We Need to Wake Up for 2016

I’m not gonna mince words anymore. It’s time for me to be brutally frank. The immaturity of Filipinos as it is is probably one of the biggest factors that keep it in the dark about what’s really going on in the world around us. Remember my article about the immaturity of Filipinos? Well, I think now we’re seeing the outcome of what all our lollygagging as a people has done. As we continue to bicker among ourselves on who to blame about what, events on a global scale unwind, affecting other events which affect other events. The dominoes of international proceedings are in motion but, sadly, countless Pinoys are either unaware of their progress or simply don’t want to care.


Look ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for me to be brutally frank. Despite the call for prayers and positive thinking, the future does not look well for the Filipino people. Indeed, while the media tries to cover up the many incidents that are taking place both within and without the country, there are still so many Pinoys who stick to knowing everything about Kris Aquino’s sex life or where Daniel Padilla’s next movie will be. Again, as I’ve said perhaps for the thousandth time, distractions are okay as long as we remember their central nature: distractions. Things that are not necessary for our survival and progress should take a backseat to what does. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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Please allow to be elaborate on the stupidity of the common Pinoy:

The Approval Of The BBL

Okay, it stands to reason that one of our biggest concerns is the passing of the BBL. Why? Because its approval will mean that territories in Mindanao will be declared independent and given over to terrorist organizations like the MILF. Should this ever be signed by Congress, no one can ever intercede in what happens in those territories as even the United Nations will be forced to accept whatever terms are put forth to them by the MILF which are the territories’ de facto leaders. Genocide on non-Muslims communities as well as Muslims that disagree with the agendas of the MILF will likely take place as they have in many African and Middle-Eastern states and no one can do anything about it as they will have been granted free rein.

Well, yes, the BBL or its spirit means well. A decentralization of power may indeed be beneficial to the Filipino people. Unfortunately doing so at gunpoint and under the the threat of terrorist attack is not a “negotiation” but essentially a “surrender”.

However, all things considered, it will probably be approved. Using simple distractions such as the threat of an earthquake (which can be adequately prepared for through proper planning), the president’s dating habits with a beauty queen (which is totally irrelevant in the grand scheme of things and doesn’t make him any less a loser) and Pacquiao’s defeat and the possibility of a rematch, they’ll probably run the thing right under our noses. Remember my articles about Pacquiao and how so many people reacted negatively? Well, lemme remind you that Pacquiao is just one of many congressmen who openly support BBL. With so many of his fans supporting him like he’s the next Jesus, will it be any surprise that Mindanao will soon be ruled by Islamic tyrants.

The Chinese Invasion

Let’s face it, the Chinese are planning an invasion. For all their hatred against the atrocities of Imperial Japan against them during WWII, here they are doing the exact same thing as the Axis Powers of that age. Seizing territories and bullying surrounding countries with military power? Where have I heard that before? Does that ring a bell to any of you?

Oh well, maybe I am too old. Anyway, when you look back in history, Nazi Germany treated its surrounding states with the same contempt as China. They seized territories and what not, claiming that they belonged to the German people to begin with. They maltreated many Eastern European states like Poland and Romania, claiming that Slavs are an inferior race to them.

China, with its establishment of various installations in the South China Sea are doing the exact same thing. These are acts of war, ladies and gentlemen. This is not something we can easily scoff at and sweep under the rug. This is happening right here and now. As we speak, the Chinese Navy is building airfields in their claimed territories which could pave the way for the use of military aircraft. They say that these are for civilian aircraft but with the presence of radar and other defenses as well as their issuance of strong warnings against any approaching aircraft or vessel, can we even really trust them?

The Loss Of Free Speech

Sadly, this too is a growing concern. Yes, there is still freedom of speech in the Philippines but it is all too often the wrong kind. What qualifies for freedom of speech in the Philippines these days is celebrity news, celebrity news and celebrity news. When others clamor for something else or call people out on their hedonistic and naive tastes, they are lambasted immediately by retards and beholden masses who worship their chosen celebrity as an incarnate deity of some kind.

But then, think about the thousands of journalists who have done their best to look into dangerous situations such as corruption in the government or the terrorists down south. Needless to say, we rarely ever hear of them again or their cases being solved.

When President Aquino made mention of Journalists in Belgium and how some of them probably “brought their problems on to themselves”, I can only imagine if this is what the Aquino family thinks of other journalists who don’t agree with them. With the recent death of Mei Magsino as well as the disappearance and death of so many other Filipino journalists in the country, can we ever really trust what the local media is feeding us?


Please people, we need to wake up…

26 Replies to “We Need to Wake Up for 2016”

  1. sadly Grimwald, although what you are espousing is indeed what the country needs, this i am afraid is for naught as most Filipinos DO NOT, by choice, listen, CAN NOT see what is the real situation and hence WILL NOT do as you ask..DEFEATIST maybe but that is the hard reality..12 years am back in the country after over 20 years as an OFW and nothing has changed much..the same names of public officials with the same do nothing but enrich themselves attitude…12 years of something to happen and change..even thought of drastic events to initiate the change but still the Filipinos are “happy” in the BS that they are mired in of their own making..i hope and pray for what you are asking for to happen in my lifetime…God bless

  2. time to jump ship then! i believe the filipinos have fallen into an unsolvable hell pit that’s why the government is always telling us to pray and hope for the best. (with a dash of showbiz shit..)

  3. I wonder if the Chinese might use the BBL issue as a pretext to invade. They’re traditionally quite jittery about extremist religious organisations and you don’t get much more extreme than the MILF. They won’t want that sort of shit going down right next door.

