Get Real Iglesia Ni Cristo!

Note: This is supposed to be another of my Sunday sermons but I decided to keep this secular because it would be very hypocritical of me to call out another religion while bringing up my own religious beliefs. So no, I won’t be wearing my stole, collar, chastity belt, garter belt and stockings this Sunday. Oh wait, I think I’ll keep my chastity belt on just in case.

And here we are again with another sequel of EDSA People Power! There was EDSA 1 that supposedly won our “freedom” from tyranny, there was EDSA 2 that led to the presidency of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (which the current administration insists was the worst president the Philippines ever had), EDSA 3 which just involved a lot of anarchy and violence that was somehow related to supporting former president Joseph Estrada and then there’s EDSA 4 which I honestly don’t know much about and don’t really care anymore. Seriously people, you guys are beginning to remind me of Abbadon the Despoiler and his thirteen ill-fated crusades against the Imperium of Man. Anyway, now we have another “People Power”, this time headed by none other than the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC). Well, my fellow realists Add, Fallen Angel and Paul Farol have said their pieces and now, I’ll give you mine.

4-lane EDSA traffic crunched to a one-lane trickle by Iglesia Ni Cristo 'protesters'. (Source: Inquirer Group on Twitter)

4-lane EDSA traffic crunched to a one-lane trickle by Iglesia Ni Cristo ‘protesters’.
(Source: Inquirer Group on Twitter)

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As I’ve said many times before, I try to keep a sense of respect for all religions. After all, who am I to judge people for what divinity they choose to worship? Unfortunately, with things going the way they are now, I have little choice but to speak out. Things are getting out of hand and what’s worse is that religion itself is once again being used for the wrong reasons just as many historical groups have used it to justify their inconsiderate and often violent actions against hapless innocents.

So, let the criticisms begin…

The Hypocrisy Of Separation Of Church And State

The INC claim that they are rallying for the separation of church and state.


The INC is quite infamous for bloc voting, a sure-fire way that will certainly give them some leverage over presidential candidates (which is quite obvious in the way that Roxas, Binay and Poe are reacting to the situation) during election time. They claim that the reason they want the church separate from the state is because they want to prevent the government from “meddling” in their affairs when, thanks to their considerable leverage over presidential candidates, they can meddle with the government whenever they want to.

Of course, the INC isn’t really alone in this regard as the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines (which some have begun disdainfully calling the Philippine Catholic Church) is just as bad when it comes to meddling in politics. However, this does not at all absolve the INC from their own hypocrisy. The thing is, it’s more than a little awkward to tell people to mind their own business when you are thoroughly involved in someone else’s business. It’s like catching a pervert peeping on the ladies’ room, calling him out and then doing the same thing he was doing when he leaves.

Covering Up Their Crimes: Another Hypocrisy

Look, I don’t like De Lima either. To be honest, she is as much a criminal as the masterminds and murderers of the SAF 44 because of her willingness to cover up a heinous crime. However the INC insisting that De Lima focus on the case of the SAF 44 instead of the pending cases human rights violations against the ministers of the INC is just another show of hypocrisy.

I mean really, as Add in his own article said and tying in with my first statement above, what right have they to tell a government official anything when they are in fact clamoring for separation of church and state?

Furthermore, what is being discussed here is human rights violations. These can go on to include many frightening possibilities. Some of the most common forms of “human rights violations” we hear about are sexual harassment, physical assault, rape and outright murder. And take note ladies and gentlemen, these are cases that should not be taken lightly. No matter what religion we adhere to and which god we worship, we should always remember that a “crime is still a crime” and that no one is exempt from the law.

Yes, the SAF 44 deserve justice for what happened to them and the case should receive a thorough and just investigation. But let’s remember that “justice” is supposed to be for everyone, regardless of who one is or what is one’s standing in life. This goes to include members of any religious organization who may be victims of verbal or physical abuse.

The INC is right for demanding justice for the SAF 44 but this does not excuse them from being investigated when they could have done the same thing or worse to other people. If the INC are as righteous as they claim to be and have done right by the law, then there’s really nothing to fear from an investigation.

