Amal Alamuddin Clooney can help expose the Aquino government’s human rights abuses

International human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin Clooney has confirmed what some of us have been saying all along – that former President and Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo‘s human rights are being violated by the Philippine government under the leadership of President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino.

Amal Alamuddin Clooney: Not dumb to take a case without studying it first like PNoy's supporters claim

Amal Alamuddin Clooney: Not dumb to take a case without studying it first like PNoy’s supporters claim

As early as 2011, concerned individuals have already highlighted how the cases against Arroyo seem to have been rushed just to meet the criteria needed to prevent her from leaving the country in her bid to seek medical treatment for her problems with her cervical spine. Despite the fact that there was still no pending case against Arroyo at that time, her right to travel and her right to presumption of innocence have been trampled upon by the Aquino administration.

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We recall that there was pandemonium at the Manila international airport in November 2011 when Department of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima panicked after she found out Arroyo was leaving the country and ordered officers at the airport to help bar her from leaving for Singapore. And with the assistance of the media in inciting anger against Arroyo, some members of the public also joined the fray – besieging her at the airport. Her frail and helpless appearance on a wheelchair did not stop them from acting like a lynch mob. The scene resulted in a standoff because Arroyo’s supporters insisted on her right to travel abroad as stated in the Philippine Constitution.

De Lima’s initial violation back then was in defying the Supreme Court’s temporary restraining order on the travel ban against Arroyo. De Lima even risked disbarment for ignoring the highest court’s order. Senator Miriam Santiago likewise questioned De Lima’s action citing the DOJ had no legal basis to issue a watch-list order against Arroyo since there was no pending case against the former President and was only a respondent in a joint DOJ Comelec investigation on electoral fraud at that time.

Santiago said the DOJ had “no legal basis” to issue watch-list orders based on the memorandum circular.

She rejected the argument that Arroyo’s constitutional right to travel could be suppressed as a matter of “national interest.” She noted that a person could be barred from traveling based only on three exceptions: national security, public safety or public health.

“It is a very serious and grave mistake to think that national security, public safety and public health can be interchanged with national interest,” she said. “We are putting words in the mouth of the Constitution, that is why the Supreme Court ruling is correct.”

Justice Secretary Leila De Lima acted like the President's thug in preventing Arroyo's departure.

Justice Secretary Leila De Lima acted like the President’s thug in preventing Arroyo’s departure.

It was apparent then that De Lima was acting on orders from President BS Aquino. He even cut short his overseas trip when he found out Arroyo was about to leave the country. De Lima acted like the President’s thug and seemingly obeyed his orders to do anything – even break the law and deny basic human rights – just to prevent Arroyo from leaving the country.

Fast forward to 2015, De Lima’s actions have come back to bite her. Now that Amal Alamuddin Clooney, a high-profile international lawyer, has brought Arroyo’s case to the United Nations Human Rights Council, the DOJ’s and the local court’s actions or inaction on Arroyo’s plight is being exposed at the world stage. This can only mean bad news for the Aquino government. It is another blow on BS Aquino’s bid for the Nobel Peace Prize.

It remains to be seen if the President will back De Lima or use her as scapegoat and say “De lima fooled me” once the UN grants a decision in favor of Arroyo. If Alamuddin-Clooney wins this case, the Philippine government will have to apologize to the former President; pay her damages; order her immediate release and grant her permission to seek medical treatment abroad for her illness.

We can already predict BS Aquino washing his hands off any responsibility on this matter. Unfortunately for him, his penchant for conducting a trial by media against Arroyo is all on record especially since he never misses an opportunity to badmouth her during his speeches. He made people believe that Arroyo is to blame for everything including his own shortfalls during his term.

As expected, De Lima and BS Aquino’s supporters were quick to dismiss Alumuddin-Clooney as “flamboyant” and “clueless” as per some lawyer’s group. They probably think she is dumb enough to take on a case without studying it first; as if she could reach her status by being careless like De Lima. The lawyers advised her to focus on the cases of ordinary citizens who do not have the money or connections like Arroyo. What they don’t realize is that, if a high-profile individual like Arroyo can be denied justice, what more ordinary citizens? Arroyo’s high profile case, if she were to be granted her rights, would set a precedent for justice and rule of law to prevail in the Philippines.

De Lima also denies that Arroyo’s continued detention is a result of political persecution. Never mind that most of Arroyo’s co-accused in her plunder case have been granted bail while she remains detained in the Veterans Memorial Medical Center; not to mention, most of the cases filed against Arroyo were already dismissed for lack of evidence or for being weak.

President BS Aquino's relentless blame games constitute persecution.

President BS Aquino’s relentless blame games constitute persecution.

The problem is, BS Aquino won the public when he repeatedly vowed to prosecute Arroyo. But instead of prosecution, what he pursued was persecution, particularly when he blames her in his speeches. He still blames her even after being in office for five years. Her continued detention is probably a way for BS Aquino to hide his embarrassment. BS Aquino’s bullying tactics are probably influencing members of the local courts to rule against Arroyo’s request for bail.

