A Moment of Silence for Pamana

Recently, I tried to talk to one of my officemates about the death of Pamana, one of the few existing Philippine Eagle, and her response is:

“Big deal ba?”

I tried to do my best to hide my feeling of being insulted since Pamana is not just an eagle, but he is a symbol to Filipino hope, and some, or most of the Filipinos seemed to be brain dead about the matter.

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I tried to answer. Well that eagle is as important as our identity as a citizen of this country. He’s like our flag. A symbol of our nation. It’s not just a piece of cloth but it symbolizes you. It symbolizes the hundred years of struggle to get this piece of cloth raised from the chains of war, that gave you independence, that gave you freedom to do anything, that gave freedom to wreck havoc to this beautiful country, that gave you an easy life among hundreds of smartphones that turned you into a dumbhuman. Alright? That piece of cloth symbolizes our forefather’s efforts to free us from foreign occupation. That flag is freedom.

You make fun of the flag and I’ll kill you.


Let’s go back to Pamana. First of all, Pamana is the Tagalog term for heritage. This eagle was rescued in the forest of Iligan City in 2012 having two, that was two gunshot wounds. After years of healing and recovery, thanks to Philippine Eagle Foundation of Davao, he was released back in the wild last June 12. And after two months, he’s dead. Death really chased him. He’s supposed to be the “hope”. That’s what kind of eagle Pamana is. And someone with a brain of a peanut decided to shoot it, thinking that its something to serve as a self reward and now he’s dead.

And my officemate responded:

E di wow

A very intellectual answer indeed. This is why I’m losing hope to humanity. This planet is not ours, you know. We’re supposed to be the protectors but we’re rapidly evolving the wrong way.

So back to my office mate’s answer. “Big deal ba?”

I’ll ask you that same question. Big deal ba? For someone who doesn’t have any bit of love for this country, that’s no big deal. According to one of the comments in Facebook, “pwede namang padamihin uli”. (you can just breed another one). For someone who’s just using the resources of this precious country for their own good, the death of Pamana is really no big deal. They will just continue to live without any hopes to lift this country from this wretched poverty because the way of their thinking revolves around themselves only and not the good of everybody.

The death of Pamana is a sign that Filipino’s sense of nationalism is also dying and you’re proud to be a Filipino? Why don’t we do a ten minute re-assessment of ourselves and ask ourselves, what have we done for our nation. Is being a champion in Clash of Clans already an achievement for you? Come on. Somebody out there killed the symbol of our hope and its no big deal because you can just breed another one? We really are all fucked up citizen if we don’t change our way of thinking.

So what can we do? Let’s say we care about it. Will that help change our nation?

Yes of course. Because if we care, that means we are not selfish. We care about others, we are all good citizens and there will be no epidemic of “me first” attitudes among ourselves, we can maintain peace and order in our roads, we will work not only for the sake of our family but for the sake of the goodness of the nation and we’re not gonna end up being slaves of this freakin’ oligarchy.

But the sad part is, that is just a dream that is so hard to obtain. We just keep on dreaming and praying without thinking of solutions. We don’t even use the obvious answers to our long time problems.

So I’m begging you all. We are living in the age of information and being ignorant is gonna be your choice. Look at EDSA. Dan Brown is right. Look at the whole system. We are stuck in the vortex of corporate manipulation. They control us. Somebody out there is using us. We have the power to change it but we chose to remain silent and accept the fact that we are all mere tools.

Imagine a place were everything is ugly. Imagine hell. That will be the world that our future children will inhabit. That’s gonna be the future of this country. Are you just gonna let them live in a place where everybody is killing each other. We don’t want another Pamana to die just because we are selfish. We don’t want another 44 Special Action Force troopers to die because we are selfish. We don’t want another 58 innocent journalists to die because we are selfish. We don’t want death just because we are selfish. Pamana’s death is big deal for someone who loves his country.

How many more lives are we going to kill? Everything is killing us at this moment and someone will say it’s not fatal? Right Mr. DOTC? Come on people. Grow up.

Let’s extricate this poor country from the mud trap of selfishness. We should love this country and her children. We should love not only each other but everything that is living among us. We should learn respect. Is Values Education really not enough during our elementary days or we are really stupid?

A moment of silence for Pamana and all the victims of selfishness.
Let’s work together for the best of this country.

