3 Reasons Why The Philippines Needs Better Role Models

I think I remember mentioning that culture certainly plays a part in one’s morality or in the perception thereof. This idea was espoused by none other than Chinese Philosopher Confucius himself, in case you want to know. But now, I have to ask the question, how can we ever hope to solve our dysfunctions as a nation when our culture is and of itself dysfunctional? How can we ever achieve anything of value when we ourselves place value on the erroneous and sometimes even detrimental concepts? What’s sad is that, I’m quite sure some of you out there again will again snap back like whipped street dogs which is just another symptoms of our nation’s bone deep and nigh-incurable dysfunction.


I think, one thing that can be gleaned from one of Benign0’s more popular articles is that we are in desperate need of better role models for our youths. You never realize how important role models are for young people as they are essentially what will shape their minds when they grow up. I can admit to the fact that my life as a young boy and a bit of my time as a young man has been largely dysfunctional because of my apparent lack of role models I could latch onto. Indeed, let me take time to cite that Bakya Culture has so little to offer our youths in terms of guidance and, if one were too really read between the lines, it is one of the things that is essentially destroying our nation from within by wearing away at our morality and sense of justice.

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Now, I know some of you are going to go nuts again. If so, I don’t care, be my guest. Go nuts all you want, it might even be good for you, now that I think about it. Tears help clean the eyes so, if you find this offensive and painful, you’re welcome to cry like you did with my previous articles. So, are you ready for another beatdown?

We Have Become A Nation Of Cowards

Cowardice is a word that often gets thrown around. In fact, we here at GRP often get assaulted with accusations of cowardice as we use pen names and often keep our identities secret. Well, the thing is, as Bane said in Dark Knight Rises: “It doesn’t matter who we are, what matters is our plan!” See, who we are aren’t really that important compared to what we have to say.

Indeed, the idea of cowardice and courage are often misinterpreted in our country thanks again to our wonderful, wonderful media. The thing is, courage isn’t about not being afraid, it is about being afraid but doing what you have to anyway. It isn’t so much about being tough all the time, but more about being tough when it counts.

However, thanks to the clever manipulation of the media, we have all been conditioned to accept things even when they’re wrong. While we claim to just be “playing along”, we cannot deny that we are an abused people who are largely unappreciated by the government and underpaid by the majority of companies we work for. If we are truly a brave people, then why does no one speak out against the government and the oligarchs that are forcing our countrymen into becoming something akin to slaves in other countries? Why are so few of us demanding that the government allow for better foreign policies and better jobs instead of milking our overworked countrymen overseas of their hard-earned profits? Why aren’t we making a stand when we should?

For all our talk of “people power”, it becomes silly when we can’t even raise our voices against the oligarchs ruling us now as we see them more as royalty or gods instead of tyrants to be overthrown. Indeed, one of the reasons we’re deep in denial is because we refuse to accept the horrifying reality that surrounds us. But then again, what can you say or expect when President Aquino, the chosen leader of the Filipino people, is a spineless brat who’s all too willing to sell his people out to terrorists and can only resort to petty insults when facing the military might of the People’s Republic of China.

We Have Become A Nation Of Fools

As I’ve stated many times before, the media and their works have essentially dumb down the populace into a mob of rowdy spoiled brats instead of mature, forward-thinking citizens. Now, as I’ve also said before, there’s nothing wrong with being a fool from time to time. Heck, you will probably be shocked if you compare GRP Grimwald to the Grimwald that lurks around gaming communities. However, it’s not who I am all the time and neither does my life revolve around games, writing articles, work and ogling beautiful women. I’m most certainly not going to skip work just because of a new gaming event and I’m not sacrificing the welfare of my family for something as trivial as seeing a cosplay competition.

I’m not saying that you should stop enjoying the stuff that you like. I mean, by all means, have fun. Watch AlDub, telenovelas or hardcore porn, if that’s what floats your boat. What I am saying is that you have to remember your priorities if you want to be productive and a valuable part of the system. It gets utterly silly when some people readily flee from their workplaces to see a new movie or abandon their family just to get close to a given celebrity. The list just goes on and on.

What’s worse is that foolishness is all too often glorified in modern media. In the misguided attempt to look more “human” to their viewers, the media glorifies stupidity as if implying that being stupid is a good thing instead of a dangerous disadvantage that can come with devastating consequences. Indeed, as the great Martin Luther King said, stupidity is not just more common but is actually even more dangerous than evil because of the consequences it may bring with it.

We Have Become A Nation Of Narcissists

Another big problem is how narcissistic we’ve become as a people. Of course, in another misguided attempt at positivity, we go on and make stuff up about ourselves. As Fallen Angel pointed out in this article, we try to create a positive image of ourselves that easily falls apart because of our own refusal to accept our own mistakes and wrongdoing. I can easily compare the Philippines to a homeless beggar wearing a cartoon drawing of a tuxedo to look rich or a whore who covers herself in make-up just to make herself a “virgin”.

