Why I Believe Conspiracy Theories are Frauds

Conspiracy theories will continue to be among the most hotly debated of topics not only online, but offline as well (where they originated). Many new theories been put forward, such as the secret cabal of the world now including the supposed Skull and Bones fraternity of George Bush and others. The Tianjin explosion in China is said to be the doing of the U.S. through a weapon called the Rod of God (which is more of science fiction than fact if you ask me) rather than just chemicals. That Agenda 21 has secret plans of wiping out populations and undermining America’s empire. ISIS has been thought as the New World Order’s concoction for taking over the world. Sadly, the messages telling people to not believe just everything they read off the Internet don’t seem to work on some.

This photo is NOT of an ISIS flag.

This photo is NOT of an ISIS flag.

Why I don’t believe these theories is that they have proven to be fraudulent. Many of the conspiracies I heard in the 1990s claimed “It’s happening now,” such as the story of the installation of microchips in the heads and hands of human being akin to the “mark of the beast” of Revelation. Fast forward to today, has it happened? Nothing! They are still saying “it’s happening now” and nothing’s happening. It’s just like the many nutcases saying, “Jesus Christ is returning on this date! Go out in the fields and repent!” Still dumb. If Jesus Christ were really coming back, I’d stay where I am, since I should be caught doing what I’m always doing, because if I were caught doing good, then that would be good.

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But the more recent examples are related to the posts being passed around are about the recent Syrian refugee issue. People are passing around messages saying Syrian refugees – and the messages imply all of them – are terrorists out to spread shariah law in the countries they are going to be accepted in. Now that’s dumb. If you’re out to enforce shariah law, you should be the one in government right now. You should take over the government with full military force. Why depend on refugees? What can refugees do? Beg for food and water, and if you don’t give these to them, they’ll enforce shariah law?

There are many videos and stories that are being taken out of context. One was the recent video of a Hungarian camerawoman who tripped a Syrian refugee that the posts claimed was a former terrorist. But as an article about the refugee showed, he was a football coach. No proof beyond reasonable doubt has surfaced that he was a terrorist. Another was about a ship with Syrian and Egyptian caught in Greece being passed around as “weapons for refugees.” This is not true; in fact, the ship’s crew claimed that they were headed for Libya. So the weapons were not for refugees. They were for someone else. Busted. And another is that refugees were supposedly out in Germany and raising their flag. It turns out to be an anti-Islamic rally that happened in 2012 – ISIS was not yet widely known then. Yet another myth busted.

Perhaps the Syrian Electronic Army, purportedly Assad’s own online attack group, is behind the false reports. But perhaps it’s also the Agency, an organization dedicated to spreading Russian government propaganda. Russia after all has made known its support for Assad.

Conspiracy Theories capitalize on Ignorance

Conspiracy theories are usually guilty of frequent misconstruing or misconceptions of certain things. For example, an article on Ranker (admittedly a client at work) clarified several misconstrued items. First, a graphic thought to be showing waves of radiation of Fukushima was revealed to show tsunami wave patterns across the Pacific. Big difference. Another was the supposed sight of coffins for a mass purge of the population by FEMA. They were actually coffin vaults, containers than are inserted into the ground, while coffins are inserted inside them. They belonged to a certain company that stores them in fields, not in warehouses. They have nothing to do with FEMA or the government. Yet another picture is supposedly of containers of chemtrail dispensers on an airplane, when in fact they are water containers that simulate shifting payload weight on an airplane during testing.

These are the crewmen of the ship caught in Greece, probably thought to be refugees themselves

These are the crewmen of the ship caught in Greece, probably thought to be refugees themselves

While conspiracy theorists themselves blame skeptics for having preconceived notions, it would seem truer that the theories themselves are based on preconceived notions. For example, when world leaders meet, there’s a preconceived notion that they’re plotting something behind our backs. When a shape is observed on TV, a magazine picture or others looks like a symbol from Freemasonry or the Illuminati, they will believe that the same organization is connected. Unwillingness to accept that coincidences or occasional similarities exists makes one imagine such ridiculous and paranoid notions.

Conspiracy theorists also work on unprofessional assumptions of certain things. For example, there was this conspiracy theory that the massive blackout in the U.S. that happened one time was actually an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) test on U.S. territory. This falls flat on its face because the theory reflects that the person does not know the correct information about EMP.

EMP, when it affects electronics, burns those devices. So if it was EMP that happened in the blackout, did the government have to replace thousands of burnt radios, computers, television sets, cellphones and more? Perhaps the theorists will say the government was ready with replacement goods! But hasn’t anyone computed the logistics requirements for that? Local newspapers would also have noticed burnt-out devices. Yet nothing of such was mentioned, so the blackout is just that – a blackout. And for Chrissakes, why test EMP on your own infrastructure? Thus, the theory is really dumb. And if they want tests of EMP attacks, reports of EMP during nuclear tests already give sufficient data on it.

This EMP example demonstrates that conspiracists do not know how things really work. Conspiracy theory believers like to believe that they assume in their ignorance, and the other people are sheep. Unfortunately, they are the ones turning out to be unthinking, because when you analyze the conspiracy theories, many of them defy logic. They insult our intelligence. That the Rothschilds own the world’s banks, that governments are controlled by the New World Order, that many events like the Virginia Tech shooting are staged, ignores many documented facts that disprove these. You have the list of actual stockholders of gold and other resources that tell you who owns the money. You also have death certificates and accounts by reliable witnesses of such events. People who just believe the conspiracy theories mostly refuse to verify them.

