Roxas and Binay Offered Grace Poe the Vice Presidency, What They Did Next Will Make You Vomit

If you really want to understand Philippine politics, you have to suck it up a bit and bravely see how things really work in this country — ugly and disturbing as most of it may seem.

mar-roxas-esquire-full_07B1A2D0492D4EAEBC0AD73F2A6AC681Every single  political campaign manager that I have worked with over the years since 1991 has told me that winning is all that matters and it’s so true on so many levels. While necessary and good, emotionally charged speeches about noble sentiments and well made platforms of governance won’t amount to anything at all if a candidate doesn’t get elected and doesn’t get the power to do whatever they promised to do.

To sum it up simply, good intentions don’t win elections and never will.

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What gets politicians elected in this country is a clear understanding of power politics and shrewd maneuvering — plus, of course, the resources to mount an electoral campaign.

Of course, there is a tendency to categorize the types of shrewd maneuvering into good and bad, clean and dirty, etcetera. But political operators have no use for those value based categories, all they’re really interested in are the things that can be done and can work to make their candidate win.

Right now, the pitch of the current battle for the Philippine presidency is to pull down the top contender and if you believe what the political surveys say, this is Senator Grace Poe.

Many issues have been raised against Poe, but the more substantial ones I think are the issues raised against her citizenship and residency.


VP Jojo Binay saluting the mural of SAF 44

This move seems calculated to ensure that she backs down from any presidential ambitions and keeps to aspiring for the Vice Presidency at best, or even another senate term where she could be rewarded with a senate presidency by the victor.

Apparently the other contenders in the presidential race think this is where she is most vulnerable. But these issues are all legal issues which can be settled only in the legal circles by the best legal minds. In the end the best – and only arbiter – is a court of law, more specifically, the Supreme Court. Thus I shall refrain from getting into that fray.

What we take issue with – and even umbrage – is the hypocrisy of those who are using this legal issue NOW, at this specific time and circumstance.

We raise the issue of hypocrisy, but only because the two other candidates have been making a big deal about their supposed honor and integrity.

Why is it that the ruling Liberal Party (LP) led by PNOY and his boy Mar Roxas, and the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) led by  Jojo Binay bearing down on Poe on these citizenship and residency issues when they have made it very public that she would be a very welcome running mate if she so chooses?

How could you seek somebody to run as your vice president when she is, as you say, clearly in violation of the basic requirements of the office? Remember, the VP is the presidential spare tire. Or is election expediency paramount to a constitutional crisis is and when she is suddenly thrust into office if and when you die or are incapacitated?

Furthermore, Poe was elected Senator of the republic. Qualifications for citizenship are the same, so why didn’t the question come up in the 2013 elections? Or was she just too cute that its radiance blinded us all?

The LP, UNA and all others questioning Poe’s residency and citizenship better just bring it up in court, not dangle it as a sword over her head to do their bidding. Their hypocrisy just makes a mockery of their pontificating for truth, honesty, integrity and corruption-busting.

Thing is, my favorite source of political conspiracy theories has a good take on what is being done to Poe and he says, “It could very well be that Mar Roxas and Jojo Binay are offering Grace Poe to run as Vice President as a mere subterfuge in order not get suspected of being behind the demolition job being perpetrated against her. If it works, it could have a chance of winning over some of Poe’s supporters while at the same time working to weaken Poe’s position in the eyes of her supporters.

“Moreover, it would seem the more suitable running mate for Roxas would be congresswoman Leni Robredo because Roxas really has a preference for “yes” people or submissive as well as subservient people. The last thing he would want later as president would be a vice president who could out think and out do him.

“Then again, I would prefer that Roxas have Senator Alan Peter Cayetano as his running mate and then we’d all have a field day calling them TEAM ANTIPATIKO.”

37 Replies to “Roxas and Binay Offered Grace Poe the Vice Presidency, What They Did Next Will Make You Vomit”

  1. After reading your article I can’t help but think that Binay and Roxas are nothing but nuisance candidates. Mar Roxas, by the way, is not the official LP presidential flag bearer yet. In all his excitement he even resigned from his post. Even the news media are already in a craze for his presidential bid but I just read this news that PNoy and LP shift gears having two more presidential bet to choose from and PNoy told Roxas to finish his pending works in DILG. Who to choose if the only factor they are looking for is winnability.

    I’m not voting for Poe if ever she run for President but concerning the issue, here’s her answer regarding questions on her residency and citizenship.

    1. my thoughts exactly.. prior to the announcement when roxas was chosen by pnoy, the palace had to weigh their candidates according to popularity.. their formula was simple, popularity equals number of votes.. it worked well in the past.. thats why the media is so worked out doing more than merely allowing the early ad campaigns.

    2. If the voters are once again given a parade of candidates, and the condition is to choose who is the lesser evil and not who is more qualified, then ALL candidates are actually nuisance candidates. I am still hoping I will be alive to see the day when the country is given a choice of who is the better qualified to be the president, than who is the lesser evil. Choosing who is the lesser evil is not a choice afterall.

