Nothing’s changed: The Bangsamoro Basic Law is still an illegal fantasy

From Day One: The only thing getting in the way of President BS Aquino’s personal agenda is the Philippine Constitution. The flawed-by-design Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) fiasco is but the most recent example. Negotiating with terrorists is one thing, allowing a top representative — the Man Formerly Known as Mohagher Iqbal — to sign legal documents using a fake name is another. That plus layer upon layer of irregularities have not stopped President BS Aquino and his henchmen from continuing to force the BBL down Filipinos’ throats, insisting that the alternative is war — a sad parroting of the position the terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front has taken and chief negotiators Teresita Quintos Deles and Miriam Coronel-Ferrer continue to defend.

Peace dealing Filipino style: Real names not required!

Peace dealing Filipino style:
Real names not required!

At the very core of the multi-layered cake of dysfunctional thinking that is the BBL lies its core flaw — its fundamental incompatibility with the 1987 Constitution, the legacy of President BS Aquino’s own mother, the late former President Corazon ‘Cory’ Aquino. Way back in April 2014, constitutional law expert Senator Miriam Santiago had already pointed out that the BBL was illegal — calling it an agreement that grants the Moro Islamic Liberation Front rights just shy of complete secession. No surprise around how far astray this initiative has gone, considering that President BS Aquino consciously took a stealthy approach to engineering this scam. Indeed, he had been in secret talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front leadership since 2011. But even then, he had already attracted criticism for the project’s blatant lack of regard for protocols and established channels.

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Back then, warning beings issued by even President BS Aquino’s closest allies about these improprieties were remarkably prescient…

Senator Francis Escudero, found reason to question the propriety of the President secretly meeting with Murad.

“I think the President may have been ill-advised to meet personally as he (Murad) is not even his counterpart. And it might not be a good tactic in the negotiations,” he said.

He said Deles should “protect the President from such things.”

“She should just do her job and give her President deniability with respect to this early stage of the negotiations,” Escudero said.

Contrary to what BBL apologists are now claiming, the “peace” deal with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front was not put in jeopardy by the massacre of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) police officers in Mamasapano in January. The deal has always been a dud — borderline criminal even.

The scariest part of the deal, as Manila Times columnist Rigoberto Tiglao pointed out in the past is the Moro Islamic Liberation Front being given authority over their own police force. That means these bandits will be sharing with the “Central Government” a capability to apply state-sanctioned violence on its citizens. Consider that, even without that authority, they already see themselves as possessing that right to effect violence on innocent civilians. Scary indeed!

Offering the MILF “autonomy” to govern and “keep the peace” over a big chunk of Mindanao is like giving a blowtorch to a two year old to play with and then leaving him to watch over your house alone. It just does not make sense. The Bangsamoro Basic Law just does not make sense — not when you step back from the distracting detail and look at it from outside the square that imprisons the Filipino mind.

On top of it all, is the “inconvenient” matter of Iqbal’s true identity. Who the heck is he? It’s been almost two months since the issue of his real identity and even his nationality was brought to question and any statement to clarify that matter coming from the proper authorities has yet to be issued through official government channels.

Consider, then, the families of tens of thousands of soldiers and police officers who died gallantly fighting the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and the New People’s Army (NPA) over much of the country’s recent history. What would they be thinking of successive governments who rewarded violence with sovereign-sanctioned legitimacy? The MNLF was given their Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is on the verge of being rewared with a Bangsamoro “nation”, and the NPA’s bosses have all but infested Philippine Congress.

It’s time we abandon President BS Aquino’s delusional vanity-fueled fantasy and get back to regarding the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and all those that embrace organised violence as a means to resolving their grievances for what they are — murderous terrorists who had found a sucker of a government to hoodwink into thinking their “demands” are worthy of a seat in a table of equals that includes the office of the the Philippine president no less.

[Photo courtesy Channel News Asia.]

13 Replies to “Nothing’s changed: The Bangsamoro Basic Law is still an illegal fantasy”

  1. This whole agenda goes beyond the Filipino nation and state, sorry to say….but that is the way it is. The part of the world where things can be done in an ‘out-of-sight’ obscure way is the reason for this agreement. Providing soldiers for places far away and distant and yet central to the necessity of WHY this agreement is being made in the first place. The threats of violence are a scare tactic that will probably work on the fragile Filipino psyche, but are backed up by nothing but hot air. If the AFP is not capable of going into Mindanao and wiping out the separatists, then the Fail-ippines is a failed state and can thank the decades of corruption that has denied the people a military that can defend the country.

  2. The BBL Law is nothing but a veiled way to secede Mindanao from the Philippines. It will be autonomy; then, a deliberate secession.

