The Philippines contributes nothing but its VICTIMHOOD to the South China Sea crisis

Read articles about the South China Sea conflict on foreign media sites like Bloomberg, TIME, CNN, the BBC, and even Singapore’s The Straits Times, and you will find the real major players in the flashpoint mentioned liberally — China, the United States, and Japan. Perhaps even Vietnam.

What is notable about international media coverage of the South China Sea is what it consistently omits — the role the Philippines plays. That says something about the Philippines’ place in the global scheme of things. Indeed, the question all the more gets highlighted…

What does the Philippines contribute to the imbroglio?

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The Philippines contributes no more than its victimhood.


The position the Philippine government has taken to underpin its appeal for global support in its efforts to assert sovereignity over the territories in the South China Sea that it lays claim to is based on the painting of China as a “bully”. Inquirer columnist Peter Wallace in his article China – a bully in the block, describes China’s behaviour in the region as akin to “irresponsible action by a bully, by someone who knows he can ride roughshod over others. It is not how responsible nations act.”

Fortunately, Wallace, rather than go down the typically-Filipino path of further wallowing in its victimhood, highlights the more confronting reality of how the Philippines got to this sorry situation…

What I find sad about all of this is that it probably wouldn’t have happened at all if the Philippine Senate had voted differently in 1991.

Twelve senators voted to kick the American bases out of Subic and Clark (against 11 who voted to retain). Now two of those 12 are trying to stop the Edca (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement), which allows US military forces to maintain eight small bases here. It’s really quite simple: The Philippines has no military power at all. This is no denigration of the Armed Forces of the Philippines—they are fine, battle-worthy men, but they don’t have nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and a fleet of battleships or the latest-model fighter planes or all the myriad equipage China has. So any war would be over in a day. The United States has all these things in spades—and China knows it. So why on earth would you make it difficult for a friend to help you stand up to this bully, which only the United States can?

Those 12 Philippine senators deserve to go down in history as the men who turned the Philippines into the regional laughingstock that it is today. In 1991, Senate President Jovito Salonga, Senators Wigberto Tanada, Teofisto Guingona, Rene Saguisag, Victor Ziga, Sotero Laurel, Ernesto Maceda, Agapito Aquino, Juan Ponce Enrile, Joseph Estrada, Orlando Mercado, and Aquilino Pimentel voted to boot the United States military out from its prized bases in Subic Bay and Clark Field among others. You’d think that this astoundingly pompous display of “national pride” would motivate an actual display of self-reliance by following through with a focused effort to build up indigenous defense capability to fill the massive void left by the American pullout. History now shows that this did not happen.

As if that weren’t enough, the Philippines still fails to learn that hard lesson even today as the United States shows renewed interest in rebuilding its lost military presence in the region. Filipinos still regard the American presence as an affront to their imagined “independence”. Some even bizarrely continue to see America as the enemy.

Militant group Gabriela (supposedly a champion of “womens’ issues”), for example, expressed fears that the recent increases in US troop deployments to the Philippines will result in an increase in crime around areas where they are stationed. According to Gabriela party-list Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan “the country could see a rise in women and child abuse cases as a result of the 10-year defense deal that will allow greater US military presence in the country.”

“They will still violate and go around the provisions. Tayo pa rin ang dehado.”

Ilagan said aside from a possible rise in cases of human rights violations, the [Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) which currently serves as the basis for governing US military presence in the Philippines] can also cause damage to the country’s environment.

Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares shared Ilagan’s sentiment against the deal. “Ang daming nangyaring krimen noong panahon ng bases – rape, child prostitution, illegal drugs, human rights violations – mayroon ka bang nalaman na isang Amerikanong na-convict?”

Ilagan seems to conveniently forget, however, that many of the most heinous crimes in the Philippines are perpetrated by Filipinos themselves. Indeed, it is likely that crime that can be directly attributed to American military personnel is statistically insignificant. Recent high-profile crackdowns on child abuse in the Philippines were, in fact, initiated by foreign law enforcement agencies. This is another example of the way Filipinos are motivated by foreign pressure first before any self-initiative. Left to their own devices, local law enforcement agencies will have likely left that cancer to fester right under their noses.

