Get Real Koko Narak

I was thinking of taking a break on the weekend and keep off of writing for a while but certain things just can’t be put off so easily. One of these hotly debated topics center around the Thai national Prasertri Kosin or Koko Narak and the insults he threw at the Filipino people, describing them as “dangerous” and that he is afraid that he will somehow be infected with the disease that is being (in his own terms) “Pignoy”. While certainly horrible and I myself am offended by the things he said, I find the reaction of many of my fellow Filipinos equally distasteful and disappointing.

I will take the time to point out that yes, I too am deeply insulted by what Koko Narak had to say about us. I see a man who is very immature and, based on his pics, is quite full of himself. The Philippines, as it is, is already a troubled nation and insulting her is similar to kicking a crippled beggar in the gut. I do not see anything in what he had to say about us Filipinos as “constructive criticism” and that everything he said is really no different from what your typical attention-craving troll might say.

Thai national Prasertsri Kosin, a.k.a. 'Koko Narak'

Thai national Prasertsri Kosin, a.k.a. ‘Koko Narak’

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Unfortunately, the way so many Pinoys reacted is, sadly, almost equally dismaying. The order to deport him is really bad enough in its own right but with just how rabid some of his haters are I tend to think that it should be for his own good. What makes it worse though is that I hear so many clamoring for his blood and to have him beaten. True, I would probably have trouble controlling myself should I ever catch sight of his narcissistic mug in real life but to react like angry stray dogs at someone’s trolling is unmaking of a good self-image.

Indeed, the man is probably laughing on the inside now (it just might not be that obvious) because we acted like the kid being bullied at school again. Again, we fail to see the bigger picture of things and throw a tantrum over an offense that doesn’t really hold that much weight in the first place. Yes, everything he said was an insult but I think that him losing his job and credibility is enough for me. There is no need to get us even more riled up just because this loser has some harsh things to say about us. He is at best just another troll seeking attention for himself and went for the easiest way possible by insulting us.

Remember also that we have countrymen who are in dire straits such as Mary Jane Veloso who has been arrested and almost executed for being a drug mule which is probably worse. It is mentioned in the Bible that if we want to be forgiven for our transgressions, we must first learn to forgive the transgressions of others against us. How can we sing the full lyrics of the Lord’s Prayer when we go to church and hope that Indonesia will forgive and spare Mary Jane Veloso from execution when we can’t even let a childish offender be and ignore his dumb antics.

C’mon people, let’s not give in to the silly ramblings of this attention-hungry wacko.

“Pag pinatulan mo ang buang, buang ka rin!”

(If you give in to a wacko’s insults then you’re a wacko too!)

~Grimwald’s Mom

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21 Replies to “Get Real Koko Narak”

  1. “The Philippines, as it is, is already a troubled nation and insulting her is similar to kicking a crippled beggar in the gut.”

    I think you are over compensating here. It only takes a step outside the front door to realise that almost everybody, doesn’t really give a shit… in other words, are defiantly, impervious to change.

  2. Dear Grimwald,
    I am trying to put myself in the shoes of Prasertri Kosin. And everytime, people respond, I am laughing and I know I hit a sensitive nerve.
    But if all people ignore my message then it becomes a different story.

    And finally, would it be possible for you to write an article once without using any religious references?

    1. See the problem is, I use the religious references to call people out on their hypocrisy. So many people go like “Thank God X” or “God be the glory” yet fail to understand concepts like forgiveness and stuff like that. It’s similar to dumb atheists who are atheists because it’s “cool” and not because they don’t really believe in any religion.

      1. Grimwald,
        I am sure you are not refering to me personally when you talk about “cool atheists”. Both my parents were atheists and so all the 3 kids (that includes me) are atheists. We Dutch atheists dont brag about it. But when the pope makes – again – stupid – remarks, we always laugh about him and we pity (feel sorry for) those who follow his words strictly. As if there are no other options/possibilities/views.

        In the dutch language the name god is used often by atheists.
        in godsnaam = for god’s sake (in god’s name)
        godverdomme = god dammit (or god damned)
        godslastering = blasphemy
        godzijdank = thank god

        1. I know there are a few Philippine atheist societies/groups (Patas & Hapi) thinking they are the solution for poverty. Well, I am sorry for them but atheism in the Philippines is NOT the solution. Atheism by itself is not the solution for poverty. As if all atheists are rich (or less poor) by default.

        2. Atheism make it sound like a new church and ironically that is the case on some places.

          Religion(Christianity) is deeply ingrained on Ph philosophies; I tried to read some books about the subject but the reference for religion is too overwhelming that I couldn’t get past a few pages without being annoyed and losing interest. Eventually I just gave up. Never looked back 😀

  3. Truth hurts, but it is the truth…our politicians are “pignoys”…not me. Our squatters, live like pigs. Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita serfs/workers live lower than pigs…”mabuhay ang mga Pignoys!!!!”

