4 Things That Prove Filipinos Are Perverts

There has been much hullabaloo about the party celebration of MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, most of which is chronicled by my good friend ChinoF over here. I wrote a previous piece about the innate perversion of typical Pinoys in this article here but, like with my more scathing statements, was met with considerable skepticism. There are still so many out there who seem to think that being “Christian” or “Catholic” seems to make us exempt from sexual perversion. It’s as if they believe that being a “Christian” or “Catholic” can somehow absolve them of their perversion and ensure their “purity” as political candidates.


Well, I got news for you. Claiming that you’re a “Christian” doesn’t deny you’re a pervert when government officials seem to think that lewd public displays both on television and in live performances are “normal”. Claiming that you’re “Catholic” won’t prove that you’re “pure” when prostitution remains one of the biggest reasons for tourists coming to the country. Claiming to be “religious” isn’t going to make you “righteous” when so many children are becoming the victims of sexual exploitation and the number of child pregnancies continue to rise at an alarming rate.

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Still not convinced?

Everything Runs On “Sex Appeal”

Well, let’s face it, “sex sells” or so they say. It’s like that with any industry in the world. To be honest, there’s really nothing wrong with it either. It’s a marketing strategy that works quite well and there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of it from time to time.

What’s sad however is that “sex appeal” is often the only thing keeping some shows and industries running in the Philippines. For instance, note the large number of attractive but all too often untalented people in showbiz in the Philippines. Now look, don’t get me wrong, I don’t thing there’s anything wrong with having attractive people in the media. I mean “hotties will be hotties” after all. But then, it becomes silly when there are a lot of “talents” out there who’s only real talent is their good looks. Think about it, there are so many out there are quite a number of singers who can’t sing, dancers who can’t dance and actors who can’t act and simply remain in the industry simply because of their good looks.

In one of my previous articles, I remember mentioning that when the Spider-Man films came out, most Pinoys only noticed his abs and his cute appearance and couldn’t have cared less about the ideals he believed in. I suppose it’s just unfortunate that John Arcilla just wasn’t as cute as Tobey Maguire nor did he possess Derek Ramsey’s abs and shoulders. It’s more than a little sad when you stop to think that the only “talent” that seems to matter today is having good looks even when you don’t have much of anything else.

Anyway, if you have difficulty trying to understand what I’m trying to convey here, let’s talk about AlDub. Yes, this time, I’m mentioning them personally. Bashers be damned and all.

Suppose you replaced the actor and actress with someone older, like say, Eddie Garcia and Gloria Romero or perhaps less attractive, like maybe Tirso Cruz and Eugene Domingo. Now, do you think they would be anywhere as popular? Now, don’t change anything about the show. Same theme, same idea, just swap the actors with older or less attractive ones. Would it still be popular, do you think?

Now contrast this with foreign shows and films. Take people like John Malkovich, Samuel L. Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg and Judi Dench. While they look like your average people, they are nonetheless recognized for their acting talent and are respected celebrities unlike many “pretty faces” here in the Philippines who can act about as well as a department store mannequin.

Everything Is About Immorality

Look, I can’t stress this enough. Why are we so addicted to scandalous themes like extramarital affairs, teen pregnancies and cruel jokes? As I asked in my previous article about Lea Salonga, haven’t we got anything else to offer? Don’t we have any soap operas that don’t involve an affair? Don’t we have a show that encourages teens to practice safe sex? Do we have a comedy show that doesn’t make fun of a person’s appearance? Are there any noon-time shows that don’t feature scantily-clad dancing girls?

I mean really, isn’t there anything else?

For instance, what about a soap opera that focuses more on how to grow and handle a business? How about a teen show that showcases tips on study habits as well as some good educational topics like history and geography? Do we have any comedy shows that caters to good, old-school sitcom comedy? Lastly, what about a noon-time show that has attractive dancers that are talented but nonetheless modestly dressed?

Porn Is Everywhere

Let’s get this straight. I won’t judge you if you watch porn. Heck, I watch porn.

Unfortunately, the problem occurs when just about everyone seems to be watching porn on their computer or smartphone. Of course, what you do in private is your problem after all. However, some people watch porn even in public places such as on computers in internet cafes (where there could be a lot of children) or on smartphones while waiting in bus terminals.

