Let’s Talk World Peace at a Gay Bar in Mecca

So in the aftermath of the recent Islamic terrorism events that happened in France last week that shook the world, people ought to be calm and revisit the importance of tolerance (religious or otherwise). A lot of liberals, in their typical peacenik fashion, are trumpeting the idea that if only people learned to understand and respect one another, the situation would work itself out. Actually, that does sound very appealing. It kind of gives us the Kumbaya warm feeling that everyone can really coexist if we just try to understand our differences and practice tolerance. Great! Now I suppose we can start reaching out to our Muslim brothers and understand their beliefs over a nice cold beer at a local gay bar in Mecca, right?

moralityThe thing that liberal peaceniks fail to understand is that very much like the prospect of a booming gay bar industry in Saudi Arabia, the thought that a simple dialogue with Muslims and tolerance of their different beliefs will make things right, is pie in the sky! How do you discuss tolerance with people who are open in their disgust with gays, Jews, atheists, and pretty much any other religion that isn’t theirs? Would liberals be willing to accept the notion of tolerance being a one way street as you have folks demanding tolerance for their intolerant beliefs? Now there’s the rub!

I do understand the liberal peacenik mindset. Liberals, as a rule, value flexibility a great deal. Morality doesn’t escape this rule – to them morality is relative and flexible (or at least it ought to be). There really is no need to label or identify who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. It’s not the people who are bad but the mindset and in this particular case, it would be the fundamentalist mindset. Yes, liberals loathe fundamentalism (e.g. Islamic, Christian, or otherwise). Religious fundamentalism embraces the belief in a hard set of rules based on doctrines and dogmas. Nothing irks a liberal more than a judgmental person. They don’t like absolutes. In contrast, conservatives and fundamentalists embrace unchanging intellectual and moral yardsticks. Fundamentalists recognize that there are solid lines out there that separate right from wrong. Liberals don’t like that because if unchanging intellectual and moral yardsticks exist, then things can be measured! We know where that leads to, right? Ranking and inequality! Oh perish the thought that someone can be assessed as better than another person. Equality is the “end all, be all” for liberals.

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So if you are a liberal, you probably subscribe to the idea that it’s not really Islam in itself to blame but the nutjobs amongst its fold who cling to the literal interpretations of their holy scriptures. If the majority of the peace-loving Muslims would only police the nutjobs amongst its fold, then terrorism would stop. But here is where the argument falls apart. Judeo-Christianity has its share of fundamentalists as well. Liberal atheists love to point out homophobic passages in the Bible such as Leviticus 20:13. But in our present time we won’t hear any priest or pastor or rabbi who will call for a death decree on a homosexual. We may hear them cite holy passages in support of their opposition to gay marriage, for instance, but there won’t be any death decrees. Islam is different as many of its imams still issue fatwas for sins like homosexuality and apostasy as much as cops issue parking tickets. The problem seems to be in the religion itself. Fatal literalism has pretty much been thrown out the door in Judeo-Christianity (as it went through reformations in its faith) but not so in Islam. Perhaps the answer to the various intolerance problems within the Islamic world is the much needed reformation of its faith just like what Judeo-Christianity has gone through.

Okay, perhaps death decrees for homosexuality are a bit extreme. Surely there are Muslim fundamentalist practices that are harmless enough that can be tolerated, right? How about the requirement of women to wear a head cover for the sake of modesty (Sura 33:59)? That sounds pretty harmless enough. Well, on March 2002, fifteen girls died during a fire at a school in Mecca. The reason? The religious police prevented the firefighters to rescue the girls from burning to death. Why? It was because it is “sinful” to approach the girls as they were not wearing their proper Islamic headscarves and black robes.