      1. Sorry but that’s really what we have for now. Nuisance candidates. I know that’s killing the excitement and hope. The best we can do is expose them for who they really are to prevent the people from being sidetracked. And yes, choosing who’s the lesser evil isn’t the choice but not choosing any kind of evil be it lesser evil is actually a choice.

    3. Oh no! Misunderstood the source. It’s eyeing two candidates to replace Mar as DILG sec. ‘Must be influenced with the news that LP is divided in supporting Mar Roxas. For those who wish Mar to disappear in the face of Pinas, sorry false alarm.

  2. It amazes me to no end how Filipinos and their politicians are very active in using their wits and resources for skullduggery, yet lazy when itncomes to addressing the bigger issues of the people and the nation.

  3. if grace poe will run for president then you are not choosing the lesser evil…since her political survival. being a sitting senator at that, is under siege by these political attack dogs, then she should run for president…that is the easiest way to put them dead on their tracks…the people will be her shield and these so-called national leaders will be divulged as mere stray cats…

  4. Once again the Filipinos and the media are focusing on the popularity of candidates..the most popular the most dramatic,,, the most hmmmm they say honest…..all for soap series like drama in TV….when does the Filipinos will learn and use their coconuts to influence the political candidates that the people is a powerful part of the political system not just a tool to be used as for their votes…why does the media and or I say blogs site like this fall in a trap focusing on the circus popularity contest…….Why not influence the outcome of this election in what as John F Kennedy said What YOU POLITICAL CANDIDATES CAN DO YOUR COUNTRY AND NOT WHAT THE COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU……are this political candidates has given you Filipinos any idea what they would do to improve the life of Filipinos…and to How they can achieved it….Not a single candidates has an agenda…all they do is salute the 44 Saf murals …grace Poe showing her innocent face and actions…mar roxas hmmmmm I don’t know what’s he is doing …….nothing cozI think he is no good of an actor or politicians..H e is just there a friend of the president ..what in the heck our media and and the social bloggers doing….why don’t, you guys focus on what is to be done and changed in the Philippines to force this candidates to that direction…YOU PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES HAS THE POWER,,, IF YOU JUST BE SMART ENOUGH TO USED IT ??UNITY! TOGETHERNESS ONE AIM TO CHANGE THE MIND SET OF THIS POLITICIANS. !! LET THEM BE AFRAID OF YOU. NOT the other way around..ayyyyyyyyyyy nakuuuuuu I can see the blindness in our peoples mind set…

    1. Your absolutely right sir…i agreed in all what you said..people today are afraid to get hunger even for one day…that’s why politicians know their strategy,just to give a meal for one day and they will get their vote…I’m not talking about everybody but majority..That’s why you cannot win if you don’t have enough money.

    2. One thing i wish in my life is to hear, hoping everybody as well, that the candidates here in the PHILIPPINES telling their agenda or purpose why they are running on that certain position.Many of the voters then and now are not really interested on this matter which is very important criteria for the candidates.But no one,,majority focusing on what they can give and the other what they can receive…one time i hear the debate instead of i get inspired i was really disappointed of these two candidate instead of they will show their purpose they fight like a baby…who win of course the popular so what happen now ?Nothing change.I don’t blame the candidates, i blame the voters.Don’t be afraid that the country has no president if the candidate is note qualified of our taste there is still a vice pres. to become a president…Voters stop these stupid things that you accept a meal for one day in exchange to your vote because i assure you,,you will not die for one day starving,,drink water and you will survive even how many days.but for six or more years is to much.

    3. it is still a choice. you a choice to vote orm, while at the polls, abstain a vote for the presdent— that is a choice. In fact, to be able type your comments freely and as you wish, and to tell the world of you feelings and opinions, no matter how different they are, is still a choice. Freedom, my dear. Hope you know what you are saying

      and there is no perfect candidate
      so, what is we are focused on popularity?? that is how democracy works…. public perception, popularity, and then votes, winning. ganyan, eh. ano bang problema niny0???

  5. I believe Grace Poe is a good person. But she has so much baggage that she will get herself corrupted. Proof 1- many of her supporters like NPC are there to repay her Dad’s favors. Proof 2 – she hersrlf will not leave out Escudero…walang iwanan. The country needs good decision and conviction and not partisanship bred out of friendships and favors.

  6. It is a “Shell Game” tactic…guessing…and guessing…until, we all get confused. The real problem of the country is forgotten. Their incompetence, corruption and stupidities,etc…are forgotten…Then, we the gullible people will elect them. If this Scheme does not work. The Hocus Pcos machine tactic will do the work…

  7. Ping Lacson, Does anybody believe that Ping Lacson will be a good , strong , honest , not corrupt Leader . He showed he got something , is he tough , maybe. But he is so quiet,, not saying much of what he is going to do … Is he tough ? Yes,,, I believe he is, he has this soldier mentality , but why he is not getting the support ,,, with out campaign money he is doomed… The few rich citizen of the Philippines is afraid that if he wins … No more pork barrel dap or PDap and no more commissions for the thief who steal the countries money ,,, who are they?????? The corrupt few of the population who get rich stealing money,,,,money wins election and those who don’t have it like Ping Lacson will not going to win unless he became one of them…. The corrupt few rich in the Philippines..