So-called “activists” like Ilagan should also consider the tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of Filipino lives that were saved and relieved of their misery by the awesome might of the US military back in late 2013 after super typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines. If there were “victims” of “human rights violations” supposedly perpetrated by US troops in the past, as Ilagan points out, maybe that bit of math will put things in a bit more perspective for the honourable party-list “representative”. Perhaps Ilagan should, instead, spend her days going after her colleagues in government who make a killing syphoning off money intended for the rehabilitation of the disaster areas.

The truth is quite simple. The only reason China is not moving faster and more menacingly than it already is in the South China Sea is because it is wisely considering the possibility of military action by countries like the United States, Japan, and Australia that pose real threats to its goals. The Philippines’ efforts at “diplomacy” is really no more than a quaint side show.

Indeed, weak countries like the Philippines continue to exist only because powerful countries allow them to. A world order supposedly ruled by “international law” is no more than a glossy pretense. No less than the United States itself has, time and again, demonstrated that its own national interests trump United Nations “resolutions” any day. Military might is the only real currency in international “relations”.

The Philippines had ample time to learn that simple lesson. But in remaining consistent with its renowned tradition of institutionalised idiocy, it didn’t.

56 Replies to “The Philippines contributes nothing but its VICTIMHOOD to the South China Sea crisis”

  1. The americans are not coming to your rescue. The phils will be the sacrificial pawn in the bigger game. I am sure your handful of combat airfare and naval ships with will hold off the Chinese for all of 5 mins

    1. DR ang masasabi ko lang, kahit di kami bigyan ng tulong, lalaban kami. Sabihin mo sa akin kung anong gyera ang pinanalo ng bansang Tsina? Pilipinas? Marami na. Kaya huwag mong sabihin na mauubos kami. Kung tuso ang mga tsino dahil pinasok nila ang puso ng mundo sa pagsasakripisyo ng kanilang mga ninuno at pag nakuha na nila ang loob ay duon sila babanat. Ang tanong lang, ang tsina lang ba ang kayang gumawa nito? Marami din kaming Filipino na nasa loob mismo ng Tsina. Tandaan mo DR, sa aming mga Filipino, lahat ng bagay pwedeng maging sandata. Hindi kami tanga. Now you try to translate that DR

      1. Pilipinas marami na? You mean during World War II when it’s the Americans who actually helped us defeat the Japanese? Stupid credit grabber. And what is your weapon of choice against the chinese? Your dysfunctional pinoy prayd? Do me a favor then since you live up with those words: YOU should face them all by yourself strictly without any foreign allies’ help.

      2. No doubt we’ll fight. Yes, our conventional military will be destroyed, no doubt we’ll fight them in the hills and rubble of Manila. But the fact of the matter is, if we had prepared, the defeat of our conventional military would have been averted. Oh, and since you mentioned OFWs in China, I imagine the majority of them will be interred in camps.

        Take note that the enemy we are facing is an old proud empire with a culture that stretches thousands of years. They created masterpieces of philsophy and literature. They have an indigenous military tradition. The great wall is theirs, gunpowder invented there, the art of war written there.

        Inspite of your living in Hong Kong I fear you don’t know our enemy well enough. All I know is spit won’t shoot dfown a missile.

        Well,I do still share your sentiment that we’ll fight, you can count on that.

      3. Are you out of your mind? How could you fight chinese with their sophisticated atmoey that even americans have are scared of? Philippines can NOT do it alone without allies! What an idiot response!

    2. Hey, DR, maybe you are a Chinese from PRC aren’t you? Chinese troops are pussies who lack fighting experience. Your insignificant and low-quality equipment will be destroyed within 5 minutes. Keep dreaming boy!

  2. A combined fleet of combat ships at war are the best negotiators. If you value your lives be somewhere else.

  3. My take here is to bring back the US bases, or to create at least one (since the old ones are now economic zones).

    One personal reason here (being I’m from Baguio) is that the John Hay Air Base was, under the Americans, well-maintained as a forest reserve. Now it’s a trainwreck of the rich clusterfucked in litigation.

