5 things that will happen when Mar Roxas becomes president of the Philippines

Will the Philippines become a better country with Mar Roxas as its leader from 2016 through 2022? It remains to be seen, of course and, for now, people can merely speculate. But if recent history can be allowed to afford us a bit of insight on what a Mar Roxas presidency will likely be like, the following would be the standouts.

* * *

(1) Current Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III will go scott-free.

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Mar Roxas is being groomed to be the next president of the Philippines so that he will pave the way for a happy outside-of-jail retirement from politics for his predecessor. Already, the list of things, big and small, that President BS Aquino could be thrown in jail for is growing. The president was behind the illegal appropriation of hundreds of millions of pesos in public funds towards shady “budgetary” notions such as the “Priority Development Assistance Fund” (PDAF) and his original creation, the “Disbursement Acceleration Program” (DAP) most of which allegedly went into the pockets of various legislators involved in the persecution of his political enemies.

mar_roxasMost recently, it has emerged following the tragic events in Mamasapano that led to the massacre of 44 elite police officers that BS Aquino could be a party to treason. The alleged perpetrators of the massacre, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, an Islamic terrorist organisation with known ties with international terror group Al Qaeda, was the key party in “peace” negotiation among equals that the Aquino government had involved itself in. A third party in these negotiations, the Malaysian government, has long been suspected to be supporting and even funding Islamic insurgents in the Philippines’ southern island of Mindanao.

Between these two big non-bailable offenses, plunder and treason, are a raft of small cases of gross mismanagement, nepotism, graft, and appalling instances of negligence that would also attract scrutiny and, eventually, prosecution. Suffice to say, President BS Aquino should really start assembling a kick-ass legal team to prepare for 2016. But with President Mar Roxas on his side, that might not even be necessary.

(2) The Philippines will continue to lack a strategic vision for its future.

Does Mar Roxas have a vision of what the Philippines might be in 2022 when his term as president ends? If so, we still have no idea what that vision may be. For that matter, none of the up-and-coming presidential candidates has articulated his or her visions for the Philippines. And even for that matter, Filipinos overall seem uninterested in what the future holds for their sad nation as evident in the way they generally fail to ask their candidates the right questions come election time.

In short, Mar Roxas is no different from any other presidential candidate. What then makes Roxas the superior choice as President BS Aquino and his henchmen would like us to believe? That’s a tough question that many have attempted but failed to answer with their pained manifestos on a future where Roxas is president. The only real argument defers to a tired old tradition of Filipino-style political thought — that Roxas represents the lesser evil. The guy that will “prevent a Binay” presidency. The man who represents the lowest common denominator choice of the Filipino people.

The conclusion is quite straightforward. Mar Roxas will be yet another Pwede Na Yan president like President BS Aquino is. And we all know how that option turned out.

(3) National security may suffer (although the traffic situation might improve).

Mar Roxas has lots of personal experience directing traffic — under the rain even. Indeed, in the aftermath of the devastation wrought by Super Typhoon Haiyan (local code-name: “Yolanda”), this expertise was the one on display to show that the Interior Secretary was on top of the situation. No one can deny that Mar Roxas is a “hands-on” manager. Photos of what seems to be Roxas using a hammer to drive nails into a school desk have also been circulating all over the Net. Add to his CV, too, his claim to the throne of Palengke King evidenced by his ability to carry around a sack of onions while smiling for the camera.

Unfortunately while he kept his hands dirty fiddling with carpentry tools and hauling sacks of farm produce, Roxas dropped an important ball when it came to maintaining a grip over the whereabouts of his own police officers. While he can now be excused from being an accountable element in the chain of command SNAFU that led to the massacre of the 44 Special Action Force troops in Mamasapano, what is inexcusable is his inability to keep himself in the loop in matters of consequence to the security of that national interior he is supposedly responsible for. With a belligerent world power gobbling up precious territory in the West Philippine Sea and what could be a Malaysian terrorist band rampaging across Mindanao, the Philippines can ill-afford a ball dropper sitting in Malacanang for another six years.

(4) Malacanang will continue losing the battle at the Public Relations front.

President BS Aquino’s bloated communications team has so far failed miserably to keep Malacanang afloat when it came to crucial public relations management. Indeed, as is currently the case, they already have their hands full keeping the statesmanship-challenged president himself looking and smelling good before his bosses (the “Filipino people” we are told). That focus on the president’s BS left Roxas looking really bad — a complete failure when it came to responding to the pointed questions of foreign media outfits like CNN in the crucial days following the Haiyan disaster and an utter amateur when it came to conducting himself properly before the public and addressing them when called to step up to the task.

