Filipinos Really Need To Develop A Sense Of Justice

I remember writing an article that asked whether or not the Filipino people can ever find justice for themselves and the answer, as it turns out, is far from positive. The thing is, while I understand the suffering of my people and wish I could help in some way, the biggest obstacles for justice in the Philippines is the unsavory culture of its own people. What’s sad is that a lot of them don’t even realize this and will probably go on denying it even when the horrific results are staring at them in the face.


See, in order for the Filipino people to gain justice, there are three things they need to let go of:

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Moral Myopia

I once wrote an article about moral myopia and how it’s detrimental to the world at large and, from the looks of things, it’s actually quite worse here in the Philippines.

“It’s okay, as long as it isn’t happening to us.” This is a statement I often hear from some typical Pinoys when something bad is happening. So it doesn’t matter if people get robbed, raped or burn to death as long as it isn’t you? As a nation, we’re supposed to be a community and, unless we can start caring about one another as more than just either tools or obstacles, we can never really build a better future for the coming generations.

“We either learn to live together or die alone.” That was what Jack Shephard of Lost said to the survivors of Flight 815. Unfortunately, here in the Philippines, it’s almost always every man for himself. If you want proof, you need not look further than Benign0’s article about the jeepney driver who was shot in the middle of the road by someone he almost hit. While I will not say that neither man has chosen the correct course of action, I think that both of them are wrong.


Another big reason for the failure of justice in the Philippines is because so many are outright irresponsible about their actions. Few, if any, care about the consequences of what they do. As Fallen Angel said in her article, for most Filipinos, it’s simply “no blood, no foul”.

Unfortunately, there is little help to be had when there is blood.

Self Entitlement

Finally, the most annoying habit of many typical Pinoys is their sense of self-entitlement.

  • “I’m a cop and, since I am upholding the law, I am above it!”
  • “We are the INC and, since we follow the laws of God, we are above the laws of man!”
  • “We’re politicians and, since we make the laws of the land, we don’t have to follow them!”

These are just some of the more prevalent stuff I hear. When we all place ourselves above the law, who then will even bother to follow it? When we have little or no respect for the laws meant to govern us as a nation, how can we ever unite as a people? When the most powerful or most respected refuse to abide the laws of the land, can we expect the common people to even care about them?

33 Replies to “Filipinos Really Need To Develop A Sense Of Justice”

  1. Dear Sir Grimwald,
    you always – without any exception – fail to amaze me.

    You wanna say that the following does NOT apply to the Philippine population?

    “We are the RCC and, since we follow the laws of God, we are above the laws of man!”

    Again, I proof hereby that you never blame nor attack your own religion. In my country, we call that hypocrisy.

    1. I’m agnostic, and i write RC in religion field on document forms, just so as not to leave it blank (out of habit, plus the subconcious fear of that funny look the person reading it would give me). because of your point, i have decided to fill it with N/A instead from now on. Thanks for the wakeup call, man.

      1. T,
        I really dont know why people have to fill out their religion in your country. Again proof that there is NO seperation between church (religion) and state in your country.

        In no document, in no official paper/formular, you are asked about your religion in my country. None, zero, zilch.
        At best you are asked about it in an anonymous survey and even then you can alsways leave that specific question unanswered.

        I am so fucking happy that I live in a TRUE and REAL secular country.

        1. Yeah Robert, it’s a strange and unjust country to say the least…. where else in the world are you required to take a course in school for “right conduct and good manners”? Where else in the world is a baptismal certificate a piece of proof of your identity? Where else in the world do you need an affidavit of loss pawn slip if you lose your pawn slip? And, where else in the world do you need to have a “Pilipino witness” with you at all times, lest you might be accused of doing something you didn’t do? We are only there for the money we can circulate in Philippines. Sorry for my negativity… Maybe I better stick with PFB.

