Why Filipino voters will still choose Jejomar Binay to be the next President of the Philippines

People who are considered physically attractive can get away with a lot of things. Some of them don’t even have to work hard at landing lucrative jobs. In fact, a recent study revealed, “taller men earn more money than their shorter counterparts because they are seen as more intelligent and powerful”. Whether they are actually competent at their jobs or not is another story.

Jojo Binay: What is the source of his appeal to the masses?

Jojo Binay: What is the source of his appeal to the masses?

Because humans are visual creatures, we tend to favor someone who is more pleasing to the eyes because we equate beauty with good genes. It’s a product of evolution and part of our survival mechanism. We instinctively choose someone who we think will pass on good genes to our offspring. This is precisely the reason why people who are considered “ordinary” or less physically attractive have to work harder at getting noticed. They have to compensate for their shortfalls.

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Take the case of Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay. In a society obsessed with people with fair skin (a lot of Filipinos actually spend money on skin whitening products and idolize people with Caucasian features), VP Binay who is short and has dark skin is considered by most in the Philippines as “ordinary” or run of the mill. Truth be told, many tactless Filipinos openly mock his physical appearance calling him nognog Tagalog lingo for sunog or burnt in reference to his skin. Ironic, yes considering most “pureblooded” Filipinos are short and have dark skin.

VP Binay obviously did not consider his physical appearance a handicap. Against the odds, he managed to work his way up to the Vice Presidency and is still eyeing the highest position in the land – the Presidency. Now aged 72, Binay was in powerful posts in government throughout his political career. Most notable of all is his stint as Mayor of the country’s central business district Makati City, twice from 1986 to 1998 and, again, in 2001 to 2010.

While he is financially comfortable now with a number of mansions in Makati City, among other properties – I counted ten in total according to his Statement of Assets, Liability and Net worth (SALN) in 2011, life wasn’t always a bed of roses for VP Binay. He was said to have been poor growing up. He was orphaned at a young age and lived with an uncle from when he was still in primary school. Despite this, he managed to obtain a law degree, which came in quite handy in his government posts.

Indeed, his knowledge of the law has more than likely helped him wriggle his way out of a number of complaints filed against him for graft and corruption throughout the years. It remains to be seen if his lawyer skills will save him from the incessant attacks against him during a Senate hearing investigating whether or not the construction of the Makati City Hall during his stint as Mayor was overpriced. The hearing is being dubbed as “Oplan Stop Nognog 2016”. So far, he is wise enough to avoid attending the hearings.

Binay’s move to snub the Senate hearing has made him look guiltier in the eyes of some people. But they are the same people who are unlikely to change their minds about him even if he does face his accusers in the Senate. The fact that these people still think the senate hearing is still worthy of their time despite past hearings not resulting in anything significant says a lot about their gullibility. The fact that the hearing is being conducted by a convicted mutineer and a potential rival for the 2016 Election says a lot about the agenda – that it is not for legislative purposes. No one in their right mind would go to a Senate “hearing” knowing that it would only give the senators an opportunity to grandstand. It’s not even a court hearing and Binay is not obliged to attend it.

A video of Senator Antonio Trillanes emerged recently showing him speaking at the launch of the SunChamp Agri-Tourism Park and thanking the owner, his “good friend” Tony Tiu. This is further proof that Trillanes doesn’t have any qualms about acting like a turncoat since he has lately been insisting before the media that Tiu was being used by current Vice President Jejomar ‘Jojo’ Binay as a “dummy” or “front” to conceal his “ill-gotten wealth”.

Senators like Trillanes have simply turned the Senate into a courtroom. The legislators do not legislate anymore. Instead, they devote their time conducting “hearings”, which is just another term for persecution – the persecution of their political enemies. It’s only in the Philippines where Presidential candidates engage in mudslinging instead of debating the current issues plaguing the nation, and there are a lot of them. It’s like, because there are too many problems in the country, the public servants would rather avoid discussing them.

The Binay clan: one of the Philippines' most powerful dynasties

The Binay clan: one of the Philippines’ most powerful dynasties

The more intelligent way to try and defeat Binay would be to engage him in a debate on how he intends to solve the most pressing problems facing the nation today. This includes the energy crisis, public transportation crisis, traffic congestion on the roads and the flooding problem on the roads, which is now becoming a regular occurrence even with medium amount of rainfall.

