Grace Poe, like every Philippine presidential candidate, is over-promising

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If the Philippines were to hold the Presidential Elections now, Senator Grace Poe will come out the winner. In fact, if we were to believe the result of the surveys that show Poe consistently leading the popularity polls, holding the election in 2016 would just be a waste of time. I mean, why bother with the expense and chaos that go with every Philippine election when we already know who is going to win? Besides, elections in the country have always been somewhat of an exercise in futility anyway. Aside from the candidates over-promising and under delivering, the majority of voters choose a candidate on the basis of his/her popularity and not on his/her platforms.

Grace Poe needs to be specific about what her father started. She keeps saying she wants to continue it. Is it in movies?

Grace Poe needs to be specific about what her father started. She keeps saying she wants to continue it. Is it in movies?

The only thing that can stop a Poe Presidency is if she loses the disqualification case filed against her citizenship status. The other candidates are hanging on to the decision of whether or not Poe meets the residency requirement to run for the Presidency under the 1987 Constitution. If she can’t run, then the race is back on between Vice President Jejomar Binay and current Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas who already faced off with each other in the 2010 elections for the Vice Presidency. That turned ugly in the end with Roxas filing a case against Binay for allegedly rigging the automated results. The case is still pending, but I digress…

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Poe is very confident about winning the Presidential election. She is not even ashamed to use her late father’s name to get the votes. The names FPJ and Panday were all over her recent speech. She does get brownie points for bothering to come up with a 20-point wish list considering she didn’t have to on account of her popularity. Yes, at this point, it is simply a wish list and not a platform because she has not outlined how she is going to achieve them.

While listening to Poe’s speech when she announced her Presidential bid, I realized it would be a relief to have someone speak in front of the public who doesn’t cough uncontrollably and someone who doesn’t have a permanent smirk on her face like the incumbent President Benigno Simeon Aquino. Poe does come across as a pleasant enough person compared to the other candidates. But still, there is enough reason to doubt her character with the way she keeps referring to BS Aquino as “honest” and as someone who had done much to curb corruption.

I mean, what the heck is Poe talking about? What is her basis in saying this? Is this a guarantee that her government, once elected, will not pursue charges against the transgressions that happened under BS Aquino government? She did contradict herself particularly when she promised to provide a transparent government and the passing of the Freedom of Information Bill. If transparency is lacking in BS Aquino’s government, then it is not an honest government.

For his part, BS Aquino gave this advice to Presidential aspirant Poe: “Our promises should be based on truth. Let’s not promise the heavens, the stars, and the moon if we really can’t reach them. Let us respect the people from whom power emanates, the ones who provide the mandate, our bosses, and give them the truth.”

Poe should heed BS Aquino’s advice. After all, he once promised almost the same things but hardly delivered anything. He also promised to prioritize the passing of the FOI bill but later on decided it was not important enough. He obviously didn’t want the public to know what was really going on behind closed doors lest they discover that he has been bribing Congress into doing him favors.

Frankly, Poe comes across as too naïve in promising too much. As a senator, she should know that it’s not up to the President alone to make the decisions for the country. The President can come up with proposals but Congress still has to approve them. A classic example of a Presidential initiative that has been stalled is the Bangsamoro Basic Law. This so-called “peace” agreement BS Aquino government negotiated with one of Mindanao’s rebel groups, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, has been labeled unconstitutional and is in danger of being junked. Would Poe come up with another agreement similar to the BBL or will she continue pushing for it as is? That probably depends on how chummy she still is with BS Aquino by the time she is in power.

Grace Poe: Will she deliver on her over-promises? (Photo source: GMA News)

Grace Poe: Will she deliver on her over-promises?
(Photo source: GMA News)

Poe will have to overcome many obstacles to put a check mark on all the items in her wish list. The national budget may not be enough to follow them through. She needs to focus on one thing at a time instead of everything all at once. She should also realize that BS Aquino managed to achieve some things like the passing of the RH law with the help of the pork barrel funds and disbursement acceleration program. Members of Congress became BS Aquino’s rubber stamp when they were guaranteed a portion of the budget for their “pet projects”. With both the pork barrel and DAP declared “unconstitutional”, Poe will have a hard time securing the cooperation of Congress to approve her initiatives. You can see evidence of this now with congressmen hardly attending sessions in congress.

Poe will have to rely on her “charms” to convince Congress including her former colleagues in the senate to give her wish list a chance to come true. If she maintains her popularity high enough, she can convince the public to help her convince their representatives in congress to achieve her plans. But that is a concept that would be too hard for many to understand. Until now, the public is not aware of the power they can wield over their public servants.

When Poe said that no one man or group holds a monopoly on “Tuwid na Daan”, she should understand that no President holds a monopoly on great ideas. Therefore, she should expect opposition from others who think they have better ideas than her.

21 Replies to “Grace Poe, like every Philippine presidential candidate, is over-promising”

  1. Grace Poe has no good track records, to show. She is unknown, except of the surname: “Poe”.

    Did she worked in the U.S.? Where did she worked, and how did she performed? Being President of this broken down Republic, is a very hard job. How about her education? How did she performed in school?

