The Blame Game: The Philippines’ Favorite Sport

They say that the national sport of the Philippines is basketball. I disagree, I believe that the Philippines’ favorite sport (and one it’s actually good at) is the blame game. Its had plenty of practice over the years and it has certainly improved its craft today.

Of course, to be fair, the Philippines is not the only country who plays the blame game; other countries do it too. Germany used the blame game to turn its own people against an ethnic minority: the Jews and it almost succeeded in exterminating them. The blame game is actually pretty easy to play because it relies on human nature.

The late US President Harry Truman knew exactly what leadership entailed.

The late US President Harry Truman knew exactly what leadership entailed.

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You see, whenever anything bad happens, people will always look for something or someone responsible. From a more secular perspective, one can even say that religion probably evolved from the blame game. When something happened, such as when a lightning bolt strikes a man’s home and sets it on fire, people wanted to attribute it to something or someone. That was probably when people began to think of forces they couldn’t explain or understand as gods. Whatever the case, the bottom line is that people secretly look for others to blame when something bad happens. For some reason, it’s easier to cope with problems when you know that someone or at least a sentient force is responsible for the bad things that happened to you rather than treating it as a random coincidence or freak of nature.

Okay, back to the blame game and its effects on people. The blame game is effective in controlling the people and preventing them from realizing the truth. As long as you give people a visible target for their frustrations, they will likely ignore everything else. That’s why, if you will notice, many of our officials resort to pointing fingers at one another when crap hits the proverbial fan.

A cruise ship has sunk, taking a few hundred victims? Play the blame game. Point at the people maintaining the ship who will point to the crew who will point to the people who built the ship who will point to the disobedient passengers who will point to the people maintaining the ship.

A typhoon hits a major city, killing thousands? Play the blame game. Point at the people supposed to be watching the weather who will then point to the people supposed to be prepping the citizens for safety and evacuation who will then point to the rescuers who are moving to slow who will then point to uncooperative citizens who will say that they weren’t warned in time.

Has money disappeared from the treasury and now everyone is broke? Play the blame game. Point at the people supposed to be managing the money and they will point at the people giving them the money and they will point at the people who are supposed to be guarding the money and they will point at the people counting the money.

While the blame game can be both fun and interesting to play, it ultimately yields to nothing. You can never really achieve anything by pinning responsibility on someone when that said someone could care less about responsibility. And even if someone is found guilty, what can you do when the worst has already been done?

A blatant example of the blame game can be found in President Aquino’s latest antics when he named all the people he blames for his troubles in the presence of His Holiness Pope Francis. While not really surprising as President Aquino had been blaming the GMA administration, the Marcos regime and the priests who would not side with him for some time, it must have taken a certain amount of absurdity to have thrown a tantrum before an international dignitary. Bad enough that he should act like a child in front of a world leader, he seems to also have forgotten that the Pope came to help the victims of poverty and Typhoon Yolanda, not listen to the woes of an inept man-child.

One can even say that at least Adolf Hitler understood the concept subtlety when he played the blame game. Hitler was more like: “See those rich Jews? Their money rightfully belongs to you! How can you be so poor when there are people who are as rich as them? Surely, they must be stealing your hard-earned income!” On the other hand, Aquino’s rant was more along the lines of a child saying: “See! Look at them! It’s their fault why things turned out this way! It’s them all along! It’s because of that midget Gloria and that tyrant Marcos! It’s because all these other priests wouldn’t help me!”

To be fair, we all play the blame game from time to time. You may not admit to it but when your gadget breaks or your car runs out of gas, the first thing you probably think about is who used it last. There’s really nothing wrong with wanting to know who’s responsible for something as that just proves that you have a sense of justice.

However, we should learn to play the game in more appropriate moments when there is less at stake. In crucial moments when lives are at stake, it is better to use your time to do something about the problem rather than waste your energy in finding the person who started it all. When your barbecue catches fire, you don’t waste time looking for the people who burned them, you put the fire out first and then you look for the guy who turned your barbecue extra crispy.

Playing the blame game only wastes precious time that could be spent on more essential activities. The hand you’re using to point at someone else can often be better used to lend someone who has fallen a helping hand.

39 Replies to “The Blame Game: The Philippines’ Favorite Sport”

  1. Read the Book of Genesis, in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. Eve ate the “forbidden fruit”, that was given to her by the “talking serpent”. Eve gave the “forbidden fruit” to her Husband: Adam. When God came, and ask them why they were hiding. They told God: they were “naked”. God knew then, they had eaten the “forbidden fruit”.

    Then, Eve blamed the “talking serpent”. Adam Blamed Eve…it went round and round…Blame Game started in the “Garden of Eden”…

    Aquino knows, it easier to blame; than to work for the solution of the country’s problem…U.S. President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk with this message: “The Buck(Blame) Stops Here”…he is man enough to accept responsibility…

  2. UH….’and even when someone is found guilty, what can be done…..’……..Send the convicted to a cell, yes, a cage in a cold damp prison and confiscate what they have stolen and give it back to the people.