    Seriously, though, would that be a bad thing? China still has a long way to go in terms of becoming a respectable, civilized power, but compared to the current leaders of the Philippines, they’re a lot smarter, a lot more capable, and (somewhat) less corrupt. A Chinese invasion is probably the best possible scenario for the Philippines right now. The alternative is a slow and relentless slide into oblivion.

    1. The Chinese are already here…they don’t need to invade. Look at you corner road, who owns the small stores, and the large malls.

      They owned also lands and commercial properties, like Hacienda Luisita. Some are in high government positions. The Triad Gang is here, selling and manufacturing illegal drugs.

      Everything sold is Made in China; including agricultural products.

  4. There’s no doubt now about China planning invasion. Take cue from US and Japan’s military action as well as China’s focus on developing missiles and erecting nuclear facilities. You don’t have to wait for a predicted earthquake that happens every 400 years or whenever a neighbor country met the disaster for Pinas to get pulverize. But it will be a painless death for Filipinos. We will be bomb while we’re all sleeping.

  5. it’s not Grimwald’s but “we”,filipinos who should be asking whatever it is that he has been reiterating, he is a critic, and all he can do is give us a little punch…an insight about the reality of this dilemmas.. to be aware might help.. just saying…

  6. if we have no choice but to face invasion, who would you prefer to win? The moros or the behos ? just asking hehe!!

  7. I would like to make a comment on the part of “The Loss Of Free Speech”. So you think that we have a democracy in our country when there’s a passage of a controversial Anti-Cybercrime Law and the FOI Bill is still pending inside the Batasang Pambansa? And damn! Here’s another problem and its quite connected to Anti-Cybercrime Law and that is the internet speed in our country. Haven’t you’d noticed guys that our internet here in our country no matter what you have an ISP that you’re using it are too darn slow?! And we should have a Net Neutrality Law in order to speed it up, have a fair competition to all ISPs in our country and give protection and freedom to the Filipino Netizens just like us?

  8. With the approval of the BBL Law. Aquino has committed an Act of Treason. Like his grandfather, Benigno Aquino, Sr.,collaborating with the Japanese Imperialists. Aquino is collaborating with the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda terrorists, and funding them with our money.

    Aquino did not only give them territories. Hew gave them, lifetime “Pensions”; at the expense of us, taxpayers.

    So, it is Patriotic not to pay your taxes; since your tax money will just end up in the pockets of those MILF terrorists. They will use it to buy: guns, bombs, pay terrorist recruits, and other war materials. If you are an OFW….Do Not Remit Money to the Philippines.

    This will be a good issue, against candidate, whom Aquino will support, and his Liberal Party in the 2016 election. Inform people, that Aquino and his cahoots sold us to the MILF terrorists. This BBL Law must be repealed. Remove the Funding of this BBL Law…it will become toothless.

    The Chinese are already here…they don’t need to invade.

    The Media is controlled by Aquino. He now become a “Virtual Dictator”. Congress and the Senate are his “Rubber Stamps”…

  9. The tactic of Aquyino is to conduct, “show off” hearings in Congress. This is for a public show, to fool people that , he is conducting a thorough study of the Bill.

    In fact, he had already Bribed those who will vote for the Bill. This happened in the Corona Impeachment. This now happened in the BBL Law.

    This idiot is really an very evil man…more evil than any dictator.

  10. Problema kasi di na tayo lumalaban. What if magwelga na lahat rayo at pabagsakin na ang nakaupo? Fishy naman tlga sya eh. Bakit noon nakaka edsa tayo. Ibig sabihn ba may mga tao na sila lang kaya magpa edsa. Tayo na lahat! Hindi natin kailangan back up! Lahat tayo na niniwalang mali ang presidente , magwelga na tayo. Tignan natin kung bababa para makita na rin if they really care about sa mamamayan.

  11. Call on people getrealphilippines para magwelga na. Ang weak na natin. Nagbubulagbulagan tayo sa mga issues madami na ngang malalansa na gawain. Promote. Spread the word! Tara na at pabagsakin ang systema.

  12. The Philippines that we see now is the result of generations of stupidity finally culminating at this very point. The seeds of disaster that were planted decades ago are now beginning to sprout.

    Needless to say, the only way Filipinos will prosper now is an event that will snap them back to reality. Even if its only for a second. Because even if you throw open the door at this point, all they’ll see is the cage.

  13. Grimwald, we have always been seeing a dawn of the loss of the Failippines as a whole. The BBL has been passed and we freely gave Mindanao to the hands of all Islamic terrorists including the MILF, BIFF, ASG, and ISIS, and moreso, the surrender of the Failippines claim of Sabah to Malaysia.

    Hell, even the Supreme Court, the highest court of the Failippines, and the last bastion of rule of law in this country, cannot and will not do anything to keep these multitude of events from happening.

    All damn thanks to one BS Aquino and his Yellowtard minions, including his thousand spin doctors. The Failipinos have been enslaved by the Shadows.

    I’ll tell you one thing, Grimwald. Those G-D-SOBs have always one big advantage. That is, if we do what they want us to do, there’s none of us gonna be alive to tell them they were wrong, since time immemorial.

    1. abnormal ampf.
      ako lahat ng pamilya ko nasa U.S but i chose to stay here. i’m planning to migrate in Davao City. luzon will be destroyed because it’s where all the corrupt and weak public officials are located.

  14. If journalists get killed because they ostensibly “brought their problems on to themselves”. Then so can we hire killers to take out corrupt politicians and bureaucrats because they “brought their problems on to themselves”. This government won’t do a thing for them.

  15. Remember what I told you, Grimwald? Not all diseases are treatable.

    At this point it’s the final-stage cancer for the PH.

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