For comparison, we can talk about the people in Sweden.

As mentioned by one commenter, Scandinavians (and Swedes by extension) are a sexually liberated people. They accept sex as part of human nature and even have a thriving porn industry. However, I need to ask, when was the last time any of us have seen a Swedish porn film?

If you’re wondering what the heck is Swedish porn, then congratulations, you’ve just discovered a well-guarded secret. See, while the Swedish might have a porn industry, they keep it under tight regulations to ensure that it is not pirated or shown in inappropriate places. If only we could be as discrete as the Swedish when it came to more mature-themed issues.

We Have Little Regard For The Minds Of Minors

The sad part is, while we like to claim that we are a “wholesome” people. The way we seem to casually treat sexuality around children is more than a little alarming. It sickens me to no end when some mothers even encourage their daughters (or in some cases, sons) to dance like the sexy dancing girls on noon-time TV shows. I’m actually wondering what the Liberal Party and Francis Tolentino would have done if it was Josh and Bimby who came and danced for them.

While we like to insist that we are a “child-friendly” country, I can’t help but wonder why the Philippines is regarded by some foreigners as a “Pedo-Paradise”. Can we truly consider ourselves “child-friendly” when inappropriate shows both live and on TV are a regular sight. Sure, the MTRCB took out a lot of anime and even created the SPG (strict parental guidance) label for shows, they nonetheless approve inappropriate programs at noon or in the late afternoon when children are home and can watch said programs. Their parents who are supposed to “guide” them when watching TV? They couldn’t care less as they’re enjoying their lewd programs too much to mind what kind of ideas go into their children’s heads. Then, when their young daughters get pregnant they have the gall to blame foreign media for their troubles.




Do you disagree?

Then prove me wrong…


24 Replies to “4 Things That Prove Filipinos Are Perverts”

  1. Pornography won’t be enough. Because it never is. Sooner or later, all Failipinos want to touch the real thing. All dogs want to smell and taste the true information. All artists want to make their fantasies reality. And everyone with a cock wants to use it to fall in love.

    Like crucifixions and pornography, it never got old.

  2. Filipinos are Perverts because the whole culture is perverted with self-serving (makasarili) and aristocratic (hambog) values and principles that are ‘country-destructive.’

    1. ….maybe we can put it this way,that Filipinos are more of a victim of western phedopiles especially OLD MEN who cant afford or rejected by their local counterparts. Lets be more broadminded here and not be narrow-minded. Predators always attack the vulnerables which Philippines has due to corrupt governments officials/System.Predators equals victims. That’s the right equation!

      1. Try and be in the perimeter of educated ,professional and well breed Filipinos and not in the comfort of people from the Visayas(life is hard here so theyre blinded to the glares of gold) and you might be inferior if youre not amongst them. Thats why previously I said “birds of the same feathe goes together”.Know the terrain before you attack

  3. I wonder how many Filipinos genuinely think (or try to convince themselves) that paedophilia is exclusively a foreigner issue. I’d love to see a Pinoy version of ‘To Catch a Predator’ or the UK’s Stinson Hunter, luring local paedos on their beloved social media and then publicly shaming them on TV/Facebook. (Though well-meaning vigilantes would probably have a very short career).

    1. i’ve thought about this too. one problem here is that they may actually catch a big fish (someone with influence or is popular). what then?

      knowing how the philippines works to catch a predator philippines would catch a big fish and the producers would use the show to extort the big fish that is if the fish does not employ violence? what a world.

      1. Hopefully Filipinos have been paying attention to the high-profile historical sex abuse cases in the UK and US. A lesson to take away is that, if there are widely-heard rumours or jokes circulating about public figures and their “non-mainstream” preferences, it’s probably not a joke.

        If Michael Jackson’s lawyers can pay off parents and Jimmy Savile can go to his grave a national treasure in the developed world, how much easier to cover it all up here.

  4. Hey, Mr. Grimwald…I am not a sex pervert.
    Sex sells…sex is used casually by the Filipinos. There is no modesty, anymore. Everything goes.

