Kris Aquino has bigger problems than 72 people killed by Valenzuela factory fire

kris_aquinoMedia Queen or Media Whore? You don’t need to take your pick. Kris Aquino, celebrity sister of Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III is both. She is highly bankable and deserving of her title as Queen of All Philippine Media; able to command millions in appearance, talent, and endorsement fees. In fact, if she ran for Philippine President in 2016, she will likely win.

Being the Philippines’ top celeb, however, does not make Kris immune to butthurt. And when Kris Aquino is butthurt, Philippine Media indulge.

The “Feng Shui” actress and her two sons, Josh and Bimby, were on their way home to Manila when the men, who were ahead of her in line to check in at a Philippine Airlines counter, allegedly berated her.

She narrated: “[I was] respectful of [their] space… Na-shock ako when as they were exiting I was told, ‘Get out of my f***ing way because I want to get out of this f***ing country.’ ‘Di ko sila hinaharangan, nakapila kami properly. I chose to keep my dignity and didn’t reply.

“Sobrang stressful that when my sons and I got to the plane, they were seated near us. I just prayed that sana hindi na sila magpaka bastos my sons and I just get back to Manila safely.”

Aquino pointed out that she could have answered back, but chose not to, saying it would be easy for her detractors to make the situation appear she was in the wrong.

I’m sure Kris is very happy that she has her personal media conglomerate looking after her. Hers is certainly quite the tough life, tougher than the lives of those 72 workers who died in a factory fire in Valenzuela yesterday.

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You know those text clouds that show you which topic is “trending” or “hot” based on how big or small they appear? Well, you don’t really need to go far to get a good snapshot of what Filipinos consider to be important. Just look at today’s ABS-CBN News home page:


You get the idea, right? The 72 dead in that Valenzuela fire don’t stand a chance against the star power of Asia’s Got Talent, Charice Pempengco, the latest political mudslinging, and, yes, Kris Aquino.

Sure, the billions allegedly “stolen” by the Binay family is also important (though you could also note the humbler front page real estate that issue also occupies in ABS-CBN’s online facade). But that’s only news now because people and agencies who were supposed to be auditing and governing the activities of government officials failed to do their jobs for many years. Eleventh-hour “scoop” na naman makes headline news. Nice! Filipinos cry bloody corruption after turning a blind eye to it for decades. That’s just so typical, right?

Back to Kris, I hope tumahan na iyak iyak niya. Spoiled brats, after all, get all the fun in the Philippines. They get to wang wang, counterflow, and kick MMDA ass with impunity. And that is what the Philipines is. A nation of crybabies tormented by the brats they idolize.

22 Replies to “Kris Aquino has bigger problems than 72 people killed by Valenzuela factory fire”

  1. Is Kris-TULO even news!? Gah, for the record, she is only a nuisance in Philippine society! Nobody needs an attention-seeking and sex-starved WHORE like her! BOO!

    1. To be honest, almost all the showbiz people in this country are nothing more but attention-hungry, spoiled jocks and whores who thinks the world revolves around them.

      And many Pinoys blindly worship them.

  2. First and foremost, let it be said that I hate Kris Aquino as much as the next person. Prolly as much as this person. That being said, I can’t agree with this post simply because, the valenzuela fire and this Kris issue has nothing to do with each other.

    MY only source of this opinion is from reading this post, so forgive me if there’s more info about it elsewhere. Nowhere in this article does Kris mention or even compare her experience to that of the fire, so you can’t really blame her or get mad at her for that. She was simply stating her experience at the airport. I would’ve gotten pissed if she said or even indirectly suggested that her experience was way worse than the victims of the fire or by those they left behind.

    The culprit here if there was any one to blame would be the media for sensationalizing that over the other issues you stated. They are the ones who choose what to disseminate to the public. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, don’t put the blame over the innocent even though she is a pompous ass… Just my two cents. πŸ˜€

    1. “The culprit here if there was any one to blame would be the media for sensationalizing that over the other issues you stated. They are the ones who choose what to disseminate to the public.” <- THIS. We no longer have a responsible mainstream media. We no longer have a mainstream media that weighs what is right or wrong to show the people. Kris Aquino and the celebrity like her hold the stupid mainstream media at the palm of their hands. This is like a sign of doomsday. Scare!