If he wants to be president, Roxas really needs to work on his people skills by learning to control his famously foul cussing mouth. He even once almost got himself thrown out of a prestigious country club thanks to his renowned boorish condescending behaviour. In a political lanscape where popularity trumps all other virtues in a politician, Mar Roxas will likely run Malacanang to the ground if he does not hone his communication faculties and refine his manners.

(5) Korina Sanchez will be First Lady.

Yikes! Korina Sanchez as First Lady of the Philippines. That is gonna be interesting. The First Lady is supposed to complement the president and give his administration a much-needed “woman’s touch”. Sexist as that may be, it is a stark reality that the Philippines remains mired in a primitive “macho” culture composed of narcissistic male figures. Trouble is, Korina Sanchez is, herself, a showbiz personality. What is ironic about her is that, though she herself is a broadcast news “professional”, she has proven to be completely inept with dealing with the foreign media.

A Mar-Korina combination serving as the face of the Philippine Government is a disturbing prospect indeed. By the time the two of them make themselves comfy in the Palace, Filipinos will have already had to endure six years of President BS Aquino’s nganga face. How much longer will Filipinos have to put up with a government with facial issues? Apparently six more when Mar Roxas takes his seat in Malacanang in 2016.

* * *

The future, indeed, does not look bright for the Philippines. Touted as the most “viable” option for president (translated in Normalspeak, the most non-evil candidate), Mar Roxas as most “winnable” candidate is a sad indictment of Philippine democracy. In the almost three decades since the Philippines supposedly “regained” its “freedom” from the “dictatorship” of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Filipinos have all but blighted this otherwise brilliant Western model of modern governance. Rather than bring out the best in Filipinos, democracy had brought out their worst — turning them into a nation of in-fighting, sniveling, mudslinging, gossiping, lemming-like sheeple.

Is there no presidential candidate that can represent the best of them rather than the least bad? Filipinos still have a little more than a year to prove to the world that at least one good one can be produced by their 101 million-strong nation.

85 Replies to “5 things that will happen when Mar Roxas becomes president of the Philippines”

  1. The Japanese have a saying, the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. This is also not just applicable, but evident in our own setting as well.

    You asked, “Is there no presidential candidate that can represent the best of them rather than the least bad?”, but look at it from another angle, and one will find himself/herself asking, “Do the Filipinos want to be represented by the best of their own, rather than the least bad?”

    The answer is, no, they don’t.

    Filipinos don’t respond to competence because it is a perceived threat. Yet it is ironic that they put a lot of weight on credentials, yet fail to consider them when they count. Instead, they would look for things to feel threatened about like, “mayabang”, or “marunong mandaya”, or what have you.

    They would rather go with someone who is either someone like them, or “non-threatening”, yet mediocre. One only has to look at Noynoy Aquino’s ascension to the Presidency to validate that.

    1. HE has to develop a sense of his ownself and own man… a member of the LP and pnoys confidant but be a president not afraid to decide best for the best of the country not to his party…a president who has more vision… more courage to admit mistakes and own up to the problems so he can seek a solution… pnoys presidency is not that bad but it was not good lacking of vision on all fronts, vindictive, and lack of foresight, and we wonder why even vietnam is ahead in investments…. its because pnoy had no vision and direction… no plans for laying out the country full of talented workforce… example airport and the power shortage…. just two of what the investors gauge a prospective investment haven…

    1. tulfotumbong –another six years of NGANGA, tuloy ang pag sisi ni Mar ke Gloria sa kapalpakan ni Pnoy..Pnoy new ways of government is cheap and a bullet proof to discover any corruption unlike GMA projects that easily proven corruptions. Pnoy do not make projects but he ask the senatongs and tongresman to do the project that he supposed to made.Hard to figure out where is the corruption there. I know a hidden or secret commission for every PDAF or DAP to each buwayas but how can U prove that specially no audit required from president..Hah!
      The next Prtesident just will continue what style pnoy did and will keep blaming GMA with the help of paid Media ang news outlets.Watching TV teleserye will keep the pilipinos in the dark about politics

  2. Who wants to be ousted next? Let them be president. We will never stop complaining and asking for politicians to step down because we, as a Filipino people, will give to them what they so severely lack — shame!

    1. The perfect leader must be a fault finder critical even of himself… if you find the problem then you can consult and decide for a solution… pnoy and his party mates are blameless, its always GMAs fault… although i rallied for pnoy, it was my disgust w GMAs lies at least she had the balls to publicly apologize, AND cory,s death that emotionally voted for pnoy…

  3. This article is BULLSHIT! The author whoever he is a paid by the enemies of Mar and plain hackers of truth. You are not worthy to give any opinion.