    By promising the “Matuwid na Daan”, which is the mantra of Aquino and Roxas. It shows, she will continue, the idiocy, that Aquino has started.

    We want her to investigate, the DAP, PDAF, and the Pork Barrel Bribery. And, show us her platform. How will she lead this country. How will she repair the broken down government system.

    Charm , Famous Name and popularity will never solve our problems. It will be more of the same.

    I have no confidence , with Escudero, also. He is a political opportunists.

    1. I always have been bothered by the fact that majority of the Philippines electorate is dumb,politically naive and credulous. They exhibit shallow knowledge on economics, good governance and leadership management specially so with the broken republic that we have. How can popularity alone can get one elected to positions of power except in this republic of ours. And this have not abated even in the face of present experiences under the Pnoy brand of governance, an idiocy government.

  2. she’s qualified to be a president. i think she has a good heart. Dont see any bad aura on her. But i dont feel something special about her. I just think that she’s just a mediocre person like Pnoy. i dont know, maybe i just underestimate his capabilities and toughness. Hopefully iam wrong. She’s still one of my options on this coming election.

    1. Are you kidding? I see nothing but insincerity, vindictiveness and incompetence in her. Thats the aura i feel.

      She’s not an option in my list.

      I also feel that she’s misread the Filipino people. Thepy aren’t looking for leaders who have nothing to bring to the table other than their [self-alleged ] honesty. They demand honesty and competence coming at the heels of an incompetent administration.

      1. @dick o’rosary

        maybe you’re right, i respect you’re opinion. But who’s the right person for this presidential position?

        To be honest with you, i am still undecided, doubtful on who should i vote.
        There are so many question on my mind that need to be answered.

        Each really difficult for us(filipinos) to answer who’s the right person.

        1. I think we better hold our opinion until February 2016 when the campaign period starts then we have the right to demand platforms of candidates unfurled and debated upon by the body politic. Then we have bases to compare whom to give our votes.

  3. Words can be twisted into any shape. Promises can be made to lull the heart and seduce the soul. In the final analysis, all their words mean nothing. They are labels Failipino politicians give things in an effort to wrap the Failipinos puny little brains around their underlying natures, when ninety-nine percent of the time the totality of the reality is an entirely different beast. The wisest man/woman is the silent one. Examine his/her actions. Judge him/her by them.

    1. “The wisest man/woman is the silent one. Examine his/her actions. Judge him/her by them.” –> the first that comes to mind is Ping Lacson.

        He said nothing because he knows he has ‘the right to remain silent’, like all criminals do.

      2. I think we better hold our opinion until February 2016 when the campaign period starts then we have the right to demand platforms of candidates unfurled and debated upon by the body politic. Then we have bases to compare whom to give our votes.

  4. There are plenty of “smart” people in the Philippines. “Sa katarantaduhan” (when it comes to mischiefs and selfishness); but a few “wise” ones, especially when it comes to humbly accepting that we Filipinos are ALL at fault on why the Philippines is the way it is.

  5. We still have time until the passing of COC’s…but yeah if silang tatlo lang ang pagpipilian (binay,poe,roxas) i’ll drop binay and look on the platforms of the two carefully (yung realistic)

  6. There is no reason why I would trust any of the candidates running at all. I also will not settle for the lesser evil just because we have no choice. Id rather use my right not to vote as a sign of protest even if it will lead to nothing.

  7. So this is the best the Phil political landscape has to offer:
    1. Grace Poe – no corruption scandals + hardly any experience + popular father died recently (voter’s sympathy)
    2. Mar Roxas – no corruption scandals + experienced but midiocre + PNoy’s annointed

    Note: Binay fell off the race tracks (now a nuisance candidate) owing to his fall from grace (outshined by Grace) and the relentless accusations of corruption (admin camp demolition job)

    With both claiming “Daang matuwid”, it’s like a choice between a Philippine jeepney made in San Pablo or one made in Binan.

    World-class is just so elusive!
    When will we come up with a Benz or Lexus? …

    Zaxxun’s Top SUV Ranking (~Q1 2015)

  8. Poe comes across as someone who is being interviewed for a job and promises the interviewer everything under the sun, without even knowing how to go about her promises. Poor pinoys, too gullible to believe that she is an able leader.

    This country do not need people like her, all bark but no bite. We need builders and good leaders. Pinoys fail to see this and only consider qualities such as sincere, mabait, hindi magnanakaw and others similar. This way of thinking is what got us into deep shit, think along the lines of St. Cory.

  9. Binay will win. Votes of those on this site do not matter. It will be a good thing though coz many will wake up after his disastrous reign.

  10. There is no perfect candidate.
    You win some,you lose some. I voted for Aquino and I will vote for Poe.I will vote for Roxas if he has,Poe,Cayetano,Duterte or Escudero
    since they didn’t work as a team, The Binays may win and we’ll have another sorry year for beloved Philippines.

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