It is too bad that it had to take someone from abroad like Alamuddin-Clooney to remind Filipinos about human rights violations. It seems Filipinos have lost the ability to sympathize with the sick and elderly. They need to be reminded that they will fall sick and get old too one day. Sadly, a lot of Filipinos were gullible enough to believe in the negative propaganda perpetuated by BS Aquino and his supporters against Arroyo so much so that they think punishing Arroyo this way is justified. It is baffling how the innocent-until-proven-guilty or presumption of innocence doctrine only applies to BS Aquino and his allies.

It is also unfortunate how a lot of BS Aquino supporters are now attacking Alamuddin-Clooney’s personality. They claim that she has a penchant for defending “evil” clients and that she is allowing herself to be used by opportunistic people. It is not surprising that Aquino supporters would stoop down to ad hominem and red herring argumentation. They resort to that when they cannot use reason to defend their position.

[Photo of Amal Alamuddin Clooney courtesy NBC News.]

145 Replies to “Amal Alamuddin Clooney can help expose the Aquino government’s human rights abuses”

  1. good, its another unveiling of this administrations incompetence.. where is the kahon kahong ebidensya they’re bragging about now.

    quite sad that the so called Human Rights advocate in the PH have no guts to do this.

    De Lima and this government exploited the pinoys annoying habit of joining the bandwagon. it beats thinking critically, and its popular so in their minds it must be right /good

    1. Because if you speak out, you’ll end up as a target for a local and totally not paid by the government “Syndicate” where at best they’ll break your legs at worse put a bullet in your brain.

      Otherwise, you’ll be ignored just like all the other protesters outside the palace.

        1. Wag ibintang sa tupa

          Nagkapalit yun ‘p’ at ‘t’ mo sa tupa. Mga Noytard talaga oo. Di mo alam kung tanga o nagtatanga-tangahan o pareho e. Tsk!

        2. Honestly, son. The Aquinos actually exceeded MORE than the Marcoses. Unfortunately, you’re clueless.

        3. The Aquinos are not tupa if thats what you mean. What happen to the hacienda luisita? A lot of farmers were killed. They were just hiding under the cloak of the priest (cardinal sin) to masked their true form which is also a kalabaw.

        4. mga aquino gahaman sa dilang gahaman… grabeng pagsamantalahan ang kahinaan ng mga napapasailalim sa kanila lalo na ang mga dukha…

        5. Aquino syndicate…gahaman sa kapangyarihan. Pnoy ikaw naman ang umupo sa wheelchair

        6. tupa!? mga Aquino tupa? uu tama ka sila ay tupa, mga demonyo na nagtatago sa anyo ng tupa!!! at malamang isa ka rin sa tupa…tumingin-tingin ka sa palibot balboooon, kung ayaw mo sa mga Marcos, wag kang makinabang sa mga nagawa nilang pinakikinabangan ng halos lahat na Pilipno.

        7. Ganon ba mga Marcos? Hanggang ngayon ninanakawan pa ang Bansa ng Ginto harap harapan..aAquino at mga alipores nya pirmado 3.5 tons of gold .deposited at Thailand bank..tapos Marcos magnanakaw..yung mga pinagawa ni Marcos na pinapakinabangan mo..nakaw pa rin ng Marcos..habbang pi amigay na halos lahat ng pinatayo na Hospital ay sinasapribado at pi amigay na halos lahat sa mga alipores ng AQUINO..ngayon ano ba naibahagi ng Aquino sa Kasaysayan ng Bayang PILIPINAS meron ba?

        8. dakila kang bulag Lee…o nagbubulagbulagan o sadyang isa ka rin sa nakinabang at nakikinabang hanggang ngayon ng biyaya mula sa mga tupang sinasabi mo…..tsk tsk tsk

    2. Yes, Aquino and his cabinet knew the power of propaganda and they used it well on the people who were fed up with corruption in the previous government. Unfortunately, the people didn’t realise Aquino and co. were just using them for their own personal agenda.

      1. yes, it was their kulangkulang99 legacy of never give back the land that Ramon Magsaysay promised after the 99 years leased to the land, to be handed back the hacienda luisita mendiola massacred victims of this yellow oligarchs family, who is the most evil corrupt family of the Philippines, they have successfully sold the Philippines to Japan and now is lending us 500 million dollars, the money that they have use from the conniving deal of the bataan nuclear plant , that made our foreign debt to more than 20 billion during marcos masagana99 years of progressive Philippines

      2. And the corrupt politicians don’t? Ibinoto ko si GMA, pero hindi ako bulag gaya ng iba na ipagtatanggol siya sa mali at ipagtatanggol siya kahit siya ang may ginawa, dahil lang inis dun sa isa. Alisin sa equation si Aquino. Dapat pa rin makulong si Arroyo, or at the very least, ma-litigate.

        1. e kasi corrupt pati ang justice system. ang supreme court natin, corrupt din. Malaki ang nanakaw ni arroyo. everyone has a price tag.

        2. e kasi corrupt pati ang justice system. ang supreme court natin, corrupt din

          ayun naman pala e. bbat si arroyo lang? dapat pti si pnoy di ba? =) sige nga, bakit dapat si arroyo lang at di si pnoy ang makulong? =)

        3. Tsk tsk tsk.. Ching… tsk tsk tsk. Lumalabas tuloy ang … Haisst… Alam ko ang tamang sagot diyan, kaya lang kung hindi mo alam, at alam ko ang sagot mo ay mali, ayokong ako pa ang magturo sayo, kasi dapat alam mo ang unbiased at law based na sagot diyan. Kaya mo yan. Research mo. Bigyan na nga kita ng lead… The Constitution. ayan ha.. give away na yan. Your welcome… 🙂

        4. Unfortunately, focusing much on Arroyo exposes your stupidity. If I deal with corruption, I’ll go for EVERYONE. Tuluyan kang nabulag dahil sa EMOSYON mo.