25 Replies to “A Moment of Silence for Pamana”

  1. These are the reasons why I wanna go out of this country. A lot of people are so fucked up now to realize the hell happening in our country. Hell even some of my family are already infected by this dumbassery. Would prefer to watch dumb shows than foreign documentaries that could have enlightened them to what is really happening and think more critically. I always feel sad to animals butchered senselessy by human just because they can. I wish there is an alternate universe where the animals are the dominant species and humans were the ones who are slaughtered for fun and enjoyment. That would be a grim but justified alternate reality.

  2. There’s something to be said about a people who doesn’t respect animals or their environment, especially endangered ones such as the Philippine eagle. The eagle is named after your country and still not respected. Immanuel Kant (philosopher) once stated

    “He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”.

    I wouldn’t go so far as to hope that humans become the lesser species. but, being the dominant species means its our responsibility to ensure the survival of endangered species. Unfortunately, the “Filipinos” have no understanding of such things. They don’t even take proper care of animals in their own zoo.

    Strange that this is happening in a so called Christian nation. Didn’t they teach respect for all god creature in the bible?

    Oh, well. It no surprise the country is gong down the drain. No one to blame but themselves.

  3. “Big Deal ba?” – the phrase that perfectly sums up most of the Filipino’s characteristics. Apathy.

    Most will not give the time of day or a shit for anything that directly impacts them. case in point the current BOC scam. never in 5 years have almost all of the OFW’s and their families have raised their collective voices over an issue of national significance, not Pamana killing, not Mamasapano and the douchebaggery of Pnoy et al, not DAP/PDAF, not the Luneta hostage crisis nor the Corona move.

    it was indeed no big deal.

    but now that it affects most people it is now A BIG DEAL.

    yeah… pinoys indeed

  4. I can see that your friend’s reaction insulted you so much that you decided to use your real name for this post. I know for a fact that for a blogger, this is a very big deal. I am really sorry to hear that some pea brain shot Pamana, it just goes to show how much we Filipinos value our land, our resources. Heck, the national government was willing to give out large chunks of our land to separatist groups. The land, people, industries, infrastructure and resources that do remain with us are mismanaged. One has to wonder, what happened to our Filipino first policy? Nationalization of natural resources?

    If Filipinos continue to that pea brain mentality of your friend and that guy who shot the eagle, there is no hope for us. I truly hope those guys read your essay and learn from this.

    Remember, we are only stewards of the earth [as well as our country and our natural and man-made resources]. It is not ours to destroy.

  5. GREAT ARTICLE, Knell Andrew!!!

    “So what can we do? Let’s say we care about it. Will that help change our nation”?

    “Yes of course. Because if we care, that means we are not selfish.”

    I confess, my Partners and Colleagues abroad and I discuss Philippines and Filipinos a lot. Not in a critical sense, but in a sense of bewilderment.

    We agree Filipinos are talented, resourceful and charming, but there is an underlying insecurity that is so apparent it’s almost visible.

    As Americans, we know the Power of Patriotism. It links is in common cause, when as individuals, have nothing in common at all.

    We all note there’s a Filipino sense of National Pride, but an almost uniform lack of Patriotism. Which leads back to your question, “What can we do?”

    I have learned (because I looked) Philippines has had a few “Proclamations or Declarations of Independence”, a few different Independence Days (finally resolved to June 12Th), and a series of Constitutions through 1986-7.

    May I suggest, we make a new “Declaration of Independence” from Political Dynasties. Obviously, Congress CAN NEVER define Political Dynasty or activate Article II, 26. To be fair, it would be like being forcing them to testify against themselves in court, which is Unconstitutional.

    The “New Declaration” can be forgiving. It can state that as the Nation has grown, the people no longer need “Dynastic Stewardship”, and we claim our Independence.

    The “New Declaration” can be signed as an Initiative and Referendum Petition, and EVERY PETITION with the signature of EVERY VOTER can be made part of the “Declaration” in the National Archive for all time.

    Imagine how proud a poor farmer or school teacher or housewife would be to tell children or grand children “I signed our Nations Declaration of Independence”.

    Philippines has been ruled by selfish people for too long, and their sin has poisoned the Nation Spirit, Pride and Patriotism.

    This will, no doubt, bring us together as never before and give real meaning to “We the People”.

    Then we save the Eagles.

  6. The Philippine Eagle will soon be extinct. It is just a senseless killing of an Endangered Specie of Bird.

    It depends on how you look at it. It can be a symbol of our dying respect for our natural resources. Or, just senseless irresponsibility of those people, who killed Pamana.