Another EDSA People Power Courtesy Of The INC

So the INC claim that they have a permit and therefore a “right” to cause a massive traffic jam in the streets of EDSA. Ladies and gentlemen, I remember fellow realist ChinoF saying that: “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean it’s right.” And I have to agree because, at the end of the day, while they may claim to have noble goals, the INC only made a nuisance of themselves in EDSA.

As a commenter said, how many ambulances with passengers requiring urgent medical help did they delay thanks to the traffic the protest caused? How many perishable goods like food arrived late and simply spoiled because of the heavy traffic congestion? How many people just wanted to hurry home to rest but were held back by the legions of protesters that clogged the main roads of EDSA? How many protesters even understood what they were actually fighting for?

So yes, the Iglesia Ni Cristo may have a permit, but this does not essentially mean that they have a right to wreak havoc on the lives of others. I honestly thing that, if they have a beef with the government, then let them take it up with the government and not the common people who are just trying to get by in the crappy third-world country we live in. They should go and block the exits and entrances of Malacanang instead of taking to the streets and ruining the day of many people just trying to make a living.


And to the people I haven’t offended yet, yes that’s you Roxas, Binay, Poe and De Lima, don’t worry. My next article will be just for you. Don’t think you’re exempt from my indignation.

19 Replies to “Get Real Iglesia Ni Cristo!”

  1. One of the best ways to get at the politicians is to cause mass disturbance among the populace. The people will no doubt look to officials to end the situation and that puts the politicians in a spot. They have to do something and “doing something” is dangerous in Philippine politics because it means taking responsibility for what happens.

    Got to hand it to the INC, they really know how to turn the screws. Pity the regular folk have to suffer but the fact that people are talking about it shows that it works.

  2. I ADVOCATE SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE. I respect all religions and religious freedom, but I mistrust all churches and their demands for power.

    INC, please keep your internal power struggles behind closed doors, out of the Public Halls of Justice and off the Public Streets.

    If you behave like a Political Dynasty, then you will be seen as such.

    Please, just save our souls, we’ll take care of everything else (or not).

  3. I think your analysis is not as good as the below link. The writer understood the dilemma why INC should not believe with so called “justice” of De Lima. As I respect your opinion but this one is very disappointing. You hate INC not because of the rally but the name of Iglesia Ni Cristo, INC already knew it since the beginning, sinulat na ito sa Biblia at pinagpauna na…kahit naman maganda ginagawa ng INC masama pa rin sa tingin niyo…so you get real!

    1. Look dude, if we’re gonna unite against the government, I think we should unite as a secular movement. That way, everybody, INC, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, Shinto, Discordian, Scientologist or Flying Spaghetti Monster worshiper can have their say and nobody gets left out.

      1. This gathering is not only for INC complain of unfair threatment of this government, this is also the time to air your grievances of the corruption, and mismanagement of BS Aquino’s administration. But sad to say, you hated the INC too much and forgot to see bigger picture of this gathering instead uniting with INC, you misinterpreted the true essence of it. You are most welcome to attend this gathering to show the power of the people. Remember INC members just like you eh Filipino din..

        1. Hi, Chris. While I cannot speak for others, I’m confident there is no “Hatred of INC”, although I am certain that motorists on EDSA may be forming different opinions of INC at this time.

          On good faith, I accept your statement that INC Protest is also against Government Corruption, Mismanagement and Injustice.

          To test that position, would INC and 2 Million members sign a New Declaration of Independence from Political Dynasties?

        2. Dude, I’d like to believe you, I REALLY do. But then, as it is with a lot of things in the Philippines, it’s a mere suggestion or words written on paper. The reality is almost always different.

          I’d approve if everyone was out there but, at the end of the day, it’s just you guys. Look man, I respect you, especially for your courtesy but then, I discovered that INC members aren’t ALL like you. A lot of you take one look at a guy who just happens to look funny and you condemn him like he’s the antichrist.

          Besides, you guys took off on your own. You never tried to reach out to any of us. I know YOU mean well but the actions of your fellows might tell a different story. If you (meaning all INCs) reached out to all of us to make a stand, then maybe I’d join you.

