Are We Filipinos?

Ever wonder how we came into being and how this knowledge will affect our daily living? I guess for some people, they just prefer to watch and ride on the trends the corporate media is feeding us. They tell us to pay, and then yeah, no problem, we pay. They tell us to not think, then yeah, no problem, we don’t think. We just let them do their stuff. They tell us to work our ass off and deal with the odds and ends of life as long as we’re alive, then yeah, no problem. Buhay pa naman kayo eh. They tell us to be slaves. No problem as long as we are happy and proud. Being servants to gather gold for them is something that the Ancient Aliens really wanted us to be that’s why they altered the DNA’s of our ape ancestors and “created human in their own image.”

bayanihan_39Ever wonder how these genes for brown skin and black eyes and black hair and white skin, and black skin and curly hair and red lips and thick lips came together and turned into someone that we call Filipinos from Indios Bravos before the age of glutathione and plastic surgeries? Did you ever imagine how glorious our past was before the Western people started to ruin our culture which we naively enjoy today? Think about it.

History. Today, Filipinos as they call us don’t have any awareness of what we really are. Open your hands and see the lines on your palm. Are you destined to do well to this world or are you just someone who is a part of enormous machinery whose purpose is to pay and obey?

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How were Filipinos made? Let’s recall. Shall we?

1521. Ferdinand Magellan was discovered by our Visayan ancestors floating on Visayan Seas. They called us uncivilized even though we already had long established our own Kingdoms and governments and trading systems hundreds of years before they came. He was killed by the great Rajah Lapulapu but some of his crews were able to return to their land.

1542. Another Western guy named Ruy Lopez de Villalobos landed on the Island of Mindanao. This white man gave the name Las Islas Felipinas to this beautiful land. He tried to colonize the island but he failed to control the magnificent Muslim sultanates there.

1564. Another white man named Miguel Lopez de Lagazpi landed on the Island of Bohol who made his way navigating way up north, was ordered by his King to conquer the land. This was the time when the great Tagalog Kingdom of Batangan unfolded before his eyes and the great culture of brown people were currently flourishing on the island of Lusong with our own Baybayin writing systems and Tagalog language. This man, aiming for glory, Christianized the Island and decided to take down the three great Muslim Kingdoms of Maynilad, Tundo and Namayan. But Rajah Sulayman did not accept it.

1571. The great battle of Bangkusay took place. The result? Westerners won and the captured Muslims were detained in a fortified prison that the colonizers built which they called Intra-Moros. Manila was colonized and the succeeding generations of Tagalog people’s minds were corrupted. Western influence spread all over what they called “Philippine Islands”.

And we embraced it.

We used to belong in a great young Kingdom of cultured Malay people but the Western powers took over to “teach” us how to live.

Where was the old us? Are the great bloods of Visayans and Tagalog ideologies still with us? I understand that we are living in an archipelago of thousands of islands and we were not united before but are we really Filipinos? What does Filipino really mean to us? Does being Filipino mean we are created to be a slave to a certain King? Rizal was right after all. We are not a “discovered” people. There will be no tyrants if there are no slaves. So why are we allowing them?

The religion that we are practicing. The language that we are enjoying today. The white skin. The brown eyes. The tall stature. The culture. Most of the things that we have now came from the West. But we also need to at least look back and see where we came from. They designed our minds to only obey because if we don’t do so, our souls will burn in hell, we are told. They proclaimed themselves as superiors and we sadly believed them. So here we are today. Still slaves of a fake democracy. We need to know at what point we did wrong. What’s wrong with us? Is there any error in the process of making us Filipinos? Are we manufactured? Are we just a mere product of a factory? Did we commit mistakes? Are we repeating the same mistake because committing the same error that we did yesterday is the choice that we make today?

These islands used to be a mystical place. Islands of dreams and adventures. Land of spices . Pearl of the Orient Seas. Ma-i, land of gold. Center of barter trade in the southeast. Every one of us is a great Malayan. We are not slaves. We have our own journeys but we rely on our rulers to literally rule our lives. We need to have this sense of well-being as it will allow us to know what we really are. Are we human beings? Or are we just part of a large oligarch machine?

We are not Filipinos. We need to get real.