Unfortunately, Binay and his political rivals are probably avoiding a public debate because it could expose their incompetence to the voters. Frankly, the voters should demand that all Presidential candidates join a political debate. Their conduct during the debates would be a good basis for them to either vote or reject the candidate.

What is it about VP Binay that makes members of the Liberal Party act like a bunch of sociopaths? A recent poll published by the Manila Times and conducted by Laylo Reports revealed that Binay would get 62 percent of votes against President B.S. Aquino’s 36 percent. And Binay would get 69 percent if he ran against Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas who would only get 29 percent. That is quite outstanding given that the Aquino government’s resources are already being utilized to bring Binay’s popularity down.

Binay’s high popularity is perplexing, indeed. What is it about him that the masses like? It could be what I call the Nora Aunor syndrome. The veteran Filipino actress quite often played some kind of martyr in her films and she’s got a strong following. Most people always go for the underdog. Because Binay looks like the average Filipino, the average Filipino thinks Binay is just like his next-door neighbor. Members of the lower classes probably admire the way an average looking guy like Binay made it to the top against all odds. The masses love a success story like Binay. And as a matter of fact, the persecution Binay is enduring lately could endear him even more to teleserye-loving voters who view the “elites” as evil. They will always root for the regular guy who beats his matapobre enemies. The bid to impeach Binay could only strengthen his lead. Former President Erap Estrada’s comeback after serving time in jail should be proof enough of this theory.

The masses probably want to emulate Binay’s success. They are even prepared to turn a blind eye to allegations of corruption against Binay and that fact that he has created a political dynasty with his children, all currently holding lucrative posts in government. That is not surprising considering most Filipinos see nothing wrong with family members joining the family business. They even equate it to having a strong family bond. Never mind that the existence of dozens of political dynasties in the Philippines is part of the reason the country cannot progress. It will take a long time to convince the voters that political dynasties is wrong.

Public relations bomb: Mar Roxas fails at looking like anything other than a haciendero.

Public relations bomb: Mar Roxas fails at looking like anything other than a haciendero.

Those who prefer Binay naturally do not want a haciendero like Mar Roxas. For all the effort Roxas makes in trying to appear one with the masses – driving a pedicab, directing traffic, fixing a school chair, lifting a sack of onions on his shoulders – his public relations still bomb compared to Binay’s because of who he is. Roxas and his supporters don’t realize that he will never have what Binay has – dark skin and a short stature. His physical appearance make him appear maka-masa. That in itself can be considered quite an accomplishment in a society obsessed with people with fairer skin. We can credit that to Binay’s skills in compensating for his “ordinary” looks.

Let’s just hope Binay has the country’s best interest at heart when he wins.

85 Replies to “Why Filipino voters will still choose Jejomar Binay to be the next President of the Philippines”

  1. If that is the case, then I would be correct in assuming that most pilipinos are still ignorants and idiots when it comes to choosing the right leader ! One of the reasons why a country progresses is with foreign acceptance. Companies would invest here if they know the president and its government entities understands that “RED TAPE” processing only discourages investors. Look at the resurgence of India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico and Mexico. These countries will bypass the “lagay mentality” to get much needed money and jobs in. What happens after is another story.
    Problem is, people are just too stupid to think of what’s ahead.

    1. Not really ignorant or idiots, but more likely its the masses way of getting back at the caciques who try to emulate them during election time but ignore them the rest of the year. Binay and his skin color has the pull with the masses, their virtual shout of “kasangga yan” floating above the excoriating charges levied against him. SKIN TRUMPS OVER CONGRESS BASHING indeed.

      1. If Binay wins, I feel sad 4 the Pinoy people. I feel sorry 4 Pinoy stupidity n being ignorant. Pinoys r prepared 2 turn a blind eye 2 allegations of corruption against Binay. Time magazine even called d Philippines ‘Most Stupid Country’ when it come 2 voting their leaders. No wonder Philippines will never progress, its so sad.

  2. Not a hope in hell. If there is a God, He would never allow this thieve of thieves to become President. Filipinis deserve, better that Binay dynasty. Jail would be a far better place for him.

    1. What do you mean deserve? Look at history. Pinoys love baduy. Pinoys love dumb therefore pinoys vote baduy and dumb. Therefore pinoys deserve baduy and dumb.