        2. David,
          LOL, I know. I know.

          I still see young people with talent. The only thing is that parents of those young people refuse to see that talent and dont want to stimulate and encourage that talent. Why? Because those young people need to take care of the old folks. So the talent is destroyed/killed and wasted. Young people grow up to become house maids. That is not a talent. That is something everybody can.

          Prospect future parents (rich and poor) should stop destroying their future kids’ talents. Only then the Philippines stand a chance to get out of their misery. On the other side, kids (from poor parents and from rich parents) should stop accepting this retarded trait from parents. Hence, its a 2 way street. Both sides must and can end it. But it wont happen. It goes against the Philly culture. Kids will be called disrespectful bec its not allowed to speak up (probably not even in a civilised manner) to one’s own parents.

          Basically, I am hitting rock bottom and banging my head to a wall. But its not gonna change.

        3. I was recently mortified by my 5 year-old’s remark, “you pray in the mosque”. Well, this was from her preschool teacher, and of course its what they teach because we are in the middle east, i totally expected this yet it hit me like a punch in the nose. So far my daughter has no sense of religion though (she doesnt know who jesus christ is, what a priest is, what a muslim is, though she knows what a church and a mosque looks like and how praying is supposed to look like). I just wish i could spare her from all this unnecessary exposure to faith and shit.
          Man, we gotta get outta this place.

        4. T,
          “you pray in the mosque”. I can relate to this in one aspect because we like to say and think “keep your religion to yourself”.

          Practising a religion should be something personal. So what I saw in Cebu City (the Sinulog) will not and can not be seen in my country.

          Nobody is born religious. Its something we are taught. In fact, I really dont understand anything about religion. When 2 people are married in front of god, then why do all the off sprong need to be baptised?

          If the husband is catholic, the wife is catholic then why is a re-confirmation needed by baptising the kids?

      2. Bob (is it okay if i call you that),
        in the catholic dogma it is essential since they believe that all are born with the “original sin” adam and eve committed, thats why babies need to be spruced with “blessed” water, washing that “stain” away. Now what happens to those babies that unfortunately pass away while not being baptized? stuck in purga-fucking-tory as they’d make you believe! nothing more cruel than a picture of a billion baby heads moaning for redemption just because they 1) werent baptized by their rc parents or 2) not being born into the rc faith so theyd get the opportunity to be washed of an action they never had any hand in committing. There, i almost threw up my lunch.
        secular parents allow their babies to be baptized just to shut up the side of the family that insists (spouse or naggy in-law parents), and just for the sake it might be required by prestigious learning institutions in the ph (for example, admu and dlsu).

        1. T,
          No, I dont have any problems with that. But highly uncommon in my country. Usually it will be Rob or Robert. What you want is more typical in America (and or England), I think.

          Eating from the wrong forbidden fruit(s)? The holy virgin Mary (Dolce vita). Getting 72 virgins when dying as a martyr. Meeting all your friends and family members when you are “upstairs” in heaven. I really dont understand why people still belief that shit.

          In my entire life, all I did was going against religious teachings and doctrine. I am still alive, healthy, alive and kicking. I didnt kill anyone (except for a bee, wasp, fly, cockroach). So, I expect god to be knocking on my door any day soon. “Tea, my dear?” (lol).

          Now why was I never punished so far by god? Can it be possible that ne never existed? Well anyway, I dont fear him. He is a non-existing asshole.

          By the way, you know the story about Ona? Beautiful, really beautiful. Pls read it.

