Jejomar Binay: Unworthy to be President

Jejomar Binay has criticized P-Noy for being dictatorial like Ferdinand Marcos in the context of the impeachment of the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Renato Corona, whose appointment at the eleventh hour of then outgoing administration was highly questionable, by the former President, GMA, whose mandate was just as spurious (“Hello Garci”). The same Jejomar Binay declares, shortly after he quit his cushy cabinet post with P-Noy and launched his bid for presidency, that he will lift the term limits of elected officials, including the presidency—contrary to what is enshrined in the current Philippine Constitution to prevent a repeat of over-staying trapos like Marcos and, yes, . . . Binay.

Granted that no one to date has come close to the audacious plunder of the country by Marcos et al, FM’s reputation was squeaky-clean before he was elected President, compared to the foul sleazy aura of Binay today. As an aspiring head of state, FM had the semblance of worthiness. In fact, he was a brilliant star, who was destined to lead the country to unprecedented heights—so we thought. In contrast, at the outset of his presidential campaign, Binay has to claw himself out of a slimy dung-heap as he callously trumpets his so-called leadership towards a path of national destruction. For the life of me, I cannot imagine anyone or any family more undeserving to be the President or the First Family of the Philippines; that is, since ERAP.

Secret Disciple of Marcos

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Once upon a time, Binay actually fought the Marcos Dictatorship.


The above statements of Binay could be quoted almost to the letter in reference to him and his family with respect to Makati City over the past thirty (30) years. To wit:




As if the foregoing is not enough to illustrate the accelerated evolution of Binay into a full-fledged trapo (i.e., well before he’s had the chance to gate crash into Malacañang), he is now attempting to weasel himself into the ill-gotten coffers of the man and family he once lambasted (or, most likely, secretly admired and wanted to emulate) by way of overtures to Bongbong as a potential vice-presidential running mate. A weasel and a traitor to the cause . . . what could be a lower form of creature? Hence, it was no surprise that even Bongbong’s initial reaction to Binay’s intimations was to immediately distance himself as a potential running-mate. After all, our gentrified Marcos-heir could not possibly be tied to the hip with such a stinking sack of shit.

Purveyor of Political Dynasties

In the meantime, Binay is sticking to his press release that there is nothing wrong with his entire family in public office in light of their collective desire to serve the people, which has evidently been a shameless front for a criminal family enterprise that aspires to spread its greedy and oppressive tentacles beyond Makati to the farthest reaches of the country. This in spite of Section 26 of Article II of the 1987 Philippine Constitution which states:

“The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law.”

It’s bad enough the bicameral congress has wilfully disregarded this provision in the Constitution for nearly thirty (30) years to protect and perpetuate their respective political dynasties. It’s another matter altogether when an aspiring presidential candidate intends to lift term limits of elected officials (including the presidency) and, yes, eliminate the prohibition on political dynasties, so that the Presidential Dynasty and all other sub-political dynasties throughout the Philippines can continue their merry way of ransacking the country at the expense of every other disenfranchised Filipino. That is the promise of a Binay Presidency—read “Jejomar Binay is the Mutt to Beat”.


More political dynasties under a Binay Presidency with the Binay Family leading the pack!

Idiotic Foreign Policy

On the matter of foreign policy, Binay has the brilliant idea of engaging in bilateral negotiations with China with respect to our dispute in the West Philippine Sea—contrary to the current tack of the P-Noy Administration.

Let’s face it. China is the latest and greatest bully on the block, eager to flex its political and financial muscle in the global arena after decades of deprivation and humiliation under its communist regime. Notwithstanding its relatively recent economic prosperity, its leaders continue to wield power “out of a barrel of a gun”—read “The New Gwei Lo”.