It’s more than a little hilarious when you see that most of our showbiz personalities are less about their own art of acting and more about looking good in front of the camera. So, for a lot of people, it’s more about looking good than being good. I’m not talking about people’s physical attractiveness here, in case you’re wondering. What I’m talking about is that people care too much about their self-image than doing any actual good for the country.

Take for instance Mar Roxas and his campaign for presidency so far. Instead of doing any actual good for the country, like fixing the damn MRT and providing the Yolanda survivors with the help they need, he goes on useless photo ops that are riddled with cheesy and often unbelievable dialogue. Then there’s Kris Aquino who likes to style herself as the Oprah Winfrey of the Philippines and tries (very hard) to present herself as a role model for the women of our country even though she is, quite clearly, one of the worst examples for women in how they live their lives. Indeed, as Ms. Ilda said: “It’s so much easier to spin bullshit than make a solid foundation of real success.”

You can see a lot of this in the way many of our youths are obsessed with Facebook and other social media sites. I actually laud those few who’ve found some form of hobby (both amateur and professional) that they do well like photography or slam poetry as these are things that imply a sense of dedication and of valuing something other than oneself. Taking more than a few thousand selfies and posting statements and hashtags you don’t clearly understand aren’t signs of being “talented”, you know. But being able to know the right kind of lighting to give a photograph the correct ambiance or knowing the right words to say in front of a crowd are. 


Are you crying? Are you angry? Are those lips of yours shaking in shame or rage? Both perhaps?

Then, I’ll say it again…

Prove me wrong!

18 Replies to “3 Reasons Why The Philippines Needs Better Role Models”

  1. The only people you have to look out for in life are the people that don’t care about anything or anyone. These are the people that end up teaching your children.

  2. Good article again, Grimwald. Role models are indeed crucial in the formation of young minds, and Filipino kids simply have none. Hell, half of them don’t even have parents, never mind positive-role-model-parents.

    Since you’re a fan of the movies, you might note how many Hollywood film plots revolve around the existence (or lack of) heroic role models. The Star Trek reboot springs to mind.

    Filipino films and shows … yeah, not so much.

  3. When is this country going to get clean you squatter mentality, chainsmoking, spitting, pissing, shitting failipino(shit). These kinds of people that I mentioned deserves to be imprisoned if they deserve. These country will be going down because of your stupid actions. All my life I have been living with filth everytime I go out of the house, you can not look up because there’s shit and piss everywhere you need to stay in guard for more filth. I HATE YOU the people driving very polluting tri-cycles, trucks, and jeeps. We only have one planet you psycopath!. End.

  4. Cowards? Fools? Narcissist? Maybe, but not all. Our role models are our political leaders, who enrich themselves thru corruption. They got rich and powerful, without a sweat. Our other role models are our celebrities, who lack brains , and who have lost their moral compass, already. Kris Aquino has many husbands and lovers. And, she portrays , herself as a moral person/role model.

    So, the dysfunction goes to the root level of our people. All kinds of scams/frauds are done by anybody, to get rich quick. Everybody wants to become a singing sensation, because a few singers, became rich and famous. Some want to try boxing, because Pacquiao, became a billionaire thru boxing, and was elected as a Congressman.

    The old true and tried method of success thru hard work, is set aside . We are too lazy to think, plan and to do hard work, to achieve success.

  5. The ‘ROLE MODEL’ is not needed as is over-rated and too much empahasis is placed on having them.

    People that can DO things that need to be done is what the FAILIPPINES needs.

    A behaviour in which the KANT-ian ‘CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE’ is taken into considerstion in all actions endevoured by the society and its leaders. This is sorely lacking in the FAILIPPINES and could be seen, in KANT-ian terms, as the EXACT ROOT CAUSE of the all the collective problems in FAILIPPINE society today as well as the last 50 years.

    I ME MINE is no way to run a society.

    1. >> People that can DO things that need to be done is what the FAILIPPINES needs.

      So how do you think that’s going to happen? Monkey see, monkey do. People behave like spoiled children here because they see everyone else do it. They think it’s normal. They’re not going to change their behaviors unless they can see someone doing something different, and have the opportunity to copy it.

      1. Even if Filipinos see others doing the right thing, they’ll still not do the right thing if it doesn’t fit their “modus operandi.” Filipinos are one of the most pretentious (chameleon-like) people on earth, and will change colors at the drop of the hat. This is why they’ve once dubbed themselves as the “greatest immitators” on the planet.

  6. Filipinos don’t know what the fock a role model is; they will insist of doing things their own way regardless, even if their ways are country-destructive and clash with other Filipinos self-serving and aristocratic ways. Just look at the long-standing legacy of “every man for himself” attitude and way of life of all Filipinos, and how focked up the Philippines is, as indicators.