      1. I knew a man who is very qualified to run. Will I be heard if I shout to the world we need him as President?And if ever they heard me, will he run or does he like to become a President in the first place?
        We can get what we want many times but we cannot always get what we want all the time. There is no perfect candidate, there were only good and bad choices, most and least evil. I bet you even Pope Francis or Mother Theresa or the great Julius Ceasar have their flaws. Mar may not be as perfectly talented as the others, but we Filipinos are living under the same roof. Why is it hard for us to support him if he ever gets elected? Election is not the end of game. Responsibility lies not just in our leaders but also to each one of us. If we start to realise that, maybe we can make a change to steer our country to a better path.
        Btw, ill support anyone who will win the race…except for THIEVES. We know who he is.

    1. Don’t blame GRP. Blame Mar for being a kiss a$$. Blame Mar for having no guts . Blame Mar for marrying a b$&@# . Since when did lapdogs make good presidents?? Since when did someone who rationalized the behavior of a joke make for a good president??

      1. gogs..maybe the other way. The lapdog dictate the boss and the boss say’s “yes dog I will do your command”

    2. GRP is a blog not a news website and its writers are not professional journalists which means they are not entitled to be impartial unlike news media.

      I’m with GRP in advocating critical thinking but its impartiality in its political stance is questionable. This blog attacks the Aquinos and its associates frequently ever since this blog started.

      1. “Attack” is such a strong word. Images of beheadings and all forms of abuse come to mind. It’s as if we use foul language to drive our point. I personally don’t even call him “Abnoy”. Only someone who still cannot accept that PNoy and the people around him are causing damage to the country’s institutions and moral fiber would say GRP “attacks the Aquinos and his associates”. Do yourself a favour and quit being in denial.

        The writers here quite often use PNoy as an example because he is the embodiment of mediocrity and dysfunctional behaviour in Philippine society. As the so-called “leader” of 100 million Filipinos, his actions reveal the kind of society Filipinos have. If the majority of Filipinos had any sense at all, they wouldn’t tolerate his behaviour.

        Recent events have proven that GRP writers were CORRECT in their analysis of PNoy and his associates. It’s time you accept that reality.

        1. I’m not a PNoy supporter and he deserves the flak that he is receiving right. Th now but I will stand by what I said.

          The PNoy is increasingly being turned into GRP’s poster boy of the wrongs in Philippine Society instead of Juan Tamad and it actually contradicts its advocacy of critical-thinking.

          It is increasingly becoming a haven for anything anti-Aquino and insults are being fired against him and his supporters like calling their supporters ‘Yellowtards’ (which is a pun for the words yellow; the symbolic color of the Aquinos and retard). This is not promoting critical thinking but propagating hatred.

        2. It is increasingly becoming a haven for anything anti-Aquino and insults are being fired against him and his supporters like calling their supporters ‘Yellowtards’ (which is a pun for the words yellow; the symbolic color of the Aquinos and retard). This is not promoting critical thinking but propagating hatred.

          Excuse me, but we cannot control how every commenter reacts to our articles. Like I said, I don’t personally use the terms “Abnoy” or “yellowtard”.

          For someone who says he is not a PNoy supporter, you seem to be acting like one. Why else would you write like you are so affected by the criticisms PNoy is getting? Get real!

        3. Haha for one to say “this blog attacks the Aquinos and its associates frequently ever since this blog started” is obviously NOT a real GRP reader. Style nia bulok

      2. Actually, if you hadn’t noticed yet, BS Aquino has been my (not presuming to speak for all the writers here) poster boy for everything that is wrong with the Philippines since he first emerged as a popular presidential candidate in 2009.

        He just happened to have stepped into the mold of embodiment of Pinoy dysfunctional thinking (that I long before put up as a hypothesis of why the Philippines fails so consistently) to a tee both in his manner and the hollow-headed way Pinoys look up to him.

        So far his behaviour has remained consistent with our predictions from way back and the outcomes of that behaviour attest to that consistency.

        1. It kinds of remind me of an article of a recent BBC sports article where Spanish sports-newspaper ‘Marca’ has been blaming player Gareth Bale for Real Madrid’s bad run of form even though the whole team has been playing badly including star player Cristiano Ronaldo (I’m a football/soccer fan BTW). Marca’s real objective is to undermine the club president Florentino Perez and Bale has to take the blame because he’s allegedly the president’s favorite.

          I think GRP is doing the same as Marca. You undermine the Filipinos way of thinking and Aquino is taking the blame because he’s the leader that the people voted for.

          Here’s the article that I’m talking about:

        2. @Carlo

          You need to use a bit of “critical thinking” before you comment.