      1. But the media itself is simply just a tool. Its the fundamental principles of every person who gobbles up everything shown to them without even thinking whether or not its true. Basically, nobody’s gonna make something if nobody buys it. Sadly, the uninformed masses dont seem to care and just accept everything.

        1. It’s a clean escape for the media if we think they are simply a tool even if they are non-neutral and aims to gather a following. They belong to powerful groups that attack the masses’ weaknesses (such as not thinking or not caring).

    2. It’s a matter of + and – Mr. Andre. There should no grey areas in politics otherwise condidered balimbing ka!

  3. Don’t even think of it. We had enough Aquinos that can further ruin the country due to incompetency.

  4. Don’t watch ABS-CBN! If you want to watch a balanced news info just go to either TV5 or CNN Philippines instead.

  5. What type of ‘person’ is the for-profit corporation? A spoiled brat – all rights and no responsibilities, a traditional conservative argument would say.

    In four simple words…KRIS “THE WHORE” AQUINO.

    Don’t tell me I didn’t warned you.

  6. Kris Aquino is just pandering for public attention. The YellowTard Media, which is the Aquinos’ Propaganda Machine is giving her the front page.
    Those people who died in the fire, are just Statistics, like you and me. The Whore must be featured in the best way they can.

    Whether, it is her: multiple marriage annulments; many husbands; many lovers; VDs, STDs, “Tulo”…etc…I am not interested. Clueless Filipinos and the YellowTards may relish in her stories; Not Me…

  7. Humans in general has that inherent “Survival of the Fittest” instinct at ground level. As it take roots and stems up to level 2 (as in a game), so too its pride and feelings of “the high and mighty”. As leveling goes higher and higher, the players don’t want to go down anymore, lest accept defeat without a fight. Kris Aquino is just one of these humans, and so do everyone of us in one way or the other. We are hurt because we are defeated. We are hurt because we lose in a competition. We are hurt because somebody won the prize instead of us. We all have our own paths to tread, just don’t crossover another’s. It’s his or her right to walk on his or her path. If he or she violates laws while walking along his or her path, we also have have to penalize lawbreaking and wrongdoing. If he or she sins against God (or his or her god), it is their personal relationship with their God that is at stake. Celebrities and the famous (not the rich) people around us were not born that way. It is us, the non-celebrities and the not famous people who made them that way. We love to see them in the movies,in the stadiums, in concerts, in the boxing arenas, that’s why we buy their tickets. It is in this sense that the media comes in. We are also the one making the media of what they are. Psychologically, they want to sensational everything as long as they think it will make money and the public will buy their ads. The celebrities, the famous, the media, and we, are on the same loop of the “food chain”. Take out any of these out of the loop, and the chain will broke apart, and all that is connected to the loop will just die a natural death and will soon cease to exist, something we don’t want to happen either no matter what!

  8. For the first time, I saw Kris in person several days ago. I think I know now why she commands the attention of the masa; she looks so DH, almost like Mommy D (only thing is Kris has an easier face to look at, but still comes across as DH on first impression.) Maybe the masa wonders why she is so talkative and mataray, a dichotomy from her looks. Sorry, just an observation.

  9. The only consolation kris can give with her media exposure is that she’s a milf. She’s always speaking in english but that doesn’t show intelligence. Makes me wonder how she can have multiple endorsements and people admire her when she’s just like her brother, no substance whenever they open their mouth.

  10. Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate.

    Every now and then I come back to this site because after all I can count upon one of you guys to blow something out of all proportion (usually in addition to a potshot at an Aquino, because of course he is the president and thus the cause and effect of everything bad that happens to Pinoys the world over).

    Time and again, I post, as I do here. I don’t do it often these days, as the noxious fumes and sheer negativity do get on my nerves.

    Not much to say here, except: Did she even mention the Valenzuela factory fire? Did she even mention Mindanao? Nepal? North Korea? Syria? Iraq? No? But did you mention the plight of suffering and dead everyfuckingwhere? No? Then fuck off. Anything she does, says, and doesn’t do or say will be counted against her by those who find her evil fucked-up spolied brat whoreslutwhatever in addition to being an Aquino devilspawn… so I don’t know, just fuck off, y’read?

    1. You missed the point. Read the article again. This is about the way the media prioritizes “news”.

      Stick around for my next article. I’m sure you’ll like it. πŸ˜‰

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