          #HypocrisyExposed 😀

        5. Please read the article above carefully! How can you put someone in jail if there is no concrete evidence against them??? What Aquino should have done was to oversee the gathering of SOLID evidence against former president Arroyo instead of the President blabbing about arroyo’s evil to the press.
          B.S. Aquino is just plain vindictive. Im hoping that now, his administration is coming to an end, that he might get a taste of his own medicine. See how he likes to be detained without a case formally filed against him.

      3. I think giant media, television and newspaper are to be blamed. They are puppets and used by Aquino. With this kind of media, truth against Aquino are withheld from the public and would always publish negative reports against those oppose Aquino.

  2. Mrs. Amal Clooney is a graduate of a British University. It is very tough to enter a good British University. My wife is a graduate from a British University.

    De Lima does not know much about International Law. Mrs. Amal Clooney is very much an expert on International Law and Human Rights.

    Countries can put SANCTIONS on the Philippines, if Aquino and De Lima will not Abide on the United Nation’s Ruling on Arroyo…we have many OFWs….they can all be dismissed, and returned home. I hope, I will not be one of them…

    1. The funny thing is, the Philippines is at risk for losing their membership in the UN because they have failed to meet up at their end of the bargain… which is very bad for many OFWs and Filipinos seeking a better life.

    2. We can’t compare Amal to De Lima. Puro grandstanding lang ang alam ng tuta ni Ngoyngoy. Kahit magjoin forces pa si Trillanes, De Lima, Ngoyngoy at Iqbal, kakainin lang sila ng buhay ni Amal at Miriam pagdating sa law arguments.

      1. Indeed, Aquino’s legal goons can’t stand a chance against lawyers like Amal and Miriam.

        Curb stomp battle is definitely an applicable tv trope for this

      2. The comments cannot be avoided from both sides. And each one has a point, no matter how dumb or excellent it could be. But can we just refrain from comparing personalities… and focus on the issues.. Suggestion lang po.

    3. De Lima and Aquino have violated former Pres. Arroyo’s Human Rights. De Lima, who is a Shabu Drug Lords protector, is now shouting: “Human Rights”…now that she is on the receiving end.

      When she was in power, she can violate anybody’s Human Rights. Now,that she is being investigated, she shouts: “Human Rights” are violated.

      De Lima uses Human Rights, at her own convenience…this immoral woman, should be debarred and impeached. Then, thrown to jail ! She is a criminal !

  3. Ilda, I wanna thank you for this very welcomed development you wrote above.

    The prez has surely made a lot of bad precedents already. This is one of them, arbitrary detention of a person not convicted “guilty” of any crime, and political oppression to include bashing her whenever and wherever possible, a true proof of ungentlemanliness on his part because her supposed “enemy” is now a physically helpless sick rather old woman. Sometimes, she is pictured sitting in a wheel chair and all his other “yellow” allies seem to be gloatingly and delightfully happy that she is in that predicament. Talk about being vindictive and he has created that atmosphere and current sentiment among Filipinos.

    1. @pearl Bethany

      You are welcome. I’m glad more people realise the truth about PNoy.

      It’s sad that he managed to divide the sentiments of the Filipino people. Because of his relentless negative propaganda against GMA, a lot of Filipinos do not see anything wrong with her continued detention. Even when an expert on human rights is already saying that the way the government is treating GMA is wrong, they still can’t accept it.

    2. Anyway, BSAquino is already 55 years old? In a couple of years, it will be his turn to sit in a wheelchair if not in a straight jacket inside the national mental hospital with joshua watching over him.

      1. @Felicity, No more years to count seeing BS Aquino’s turn on sitting in a wheelchair because after his term this May 2016 a dump truck like cases will be filed against him. And you are right, he will be wearing a straight white jacket inside the national mental hospital (at Mandaluyong)with joshua watching over him.

  4. Sad to say, I’ve observed that many Filipinos seem to be unprincipled. It seems to me that many fight against an evil thing not because it’s evil but because it put or is putting them at a disadvantage (think pork barrel, DAP, Marcos’s human rights violations, etc.). In other words, many Filipinos are mad at corrupt politicians, for instance, not because these people violated the moral law but because these people were able to put one over them. Proof of this is that when the same Filipinos are given an opportunity to commit corruption, many of them do so. But when the evil thing that’s being done coincides with their wishes or accomplishes something they want to happen (keeping Arroyo in jail for her alleged crimes even if one circumvents or blatantly violates the law to do so), they allow it to happen and do not raise any objection to it. Perhaps it even makes them happy. If there’s one good thing that came out of the Aquino presidency, it’s the fact that he gave us Filipinos very good opportunities to discover who we really are and what we stand or do not stand for. A very sad realization….

    1. @Chrissie

      A very astute observation. Presumption of innocence should apply to everyone including GMA. I am all for prosecuting criminals but not through trial by media and prolonged and unnecessary detention when the evidence is weak. It is really baffling how PNoy’s supporters think that that doctrine only applies to their President and his allies.

