from Manila for probinsyanos. I think you’re the kind of person that when you hear people are from province you will automatically think, they are farmers or fishermans.

    1. Hell does the word probinsyanos still applicable to this day? In our place we just based the people by their hometown, like Taga-XXX this or Taga-XXX that. In that way there is no hint of discrimination. Can’t believe some Manilenos still exist today to be very arrogant. And believe me bloggers I do understand the post I am not even angry that you don’t like Duterte at all ( as if you really like any presidentiables anyway). But to give an impression that Non- Manilenos are not on the same level as you in regards to classiness is really appalling. And please bloggers you don’t be bias to each other. You know she utter a wrong phrase somewhere in her rant. I really respect most of your posts but this is just way out of your character and the maddening part is you don’t even admit you’re wrong. Which is by the way your ace weapon when criticizing people, that they don’t admit they are wrong and don’t say sorry. Duterte apologize in just 24 hours so I guess that is saying something more than you ever did. You see in my comment that I tried to be levelheaded than other comments so please admins, realize where did you get wrong I know you do and admit it. We humans always get mistake, you’re humans right?!

  57. Man you’re making her so popular! She’s just trying to make a living… You know so she can be classy?
    O well, how does it feel having much traffic in your post? Aiming for a higher page rank? There you go girl!

  58. What a stupid bitch! Clearly you are writing out from your ass! We from Cebu are contributing much to the treasury and yet we get so little in return. Your Imperial Manila is the main cause of poverty as it sucks the rest of the country dry. You are not classy nor intelligent. You are just one dumb girl who hides behind your colorful english.

  59. Hahaha!!! Natawa ako sayo te!!!

    “Manila is the wealthiest, most powerful city in the Philippines. Your Davao City is just terrorist-infested hinterland pipsqueak in comparison. The entire Philippines orbits around my city. ”

    Asan ang wealth ng Manila te? Paki check, hahaha! Most powerful? Yea, why not? Super powerful mangurakot hahaha! May maisulat lang no? Sikat ka na sa kabobohan mo te hahaha! ????????????

    1. Ms. Natividad, to write an article with class, I think you should read more and act more with class. Start with the Philippine history.

  60. Too much Democracy here!! Stop defending Mr. Duterte for peep’s sake,ha ha! the article exposes the way Filipino think and I think it’s fine! Though go in front of a mirror and ask yourself, why Mr. Duterte, realy? Drop those unreliable sources and posts you read about him, have you done your own research about this guy or you just one of those people with “hype mentality” that will fade away sometime next week? I’m just kidding… What we need is a great Leader, not a f*cking outlaw! We need a Leader that will mold our mentality and ways as one for progress. We don’t need a low tempered, no moral values and with low respect for human life. Really, why vote Mr. Duterte? I can’t even understand the words he is saying! No offense though. You want to stop the corruption but you are the corruption, you want to eliminate criminals but you are a criminal in your own ways..For people defending “probinsyanos” here hence they laugh when they hear probinsyano accent and spitting probinsyano/squatter jokes all day everyday. lol to that! I’m a “probinsyano” from Davao by the way…

    FYI Author, you don’t need to be classy nor a good mathematician to vote, you just need to open your TV, wait for Campaign Ads and definitely that’s all you need, you’re now fit to change the Philippines.. You are now ready to vote! and I am not joking seriously.

    People who can’t accept criticism has a big time ego problem. Change our ways and I bet we don’t need a Duterte style of management!


    1. The comments here actually serve as that mirror you mention into which Duterte and his ‘tards look. Your question “Why Duterte?” will be answered by “Because he kills drug dealers,” and “If you are against him, you are probably an addict.”

      Try to dig deeper than that and you will get nothing more than a glazed look (or more swearing and shrill whining).

      Just now you can see, cussing has become fashionable now that Duterte made it so. Do refer to this article from benign0 which cited how Mar Roxas got into deep trouble for verbally abusing a country club employee. Thing is Duterte makes Roxas classy by comparison…

      Roxas had earlier apologised for the incident. However, he also denied allegations that he viciously berated and cussed at club employees. Roxas reportedly said that the “unfortunate” incident will form “part of [his] reflection for this Lenten season”.

      Back then, a politician swearing was considered an outrage. Now, it is considered fashionable thanks to Duterte. Leadership qualities nga naman talaga. Duterte may have it, but uses it the wrong way.

        1. Get Real Philippines has already criticized each and all the major presidential candidates for this election cycle. Duterte, Poe, Binay, Roxas and Santiago: no one is spared.

  61. Speaking in Potter language, this is clearly a case of pure-blood bigotry that almost ruined the entire magical world. Duterte may not be the Dumbledore of the Philippines, but he our Rufus Scrimgeour, a leader who is tough, who doesn’t underestimate the enemy and who is a strong force to lead our country out of this mess.

    As for the author of this horrid article, I only have this to say: TROOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! TROLL IN THE INTERWEBS!!!

  62. To all of you G-D-SOBs Failipinos in the Failippines…

    Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.

  63. Dear Author,

    Calling other people retards for not thinking the same way as you does not make you smarter. Calling people ‘probinsyano’ doesn’t make you a classy city girl. What it makes you is a narrow-minded, egocentric, seriously misguided bigot who calls Duterte names and berates people who believe in his abilities, his cause and his platform. If you had done actual, factual research, or even just simply took a step outside of your Imperial Manila thinking, then you would see that the Philippines has 7,107 islands and Manila is not the only one inhabited by civilized, intelligent, wealthy and classy people.

    Also, if you have proof that Duterte is a murderer, I suggest you go to the authorities and file a case against him. Otherwise, I believe that you are liable for libel.

    1. Hey, I can call Duterte names. He deserves it. He swore at the Pope. So he has it coming.

      Lol! Libel? So let me get this straight. You’re gonna charge me with libel using the same legal framework your idol claims he will disrespect as president. Ha ha! Ang galing naman! 😀

      1. This person obviously doesn’t read or watch the news. So why believe in what she says?

        Hey girl, got some big news for you. Duterte did not swear at the pope.

        Still convinced that he swore at the pope? God, fixed false beliefs na yan. Better get yourself checked by a Psychologist and get some rest. A lot of people will attack you, it might trigger your delusions more. 🙂

  64. Kate, congratulations – your article just opened a Pandora’s box of mega proportions. I didn’t know there were these many anti-imperial-Manila probinsyanos just lurking behind the bushes all this time. Finally, your speaking up guys – it’s about time.

    Kasama pala loob niyo – just settling for Manila’s crumb’s. The provinces are like a lion who thought it was a puny little cat all this time. now you know who you really are – you owe it to the author for this self-realization.

    Seeing all the comments here clashing on the theme of “my city vs. your city”, I already see a microcosm of what it will be like when we become a federation of co-equal states.

    Will Federalism serve to fuel disunity amongst us as a people?
    Or will it lead to balance and mutual respect among member states?
    Will federalism foster better services as cities/states outdo each other to attract wealth and investors (the way a free market operates)?

    Federalism is just beginning to reveal its possibly ugly horns as we experiment on combing this excellent political structure with a people known to turn anything of value into stinking shit.

    Again guys, press the Reset Button at your own risk. The worst scenario is civil war among states – followed by a Chinese mainland launched invasion in the aftermath of our own self-inflicted weakening and destruction.

    The other scenario is that Duterte-style leadership will unite this country through his iron fisted grasp, a change in the national psyche to that of order and discipline – leading to our becoming the next Singapore-class success story.

    I really think Duterte will win coz I don’t see this much activity in an article about Poe, Mar, Binay or Santiago. benign0’s observation is right. The more you try to damage Duterte, the stronger he gets.

    dear Iron-lady Miriam, just a friendly advice, save yourself of cancer-recurrence-inducing stress trying to wage a national campaign. As bugs bunny’s little foe used to say – if you can’t beat em, join em.

    And please just donate all your campaign funds you save due to my advice, to GRP (haha), so Benign0 can turn this blog site into a massive media network rivaling those that can only showcase Pinoy stupidity.

    Sorry, it’s sometimes difficult to tell if I’m joking or not – I leave it up to our friendly yet sometimes rabid viewers to decide. TGIF again tomorrow – good luck to all who will be stuck in traffic hell-hole Manila.

  65. This poor girl doesn’t know what she is saying. I pity you dear. Maybe you should read about the Constitution more so that you will know where the funds from your “imperial” manila come from. Your write up makes you look cheap and ignorant.

