Noynoy and Iqbal Both Weep For Paris


Noynoy’s tips for success. Blame your own soldiers and protect their killers. And later make fun of the widows.








Why do terrorists make demands? Because the Philippine government will grant them.





If this caption was true they would be fired by now numb-nuts.




SOP , Noynoy’s Blame game is a lot like baseball. It is played daily.


“We stand with France now, in the firm belief that the light must never dim in Paris.”

Statement issued by Noynoy’s office. 


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Coming from the office of President of the Philippines, pardon my French but this is complete and utter B.S. It makes zero sense for Noynoy to condemn the attacks in Paris November 13 2015 when he has been publicly slobbering on Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) chief peace negotiator Mohagher Iqbal for a while now. Of course the Philippine government in their infinite wisdom deal with them as legitimate legal entities and not as armed marauders who assault civilians like their ISIS brethren . Does any of them pay any taxes? Besides Iqbal who is drawing a government salary  under an assumed name? Let’s see you try that in your work. Makes zero sense to condemn Paris attacks and yet treat BBL as anything other than a slap in the face to any innocent life ever taken by any religion fueled terrorist on our shores. Let’s negotiate with thugs who are unaccountable for their heinous crimes and give them billions of taxpayer money, land and allow their laws to override laws that apply to the whole country. That is really deep intellectual stuff. Of course vote for Lobredo and Roxas who believe 100% in all of this.



Noynoy so eager to pass the BBL. Why????




Leni believes in the BBL. Then again she hitched her wagon to the star of Mar. She was already certifiable.



Nice respect for the SAF , Mar. Just doing your job shielding your boss, bff and who knows what else.

It is amazing how BS that B.S. wants us to swallow. Granted a few still believe him hook line and sinker.



You have to stand for something or you will fall for everything. I will slowly list what the MILF and the Philippine Government want you to fall for. The BBL at its core believes in expunging all the past sins of the MILF like they were never ever committed. Sins committed against unarmed men , women and children all with no warning. Yet you all are horrified by what happened in Paris.




The Philippine government thinks they can set up a sub state with armed rebels. Hey what can go wrong?



Iqbal claims the MILF are nothing like ISIS. Well why are you in a position to negotiate a peace treaty?





Look at Noynoy’s actions and juxtapose them with his statement about Paris. I don’t believe his words.




I bet the widows and children of the SAF 44 wish they were as coddled and spoiled by Noynoy.


Nothing’s good that uses bad
The heat goes on and it drives you mad
Scornful thoughts that fly your way
You should turn away ’cause there’s nothing more to say

The Alan Parsons Project


Who are the two poster boys for the BBL? One was a career traditional politician without a single law to his name despite a dozen years in Congress and in the Senate. Every “innovation” under his watch has been unconstitutional .  The other a man who admit he uses several aliases who wants you to trust him and his vision for Mindanao and the Philippines. When asked he can’t even provide a Philippine passport.  He represents a very well armed group who have been alleged to perform a host of atrocities. I believe it is fair to judge a man by what he has done. You really believe these two will come up with a peace deal of any substance??? I would give better odds to Vice Ganda beating Ronda Rousey in the octagon.


Noynoy treated them like discarded trash and claims he is with France.




Noynoy and Iqbal are joined at the hip.





Just like you can not un gay Sparky I doubt you can take the terrorist out of the MILF.

Just like you can not “un gay” Sparky I doubt you can take the terrorist out of the MILF.

“Sparky , don’t be gay!”

Stan Marsh to his dog. 

The BBL is a deal co authored by terrorists. I have no idea why anyone would believe that it would not address terrorist values and ideals. I don’t know how you bridge that gap? How you cross that divide between the Paris terrorists and the local ones. Just like Stan Marsh can not order his dog Sparky not to be gay, how any of you can believe the well armed outlaws that the MILF are will just stop being terrorists at the drop of a dime must be living in some fantasy land. Noynoy does not hide his affection for Iqbal or whatever name he is using today. I am supposed to trust him when neither he nor his mother was able to unmask who killed Ninoy Aquino.

standing here d

I don’t believe Noynoy stands with France. I can see him standing somewhere else though.




Do you see the MILF just laying down all their guns just like that?




Hands up who out there believe that the MILF will just hand this rifle over to the government when the BBL is signed.


In the wake of the terror in Paris, the MILF reaffirmed its rejection of violence.
“This is unacceptable. The MILF rejects acts of terror against humanity and all peace-loving peoples,”

Read more



Let me guess the MILF just spends your days playing mah jong and sipping ice tea. You operate in a region where civilians are bombed and nobody gets brought to justice nor do you volunteer finding out who perpetrated this acts if it indeed was not you. You have no idea who commits the atrocities. Who do you think you are with your no idea? Joseph Abaya ? Your group that rejects violence yet is armed with sniper rifles worth half a million pesos.  Let me guess, it just a phallic status symbol.