      I have been waiting for the day when PNoy’s supporters will finally say, “You guys were right all along about him”. Sadly, I don’t think that day will come because they are too stubborn to admit their mistake. So I shouldn’t hold my breath.

      1. PNoy’s supporters will not admit their mistakes because they are faithful tutas of PNoy. Sinasamba nila blindly si PNoy maybe because they will lose whatever they have today if they go against PNoy who is giving them all the benefits for his DAP.

        1. Ang mga supporters ni PNoy hindi kailangan bigyan ng pera, kasi mga professionals, mga degree holders, marami ang educated voters, at hindi gaya ng ibang supporters ng ibang politico na mabigyan lang ng isang kilong bigas, o kaya Makita lang yung politico na bumili kunwari ng banana cue sa Espania Manila, akala mabait na. Hindi mabababaw ang pag-iisip ng mga supporters. Hindi bulag sa mga flaw at critical sa kanya. Kami ang biggest critics niya, pero hindi makikinig ang mga sarado ang isip na ayaw kay PNoy.

        2. Ang mga supporters ni PNoy hindi kailangan bigyan ng pera,

          hahahaha! agree ako dyan. di pera kelangan ninyo: utak. =)

      2. Hindi namin kailangan ng pera, kasi kaya naming kumita, kasi professionals kami at may natapos at meron kaming intellect at logic. Yung mga gaya mo ang kailangan ng pera, na puede makabili ng utak pero hindi ng intelligence. 🙂

        1. Speak for yourself because you’re an actual moron who thinks defending the Aquino means intelligence.

          Pay at the netshop for once, Einstoned.

        2. Look at you guys, you both claim to be professionals with intellect, logic at that. but both of you fall into a discourse straying from a healthy discussion of solution. Why, because the INTELLECT is a barrier to “liberation”-from the lies of the MIND. The MIND is an accumulation of data and ideas gathered from around. our choices and beliefs divide wo/men to duality of {good/bad, dark/light} limiting life’s possibilities.(but let this logical distinction be done experiencetially.) The INTELLECT is that which help us
          discriminate, setting things apart for the sake of our survival. In politics or business, often than not “intelligence” is being sacrificed because of “earning a living” or because we compare.
          Thoughts are non-physical. they are diff. vibrations.POSITIVE THOUGHTS are HIGHER frequencies. NEGATIVE vibrates lower energy. (We) are PURE POSITIVE high frequency vibration. What I am saying is THOUGHTS can affect the ENERGY/Vibration around us, but we can RECLAIM our POWER if we change our ENERGY VIBRATION and keep it or return it to POSITIVE. luckily NO ONE needs to BUY a BRAIN. It is there as a gift to translate and INTERPRET this energy and vibration cluster. We have the ABILITY to choose which THOUGHT to think . we dont need to be at the Mercy of our THOUGHTS. Letting them determine our collective VIBRATIONS WE CAN CHANGE OUR ENERGIES at any time. We can work together to raise EMOTIONAL SCALE; one ISSUE at a time.WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE OUR THOUGHTS AND VIBRATIONS and how we FEEL and commit ourselves , we are NO longer putting-up with not FEELING GOOD cause we are pure POSITIVE ENERGY, that is our Natural STATE. Everything going around us, are just ENERGY, with our BRAIN we are learning to make a “LOGICAL DISTINCTION. As my GURU says; there is no Good nor BAd. Just the INTENTION for which the Infinite INTELLIGENCE is our constant guide. NAMASTE

      3. These people thinks that Cory is a saint ang Ninoy is a hero thus the unwavering support they have for the Aquinos… Stupid fools..

      1. Lee….and the Filipinos don’t ??? please refrain from racist comments if you really are an educated person. It makes you sound ignorant. 🙂

        1. Aquino gov’t is the worst one in the Philippine history.. No more no less, and nobody can argue with it..

  5. LieLa Halimaw is the #1 Attack Dog of this Hocus- PCOS President she should have been disbarred long time ago when she defied the Supreme Court TRO. She is a Clown and a Pygmy in International Law. She will be exposed big time by these lady Atty. Alammudin Clooney.

  6. As the UN declared China’s “nine-dash-line” claim invalid, it could execute a similar reversal of the PNoy’s claim of legality of the continued incarceration, albeit in a hospital, of GMA. The Philippine justice system has been consistently two-edged, intrinsic in its craftsmanship the character of favoring those in the graces of the powers that be or punishing those whom the gods wish to destroy. It must take world arbitration to uphold something universal as human rights. For the time being, we may just do a Simoun and disabuse ourselves of the fantasy of getting BS Aquino to resign. The better to keep him in that post, keep him doing his stupid things, and hope that it will catalyze a nation into taking the real action needed to cure what has been ailing it. The longer PNoy stays in power, the shorter will be the Filipinos’ temper.

    1. Hi Mauro

      That reminds me, the Philippine government didn’t have a problem asking the UN for help with the country’s problem with China but now some Filipinos especially some lawmakers and PNoy’s supporters are baffled why Amal wants the UN to intervene in GMA’s case. The irony escapes them.

      1. No, Filipinos are not clueless because we have read about the relationship of Amal with GMA, hence, this does not come as a shock. It is a disappointment and an outrage.