        3. Hi @Rico and @Grimwald, glad to know that you get my point…with regards of your question, I never heard leaders from different sect approaches INC Hierarchy of this plan like the National Transition Commission and other. I believe if those so called game changer of our country can only convince INC Hierarchy, for sure they will support them, well anyway this is not only for the good of the Church of Christ or Iglesia Ni Cristo but for the good of the Whole Philippines as well. But sad to say, never heard any of them approaches INC. Do you? I’d like to say that maybe they think that INC is not part of the game but in reality INC is the game changer specially during the election.

        4. @Chris, yes, as Grimwald was saying, the lines between Church and State are beginning to blur, so we must insist that the New Declaration is for All Philippines to win their Independence, not for organizations to leverage power. This is for the People.

          We have just launched the Petition today, but we will be looking for support from every Co-Op, Union, Univ, NGO and Church to help us organize 50 Million signatures.

          I understand this unusual, but these difficult times, and I fear the Philippines cannot survive another 6 Years under Dynasty Rule. CHEERS and GOD SPEED.

    2. You lost me at sinulat na ito sa Biblia at pinagpauna na part, sir. How cultish could you even get?

      Your basis is a book whose contents can be interpreted in various ways? Much like how nostradamus quotes get recycled for every damned event that heralds the so-called end of the world.

  4. Any Political office aspirant, especially Presidential Candidates, are afraid of the Iglesia Ni Kristo. If they find disfavor for any of these political aspirant. They will be taken out from the list of their Block Voting.

    So… Binay, Roxas, Grace Poe, Amorous De Lima, etc… are treating them with “kid’s gloves”; even, if they mess up EDSA.

    This is the Iglesia Ni Kristo EDSA uprising.

    Thaddheus Grimwald, you have to thank your God, whoever he/she maybe; that these people do not do Suicide Bombings; murders/kidnap of non INK members; sex slavery of women of non INK members.

    If they mess up things; and tie traffics; I can live with it…

  5. INC in caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.
    allegedly they’re being pressured to support the LP or else have cases filed against their leaders
    if it is true, they fell into another gambit where their expected reactions are being used to unite people to vote for the very people pressuring them
    In social media, people are even now openly supporting DeLima for standing up to the INC and vowing they will now vote for her this coming elections.
    Who cares if DeLima cant get INC blessings when now that she has the backing, allegedly, of the people inconvenienced/ offended by the holier than thou attitude (by a few members) by the INC…

  6. Sometimes the difference between individual and organized indignation is the difference between criminal and political action.

  7. 1. Separation of church & state: They are hypocritical. This group has interfered with the results of elections for the longest time & has peddled their perceived clout in order to secure favors, contracts as well as juicy positions in government in exchange for their much vaunted “bloc vote”. They don’t know what they are talking about, as much as most of them do not know why they are there in the first place.

    2. Complaint against De Lima: Setting aside the contested zeal of the Secretary of Justice in entertaining & personally attending to the serious illegal detention complaint of Mr. Samson against the group’s ruling body, what is objectionable with the aggrieved’s recourse to the legal & eventual judicial processes of the government? Further on, what’s objectionable with a civil servant acting on such complaint? My conclusion: they do not want the truth to be revealed.

    3. Right to peaceably assemble: As the constitutional right is phrased, the right is to “peaceably” assemble, which is not what this group is undertaking at the moment. They are a mob, full stop. Furthermore, there is no such thing as absolute right. As I keep saying, “one’s right to punch ends when one’s face begins.” And I haven’t even started to touch on the leaders’ misrepresentation in calling these people out on the pretext that their grand leader was about to be arrested.

    4. Religious freedom: No stretch of imagination could ever justify this group’s claim that Sec. De Lima’s cognizance of the serious illegal detention complaint & the conduct of the requisite preliminary investigation are tantamount to violations of their religious freedom. C’mon, serious illegal detention is a crime & may not be cloaked by a mere cry of religious freedom. A crime is a crime.

  8. The dust has settled and the INC remains standing strong and bigger. It’s now clear all of the allegations were manufactured with the intent to bring down the INC leadership. The perpetrators failed miserably some ended in jail. No one can bring down what the Almighty holds upon His hand.

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