3 Defensive Tactics Commonly Used By The Liberal Party of the Philippines

Politics is a dirty business no matter where you go in the world. Even a nation as ideal as Sweden has problems with political corruption and no country has ever found a permanent and consequence-free solution for poverty. However, many of the problems in the latter part of the 20th century continue to plague the Philippines today even though we now have a wide variety of options to use to put a close to at least some of the troubles that burden our nation. For instance, if we can utilize information technology wisely, we can have a much more educated and well-informed populace. Also, if we effectively learned to use nuclear power (with proper precautions of course) then we wouldn’t have to worry so much about brownouts and what not.

Unfortunately, we continue to suffer from very much the same problems we’ve always had since the 80’s such as malnutrition, unemployment and rampant crime even though modern technology and global society has pretty much given us a fighting chance to solve them for good. What’s worse is that with the new age comes new problems like climate change (Yolanda and similar phenomena are an example of this), deteriorating relationships with neighboring countries and the ever-growing crime rate which modern technology had somehow accelerated. When both our old problems and new issues combine, we get a recipe for disaster that’s sure to ruin the day of the next generation of Filipinos. Already, our troubles are combining into bigger problems like the threat of war which is thanks to both our poor diplomatic policies and our military which has been decried as one of the worst in the world as well as our ever-dropping literacy rate which is thanks in part to the stupidity espoused by our very own media and the often poor condition of many of our public schools.


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However, in response to all of these, it seems that our government is simply content to use three very easy and immature solutions. In just about all the problems we’ve faced so far since President Aquino of the Liberal Party came to power (from the Yolanda crisis, the hopeless traffic in the capital to the scams that now plague travelers) these three are the only solutions the LP has come up with when the consequences of their actions finally catch up to them. So here they are, without further ado:

Pretend It Didn’t Happen

“If they can’t prove it; deny, deny, deny!”

~Beauty Queen Etna: Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days

I’ve seen this more often than I’d care to mention. Whenever something bad happens, many of our leaders who are supposed to be protecting us from disasters or finding solutions for our existing problems simply act like they never happened or simply do not exist. Similar to the way a typical teen boy refuses to acknowledge that he got drunk one night and got a girl pregnant, the LP has time and time again swept many issues under the rug simply because they refuse to expend any resources in finding a real solution to the problem or they are somehow implicated in the whole thing.

Note for instance how President Aquino seems to refuse to even mention the Fallen 44 in any of his speeches. Note also how Mar Roxas likes to avoid even talking about the victims of Typhoon Yolanda (many of whom remain both homeless and helpless even though the global community had sent so much aid to help in the relief efforts even today) and the whereabouts of the funds supposedly sent to aid them. With the recent “bullet scam” in NAIA, one can note just how Mar Roxas is dodging the issue with his statements and insists that the government somehow isn’t involved in the issue even when the interviewer never even asked about the government’s involvement. Then there’s the case of our Lumad countrymen who have been chased off from their homeland by forces associated with our government but have made no appearance in mainstream media whatsoever.

Create False Statistics

When finally called out on their antics, a lot of our politicians resort to deception with the help of their favorite ally: the local media. Of course, the media has always been a clever tool for a good politician. However, one can note how Philippine media has become more or less similar to how Nazi propaganda in the days leading up to World War II.

Just about anything good done by the LP are more or less concepts drawn on paper rather than actual facts. Take for instance the claims about rising GDP and the fact that peace in Mindanao can be achieved through the BBL. At the end of the day, these are only ideas on paper as the alleged high GDP has done nothing to improve the lives of the impoverished what with many Yolanda survivors still homeless and helpless and squatters multiplying at a dizzying rate and, so far, violence in the south has only intensified with innocent indigenous people like the Lumads becoming the unfortunate victims of ruthless politics and terrorism.

Play The Blame Game

Ah, perhaps the LP’s favorite pastime. Again and again, when confronted by the consequences of their own actions, the LP only passes the buck to other people, especially their political opponents. Note how, in just about all his speeches, all President Aquino has done is blame his predecessors instead of acknowledging his own mistakes, let alone finding a solution for them.

Indeed, even presidential candidate Mar Roxas is no different and, in his previous interview alone, one can note how defensive he is in protecting the LP’s interests. Instead of assuring people that justice will be pursued for the victims of the bullet scam, he has instead insisted that the government is not to blame for the problem and that some other agency, perhaps those opposing the LP and President Aquino, are the ones responsible. At the end of the day, it seems that the LP is more interested in protecting its own image rather than protecting the rights of the people it supposedly serves.

6 Replies to “3 Defensive Tactics Commonly Used By The Liberal Party of the Philippines”

  1. It is easier to: deny the problem, and look the other way; do some Statistics, to confuse people whom cannot understand Statistics; and play , Blame Game. Blame it on political opponents. Blame it on the weather. Blame it on Thaddeus Grimwald, who always complain.

    Solutions and acting to solve problems are hard, for these incompetent, dull and lazy people. Aquino and Mar Roxas were born with “silver spoon” on their Mouth or “Asses”, whatever. They never have sweated it out to earn a living, like the rest of us. The Liberal Party members consist mostly of thieves and political opportunists; like most of our politicians.

  2. Grimwald, seriously: you want Filipinos running a nuclear power station?

    What happens when the boss steals the money earmarked for approved replacement components and swaps them out for some Chinese-made equivalents he bought on eBay?

    And when it all blows sky-high and covers all of Luzon with radioactive dust, he can deny that he had anything to do with it. It was an “act of God”. Actually, that belongs on your list too: if you can’t find an actual person to pin the blame on, blame God.

  3. I’ve a question. What’s really keeping the Liberal Party together? LP it seems now stands for Loser President, Loser Presidential-wannabe, Loser Party, Leeches & Parasites, Love Padrino, Laughable Performance. Do the members remain in LP because they think it’s the most influential and it shows them the money?

    One of our respectable leaders, the late President Ramon Magsaysay, was an LP member but turned his back on it and joined the Nacionalista party. That’s understandable because one has to move out of something that’s holding you back or trod on your good performance to the one that has more credibility, holds higher virtues and respectable knowledge, stick to the main purpose of serving the country and its people and is being lead by competent, dependable and graceful leaders and members. Otherwise sack the party member or oust the leader who can’t deliver. What’s the purpose of belonging to a political party if it will only make one forget of his or her role on nation building, and turn the good intention into one that is shameful and scandalous?

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