So if we think about it, blaming fundamentalism itself as oppose to just Islamic fundamentalism, is rather weak. Comparing Judeo-Christian fundamentalism with Islamic fundamentalism is a red herring that merely aims to shift the conversation on what is so wrong with Islam. But what about the argument that not all Muslims are terrorists and bad people and that only a small percentage of it’s lot are nuts? Why should we be concerned or so paranoid about a religious belief that merely has a miniscule percentage of nutjobs amongst its adherents? Yeah, good question! I suppose we shouldn’t be worried about the health impacts of smoking as it merely accounts to a very small percentage of human mortality. Heck, in America alone the mortality rate from smoking is so small in relation to America’s population so what’s with all this campaign against smoking all about? Drunk driving? Who cares? That’s merely 32 thousand deaths in a population of around 316 million people in America!

But let me end this by giving credit to where credit is due. I suppose that’s the least I can do after offending the sensitivities of liberals in this article. Liberals are indeed a useful bunch. Not only do they give a counter-position in the epic tension between liberty and equality (conservatives being big on liberty while liberals being more hot on equality), they offer a flattering warm reassurance that regardless of the evil things people do, they are still nice people. So, hugs for thugs at your local Muslim gay bar, anyone?

18 Replies to “Let’s Talk World Peace at a Gay Bar in Mecca”

  1. If you are not a believer, you have been brainwashed by western media to hate and persecute our families, brothers and sisters.
    Jihad is born from the war on our faith.
    The true followers of Allah will live and die by his word. As long as you keep attacking Allah, the Prophet, and our brothers and sisters, there will be no end to Jihad.
    Whether it be by us or after us, it does not matter. The war will end when you open your eyes and see the real terrorist is your governments and corporations and read the Quran and ask for the truth to be shown to yu.

    1. Troll or not, it’s nice to have someone who stand on the sided of Islam/ Muslims. It balances things out. It would even be better if one who speaks for Islam is a real Muslim. It minimizes the guessing and innuendos.

        1. If he is a Muslim and a nutcase, that’s his problem.

          If you are a Muslim and you don’t agree with him, then, by all means represent you faith here. 🙂

        2. When a Muslim manifests becoming a nutcase, then it becomes not just that person’s problem. It becomes everyone else’s problem because, well, the evidence for nutcase Muslims is clear enough for all of us to see.

    2. Go ahead and wage your jihad. Just tell your jihadists to please not cover their faces for it shows they are cowards and are ashame of what they are doing and what they are fighting for. It also makes the kafirs you are killing more superior even if you think they are inferior.

      Your Allah must be an inferior being since he needs a human instrument like a book to communicate with you. If he is true divinity, he will not even need a smartphone or a microphone.

      Man is called homo sapiens, and that is the truth that is most important. Man is called as such because they are supposed to have a faculty superior to animals – that faculty is it’s ability to think, to reason out. Animals could only use violence in a hostile situation because they don’t have that faculty. Man will use the faculty to reason out first to show that he is superior, a higher being than an animal. He will use violence as a last resort because in giving in to violence, he is giving in to being an animal, which would be degrading. In that respect, I can believe in a God that created homo sapiens for he must be a superior being, indeed a divinity, if he has visualized creatures that could reason out their way. But, I cannot believe in an Allah that urges his creatures to violence in order to propagate what he wants — that must be a low class divinity if could only visualize violence as means to get things done, how is it that he still needs homo sapiens when animals could be more violent.

      So, go ahead with your jihad so we can settle once and for all that still blurred lines in your mind of what is a homo sapien and what is a brute. You will also confirm what is already known by history: Violence eventually destroy its proponents without fail from within ..

    3. You’re a hypocrite. Brainwashed by a sick religion that promotes violence and hatred towards unbelievers. You worship a false god that cannot hurt anybody.

  2. You claim that only Muslims are violent, yet you conveniently ignore the Buddhist genocide of over 10,000 people in Myanmar and quickly forget and Slobodan Milosevic who slaughtered thousands of people in Eastern Europe and Anders Brivick who both declared that it was their duty as a Christian to ensure the deaths of these non Christians and both of whom encouraged others around the world to join them. You turn a deaf ear to dozens of preachers all over the world calling for the death of homosexuals, Muslims and abortionists.