      1. Dude, seriously? DUTERTE doesnt know any constitution? Might as well eat this; he was Special Counsel at the City Prosecution Office in Davao City from 1977-1979; Fourth Assistant City Prosecutor from 1979-1981; Third Assistant City Prosecutor from 1981-1983; and Second Assistant City Prosecutor from 1983-1986.Vice mayor 1986-1987, Mayor 1988- 1998, member of the Philippines of representative 1998-2001, Mayor of Davao city 2001-2010, vice mayor 2010-2013. Experience wise wala na pong kwenta ang tatlong presidentiables ninyo, except si MDS, kaso she’s all the talk. You seriously need to research dumadagdag ka sa mga bobo.

        1. You know the type Yuan, people with no real world qualifications or track record of governance thinking they are intellectual and can do better, criticising those that have actually made it and done it.

          That speaks for all the grptard writers here, armchair generals and keyboard intellectuals that feel self important because they have a website to mentally fap over with their posts.

  66. “A ok, so here it comes, that all-too-familiar product of Pinoy-style thinking…

    They’re poor and kawawa naman so they can be excused for breaking the law.”

    -Wasn’t implied in the argumentation, I didn’t know how that came in… oh, wait. You thought that explanation = excuse. Really?

    In an unrelated train of thought, didn’t RA 7279 semi-legalize the freaking situation anyway? xD

    1. Indeed. A while back I wrote about how the law against squatters was turned into a limpdick law we now know as RA 7279…

      RA 7279 however explicitly excludes from the definition “individuals or groups who simply rent land and housing from professional squatters or squatting syndicates.” These laws, in effect, make the process of removing squatters from one’s property a long and convoluted one.

      Read the full article here.

      1. Yes, I did read the article some time back. And yes, I do agree with the conclusions presented with the article. In fact, the same conclusions presented then in 2011 still apply today (talk about timeless Philippine society! I think it’s no joke that we seem to be, in many ways, stuck in the 90s as many people claim).

        But again, I can’t help but contrast this:
        “The point is, Philippine society need not see altruition or humanitarian consideration and compliance to the law as an either/or proposition.”
        with this:
        “If probinsyanos are so proud of themselves, why do they come to Manila by the shipload and infest our esteros and waterfront views?”

        It doesn’t help that some people who should know better see squatters as “cheap probinsyanos” in Manila “for a free ride”. In fact, that very mindset hinders many of us from acting in a thoughtful, rational manner to solve the problem because is a kind of lazy thinking, as you said, causes confusion.

      2. It’s lazy thinking when we try to solutioneer the problem after the fact. They can be forcibly evicted and the law will allow it. That’s the trouble Duterte’s daughter Sara got into a while back when she assaulted a court officer who was in the process of executing a court order to have a squatter colony demolished.

        Question is, why was that and all the other squatter problems all over the Philippines allowed to fester and turn into monstrous problems to begin with? Perhaps it is because some time ago, allowing these people the temporary solution of living illegally on someone else’s property was seen to be a good idea at the time.

        That’s the thing with shortcut solutions. In the Philippines, which lacks a tradition of long-term thinking, shortcut solutions are extremely dangerous. And vigilantism is one such shortcut solution that has become a bit of a fashion statement for ‘tards to bandy around nowadays.

  67. eh you don’t like duterte pala, ikaw na lang sana tumakbo for president, u sound like you know what’s best for the Philippines.

  68. I took offense in reading this blog, but on the second thought, I realized I don’t have to especially after reading the comments from both the guests & the author/admin.

    Sometimes, you have to be thankful that you don’t have to suffer a kind of psychological disorder like these blogger/s has/ve: naitivité.

    Anyway, let’s help them earn a living by visiting their blogs often. For entertainment’s sake.

  69. If I may recall the population of Manila compared to Mindanao, I think Mindanao tops big time. if we assume Duterte’s vote would only take 10% in Manila alone, for sure Duterte’s votes would be around 80-90% in Visayas and Mindanao combined.

    Also in the issue on cursing the Pope, clearly you are a very low IQ to no IQ person to take into contact utterance of the word and not reading or watching the whole speech of Duterte. if I compare comprehension about this issue, it would be like you answering the exams without reading the instructions and you later complaining why you fail.

  70. “If you choose to stomp around and throw tardic tantrums instead of acting like adults…”

    eh ano tong ginagawa mo? hahaha kakatawa article mo.. well.. I can’t expect much from you though 😀

  71. I’m donating a portion of my time and effort to leave a comment hoping it can contribute a little bit to Kate’s means. I really do pray you get some happiness out of it somehow. I only read emptiness in between the lines. I suggest you go get a flight to Davao and have some fun! I just did surfing in Mati few weeks ago and it was one of the best places I’ve been to in the Philippines, way better than the waves I’ve surfed in Waikiki beach. Enjoy!

  72. Duterte tried to copy the style of Donald Trump. However, it was a poor imitation, from a Foul Mouth Lunatic, from Mindanao. Donald Trump is a good manager of his real estate business. Trump is a natural born show man, also.

    Duterte tried to show his “macho” image. However, it was outrageous to most of us. There is no Civility, in the marrow of the bone of this idiotic insane lunatic.

  73. Good to see everyone can see that a grptard thinks their view is better than yours, especially if you don’t come from manila..

    don’t feed the grptards here folks, they fishing for clickbaits to earn some cash.

    1. Who needs cash? An opposing view is paid? What kind of thinking is that? Call us what you may, we don’t need cash. Most of us are gainfully employed…we need civility and sense in our candidates.

      1. Alam mo ba kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng “civility” na sinasabi mo? Critical thinking nga di mo pa maibigay…pagsabi mo ng “lunatic” sa ibang tao, ano yan? The more u become educated and earn load of cash, the more you become ignorant. Pati vocabulary mo di mo alam ibig sabihin

  74. I find it funny that you automatically assume that people who are criticizing your article are duterte supporters. No, Kate. They are taking offense at your shallow view of “probinsyanos”. If you want people to take your stance seriously, or at least consider your opinion, craft your article without peperring your article with insults and discrimination.

  75. Seriosuly you need us to talk about class?

    1) traffic jam in Manila is bad, and the driver is the worst; they don’t even know how to read signs. Davao in the other hand has 4,000 car accidents from january to september 2014 and Metro manila has 60,000. The drivers in Davao knows how to read and follow EO39 30km/hr speed limit. TALKING ABOUT CLASS HERE!

    2) 911, no need to back up on that since only 2 countries and 1 city has it, USA, CANADA AND PUTANG INANG DAVAO CITY. TALKING ABOUT CLASS HERE!

    3) No smoking, The multi-partner initiative Global Smokefree Partnership (GSP) announced that the Davao City Anti-Smoking Task Force won the governmental body award category for 2009.WHAT? INTERNATIONAL GSP AWARDEE? NO WAY! TALKING ABOUT CLASS HERE!

    4)Then the Davao City Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc. (DCCII) received the national Most Outstanding Chamber Award for 2005. During a selection in New Delhi, India in 2005, DCCII was adjudged the Best Chamber in the Asia-Pacific Region.WHAT? TALKING ABOUT CLASS HERE!

    5)Take for example the title of Most Child-Friendly City. Davao has won the title for the fourth time last year for programs and projects protecting the rights of children and upholding their welfare and well-being. If it wins the title again this year, it will place the city in the Hall of Fame, besting bigger and richer cities like Manila, Quezon City, Makati and Cebu.ooops! We’re just a province with 1.9population and a land area of 2444sqkm and we still can do that? TALKING ABOUT CLASS HERES

    6)Best Quality of Life by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM)
    Davao City also bagged others awards namely:

    1. Special Award on the Compliance to Government Plans and Programs
    2. Special Award in Documentation, for providing the AIM with a very good documentation of Davao City’s system
    3. An Entrepreneur’s Award, for being the most small and medium enterprises- friendly

    This is not the first time that the city received recognition from AIM. In 2008, Davao also named as the Most Competitive Metro City in the Philippines by the Asian Institute of Management.


    And mamy more! You can look up on DOTC or DOH or DTI or any other government offices for more of Davao’s achievement, even if you say it’s just a “PROVINCE”.

    Hiyang hiya naman kami sa inyo? You call your buildings an achievement? Don’t be such a fool, alam mo naman na ang Manila lives by sucking all the money of every city in the Philippines, you won’t even last in federalism.

    You can take that piece of vote of yours and vote other leaders. If DU30 wont win, we won’t die here in Davao. REMINDER, WE GIVE OUR MONEY TO YOU, it’s a more of you’re not that independent enough phrase for you. HAHAHAHAHAH TALKING ABOUT CLASS HERE!