    Hitler never really said what was insinuated in this article.Hitler blamed the ‘treaty of versailles’ and the Euro-Jew bankers for the sorry state of Germany and its economy after WW 1, and he was not wrong.

    BTW, WTF is an ‘ELDRICH abomination’ ?

    1. The demand of payments of War Reparations, from Germany’s defeat in World War I; plus the Global Depression; contributed to the dire economy of Germany, after World War I. There were no jobs; German money were highly inflated; German factories were closing. So, they need someone to blame. The German Jews, other minorities and German political opponents became the “Escape Goats”. It finally resulted in the “Holocaust”…where 6 million Jews, Minorities,German Handicapped people and German Political Opponents; perished in those Death Camps…

      “Those who do not remember the Past; are condemned to repeat it…” from the Philosopher Santayana…

      1. @ HT, they sure are,as Hitler did say:’The German people are in a fight to see who will rule the world,The Germans OR the Jews.’.

        As far as the numbers of people killed in the ‘Holocaust’, it varies widely,depending on who you refer to.Stalin, according to who you referrence, killed more than 20 million. Pograms have been around for thousands of years, all the way back to before the Jews annihilated the

        and so today, as you can see(and Santayana was not the first to state it,just sayin’): History does indeed repeat itself.

        1. It seems that mankind cannot learn from History. We cannot get along with each other…”How many death would it take to know, before we learn that too many people had died?”…from a song.

          Now we have ISIS and other Islamic Radicals, murdering people…

          I believe that this Plane Earth is the Insane Asylum of the Universe. Just look on around you. And listen to the world’s news everyday…

        1. @ Attila, OK, sure …but that was not my point. The Jews are responsible for killing 2,000 palestinians last year too.
          The Jews are not innocent. Out of the victimized populations, they just scream the loudest and complain the most. The Jews also control the Western media.

          Something I find most puzzling is the fact that a Roman Catholic nation such as the Filipino nation embraces the teachings of the ‘Old Testament’, rather than rejecting it. The ‘New Testament’ is the word of Jesus Christ, whom the Jews were at least complicit in his murder,and is better suited as Christ rejected the Jews very famously on the Thursday before ‘Good’ Friday when he flipped over the tables in the temple.Why the Filipino would listen to a syllable of the ‘Old’ Testament makes zero sense.

        2. Ah, Genrikh Yagoda?

          Why don’t we just blame Stalin for that? It fits in with the general European autocratic pattern anyhow — get Jews to do the dirty work; when times get tough, use dirtied Jews as scapegoats (specifically for their sinister Jewishness); enact pogroms but be careful to leave some barely surviving to enact whatever dirty deeds the autocrat has planned next, for inevitably some of them will want to live out better lives, and fuck it if they have to serve a royally fucked-up power-mad autocrat to do it.

          This is the part of Yagoda’s claim to infamy that is skipped out of that ynetnews page — he wasn’t Stalin, but he had to serve as Stalin’s bloody arm for a time. He didn’t do what he did because he was a Jew, whether religious or genetic — he did what he did because fucked up as it all is (and fucked up as he likely was), it was at the behest of someone even more fucked-up.

          So, yes, while Yagoda and all those who served under him have to receive our severest condemnation, his NKVD didn’t do the Great Purge alone.

        3. Why don’t we just blame Stalin for that?
          Because Jews like Yagoda and his Hungarian counterparts Matyas Raksi and Bela Kun were anti Christians. They volunteered to do the dirty work. Simple as that.

        4. Jews do name their victimizer by their real name: German Nazis, Italian Fascist, Arab terrorist etc. Christians should also name their victimizers by their real name and that includes not just Muslims but Communist Jews.

        5. Jews use better logic than just to blame Hitler alone. They rightfully blame German Nazis. They will not blame only Mussolini but the Italian fascist. Jews know they were fucked up and not because they were Italians or Germans. However they will still rightfully name them German Nazis and Italian fascist to understand what really happened. That is why we need to know about communist Jews. That is why solzhenitsyn wrote “200 years together” to understand why so many Jews volunteered and take a leading role as communist executioners. We are talking about not only a few thousand victims but millions! NEVER AGAIN covers everybody! Absolutly no excuses!

      1. @ G-Wald, it was a rhetorical question (as I know what one is, but it is a broad category ). It would have been better to have said:”what type of E.A. is Grimwald ?”.

  3. I learned from my Master that the opposite of blamers are people who know how to make (good) decisions on their own. Either the Philippine bureaucrats are enclosed in a cult conforming strict practices like in religion or evil scientist conditioning their lab rats to eat only the cheese they would offer. Nothing is done when instead of making decisions you rule it out by shaking off the responsibility on your shoulder, that very thing you blame others for.