        1. Funny, I thought we can dump ourshit and garbage in the west philippine sea as a form of biological warfare haha

      1. @Benigno(This is important,read this comment,I am not kidding around,It will benefit Filipino’s working in Hong Kong,confirm your thoughts and essay title, as well as broaden your horizons),Regarding your mentioning of the Phiippines not being mentioned: in this latest episode of the ‘Keiser Report’ broadcast June 4th,2015 ,in the West about the “disputed Spratly Islands””Stacy Herbert referrence’s the USA Defense Secretary discussing the aggression of China being ‘stopped’ by the Military might of the USA “At all cost’s”,watch it!No mention of who owns the Islands though.

        the second half of the show(23 to 29 minutes into the half hour show) Keiser and his guest Simon Davies informs Filipino maids in Hong Kong how to send their hard earned money home using ‘BIT-SPARK’ that uses ‘Bit-coin’ and how these hard-working women can save Filipino maids 95% of what Western Union or any of the other middle-men (Metrobank,Bangko Pilipinas etc) are charging them(10 to 15%) to send money home (I am but a messenger here,you have the platform to advertise it.),The maids in Hong Kong buy ‘Bit-coins’ & then send them to the Philippines and the maids family receive’s Peso’s at the other end of the transaction.Land deed registries are also mentioned as being able to be put on the ‘block-chain’ thus eliminating problems in land title ownership in S.E.Asia.Watch this episode,it is not all about the Filipino’s but could effect Millions of maids families.
        Just do a Google search for ‘BIT-SPARK’ in Hong Kong and the process will appear.

        Then regarding the ‘Trans Pacific Trade Partnership being negotiated in ‘the tropical island paradise of Boracay’ in one of the latest op-ed’s written by former USA Under-Secretary of the Treasury and Father of ‘Reaganomics’,Dr.Paul Craig Roberts. The article also doesn’t mention what country ‘Boracay’ is in.So you are right,and already know it.Check out Dr.Roberts web-site you can learn much about what I, and others are trying to get across to Filipino’s, but WOW,its a tough gig.

        the comments ‘Gerry’/’Mr.Kreig’/Jumpin Joe’/’Bing Bong’ (taken from a goof on Marcos son and a referrence to a joke on the sound an opening door alarm makes in a Chinese restaurant on ‘Family Guy’ cartoon series) and countless others ‘phantom commenters’are all made in an effort to spur the people of that once beautiful,and in some places still is,country into collective ACTION.Whatever the costs may be, the result will be better than what the country is now.

        BTW, don’t ‘BEG TO’ do anything,even ‘DIFFER’,NO ! FUCKIN’ ‘DEMAND TO BE HEARD’ !!!

  4. “You’d think that this astoundingly pompous display of “national pride” would motivate an actual display of self-reliance by following through with a focused effort to build up indigenous defense capability to fill the massive void left by the American pullout.”

    It’s possible that Sen. Jovito Salonga really sees it that way. He wants the Philippines to be self-reliant. Unfortunately, even as Senate President, he’s not able to do something to strengthen the Philippine’s defense forces. He wasn’t able to do that after ending his political career after losing in the presidential election in 1992. He committed the same mistake Marcos did, making hard decisions then leaving the rest to incapable hands.

    1. My dad is an officer in the military. He joined thinking he could make a difference, the higher he rose in ranks the reality of nepotism, political favoring, squandering of funds etc became constantly more apparent to him and now he couldn’t wait for retirement.

      Inside the government there are “cliques” and they help each other make a fortune, honest workers like my dad are given much responsibilities and not the equal amount of authority. IMO he is too conscientious for this field.

      1. There are far too few people like your Dad in the country, and the world for that matter.A decent hard-working Man is no longer respected or needed.Thievery is where its at, the legal type. Ask any ‘Mafia-oso’/Yakuza and they will tell you the only difference from them and the gov’t. is a badge and a bigger military.
        Work Smart,maybe not as hard and get with the side that wins! that is why the Philippines will eventually speak Mandarin,the West gave China all the jobs and no the chinese will stab the West in the back and steal the manufacturing facilities as some form of ancient payback !!(to start a fake war to thin out the USA welfare rolls and get rid of the ‘lazy’ Chinese).
        NEVER, let a Chinamen work on your car, or trust them with money or possesion.s(“Stay right there,I’ll be right back,but never returns.”)

        1. The West is just returning what it took from China when it was colonized.
          As to you guys eventually speaking Mandarin, I’m sure your old twin back in 1898 also echoed similar sentiment about the Philippines eventually speaking English…as a result of the war with the US. I’m sure your countrymen back then also cursed & moaned about those evil Americans not respecting and invading Filipino territory.