The Philippine Armed Forces are no match for the military might of China; ergo, we have no military leverage over China; ergo, we have no negotiating leverage over China. Hence, the pending case of the Philippines against China at the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA, The Hague, Netherlands) is our only iota of a chance to win a moral victory against China. No wonder China refuses to participate in the arbitration process and pounces on every opportunity to belittle the Philippines’ efforts to muster the support of the international community with respect to our dispute in the West Philippine Sea. Yet, Binay proposes to negotiate directly with the Bully, a disastrous approach tantamount to “giving away the farm” while our resources are pillaged, our daughters are raped and our sons are pummelled to a pulp. And he wants to be the President of the Philippines?

A Wager on the Sovereign Credit Rating

A noteworthy achievement of the P-Noy Administration is the upgrade of the sovereign credit rating of the Philippines to investment-grade (S&P BBB-, May 2013) for the first time in the economic history of the country, which was followed by another upgrade the following year (S&P BBB, May 2014)—that’s one notch above the minimum investment-grade rating of BBB-. It’s an astonishing feat considering the sovereign credit rating of the Philippines had been languishing below investment-grade (like junks bonds) since the country began receiving ratings in the early 1990s, debuting at BB- (S&P) in July 1993.


An investment-grade rating may be regarded as a “seal of good housekeeping” with respect to the government’s financial stability. In practical terms, an investment-grade opens the door to a wider and more diversified base of global financial investors, which is advantageous to the Philippine stock market. Moving-up the credit rating ladder means less default risk. For the government, this means greater access to global credit at a lower cost, which translates to lower cost of borrowing of local business enterprises and so forth and so on. That said, the Philippines still has a long way to go to achieve the highest AAA sovereign credit rating, which only a few countries currently enjoy (e.g., Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore).

In any case, I wager that the sovereign credit rating of the Philippines will drop (and drop quickly) below investment-grade if Binay becomes President. His penchant for giving away freebies and concessions that aren’t his to squander (e.g., free birthday cakes, free movies, better pay and benefits to public school teachers, unlimited terms to elected officials, perpetual political dynasties, the West Philippine Sea on a silver platter to China, etc.) to distract his constituents while he plunders the lion’s share of the national coffers will most assuredly reflect on this one simple economic indicator, thereby undoing a genuinely substantial gain of the Philippine government.

Recently, Donald Trump has provided a great deal of entertainment in the race for the US presidency. I like his slogan, “Make America Great Again!” In contrast, all I can see, hear and read from Binay, whether he says it out loud or not, is “Sink the Philippines!” while he and his family (and cronies) sail into the sunset in a luxury cruise ship. Can we just not let Binay win the presidential elections in 2016 . . . PLEASE?

15 Replies to “Jejomar Binay: Unworthy to be President”

  1. Then who is the candidate that is best for the Philippines to lead..I can say nowwww is the time for those who are just in the background to shine,,, escudero, trillanes, Lacson…the key to change is the the agenda what direction the country needs to go and how to achieved it to that direction,,,, if the Filipino people is smart enough to influence the change of the country.. All media and social media site must combine forces and force this candidates to that direction ,,, let the,re intellectual minds to work and create a meaning full direction that the country must take for the better… Hmmmmmmm or if my instinct tells me…..everybody is afraid to go in that direction because they are hard to do…it is too hard to stir Philippines in that one wants to sacrifice that hard road..hopefully I am wrong…

  2. Family Political Dynasties have grown in leap and bounds, over the years. Binay’s family are all in public offices. Wife, daughter, sons, etc…

    Binay went to China to negotiate for the “clemency” of that Filipino Drug Mule. The Drug Mule was executed; and Binay came home empty handed. Would you believe that Binay can negotiate for the problem at West China Sea?

