3 Things That The “Fast Forward” Campaign Video Says About Mar Roxas

I’ve halved my bottle of whisky since I started and I’ve finished the entire Human Centipede trilogy but, unfortunately, I still can’t get the “Fast Forward” campaign video out of my head. My world has already begun to spin and blur but just about every detail of the accursed video stubbornly sticks to my memory. After finishing this sequel of sorts to my last article, I am going to finish my bottle of whisky, move on to some stronger form of alcohol and proceed to watch Tusk.

The thing is, while “Fast Forward” failed miserably in attracting more supporters for Mr. Roxas, it nonetheless reflects quite a bit about the man himself. Closely examining some of the details of the video can reveal to us just what Mr. Roxas is actually about. Indeed, if you’re looking for an honest presentation of Mr. Roxas, then watch the video and see for yourself.

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Here’s what I’m talking about:

He’s A Charlatan

The whole video is centered around various actors and actresses playing the part of common Filipinos in society. Truth be told though, everyone knows that majority of our most well-known celebrities (most of whom can be found in the video) are of mixed race and look nothing like your average Filipino. Better yet, one needs only remember that “actor” or “actress” simply means pretender, which is exactly the kind of person Mar Roxas really is.

From carrying market goods to pedaling pedicabs, Mr. Roxas seems to be doing it just to gain people’s sympathy and votes. Unfortunately, people who know him personally know that he is quite a snob and a jerk. Just like the actors and actresses in the video, Mr. Roxas’ attitude is far from pleasant and probably has quite a bit to hide about himself and his motives.

He Has No Actual Plan As A Politician

Sure, the video itself shows a bit about what the Philippines will become should the “Daang Matuwid” continue under Mar Roxas. Unfortunately, there’s no real explanation on how he’s supposed to bring it about. In fact, “Daang Matuwid”, for all its hype, has little explanation to go on.

It’s almost like the suspension of disbelief wherein the LP is just trying to convince us that if we what they tell us, we’ll get the paradise shown on the video. However, one has to wonder how that can even happen considering he’s given very little detail on how he can fulfill his promises. Indeed, if anything, the video simply just implies that if you don’t vote for Mar Roxas, then you must not be a true fan of the celebrities found in the video.

He Is A Poor Manager

We all know that proper management is very important in being a good politician. With the video and its quite possibly very expensive production, we can see just how dumb and not to mention selfish Mar Roxas is as a “manager”.

If he can afford the expensive fees of some of the celebrities shown in “Fast Forward”, one can only wonder why he wasn’t able to be of better help to the Yolanda survivors. Indeed, if only he had spent more of his funds actually helping the common people instead of funding his pathetic PR stunts, perhaps he’d actually gain more sympathy and votes.


6 Replies to “3 Things That The “Fast Forward” Campaign Video Says About Mar Roxas”

  1. Thank you for saving me 4 minutes of my life. Thanks to you I didn’t bother to watch the Fast Forward Video. You are my hero. I’m not being sarcastic.

    1. You are welcome. That is what a “true hero” does. A true hero sacrifices his own welfare regardless of pain or suffering so that others may live happy lives. I sacrificed 4 minutes of my life so that people like you need not suffer the same fate as I.

      After being forced to endure those 4 terrible and agonizing minutes, I took drastic measures to forget the details of what I just saw. I watched the whole Human Centipede trilogy and Tusk while drinking whisky in the hopes that one horror will cancel out the other.

      My plan succeeded and have forgotten most of those four minutes. Unfortunately, I am now plagued by the memories of the four films I just mentioned.

      Please suggest some good movies to watch so I can forget about Human Centipede and Tusk!

  2. He spent the missing Typhoon Yolanda relief fund on this stupid video.

    Mar Roxas is a very dishonest man. He is a thief and a scammer. He has no plans for the country.

  3. In the Failippines…It’s an election year. Manuel “Mar” Araneta Roxas II would prefer that voters didn’t use common sense.

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