The bird-brained ‘debate’ surrounding the 2016 Philippine elections

Just less than 12 months in the lead up to the 2016 elections and there is hardly any talk about which presidentiable has what strategic vision for the country. Instead, all the talk surrounds who is for or against who amongst the power brokers and which election winning machine (also glibly known as political parties in the Philippines) is going to back who.

So much for modern “democratic” practice. It turns out Filipinos remain irrevocably comfy with pedigree platforms whenever there are elections. At the forefront of the popularity battle (if we are to believe these “surveys”) is Senator Grace Poe who is known for nothing more than her being the daughter of the late movie idol Fernando Poe Jr (FPJ).


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Strangely enough, the so-called Philippine “intelligentsia” is abuzz over the usual politico-speculation. What is it exactly they are “debating”? Nothing of substance that is of any intellectual consequence as far as the future of the Philippines is concerned. The only stake that current Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III may have in all this is whether or not he will be thrown in prison after 2016 on account of the gazillions he and his henchman Budget Secretary Butch Abad applied their creative “accounting” to in order to fund their pet “projects”.

It’s not as if a lack of experience, inherent skill, leadership qualities, and statesmanship will stop any bozo from ascending the Philippine presidency. The incumbent himself, President BS Aquino won despite being the most unqualified among otherwise brilliant candidates in 2010. Unfortunately for Filipinos, 2016 may go down in history as the most brain-dead presidential election in history. This time none of the candidates even come close to the minimum bar of statesmanship chops that make real national leaders. To be fair, none of this matters to ordinary Filipino voters who, even when faced with good choices, tend to vote for the worst option.

Truth be told, Filipinos are mere lemmings. It is one thing to be mere followers of a leader. Not ideal, but if Filipinos are lucky enough to find a good one, at least they will be following that goodness. Unfortunately, Filipinos are worse than followers. Their lemming-like behaviour predisposes them to panicked rushes in droves towards non-goals prodded from behind. Proof of this can be found in asking a Filipino the following two simple questions:

(1) What is a specific long-term goal Filipinos should aspire to seeing their country achieve, say, in six years; and,

(2) What is it about your choice of president that makes him or her the best person to execute towards that goal?

Filipinos, from the lowliest most ordinary of schmoes up to the most pompous of self-appointed “thought leaders” will probably be left scratching their heads mulling over possible answers to these two simple questions. Why? Because Philippine elections have traditionally never been about the future.

Participants in the Philippines’ national “debate” surrounding the 2016 elections today can be likened to a bunch of birds applying their bird brains to the noble cause of pecking at each other over breadcrumbs thrown at them by a bag lady at the park, not knowing that the big loaf from which these crumbs come from are held by the lady close to her chest beyond their reach.

There is bliss in the thought of being in a competitive “search for insight” in the company of the bird brained — which is why the Philippine national “debate” rages on in all its noisy glory. What are Filipino voters looking for? Besides identifying the next “winnable” one, the more important task of imagining a Philippines six years hence seems to be beyond the capabilities of the intellectually-bankrupt people that comprise Philippine society.

6 Replies to “The bird-brained ‘debate’ surrounding the 2016 Philippine elections”

  1. I honestly don’t see anything good coming out of this elections. Nothing significant whatsoever that will move this country forward. Same BS, different anus.

  2. The Failippines approach to existential risks cannot be one of trial-and-error. There is no opportunity to learn from errors.

    The reactive approach — see what happens, limit damages, and learn from experience — is unworkable.

    Rather, we must take a proactive approach. This requires foresight to anticipate new types of threats and a willingness to take decisive preventive action and to bear the costs (moral and economic) of such actions.

  3. Re-wind the news footage from 2010 and insert some headshots of whoever is running and you do not even have to watch the new footage.

    ‘Its the same old story ,same old story,same old song and dance,my friends’, sang the Man in the striped-pants….and he is correct-a-mundo.

    Mondo Kane .

  4. Elections in our country, is a “Political Zarzuela”…it is a comedy, bordering to tragedy. Candidates use to: digging each other’s dirts; character assasination; scandal investigations; mud slinging,; etc…

    Issues are not brought up. No Vision for the country. Popularity contest is the call of the day. The one who can entertain the gullible voters most, get elected. There are a lot of FreeBees, given to voters. After the election, the winners will Steal from the National Treasury to get back, what they have spent on those FreeBees.

    It is a vicious cycle. It is like a dog, trying to catch its own tail…we go round and round and round…never moving where we are…

  5. Sad to say, but the only fate I see the Philippines is going to end up in is hostile takeover. Because there are little to no plans to uplift the country or its citizens and those who do so get mired in the muck of bureaucracy and corruption caused by its people.

    At this rate, we’ll share the fate of empires long past: broken up and taken over. And seeing how many rebel groups in the Philippines there are, it will either be one of them or a certain country up north.


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