        1. Unfortunately, TROLLS like yourself are cluesless because everything you’ve said came from the biased media. You call that a disappointment and an outrage, I call it stupidity… and it shows.

  7. we have to thank Atty.Amal…for your information Atty.Amal is one of the prominent and rich family in Arab(Islam)countries… iam am so greatful and happy that she will handle the case of ex-president GMA against the Aquino administration and thanking also the Lord with the information from Real Post…and Hope and Prayers on the Hands from our Lord is very much expected….Atty Amal,,, by God’s Grace will win the case of ex-president GMA….God Bless….!!

    1. By real grace, GMA will go to jail. I doubt the money will be returned just as the Marcoses are still spending the Filipinos’ money.

      1. If there’s someone who needs to return something to the Filipino people, it is the greatest propagandists of all time, it’s the cojuangco-aquinos’, not the Marcoses.

        1. ang gold na hinahabol ng aquino sa marcosses na ill gotten wealth dw ay commission pala ni fm noong 1930 pa at ideniposite at ipamamahagi sa mga pilipino people after 50 yrs. pero ang hacienda luisita inihabilin lng sa cojuangco at ipamimigay sa mga farmers after 99 yrs ay kinamkam na nila.tsk tsk pinatalsik natin ang lider na concern sa mga pilipino ang ipinalit ay???? kaya pala imiiyak ang tatay ko noong napatalsik c FM kc nakasama niya noong gerilya pa cla.

  8. First, we have the supreme court.
    Second, who is the united nation? Are we a world government now?
    Third, Arroyos right is clearly violated.

    Critical thinking people!

  9. I really have enough of the foolishness of this administration to be honest. I wish there is one person out there who is tired of this bayot president including us who will do something impacting to oust him and his whole cohorts of nonsensical clowns.

    I can think of the “Thailand method”…

  10. Chrissie , you are right and very astute in your observation. The Filipino mostly only cries “foul” when he is at a disadvantage, talk about something like “naisahan” over by the other because he always wants na “makalamang.” One example I could cite is my Boss. She would always gloatingly bash FPGMA before at every opportunity she could say it, saying that she “is the worst, most corrupt president ever” and would make references to many of her perceived wrongdoings.It really was constant “mura” on her part. I got tired of it that one day I calmly said to her ” you know, you say that but haven’t you realized that many of “us” (for diplomacy’s sake) are doing the same thing? Talk about corruption and we have it here……. how about conducting an activity for 2 days, complete with food, etc., then holding it only for 1 day, thus the “ginansiya” comes from the non-activity the second day? How about all those govt. “things” in our house…electric fans, refrigerator,….. even bond papers and stapler and paper clips, etc. our children use which belong to the govt., how about the 2 office cams that your children used and broke and you did not pay for them? See, we don’t need to go far to look into what’s corruption. We say GMA is “that” but think, we could be worse than her if given the opportunity.” I think she was kind of “embarrassed” the next day she lamely said, “Beth is really a die hard fan of GMA, isn’t she?” When they told me this I laughed out loud… about “shortness of estimate” or a personal value system that’s innately/inherently corrupt which could never come up to the level of thinking critically about having “personal integrity”…. appreciate, keep, observe, and determinedly exercise it every day. And how many of them around us who are like her?

  11. Our wretched Failippines is so made that those who walk on the “well-trodden path” always throw stones at those who are showing a new road.

  12. That is one hideous picture of Leila DeLima, WOW…looks like a middle-aged Man. OMG,FUGLY !
    Who is uglier? Santiago or DeLima ?

  13. I know how religious mga Pilipino are, and am very familiar with the Simbang Gabi Tradition. Wouldn’t it be great if, when seen in a simbahan, all those corrupt officials -the People know who they are- would be asked to leave as the mga hipokrito that they are?

  14. @ lida
    Do you mean Arroyo is innocent?

    I find it very odd she needed treatment ABROAD SUDDENLY when she had started to be investigated…
    Several of the big crooks have run abroad, when justise start to hunt them finaly…

    I find TO FEW of the many corrupt Filipino leaders have been punnished…

    1. @Thomas

      How on earth did you get the impression that I think GMA is innocent? And btw, innocent of what charges? Please be specific. They have filed so many charges against her but most of them have been dismissed or dropped for being weak and lacking evidence to support it.

      Did you even read the article? If you did, I don’t think you understood it. I find it very odd that you still think that she was just trying to run away from prosecution when no charges have been filed against her at the time she was trying to seek treatment abroad.

      A lot of Filipinos fell for the negative propaganda against GMA and now think she is the most corrupt politician in the country. Some even think that she is more corrupt than Marcos. That’s how gullible rabid PNoy supporters are to the yellow media.

      You just have to ask: if she is that corrupt, how come the cases keep getting dismissed? The prosecution did not do their jobs properly. They based most of the cases on “hearsay”. In other words, they did a sloppy job when they filed the charges against her – they had to rush filing them just to have an excuse not to allow her to go abroad.

      Yes, there are only a few corrupt Filipino leaders that get punished due to patronage politics in Ph. Even PNoy is blatantly practicing patronage politics with his KKK.

      The best time to expose corruption is while it is happening and not when the evidence has been destroyed and not when the witnesses have already died or left the country.

