3 aspects of Rodrigo Duterte’s enduring mass appeal


Ex Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is Da Man! He recently starred in Vice Ganda’s Gandang Gabi Vice and made waves across Pinoy society. This is the guy Filipinos want. He’s got a platform (federalism among other yummy visions) and he’s got conviction. Plus, he’s got a Law degree. Sweet!


Specifically, these three no-brainers are what make Duterte the top choice from the Visayas:

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He deals with crime.

Results. No ifs, no buts, no excuses. Duterte gets things done and gets the crooks done in good — permanently in a lot of cases. What more can ordinary Filipinos ask for? Human rights? Sorry guys and gays, di-nakakain ang human rayytsszz.

When a country is ruled by a deeply-entrenched oligarchy where warlords roam the countryside, I don’t think human rights is a luxury we can afford. After all, we are talking about a country where #PatayinAngMgaPABEBE is a top-trending hashtag. And presidents and their henchmen who steal enough money to launch 13 New Horizons missions to Pluto get away scott free.

Kung baga, anything goes in Da Pinas, di ba? Duterte is the only guy who is real enough to know what the Philippines is really all about.

He is a lady’s man.

What can I say? Duterte speaks Bisaya. And that is what probably makes him appealing to the ladies. Matigas ang dila niya, if you know what I mean. 😉

The important thing though is that even if he admittedly had three chicks sabay sabay aside from his then wife, they all were aware of their place. Asked if all any of his girls knew they were but one of several others, Duterte said in Tagalog, “I think they’re just being stone cold about it.”

On that, I’m pretty sure the good ex-Mayor kept them warm enough during their time together.

He can dance.

Well, yeah, in a daddy groovy kinda way. Still, he did try and utlimately it was all about how Filipinos embraced the show — with a resounding thumbs up!

And that’s how elections are won — and cime is solved — in the Philippines. Duterte style!

13 Replies to “3 aspects of Rodrigo Duterte’s enduring mass appeal”

    1. Agreed! The writer is trying hard to make good out of Duterte, but fails miserably to the point of sounding sarcastic! Nice try, GRP, a.k.a. die-hard Marcos fans! The ugly picture, of all pictures, says it all.

  1. Gandang Gabi, Vice! is a comedy talk show and Vice Ganda is a stand-up comedian, actor, TV host and product endorser. When politicians like PNoy and Duterte guest in his comedy show, they are like saying, “We’re guesting here as celebrities not public servants, we’re here to entertain the viewers so please, don’t take us seriously.”

    Let it be known that our political leaders is putting public service behind their back when they give in to show business and broadcast journalism is getting dull when a celebrity/variety show host takes the role of a broadcast journalist.

  2. Duterte does understand the systemic problem of corruption in our country! And the Federal Parliamentary form of government is a better option for us. Clean up the Police and Military ranks and everything will definitely follow! Unfortunately he is not keen on running for President!

  3. My dear writer, when I stumbled upon this article in the inter webs, I was shocked. Please pardon me for frankly saying but you have no taste in writing. You are a crass and uncultured writer, if I may say so.

    I am Bisaya and I am amazed by your a ability to not only insult our pronunciation but also generalize us that because we are Bisaya we are automatically a ladies’ man in one paragraph.

    You try to be sarcastic about Duterte’s many girls but you came out to be obnoxious about it, simultaneously degrading relationships with the statement “aware of their place”.

    I have read your other articles and frankly, I do not know if you really are informed while you write your opinions and elaborations on different matters or you just write like you would in a diary but you are really offending.

    I hope you try and educate yourself with sensitivity and PC (political correctness) because while you have the ability to use expressions that would, in theory, make an article not a drab read, you fail to package your ideas thus making you sound trashy.

    I really regret stumbling upon this articles and reading all of your articles just to try and understand your way of thinking. I am now filled with information riddled with your logical fallacies. Learn to write properly because a lot of people are reading your stuff and you are inflicting your appalling sense to the rest of the masses. Egads.

    1. i am Cebuano/Waray mix and you Furiore is an embarassment for failing to understand what the writer meant by “matigas ang dila”..in fact you did not understand anything at all…you do not even know the meaning of being “aware of their place”…you have a foot in the mouth disease

      1. hahaha. Right on! lol. Politically correct a good thing. That’s just too funny. Dont worry. Not all of your readers want to be politically correct!. clap.clap.clap

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