Maria Ozawa in town for Magic 89.9’s Boys’ Night Out offers life’s lessons!

So legendary adult video (AV) star Maria Ozawa is in the Philippines. According to an Inquirer report, she is here to guest in Magic 89.9’s “Boys’ Night Out” spot on the occasion of the program’s ninth anniversary last night.

Magic DJ Tony Toni posted this on his Instagram account yesteday:


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Note the hashtag: “#ManyakMondays”. Lol! Ordinarily a girl wouldn’t be too keen to come out in a show knowing she’d be the subject of kamanyakan (perving). But this is Maria Ozawa. I’m sure she’s used to that sort of attention. After all, in her line of work and, now, as arguably the most famous of them (in Asia at least), that is exactly the sort of thing that adds to her personal brand.

I guess nowadays, personal brand is a big thing. You hear it all the time. The most prestigious management consulting firms have turned it into a business fad, what with all the “advise” being published everywhere about how today’s up-and-coming professionals need to “work” on their “personal brands” to “get ahead”. Go figure that out!

Speaking of which, Ozawa may as well be an ambassador for personal branding. Her career goal when she started in the business, funny enough, was simply to be “famous”. In the video below, supposedly her “first English interview”, Ozawa related how she set out to prove all her detractors wrong and that “porn stars could be famous too”.

But at what cost? Ozawa drops a few hints in that video of the cost of achieving her personal goal in the industry, that some of her friends and even parents have “turned their backs against” her. But, she goes on to say, “at least now I’m really famous”. She also gives some advise for the other struggling entertainers out there:

If you try hard, whatever you do, you could be, you know, famous.

Makes sense, right? 😉

I did catch a more poignant nugget of insight she revealed in that video. Ozawa recalled being told “if you are doing porn, you are [at] the lowest part you could ever be in your life” and her takeaway from that is that when you find yourself in the business she is in, there are no further lows to plumb, and that things can, if you work hard enough, only go upwards. “You are not gonna go anywhere,” she says (but up, presumably).

So, my takeaway from this is that underneath Maria Ozawa’s smiles and all the glitz she adds to the porn industry, and all the resulting impression we get that it is all fun, games, and raunchy glam for the performers in that industry, one of its most famous products herself described the work as “the lowest part you could ever be in”. I hope the kids who get fed the false glam of adult entertainment take it from Ozawa herself and don’t lose sight of that fact.

17 Replies to “Maria Ozawa in town for Magic 89.9’s Boys’ Night Out offers life’s lessons!”

  1. I see nothing wrong with her profession. So she makes money and fame of the basest biological instincts of most males (which is the attraction to the female body) its not like she’s being raped, she’s objectified and she chose that way. She seem hot enough to be worthy of all the attention IMO (unlike the porky “feminist” type who insist that they are beautiful….ugh).

    1. You see nothing wrong if now it’s Maria, but definitely you will if it happens to be one of your female kin! Just sayin! Peace brother!

      1. If its an adult I will only consider her mature enough to make her own choices in life, if she brings nothing but trouble on me because of her decisions I will only give her enough warnings before I disown her. If its a 17 yr old below then we are gonna have some serious talk about her way of thinking, if she couldn’t be persuaded then she is lost to me unfortunately…

        Don’t make this about me, Maria Ozawa is clearly an adult responsible for her choices… And she’s making money doing what many people do for enjoyment(and for free).

    2. Well, we really can’t judge, can we? Note too that most of what is said in your comments above comes from an understanding of Ozawa’s possible personal circumstances viewed from the lens of our Catholic upbringing.

      Thing is, there are other morality frameworks with which we can look at this…

      1. I have no idea what the morality framework your trying to introduce nor do I what kind of upbringing Ms. Ozawa has experienced(should I?).
        All i know is she’s an adult and as such she will have to face the consequence of her every actions in some way. For this time doing porn got her money and fame (both are kind of good things for a celebrity BTW)…Maybe Im missing something but why is this a bad thing?
        If this about porn is bad then consider this: having sex is extremely common exercise :D, just take a look at the population on this country then you’ll know…

      2. Yup, agree with that. I’m not introducing any new morality framework here nor am I saying that what Maria is doing is bad or good. Personally, I think looking at things from an ethical perspective rather than a moralistic slant is a more sound way of regarding controversial things like this.

        So, yeah, from an ethics standpoint; questions like Is Maria harming anyone by practicing her profession? and Does she force anyone to consume her product/service? Etc…

        Perhaps a clue lies in the quality of her home society — Japan. Consider that and then ask ourselves: Which is the better society when it comes to the essential metrics (e.g. justice, honor, and standard of living), ours or Japan’s?

        1. I can understand ethics like : waiting in line, doing honest trade, not destroying or stealing other people property or other people themselves, stuff that is common sense that keeps civilization going…

          Speaking for myself only; I believe some of the traditional ethics we have that only exist if for no other reason other than it always has existed, is impractical and not all members of society can benefit from, must be subject to the inevitable change in the advancement of society towards true equality and progress.

          I think the Japanese especially the older generation has a sheepishly distorted sense of honor; the younger people are learning however, ever heard of parasaito shinguru?

        2. @kate I don’t know but if you’ll really don’t know that for the past 20 years Japanese porn are becoming a huge business there but with some strict censorship on it like pixelating the genitals of the AV actors & actresses as recommended by their gov’t. :\

  2. This time Kate shows maturity and discernment on a touchy, intriguing and controversial issue concerning women! Totally a 360 degree deviation from her usual fare of write-ups of often angry, arrogant bashing and a seemingly conceited display of superiority!

    1. but if you do a 360 degree turn dont you end up in the same place… jk …jk…:)

      ms. ozawa is 29? close to the end of her porn star prime…its on to the milf themed av movies i guess or directing…

        1. Actually she was 17 whe she started making porn movies and lost her virginity at the age of 13… then she eventually become sexually active…

  3. Iba na ang itsura ni Maria. May flabby arms na rin at hindi na radiant ang mukha tulad ng dati. Baka sumusubok lang na magkaroon ng project sa Pinas kaya nagpunta dito.

  4. She wishes to get married at the age of 30 and quit porn. But I never heard that she has a bf now.. I guess it will be hard for her.. I pity on what will happen if she will have kids and found out about her past. That’s horrible to explain.. She lost her family because of fame.. wow! That’s pretty hard.

  5. You are so beautiful.. I hope you can find the one for you who will accept you for who you are.. good luck Maria!

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