          PNoy would not be in power if not for the people who voted for him and for the people who still tolerate his behaviour. Some of us here in GRP highlight his arrogance and incompetence to show the kind of person the voters put in power. Since majority still tolerate his behaviour or are still apathetic to the damage he is causing, then they really deserve him and the current state the country is in.

        3. Ilda & Bening0
          How can you prevent others from using yourNAME (intentionally or by chance) or avoid confusing me with others?

        4. Maybe try to create an account on Gravatar.com using the email address you use here, then upload an avatars graphic. That way you’ll have a unique icon representing you.

      3. Carlo–That is the problem is that the news media are paid,How do you believed what they write..Example Pulse Asia, WSW. inquirer ,PhilStar, ABS CBN

        1. @Jericho: And what’s very amazing is that you’re missing the point.

          Go back on burying people, Jackass. 😛

      1. Huh? Where’s the logic in what you said? So he is paid because the article laid out the untrue… boggles me.???

    3. A close mind makes for a myopic insight on things… pnoy did some good but lacking in many things and is not perfect… but his stance is he is the standard of what a perfect president should be, he did nothing wrong, and the misakes he made are caused by others… pres blameless and perfect… the bigger and better man knows whe he is wrong so he can find a remedy…

  4. Benign0 – I do enjoy reading your blog, it certainly gives a different look at filippino politics. The only problem I have with most articles here is that they are full of critism (nothing wrong with that) but at the same time do not offer any solutions. Binay – no good (most educated people would agree though), Roxas – no good (but still better than Binay..) Would you mind to share who in your opinion would be a good and qualified candidate for 2016 elections?

    1. A reformed roxas who is courageous enough to admit what their administration lacked, who among their party mates are to responsible for it, a promise of a new kind of administration to remedy what was lacking now… then he is the candidate of the people not of LP and pnoy…

      1. Roxas is the same as Aquino. “A leopard will never change its spots”…they usually say. “A Dog will always return to eat its own Vomit”…the Christian Bible say…”A Crook, like Aquino, will always be a Crook”…I say…

    2. I agree with you Hey Joe, I have never read a positive and encouraging blog here but mostly criticisms as if the current administration is suddenly the sole reason why the country is in a dire situation. When one criticizes negatively there should always be a positive alternative or counter to such. In this case, GRP should lay down its card, who do you think is the best for the country right now and why do think he or she is the answer to all our country’s problem?

      1. TBH, what you actually wanted is something that will make you feel good and not something truthful.

        That’s what we call being delusional.

  5. Predicting the future now,eh?

    Go to Macau or Monte Carlo and hangout at the Roulette wheel….if you can predict the future.

    1. I think you might also hurt the weather forecaster (they predict our weather and date/time of moon phases) or business analysts (they can predict the future of economy too)

      You don’t need to be a fortune teller to predict our future with Mar.

  6. Mar Roxas is a failure as an administrator and a manager. The Typhoon relief in Leyte and the Mamasapano massacre, showed, he is not fit to be President.

    Mar Roxas is also a political Scammer. He went on, a few years ago, to drive a Pedicab. Showing , he can make the lives of Pedicab drivers better, if he is elected President. Carrying bags of Onion; directing traffic…what the hell do these theatrical acts, and photo opportunities, do with being an effective President?

    I had never seen any Bill introduced by Mar Roxas, as Senator; that would lessen the poverty in our country…or a House Bill to remove the Squatters.

    Mar Roxas will be WORSE than BS Aquino, as President. He has no good track record as a Public Servant.

    1. Mr aquino has a good pr people employed to alter the truth and touch the hearts of an emotional population of this country who uses their hearts to decide rather than their brains… well not all…hehe

    2. Korek! Before I believed in the powers of Mr. Palengke before but calamities strike Tacloban and his credibility was tested, what did he do to those victims of Yolanda? I remember him saying “Be careful of your words because you are a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino.” WTF! No more Mr. Palengke, you cannot fool us with your acting anymore. Mr. Epal ka na ngayon! Where are the billions of funds that came from other countries? Nasa Abs-cbn na? Paid ad lang ang peg. How much again did he pay for kathniel endorsement alone??

      I’m sick and tired of all this heartless corruption, acting, connivance. We need a real president who is not afraid of drug addicts, drug lords and change and is proven and tested for more than 30 years of service.


      P.S. I am from Davao so I know what I’m talking about.

    3. Are you sure? Check his RA’s and Senate Bills passed and then repeat paragraph 3 of your comment. Among others, check these RA 8759, RA8748, RA8756, RA7880, Senate Bills, 2139, 101, 102, 103, 104,105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110 and many more. Read them well first and make an honest conclusion.