  4. I’m amazed by the reactions people make to one petty insult(which might be true anyway if one decides to look deeper into it).

    Good call having him sent away it probably just saved him from a cheered and violent mob assault.

    Yet people don’t surprise me anymore.

  5. Wooo-hoo!
    Pinoys can really dish it out but cannot take it!
    Honestly i still had that knee jerk reaction “katayin na yan” but after a few moments of reflection, its basically a trait we pinoys do too (especially here in the middle east). difference is that koko was arrogant (and stoopid) enough to post it on his fb for his patrons to see and share. What you get is a flood of haters, especially with people who put pride first over everything else.
    I guess that knee-jerk reaction is something i’ll never shake off – we only have critical thinking (if present) as a deterrent for such emotional outbursts that, in the long run, have absolutely no bearing on ourselves as individuals.
    In the end, i’d give the guy some credit for apologizing. At least he knows he did something wrong and took some responsibility for his actions. If it was a cheek-in-tongue apology, well, we’ll never know anyway, so what does it matter?

  6. LMAO, if this kid is really getting deported because he insulted the Filipino people, the country or the culture it is a sign of what true immaturity really is. First off, who gives a flying fuck what this kid thinks or says? WHO IS HE ANYWAY?
    AND even more troubling is that: Are people getting upset because what he said is true? IDK WTF this little douchbag had to say but wasting a single moment on him is probably what he was hoping for and Filipino’s just fell right into his little game.Douchbags will be douchbags and I say let him stay and get the shit kicked out of himself when he mouths off in public or gets recognized on the streets,yes?

    Does anyone think my name is Bing Bong or that I would ever tell a single person on the internet who I am and where I live? PLEASE,if you do, get a clue….

  7. why? why not laugh at his smug ass? Risk spending your life in jail for what? Because of this class-less little douchbag? Tell you the truth, just looking at this little kid makes me laugh !

  8. I read the stuff he wrote and while I also got ticked some, I took it in for a bit and thought about it. He had some valid points, although not exactly I would term as astute observations.

    However, losing his job and being deported and the photo of him in handcuffs…that was a going way overboard. We could’ve just let him be, he hasn’t done any serious damage from what I can see.

    But again, it’s just me.

  9. what he said put too much pain to filipino citizen,especially those who lived in a righteous manner,he deserved to be deported,and banned here,God want us to forgive,but God also want us to stay away from negative people,who used words to crash down a pure soul,nobody has the right to insult and judge others,pantay pantay lang tayo in the eyes of God,even if u say na mabuti ka kc na control mo ang temper mo pero hinuhusgahan mo naman ang mga taong iba ang naging reaction dont u think masyado kang ngmamataas?tao lng cla nasasaktan bcoz of his harsh words?,Jesus told us that a whore who repent can enter heaven easier than a priest who always praise his self.

  10. As a christian I can forgive his immaturity but as a Filipino I do understand the sentiments of most Filipinos who read his negative words towards us. We cannot tolerate those insults coz if we do we are giving other foreign nationals the right to insult us in our own country.
    I think everyone knows the word “Respect”.
    “Respect” must be practice & observed when we go to other countries, their culture,tradition, the laws & most esp. “the people”. The same respect we give when we go to Thailand & the same respect should be given to us Filipinos when foreign people sets their foot in our country. You do not go or work to other countries & insult the people around you because that I think is an unacceptable attitude.
    “Pacencia na po hindi ko tanggap ang mga insulto nya at huwag sana natin hayaan na mabastos tayo ng ibang nasyon sa sariling bansa natin, “RESPETO” lang po.”

  11. Beside those examples, there were more of them that had been deleted. Take only ASEAN community for example. When Indonesia posted that Indonesian economy was predict to be one of the biggest 10 of the world in xxxx, there were some Filipino who argue it would never happen. Philippines economy is much more bigger than that of Indonesia. When Thailand said that there were xxx tourists visited Thailand this year, there were some Filipino said the number is less that that of PI. When MH370 lost or ex-president Lee Guan Yew passed away, there were some Pinoys that make fun of the situations.

    It goes on and on: Someone post something ->Filipino Netizens don’t accept it -> Crab mentality -> feud ->Victim mentality ->Someone post something ->Filipino Netizens don’t accept it -> Crab mentality ->…

    Why can’t Filipino netizens accept other’s success? Instead of thinking about how they can benefit from other’s success by joint-venture with them, learn from them, etc., what they do is ignore the fact/data. It seems like they think they are the ONLY country in the world (beside America). Yet when they have problems, like Chinese invasion, they would ask for OTHER’s support. When they faced with disaster like Typhoon Haiyan, many gov. helped them, like Malaysia’s and Sinngapore’s, yet it seems like that help didn’t touch their hearts at all.

    Frankly I don’t understand it at all.

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