13 Replies to “Are We Filipinos?”

  1. This is one of the weakest posts in GPR ever. In 1521 or 1656 there were no kingdoms in the archipelago, but chiefdoms. The system of governance was so good that allowed slavery among themselves and sacrifices of slaves in the funerals of datus. The trade was scarce, because they did not have too much to trade for (bad cinnamon, impure gold). Villalobos called Filipinas to Samar, and Cesarea Karoli to Mindanao: the natives he found around Caraga and Sarangani were not muslims (they had pigs!). The kingdoms mentioned here only do exist in Wikipedia: articles that are pure science fiction.
    It is really comforting to imagine that these island were once upon a time a flourishing place with industrious people, corrupted by the evil Westerners… Sorry, man, you really need to GET REAL. Philippines is a mess not because of colonialism, but DESPITE OF colonialism. Good luck!

  2. As what you both have said..the Philippines are divided before the still divided at the present …it’s the nature of the Filipino breed…everybody on his own self serving life.

    1. Tell me though, had this country not been under any foreign power for 300+ years, how sure are you that we’d still be a divided nation until now? The outcome of things from the past cannot be determined for certain by what you see in the present. Unless you have a crystal ball or you can see the future, that is. For all you know, we may have even been better off without these foreign bastards meddling in our business.

  3. It is the name that the colonizers gave us: “Filipinos”. The ancient aliens, according to the Babylonian Clay Tablets…the “Anunakis”, came to Planet Earth to mine Gold; they were tired of the work of mining gold. Gold protects the atmosphere of their Planet, which was deteriorating.

    They saw the Neanderthal Men ( half man, half Ape), living on Planet Earth. So, they took their DNA (gene or genome), and mixed them with the DNA of of Neanderthal man…to re-engineer their man’s DNA. For the purpose of making them:Slave Laborers. Unfortunately, the newly re-engineered man , was tired also on the work; and revolted. The Anunakis fled.

    So, we are now left fighting each other. With all kinds of idiotic beliefs, religions, and cultures, to contend with, up to the present.

    In our age, we can now synthesize the DNA, and re-engineer DNAs. Maybe we can put the DNAs of apes on : Aquino, Mar Roxas, and other politicians. So that they will become true Apes…because they are behaving like Apes.

    If you look at the DNA of man…you can see that 90% is useless…only 5% is useful. Who put this 5% useful DNA, to make us as thinking being? This is the reason we have :wars, terrorism, idiotic beliefs…it is the 95% Ape Man DNA, that is still working in us…

  4. Read the Book of: Zecariah Sitchim, “Twelf Planet”…it is about the Planet Nibiru , in our Solar System. An “ancient astronaut theory” about the Anunnakis.

    Read also the works of: Velokoski and Von Daniken…they are interesting readings..

    1. It is the Sumerian clay tablets, not the Babylonian clay tablets…the Sumerians were great civilization…please correct my mistake. “To err is human, to forgive is divine”…

  5. To speculate on what we probably would have been if we were never a colony is to look at the histories of Japan and Thailand. These two, we could say, are the Asian nations that were never under any foreign domination. We probably would have ended up like the two into a monarchial democracy. It is very hard to see, however, if we would have ended up as the one nation-state we are today because of our geography and our tribalism. After centuries of tribal wars as that of Japan, it is easier to see in our case that there would have been probably two, or three, republics, or monarchies, in varying configurations, probably different from what we now delineate as Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The fact is that it was colonization that unified all the tribes, and that is why we have one republic today, even if tribalism is still there in our subconscious.

    To speculate on what we probably would have been if we were never dominated by Western powers is to look at the histories of China and Korea. Here we could see the moving boundary between China and Korea. Korea at one point had a bigger geographical claim than what it has today. It might therefore be that if we were never a Spanish colony that the Dutch might have attached Mindanao anyway, as well as Visayas maybe, into Indonesia. If that is the case, why not include Luzon? Or, if the Dutch couldn’t do it, it would probably have been the Brits attaching us to Malaysia. That is why BBL is so much nonsense. We can’t cede any part of our territory for it is the collective blood, sweat and tears of our masters and slaves of the past , i.e., today is the product of history already written. BBL is to revise what has transpired; it is insulting to our national heroes. We have to continue making heroes, even if that is not possible with our present political leaders.