      1. You know what will happen, his relatives more than 5 of them will all be head of the cabinet, thats more than 5 things that will happen… he can order but won’t give cake to every filipino,s bday… well as for corruption it was obviously orchestrated by a political maneuver… destroy the enemy… but it will be for the cpurts to assess the evidence and not the barrage of accusations w no concrete evidence ergo we have yet to see evidences other than a disgruntled partner in crime turned witness against him…

    1. Godfrey –Mas OK pa si Binay,kase puro galit lang ng mga kalaban ang naririnig mo..Pag pinakulong na siya ni Pnoy si Binay ay saka lang ako maniniwala na totoo ang bintang. Very peace si Pinoy at Binay na nagpapatotoo lang na politika lang ang ingay na yan..Walang blessing ni Pnoy ang akusasyon kaya wala yan sa 2016..Panalo rin si Binay at siyempre lusot si Pnoy sa mga kaso niya

  7. The best way to keep something bad from happening is to see it ahead of time…and you can’t see it if you refuse to face the possibility.

  8. Try do a Duterte piece. He’s been rising on the recent survey polls right now and he’s been hinting his intentions to run here in Mindanao through TV ads with a slogan ‘Andam Na Ba Mo?’ (are you ready?).

  9. i believe nothing will solve the problem of this country. Failippines talaga. if i were you and i have the means, i would migrate to another country, Canada or Australia. short of an atomic bomb from the chinese, NOTHING WILL CHANGE the philippines. so sites like this and anti-pinoy can breathe a sigh of relief. sabi nga ni joker, “what would i do without you?” you won’t run out of material to write. lol!

  10. its nice to read comments or any form of writing describing someone especially those who are aspiring for a higher position in our government, but, let us consider. what is our criteria in giving our criticism, or comments to them? I suggest, that, if we give any comments we must be a facilitator of getting information to inform the general public, so that, they may know the true person we are talking to. let us present them and compare both of their what they can do for our country either for better or for worse.

  11. I don’t mind opinons as long as they maintain some objectivity and impartiality. This one has innuendo and unsubstantiated assumptions, which leave the effect of maligning or destroying its target. The DAP wasn’t illegal until the SC said that parts of it were, and even then the president accounted for it except for the amount given to senators which formed part of their pdaf which the senators themselves have to account for, not aquino.

    Re mamasapano, paano naman ang gagawin ni roxas kung hindi at AYAW siyang ipasali sa communications loop ni Purisima?

    And if aquino will be accused of treason, and presuming that there will be enough probable cause to do so, then that will be a job for the judiciary to do and roxas will not interfere. If you will say “how do I know mar will not interfere?”, my response is How can YOU know or even say that he WILL? Where’s your basis?

    Lack of strategic vision? That sounds so uninformed. Mar is the recognized Father of the Call Center Industry. That this blog doesn’t manifest research suggests fairness and objectivity is not its guide, its intention is to malign and destroy Mar Roxas. Why? What’s the real reason? Perception or objectivity?

    Fyi, The BPO industry currently employs about a million filipinos, it brought in US$ 18 Billion last year, and is expected to reach $26B over the next 2 years and employ even more people. The BPO industry RESCUED the then ailing real estate industry specially the office space sector, filling up the vacant hectares of office space from libis to muninlupa and now up to cebu and cagayan de oro. It boosted the transportation and food industry. It also provides employment to janitors, security guards, etc.

    Remember the generics medicines that are now everywhere? What about the medicines for vital organs, heart, lungs, brain, etc, that could never be generic, were so expensive but are now available at 50% of their price in the Phils which benefits not only the poor but the other members of society. That’s because of the Generics law and the Cheaper Medicines Act, all courtesy of the “lack of vision” of Mar Roxas, who even received death threats for twisting the arm of big Pharma companies to slash their prices.

    Qualification? Compared to whom? Poe? Chiz? Binay, who went straight from mayor to VP without learning from congress and the senate? BBM? Have any of them been trained up hands on the way Mar has been in the last 20 years? And despite Mar’s longstanding service in government, he remains absolutely free of any hint of corruption.

    Is the CNN infalllible? Google them. At the time of typhoon Haiyan, CNN ratings were so low they had to do something to “sell” the news. Overdramatizing, exaggeration, was played up. Numerous complaints have surfaced online about their portrayal not only of the Phils at that time. Anderson Cooper’s remarks saying there was no government presence and comparing us to japan were totally lacking in information and sensitivity. They have been called out not just here but in other countries for exaggeration. That interview with Mar was almost like cornering him, looking for someone to blame, and Mar hadn’t even SLEPT yet, try keeping your composure and head while undergoing that.