  5. “The Philippines contributes no more than its victimhood.”

    The pinoys have that down to an art form. They’ve even managed to fool themselves into thinking that being a helpless victim equals unparalleled resiliency.

    1. LOL !!!! Yes, yes they do, you are correct….ASSHATERY,is what that is called…u know,what a shithead wears on its head.

  6. Where are the national “Pinoy” pridists on situations such as this? They have nothing to be proud when we couldn’t even defend ourselves by our own means. Freedom is wasted on this country.

  7. They Philippines has nothing else to offer.So it bends over and takes who-ever the colonial power of the year is…..and Gets FITA!!! (Filipino’s are so used to it they go the ‘NO LUBE’ route,LOL!!!)
    If they have anything else, please enlighten ME, US !
    The thieves that have looted the country are responsible for this, they coud have armed a military capable of National Defense over the last 50 yrs.,but no, they preferred houses and cars in the USA and Hong Kong and will not be around when the country is invaded and or attacked, BUT that will not happen.CHINA doesn’t give a shit about the Filipino,its all about whats under the water in the Philippines disputed waters.
    BTW, this CASE was CLOSED before it started so all the whining to the U.N. in NYC is both disgraceful/pathetic and useless.

    1. They don’t get it do they. The Chinese have no intention of invading. As you point out all they want is what is under the water.

      Come back in 5 years time the Chinese will have oil rigs of the coast as far as the eye can see, and pipelines sucking everything up and sending the oil and gas back to the mainland.

      In 5 years time this lot will still be standing on the beach going on about we will defend what is ours lol.
      Whilst the Chinese sit on the oil rigs big smiles on their faces and 2 middle fingers waving in the air at the Philippines.

      If the Chinese wanted to invade they would send 300 girl guides. No need to send soldiers.

  8. and ‘GABRIELA’ makes me laugh.With all the smoke spewing rollling shit-heaps on wheels, called jeepney’s,and 9 out of 10 cars on the road in similar ecologically ruinous condition,the Philippines(did I forget to mention the pinoys so full of pride that they just throw garbage anywhere it lands,urinate in public etc…) does a good enough job ruining the environment all by itself. THE USA Military would be a boom for the economy around Subic & Clarke AFB, as it once was.Those 12 idiots should have gone to the gallows,especially Pimmentel…that fuckin drunkard.I’ve met him and as smooth talking as he maybe…he is ,in fact…a shithead that talks out of both sides of his mouth….and his ass ! E-CRAP TOO, ENRILE…the whole fuckin lot of em.

  9. ‘Institutionalized idiocy’,well said !!! and hit the nail on the head. U kno,one day….maybe your Grandchildren will be under Chinese rule.How is that? Because the West, in an effort to get rid of ‘UNIONIZED LABOR’ for quick profits ,outsourced all its industrial manufacturing to guess where? CHINA ! so, you see, their really are no democractic governments, just Multi-national corporations that make the rules now. Trade rules ,backed up by military power,that is! any wars that happen are just efforts to eliminate unnecessary humans and/or fight for resources.

    AND BTW, all that ‘typhon HIYAN AID’ did get stolen and the clothes are on sale,nation-wide,okoi-okoi style.The money was just pocketed by the thieves running the government and the food is still frozen,whats left of it,after it was sold to markets in Manila.

  10. U kno, when I think about it, and see people sending infants into the street to beg,while fat Momma sits on the corner,stuffing her fat face,and waits for the little beggars to come back with ‘the loot'(30 peso’s,LOL!),all while the people running the country steal everything that is not nailed down.
    it makes me think what a sickening country to be born into,the Philippines.

    GET OUT NOW, ANY WAY YOU CAN…and dont go back.

  11. In the run up to the 2010 elections, one candidate seemed to recognize the need for indigenous self defense capability (he was a former DND secretary). Sometimes I wonder if he had won, would he have made good of his platform to give us a credible military? These days though, its already a big deal that we purchase a few obsolete helicopters, and our yellow-bellied media would even bill that as an administration “achievement”. Well, sorry, but buying a few old Hueys isnt an achievement, and where is our military secrecy? Damn, I swear, if ever were going to have a real military build up, the media will let China know about it.