    To wish therefore we were never a colony is to wish the entire South East Asia were never colonies. It is a useless speculation. And that is always the problem with Filipino thinking: we think outside of inevitable global forces. We are an island, as opposed to continental people, and we think we are isolated. This is the problem of our educational system because we take up Philippine history, and at one point American history, and that is it. We ignore the histories of our neighbors which do impact us more; never mind world history. Sure, it is nice to try to feel good that we probably came from a proud Malay race, and we immortalize the likes of Lapu-lapu.

    But no, that is not the best utility of history. We are Filipinos, and we have to accept the fact. We were once a colony, and probably are still are, and we can’t deny that. In any case, what is wrong in being a colony? US was once a British colony, as well as Western Europe was once part of the Roman empire and part of Eastern Europe was of the Ottoman empire. Do not forget that Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, among others, are still Commonwealths.

    Seeking our identity is not rejecting what we have been through, but rather in fully accepting them. Lee Kwan Yew was successful in implementing English as their national language because Singaporeans where not shy about their being brown or yellow Brits at one point. Our problem is we deny things when we are down, instead of using those as jump off points to improve. Denial of things has even been now institutionalized by Daang Matuwid and yellow propagandas. If we are down, we have to acknowledge it, and not oppose it with propagandas. See how they suppress the fact that we haven’t even met our MDG goals. Sure, there is a horrible feeling when one is down, but what is amazing is that there is something spectacularly great about being able to get out of the doldrums. Proof: we admire self made millionaires who were erstwhile paupers. Yet this, we don’t see when applied to nations; we wallow collectively in our miserable predicament.

    Probably, denial is a natural phase when one suffers. What we forget is that denial is just one of the phases. What makes matter worse in the Philippines is we really don’t even know what we are denying. We badmouth Catholicism or Christianity, the English language, and other Western influences that have been imposed on us; we have become xenophobic for the wrong reasons. Of course, with the global village ever shrinking, that is the last mindset we ever need. And yet, we embrace liberals thoughts to appear progressive; we love Aerosmith, Beyonce, Kobe Bryant, Games of Thrones, X-Factors, etc. etc. As in denial, we also accept foreign influences for the wrong reasons. If we are to deny or accept something, we should have at least have the basic and sound philosophical basis to undergird such, but no, we do things because we just “feel” like it.

    No wonder dichotomy has become the national psyche; hypocrisy, the national character, because consistency is not our national trait. In other words, we are unaware of principles that we could hold on to; we don’t like philosophies. Anti-intellectualism has become the norm after EDSA1. Not understanding what is going on, and unable to explain the depressing feeling, it is but natural for a Filipino to feel discouraged; mediocrity becomes widespread. We don’t know anymore who and what is a Filipino. Not knowing that, of course, we could never create our own well-deserved niche in the world except by self-delusion of glory. Escapism has been our recourse because that does not require hard thinking and hard work; we have become the Aldub Nation. It is immediate result that we require now because EDSA1 and EDSA2 have failed us so miserably. Still, we have to rise for if we continue as we are, global competition will bury us the more. We simply have to do more than our neighbors.

    As there will always be the poor, there will always be the oligarchs, the powers-that-be. That is part and parcel of humanity, and thus, of societies. There will always be the Alpha Males; obviously, we have not completely evolved out of our being part of the animal kingdom. So, if there are slave mindsets in the Philippines, this is not something unique to us, it was not brought by colonization per se. It is something universal. Ancients already recognized this; Plato wrote that slavery is justified in his “Republic”. Later, Machiavelli organized what a leader has to do to perpetuate such power over slaves and the masses, giving such evolutionary urges in Alpha Males a noble garment.

    One who could not accept the inequality was Karl Marx. But, he had the wrong reasons in his concept of it and his solution, and he created a new sets of bourgeoisie subjugating proletariats, and that is why the Berlin Wall was bound to collapse. But, even if the Wall has collapsed, his philosophy remains disguise under different “isms” in liberal thoughts today, maybe the reason why many fear US will sooner or later also implode.

    Marx’s aversion towards Christianity made him gloss over that equality of man is a Christian concept. Materialism cannot be compatible with equality of man; together, they are oxymoron terms. Equality of man can’t be understood without God. It was easy for Marx to say that equality of men was just a necessity to keep order in a society after witnessing Christian abuses. But expediency, as always, can’t be enough. What makes men equal is their spiritual nature, not their material nature, and that is why even Plato and Aristotle missed the point. So, the dichotomy of Marxism was there even before Lenin and Stalin put it into praxis. It took time to recognize that dichotomy for Marx was simply compelling. What is not being recognized is the dichotomy in the Philippines, though not Marxist, is of the same nature and is pernicious as well. We would like to deny, for example, that we have been Latinized and Americanized, but many would immediately migrate to the US given the chance.