Noynoy and Iqbal / Abas want you to believe the BBL is good for you and your country. Noynoy based on the last five years couldn’t tell you about the constitution even if you gave him a Grade 7 social studies textbook. Noynoy by all appearances obfuscated his role in the events that lead to the deaths of the Mamasapano 44 .  Yet we are supposed to believe him that he stands with France. Iqbal is like Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery. Yet we are supposed to trust them when they say they resent the attacks on Paris. Yet we are supposed to trust them when they say the BBL is the road to peace. I trust them as far as I can throw Franklin Drilon.

7 Replies to “Noynoy and Iqbal Both Weep For Paris”

  1. President Benigno Aquino III kicked off his term by initiating a meeting with Murad Ibrahim, (MILF), in Tokyo in 2010. It was a move reminiscent of his late uncle, Senator Agapito Aquino, bandana around the head, seeking out Professor Misuari, (MNLF), in Jolo in 1987 to initiate a ‘Peace Agreement’ with him.. just after being elected to the Senate. (Why couldn’t they let sleeping dogs lie?)That meeting with Misuari, despite the glorious press releases, has, since,had terrible consequences for the country; judging by the chronic firefights caused by raids of the armed splinter group, the MILF, and flat-out bandits like the Abu Sayaff. These sporadic flareups went on through the administrations of Cory Aquino, Fidel Ramos, Erap Estrada and Gloria Arroyo…despite Cory’s and Ramos’ ARMM.
    Because of President BS Aquino’s meeting with Ibrahim.. just after being elected to the Presidency himself.. we are once again, back to square-one. The MILF, the once armed splinter group, will officially become Bangsamoro once the BBL is passed and ratified. The MNLF and the ARMM are out.. not even in the back burner because they are totally ‘out of the stove’.. or so it is hoped. (Can the constitutionally mandated ARMM be dismissed just like that?)
    The Bangsamoro, the new ”400-pound gorilla in the room” will now have an expanded land area,(30,, or 10% of the country’s 300,000); Quranic shariah law; and, their own armed militia,(police force).. even shared revenue with the Philippine government. In the BBL draft, Bangsamoro has a formidable charter of 58 “Exclusive Powers of the Bangsamoro Government”, plus 19 more “non-negotiable powers” tacked on for good measure. It will be an entity that can only be called a state.. not just a ‘jacked-up ARMM’. It will be an independent entity in and of itself. This development is as ominous and dangerous, as it is stupid and unnecessary. It must be stopped.

  2. If a man with an Alias come into your house, to make a deal with you; that include your: property, money and your future. Would you Trust Him?

    We salute the 44 fallen SAF heroes of the Mamapasano massacre. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of France, in their fight against the Islamic Radicals ISIS.

    ISIS/Al Queda/MILF have the same political/religious ideologies. They want to conquer and rule the world, and impose Sharia Laws of Islam to the world. It has been the religious/political ideology of their “Prophet Muhammad” in the 7th century. It continues as the political/religious ideology of their followers, in this present time.

    Murdering infidels; scamming infidels; making infidels their slaves; raping infidel women; lying and deluding infidels are their tools.

    The BBL Law will make a State within a State in the Philippines. With 70 Billion pesos, as subsidy for this State within a State.

    The ISIS terrorist shouted: “God is great”…before detonating their suicide bomb belts. Hoping to enter Paradise, with 72 virgins waiting for them, as rewards for their sacrifices.

    In the Philippines…the MILF/Al Queda/ISIS fighters, including Aquino and Mar Roxas’ buddy: “Iqbal”, whatever his true name is, do not need to wear suicide belts, and blow themselves.

    With a large territory in Mindanao and a 70 Billion pesos reward every year. They can create a “Paradise” here on Earth. Every MILF/Al Queda/ISIS fighter, including “Iqbal” could readily buy 72 virgins, as their wives. While Christian Filipino OFW workers, who are slaves in the Middle East, will remit this tons of money.

    “God is great”, indeed…stupid Filipinos…

  3. The mere fact that one seeks to negotiate is a blatant show of weakness, for me at least, with respect to the unrest in the south of Philippines. For me, they should be the one knocking at my door and asking for negotiations.

    If it was me, if these extremists create trouble, as sure as the raindrop falls to the ground I will be getting back at them with the full extent of the law and more. This would have been easy if our government focused on the military instead of enriching their own bank accounts with tax money.

    Show of force is necessary now more than ever. China is literally pushing as around and the Muslim extremists are basically fooling us with our own money. With all these the Philippines comes down as a weakling, a nobody.

    Weep for Paris? Let us see how Pnoy will react when the fit hits the shan in our own backyard, the damned imbecile!

  4. None of the comments above even gets near who has causeD the attacks in PARIS: HINT: THE FOUND PASSPORT, WHICH WAS LEFT BY A MAN WHO WAS GOING TO KILL HIMSELF,SO, GOING OUT THE DOOR THAT NIGHT HE SAID”OOPS,CANT FORGET MY PASSPORT’,,,uh, sure !!!!


  5. Fallen44’s sacrifice just saved PH from a BBL deal that will fund terrorist-coddling outlaws. Without true justice for these men, BBL will remain feet under the ground.

    We owe each of these 44 men a billion pesos a year in savings. We salute you.

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