    1. Ping is good for not using his pork barrel. But I think what pulling the good senator down is his involvement in ‘kuratong baleleng’ case.

  8. These scumbags just wants a willing VICTIM to be the scape goat of their sordid putrid political ambition, to lord over this hapless nation….they want a smoke screen and who fits the bill kundi ang bida na binubugbog muna bago gumanti!

  9. I would agree to a certain extent the analysis of the author of the article that politics in the Philippines is all about political machinery and doing whatever it takes to bring down the perceived strong rivals in the position. But i totally disagree when the author said that Congresswoman Robredo, if she will be Roxas’ VP candidate and win the elections will just be a “yes” VP and be submissive to Roxas. It is an insult to the abilities of Congresswoman Leni Robredo. Not because she doesn’t spew words like Senator Santiago that she is less effective. Congresswoman Robredo has one quality that is the most important trait that all government officials, whether elected or appointed, should possess. And that is integrity. She may look submissive but one should remember that “silent waters run deep.”

    1. I agree with you. Like the silent courage of Tita Cory. The author must be reminded that Jess Robredo and Mar are more than brothers. Congresswomwn Lene knew it very well.

  10. There is one rule for politicians all over the world: Don’t say in Power what you say in opposition; if you do, you only have to carry out what the other fellows have found impossible.

  11. Your favorite source of political conspiracy theories says, “It could very well be that Mar Roxas and Jojo Binay are offering Grace Poe to run as Vice President as a mere subterfuge in order not get suspected of being behind the demolition job being perpetrated against her”.xxx In binay’s case this is likely true because his spokesman already attacked her publicly. It’s not really believable in Mar’s case because he has always played by the rules even if his foes have not. You offer nothing else as proof except your own opinion that your source, whoever he is, has a “good take” on things, and that’s supposed to make your allegation credible? I think that the most credible words on this page are your disclaimer, “Try not to take me too seriously”.

  12. At least the author gives us an idea on what might be the motives of these political candidates. As for me, I grant the authors ideas and opinions but I will still consider the mere fact that the country is now rotten and disgusting, to the point that we need a CHANGE! We ourselves, we need to change, and we need to research every candidates and what they can do to somehow change or alter the course of our country, our ship!

  13. OK. I get the general idea about the attack dogs.
    Yes, both Mar and Binay offered Poe the VP post. There are differences, however. Poe has proclaimed herself to be on the admin team, not the opposition. She could not easily choose Binay. Theoretically, however, she is on the same broad team as Mar.
    From Mar’s point of view, Poe can be dangerous in that both him and her would take votes from the other. Having both Poe and Roxas on the ballot paper is Binay’s best chance.
    I think there is a problem that appears in much written about the 2016 election. So often writers treat Mar and Binay as similar. They are not. They represent traditional corrupt patronage politics (Binay) and traditional economic management for and by the middle class (Mar Roxas).
    Poe is different. She does not know where she fits …. and is fine with that.

  14. The problem is that our politicians all belong to a political dynasty….There’s many people out there that are much better than them and not given the chance.political dynasty sucks…brings the country to rot. because the same race is earning lot of many and becoming more and more rich while poverty increases. I just hope Grace Poe, Mar and Binay realize this themselves as well as the other officials and politicians.

  15. Kahit sino pa ang i upo sa palasyo kahit sobrang lupit o bait pa nyan kahit pa siya ay matalino o mang mang wala padin magagawa yan bakit?

    nag sisimula ang pag asenso ng bansa sa mismong mamamayan nito, paano mo masasabing aasenso kung yung sariling supot lang ng kendi upos ng sigarilyo candy o buble gum ni hindi kaya itapon sa wastong tapunan o basurahan pag hahanap pa kaya nang trabaho o negosyo? kailangan nang mag karoon nang sistema ang bawat isang mamamayan wag nyo i asa sa gobyerno (beast mode na ko) kasi yang mga yan sa sobrang busy hindi na kayo maaasikaso nyan

    disc: opinyon ko lang ito wala kayong pakielam
    gumawa din kayo nang opinyon nyo APIR!

  16. i would rather “boycot” or not to vote for presidency if duterte won’t run… i think this will suffice everything for me

  17. Well as every one agrees that all politicians are evil so why not vie for a lesser evil? After all we are all humans. Even Binoy who was almost an honest to goodness Sakristan makes sin,But consider all these Politicians as DepEd students posturing themselves of getting high marks during the course of their tenures without cheating and let their promises unfold to a passing marks. So for the entire Pinoy citizens just adopt the wait & see attitude throughout each and every politicians elected performances tenures.

  18. How come you said both Roxas and Binay are assailing her citizenship? I went through each and every video, write ups re: Poe’s citizenship. I see nothing from Roxas camp that questioned, but rather defended it. Just want to ask where from the premise is taken?

    Most of us directly respond without asking the verifiability of the premise. Straw arguments do not need responses.

  19. If eligibility for high gov’t position is across the board, why are the presidential candidates offering Poe another spot ? I guess the law only applies to people below the Ph80,000/year income bracket hehehehehhe

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