The Hype of the Upcoming 2015 SONA and What It Says About Us

Ladies and gentlemen, we all know that President Aquino’s SONA or State of the Nation Address will not be long now. However, as I sit typing here, I cannot help but wonder if we even know what it’s supposed to be about. See, I have always believed that a State of the Nation Address is more of a formal gathering of political figures, an announcement of the current president’s sentiments and his possible plans for the future and a brief discussion between other political figures about the president’s statements. Of course, I will state right now that I am no real expert when it comes to political matters but from what I have noticed so far, I doubt that many Pinoys see what the SONA is really supposed to be about, especially those who will be involved in it. Remember what I’ve said about superficiality? Well, I think that the current SONA is just another example of us missing the point.


Here, let me elaborate…

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It Looks More Like A Royal Ball Than Anything Else

Here is another example of just how stuck in the past we are. Remember this article here by ChinoF? Well, this is another perfect example of how we think and what our politicians think they themselves are.

Back in the Feudal Age of Europe and North Asia, nobles and dignitaries would always come to royal parties decked out in the finest clothes and glimmering with jewels. They would eat the finest food that money can buy and trade little jokes that only they understood. They wood fuss and wrinkle their noses at the mention of the peasantry whom they only saw as their subjects and therefore their property, not the able and versatile workforce they really are.

However, I need to remind everyone, including the politicians who will be attending the SONA that no, they are most certainly not nobility or royalty even if they are under the delusion that they are. They are in fact officials who are elected by the people to represent the people and not themselves and their personal agendas. The food they are eating and the clothes they are wearing come from the taxes of the common people, some of whom have to make do with eating filthy leftovers from garbage bins just to survive.

It Caters To The Narcissism Of Our Politicians

Okay, let me be brutally frank here. No, there are only a precious few politicians that can be considered beautiful or handsome. Well, I don’t look all that great either and I think that it is only right that people love themselves and appreciate their own appearances more. Unfortunately, I do not think that a political assembly is the right place to flaunt one’s good looks.

Ladies and gentlemen, the SONA is a political gathering, it is not a fashion show. Even if our politicians looked like Victoria’s Secret models and Chippendale dancers, the SONA is not the place to show off their wealth which may or may not be their wealth in the first place. If it was some kind of private party in some secluded island somewhere, sure they can wear anything they want from headdresses that look like nuclear explosions or tiny, tiny g-string t-back bikinis with ruffles on the edges for all I care. But no, the SONA is just meant to get the president’s sentiments across to the people and the other leaders of the country, it is not something that makes the president and those with him look like European lords and ladies straight out of a Disney film.


To all the politicians who will be attending President Aquino’s fifth and final SONA, this is all I have to say:


15 Replies to “The Hype of the Upcoming 2015 SONA and What It Says About Us”

  1. Thought you were gonna zero in more on the content of the SONA not on the costumes. Does it not Get Real than this? It’s as if you’re about to report on the upcoming PMPC awards or so.

  2. This is a farcical strut for the ‘elite’ to strut out into the public eye and act as if they are concerned about the actual SONA. For the ‘little people’/’massa’ it is an opportunity to show off their collective idiocy by actually listening to the complete ‘LINE-OF-SHIT’ that will be no doubt launched at them.

    and by ‘collective idiocy’ it is meant that : If anyone in the ‘Republic of the Philippines’ needs to be told what the state of the nation is, or if they believe any of what they are dumb enough to listen to (if they actually listen to the SONA) and if so, well then they are ‘collectively idiots’.

    REALITY CHECK: The country is fucked…….No one needs to listen to this ‘LINE OF SHIT’ (which is exactly what it will be, a ‘LINE OF SHIT’ !) to know, the country is COMPLETELY FUCKED.

    Filipino’s could do themselves a favor and do something they will get something out of, or relaxing a bit, or anything
    besides listening to the SONA farce/LINE OF SHIT that will do absolutely nothing for them, except maybe give them an additional headache………. that they do not need.

    1. All the usual suspects clapping in the audience. They were all clapping Estrada, GMA now they clap Aquino. No doubt they will all be back clapping the next Mafia boss in 2016.

      On cue clap
      On cue standing ovation.
      Keep it in the family, proud to be a thief.

      No Fun In The Sink Hole

  3. We should be clear that SONA is mandated by Constitutions. In other countries, SONA is serious business and that is why they come in their business attire. It is a report card of the status of a people, and it is a review of the possibilities of where they could go from there. Principles and policies are proposed so that the people could have the guidelines by which they could cooperate in making the possibilities realities in dreaming a better society. That is why it is serious business.