    When Christians arrived into the Roman empire, it was natural that the Romans simply had to kill every Christian they could find. The killing had to be spectacular for the Christians were infiltrating the the national consciousness with notions that were so radical. It was not so much about immediately emancipating slaves for Christians themselves were hampered by the notion that slaves were a necessity as that was the culture. But, Christians were preaching a kind of human dignity that every human, masters and slaves alike, possessed way, way above what the Romans were used to. Of course, Roman intellectuals already foresaw that this would eventually lead to the emancipation of slaves. And they were not wrong. As Christianity took hold of more minds, indeed, slaves were emancipated. It was so liberating, even women were no longer possessions, or second class citizens. To say, therefore, that Christianity is anti-feminist is without basis. What Christianity is against is the Marxist type of feminism as that espoused by Margaret Sanger.

    But the real cultural clash between Christianity and the Roman Empire was not so much about slavery. Emancipation was just a product of that clash. The clash was really about the polytheism of Rome as opposed to the strict Jewish monotheism of Christianity; about the dualistic nature of man as proposed by Plato and Aristotle as opposed to the biblical nature of man as proposed by the Torah and the Letters of Paul, which were not dualistic at all at first glanced. It was the clash of philosophy versus theology. But, as in any close cultural contacts, there was bound to be an osmosis. Soon Church Fathers of old realized that probably there was no conflict between philosophy and theology. Philosophy could be used as an instrument to explain theology. After all, Plato proposed that there were two parallel worlds the world of ideas and the world of materials, or the visible world. Well, the Bible was also saying that there is heaven and the created cosmos.

    Christianity advanced in the merger of thoughts. The advantage of Christianity is that it could not give in to dualism, and pantheism, as proposed by Greek philosophy with Rome as the praxis, but was able to use the dualistic notion in the nature of man to explain things and yet say that we don’t stop there, but have to synthesize them into a unity. So, today, we take for granted to explain graphically the nature of man as body and soul for convenience purposes, and yet take man as not a dualistic being for person, personality, character are now well developed concepts.

    Of course, we are talking of the above in a very reductionist fashion. But, they are worth noting even very briefly for if we take note of the clash between Islam and Western Civilization today, we are seeing the same clash of culture as before. Islam, which is just a plagiarized Christianity, could not afford an osmosis; the reason it could only depend on its Koran. It is the religion of A book. Christianity long ago recognized the Bible is the WORD of God in the WORDS OF MEN. It is not afraid if it be scrutinized, for if the Bible is really about the truth, it believes that if there is a sincere search for truth, truth cannot oppose truth. Islam does not have this confidence. Thus, it has totally rejected Greek philosophy or any other philosophy as a vehicle to explain things. So while it tries to explain things spiritual, it has a need to be esoteric for spiritual things are abstract things. But, it could not be esoteric for it has rejected philosophies, and nothing could be more esoteric than philosophies. Maybe, they are such because Islam is not really about spiritual things but just about earthly things; how else could one explain the 72 virgins waiting for the successful suicide bomber in heaven? How could this be rational? Commonsense cannot explain it unless one follows the Koran blindly. Thus, we have the clash of cultures today. Will Islam be able to duplicate the success of Christianity worldwide? I doubt it for they are a very bad copycat of revelation theology.

    Above demonstrates the impact dichotomy. In the Philippines, we don’t have a pronounced clash of cultures. What we have is probably far worse, for every Filipino now keeps an internal clash. It is the clash of identity. It is harder to solve because while clash of culture is perceptible, the Filipino problem is difficult to analyze for it is a psychological problem. Just look, 80% are Catholic, and yet they embrace hedonism like they were pagans. They are Asians but are Westernized. They like to think they are Westernized, but they feel bad if they are said that such may not be appropriate for a typical Asian. Who are we? We don’t know. Because we would like to think we could reinvent the wheel when there is no need because whatever idea we may be trying may have already been thought of by the Romans, the Greeks, the European, or by Confucius. And so if we could not even have fundamental things, big things as our background, how could we even be expected to function in small things. And yet, when we try to assimilate Western ideas, Chinese ideas, or Indian ideas, we are more interested in the form, rather than the substance. Just look at our democracy, do we really have good concept of justice and responsibility?