      1. Davao’s “progressiveness” is really exaggerated. We’re currently on rotating power outages over four hours a day, as the monopoly power company failed to keep up with urban growth and prefers to blame the climate. Traffic has got visibly worse in the two years I’ve been here. My sister-in-law recently gave birth and had to share a bed with two other women, while visitors had to sit on the floor and corpses were wheeled around in full view. Education has taken a big step backwards this generation by reducing English instruction in favour of the local dialect. There’s practically no culture, people do nothing except go to the mall. As a foreigner, I expect to be stared at and “hey Joe’d” everywhere I go, much more than anywhere else I’ve been in the country (even rural Leyte and Palawan). Crime may be low by Davao’s own standards, but corruption is still rampant (big time at the bureau of immigration) and junkies and prostitutes still prowl the streets. Ubiquitous security guards and bag checks even at the convenience store may be keeping us safe, but they’re also fostering an atmosphere of paranoia. Stray dogs are everywhere, some people are scared to walk around their neighbourhood. It’s not a world class city. But hey, it’s smoke free! Let’s focus on what’s important.

  76. Guess what to whoever you are ms. writer? The terrorist-infested hinterland pipsqueak that you are referring to, it is the safest place I’ve ever been, with growing economy, investments are coming, businessmen are confident to build their business here, why? dahil walang corrupt na politician na humhingi ng under the table bills. Most of all people are disciplined kahit “probinsyanos” though ang mga tao iba’t iba ang pinanggalingan if you don’t know the muslims and christians can live here peacefully. I think what is more classier are those people with discipline who acts according to what is right, and not those people who look down people that came from mindanao.

  77. Please educate yourself. Read about Michael Todaro and Andre Gunder Frank. You will acquire helpful insights on rural-urban migration and satellite-metropolis relationship.

    I’m from the “province” by the way.

    Ignorant writer.

  78. Uhm, I’m confused with this article.

    I am guess that you’re not trying to insult those who support Duterte, but rather, those who are basically, impulsively, jumping on the bandwagon. Am I right? If so, I, being from Mindanao, pro-Duterte, pro-Federalism/MindanaoEmpowerment, and having lived in Davao, still would agree that some people are “Dutertards”.

    But what’s confusing here is your use of language. Do you acknowledge the problem of Manila-centricism or are you denying it by satirizing it in a sarcastic manner?

    And when you call people outside of Manila as those being of the province, are you doing that because you actually believe such, or are you only doing it to push people to think?

    I’m a bit confused about your motive here, and if its not a bad motive, I don’t think your choice of words really worked well in communicating what you meant.

  79. I don’t support duterte in his candidacy. But there is nothing in your article I could agree. What I think of you? You are worth cussing. Bitch!

  80. Miss Kate Natividad Its been fun reading all the posts and comment wars in this site. I’m just curious, who would you vote for the 2016 elections?

  81. Hey, Kate. I love your thoughts. Just kidding. You should create a website and name it GetIgnorantPhilippines.com. I’ll be happy to fund you. Of course, that would be after I slap the sense back into you. Have a nice day!

  82. After reading the article and the corresponding comments, I finally reached my saturation point. The article fired me up, what with the use of “probinsyanos” and “imperial Manila.” My parents are from Mindanao, but I was born in QC and have lived in the Metro all my life. I love both Mindanao and Manila. Each has its own charms and thorns. Using the term probinsyanos in derogatory fashion indicates a narrow-minded perspective. And judging from the type of comments that bombarded you, be it on your own head. The pro-Duterte people are no better. Calling out insults and cuss words on the author’s character is not the response befitting a “classy” and educated lot. I am not a Duterte fan, in fact I’ve already shared to my FB friends my disappointment and weariness of how low our country has sunk that it should need leaders like him on the helm. You want intellectual discussions? Stop cussing and insulting each other. Why not learn about each other’s side so we all could make an informed decision? Sadly, anonymity has created a monster in us all.


    To those Website writers: If you hit in the right place where these retarded people hurt most; they will come to you like a “putakte”…beware website writers…be careful what you write…

  84. Attention…

    To all here that have realised grptard writers and their grptarded fans here are biased as shit and look down on others, especially those they percieve as “manila outsiders” or “poor”, I would like to say congratulations on finding out!

    This is the true nature and mindset of a grptard, whatever “agenda” they write about, is to their own interest, and not truly our people.

    Disgusting to see how low they stoop in defense of a fellow grptard.

  85. Hi Admin. I really love your website. Lots if information that helps people get educated of national issues. But it’s hard to read when viewed by mobile devices. Please make it Responsive, as in Responsive design/layout. There are a lot of free responsive themes out there at your disposal. Just suggesting.

  86. After reading it all, I am quite surprised that a troll can write an article, an unintelligent one that spreads nothing but hate and not useful information to illicit intelligent discourse. I’m so disappointed that GRP has a writer like that.

  87. Kate’s piece here highlights the real struggle within the Philippines: urban vs. rural. The rural people with their caveman habits vs. the urbanized people with their intellectuality and first world upbringing. A match made in hell. Even in developed countries, these two sides are pretty much enemies. Each one thinks they’re superior or with more moral high ground. It’s not really the class war per se. Urban vs. rural is a struggle between the forces of change and progres and the forces of stasis and changelessness.

      1. This is the reason, we have ISIS terrorists, who believe in killing the infidels, and in martyrdom , that will earn them an immediate entrance into Paradise, with 72 virgins. A 7th century belief, of the followers of Mohammad; that has remained in our 21st century.

        Some people , who remained in their Provinces, thinks, there are no such thing as: “outside world”, or advances in our thinking, or in our civilization…they cling to their obsolete and outmoded beliefs.

  88. “ChinoF says:
    December 4, 2015 at 10:08 am
    Perhaps Duterte is a product of his environment. (Davao) A rural area with backward traditions and culture that does not promote thinking and encourages whimsical reaction.”

    Have you been to Davao? Why do all you grptard writers view all of yourselves as high intellectual superior people compare to us that are not from Manila?

    But no matter… Keep it up.keep showing us youur grptard colours bro!

    1. Backward traditions? Si Duterte? OMG! poor people from Manila…kaya pala puro pulubi kayo dyan dahil hindi ninyo alam ang ibig sabihin ng backward traditions, well your city status states that you are. Ang layo ng mga utak ninyo sa mga taga Mindanao…pasulong na kami, paurong naman kayo.

      Bakit Duterte kami? Kasi, utak namin nasa ulo sa pinakamataas na bahagi ng aming katawan…mind over matter kami. Kayo – mind below sea level..

  89. This classist bullshit and city people smart vs country people stupid view from grp writer commenting her is discriminatory and derogatory.

    The condescending attitude and view towards rural folk is a old stereotype for untraveled little people.

    Unliked grp, don’t give these fake Filipinos any oxygen.

  90. At first, when I saw people sharing your article in Facebook I had probably the same reaction as the people commenting on your article now. Truth be told I am from Visayas and 2016 will be my first election since I abstained from voting in the previous elections.

    A few points i’d like to raise.
    1. I think people misinterpreted how you phrased your article, or maybe i’m misinterpreting this, to me it sounds like you want Duterte to win, you pointed out that Manila (your city) is the most powerful city in the Philippines and that simple support from the southern regions pave very little way against Manila, I DO NOT DISAGREE with that, in fact most politics start with Manila, the provinces may have a lot of people but most of them are ignorant of political information so I don’t really find that comment offensive despite massive negative reactions to it.

    2. The way I’ve read it, you’re actually giving us advise and telling us that simple tactics won’t beat decades long of political conniving in Manila, I agree with this, the political body in the Philippines has always revolved around Manila and what you say isn’t really offensive if not just informative of the true nature of this country.

    So in summary, Kudos to you for voicing out your opinion, you may want to lessen the tone next time in order to prevent negative comments from flooding you but then again you got my attention so maybe what you do works in these scenarios.

    By the way, when you say Bobotantes do you mean the people in Manila? Since you say Manila in a way rules the elections and you also said Bobotantes rule the Elections so Bobotantes = Manila? Not really sure on your point with that one.

    1. See, now THIS is a comment. Congratulations. Out of hundreds of comments here, you have the distinction of being the only one who got the essence of my article.

      I’d celebrate if it weren’t for the sad fact that thinking such as yours represents less than 1% of the commenters here. 😉

      Manila is the center of Philippine politics. Apparently Mindanaoans can’t deal with that. That lack of WILL to deal with that reality will be the source of their continued failure to truly matter in the national politics.