Exploited Misinformation

You gotta hand it to the John Birch Society and writer Gary Allen, and perhaps to the anti-Jewish activists. They really created something that takes advantage of people’s laziness and gullibility. But it obviously isn’t them spreading the fraudulent conspiracies nowadays. Aside from the Syrian group I mentioned about, the conspiracy theories are could be part of a misinformation drive by something like the CIA, or perhaps propaganda and media groups connected to ALEC and other businesses that influence policy. Even anonymous hackers might just be throwing around hoax posts for fun, because they laugh at how gullible people can be. They know how conspiracy theories can take people’s minds off important issues (such as limits on spending during elections being lifted in a part of the U.S.A.).

Perhaps the truthers are so mistrustful and paranoid of the world that they think everything that is against Conspiracy theories are perhaps the most schizophrenic ideas in the world (Who knows if most conspiracy theories were actually created by schizophrenic people?). Many authors state that people who believe in conspiracy theories tend to be ones who feel more powerless. Perhaps truthers are those who are mentally vulnerable, or more depressed. That makes them more susceptible to infiltration by unsound thoughts and ideas.


The reason I believe conspiracy theories are frauds is simply because it’s connected with a lot of fraud. Aside from the fake posts, you even have personalities who thrive on conspiracy theory, but have no proof for them. Not convinced yet? Since conspiracists are fond of quoting Youtube, here’s a Video that shows a lot of Alex Jones predictions that have been debunked. But if only people traced all the conspiracy theories that have come out and predicted events (such as George Bush 1 and 2 or Clinton out to declare martial law and saying it’s happening now, such as with that Jade Helm thing), they would find out that a lot have not happened at all.

About school shootings, 9/11, the two Malaysian Airlines that disappeared and other events were lives were lost, better ask the families themselves if you can and see if their loved ones who died have magically appeared. Chances are they did not. And hiding… how could you hide someone who’s alive for long? Conspiracy theories not only spread fraud, but they also insult the memory of the people who actually died.

It’s time for people to start really thinking. The right kind of thinking, wherein, they really get off their butts and do some verification, like what a reporter should do. There was one conspiracy test video (see below) I saw where, the simple question was, how will it affect rich people? For example, there is a claim that a cancer cure exists, but is hidden by the companies. But if it is available, rich people like Steve Jobs would have availed of it. Problem is, he died from cancer. So the reality is, no cancer cure exists.

If people tell me, stop being so negative, they should tell that to the conspiracy theorists. They’re the ones who are so negative.

10 Replies to “Why I Believe Conspiracy Theories are Frauds”

  1. There are many times, that some Messiah appeared; telling us the world is ending. So, people gave their money to these Messiahs. The world did not end; the stupid people who gave their money, became bankrupt. And the Messiah, had gotten rich.

    Organized Religion, I think, thrives on Conspiracy Theories.
    “Give me your money. And , you will go to Heaven”…”Bomb yourself, and the non believers. And, you will go to Paradise, marry 72 Virgins.” Some idiots believe these, and they end up dead or bankrupt.

    I still believe that Planet Earth is the “Insane Asylum” of the universe. I am not a Conspiracy Theorist.

  2. I’ve heard of ‘crisis actors’ being called up to act their part whenever something big happens. A carefully crafted lie sometimes becomes an effective cover up to the truth. And the truth gets discovered…eons after it was covered for so long..I wonder what will the people 100 years from now will think of us?…Will there even be people by that time?..:(

  3. How can you explain the the 2 buildings in 9/11 in freefall from a fire? no other building has fallen like that except for detonated ones. it should have toppled over sideways not straight down. or partially collapsed. and please explain how building 7 went down, the same way from a supposed “fire” later in the day with nothing hitting it.you can’t melt steel with ordinary fire. if you could then if you’re cooking your pan would melt. i agree other theories are stupid and misleading but for this one there is no convincing counter argument. Also explain where the debris from the plane that hit the pentagon evaporated to? there are 2 engines the size of a car that are missing supposedly “evaporated”.

    1. Those explanations are baloney, as a video by a blacksmith demonstrates, that the metal in buildings could at least be softened by enough heat that they become weak, and lead to collapse. And don’t give me the baloney that only explosives can create controlled implosions of buildlings. A building that collapses without explosives should topple over? Then you don’t know natural material physics, my good boy. And the debris from the plane can “evaporate” because it is mostly made of aluminum, and titanium fragments would have also melted or scattered into the hot mess generated. The engine debris is surely scattered, surely they have been picked up. All those claims that 9/11 was an inside job is false alarmism, and are only meant to make your life miserable. Trust me.

  4. The family card of 32 years of MADPNOY yellow oligarchs media deception works well with the blame card of blaming the apo macoy marcos legacy of the masagana99 agrarian reform legacy for 22 years of Martial law, which is upto now the Senatong Tanda of 30 years rubbing the Pilipino taxes with the nitty gritty money bathub auditors of napolis list of Senathieves and representhathieves for making the marcost first world country status into a third world status of pagpag eaters and cemetery dwellers, which is the works of the economic hitmen of the controversial files of the illuminati

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