        2. Bob,=)
          People need goals. To the book believers, “going to heaven” is a goal. The philippines is what happens if you emphasize on that goal, because shit, it is as easy as hell to be a good person rather than work smart and well and be a productive memeber that contributes to society (not commie style though, kinda like star trek style). now, years of misuse and ignorance have twisted the meaning of scripture has given rise to alternate explanations on how god’s laws should be upheld, giving rise to loopholes. Like the “born again” loophole wherein the only requirement is faith, as it was the words of jesus himself.
          Imagine how mind-blowing it was for me when i realized that all [abrahamic] religions claimed to be the one true sect that god would give free passes to front-row seats so they could view the apocalypse in comfort while they watched the “un-chosen” people burn. the self-delusion was so clear once i asked how about the buddhists, hindus and zoroastrianists and i was answered that they’d all go to hell because they did not believe in god. mass genocide, holocaust style? nah, wwii ended, but god’ll show us how its done and keep it that way for the rest of eternity!
          well this is at least what the catholics, inc, jehova’s witnesses, mormons, adventists, etc would like all their members to belive.
          if you ask me, you can be still be spiritual without being religious. unfortunately almost all pinoys do not believe that this is possible, kinda like that debacle of anime-lovers being immature (another debate on one of grimwald’s articles’ comments sections, but thats another story). Yet they still believe in tikbalangs, aswangs, dwendes and mangkukulams. That’s while believing that they are devout christians.
          yeah, that’s just sick.

        3. T,
          I am a simple guy. All I want from life is to stay healthy, achieve a few things, be the best in my trade/business, have enough money to live a comfortable life; I want to travel and meet and see other people and other cultures. Nobody needs to help me, nobody needs to support me financially, I dont need kids who support me when I am old.
          I have my work, I have my hobbies, I have friends (male and female). What else do I need?

          “Heaven”? Too simple. Living happens on earth. When I am dead, I am dead. Oh and pls cremate my dead body.

        4. T,
          (to add just another thing)
          What I also read here very often is also said very often, is: one needs to be a good human being.

          I really dont know how to read that> Am I a bad person? I dont think so. But that sentence really drives me crazy. It seems that I only can be a good person when I help others.

          If we somehow try to let everybody help himself then we can nove on to really important things.
          Jesus fucking christ, if I have to help others each day of the week and 24/7 then I dont have a live for myself anymore.

          How often do you need help, T? Do you really dont know how to prepare your own breakfast? (lol) Do I really need to help you with that?

        5. T,
          let me try to give it to you in my own words. In my first attempt I couldsnt find the tekst also.

          You are married with Mary but before you are able to procreate you die. So now I step in – as your brother – and were asked to do YOUR duties and make your wife pregnant.
          So Mary and I are there, romantic and all to do the godly thing. But just before the “happy ending” either I pull out or I only masturbated (the story is not really clear about this).

          Because I didnt comply to executing YOUR duties – being your brother, god kills me.

          There is a lot wrong with this story IMHO.
          – although in real life it does happen that I may fall in love with your wife (after you died) (BTW: also while you are still alive)
          – For me it goes against one of the 10 commandments (dont coveth your next door neighbour wife/partner/husband (even when you are dead)
          – I rather see another guy (not related by flesh and blood to you) doing that business/duty.
          – I dont like the pressure that is used (in the actual story) to replace you as your brother. Its really coerced and pushed. And your wife didnt even object/protest (at least that is not told in the story). Hence, very sick.
          – nowhere in the actual story it is made clear that your wife was fertile (ovulating) at the moment of intimacy. So, if I extrapolate, I probably would have to do it again tomorrow. But god killed me already.
          – Ona paid a high prize for his principles, dignity and pride.

          This story is one of my favorites to show how sick and shitful the bible is. It may not be the best known text/story but it makes me laugh.

    2. I don’t get it? He’s hypocritical because he doesn’t specify which religion it is? or that he’s not attacking religion as a whole? Could you specify pls. I’m not defending him just confused a bit on how this article is hypocritical.

      1. Riaath,
        How many people in the Philippines are a member of the INC? You may also give me a percentage.

        How many people in the Philippines are a member of the RCC? You may also give me a percentage.

      2. Riaath,
        according to Wikipedi about 80% belong to the RCC and only 2% belong to INC. No pls re-read what Sir Mr Grimwald wrote:

        “We are the INC and, since we follow the laws of God, we are above the laws of man!”

        It is sheer impossible that only just 2% of an entire population can dominate the country or put it in dismal. Even if and when those 2% live above the law. That 2% is neglectable.