      1. “I find it very odd that you still think that she was just trying to run away from prosecution when no charges have been filed against her at the time she was trying to seek treatment abroad.”
        So what nothing had been FILED yet. She got in a hurry to leave the country when she noticed she was INVESTIGATED…

        “they did a sloppy job when they filed the charges against her – they had to rush filing them just to have an excuse not to allow her to go abroad.”
        Yes, I suppouse that’s true,
        and I suppouse they did it to get chance to STOP a suspect from leaving the country. There ARE several Filipinos, who HAVE run abroad to avoid jail for murder and/or earned MUCH my corruption/fraud. I suppouse cases have been dismissed, because of sloppy investigation (or corrupted judge* ) NOT depending of she is innocent…

        *E g recently some young RICH Filipinos DIDN’T got jailtime after RUNNING AFTER a rather old American and stabbed him to death…

        I say it again: Much TO FEW much CORRUPTED in HIGH positions are put in jail…

        But if all the politicians would be proper investigated and corect handled in court, then I suppouse there wouldn’t be more than a few left out of jail… 🙂

        1. And what would be their reason for wanting to keep her in the Philippines, if not to prosecute for the crimes she’s committed against Filipinos? Logic is also lacking in your theory.

      2. Filipinos did not “fall” for a propaganda. It is not unlikely because she has history of corruption. Hello Garci is corruption of the election system. She is a disappointment to those who have thought that since she is a woman, she is unlikely to be corrupt. Unfortunately, she is not lady like in that respect.

        1. Of course, they “fall” for a propaganda. Not to mention the fact that most people voted for Noynoy since they fell for his “revenge against GMA” campaign.

          If she is that corrupt then why are almost all the charges against her are dropping like like flies? And speaking of the Hello Garci, I wanna ask: did she was convicted of electoral fraud?

          Please THINK and not emotions.

  15. The fact of it all is that Arroyo plundered this country like never before. Unfortunately she is very good at covering it up so anything possible to keep her from escaping this country has to be used. She should be in jail not hospital and she should be seeing local doctors just like the rest of us have to. Then it will be shown also how corrupt the medical industry is. Everyone here needs to wake up, all politicians here are the same, it wont change until the whole system is changed and these “lifers” or family cartels are got rid of. Outsiders saying this and that should not be listened to, they have no idea of the big picture.

    1. Fact? The thing is that none of the charges were proven against arroyo,the cases filed against her have been dismissed.

      You obviously are just relying on what the yellow media has been spewing about the supposed crimes of arroyo.

      Troll harder

      1. Jonny Derp, no, I know for a fact she stole more money than even Marcos could have dreamed of. As I said, she is very clever in the way she dispersed it and paid various people to keep it all quiet. Greed is very strong and people will not talk if it means going from very wealthy and powerful to broke and in jail. Stop kidding yourself, they are all corrupt and she was the queen pin.

        1. Stop kidding yourself.
          How can you explain then all the cases filed against her getting dismissed,hmm?

          Don’t be delusional.

          Your president is next to be jailed once he steps down and the cases to be filed against him are very very strong.

          Troll Harder, Malacanang Moron

        2. Derb, you’re an idiot. I am not defending these people, I’m attacking them. Why don’t you read before making such stupid statements. I live in the country and see what goes on, I am not a Filipino.

          The Money being stolen is for the people for the development of their country but the Government steals it and puts it in their Bank accounts all over the world except here.

        3. Obviously, you haven’t read the article so I suggest you read it first before posting your flawed propaganda, malacanang moron

        4. Sorry, troll. Accept the fact that you’re just another FRAUD who keeps on lurking on this blog.

          It’s really hilarious and pathetic that people like you go EMO over GMA, claiming she stole millions of YOUR money (when it’s the governments money to begin with. Taxation money ain’t yours, son! You aren’t down with that? Complain about taxation without representation!) when she also was an efficient leader that kept the Philippines economy afloat, invested on its economic side and did what she could to keep the government from going astray as she wasn’t going to get any legitimacy as the transitional leader after Estrada. So in this system, she had to what she can to gain allies, even if it meant throwing money at them.

          So you know for a fact that you’re just another lying FRAUD. Stop kidding yourself, they are all corrupt and Noynoy Aquino is much worse. Of course, you won’t reply since you love sucking Noynoy’s dick. 😛

        5. It’s a shame how these malacañang retards keep repeating the same stupid propaganda over and over again for the past 5 years.

          This “Dan” fellow is no different from all the fishball/vincenzos we encountered in the past.

          All bark but no bite.
          No real substance in theit substandard way of debating.
          No real brains either.

          Sorry to say, Dan, you failed just like your fellow trolls from malacañang.

          Better look for a real job soon, your days of trolling is at an end.

        6. Sorry to say, the only real idiot around here is someone who thinks gloria stole more than the aquinos and that idiot still can’t offer any rebuttal

          What’s the matter little troll? No funds from the bald one to keep you around anymore?

          I’m still laughing at your pathetic troll face since you still can’t answer and I’ll be laughing more once your bald boss gets jailed after his term ends.

        7. May I ask you a specific question. If you know the SALN of GMA when she takes the presidency how much is it? And when she left Malacañang in 201, how much money does she have?

          Please answer honestly.

        8. @Lee:

          No other Philippine political figure has stolen more than the Marcoses.