    In the Philippines, we don’t know what is serious and what is business. They think seriousness is only about bringing someone in grave danger to the Emergency of an hospital; and business, only about profit making and about pocketing a money by hook or by crook. Thus, in a country as myopic the Philippines, SONA can be anything, but serious business. As one commenter here accurately observed, it is because politics is the show business of ugly people. So, our SONA has become the red carpet ala Hollywood, except ours is a copy in poor taste.

    So, they come dress to the nine like they were going to a DongYan wedding, a wedding for commercial purposes. So, they come to compete for air-time hoping TV cameras catches a glimpse of them even for just 10 secs. Maybe, they have a point. It is like a wedding, except that it is a renewal of a vow where the President says I love you and the people respond by saying we love you too. Except that in the case of PNoy, the people went from I-think-we-love-you to I-think-we-don’t-like-you to stupid,-we-really, really-hate-you. That is because all the SONAs of PNoy was not about I-love-you, bosses, but about you-see-how-I-totally-love-myself, and nobody-else-but-myself.

    So, let us be very clear, PNoy’s SONAs are not about the State Of Nation Address, but about the Sayings Of Noynoy Aquino, or the Shrillness Of Noynoy Aquino.

    So, they come every year looking their best for just that day as they cover the backstabbing they do among themselves for the rest of year and to listen to the ultimate backstabbing that the President does on the people.

  4. The SONA will be a “fashion show”, for some politicians. Aquino will claim many “accomplishment”. Of course, he will never talk about his failures, and his misbehavior. He will never tell people, how he stole ; together with his sidekick, Abad, thru the DAP, PDAF, etc…he will not tell people, how he bribed the Senators and Congresspeople, by Pork Barrels, to impeach CJ Corona.

    He will not tell anybody, how he dived into his Hole, as the Chinese tourists were murdered at the Luneta by a crazy Policeman.

    He will endorse the BBL Law; so that he can steal much more…

    There will be clapping of hands by his YellowTard minions. “Busog na sila!”…

    1. you are correct about what you say, but fail to realize one thing: The impeachment of Corona was a diversion. That POS should have gone to prison for taking a bribe to reverse the PAL case ( as was proven by the Ombudsman at the trial,Ms.Gutierez,) but was not.WHY? IT WAS A DIVERSION. What did Corona lose? A POS P70K/Month job? Don’t make me laugh.
      What was going on during the 9 month trial, and what was left out of that trial (on purpose the ‘complaint’ was re-drated and left out the PAL case that would have landed the POS IN JAIL, a real one!) is the real story of that entire charade. The DAP was being looted at the exact same time the trial took place. Puno was robbing the NCR cops bullets funds and so on.While Filipino’s sat riveted to their TV’s and watched the biggest Bull-Shit story of they year unfold (and culminate in that absolute bull-shit ending of allowing Corona to rant about ‘Mr. Jose Bossa persecuting my Momma’ and never answered a single fuckin question before having a heart-attack that was as fake as the ‘trial’ was.Enrile shouts ‘Lock the doors’ and ….and so on…) while they were being robbed the whole time and the thieves were laughing the entire time (‘The idiot massa, they believe this bull-shit’) and stealing everything that could be stolen as well.
      UGH, what horse shit ?

  5. All Failipino politicians in the Failippines, including BS Aquino…

    The spirit of arrogance most definitely makes you shine. It paints a bright red target on your own forehead.

    The sadistic narcissist perceives himself as Godlike, ruthless and devoid of scruples, capricious and unfathomable, emotion-less and non-sexual, omniscient, omnipotent and omni-present, a plague, a devastation, an inescapable verdict.

    If you’re a nobody, just imagine a lot of celebrities are in love with you. Narcissism is the best cure for attention deficit disorder.

    In these aspects, it really best describe the Failipino politicians in the Failippines.

  6. So the clown is going to deliver his last Sinungaling Oratoryo Ni Abnoy (SONA). Hmmm, I think I’m just going to watch Comedy Central.

    1. it will be funnier, although the moron making the speech is good for a few laughs as well. I mean, take a look at him.

  7. @ Grimwald…….You say you are ‘no real expert on poltical matters’ yet you summed up the facts of what elected governance is supposedly all about in less than a paragraph.

    Unless you have a word quota to meet and are merely filling space with your humble words, you could just as easily given yourself some credit or at least not take the path of degrading you intellgence. For Craps sake, Mon….give yourself some credit.

  8. Guys, don’t forget the emotional quote from the President himself.

    “The Filipino is ‘definitely’ worth fighting for!”

    The moment I reviewed this was like, “Really?!!”
    Alarming, isn’t it?

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