        Now if only those 2% could be accussed of being the only one being dysfunctional, GRP needed not pay that much attention to it. Again its neglectable.

        You get my drift? All what Grimwald is doing here to blame INC while in fact he should be looking at his own religion. But you know what? He cant bite the hand that feeds him. Hence, he is hypocritical. And pls remember, he believes in the power in prayer. I guess INC does the same.

        I am sure his prayers cured an un-curable patient dying from lung cancer.
        I hope all those PH doctors are not religious bec then I will be fucked if I am in a PH hospital. I rather want him (a doctor) using all his knowledge and not rely on praying.

        1. @robert..i have always found your comments on this site a good read specially coming from a non-Filipino.. you seem to have a good grasp of what is going on in this God forsaken country of ours..what i don’t get though, is your fascination with whatever Grimwald writes..of all the articles written by Grimwald that I have read, you always seem to be on the other side of the fence…on this was not the RCC, and for the record i am not a member of any church, who went to EDSA and disrupted millions of lives, so why attack Grimwald’s religion? just curious, that’s all…

        2. Nagtatanong_lang,
          I can give you the short version or the long version.

          Let me start with the short vision.
          I have been told a few times that each GRP writer has its own right and its own freedom how to write about an article he/she see fits. And if I dont like it, I can just leave or start my own Blog website. Kalas. Basta.

          This short version is very cheap. Again, this is a cheap shot.

          Now just imagine, I am a naive and ignorant Filipino who wants to be (re-)educated by reading and implementing everything that is written here.
          By doing exactly what Grimwald wants me to do and how he wants me to think (by changing my mindset), gives me a very short sided view of the Philippines.
          If I need to lose my naivity and enrich my ignorance (or lose my ignorance and replace it by knowledge), I need to get the only right and complete picture.

          Mr. Grimwald, wants me to believe that only INC is to blame and that is far from the truth. So far and by far, Mr. Grimwald does not want to also blame his own cult (read: RCC and its blind followers).
          Mr. Grimwald, is not able to even strike a pose about his dear father, Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio (also known as pope Francis).

          Again and especially when I am naive and ignorant I expect to read stuff from each and every angle. Solutions cant be reached and found by looking at problems from just one angle/side.

          I even think that the PH RCC (CBCP and its followers) are even more to blame than the INC is. According to Wikipedia it’s 80% (RCC)versus 2% (INC).

        3. INC is a monolithic organization, RCC is not. INC is a secretive group, RCC is not. Actually, RCC is a congeries of many things, organizations — you have liberal Catholics, conservative Catholics, and cafeteria Catholics. In the Philippines, it is a syncretism of animism, superstition, and Catholicism.

          Catholics account for 80% of population, but only 25% to 30% of that 80% regularly attend services. You are looking at 75% of the 80% who think Catholicism is a syncretism, very medieval. In a way, when you criticize Philippine culture, you are already indirectly criticizing PHL Catholicism.

          This might give you additional info>>

        4. RCC, when it holds the majority, is not good, organizationally. It is open to a lot of abuses. But, when it is the minority and persecuted, it seems to be a good one. It is when they are the minority, that is when they are strong and respected, as I have observed in India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, and South Korea. I suppose persecution filters out those without conviction.

          I think history of Europe tells the same story.

        5. In fact, let me add, in India, Indonesia, and South Korea, it is the intellectuals that it attracts. Unlike, in the Philippines, where the majority is the hoi polloi, reflecting the population profile because it is the majority, not the minority as in said countries.

        6. In South Korea, Catholics went from 4% to 10% in two decades. Not sure of the figures for Evangelicals, but their rate is even faster, such that South Korea will overtake the Philippines as a Christian nation in 20 to 25 years per various projections.

          Philippines is following the same trend as the USA towards securalism though at a slower pace.