    And yet, we had direct access to the best of knowledge in the world via Spain, America, Japan, and maybe even before that, via China, which was in fact the envy of our neighbors including Japan and China. What did we do with them? We saw the high standard set by these cultures, and said it was not appropriate for us. And we just threw that baby together with the bath without nuancing what good we might have derived from them. We over-react and under-react; we blow hot and cold because we think with our heart, not our brain and thus, we have not learned the Aristotelean Golden Mean. Good leaders have learned to obey first for it in this that they learn to command later. But, we allow an inferiority complex to persist by covering it with an unfounded superiority complex, thus obeying becomes like an insurmountable burden. In the end, many could not even distinguish a good leader from a bad leader. Could we please stop denying anything first, so that we would know our REAL situation and from there, be able to proceed from there in a more systematic manner

    They say that democracy had its birth in Rome. Correct, but let us be accurate, democracy had its birth in a Christianized Rome. Christianity brought the concept that the leader is there to serve. It is the principle of subsidiarity; the greater functions so that the lesser ones could function more effectively. And, yet we are slowly rejecting Christianity, because of what we see in its outer skin, the organization. But, we would miss a lot because there is a treasure of knowledge inside that dirty earthen vessel. They say that the idea of a republic was born out of the French Revolution and only see that it was also about a revolt against the church hierarchy, apart from the monarchy. What they fail to see is that it was really a search for the pureness of Christian values, as well as, the unadulterated Greek thinking.

    It is about timeless principles, people, and not about persons and possessions. Until we learn that again, we will remain stagnant.

    As a start, why don’t we vote leaders in 2016 who puts priority into agriculture, labor, and education in that order. These are difficult problems and require inter-generational solutions. But, most experts say these have to be done if we want a sustainable growth, and not just bubble economies. For Philippines, it cannot be about big corporate farming, but family size, low hectarage, farming, logistically supported all the way to marketing. We have failed our land reform programs for there is no passionate support to it by the populace. Let us not listen to all the campaign rhetorics, they take away our minds from what should be the priorities. For positions having only a 6-year term, it will reflect a candidate with a good foresight, an unselfish attitude, as well as, in more ways than one, an anti-oligarchic stance. So, it is already a test about the sincerity of a candidate. Experts say that the moment we start focusing on these things, eventually all other things and problems start falling into their proper places ready to be tackled. Experts add that in Asia, governments do impact society in more ways than in other regions of the world for one reason or another. So, let us be serious about 2016.

    1. Hear, hear.

      History has its good and bad sides. We need to accept both to fully understand how we, the Filipino NATION (not RACE), came to be. Only in that time we can truly know how can we truly move forward

  6. Nice comment Add. Thank you… Democracy was from the Greeks. Greek states elected their leaders.And, this was the beginning of Democracy.

    The Greek civilization influenced much the Western Europe civilization.

    Islamic states cannot be compatible with Democracy. In Islam, the Law of the Koran, is the Law of the government. This is the reason, it is futile to impose Democracy on Islamic countries.

    Unless the Filipino people will come to their senses; elect good deserving leaders, who can deliver what they promise. The Philippines will remain a basket case country, for a long time.

    We urge all Filipinos, whatever their Political affiliations to join the crusade for a better Philippines. To elect competent, honest and deserving leaders, who can lead…

  7. If we were not colonized by Spanish parties, we would have been predominantly Muslim like our Southeast Asian neighbors. Notice that many kingdoms in Luzon were Islamic before the Spanish came.

  8. History, in the Failippines, sometimes, does not repeat itself. It is Failipinos who never learned from the past who repeat history.

  9. We are all stuffed up and being dumbdown of this yellow oligarchs MADPnoy kulangkulang99 family of hacienda luisita self interest of a Pilipino whose unworthy cause is not worth dying for. Making the first world status of Apo lakay Marcos Great nation Philippines into third world status of Senatongs and tongressman Bribed by Bacon Barrel, Asia number one in Broaddaylight corruption.

  10. Mabuhay ang Anak ng Agila, BONG Marcos, that stands for Bring Our Nation Great Again of Marcos Legacy of Masagana99 food production era of converting a quarter of a million peasants into landowner, the complete opposite of zero conversion from a MADpnoy hacienda luisita self interest of his unworthy greed of deception.

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