      1. I wouldn’t really agree on the 1%, The symbolism being that snakes never face a tiger in a straight confrontation. I think there are intelligent people from Visayas and Mindanao who share my view on this matter, only that they chose not to voice out because why should we when it would only garner negative reactions. Polish yourself away from the public light so that people can’t see what you have to bring on the table, so yes maybe I am the 1% in this thread, but I don’t think the actual number is that low.

        And to the people who post comments of insults about her. PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND, she’s NOT ANTI-VISAYAN OR MINDANAO at least insofar as this article in Concerned, and she’s right though. If we want Duterte to win and change the political system in Manila we do still need to win over Manila, granted the math may be inaccurate, I believe the provinces populations could outweigh Manila it’s a matter of smarting voting on that.

        And to the author of this article,
        I really laughed out loud when I read your reply. Don’t worry too much, we here in the South are not as dumb as others would lead us to be. Reality is a real sucker punch in the face and people will learn to deal with your message soon enough.

        1. I am kate talking to myself, hear me rawr!

          kate for president! lead us to the holy land!

          lol @ grp.. I enjoy your other writers, but this kate is a real clown that does nothing positive for your website.

        2. Uhhmm….. you’re really just proving her point, don’t be petty if I find myself agreeing to her. NICE NAME BY THE WAY 😛 albeit somewhat pathetic for you to use a simple mocking tool.

        3. The points of contention I have raised rely not so much with the article itself (although there’s nothing really new in her article’s contention that VisMin has to overcome Manila), but with the replies she gave to the criticisms she has received.

          Comments from the writer like:
          1) “If probinsyanos are so proud of themselves, why do they come to Manila by the shipload and infest our esteros and waterfront views?”
          2) “Most of those under fifteens were probably born by the dozen to these squatters…”
          are prejudicial and illogical, all the more so that they are not backed by data. They serve to reinforce the already-held misconception that the article belittles the South, rather than enlighten the reader.

        4. That’s why in my 2nd comment I said, insofar as this article in concerned it is not Anti-people like us, I am from the south and I know first hand the mentality of Manila towards us, her comments make her sound against us, but her article does not, I am judging her article and not her comments. I agree with you in that she is somewhat offensive in nature, but people like my fellow humble analyst there, are examples of people of who speak when they have nothing intelligent to say, I have had arguments with people like him who wait for us to make a mistake so they can twist our words because they themselves have no merit to say, they are sad and unfortunate to think that an open mind against thier negative criticism deserves mockery, how do we defend our pride when we have those to serve as our spokesmen?

      2. Those who’ve got something of value to say don’t necessarily have the writing skills to articulate them here. Which is fair, and I recognize that as much as I reconize that it is far easier to have nothing in your head then go on and post trashy stuff notwithstanding that. The evidence that backs that theory is right here on this page.

        You know naman our kababayans. They respond heartily to slapstick, but satire, tongue-in-cheek, dry humor and even sarcasm utterly baffles the typical Pinoy. So it really is not surprising that multilayered nuances in many articles will simply be missed.

        And, yeah, just as much as Mindanaoans are aware of how imperial Manilenos regard them, Filipinos in general (whether we admit it or not) are pretty aware of how Americans and Spaniards (our own former imperialist overlords) regard us former colonial subjects as well.

        Pecking order kung baga. Those of us who have a healthy enough ego are able to both recognize those realities yet not allow ourselves to be limited by them.

        Unfortunately, not many have those healthy enough egos as my colleague Ilda once pointed out. And so, again, we see the evidence of that right here — people who feel limited by the politically-incorrect realities about society that they cannot accept with grace. If Henry Sy had been like that as a first-generation Chinese migrant eking out a living selling shoes in Manila back then, there’d be no SM empire today.

        1. Exactly my point, their perceptions are too limited, arguably this was caused by some of your comments that lead to a almost derogatory view on us, but I chose to go beyond that mindset of being from Visayas and Mindanao and to promote an open view of the article for its content not for its author. this comment thread just discourages me to even care about my fellow people if they cannot even rise up to criticism and have to resort to petty if not pitiable behavior.

        2. Are you quite sure that the tone of her article is not in any way condescending if not demeaning to the people of Visayas and Mindanao? You and I must be reading very different articles. Ms. Kate, you have valid points, I cannot begrudge you that. However, the tone of your article encourages divisiveness and that in itself detracts your readers from seeing your points and political stance. If you rewrote this without the snide comments then perhaps us “probinsyanos” will be more receptive to what you have to say.

        3. I really wish I didn’t need to point this out, if you read my first comment I said “So in summary, Kudos to you for voicing out your opinion, you may want to lessen the tone next time in order to prevent negative comments from flooding you but then again you got my attention so maybe what you do works in these scenarios.”
          This means to say that I acknowledge condescending or demeaning to us Visayans and Mindanao people, NO ARGUMENT there, but in literature or in this case article reading, you have to read beyond the plain view of the words used to express her point and see the underlining truth. NO we are not reading different articles, and like you Mr. To Humble Analyst I do agree that removal of the snide or somewhat offensive form of expression would garner more positive reactions for her article, perhaps she thought bad publicity would spread her message across faster and hopefully a small few of the masses could look pass the obvious provocation of her words. You agree don’t you? that she in fact has some valid points through the redaction of the snide remarks and choice of words such as probinsyanos. But like I said in the comment you replied to, I am urging my fellow Visayans to look pass it all and understand the meaning of the article, Manila is a cesspool of corruption and that may not be easily overcomed by our desire for Duterte into office. You saw Mr. A humble analyst too’s comment right? Do you believe that mockery of a differing opinion is the way to go about all this? Do you believe that? if so then you’re in the view that conformity is required for acceptance. I WILL NOT conform to the masses when I cannot agree with them, if I was so invested in all this I would comment on every single negative comment and make myself an enemy to all those critics but sadly I am not nor do I care about others views EXCEPT those who question my own. I will not mince witty remarks with buffoons such as A humble analyst too, instead I choose to debate on my views across the views of others. Thank You!

        4. Be that as it may but you have to admit that “probinsyanos” do not take it too kindly when hypocrites who claim to be classy start issuing unwarranted advice. Her solid points are all for naught if it falls to deaf ears–all of her own doing if I may add. If she wanted to be effective in getting her points across, she should have discussed her political stance in a “classy” manner and refrained from coloring it with insults and derogatory remarks. It seems to me that Kate here is deliberately trying to be offensive to garner more attention and thus…profit.

  91. It’s even more disgusting when you see in comments the admin and other writers agree with her and continue trolling those offended by kates buffoonery and making excuses for it.

    It’s their way or you are a tard of some sort from a ‘unedicated rural area of low upbringing’

    I can wager I earn more than any writer from this website (which isn’t saying much) but I can attest that rural or city all have their peers and bobos, but the biggest fools of all are the ones that generalise and sterotype each other. Like the grpers here..

    Grpers.. Just because you “think it so” it does not make it so.
    Been holed up in fantasy online here back patting each other a bit too much. You need to find real intellectuals to repair your sites reputation, most of your your current crop of writers don’t match the intelligence of the common working class real world man or woman, with a few exceptions like ilda paul farol etc.. Just sayin.

  92. What a remarkable article you have here Kate, thumbs up! But you know what, Di kasi tama ang pagiging Centralized form of Government natin, maraming dahilan jan at ang Federalism ay isang sugal talaga pagmananalo si Duterte. Federalism will be a Shock Therapy for our beloved Country. At first, people will feel bad about it kasi ito na ang nakasanayan natin dahil ilang dekada na itong sistemang ito pero it will yield positive effects as time passes. It’s time to change the system for the benefit of Visayas and Mindanao especially, kce Manila is enjoying Mindanao money, the Island of Mindanao is left behind by imperial Manila because the biggest cut of the pie in theirs. Mindanao especially the City of Davao is now progressing fast even with such a limited resources for development. Just stop talking shit to us Bobotantes and to our mayor. Yes we are bobotantes, but everyone should remember, there will be a time that Mindanao and Visayas will rise over imperialistic Manila.

  93. You know what.. why don’t you try to accomplished everything that he did then try to judge and say everything you want.. maybe we can never blame you for saying all of that stuffs. And as like what was the others said. Maybe manila is the capital of the Philippines and one of the highest when it comes to economics and everything.. that’s true, but you forgot some of the details (which is important), we were one on the top of the most corrupted country in the world, that’s a big deal.. one of the most worst airport in the world.. train station that is risking life for so many times, traffic in edsa (poor urban planning) and there’s alot of things to details. Probinsyano? Punyemas! Mas marangal pa ata kami sa mga taga maynila! Oh baka nga mas maunlad pa kami sa inyo.. i can walk through a crowded place here in my province without worries. Eh dyan ba sa maynila? No!