    Plain irresponsible… Not proud to be pinoy

  12. Para sa mga nag kukumento sa aming mga Pilipino. Tandaan nyo, 1.5 Billion ang bansang Tsina samantalang ang bansang Pilipinas ay 120 Million lamang… Isa pilipino bawat labing dalawa’t kalahating Intsik ang labanan. Pwede. Di kami uurong.

    1. Your showoff is very laughable. Iyan ba yung sinasabi mong hukbo? Pinanganak ka ba kahapon at ganyan ka katanga? pinoy nga naman oo masyadong ma-pride at dinadaan palagi sa “pwede na iyan” mentality dahil hindi marunong gumamit ng utak at palaging puso ang ginagamit.

    2. Bago mo makalaban labing dalawa’t kalahating Instik nila natamaan ka na ng missiles nila. So isip ka na kung pa’no ka magiging zombie para, malibang madurog utak mo, buhay ka pa rin para durugin sila.

    3. We might be 120 billion people. But with our woefully inept military, poor tactics and morale, we are just as strong as sheep when it faces wolves. It will be a one-sided slaughter for us.

  13. Aquino used the Military Modernization Fund for his DAP, PDAF, and Pork Barrel Bribery to get what he wants.

    The Generals of AFP, pocketed the rest of the Fund. This is the truth.

    You cannot fight a “21st century war” with a World War II propeller driven fighter bombers; and World War I junkyard Navy battleships.

    Our Generals have no War experiences. They are only good for morning flag ceremonies and parade in review.

    Aquino is a coward, with no military experience. International Courts and the U.N. cannot prevent aggression of strong countries.
    Look at the behavior of Russia in Ukraine…did the U.N. or international Court prevented the grabbing of Crimea, Ukraine?

    Israel is a small country; surrounded by Arab enemies. Yet, her enemies think twice, before messing with Israel.

    Argentina fought a good losing war with Great Britain. Its fighter pilots, sunk one of the warship of Great Britain, during the Falkland (Malvinas) War…

  14. Here is a Dutch report about the same problem, published today.
    (For an appropriate translation pls use–en-muisspelletjes-op-Zuid-Chinese-Zee-worden-steeds-dreigender-1771639W/?masterpageid=158493


    Kat- en muisspel op Zuid-Chinese Zee wordt steeds dreigender

    door Fred Sengers 4 jun 2015

    De kat- en muisspelletjes in en boven de Zuid-Chinese Zee krijgen een steeds grimmiger karakter. Escalatie van het conflict kan enorme gevolgen hebben. Het is alweer een tijdje rustig in de Oost-Chinese Zee. Dat heeft natuurlijk alles te maken met China’s politieke agenda waarop momenteel hogere prioriteiten staan dan de strijd om een paar rotspunten in zee.

    Andere belangen
    President Xi Jinping wil de banden met Taiwan aanhalen. Daar zijn volgend jaar presidentsverkiezingen en wapengekletter is dan zeker niet behulpzaam om een pro-Beijingkandidaat gekozen te krijgen. De banden met Zuid-Korea zijn tegenwoordig allerhartelijkst en een vrijhandelscontract waar al drie jaar over is onderhandeld, werd vorige maand ondertekend. En de verhoudingen met Japan zijn zo slecht geworden, dat zelfs de Chinese politieke top vond dat het zo niet langer kon.

    Chinese Muur van Zand
    Op een ander schaakbord worden intussen volop pionnen verplaatst. China heeft in de afgelopen 18 maanden een aantal kunstmatige eilanden in de Zuid-Chinese Zee opgespoten, ieder groot genoeg voor een haven, een kazerne en een landingsbaan. De Chinese Muur van Zand, noemen de Amerikanen het. De bouwlust doorbreekt de status quo in het omstreden gebied. China claimt dan wel een groot deel van de Zuid-Chinese Zee, maar het gebied is zo groot dat het in de praktijk helemaal niet zo eenvoudig is te controleren. Dat wordt anders als er op verschillende plekken havens en airstrips voor het Volksbevrijdingsleger worden aangelegd.