        7. i get that you don’t like catholics much or any religion for that matter..but the catholics are not the ones out there creating a mess in the name of their religion..although they probably have created bigger fuckups that has affected a lot more people…but in this article, i believe Grimwald was trying to portray the filipinos sense of self entitlement, hence that comment, “We are the INC and, since we follow the laws of God, we are above the laws of man!”, the word, INC can be replaced by any other religion, organization, or what have you, who thinks they are better and above everyone else…so yes, RCC can be used in that sentence, so can born-again-Christians, El Shaddais, Seventh Day Adventists, etc…yet you always single out RCC which happens to be be Grimwald’s religion..if you are to lose your naivete or ignorance shouldn’t you lose you prejudices first?

        8. @Nagtatanong_lang,
          The name of the article is this: Filipinos really need to develop a sense of justice.

          And Mr. Grimwald wants me to believe that INC still needs to develop a sense of justice. And thus implying that RCC not need to develop that sense. I think Grimwald is still scape goating what happened in MNL in a general article about sense of justice. Hence, again, he leaves out RCC.

          I like every individual that is a follower of a religion but not when that individual is naive, ignorant and without self-criticism about him/herself and his/her religion. That is where I draw the line.

          I always like to re-phrase Benign0 words. The Philippines has a dysfunctional society. Now with 80% being RCC, I cant imagine we can blame all the dogs and birds for that. Or is it dysfunctional because of the remaining 20% of the popultion?

        9. @robert…i guess i am not making myself clear..the article is not about is not an attack against is an attack on the filipinos, whatever their religion may be, wrong sense of morality, self entitlement and irresponsibility…INC was just cited as an example…yet, what i read from your comments does not address what the article is all about, but rather an attack on the writer…what you are trying so hard to come across is that Grimwald should come out and say the filipinos are fucked up because of their being catholics…isn’t that hypocritical of you to insist on what you believe in on to us?

        10. Nagtatanong_lang,
          The problems the Philippines face today, is not only the result of being a blind follower of ANY religion (INC + RCC + all other blind followers of other religions). The problems your country face go much deeper than that. But to mention only one religion is cheap. And that was my point all along. Basically I am not even attacking Mr. Grimwald. I just want to push Mr. Grimwald to be complete and to be precise. Unfortunately, he lacks on both accounts over and over. So either he is hard headed or he disagrees with me. I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He disagrees with me.

          The fact that he disagrees with me, is not the problem. I am not the target group of GRP. But what about all those other people here who maybe look up to him as a GRP-writer? He may try to fool me …

  2. Well, I belong to the RCC and in my opinion it is the most corrupt organization in this country. The INC is a non-entity to me other than I know it is a terrible idea for that bunch to bloc vote and hold that much sway over the politics of this country.

    1. Wait, what? Why would you voluntarily belong to an organisation that you KNOW is the most corrupt int the country?

      Is this another failure that grimwald didn’t spot: the Filipino’s unwillingness to break with the herd, even when they know the herd is wrong?

  3. Justice can readily do her job blindfolded; she cannot function gagged and deafened, least of all when the means of gagging and deafening her are not remarked.

    Justice is itself the great standing policy of civil society; and any eminent departure from it, under any circumstances, lies under the suspicion of being no policy at all.

  4. Where the Leaders go; the people will follow. As where the Mind goes; the Body will follow.

    Sense of Entitlement, was acquired from the Mindsets of the Spanish Colonial Rulers. Most of the Spanish Rulers sent to the Philippines; to rule over us, were criminals, or bad people in Spain.

    A sense of Superiority were in their Mindsets , over Indios like us. The Filipino Political leaders acquired this Wicked Mindset. In their Wicked , false sense of superiority. They think, they are Entitled to some sort of Preferential Treatments(Rulers’ Entitlements).

    This is also where, we cannot discard the Political Patronage culture. The Rulers are the Sources of: favors, jobs, money, food, shelter, entitlement of all kinds, etc…in return , they get the loyalty of people, who receive these favors and entitlements…

    The Evilness of the past generation, is passed on the the present generation. Remember, we are still living in a Feudal Oligarchy government set up.

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