  94. I wonder if federalism will help the country. With the consideration of the culture and attitude of the Filipino people. I sense civil war. Just a thought of the mentality that “I’m better than you”.

  95. How fitting that this article is on ‘get real philippines’ because this author needs to ‘get real’. And talk about people from Mindanao throwing tantrums. This ‘article’ is a shabby excuse for one because what it is is a long drawn out tantrum from a spoiled Manileñ. Let’s not feed the troll folks.

  96. Wow ang saya ng admin ng site na eto…ang kagagahan at katarantaduhan ng “writer” nila is causing much traffic sa site nila. E di ang saya nila. Wag na patulan. Di naman lahat maiimprss ni duterte. Lets just be wise voters. Ano ba ieexpect nyo sa tabloid-like na site na ito? Blah.

    1. And yet you took the time to write a lot of comments on this site. (We’re checking your ISP, and you have multiple nicknames coming from the same server).

  97. U better make an article also about your hipster city, because i don’t know why you guys have a convict actor for a Mayor. Atleast us probisyanos down south are not stupid voters. I’m from Cebu and we never look down on our neighbors and call them Probinsyanos. You say manila dictates the winner, it might because your urbane city is full of squatters. Lol

  98. Better to be a dutertard than a getrealtard. At least with duterte u know he is a man of action and will effect real change, for better or worse.

    Getrealtards must be frustrated at being all talk no action for so long now they gone beastmode and lost their way.

    To all the bros and sis that have called out gro for their idiocy and discrimination, god bless you,

    Plenty of people purporting to be good and talking like angels… Until they get called out for the classist hypocrites they really are.

    Gg brothers and sisters!

    Getrealtards need to get real.

    The irony eh, bwahahaha!

  99. Hmmmmnnn. huwag nyong gamitin si Duterte o ang Duterte supporters para sumikat ang blog nyo. Palibhasa kasi hindi sikat ang website n’yo. Para kayong Bandera!

    1. Good point there. This is a blog with all it’s unreliable insights and opinion. I came here for the comments. Not a single positive comment.

  100. A normal person by now would have issued a apology.

    But kate, with full endorsement of the grp admin and other writers continues to dig in and show us what a wonderful character she is with her willy wonka box of sterotypes.

    According to her there is a pecking order for those who accept the reality of it, and that it is Manilenyo first..superior to the probinsyanos..

    Kate, and GRP.. Youse can go get FUCKED.

    Don’t shame us by calling yourself filipinos.

    You criticise our people for many years.. Now we see the base emotions motivating your posts…
    And you wonder why people think your website is a joke now?

    Ugly natured tards that need to get real. Your website name is a fallacy.

  101. Very Good Kate… Your blog is receiving good traffic now…
    Nice Strategy… Maybe i should also write something like this to other presidentiables…
    Keep it Up Girl…

  102. i can’t stop myself from reacting to this, i’m sorry.

    Yes! Manila is the richest city and there’s no doubt about that when I went there just last weekend. But could you answer this question though? I only went and stayed in a few cities simply because i did not wanna wander around because of the very heavy traffic . Anyway, my question, how come i came across more beggars in those few places than here in the entire Davao City (which is by the way the largest city in terms of land area) ?

    And have you noticed that most of the country’s presidents in the past were probinsyanos/nas? What does this prove? Manila needs an outsider for a baby sitter!

    i do not have a problem with Manila, I don’t live there anyway. Now if all Manila people think the same way as you, then we better not share our “probinsyano” mayor then!

    And how ironic, you call us ‘tards but Davao has a higher literacy rate than Manila.

    Next time you write something, learn to reasearch and be open minded. Because, don’t get me wrong, you’re a stupid, close-minded immature person that needs to grow up.

  103. sige, ipagpalagay nating may punto ka, but what’s with all the derogatory remarks dude? We’re all filipinos here. Your article would only prove that Manileños think so highly of Manila (I dont wanna say it, but your place is not that great compared to someother places other than davao), and regarding politics? Yep you’re the epicenter. Of its downfall that is. Research more on your shit man, and girl, i read your last article, you seem to love being prim and proper about things, your article isnt what you preached. Gotta say, you dumbed yourself down like the “tards” youre bashing. Sorry girl.

  104. Kate,
    Everyone here against sa post mo, accept mo na lang na mali ka talaga. Ikaw lang talaga nagtatangol sa article mo.

  105. Kate,

    Everyone here against sa post mo, accept mo na lang na mali ka talaga. Ikaw lang talaga nagtatangol sa article mo.

  106. God, someone please tell me this Kate girl is kidding. I mean, she has to be… Right?! This is just plain pathetic to me, to be honest.

    But in the case that she’s not, I suggest you sit this girl down while I give her my lecture.

    I bet not. So, I guess this is the part where I say it is utterly pointless to argue with you but let me go on, anyway because someone clearly has to knock some senses into your system.

    First of all, DAVAO IS NOT A ‘PROBINSIYA’ ok? It’s a city for fuck’s sake and though it may not be as urbanized as your Manila, most of us here are contented with the way our city operates. For what it’s worth, we fucking have 911. Do you? DO YOU, MS. KATE NATIVIDAD? DOES YOUR MANILA HAVE 911? No. That’s right, so if I were you, I’d begin humbling myself now.

    I don’t think I have to elaborate on the Central 911 matters. After all, I’m assuming you’ve already read about that in other posts. But Davao City has the most advanced CCTV cameras in the Philippines, Ms. Natividad, and did I mention that we have it in almost every corner of our streets? Plus, the LRT project in Davao is already on progress. Haven’t you heard of that? Uh-oh. Someone might not have done their research properly.

    Second, my Davao City is NOT a terrorist-infested hinterland pipsqueak. Again, haven’t you heard that Davao City has the lowest crime rate in the PH? Goddamnit, we can text in jeepneys without the fear of getting our phones snatched; we can walk at ungodly hours without the fear of getting raped; we can ride cabs without the fear of not having “barya” because the driver would surely not return our change if we gave them huge amount of bills- hell, we can ride cabs even when we’re drunk on our knees and still not get abused by the driver.

    I believe I’ve proven my point, but let me leave you with a little something, Kate. Don’t you think that your post was barbaric? Calling us probinsyanos and belittling what we can offer is definitely not something a grown up would do. You, too, deserve a happy meal, my dear.

    Lots of love,
    Your Davaoeña reader

  107. To Everyone:

    Please dont bother to read her negative and destructive article. This is simply spreading more hate to the world we live in.

    Dont try liking it or spreading it in the Internet.

    She finds pleasure of doing so, and wants to profit or earn fame by bashing other Filipinos.

    Everyone is free to share their ideas / beliefs online… but it is our choice to ignore and stop her degrading articles to negatively influence or make others feel bad or small about themselves.

    God bless us all… And may also God Bless Kate a heart kind enough to realize her wrong doings.

  108. Oh crap. I can’t believe I just wasted my time reading an article like this. How did this end up in my facebook? I can’t believe people give a shit about this unreliable article.

    This girl clearly doesn’t have any idea about economics. Its amazing that this site lets their writers to be this unreliable and clearly doesn’t do their homework well.

    1. I totally agree with you. This is an article with the word “joke” written all over it. This girl doesn’t know political science, economics, statistics, and even writing. No substance, just all opinion.

      They are good marketing strategist though. I believe they have just increased online traffic for this site by posting this nonsense.

  109. “imperial Manila” I like your term.. so classy hahaha.. well unfortunately it will end.. duterte will not get any votes there? hahaha we’ll see just dont forget many so called syanos are currently registered there right now.. 4m out of 9m population manila city alone?? you’ll see what syanos can do wait for may2016..vhahaha

  110. Frustrated artist or frustrated for an attention? There is really no problem if Manila is winning. In the first place this is the main reasin why Mindanao wants to go separately. Do you even know this issue? Ilang porsyento ba ang naiaakyat naming income sa Malacanang? We have the resources and without us you wont survive.Other than that, ilang porsyento lang naibabalik samin? Kung tutuusin sa probinsya kayo umaasa. Ponyeta.

  111. Hi Kat. I like the way your write. So much spunk in there. This is the kind of article one writes on issues that are not really socially relevant, and usually of no grave consequences to life. But you took on something above the usual mundane things you usually write, and I expected you to up your writing skills as well. Alas, a disappointment. You have suddenly become a political scientist with nothing more than generalizations to offer and your usual spunk vocabularies. So, here are some tips to make your article a bit more classy like what you are portraying to be.