    Een grotere militaire aanwezigheid van China, leidt onherroepelijk tot een reactie van andere belanghebbenden in het gebied. De Verenigde Staten, Vietnam en de Filipijnen voeren hun militaire aanwezigheid op. Dat leidt onvermijdelijk tot meer spanning en een grotere kans op ongelukken die eenvoudig tot escalatie kunnen leiden. Niet voor niets zei de Maleisische minister van Defensie Hishammuddin Hussein vorige week: ‘Deze situatie heeft het potentieel uit te groeien tot een van de dodelijkste conflicten van onze tijd, zo niet van de hele geschiedenis.’

    Kat en muis
    Van de kat-en-muisspelletjes in en boven de Zuid-Chinese Zee merken burgers doorgaans weinig. Maar twee weken geleden had de Amerikaanse regering een cameraploeg van CNN ( toestemming gegeven mee te vliegen met een Boeing P8-Poseidon van het Amerikaanse leger op een missie boven de Zuid-Chinese-Zee. Het was geen toeval dat dit gebeurde vlak voor de regionale veiligheidstop voor Zuidoost-Azië die afgelopen weekeinde in Singapore werd gehouden. Speciaal voor de CNN-reportage werd door het Pentagon een bandopname van het radioverkeer tussen de P8 en de Chinese marine vrijgegeven. Het Amerikaanse toestel werd acht keer opgeroepen op te krassen omdat het zich in Chinees luchtruim zou bevinden. De commandant antwoordde steeds dat hij zich boven internationale wateren bevond en dus recht had op vrije doorgang.

    De boodschap van de Amerikanen was duidelijk: wij accepteren de Chinese claims op de eilanden niet. Het Amerikaanse ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken voegde er aan toe dat de Amerikanen doorgaan met het surveilleren in het gebied. ‘Geen verstandig mens gaat de Amerikaanse marine proberen daarvan te weerhouden. Dat is geen verstandige zet’, zei Daniel Russel, de belangrijkste Amerikaanse diplomaat voor Zuidoost-Azië. De Chinezen zijn bepaald niet vies van spierballenvertoon, maar als ze ergens een hekel aan hebben is het publiekelijk te kijk te worden gezet. Hoewel er vrijwel dagelijks incidenten zijn, leidde de vlucht van de P8 met de CNN-ploeg aan boord dan ook tot een officieel protest en de eis om Amerikaanse excuses.

    Geslepen messen
    De messen waren geslepen toen de defensietop van start ging. Amerika riep China en andere landen op te stoppen met het aanleggen van versterkingen in delen van de Zuid-Chinese Zee die worden betwist. China zegt op zijn beurt dat het in zijn recht staat om in het gebied te doen en laten wat het wil omdat de eilanden tot het Chinese territorium behoren. Het was een ogenschijnlijk terloopse opmerking van de Chinese delegatieleider, admiraal Sun Jianguo, die alle alarmbellen deed afgaan. Hij zei dat China zich tot nu toe terughoudend heeft opgesteld in de ruzie over wie het voor het zeggen heeft in de Zuid-Chinese Zee. ‘Ondanks overweldigend historisch en juridisch bewijs en zijn onweerlegbare claims, rechten en belangen, heeft China zich enorm terughoudend opgesteld en zo positief bijgedragen aan vrede en stabiliteit in de regio’, zei Sun. Heel, heel af en toe krijg je een inkijkje in de werkelijke drijfveren achter het diplomatieke verkeer. Zoals toen premier Li Keqiang zich vorig jaar kribbig liet ontvallen dat China geen problemen accepteert van kleine landen. De opmerking van Sun is er ook een voor het boekje. De meeste landen in Zuidoost-Azië zijn van mening dat China zich steeds zelfbewuster als regionale grootmacht opstelt en voortdurend bezig is zijn claims te versterken. Maar als China’s leiders zelf van mening zijn dat ze tot nu toe hebben ingehouden, dan staat ons de komende jaren nog wat te wachten in de Zuid-Chinese-Zee.

  15. And this is the report in English
    (translated by Google)–en-muisspelletjes-op-Zuid-Chinese-Zee-worden-steeds-dreigender-1771639W/?masterpageid=158493

    Buitenland (Abroad)

    Cat and mouse game in South China Sea is more threatening

    by Fred Sengers 4 Jun 2015

    The cat-and-mouse games, and over the South China Sea have a savage character. Escalation of the conflict can have enormous consequences. It’s been a while quietly in the East China Sea. This has everything to do with China’s political agenda which currently are higher priorities than the fight for a few rocky outcrops in the sea.

