Does Jamich’s Mich Liggayu deserve the online hate she copped for her latest video?

I don’t see the point in the whole brouhaha surrounding how Paolinne Michelle “Mich” Liggayu of “Jamich” fame supposedly made happy-happy in a video she uploaded on Facebook while the late Jam Sebastian lay dying in the background.

Netizens have been up in arms against Mich who, together with Jam, built a huge fan base around the YouTube “Jamich” brand. Jam tragically died after a long battle with lung cancer recently. The object of the ire was what they perceived to be the callous way Mich carried on in revelry with friends in Jam’s hospital room — to the point where Jam’s mom had to tell them to stop…

What I recall about Filipino tradition, however, is the funny way we conduct ourselves in wakes (vigils for the recently-deceased). I always looked back to the wakes I attended as a child with fondness. Often, there’d be lots of food, lots of laughing and talking, and even mah-jong and card games aplenty. They were anything but somber!

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Maybe it helped that those wakes I attended as a child were mostly for old people. I don’t really recall attending wakes and funerals for people who died young. Even then, as a kid, death wasn’t really that real to me. It was the furthest from my mind. And even when a death hit a bit close to home (like those of my grandparents’), I was raised to believe people go to a “better place” after death. And so, equipped with that thought, I never really quite regarded death as an all too terrible thing as a child.

Are the accusations being thrown at Mich, that she is a “famewhore”, a “gold-digger”, and just an “actress” ever-always performing for the camera fair?

Well, I don’t know Mich or what she was thinking when she did that video and, not only that, uploaded it to the Net. But, hey, both she and Jam signed up to that way of life. And you know what? So did their fans. Fans of Jamich should be reminded that they idolized the Jamich former pair for engaging in the very behaviour they now vilify Mich for today.

So you could probably forgive Mich for the gaffe (which, on second look, probably isn’t given the industry they are in) and even safely assume that Jam would have approved. Well, dang, who knows what goes on in the heads of these sorts of celebs and their fans anyway!

17 Replies to “Does Jamich’s Mich Liggayu deserve the online hate she copped for her latest video?”

  1. Sorry to say this fans, but she’s a fame whore. It is the reason why they upload corny videos on Youtube in the first place. And dahil maraming uto2x na Failipino fans ang babaeng ito, she was successful in going into showbiz after her ‘partner’ died of cancer na sinasamba ng tao at ginagamit pa ang Diyos sa kanilang kalokohan. We all had experiences na namatayan ng kamag-anak, taking selfies and uploading it is the thing I would never do. It’s idiocy and makes no sense.

  2. Well I don’t know.
    Philipinos are known for being cheerful, by me anyway, and that’s what I love about them most.
    In NZ we would say that was really insensitive but maybe they lifted his spirits.
    I guess it might depend what they’re relationship with him had been like. If they had always had a fondness for each other. If they had always been loving and caring to him, then I’m sure he would know it was with the best of intent.

    But publishing it? Nah. I can’t agree with that. They are totally just off in their own world and showing a total lack of respect for him.

    Maybe that song was special for him?

  3. Well, ang sabi kase, “cut” vid yan, hindi yan ung buong video bagkus kinuha lang yang parteng yan para magmukhang bruha tong si Mich.
    In fact, si Jam pa nga daw ang nagrequest ng jamming ng tropapits nila para mas ma cheer pa si Jam to fight. Mayroong full video to sa youtube rin, pinakita na nakikisabay pa si Jam sa kantahan. Well, hindi rin nmn ako fan o hater, it’s just, both sides are taking their issue too much. There’s alot of problems going around on our country. It’s just Filipinos really like to give sympathy to others than themselves.

    1. Saan ang CUT dyan? Yung sa side ni Mich ang merong mga cut at edited. Ang daming cuts! Halatang edited. May mga slide show slide show pa

      1. Comparison was never the case. The fact itself is the case – which is, Si Jam mismo ang nag request, at naki jamming pa siya hehehe.

        1. Talaga? I dare you to post that uncut version here. If you can’t post it, then stop defending that michy bitchy.

  4. Hi Kate! I noticed that your posts lately are about Marian Rivera, Krisel Mallari and Jamich. I hope to read more relevant issues from you in the future.

  5. This article is misleading and very irrelevant. How is this incident comparable to a “lamay” again? I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

  6. I’m quite disappointed in the content of this piece. Yes, Kate, you may have the grasp of the lexicon but you fail to contextualize this topic beyond yourself, which is a shame.

    I hope the writers of getrealphilippines, regardless of the topic, be it entertainment or politics, would see through all the angles to contextualize in order to promote discourse. In this case, how has the “internet-sensation” phenomena vis-a-vis the narcissistic tendencies of young Filipinos reflect our society. How has values changed, with respect to how these supposed pseudo-idols handled death and their influence, if there are any? Etc. etc.

    And if you can’t bother to think of factors outside of yourself, probably a funny satire of sorts ala Jon Stewart?

    I hope you don’t this the hard way but this is a critique that can make you and greatrealphilippines have better writing.

  7. For the love of god, please stop this nonsense articles, Kate. Huwag ka nang dumagdag sa mga showbiz columnsts na naglipana sa dyaryo. Ibalato mo na sa kanila ang mga ganito.

  8. maybe in the future I’ll die somewhere outside of our country so that none of my dead body will become a gleeful & joyous festivals to the Pinoys. I need rest in peace not party in funerals. 🙁

      1. thank you, maybe if Duterte will not become our country’s next president then I should go to other country or to planet Mars.

        1. well, he’s not going to run. firm na siya dun. ako napag-isip ko na rin eh. pro-duterte ako pero totooo nga naman na hindi niya kakayanin dahil 90% corrupt and mga tao sa baba niya. baka ma-ninoy pa siya. wag na lang. let’s just hope na the winner next year would listen to duterte’s messages: parliament / federal. someone who will make a difference.

          if same system fine, let’s see what will happen within 6 months to 1 year. if it fucked up then alam na this. the country can become a failed state.

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