  7. It’s a big deal so far as Philippine wildlife conservation is concerned — but who here who isn’t already a tree-hugger has the time of day to be concerned about a damned bird in a faraway corner of this country, especially with far more immediate and pressing concerns?

    So, to Kweil — your officemate might not be an intellectual, but he’s right — he’s got other nearer things to do. Don’t be such a Mrs. Jellyby if you can’t afford it.

    1. I understand and thank you for the response. I know that I can’t set the priorities of others but what Im trying to point out is, yeah a bird died, thousands of lives are dying everyday actually and an average person is really not concerned about the death of a bird. And this death is some sort of something that will at least make them aware that we humans are not the only one who inhabits this planet. if we want a better planet for our children, then we must also make them better children for our planet.

      I appreciate your point. I’ll consider this next time I write.

      1. Hi, Knell, I appreciate your article, and I understand your attachment to Pamana.

        As an American, we love our Bald Eagle. True,it’s just an animal, but for us it physically represents things we aspire to be. Free and Independent.

        I can’t imagine life without appreciating symbols, only money and attitude.

  8. Thanks. But there’s something wrong with how values are being discussed in this country.

    First, children are educated in schools that families are important. which is fine. everyone needs to value his family. but the wrong part here is that people are putting family first before anything else without any awareness that every citizen and creature in a nation and in this world are supposed to be connected to each other.

    We are all composed of carbon and that will make us all a part of huge family.

    and greed is something that disconnects everyone of us from each other.

    If everyone can understand the true meaning of family values and how is it connected to the sense of nationalism, then this New Declaration is a great idea.

    unfortunately, owners of large businesses here will not agree with that.

  9. Neil Andrew,
    do you know the meaning of “sentimental fool”?

    In a flag factory on that same piece of cloth, other country’s colors are painted. Its just a piece of cloth. And your office mate was right bec she had more important priorities to care about.

    Nationalism and patriotism can also be very dangerous traits. Both are again so inwardly focused. Pls start to look at the bigger picture.

    I am Dutch but do you really think it will make pissed off when you burn the Dutch flag? No, I dont give a shit. If burning that flag makes you happy, pls be my guest.

    I always thought the Carabao was the national animal of the Philippines.

  10. Neil Andrew,
    can you pls stop talking about family values. To emphasize those specific values you are denying lesbians and gays their human rights.

  11. hi. thanks for the response. i don’t mean to make you upset but as far as the Filipino people is concerned, i believe nationalism and patriotism will play an important role in changing the face of this nation.

    Again, thanks for making me realize that other people might not give any shit about the matter, but my goal is to just give them a piece of information why it is important because this country really lacks those traits.

    I don’t know if you had been to Manila or any part of the country, but if you don’t, I’m telling you, Manila is hell, other parts may be physically beautiful but Filipino people are more concerned about outside appearances.

    That’s why we are trying our best to let them know that if ever they have a bit of love for their country, these things will change. Most of the people here are relying on government to think for themselves. Whatever the government, the media and religion will tell them, that’s what they’ll gonna do.

    This is your opinion. I respect that. I consider this next time I write something.

    1. just a short note, doesn’t Pamana mean inheritance? Not hope? Pag-asa is hope I think.

      That aside, your intentions may be noble but they are highly unrealistic. Might be a better view to see it as Pamana is one of the last eagles of her kind in the world, it’s a worldwide biological threat to end an endangered species.

  12. Pamana was shot twice already and survived. this time he got caught for real. a real thug!

    The reservation should be well protected so that the endangered species would multiply.

    “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” – Chief Seattle

  13. @Kneil Andrew
    Thanks for the post. I felt really bad about the murder of this animal too. Not because it’s a symbol of the country, but because it was a precious life that was extinguished by a heartless creature who thought he/she (mas tama kasing SYA na lang eh… kaya lang English) had the right to do such atrocity.

    True, there are much more pressing issues in a human’s life, but that in itself will tell you how people nowadays think of the environment. The fleeting pleasures of a new cellphone or the feeling of “happiness” of being given an award at work (or wherever) is given more importance than the value of Mother Earth and her gifts to us. And people who actually show and share their concern or passion for the protection of the environment and animals are seen as “noble” (said in different ways, from condescending to sarcastic) or extreme.

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