Speech delivered by Vice President Jejomar Binay after quitting PNoy Cabinet


[The following speech was delivered in Tagalog by Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay at the Coconut Palace, Manila, Philippines today and, here, translated into English by the author of this post.]


My countrymen:

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Now is the new beginning of our fight against poverty.

I resigned from the Cabinet because I cannot accept the way my programs, which succeeded at uplifting the lives of the masses in Makati and which I hoped to expand across the whole nation, are being sidelined and badmouthed by this administration.

I cannot accept the continued lack of justice in our country. I cannot accept that only a few enjoy what the majority are entitled to.

Most of all, I cannot accept the prospect of depriving the Filipino people of the opportunity to enjoy a government that is committed to and competent at serving the needs and assuring the welfare of the greater public.

My hope is that the country could one day enjoy good governance so that the majority — and not just the few — could benefit from the progress we could achieve under such a government.

We need a government that serves and listens to the poor, specially.

A government that promotes justice and peace; a government that strives to create employment that brings relief to long-suffering people.

A government that gives effective and broad health service and education; a government that is pro-people, not apathetic, and is caring towards all.

A government that will open opportunities for a better life to the poor.

This is what I am fighting for. And this is also the hope of our people: a government that is the opposite of the apathetic and incompetent one we see today.

My fellow Filipinos, I had in the past accepted the offer to serve in the Cabinet to give back committed service and earn the trust of the public.

When you elected me, I promised to be a working Vice President. And over the last five years, I quietly worked — implementing reform in the housing sector, addressing the needs of our overseas workers (OFWs).

But in the course of engaging with people as I travelled from one province to another, I learned that most people did not feel the progress this government boasts was achieved under its watch.

Those who actually benefit from this so-called progress are few, including chosen friends and party members of the powers that be.

I’ve weathered many challenges. I’ve been thrown in prison many times during the Martial Law years because of my fight for freedom and democracy. Even after the 1986 EDSA Revolution, I was still under pressure and under threat of being silenced because I continued my fight against oppression and abuse.

Now under the present administration, I am once again being ganged upon by people who aim to slander and threaten me as well as attempt to remove me from my position as Vice President and even imprison me. It is because I am seen to be the main hindrance to these people’s personal ambition and objectives.

And while all that was going on, these people allowed their own party mates to get away with vast anomalies: the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of their allies, party members, and friends, and the plunder of the MRT as well as overseeing the massacre of the 44 Special Action Force officers in Mamasapano.

They did not hold accountable officials who stopped the release of the 2013 Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) of the local governments, all the while knowing that many people were dependent on the IRA.

This is the crooked justice of today’s governance. Selective justice rules.

Justice and benefits of friends and allies of the party in power is set apart from all the rest. There is no justice nor benefits for the majority, specially the poor.

My countrymen,

There is a limit to people’s tolerance for suffering. Enough already. It is all too much. Why don’t they face me in a clean election?

They know that many of their party candidates will not win in a clean and fair election — which is why they will use dishonest means, will baldly lie, will spend huge amounts of public funds, and violate the law with impunity.

I thank those who responded to surveys to express the their trust for me.

To the poor and suffering among our people, do not worry about me.

I am prepared to face any further abuse thrown at me by these people. But I can no longer tolerate the continued suffering all of you are subject to day to day.

To my political enemies, I tell you now: if your objective is to pressure me into backing down from my bid to run for president in 2016, you are making a big mistake. I will not back away from the challenge. More importantly, I will not abandon our poor and suffering people.

I remain your Vice President, Jejomar Binay who, head held high, am proud to be a true Filipino at heart and in deed — always with you in both suffering and in good times and, now, heading the Opposition.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas. Power to the Filipino people.

19 Replies to “Speech delivered by Vice President Jejomar Binay after quitting PNoy Cabinet”

    1. Are you serious? This guy stayed in office 5 years and now before the next election he has something to say? Come on, he’s getting ready to escape this country with his stolen public funds. You Filipinos are just totally clueless…

      1. Yeah, what a tragedy….the whole country is just a cesspool. AND if you go to Palawan, where the beaches are still clean? You can get kidnapped easily. It is now just a waste of time to live in the Republic of the Philippines.Citizens must leave and ex-pats should stay away. Let cannibalism reign, in less than 20 years, that is what is coming.

  1. I have heard such kind of speeches, before , when I was young. Growing up in the Province. Politicos come and go to our town. Deliver, such speeches. After they are elected; you cannot even see their shadows. Political promises, are not fulfilled. The fellow who delivered the speech; become a Crook. Same as his/her predecessors. More of the same; nothing change. Only one thing change…they all become too rich and gotten richer, and richer…and richer…

    It is an IN versus the Outs speech. I, myself don’t need any sympathy from any of the politician. I can take care of myself and my family…The poor are placed on the PEDESTAL again…

    It’s a good time to be POOR. It’s their time to Shine, also…

  2. In behalf to your concerned to all Filipinos being a city man hero well done a good job. But what is the error is to take advantaged made a poor to sell by taking a high priced by doing a project proposal in a hand of politician.