  4. Interesting how Filipinos often use Jews as an example of victims. True they were among the victims but there were also the victimizers of Christians. Many Jews killed just as many or more people as Hitler did. Hungarians know this but for Filipinos this didn’t register yet. Learn about Gingrich Yagoda and his Jewish Commissars. He out done Hitler.
    “Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin’s collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system.” Filipinos please don’t be ignorant. Sige na bala!,7340,L-3342999,00.html

    1. Well, it’s a common enough example I should think. However, I do agree with you on how so many Filipinos only know the basics of history. (i.e.: Jews=victims, Nazis=villains) They do not know that Soviet Union and the American government has their share of blood on their hands as well.

      I merely cited Jews in this article because they will be the first to spring in a Filipino mind. Sadly.

      1. I sometimes mention the Armenian genocide by the Turks and no one around here even knows WTF an “Armenian” is supposed to be… 🙁

      2. The plight of the Jews, in both religious and genetic form (and how easily did those predisposed to anti-Semitism offered themselves up before a concept of Jew-as-genetically-disposed-racial-menace once Darwin appeared!!!), is as close to a dichotomy as history allows. Jews were truly victims, the Nazis and their allies in the Holocaust and all previous murderously-tinged deeds before then truly villains. There are no grey areas, only complications as practical contigencies demanded before and during the facts, and denials ever after.

        1. It is important for all of us to do some soul searching and make sure that the “Never Again” will not only apply to those who victimized Jews but also to Jews who victimized others. Communist Jews did murder and prosecuted as many or more Christians as Hitler did of the Jews. Tragically we never heard any remorse or apology. Just in my country in Hungary Jews were fighting side be side with our colonial and slave master the Muslim Ottomans and participated in the enslavement of 3 million Hungarians and turning my country in to a waste land. Just look up the Battle of Buda 1686. Jews did it because they got a better trade deal from the Sultan? Inexcusable. No one likes to be slaved and oppressed not just the Jews. What can we do to prevent anti Christiansm by Jews and Muslims again? What can we do to prevent another Yagoda killing millions of Christians. NEVER AGAIN applies to all mankind!

        1. Well, they often think of him as a tall, white blue-eyed guy…

          And they credit Jews with killing Jesus so yeah. I think a lot of them got it wrong.

          Then there’s “May Bukas Pa” and its subtle xenophobic feel…

        2. The image of Jesus as a tall long-haired bearded blue-eyed blonde, as portrayed in virtually every Christian denomination, is at least a thousand years old. I don’t see why Pinoys alone have to be tarred for such a widespread (mis)conception.

          (Of course, it would be interesting to know if the growth of the religious form of anti-Semitism could be traced alongside this popular imagery — as late as Byzantine Emperor Justinian’s time, one can still see mosaics of a different, short-haired beardless brown-eyed Jesus.)

  5. @Fred Mertz:

    To the Christians, the Books of the Old Testament are the Prophesies of the coming of Jesus Christ. You can read it clearly , especially in the Book of the Prophet Isaiah.

    The Book of the New Testament is the Ministry of Jesus Christ…showing the fulfillment of the Books of the Old Testament. Other books in the New Testament are: The Acts of the Apostles; the Espistles of Saint Paul. And the last: the Book of Revelation…

    The Christian religion, came out from the Jewish Religion…

  6. To be fair, we all play the blame game from time to time. You may not admit to it but when your gadget breaks or your car runs out of gas, the first thing you probably think about is who used it last. There’s really nothing wrong with wanting to know who’s responsible for something as that just proves that you have a sense of justice.
    I agree. It’s a case of sense of responsibility. 🙂

    1. @Jameboy:

      If you get car trouble, you find someone to blame?

      This is a mindset of a YellowTard Aquino Ass Kisser.

      Why not call the Repair Shop, to tow your car, and let them repair it. Or, troubleshoot what is wrong with your car, if you can…
      Like his imbecile Aquino Patron, he finds people to blame for his car troubles…what an idiotic thinking!!!

  7. Come to Cagayan de Oro, home of Vicente “Dongkoy” Emano the self-pronounced “King” of the blame game. He also has a private game group, called the Padayon Pilipino, where they routinely play said blame game on a daily basis.

    One of Dongkoy’s greatest win in the blame game was when he blamed the Sendong victims themselves for getting killed. Or when he blamed random politicians when civilians began to grow tired of him.

    Trust me, Dongkoy’s blame games are a sight to behold.

    1. We will send the YellowTard Jameboy and his Patron/Master Aquino to Dongkoy’s Blame Game “tournament” in Cagayan de Oro…they are both good/expert players in the “Blame Game”.

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