    The Wack-wack incident? Excuse me but Roxas did NOT curse at anyone but he WAS upset because the employee in question kept asking him and asking him to pay the 5K green fee in front of all of Mar’s guests which embarrassed him. As DILG sec, you tend to have people around you and when somebody makes you look stupid in front of them to pay a bill which is not really a big amount, you’ll get annoyed too. I would. And HERE IT IS. Before that happened, the president removed the head of the PCSO, a presidnetial appointee, because she had delayed providing evidence to the DILG in aid of investigating the ombudsman case re the pcso funds that were supposedly given to GMA. The president of Wack-Wack golf and country club at the time is the HUSBAND of that disgraced former PCSO head, who made a big show of suspending Mar’s membership. But Mar gracefully kept his peace and accepted the kangaroo decision to suspend his membership. The following week, it was revealed that there was a mutiny among the wack-wack board against that president for actions, including that one ionvolving Mar, that they disagreed with. The whole thing was a SETUP for Mar in retaliation for what happened to the wife of that golf club’s president.

    Popularity over honesty and hard work? Aren’t these these the values elect unworthy people iot power?

    Korina’s “inept” dealing with foreign media? You mean the Anderson Cooper exchange? Cooper declares on international tv that there was “no government presence” in tacloban. But Korina knew there was. her husband had spent the night there BEFORE Yolanda flattened it. And ALL communications were taken out. That means at the time that Anderson Cooper gave his limited opinion of the situation, Korina Sanchez had not yet spoken to Mar nor could anyone provide any information that her husband wasn’t among the dead lying in the ruins of Tacloban. What would YOU do? How wouldYOU react? Are you going to tell me that you’re going to be calm, collected, totally objective and perfect?

    And objective is what this blog is not about. Look how judgemental these words are, “A Mar-Korina combination serving as the face of the Philippine Government is a disturbing prospect indeed. By the time the two of them make themselves comfy in the Palace, Filipinos will have already had to endure six years of President BS Aquino’s nganga face. How much longer will Filipinos have to put up with a government with facial issues?”xxx

    This is SO “racist” for lack of a better term. It’s some kind of “ist”, for usre. The author is basing his value judgement on outer qualities. What is it saying? That we should appraise presidents, and by extension other people, on how they SHOULD or COULD look like, and not on their character, or what they can bring to the table? Or their results?

    For example, Greece is where we were some 20 or so years ago. If you research the economy, we’re at the peak of our standing. Based on my own 59 years of life, I can say we are far better off than we ever were. Imperfect, for sure, but better.

    And although its a given that aquino’s face isn’t attractive at all to look at, his achievements during his term make him LOOK GOOD. Just look at the latest polls. Research the economy. When were we EVER investment grade? Never, until now. There are at 3 powerful popular senators in detention waiting for their trial to complete, more cases pending to be filed, thus sending a strong message to one and all. Crime has increased but so has the population. Jobless rate? It’s actually gone down. So has the number of OFW’s deployed by 20%. They’re stayng home. Why? Because we’re open for business. More people are getting employed. Those that were are increasing their income. nd yes, we have a long way to go but we’re better off than we ever were.

    Si Mar Roxas, mula nung 2010 elections, sinisiraan. One week before elections, Binay’s black Ops PR team put out a video of Mar applauding GMA signign the evat into law. Mar’s handlers complained that the video was a splice of Mar clapping jhis hands when the Generics bill was signed into law and GMA signing the evat. At that time, the eVat law as being portrayed by Binay as “anit-poor” so Mar was subjected to so many batikos. But the video was fake so when Mar’s team complained, the Binay camp “apologized”, withdrew the offending video but they already PLANNED the whole scenario amd it worked. nasiraan si Mar. That plus the null votes for Mar. Binay’s wiining margin was only 700,000 votes, the lowest winning margin in a VP race since the 5th republic.

    How many votes were not counted because there was a “glitch” in the pcos machines so the votes were set aside as “null Votes”? THREE MILLION (3,000,000), all in Roxas’ bailiwick, his own territory. Mar Roxas should have been the declared winner.

    So guess what. mar’s team discovered forensic evidence that showed tampering with the pcos machines. the evidence was submitted to the Electoral Tribunal which saw that there was sufficient evidence to accept Mar’s petition for a recount as having merit.

    Binay has been petitioning the electoral tribunal to dismiss mar’s case because hindi pa raw paid yung docket fee which Mar said they will pay after providing or securing another piece of legal evidence. When you ask the court to dismiss a case for a technicality, it’s usually a sign of weakness or fear.