  7. Look at all the crap on TV. Look at those idiotic shows and those hair-raisingly stupid and disgustingly primitive hosts and bakla entertainers. Look at all the drama shit and ghost stories and wife beating drunks and bitch slapping whores and unfunny happy people living in some fantasy squatter area where everyone wears a blindingly white shirt and no one has head lice.

    Those are your role models. So don’t wonder if your children turn out to be half-wits assholes who know nothing and take drugs because they suddenly find out that the real world has no mermaids in it and that maids don’t get married by millionaires.

  8. ‘Nature’ versus ‘Nurture’ is what I have to say..
    ‘Role models’ are essential.
    They can and will ‘inspire’ us..
    But that doesn’t mean we’ll have to conform around it.
    Thus, we were given the ‘freewill’ – for those who believe in a Higher Power such as myself.

  9. Speaking of Mar Roxas.. I have been forced to watch TFC now, and ABias CBN is doing a series “Kandidato” or something, but so far (3 days ina row?)they have only shown Mar. As far as I can see, it is an apologist program for all of Mar’s misdeeds and hiccups. This is what crap the bias media is shoving down all OFWs throats.

  10. Role models are nice but they are mortals like the rest of us. They will soon die and be forgotten.

    What we need is something to believe in, a sense of purpose, a unifying goal.

    Perhaps a movement of disciplined, educated, like minded individuals, held together with mission thats bigger than an individual leader, and that will continue long after this leader is gone.

    1. Role models are only good when you’re trying to improve yourself and your standing in society. What the Filipino need is not a role model, but a stark realization that, if they don’t do anything to change their self-serving and aristocratic ways, they will soon cease in existence as a nation. Maybe an icy cold water poured over their heads, and a sledgehammer straight to the skull, is what Filipinos need to wake themselves up from their “Pipe Dreams” of their delusions.

  11. May I cite a couple of reasons why the need for ‘change’ is paramount and why it is long overdue. In the early 1960s, the Philippines was, indeed, the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. Korea,still, had rampant poverty soon after the Korean war; Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia looked up to us.. even sending over not just their students, but their middle-line executives as well, for training; and, Vietnam was in the throes of the change-over from French domination to American influence and was still to have an even worse fate.. the ‘Vietnam War’. It was only Japan that was showing signs of becoming an industrialized power.. although ‘Made-in-Japan’, then, was a popular pejorative for anything that was poorly made. The ‘Pearl of the Orient’ was riding high and handsome, but was showing signs of being stuck in ‘neutral’ even then, whereas, these others were actually moving forward.
    We talk today of national leaders.. the likes of Lee Kwan Yew, Mahatir Mohamed, Thanom Kittikachorn and others within the region. What is strikingly apparent is the seriousness and the singularity of purpose of these leaders.. leaders whose rationale for leading was to make their country great by making their countrymen productive. They saw their positions as a means to that end. With our own leaders, on the other hand.. Marcos, Ramos, Estrada, Pnoy and Binay, one gets the impression that their positions were, (and still are) an ‘end’ rather than a ‘means’ to achieve something great for the country and her people. If, at all there were any such ambition, it was invariably for personal gain and/or for some dubious ‘legacy’. These positions were viewed as the achievement in and of itself.. and a reason to proudly strut and preen, and take advantage of the privilege and opportunity.. for themselves.
    As regards training and qualifications, (criteria that really mattered), Dr. Mahatir Mohamed is a medical doctor from the King Edward Vll Medical School in Singapore ; Mr. Lee was a product of Oxford and Cambridge in England, and General Kittikachorn graduated from Thailand’s National Defence College. The UP College of Law, the Ateneo and West Point may be comparable to the schools earlier mentioned, but attending some High School in LA, (Bong Revilla), or a HIgh School in Pampanga, (Lito Lapid), or, ‘night school’ at the Lyceum, (JInggoy)… even ‘auditing’ some courses in London as Bong-Bong might have done, is hardly comparable… not by a mile.
    We might justify, even rationalize our shortcomings.. something we are wont to do in lieu of implementing positive remedial measures. This, however, does nothing to solve the problem. It simply highlights our escapists-illusions.. effectively, our denial of a clear and present defect in our psyche as a people.

    1. The problem with the Phil is that those who should be in office like Benign0, Ilda, and Grimwald are not winnable candidates because they have no machinery or limelight to get voted, while the actors you just mentioned are the ones who are least qualified but eventually land in top positions because they are pogi to the masses.

      So how to you fix this problem?

      In the case of computer debugging, you simply replace the broken system. Replace the constitution – xerox copy Japan’s and go on with a better life.

      However, only a congress with common sense would take that route, and we all know common sense is as rare as 24 karat gold in phil.

      So just say good luck to one another coz its easier to win lotto than for what i proposed above to happen.

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