          Unfortunately, you’re clueless. Smuggling alone in the last 5 years is in the trillions. That is totally controlled by one KKK sitting in the Palace. Just a conservative ad valorem of 10%, that is already 100 billion of taxes gone. I am talking very conservatively.

          Actually, there are already estimates that show corruption in the 30 years after 1986 is five times the 20 years prior to 1986. Also estimates that PNoy’s KKK more corrupt than GMA and possibly, Marcos. So Teddy Locsin, Jr. is right about the fact that post-EDSA presidents made Marcos more of an amateur.

        9. Dan, Dan, Dan

          Now that the last of the cases against gloria has been dismissed,
          You noytards now owe the country a big fat apology for the waste of time and money that your ex-president wasted on persecuting GMA.

          I hate to say we told you so but

          WE TOLD YOU SO

        10. Corruption is corruption, whether it’s done professionally or amateurishly; it has been around since the beginning of recorded Philippine history–maybe even earlier–and it will always be around regardless of who is the president.

      2. The fact that you resort to name calling only shows your level of intellect. A strong argument does not need weak crutches.

        1. Son, it’s your loss because some people here can call names fitting for an Aquino apologist.

          Of course you won’t admit since you’re a paid Yellow Zombie hack. 🙂

        2. Lost at the figures eh, Lee?

          Next time get some facts to support your ‘tupa’ Aquino and make sure they’re from reliable sources. Otherwise, you’re just another desperate blabbering troll.


    1. The yellow yards will never admit that though. But who needs their admission anyway, their way is corruption is far worst, they are corrupting the Filipino people’s mind by continuously shedding black propaganda.

  17. It’s so embarrassing to see how we as a country have to wait for an international body to explain to our so called educated gov’t officials how the legality of the law is applied. And now this very people breaking the law are poised to move to a higher gov’t positions. This makes Kim Jung Un (NK) look like a saint to the whole world.

    1. Filipinos have no shame about how the world sees the country and its people. When you confront each Filipino about it, he or she will always tell you it’s the other Filipinos’ fault, and never his or hers.

  18. yes i strongly agree to that, majority of filipinos seem dont have the sense of responsibility and this is evident on how they choose their leaders instead of choosing the one who possess the exemplary abilities for the position, they prefer those who are popular in their sight even if he/she lacks the basic qualifications set forth in our Constitution, they let being deceived by media that contributed much to lead our people into the road of elsewhere. my only prayer and sincere suggestion to my countrymen is that let us be true to ourself, let us free ourself from partisan politics that sometimes we forgot what right from wrong, let us think of our future generations so that when their times arrived, they see and enjoy the new philippines that they should be proud of. Again, pls let us change for our children and children of our children, good day.

    1. On the contrary, the fact that we are arguing about these things show how deeply we value our future but the problem is, we have different perspectives and see the figures differently from one another. For example, in my circle, it is a no brainer to not even consider Duterte but there are those who actually want him is unbelievable. How can they even want their country to be ruled by a person like him who is flaunting killing, forget the semantics, judicial, extra-judicial. It is like having a sanggano na lasenggo whom no parent would even want for their daughter or would be ashamed to have as a son, let alone be head of any group.

  19. It has been few years na. I was still a student nung nangyari ito. Kahit wala akong alam sa mga legalities na yan I know na mali si De Lima kasi pinagbigayn ng SC si former Pres. to leave the country for medical assistance. Clearly tinapakan nya ang batas as SC pa. Bakit hanggang ngayon masarap pa buhay ni De Lima? I can’t wait to see her and the rest of Pnoy’s troop pay their sins sa mga Pinoy na ginamit lang nils for their own good.Sana maupdate pa kami regarding this Ms. Ilda.

  20. YOu can investigate more, there is the corruption of the Financial Donations from countries for the Hyan (Yolanda) Victims and we cannot see that money was used for the victims.

    So much lies and propagandas they have been doing to destroy others and make themselves look good. Which in fact, they are the real evil of this country.

  21. yes, why not investigate of what is the cause of why our former country Philippine Status of a first world country have turned into third world status legacy of MadPnoy kulangkulang99 of 32 years of hacienda luisita self interest yellow oligarchs deception of not giving any iota of land to the Mendiola massacre victims of this yellow greedy oligarchs family of Bribed bacon barrel.

  22. Albert Camus, a famous French thinker and writer, who was born a Catholic but later became an atheist, was a more practical atheist and perhaps a believer in secret, when he finally confessed in writing: “I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t than live my life as if there isn’t and die to find out there is one.” –Atty. Amay P. Ong Vaño, Cebu City

  23. Abnoy sucks big time and his alipores are making sure it would not bite them back when his time is over. If the bobotantes are getting fewer these days, there is always someone in the COMELEC they could buy.

  24. Perhaps the real question here is ‘why can’t RP legal system hold anyone of power to account’?

    The legal branch here is very weak, the weakest branch of government, and very subject to political influence. In no way independent of outside influence. On the verge of being useless. Actually, they are maybe worse than useless. A force of injustice, perhaps. Lacking in credibility for the most part. Bizarre court decisions. Political at best, where law theoretically trumps influence. Disgraceful. Am not being specific to Gloria here. The forces are arranged strongly against her. Perhaps in general, illegitimacy of the courts is a given here(perceived in my circles, anyway).