    Do you know WHY mayor Romulaldez worked SO hard to bring Mar Roxas down in tacloban? becasue he needed a scapegoat. Someone to pass ther blame for the Tacloban tragedy. WHY? To hide the awful truth that would have cost him his political career. Mayor Romualdez was on vacation from the north and arrived in Tacloban ONE AND A HALF DAYS only before Typhoon Haiyan landed. The storm preparations were conducted by him through CELLPHONE. And what was one of the first things he did within that one and a half days? He inspected his newly built house and guest house beside his resort along the beach. Nung nakita suya ng mga tao, aba e away nang umalis. So they all died there except for the mayors family who almost drowned if not for their sturdy guest house.

    On the 4th day after Yolanda hit tacloban, Mar and Romualdez had that meeting. The mayor demanded that the govt take over Tacloban and asked for military curfew among others. Mar said the law requires a majority vote by the city council to allow anybody, even the govt, to take over tacloban. Wala raw quorum, sabi ni mayor. Nasalanta daw ng bagyo yung mga konsehal. But reports surfaced that most of them abandoned Tacloban and left for manila. Hindi makabalik agad kasi wala nang airport.

    Sabi ni Mar, ok, pahingi nalang ng simpleng sulat requesting for military takeover at kayo nalang ng city adminstrator tecson lim ang pumirma. Sabi ng lawyer ni mayor sa kanya, “If you sign that letter, parang nagre-resign ka na”. So nagmatigas si mayor and refused to give that letter which is required by law under the national code. Explained Mar, “Kahit sinong layman sa kalye can accuse the govt of violating the law”. The letter was just for the protection of the govt, the NDRRMC, etc, altho lahat ng hinihingi ni mayor halos ginagawa na nga, including distributing one ton of relief goods.

    Nung ayaw talaga ni mayor bumigay, duon napikon si mar at sinabi niya yun sinabi niya which interpretd correctly is this, “pare, anong sasabihin ng mgat ato samin? “Kaya ninyo tinakeover yang Tacloban kasi teritoryo yan ng pamangking ng taong pumatay sa tatay ng presidente”. That’s what Mar meant when he said, “The president is an Aquino and You’re a Romualdez”. Nung matigas pa rin si Mayor, dun sinabi ni Mar yung, “Bahala kayo sa buhay ninyo” which was a statement of frustration, not malice.

    My wife says it to me all the time pag may argument kami at hindi siya manalo, “Bahal ka sa buhay mo”. But in Mar’s case, don’t judge him by his words but by his actions. lahat ng request ni Mayor, binigay. Hiningi pati ni Mayor yung relief goods during that meeting at ito’y i-tinurnover sa kanya.

    Pero pag labas niya ng meeting, nagpa-interview si mayor sa Solar News at nag-drama na “Pinaparesign daw siya ni Mar Roxas”. Pero naudlot yun after nainterview si atty tecson lim, tacloban city administrator, who replied to the question kung pinaparesign daw ba ni Mar si Mayor, “That’s not true! In fact, Sec Roxas has bent over backwards to help Tacloban”. Solar News November 11, 2013. Kaya hindi agad umandar yung paninira ni mayor kay Mar.

    One month later at a congressional oversight hearing, when mar was in central visayas taking care of things, Mayor romualdez shows up crying in congress on national tv, accuses Mar of “politicking”, “Mas mahalaga pa yung papel na yun kaysa tumulong.”

    By that time, December 2013, one month after Yolanda killed tacloban, Filipinos were so emotionally devastated by the damage and loss of life, specially in Tacloban which was the hardest hit, so much was our grief that anytime a video of tacloban would show up on social media, people cried uncontrollably in mounting grief.

    So when Romualdez accused mar, the whole nation rose up in indignated emotional turmoil and turned the blame on Mar Roxas, just as Romualdez had intended. When Mar tried to present the facts, the people screamed, “Stop the blame game! Continue the relief work!” So Mar kept silent nalang and did the work which he had never stopped doing anyway. And Mayor Romualdez got away scot free from responsibilty for his negligence.

    Why was there only one casualty in a neoghboring province and zero casualty in another one? Because the mayors there were NOT on vacation and had hands on management of preparation and evacuations. They even forcibly evacuated people to safety so that there was only one death compared to tacloban.

    How much longer are we going to fall for manipulations by politicians? These people have the unlimied funds to hire foreign, top caliber media magicians who teach them how to do jedi mind tricks and pull of David Blaine illusions to fool us?

    For example, just look at the series of statements and actions by Binay regarding the accusations against him. He’s being managed but baldy because MATINDI at MABIGAT yung mga evidence and accusations against him.

    It’s high time that candidates are elected NOT because they’re popular, or because of patronage, but because they can do the job. Look at all the trouble we Filipinos have VOTED ourselves into.

    The phrase “the candidate that is the lesser evil” was applied to Mar Roxas based on the failed value of popularity.

    Popularity will not govern a nation. Years of first hand, hands-on experience and management, vision, character under fire, personal knowledge running government, honesty, integrity. Mar has this.