    1) When writing articles on topics like this, at least study a little bit of Political Science, or interact with Political Scientist/ experts, or read as much books/ articles you can about the subject matter. That way, your article may have more substance. You sounded like someone who wants to be taken seriously as an expert.

    2) Don’t generalize, and don’t jump to conclusions. You have just committed all fallacies known to man, Fallacy of Composition and Post Hoc included. Gather data, girl. You said you are not a retard, and you can do the math. Apparently, you simply did percentage calculations base on some imaginary data. How about gathering data first, statistically treat it, then establish correlations, and finally analyze it before you write articles? If the analysis is as easy as you did it, everyone would have known with certainty who will win the elections. I’m just wondering why nobody has asked you to be their political analyst, yet.

    3) At least use politically correct terminologies. Reading your article is like listening to a young girl throwing tantrums, instead of sharing perspectives with sense.

    4) Be respectful. You would have received positive comments if you were. While this may have increased online traffic to your site, harsh comments may eventually get into your system. And that wouldn’t be good to your overflowing confidence.

    So, while writing this, I just kind of realized that this is an article with the word “joke” written all over it. No substance, and no intelligent insights. You just wrote something for the sake of writing. And I just fell for it.

    Good strategy, though.

    1. All tips are good, except number 3. Politically correct does not really translate into anything especially if the Failipino masa are reading this. You want them to read this essay like it was some law school review? If you want them to take notice on anything with politics here in the Failippines, then you better use “shock and awe” or rather scorched earth tactics. Shock them to their sense. Shock their sensibilities, their moral upbringing, their way of life. Masokista kaya mga Filipino? 300 years of Spain, 20 years of America, and 5 years of Japan. Marami pa rin dapat baguhin.

  112. Although I’m not a big fan of labels–namely, Probinsyana, Coño (which is really demeaning in Spanish), Manileño, etc.–simply because I believe they should not exist, this article DOES NOT OFFEND me at all. The tone with which this article was written implies that the purpose of this piece lies beyond diction.

    Let me attempt to re-phrase her message and also to inject my own thoughts to further illustrate the points as I understood them here.

    First, the author did acknowledge and respect the right of Mr. Duterte, like the rest of us, to aspire and work for his ambitions. However, his rising popularity has compelled some extremist supporters to vandalize social media with hate campaign materials (satires, memes, etc.) against all other candidates, bashing in the process all those who beg to disagree or would like to express their support for another candidate. In Twitter, for example, people even make fake accounts just to troll those who would like to campaign for another but Mr. Duterte. However, this behavior has also encouraged more people to hop aboard trending topics, refusing detailed arguments and bypassing critical analysis of the complex nature of the problems at the national scale–this is the author’s second point, I believe.

    But I totally understand the people’s unrest, frustration over the government. I’ve seen the extremes of poverty and wealth, its increasing disparity.

    Third point: Numerically, Manila (NCR, Metro Manila, Quezon City, argue wherever you choose to drop your anchor at) remains to lead in terms of revenue and index of living. Furthermore, in terms of population density, we don’t need the census to gauge the magnitude of urban congestion; we feel it readily in public transportation. The numbers may help explain why the Liberal Party easily won the past national elections despite its varying popularity in other parts of the country. Elections, just like in Congress and the Senate, remains to be a game of numbers courted by mainstream media. Divide the country by regions and the bulk of Luzon will persist as it is. The geographically disadvantaged areas (GIDAS), which heavily rely on national appropriations rather than their own income, will first suffer the adverse consequences of devolution, or more permanently, federalism.

    If you want to have a taste of federalism, come to Cebu (my most recent object of study). Get sick there but do not avail of private services. Instead, experience public institutions. There is no paucity of competent clinicians but a severe want for more qualified administrators to handle inequity in healthcare services. A masters in either Public Administration or Public Policy isn’t exactly the norm here when considering appointments into public office. Inadequate managerial skills can severely limit, even impair a de-centralized system such as in healthcare. Between Manila, Metro Cebu and Davao, the Cebuano health situation probably is more representative of the majority (my opinion) so use that as a model to estimate the country’s readiness for federalism. We are not yet a developed country.

    This leads us to the author’s fourth point: strategic and sound platforms. To come up with valuable plans, one must have a thorough understanding of the problems, the nature, the root, the consequences. Putting up more roads (with borrowed money) may seem a brilliant idea to address the traffic situation in the capital. But I believe it is not the most cost-effective solution, a costly Band-Aid with potentially more harmful long-term repercussions (such as an even more decrease of our currency value and gold reserves), to the real problem, which isn’t a scarcity of roads but the people’s desire to flee from POVERTY. In a medical analogy, decongestants like Neozep or Decolgen only address the symptoms but do nothing about the etiology or cause of the runny nose, which, in most cases is a viral infection or allergic flares. To put out very simplistic resolutions as the use of decongestants sometimes say something about the lack of deeper understanding of the nature, pattern or collection of the symptoms. Experience not all the time can replace the value of a proper and strong theoretical background–as in politics.

    Fifth point: In the game of politics, Mr. Duterte’s PR team, if he actually hired one, has done a miserable job in advising him. Imagining the team exists, with their collective experience, they could have counseled him properly, in speeches, interviews, etc., instead of letting his running mate Cayetano tail him like an apologetic dog all the time. His fellow men can vouch for his patriotism and authenticity, but he is really ill-advised. As in many aspects, campaigning differs in the local and national level.

    In governance, the use of models must be applied with precaution and adjusted proportionally when scaled up or down. Deliberate abuse of law to implement the law violates the very heart of the law, but may be done nevertheless to control a small-scale conflict, but when re-scaled to national proportions, can have seriously devastating consequences. Singapore was able to achieve prosperity with strong policies, not extra-judicial violence. However, if the people really want faster results with selective regard for the consequences, and prefer the suggested drastic, radical methods, we can suggest to Mr. Duterte to amend the Human Security Act of 2007 and add ‘drug suspects’ and ‘anyone deemed evil by him’ to the definition of ‘terrorist’–all this to make the deed ‘lawful’, as in Arroyo’s terms.

    Sixth point: The author does not mind who wins as president next year. I’m on the same page. However, all I am wishing for is a series of debates among the Presidential and Senatorial candidates. A debate of ideas, not personalities, to level the playing field and allow other candidates to have more exposure in mainstream media. So that whoever will win can borrow those ideas thrown into the cockpit, and the Filipino nation will ultimately benefit from hereon.

    I hope I have somehow shed light here and encouraged people to fight peacefully for the more pressing and truly important issues. In addition, I believe we can argue and disagree, like decent individuals, without the use of profanity.

    The Spectator
    from the seaside villages of Cebu

    PS: To the author, the contributors and the site admin: good job, guys! You’ve stirred up intense emotions from the increasingly apathetic online generation. To write is to choose. Even if it means having to wage a war on yourselves for the very people you want to defend.

    1. Superb analysis. Hats off to you. xD This is the kind of nuanced, grounded argument that makes an essay worth reading.

      1. Thank you! I hope more of us will choose more peaceful means in everything. Only then can we pay more attention to the things that are truly important. We can always agree to disagree, but we must not lose sight of our common goals as a nation.

        The government has several flaws, is too far from perfect, but it isn’t a total failure. I just refuse to believe the Filipinos have lost all hope.

    2. Palamunin also, since manila dont plant, fish, raise liveatocks for food… hate that when used to describe a person from manila behind their back of course.. my response to take is: thats not right cause they can cook….

    3. now this is what i call a “COMMENT”. to all folks/bashers here, read and learn from “The Spectator”.
      respect from NCR

    4. Hi The Spectator, thanks! That’s a great summation of the message I was trying to bring across in my article!

      Overall, as we’ve observed, there’s just this reluctance to put effort into thinking things through and instead going down the easy path of simply latching on to a personality and taking what he or she says as gospel truth. That’s pretty much Philippine politics summarized in one sentence.

      It’s not surprising then the way Filipinos seem to not learn anything from the past. We’re just too lazy to think. and keep committing the same mistakes over and over again.

  113. I’ve a message for the people who attack on the writer, too:

    You are right in many things–grammar, insults, etc. I see this as only an exercise of free speech. Everyone in this country is entitled to that freedom: from those people using hate campaigns all over social media, posting insulting videos, memes of candidates or their supporters, to those making fake accounts to bully others, to those who write satire articles, to the people who deliberately aim to misinform the public through figures (such as rankings) taken out of context, infographics and newspaper articles, to those who curse heads of states, to movie stars who delivered impeccably the line PUNYETA.