    I know that Filipino legal minds our first rate. They pass California Legal Bar exams at high rates.

    Very sad to witness as an expat. But please do understand that RP is a newer democracy, and is improving incrementally. A brighter future awaits…B

  25. I’d like to see Amal defending the real victim and oppressed such as the poor and defenseless ordinary people, NOT A CORRUPT POLITICIAN like Gloria Arroyo.

    1. People like her should not get sensationalized. She’s supposed to be a “Human Rights Lawyer” yet, her clients are only high profile personalities. What about the human rights of the Filipinos whose President had been looting off of over and over again? What about OUR rights? She is not a good lawyer. Prove that GMA did not take what isn’t hers. Prove that she did not rig the election that had placed her in power. Amal should not get the spotlight for defending the crooks.

      1. Again, you’re clueless since you’re focusing too much on the trivial stuff. The point here is that what happened to GMA can happen to anyone of us and by chance, Amal Clooney decided to take the case.

        Come on, GMA is a “crook” because… she was pointed as one by media pundits. Stop being EMO over an ex-president because that is also considered crookery. 🙂

    2. I agree, but you know, they are rich and the rich affiliates with the rich. Her family is friends with GMA, but if she has a really good set of values, and if she only knows the truth, she would not defend her.

  26. Amal Clooney will do NOTHING !!! GMA is not in that hospital and the buzz you hear in your head is the dryer telling you its finished drying your clothes,OOPS ,you dont have a dryer do you ? Better get you ears checked….and while your at it, get a clue. The bitch will do nothing.

    Poor GMA, boo-hoo, the bitch and her whole family are thieves, just like the rest of them.I have a helicopter I want to sell you as new too.

    1. Emo faggots like you are WHINING! Actually, GMA is in house arrest.

      Poor EMO faggots like you and you’re a bumbling idiot since you’re very EMO over an ex-president. 🙂

  27. and bye the buy, what is wrong with GMA’s neck? Have you seen any X-Ray studies? MRI’s? their was nothing wrong with her back in 2009, 2001 or 2011 and to this day there is nothing wrong with her neck.

    GMA is a charade used to rob the treasury while you are concentrating on her ‘human rights’, get a clue already. Filipino’s must be the dumbest mo-fo’s on the planet to not see what is right in front of them.

    1. Unfortunately, I think angry mobsters like you are the dumbest mo-fos on the planet because the Philippines LOVES idiots like you who are easily manipulated on whom to hate and whom to love by just a simple whim.

  28. and FFS she is not in that hospital either.or JAIL, which is where she belongs, along w/Estrada,Aguino,BB Marcos and his hagged mother, et al.

    1. And FFS detaining someone based on HEARSAY is called persecution and people with that kind of thinking belongs to the mental hospital.


  30. With this situation in viral on Social Media, President Aquino should resign before May 9, or enforce to be impeached by the so-called Human Rights abuses being accused of him by doing so. I think he has no heart for other people. What is the Supreme Court doing on this thing, or the Philippine House of Senate comments on this abuses. Let democracy b practiced by this president.

  31. Maybe BS Aquino, this is how he was raised by his mom. They know nothing but to blame others on their shortcomings. I hate Arroyo but everybody deserves a due process. CHR on the other hand, should be abolished. They are brainless and protectors of criminals.

  32. Guys remember mendiola massacre during Cory aquino pa kana nila yon para lalong magalit ang mga mamamayan sa mga marcoses

  33. Who the FK does this woman think she is? THE ULTIMATE PROBLEM SOLVER??? One thing this woman needs to know about Filipinos: FILIPINOS ARE FULL OF PRIDE AND THEY WON’T TAKE ANY ADVISE FROM ANYBODY MUCH LESS A FOREIGNER. Philippines has the most number of lawyers and accountants in the world per capital and they don’t need one additional bitch lawyer to help out.

  34. The last case the yellows had left against former President Gloria Arroyo has been dismissed by the Sandiganbayan.

    The Filipino people should now urge former President Arroyo to file charges at the UN against Leila de Lima and Noynoy Aquino for illegal detention and violating her human rights.

    Arroyo has a strong case with the favorable UN ruling that Amal Alamuddin won for her in 2015.

    Since De Lima and the yellows have been invoking human rights and the UN every chance they get, let us see if they can walk their talk and face the very same charges they so liberally accuse others of.

    Former President Gloria would be doing her country a great service by suing De Lima at the UN. De Lima is a menace to the Philippines and a huge majority of Filipinos will be glad to see her removed from the Senate and convicted at an international court, in exactly the same way she imagines President Duterte should be charged at the ICC.

    Hope Amal and former President Gloria can discuss this over tea, soon.

      1. You better believe Amal Alamudin Clooney is not defending GMA out of courtesy. Her attorney fee is coming straight out of plundered Philippine treasury. As far as what the U.N.’s verdict will be, it all depends on which side–the plaintiff’s or the defendant’s–can spin the perfect lie.

  35. Just wondering whatever happened to that “neck brace” of former president arroyo? As what ive deemed and suspect and have noticed later that after she was “out” of her hospital arrest, the brace was no longer worn! Wow, what a coincidence? As far as i know, she wasnt able to seek medication abroad before as she was on travel ban… So, she got healed? Just…Just wondering…

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