    1. Indeed, Mar Roxas is fittest to be President of PH. Many people sees him as a puppet-to-be but haven’t really did research and continues to be depending on shit like this on the internet

    2. Mike, thank you very much for this explanation!
      I know some of the reasons already w/c i have tried to explain to common complaints/criticisms… but yours is very well explained, well stated …

      I might use some of your explanation, will quote some of your statements, thanks mike!

  12. Mike –Version of your story..by the way what happened to foreign relief goods and those relief rice that replaced with horded rotten rice that came from govt warehouse.. ‘Bulaga”

    (Hari ng Sablay ang sagot decision, at diskarte)

    – is one of the most EPAL politicians – who consistently use various Tactic to attract voter’s attention. Instead of showcasing his vision, experiences (former DTI, Senator), skill, capabilities & qualifications to LEAD in vital positions he was given like:

    1. DOTC which up to now is corrupt and a big mess (perinial MRT, traffic, plate no. problem).

    2. DILG mis-handling of preparation, response & rehabilitation of Tacloban.

    Mar Roxas statement is always stupid or sablay in many occasions such as:

    “You are a Romualdez, the President is an Aquino”

    “Naligaw ang SAF at nagkaroon ng misencounter with MILF forces!”

    PUBLIC SERVANTS (Elected or non-elected Government officials) should not be allowed to use Media (free or paid publicity?) to his/her benefit, claimed credit for public funded projects, and for simply doing his/her work (public service).

    Display their name/image/likeness on signs/billboard (in public places) or media (T.V., radio, newspaper, tabloid, social media, etc) in furtherance of their political careers.

    Premature campaigning/publicity (good or bad) of public officials or people aspiring for public office engage themselves in activities aimed to furthering their political ambitions before start of campaign period (Election 2016).

    1. Ask that question to yourself you retarded failipino because it’s obvious that you are always lost that your only direction is what the sensationalized media like abias-cbn always tell you.

  14. The author showed a very judgmental attitude towards Mar. Along his line of thinking, he is for sure 101% paid writer by the Binays. Who the hell are you to judge the fate of every President for the next 6 years? Are you a prophet or a puppet? Why not write as well what will happen to Middle East or America at that? Loser!

    1. Judgmental? Heck, even my father said that Mar Roxas may lose because he has no winnability.

      The real loser, is YOU, son. Making ASSumptions of yours speaks how much of a hypocritical, gullible fool you are. And you won’t replay black since what I’ve said is 100% TRUE and you’re totally BUTTHURT about it. 😀

      1. Kung Ikaw na kaya ang Presidente ng Pilipinas hidi ka kaya Mangurakot?? ipapaputol ko ang Ulo ko kung matino ka!!!

        1. Fact: You can never do anything good if you have INCOMPETENCE, which is also a form of corruption.

          Meron tayong kasabihan: “A corrupt official is less harmful to society than an incompetent one. A corrupt but competent official is harmful only when he perversely chooses to be wrong. An incompetent one cannot do anything right.”

      2. “gutom tayooooo!!!!”……nag bebenta tayo nang atay, o bato, o di kaya naman nang ari, para may kikitain na pera!!!”

        huuhh? Are you serious? You are a rich kid, an aristocrat, an elitist. You are just saying that to appease the people. But at the end of the day, you are a politician who would say anything to get the poor (and gullible) people’s votes. Perhaps you laugh at your posh mansion and dinner table plated with gold and silver talking bad about how stupid and idiotic are the people who believed in you.

  15. What type of person cannot even acknowledge the gains and accomplishments of this administration? a “glass is half empty” type obviously. Simply pathetic.

  16. What do most Filipinos do when stopped by a policeman? Of course – lagay. And then they start screaming how incompetent and corrupt the leadership is! Not to excuse the corrupt, incompetent leadership but sometimes we get what we deserve. We have voters who haven’t the slightest clue about any issue. We should only allow those with college degrees to vote!

    Unfortunately the only hope for a turnaround, Rodrigo Duterte is not running. So what are we suppose to do? Don’t bribe a policeman, don’t bribe a customs inspector, don’t bribe a BIR examiner, don’t bribe a LTO clerk, don’t bribe anyone in City Hall, etc.

    The article is right. If you ask any of the current candidate what their vision for the Philippines I bet you won’t get any inspiring answers because they don’t have any.

  17. Kathryn Bernardo was paid with Php 35,000,000 while Daniel Padilla was paid with Php 50,000,000. Of course they will always deny this. You can confirm this info from their moms. Where the hell all Roxas’ money came from? From the government coffers or from his own pocket? Either way he will recoup it one way or the other.

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