    Other interests
    President Xi Jinping wants closer ties with Taiwan. There are presidential elections next year and the clash of arms is certainly not helpful to have elected a pro-Beijing candidate. Ties with South Korea today are the warmest and a free trade agreement which has already been negotiated over three years, was signed last month. And relations with Japan have become so bad that even found the Chinese political elite that it could not go on.

    Great Wall of Sand
    On another chessboard are now plenty of pawns moved. China has in the last 18 months a number of artificial islands in the South China Sea sprayed, each large enough for a port, a barracks and a runway. The Great Wall of Sand, the Americans call it. The Bouwlust breaks the status quo in the disputed area. China claims than does a large part of the South China Sea, but the area is so large that in practice it is not so easy to control. Things are different when there are set up in different places ports and airstrips for the People’s Liberation Army.

    Against Actions
    An increased military presence of China, inevitably leads to a reaction of other stakeholders in the area. The United States, Vietnam and the Philippines perform their military presence. This inevitably leads to more tension and a greater risk of accidents that could easily lead to escalation. Not for nothing said Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein last week: “This situation has the potential to grow into one of the deadliest conflicts of our time, if not the whole story.”

    Cat and mouse
    Cat-and-mouse games, and over the South China Sea marks civilians generally scarce. But two weeks ago, the US government a camera crew from CNN ( authorized to fly a Boeing P8 Poseidon from the US military on a mission over the South China Sea. It was no coincidence that this happened just before the regional safety stop for Southeast Asia which was held last weekend in Singapore. Especially for the CNN report was released by the Pentagon a tape recording of the radio traffic between P8 and the Chinese navy. The American device was eight times called up to be scratched because it would be in Chinese airspace. The commander always replied that he was over international waters and therefore entitled to free passage.

    The message from the Americans was clear: we accept Chinese claims on the islands. The US State Department added, that Americans continue to patrol in the area. “No wise man, the US Navy will try to stop it. That is not a wise move, “said Daniel Russel, the top American diplomat for South Asia. The Chinese are certainly not averse to flexing of muscles, but if they somehow have hated it to be put on public view. Although there are almost daily incidents, the flight of the P8 resulted with the CNN crew onboard whatsoever to an official protest and demand for American apology.

    Sharpened knives
    The knives were sharpened when the defense summit was launched. America called to stop China and other countries with the construction of reinforcements in parts of the South China Sea that are disputed. China said in turn that it had jurisdiction to do in the area and let whatever it wants because the islands belong to Chinese territory. It was a seemingly casual remark of the Chinese delegation, Admiral Sun Jianguo, the alarm bells did go off. He said that China has been reluctant so far in the fight over who has the say in the South China Sea. “Despite overwhelming historical and legal evidence and irrefutable claims, rights and interests, China has made enormous restraint and as a positive contribution to peace and stability in the region,” said Sun. Very, very occasionally you get a glimpse of the real motives behind the diplomatic traffic. Like when Premier Li Keqiang last year peevish let slip that China does not have problems of small countries. The observation of Sun, there is also a booklet. Most countries in Southeast Asia believe that China is becoming more assertive as a regional power draw and is constantly strengthening its claims. But as China’s leaders themselves believe that they have retained until now, it has come to us in the years to wait a little longer in the South China Sea.

  16. For those saying “we’ll fight”, no one actually said that the Philippines or it’s people WON’T. Being butthurt won’t win you anything. But to fight such a battle with a moron’s mindset is futile; as futile as arguing with a pridist.

    War dictates strategy, planning, tactics… The real problem here is that most Pinoys are caught up in false pride that they ignore, no, they despise help. It now becomes a mentality of “HINDI, KAYA NAMIN ‘TO!” Even though the country has done nothing but cry out to the world its woes of being bullied. Paradoxical, it seems, that in spite of this situation, people still hold on to pride. My god. Taking it from a Pinoy saying,

    “Kainin mo pride mo.”

  17. Technology wins war. Raw courage and brabery will not win any war. Up-to-date war materials technological equipment; along with the strategy, planning , and tactics of our Gennerals and Admirals.

    I don’t see these requirements in our AFP and its personnel.