    Our country has many problems. They are caused by these Political Trapos , Political dynasties, incompetence, massive corruption, mentally retarded leaders, etc…

    We are still in search for a good leader…may those able and competent Filipinos come forward…

  3. Bear in mind that money is stupidly the most important component in winning election in the PHL
    For President, he needs money for flwg:
    Php 8 billion – salaries and allowances of watchers on election day.
    Php 5 billion – TV ads (biggest cost), Paraphernalias (Posters, Fliers, T-shirts, etc), Campaign Sorties (Charter flight, w/c is very big cost, lights, sound system, rent of place, etc.), Etc.
    X billion — if candidate feels need to buy vote in a particular baranggay, normally in the province, that will be Php 1,000 per voter,

    So let us see how it stands today in terms of political machinery and funding:

    1. Binay
    — APO Fraternity — enough body count to serve as door-to-door campaigners, and watchers during election day. Can be trusted with the 1,000 per voter monies. (Dedicated and has already proven itself as very effective machinery in 2010.)
    — Makati Twin City Program — estimated to have influence on 45 to 55% of baranggay captains — could augment APO with the baranggay tanods (where 50% of P1000 per voter could go to waste, however)
    — Die-hards from Makati.

    — Could have 1/3 to 1/2 of the traditional Binondo political donors.

    (Binay has learned from what happened to Villar in 2010)

    2. Mar Roxas
    — Baranggays controlled by LP

    — has the formidable war-chest of LP ( …and shhh, PCOS help)
    — Could have all the political donation from US based Pinoys, if Bong Bong and Poe do not run (This amount has traditionally been quite large and helps a lot.)
    — has already the support of 80% of Makati Business Clubs (led by the Ayala’s)
    — could have the support of gambling lords (but this group very fickle, mga seguristas, could swing anytime based on who is leading the surveys.)

    3. Grace Poe
    — NPC (?)

    — US based Pinoys (?)
    — INC, if Bongbong does not run


    1. “has already the support of 80% of Makati Business Clubs (led by the Ayala’s)”

      How come the “elite” support a man without vision and platforms?

  4. Pilipinos are gladly eating the cliche ‘tumatakbo kami para makatulong sa bayan’, sometimes it make me wanna vomit because it is too obvious that they have accumulated wealth during their tenure. How come they couldn’t explain their wealth is one big indicator that it was ill-gotten, we all know where pacquiao got his millions, and he could explain it anytime he was asked. But trapos if ask, will either divert the topic by saying big speech how a certain administration is an epic fail, or how his/her family is affected by the issue, or he/she will go to hospital because he/she is sick. And people blindly follows those politician as long as they are given freebies… Pilipinos are always for the short term satisfaction which sacrifices our long term potential development. Then we will complain, if we will not change our mindset, all of us will always complain untin our last breath and nothing will change.

  5. How can a thief like Binay be worthy as president??? Ang magnanakaw ay kapatid ng sinungaling..if you are stupid or insane you will vote for thief binay.! this binay must be in jail already like his fellow thieves enrile estrada revilla.. in other countries, these animals disguised as public servants are hanged or beheaded already…!

  6. i think something deserve a correction.
    Marcos was already tainted with corruption because of his conviction on the murder of Julio Nalundasan and alleged cheating in bar exam.. also his so-called “1st-million” pesos during his tenure as Congressman… even Diosdado Macapagal had called him a swindler, a thief, corrupt.. murderer etc.. just after losing the 1965 election.

    1. Pedanticity, I stand corrected. You are right to remind us all of the already tainted reputation of Ferdinand Marcos even before he ran for president. I suppose I just wanted to make a distinction between the magnitude of corruption of a presidential aspirant that would be tolerated then versus now. It appears our threshold then was a “swindler” versus our threshold now, a “plunderer”. How our standards have eroded! Below “rock-bottom” does not even begin to describe our situation with Binay. It sounds perverse but you have to admit that Ferdinand Marcos had pizzazz! In contrast, Binay with his oh-so pitiful “stoop-to-conquer” pout, has the presence of a swamp-dwelling leech.

  7. I saw that ugly reminder again. Nancy Binay senator til 2019. 3 more years doing absolutely nothing noteworthy. Filipinos, wake up!

  8. We know already family binay background when it comes to corruption and lies especially Mr. Jejomar Binay, he is against political dynasty during Marcos time but now he is campaigning for it… I know that we Filipinos are talented enough, so we need to use that talent in correct way, We need a President who can lit-up Philippines from corruption and poverty.

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