    She might have sounded like in a fit, but some you turned beast mode and then ignored some rules of grammar and spelling in English and Filipino. But the important thing here really is that we celebrate Liberté before we will have another Martial Law.

    Keep the ball rolling. Cheers, my fellow men!

  114. If Manila is classy, then where are you from Kate?.. The next meal you take in Manila think about this: that food was not grown, farmed, harvested, fished in Manila…. Probinsyanos put food in your mouth. And dont forget its not classy to talk while eating. Hipster is ok, palamunin is closer..

  115. too much hate comments at Kate. i don’t want to read anymore mahaba na rin ang thread. let me just focus on the title: “he needs to be a bit classier”. i agree. most of us in the office are dutertards and one of my good friend is also dismayed about the cussing incident and he said “tangina pare napanood ko ung minura niya si pope. sa atin ok lang eh pero si pope un tangina lol. NCR is catholic kaya kung ako adviser niya ingat sa mga sasabihin.” we all agreed. my officemates were dismayed over that incident but still dutertards. lol.

    if i’m his adviser i’ll have him talk base on the crowd:

    1. to our seamen and taxi drivers, blue collar workers:

    go to: 3:26 mark


    2. joke about women. instead of saying short-time” this is better:

    3. general crowd: mixed of commoners, elitist (manileno/manilena or whoever) and CEO, businessmen.

    I will give him an opening script:
    starts like this:

    good morning everybody, i thank you all for attending this gathering as you all know that i’m am now going to run for the highest office in the land. The Presidency.

    then followed by: “well, since this is not yet the campaign period let me just read my speech last time at Asia CEO Forum when i was invited as guest speaker. this may serve as an answer why i’m running for the office. then start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEhp1WMqHzo

    when asked about the killings i’ll advice him to just play the “reverse psychology” tactic like, “go ahead file against me. DQ me? go ahead!”
    (he’s not actually the one doing it really but he’s the mayor so he needs to answer).

    His image would have been different to what we all get in the news today.

    #DutertevsMiriam2016 #Duterte2016

  116. been a follower of GRP for a while not sure for how long but i have read some from the original blogs from 2000…and have been on their side from day one…on this one though, i have to say, kate has gone overboard…the message got lost and overwhelmed by the tone and the use of language not suited for intelligent conversation that it turned me off..if i got turned off, and i must admit i am a GRP fan, how much so the other people? like what some commenters said, i got the message, i just didn’t like the way it was delivered…

  117. Kung makapagmalaki naman tong bobitang to parang namang kahanga-hanga at napaka-ganda ng record ang Manila nya, at napakakawawa ng lahat ng mga lugar sa probinsya! Kami ngang nasa probinsya, pag nabibigyan ng offer makapunta sa manila, kahit makatungtong lang sa airport nyo halos madepress na sa nerbyos at baka dyan na kmi mamatay sa pollution, krimen at kung ano pang kaguluhan dyan. Sa Davao nga probinsya na the ONLY SMART CITY in the Philippines pagkatapos makuhang partner ang IBM! Mga world-class medical equipments di lang sa private hospital nakikita, pati sa government hospital din. Ikaw? May Central 911 ba yang bonggang Maynila mo? E sa Davao kahit emergency response equipments, world class!! Tax sa Davao nakikita san napupunta. Jan? Sa inyo napupunta halos lahat ng tax ng bansa, wala namang nakikinabang kundi bulsa ng mga hinayupak nyong mga politiko! WALANG PROBLEMANG NALULUTAS kahit “mapera” kayo dhil sa tax ng bayan! Proud ka sa Maynila mo? Sayo na yang Manila mo! Nagbubuhay masarap kami d2 sa Davao at di namin kawalan kung matalo c Duterte. Magbubuhay masarap parin kami umuwi mang talunan ang mayor namin.

    Eto basahin mo, para manliit ka sa hiya para sa boto ng Manilang minamalaki mo:


  118. If you’re going to make a big stink in public and try to make it sound like you’re smart, at least get your grammar right. “How difficult to understand is that?” -no. You say, “How difficult is that to understand?” or “Is that so difficult to understand?” Capisce?

  119. Dear Kate Natividad,

    You don’t have the monopoly of good intention or good leaders to challenge Duterte to be “URBANE” in order to win Manila’s votes. This argument obviously is very short sighted. I believe Manila’s voters are not discriminatory like you who look at Mindanao as if we are second class.
    For you to say that your place is better than ours in terms of peace and order cannot be supported by statistics. If Manila is safer than Davao City, then why are we the ‘SAFEST CITY IN THE WORLD’ according to Numbeo.com? If NCR is safer than Davao City, why do you have crimes committed in broad daylight such as the murder of the mother of Pastillas Girl and the ambush of a Bulacan Engineer lately?
    So we are in the same boat. You’re not better than us because you don’t have a Rodrigo Duterte who had made Davao City what it is today.

  120. Hey, Kate’s post makes perfect sense, in a very provocative way. I actually think that the Dutertards are sorely lacking in class, especially in the internet. Don’t get me wrong, if the election was today, I’d vote for him, but his chances really is not very good, kasi he banks everything on media exposure and brazenness of his actions, which the blind Dutertard worships and follows. I mean, if you really support a guy, make yourself representative of him, even if he is not classy and presentable, you should be. Phil. Politics is a game of public image, and supporters are a large part of that image.

    Actually sobrang naiinis ako sa comments na “magnanakaw/corrupt/adik ka siguro kaya ayaw mo siya”. That is not how you argue. I hate it. I like Duterte but I hate how most of his bandwagoners act and write.

    2 things I don’t agree with you is the blatant classism you exude and that Manila should be won to win the elections. Manila is a large part, yes, but why do you think these politicians appeal to regions and suck up to their regionalism to get votes? Manila is the easy part. Regions are the tricky ones.

  121. Woah whoa Gurl! Your article is full of hate. Try to suck up some sugar as it might help you lessen your bitterness. And stop quoting people outside Manila as “probinsyanos”. It ain’t deniable that a large number of percentage of people living in Manila are not originally from here. Also, talking about class, I grew up in Cebu and Manila had always been my home too since my father is from here. And I don’t think we still need to discuss who defines CLASS way better. Duterte may have his ways of expressing his self but they were never trashy. You may be thinking otherwise coz your definition of CLASS is pretty much distorted. Not just because you have written an article that makes people outside Manila look low, having them called “probinsyanos”, doesn’t make you any classier.

  122. People missed the point in this article. I read it and went like okay. Then I scrolled through the comments to the very end until I completely forgot what the article was about and I thought, was it really that bad? I read it again. And again. And again. People missed the point came the comments, the author included. Allow me to break this post down:

    One, author is fine with Dueterte but as stated, he needs to better his image even by the slightest to appeal to everyone since the articles I’ve been seeing usually is about an allegation against his bad manners then the next day, he makes a retort with his running mate saying “Yeah he’s a hard pill to swallow but he’s a really nice guy”. His current publicity revolves around defending the type of person he is rather than his platform and plans for the Philippines. I think this is what the author meant by classier. It’s like how people attacked the writer, calling her a whore, for her poor use of terminologies, instead of debating the idea. Dueterte is kinda like that right now, fending off people attacking his person rather than his platform.

    Two, describing Manila as the Imperial with the whole Philippines revolving around it is meant to be an insult to Manila and the political structure of the Philippines. This place is a cesspool. But you can’t deny the fact that Manila does get the lion’s share of the Philippines wealth, political power, influence, and concentrated population. It’s unfair but it’s true.

    Three, the term bobotantes does not attack Dueterte voters directly, people! The author wrote bobotantes decide who runs the Philippines is meant to attack people who don’t think about their candidate’s capabilities, accomplishments, and competency to vote but rather determine their votes by popularity, pity appeal, and the occasional bribery. If Dueterte is truly a capable guy, he’d rack in smart voters but unfortunately he needs dumb voters too because numbers wise.. Dumb > smart.

    Four, the math is simple and sound in the post and had nothing to debate about population or whatever. It’s just simple division. If we have Binay, Dueterte, Santiago, and Roxas running for office, all you need is majority to win. Unfortunately, that majority is at least 26% of the votes. Alarming, isn’t it? That’s why I’m not into the lots of candidates running thing. If we had two choices then you’d really see democracy since more than half of the population are supporting the winner instead of a measly quarter of the population. That leaves 75% of the population against the winner. The rule of majority is a joke!