  3. Nobody’s just arrogant. I’ve met people who are embattled and dismissive, but when you get to know them, you find that they’re vulnerable – that that hauteur or standoffishiness is because they’re pedaling furiously underneath.

  4. Kunyari MAGKAAWAY o OPPOSITION ba talaga? whe di nga, bat ngayon lang?

    Politics is the art of deception. It’s more about making the public believe half truths and lies to gain votes. Politicians will stop at nothing for power and wealth.

    Pareho lang kayo nila GMA, Enrile, Ramos, Estrada, etc. Lahat kayo kaalyado ng mga Aquino since EDSA days pa. Lahat din kayo pareho-pareho kasabwat ng Aquino sa pagnanakaw at panloloko sa bayan.

  5. Ok good speech. Good enough for an elementary classroom presentation but it doesn’t answer the question: Are the allegations about you true or not. You said a lot of things but never really hit the mark, no different from the speeches of Jinggoy and Bong (who even has the guts to show a self-made corny music video).

  6. “We need a government that serves and listens to the poor, specially.
    A government that promotes justice and peace; a government that strives to create employment that brings relief to long-suffering people.
    A government that gives effective and broad health service and education; a government that is pro-people, not apathetic, and is caring towards all.
    A government that will open opportunities for a better life to the poor.”

    It’s hard not to judge especially when these politicians taught you how to be distrustful. For example, isn’t it just like a TraPo to be focusing on the poor? They make promises for the poor every campaign season. The more the politician focuses on providing for the poor, the more he instills in them that they are victims, the poor who are all ears when it comes to promises and “special treatment”, the poor who vote depending on those promises and financial offers (they’re also conditioned to be like that. These politicos conditioned them to be like that). Its better if the politician respects their electors, make it a point that everyone can and will have to contribute to improve this society. Present the hindrances why it can’t be done (he pointed out the present administration’s padrino system and selective justice. This must be in response to allegations thrown at him) but also start the fight against those hindrances (but only in his last year as VP? Near election 2016, must be the perfect timing). And also provide programs that can result to the whole country’s progress (not just the poor, specially. Equal opportunity to all. Kailangang pagtrabahuhan ng mga tao ang pag-unlad at benefits na natatanggap nila. People should get what they deserve). If a leader only sees his followers as victims like those poor people, they become more of a burden than active contributor in the society. A leader should motivate people to make the most of themselves. And a leader should have strategic planning and actions.

    Will Philippine politics narrow into political circus again once he starts opposing the alleged culprits like himself? Can he start a real action for reform? Or he has to be voted president first? Déjà vu.

  7. I would consider this a bad move by Binay.

    PNoy’s SONA is just around the corner and its most likely that given that the, “kasalanan ni Gloria” card has lost its potency, Binay will be the likely target of the pagpaparinigs.

    It’s basically like asking to become a lightning rod for Aquino’s tirades.

  8. Binay never touched these subjects:

    (1) Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita. And the Land reform Program.

    (2) Aquino’s use of the DAP, PDAF, etc..Will he investigate these corruption/thievery at the highest level by Aquino and his cahoots?

    (3) The BBL Law; and the murder of the 44 Policemen, at Mamapasano. And how he will deal with the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda. Will he continue to finance them with our taxmoney? How about the unsolved high profile murder cases? Will he touch them?

    (4) The Squatter Problem in Metro Manila; and other cities. How he will solve this problem…

    (5) The modernization of the AFP. We don’t have modern arm equipment , to defend our territories.

    (6) China and other countries, taking Philippine territories, one by one. How will he stop these countries?

    (7) The LRT and transportation problem. Population is exploding . And the transport system is breaking down.

    (8) Widespread corruption. widespread crime…Police and politicians are even involved.

    (9) How he will creat more jobs? How to deal with the OFW problem?

    It is “More of the Same” speech. Shows, he is not showing his “true color”…he once was an ally of the Aquinos. Do this “leopard” changed his “spots”? I have some doubts. This may be another “political zarzuela”…at our expense…

  9. Lather, rinse, repeat . Lather ,rinse, repeat….where have I heard this song and dance routine before?

    Oh please, J.J.Binay, save us !!!!!!

    ‘Thats it ,I quit.Yes, that is right. I am talking the ball home with me too, find someone else to play with ,NAH NAH !!!!’.

  10. Oh please…the fate of the Philippines is sealed already and no amount of black propaganda/whitewashing could make that country recover from wallowing further in deep shit.

    No doubt, Binay or another Aquino (no doubt the attention whore of their family) will run and win because Filipinos never learn from their mistakes.

    And no amount of constant whining here is going to solve anything.

    1. That seems a pretty accurate assessment, Cynic jam,sadly.

      ‘wallowing in deep shit’, hhmmmm….maybe ‘DROWNING’ is a better word for that sentence ?

  11. Like crying wolf, if you keep looking for sympathy as a justification for your actions, you will someday be left standing alone when you really need help.

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