Will Mar Roxas’ Resignation Make Him A Viable Presidential Candidate in 2016?


The short answer is, nope and it is because it’s just the wrong question.

And you can go on scrolling through the various types of pet LOLs and inspirational quotes that litter your Facebook timeline, safe in the thought that you’d be right about something even if you don’t understand the reasoning behind it.

Perhaps, the current thinking is that if indeed he quits the Noynoy Aquino cabinet over the Mamapasano Massacre after the Board of Inquiry renders its decision, there would be some justification for saying that “Roxas’ leaving Pnoy as proof of his MARangal or honorable and righteous character.”

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Oh sure, he’d score points for that. A lot of people are really angry over the death of the 44 SAF commandos and perhaps someone as big as Roxas resigning be a huge blow to the Aquino administration.

And I bet a Roxas resignation would have a lot of true as well as false anti-Noynoy folks rejoicing. But what then? Would it translate into support for a Roxas Presidency?

Quitting the Aquino cabinet over the Mamapasano Massacre would certainly create a brutal political backlash for Roxas because in the world of power politics it would mean setting himself apart from all of those who previously supported the ascent of Noynoy into the Presidency and whose fortunes are dependent on the current administration. Could he afford to alienate these people?

The best thing that could happen with a gambit like this is if there was any certainty that by leaving the Aquino administration, Roxas would be embraced and welcomed by a larger, more potent political force.

But I just don’t see that happening because the larger prevailing movement right now is mainly focused on getting rid of President Aquino and the logical consequence of that would be the ascent of Vice President Jejomar Binay as the President for the remainder of Aquino’s term.

Given that most of the people in politics and think of themselves as ‘kingmakers’ are really just out for their own self-interests, I figure that the prudent decision would be to suck up to Binay at this point.

Now, given that it seems it would be foolish for Roxas to resign, it would be a no-brainer for him to stay with the Aquino administration. But would staying with the Aquino Administration lead to a Roxas Presidency?

Was Cory Aquino able to pass on her ‘magical endorsement powers’ to Noynoy? Say what you will about Cory Aquino, but her best decision back then was to endorse Fidel V. Ramos as her favored Presidential candidate in 1992 — not that Ramos won in a clean and fair election, by the way.

Oh, I doubt that a Noynoy endorsement would have the same effect as a Cory endorsement. So, what’s with that?

I think Roxas best bet, really, is neither resigning or staying with the administration. It’s just the wrong context… the wrong race… the wrong battle…

The bittersweet joy of running the fastest 100 meters in human history then realizing you've run it the wrong way.There ought to be a huge sign that says, “YOU CAN’T GET THERE FROM HERE.”

You can holler all you want about the virtues of Roxas, no one is going to buy it because it simply will continue to be irrelevant up until the time that Roxas emerges in the right context… in the right race… in the right battle.

And really, that is something only the truly astute political thinker and propagandist can figure out for Roxas.

3 Replies to “Will Mar Roxas’ Resignation Make Him A Viable Presidential Candidate in 2016?”

  1. Roxas is the same as Aquino. Roxas was a Failure in the Typhoon Yolanda relief efforts of the government. Roxas was playing Politics, amidst the victims’ needs.

    In the Mamapasano murder/butchery of the 44 soldiers/police. Roxas was quick to Cover his Filthy Ass. He pretended “ignorance….

    His resume is not good. He is a “Clone” of his incompetent Boss: Aquino.

    Even he will distance himself, from Aquino and the YellowTards. The “Stench of Incompetence” remains on Roxas…

    1. I have never heard Roxas excelled academically in school. He makes himself looks like “genius” , by wearing those glasses. However, as a Politician…he is just a common TRAPO.

      We need better people, as Presidential aspirants…show your resumes, vision for the country and previous accomplishments.

      We don’t want another Aquino…

  2. Mar “ADHD” Roxas says he has come out of his cocoon of anonymity and metamorphosed into a legitimate candidate.

    Now that is PURE BS. Since time immemorial, Mar “ADHD” Roxas has always been one of the millions of political butterflies in a country called The Failippines.

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