    You’re promoting an agenda of hate and bigotry. As such, you have become an ideological terrorist.

    Get Real.

    1. @DustonB:

      Telling the truth ; and facing your reality is not Terrorism. Murdering innocent people; and people who DISAGREE with you is Terrorism…

    2. It just proves humans are incapable of fully accepting their fellow man. Forget religion and creed, even just the color of a guy’s skin can incite hate and conflict. Let’s be really real and cut the bullcrap kumbaya and just go on a rampage and kill anyone who we don’t like until the whole human race is wiped from the Earth. As Joseph Stalin aptly put, “no man, no problem.”

  3. Jihad is not born out of War of Faith; it was born to spread Islam…Okay, so, if they die for Allah…then, there will be not enough 72 Virgins in Paradise…why not just, jump into the river and drown yourself?…it would be better…

    Your Quran states: “Whatever evil comes from You…whatever Good comes from God…”

    Is not killing innocent people evil? What is Truth…truth that came out from Muhammad? I don’t know if he was suffering from “Schizophrenia” , during that time…he was seeing things…

    So, much for these Organized Religions…they are Obsolete Belief; they hinder the progress of Mankind; and they make people think like Robots…

    I , myself don’t believe in any Organized Religion…and I live better…I think better…

  4. The object of terrorism is terrorism. The object of oppression is oppression. The object of torture is torture. The object of murder is murder. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?

  5. The problem is terrorism.
    The terrorists are Muslims.
    Not all Muslims are terrorists.
    The problem is terrorists.

    A Muslim friend told me that Jihad is fighting for the cause of Allah. And the cause for Allah according to this link [http://www.answering-christianity.com/a_t/jihad.htm] could be “a personal fight against sin and temptation” just like in Christianity and other religions and “a fight to defend one’s self or others from oppression and suppresion”. This link also stated that

    [quote]”And fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but be not aggressive. Surely, Allah loves not the agressors.” Surah Al-Baqarah:190

    In the above passage, Allah(swt) tells us to fight only those who fight you without transgressing any limits which includes innocent men, women, children, homes, places of worship and even livestock and other animals.

    However, one of the limits set by Allah(swt) is to cease fighting when our attackers cease to fight us;

    “But if they desist, then surely Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.” Surah Al-Baqarah:192

    “So, if they withdraw from you and fight you not and offer you peace, then Allah allows you no way against them.” Surah Al-Nisa:90[unquote]

    However, the terrorists provoked the attack against them provoked by what they believe is a transgression towards their prophet and God – the most recent being the Charlie Hebdo satires provoked by terrorists attacks and other Islam practices they are appalled with. Unlike the rest of people around the globe (except Filipinos maybe), it seems Muslims are too sensitive and serious when the joke or criticism is about their people, prophets and God. But then again, these terrorists are not true to their faith if they are not following what’s written in their Quran which leads to their actions as mere act of terrorism (and as stated in above sample of fifteen girls left to burn to death, lack of compassion and common sense). There must be two kinds of Muslim terrorists; one that wants Islam to rule the world and the other that wants to fight against the transgression towards their faith or prophet or God. Nonetheless, terrorism, under the guise of Jihad, is simply terrorism. All followers of certain religion at some point have misguided faith because instead of reflecting and learning the “messages” in their book of faith, they would blindly listen and follow their leaders with unchecked ambition.

  6. HA, being gay can get you killed in the Middle-East, along with just about anything else.Up until 1967 you could be arrested in the U.K. for being gay. Go see the movie about Dr.Alan Turing, the gay dude that cracked ‘ENIGMA’ and helped win WW 2 for the allies. AND for all his help What did he get? Literal castration, yes they chemically cut his balls off and he committed suicide…..so good luck having that drink in a gay bar in the house of Saud. I’d advise against it, but hey…GO AHEAD, see what happens.

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