  18. The P8 Poseidon Aircraft is one of the U.S. Navy Aircraft, developed/manufactured by Boeing Corporation. It is used by the U.S. Navy for :Anti-Submarine mission; Military Surface Mission ; interdiction and gathering of intelligence/information. It carries sophisticated RADAR equipment and sensors.

  19. “Some even bizarrely continue to see America as the enemy.”

    Too hung up over fat, ugly pervert losers from the US taking away their women most likely while never even touching a history book.

  20. I once remember seeing an old cartoon that showcases the world’s military might in form of Airplanes.

    When it came to America – SWOOOOSH. Its a shiny Tomcat fighter jet, complete with missles and speed.

    Russia – VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. Its a colossal Bomber. What it lacks in style, makes up for it in toughness and reliability.

    Philippines – Tokatokatoka-boom-boom-boom. A rickety World War 1 Propeller airplane that looks like its about to fall apart at any second.

    Bottom line, I definitely agree that the Philippines won’t be able to defend itself thanks to generations of government squandering its resources on inane luxuries instead of improving the country. And I won’t be surprised if China makes a deal with the US to not interfere in its takeover of the Philippines if it means washing away the debt the US has incurred.

  21. One of the least mention on the West Philippine Sea row is the restriction and the imposed fishing ban of China on the disputed area. The problem is not even addressed by the Philippine government nor by any sector to mitigate this economic damage done by the Chinese. We can be sure that the Fishing sector (one of the weakest in our agriculture sector), would be deeply affected by this not only in the West Philippine Sea area but also on Scarborough Shoal, and results in massive economic losses worth of billions of pesos annually (fishing is also one of our export oriented industries). The least we can do is elevate this case in WTO where China is also a member, since the loss in our economic sector of fishing is caused by another state due to intervention by force causing economic loss. Also, we should put a fishing clause for all the countries-claimant in the proposed :Code of Conduct for the South China Sea.Example of conflicts arising from the fishing sector:

  22. I think the US is just begging for the war to get started. The elite-owning companies like Standard Oil (now broken up), Alcoa, Dupont, Chase Bank, Ford, GM, International Harvester, Remington all made a lot of money when the US joined WW1. America needed a war to get out of the Great Depression. In the Gulf War, oil companies made a lot of money. In other words, having war is an interest of the United States. Having the Yankees occupy the Philippine bases is just one way to advance a start of war. I understand the senators for discontinuing the bases, considering that it was Yankees who pardoned many Filipino elites collaborating with the Japanese in 1946, and even having them installed in power. And the fact that the US supported the Martial Law regime in 1972-86. Ofcourse China is not the good side either.

    1. War stimulates economy. World War II, got America out of economic depression.

      The people in the “breadline” were sent to fight a war in the Pacific and Europe.

      War also advances Research and Development of New products,

      So, the U.S. have the Military Industrial complex. I hate war, but this is the reality in our world.

  23. What is this rappler thing, I just came across….a web site to promote subservience to the US Empire of Chaos ??? Are you for real? Has it not dawned on you that whatever this criminal US Empire of Chaos touches will either be bombed, murdered or its government overthrown, as in the last time, in the Ukraine. US of A has no friends, only victims and this site does any thinking person no favours. Looks like this site is run by the CIA.

    1. Maybe, BenignO is a U.S./CIA agent. I’m not sure. You can ask him…but, I know he lives in Australia, down under…

      Ilda,Kate and the rest of the ladies Web Writers…I’m sure they are not…they are too pretty to be U.S./CIA agents…and not too dumb to be one…

    2. So your name is Anti-Yank and you spew propaganda about America. No, you’re not biased at all are you? The US has fed more people around the world than anything you have ever done. Your jealousy is showing. You, like the 12 who voted to rid yourselves of not only the huge amount of money into your economy, and the protection of the most powerful nation on the planet should be put in a museum for all Filipinos to look at and laugh. It’s you and those who think like you that keep the Philippines a 3rd world shit hole. Not the Americans. You are the person and mindset this article describes with perfection.

  24. Disagree to put the blame on the senators who voted to remove the bases and similarly disagree that we need the US to get militarily strong. Ours is a failure of leadership and strategy, that is why we have fallen from our second only to Japan ranking in the 60’s and 70’s to being the doormat we have now become. Look at countries devastated by war (South Korea and Vietnam) and with no natural resources (Singapore), they have easily surpassed us. We can only blame ourselves.

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