    Iqbal , who has a fictitious name, with no known nationality, is an agent of a foreign government, who is interested to grab Mindanao.

    The MILF is affiliated with Al Queda and ISIS. ISIS and Al Queda want to spread Islam and Sharia Law to countries…they want a Caliphate, like the Ottoman Empire Calliphate. Terrorism will continue, even the BBL Law will be approved. It will become worse in the Philippines. Because, ISIS and Al Queda will have a strategic launching area of attacks on Visayas and Luzon. Particularly, Metro Manila. We already lost Sabah. Do we give away Mindanao also, without a fight?

  3. Radical Islam is already in Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Indonesia, Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya, etc…they already influenced the Muslims in Mindanao…

    So, there is no use of negotiating. If you negotiate with Terrorist. They will want you to capitulate to their demands. If you grant their demands; they will want more.

    War, Blood, Terrorism will always be their tools. So, we have to face this problem in Reality, Reality in our Times….

    1. Right…and guess who is arming the Muslims in Yemen and Syria? Exactly where was ISIS created and why? You see part of this, you do.Which is more than most Filipino’s BUT: do you understand the bigger picture and the International element in the Geo-political war that is being waged? When you do realize this you will know what is behind what is actually happening in Mindanao, AND WHY its happening. As well as why it is a done deal no matter what anyone in the Fail-ippines says or does. Along with other nastiness that will just be part of the parcel package that goes with doing what these ‘Internationally’ funded “extremists” are doing.You can also expect that many of these ‘terrorists’ will be showing up in Syria and Libya and so on, basically anywhere they are needed.
      When you realize what is actually happening in Mindanao, the entire situation, you will realize how Diabolical this shit is and that those behind the whole situation are the biggest, I mean BIGGEST, scumbags to ever walk the earth.Certainly much bigger than P-Noy and the li’l school girls he has hired,LOL !!!

  4. This guy Iqbal looks like E-CRAP and is probably just as big a scumbag, not using his real name and being an agent of a Foreign Government, LOL !


  5. Noynoy Aquino has become the Philippines own version of George W Bush Jr. Both men rode in the coattails of their much more famous parent and both men are responsible for the downturn of the countries they led. Except in Bush’s case, at least he tried to go after the Extremist group (Al-Qaida) that struck America and made them hurt. While Noynoy licked their muddy boots and offered a peace treaty while he was at it. (The MILF)

    And like George W Bush, people will remember Noynoy Aquino as a disgrace.

    1. You must be talking about your idol, whom you voted 2X, none other than the Kenyan dog eater himself, Barack Hussein Obama.
      Both men promised they will transform their country and then LIED; AbNoy the “tuwid na daan” with the crowning glory of BBL, while the dog eater Barack – “hope and change” for the complete destruction of the economy and the way of life of the people and country ie: ILLEGAL ALIENS invasion and the importation of the followers of that pedophile loving religion of peace, ObamaCare, Benghazi, IRS, Energy cronyism, Highest deficit in history combined, Highest Food Stamp used, Highest U6 unemployment, etc.

  6. Wow, for once, I and this website actually agree on something. You can’t really trust the Mohammedans at all, especially since Taqiyya, i.e. “Lying Outright/Upfront to Infidels AKA Non-Muslims with the End Goal of Global Conquest” IS a fundamental part of their deathcult (I refuse to even dignify it with the acknowledgement that it is a religion). The Peacenik Hippy crowd are naive idiots and filthy traitors. We should revive the Iriga ASAP!

      1. Don’t worry! The Ilaga’s are still there! Not to mention the Lumads in Mindanao! When push comes to shove you’ll see…

  7. “I am told that they (MILF) are continuing with their plot to seize leadership of the MNLF and the Bangsa Moro struggle. But now that their conspiracy with (Malaysia) and its intelligence operatives has finally been exposed, therefore our people should now be more wary of them. Our people should continue to watch out for them, for they are putting Malaysian neocolonial interest over and above our people’s national interest. They have literally bartered away their souls to the Malaysian government. Will Allah allow such disgraced people to serve the sacred cause of the oppressed and colonized Bangsa Moro People, their homeland, and Islam? Certainly not! By a vote of MNLF, they have effectively and irrevocably ceased to be members of both the MNLF leadership and its general purposes.” – Nur Misuari, “The Last Leg to Final Victory and Freedom”, Bangsa Moro National Peoples Congress, April 2008

    I’m sure MNLF knows MILF’s plot and PNoy’s administrations role on it. Take cue on Maguindanao Massacre in 2010 and what happened in Sabah in 2013. From Marcos to Arroyo, all the dealings against revolutionary group were overturned since BS Aquino. The son is indeed continuing his father’s legacy. What a traitor!

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