    Do note my thoughts though, the author may have overstepped to describe Davao city the way she did. I see its progress and I’m happy for it. Also, the usage of the term probinsyano and retard was also poorly done which caused more disconnect. I’m offended by both terms since I’m not from the metro and I have first hand experience with mentally troubled folks. The ramblings of GRP people in the comments were also poor points which just added fuel to the fire instead of clearing out the point of the post.

    Attack the idea, not the person.

    1. 1. Una kapag gumawa ka ng article tapos biglang naging 300+ yung comments at most nagdidisagree tapos sasabihing “People missed the point in this article”, it’s either mali yung audience mo or hindi maayos yung pagpresent mo sa article. Ngayon okay lang naman magpresent ng opinyon na hindi popular pero kelangan mabackupan mo ng citations kasi mahirap ipagdikdikan sa iba na may ibang paniniwala lalo na dito sa internet.

      2. “His current publicity revolves around defending the type of person he is rather than his platform and plans for the Philippines” Kung susubaybayan mo lahat ng speech niya, mapapansin mo may mga plano siya sa mga issue sa bansa. Actually, lahat ng mga kumakandidato nasasabi na yung mga plano nila sa interview. Pero bakit napupunta tayo sa mga publicity? Simple lang, dahil sa power/biases ng national media dito sa pilipinas. ABSCBN, Inquirer, GMA, TV5, lahat yan malaki impluwensiya sa pagportray ng tao sa public. May mga editorial biases yan same with sa ibang bansa na nagdudulot ng biases sa mga nanonood din.

      3. “The term bobotantes does not attack Dueterte voters directly, people!” Personally, agree ako na hindi niya inaatake yung Duterte voters pero yung tono niya is nagmamayabang. I wont call voters bobo because sa preference nila. It’s a harsh term. I’d rather put up a study or cite one supporting my claim na may correlation yung IQ sa voting preferences. Pero isang doctoral thesis na yun. Hindi lang din puro accomplishment ang basehan sa pagboto: major political events, public actions,portrayal ng media, tv ads, money, political parties, take sa mga issues at personal emotions nung voter. Hindi ibig sabihin na kapag nagfocus ka sa accomplishments mas matalino ka na at pwede mo nang ipagmayabang yun.

      4. “If we have Binay, Duterte, Santiago, and Roxas running for office, all you need is majority to win. Unfortunately, that majority is at least 26% of the votes.” “If you are not with us, you are against us” fallacy. Kung 26% bumoto sa 4 na tao, hindi ibig sabihin against yung 73% sa remaining 3. Kung irank ko yung apat sa ganito: Santiago, Duterte, Mar, Binay, hindi ibig sabihin against ako kay Duterte, second ko lang siya pero hindi ako against kung siya mamamalakad. Oo kelangan mo ng at least 26% para manalo, pero hindi ibig sabihin hindi well-represented yung 26% na yun.

      5. “Attack the idea, not the person.” Keep in mind the audience, nasa internet kayo, kung may mga controversial opinions tayo, expect na magrereact yung buong internet, mapaadhominem man o hindi, maliban nalang kung gawin niyo tong private group or idisable niyo yung comments.

      If you promote critical thinking in this site, baka naman pwede bawasan yung mga ganitong article na nagpropromote lang ng misunderstanding sa kapwa niyo Pinoy. Kasi I was expecting na bibigyan ng focus ni author bakit importante yung Manila votes. I could hint you on that. Most probably because of media. Manila has the monopoly of the national media. Kunting bias lang, pwede nila baguhin yung mga airtime ng political political ads. So baka pwede magfocus nalang si author dun hindi na yung manila vs probinsya economy na mahirap isum-up sa isang blog post at magpropromote lang lalo ng bigotry. Malaki effect ng national media TV and print ads sa voting preferences. Pero I think magbabago na yan sa ngayon dahil sa panibagong medium: internet at Facebook.

  123. Attention DuterTards:

    Crawl back to your Caves in Davao City. Do your own thing there, with your foul mouthed Lunatic Viagra Poster Boy Mayor, Duterte. He is a puppet of Aquino and Mar Roxas, anyway.

    We don’t want you here. Your opinions show your ignorance on the issues in our country. You are only contributing your nonsense on this blog site.

  124. Hahah! This is funny and looks like it was written by a ticked off, ego-centric manileño..hahaha! You keep seeing yourselves as the supreme beings since you live in the capital but the only real difference between the capital and the other cities south of the Philippines are the numbers; the number of people living there, crime rate, businesses, malls, birth rate, etc.
    I’m not from Davao City but I’ve definitely never considered moving to the capital because you’re right — YOU WIN at overpopulation, traffic congestion, pollution, crime rate and birth rate, poverty and stupidity.

  125. Hi. Pinanganak po ako sa Payatas nanirahan don hanggang 12years old. Madami pa pong puno tas may ilog pa na malinis non kung saan naglalaba ang mga nanay, nagkekwentuhan. Back then, hindi pa po kilala ang Payatas na tambakan. Nakatira pa din po ang mga relatives ko hanggang ngayon don although lahat po sila ay tapos at may magagandang trabaho para lumipat sa ibang lugar since napamahal napo sa Payatas. Totoo po na halos lahat po ng mga kapitbahay namin na paunti unting dumami at nagbuo ng isang community ng slum kasama namin ay galing ng probinsiya. Hindi ko po ito sinasabi na masamang bagay. Ito po ay resulta ng pagkakaroon ng pangarap na mapabuti ang buhay sa Metro Manila, magkaron ng trabaho para sa pamilya. Naiintindihan ko po Ito dahil mahal ko ang Payatas at ang mga Tao don either from Manila or from the provinces.
    Hindi ko po iboboto si Duterte because of the following reasons.
    1. I think that he is like an instant hero who will kill for us to be safe so that we can happily go to church every Sunday with our family to thank god for the great week we had. How convenient is that! In other words I feel that he is just like other politicians but the most brilliant rhetorically, it scares me. I don’t think that just because he uses Masa words does not mean he speaks for us. Unfortunatelly he is the easiest to understand and the most controversial, the surprise is making people excited.
    2. I don’t think that killing street drug pushers would help at all. He is just likely to kill underlings. If you want to get rid of the grass you’ll have to cut the roots. Eitherway, babalik Lang yan. Bakit kailangan nating ipapatay. If he is scary enough he can make the prison system like hell! Criminals should suffer alive! Killing them would only create new criminals. If you kill someone, you kill the hope of their mothers, their daughters and sons. You kill 100 drug pushers a day, you’ll have thousands of families a year questioning injustice, wanting revenge. This is one of the simplest reason why war does not end.
    3. I have an interpretation of what he wants to imply. Let us kill the rejects of the society so we can protect only those who can contribute and are potential contributors. This could benefit people above poverty lines. Why should we not vote for him when he can make our small business stable being away atleast from robbers etc.. But if you recosnider thinking again, you would notice that most drug pushers, criminals etc. come from poor people or those that have not had the chance to receive proper education. Why should the government execute what had been the result of the failure of the system? What if some officers decide sunugin nalang ang illegal settlers para umalis, magkaron ng ambush sa squatter para hulihin ang mga adik. Maraming inosenteng tao ang mamamatay. The poor could suffer more while the rich could go to resorts and relax.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think that Mr. Duterte is credible to be a president. However some of his expressions insult those that still continuously believe that there is still hope for the country not through violence but through helping each other. If you think it’s ideal and far from realization, I disagree because I think that execution of people will only have it’s effect during his term and will not even touch the roots of the problem, will not contribute to building a strong foundation of peace to our country. Anything that comes from violence eventually ends. A wrongdoing cannot be corrected by another wrong. There is only black and white. The result does not justify the means. A man who uses violence cannot advocate peace.

    But if he wins, I hope that he would do everything he said on the media, kill the addicts, arrest the corrupt and his other plans (that are just almost the same with the other candidates) everything we would like to hear the most, or else he will just be the biggest scam artist on the history of the Philippines. And if he wins, I hope that the Filipinos would really support him and not be impatient to call for another People’s power even when he decides another dictatorship because the effect whether the government is effective or not only becomes evident after generations.

    Lastly, please don’t fight Kung nauna ba ang itlog o manok. Let’s respect each other’s opinions.

  126. Question, what place here in the Philippines has the American system of a safety system of 911, ambulance that have equipment to save a person’s life, new fire and police equipment? Yes, it is his city, unfortunately, his people do not speak about the best things about his work. I do not know the goal of his campaign at all. I really do not understand why no one spotlights his good. Please help me understand the politics here.

  127. Hahaha… may pa-classier2x ka pa.. talo naman..
    Overconfidence and underestimating ur enemy is the root of your problem..
    its time for Mindanao to Lead..

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