    A country that has lost its “moral compass” is already, in decline. Political Leaders , who are supposed to be “role models”, for the young, are the worst perverts. They pervert the truth. They pervert their sexuality. They pervert the country.

  5. I’m not going to comment on the well documented failings of the perverted Filipino (as a nationality, not just 1 person). What I WILL ask, is “why are their “Child Friendly Schools” when EVERY school should be friendly to children?

  6. oh dear god, the porn.
    i have pryed though countless hard drives and cellphones of kababayans who have asked for help with their pc/phone problems and holy shit, every single male loves to keep their own porn stash. be it a 10-second, low-res 3gp file of a bea alonzo lookalike being cornholed or some european chick being porked by a pig or a scene from la blue girl or a full length maria ozawa film, no one seems to clean their storage media and just keep adding gigabytes and gigabytes of porn.
    the more fliptard even keep their own “home-made” pics and videos (with their flavors of the month)… but for what purpose? to jerk off to later when in a dry spell? To admire oneself like “hey, shit, i’m the bida in my own porno!” and feel like they were peter north (or for the morons who dont recognize the name, substitute in “gorge estregan”). geez, and if it gets out, they’ll be mad as freaking hell enough to kill the person who spreads it.

  7. This article is now becoming a wider issue than the one video of the ‘Playgilrs’ at the party. IDK what you are suppossed to do as a society but until you Filipino’s get over your antiquated views of sex you will not progress as much a a snails length. STUCK ON AN ISSUE THAT IS ABOUT NATURE, HAVING SEX IS NATURAL. The Human Body is NATURAL. Two people having sex is NATURAL. Until you stop labelling it anything other than what it actually is, NATURAL !! Your society is doomed, think it cant get any worse? LOL!!!
    Just watch, you FAILIPINO’s NEVER LEARN AND ARE EVEN HARDER TO TEACH. and when someone says that,lol….. you Filipino’s say:’We do not want your help’, and yet when their is a natural disaster who are the first people that put their hands out ?

    Hypocritical Idiots = Failipino’s.

  8. I can almost agree with everything….
    (Except that I love John Malkovich. Just saying.)

    Though I believe our Nation is not the only one that suffers pervertism, I would admit that lately, it’s becoming really evident. Sex sells… Only because A LOT BUYS.

      1. Grimwald…

        Hmmnnn.. Define ‘gorgeous’…?

        I love how he acts. How he talks.
        I don’t care how he ‘looks’. Not that he doesn’t look good, but that’s a different story altogether.
        Sapiosexuals like me do not tend to look on someone’s outer appearance. Sadly, not everybody does.
        Hence the problem of most of the voters who take one look at a candidate and right there and then decides that because he/she looks good, he/she WOULD do good.
        Ergo, the issue you just raised in this blog. People should start looking beyond what is skin deep and acknowledge/appreciate the talent, character and intelligence. Maybe then we’ll refrain (or at least tone down a notch) from being perverts (by your definition) that we all are.

  9. Hiding the sexual nature of the Human body from children just produces a maladjusted child in later years. How many dysfuntional children have turned into maladjusted adults because of the Christian puritanical canons being preached to the impressionable youngsters world-wide?
    Teaching children that sex is dirty or perverted is like telling them the water they need to live is not good for them.

    You people sound like antiquated idiots that need to get with the 21st century. You ony make yourselves appear tired/old/boring/frustrated and GAY !

    1. Well, that’s the thing. Because we go into denial, it just makes things worse. The MTRCB as well as many religious folk try to cover things up that make it worse.

      I wish they’d just own up. This is what the article is actually about. Because the more you deny something, the worse it’ll get.

  10. About the computer shops, i once went to one to print some files, i was shock and upset to see a minor, he could have been 10 years old or early teens with his frienda watching porn in full screen on the computer, i was really upset so i ask the attendant if they are allowing that because i swear to god i will report them to authorities, but the he reprimand the kids and stop their time and turned off their computer. Then the kids and question were angry at me and said that “pakialamera kasi” ( im being nosey) i just want to slap a kid if only it was allowed. It was really disappointing.

    1. Well, either we’ve actually met in real life and failed to recognize each other or kids watching porn in internet cafes is becoming a widespread problem…

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