      1. @ Gogs, the elections are rigged. the people are not getting what they deserve they are getting what is inflicted upon them.
        That said, the people can do away with all of these criminals easily, VERY EASILY….if they only had a littel nerve/balls/whatever, see?

        1. You and I definitely agree people cheat here. I will still go with my premise that the Noynoy Aquinos, Nancy Binays , Bong Revillas, Lito Lapids, Bam Aquinos all appeal to the prevailing ignorance of the people. There is no outcry from folks that these guys are too dumb or treat other people as dumb. They do treat other people as dumb because for the most part, they are.

        2. Easier said that done though. Dislodging an individual who clings to power as if his life depends on it can be difficult (partly since the law makes it so).

          As to the electorate: remember, critical thinking isn’t exactly a strong suit of the great unwashed. By pandering to their fears and prejudices or offering them pittance, the politico bags their votes.

          Factor corruption into the gumbo and make sure it’s too entrenched to be weeded out.
          And there you have it: the perfect recipe for a political system that is FUBAR.

  3. I dunno about a political debate, I mean Noynoy Aquino didn’t even attend one and look where he is now. Obviously for all the intelligent discussion that took place during those debate did not particularly help the other candidates in their endeavors.

    I shudder to think that every new building here in the Philippines, post 2016 will be like that Makati building if Binay wins.

  4. I believe it is the result that matters most for the masses. They are not as naive as the believers of honest politics. They have seen politicians who claimed to be honest but left for them nothing . They saw what ordinary people have in Makati and they long for it. They believe that Binay can also do it for them without even migrating to Makati.

    1. 100% agree with you, sir.
      Most realistic and logical analysis/comment. Reading all discriminatory comments here most especially bluntly calling “idiot voters” those they call “masa”, “lowly” “non taxpayers” will slap you back with their votes. Remember whether a vote is written by a rough, hard and dirty hand or smooth, soft and well maintained, its counted as one. So back off elites. Cry til you die self proclaimed intellectual voters. The power of the uneducated idiots as you fondly repeatedly call us will overcome you. Because we believe not in what you intelligent people feeds us, but what we see and feel.
      For us, Its how you have performed the simpliest or hardest task assigned to you. At the end of the day, the most accomplished among the candidates is Binay.

  5. this is one stupid article if i may say so…this is a deliberate attempt from the writer to undermine the intelligence of the filipino readers to read between the lines of what the writer really is implying ….that we just need to accept this as the truth and we can do nothing to prevent Binay from sitting as President…Sad to read articles like this from a writer who tried so hard to show that she’s fair in her assessment… but in every paragraph will end defending Binay…It has never been about the color of your skin ms. writer…it seems that you’re thinking and ways of reasoning are somewhat distorted…

    1. Intelligence of Filipino readers?? Vote in Erap, vote in a guy who is not intelligent only because his mom died? What intelligence??? Where does this intelligence manifest itself? Noontime TV?

    2. @buji

      …this is a deliberate attempt from the writer to undermine the intelligence of the filipino readers to read between the lines of what the writer really is implying ….that we just need to accept this as the truth and we can do nothing to prevent Binay from sitting as President

      Deliberate? LOL…if your reaction is to just “accept” Binay as your next President, then you only have yourself to blame. The article should wake Filipinos up and mobilise them into being more proactive in preventing another disastrous Presidency.

      Which part of the article do you consider “defending Binay”? Please be specific.

      it seems that you’re thinking and ways of reasoning are somewhat distorted…

      You have it the other way around. You seem to think that this article is promoting Binay when it is merely an analysis of why he appeals to the majority of the voters.

      I’m not responsible for how you interpret my articles. I think you better read it again because you missed the point.

  6. I agree but I want to disagree to this topic. Pinoy people/ general public doesnt really think when choosing the right leader, about the long term effects it brings and how our econimy and society is being pulled down by not choosing properly.

    For most of us, Who is popular enough is good enough… The sad truth about how dumb we are in terms of having a good government. Best example: The current president of the Philippines.

    1. I agree. Nobody cares about debates come election time . Nancy Binay just danced and did motorcades . Boom Senator. Bam Aquino full time Ninoy Aquino impersonator and selfie taker. Boom Senator. The Pinoy capacity to think went boom a long time ago.

  7. Debates could be scripted. Some of the debates I’ve watched before are full of courtesy even towards rival candidates and with kaalyansa bigayan. Even in “job interviews” there’s a cheat – “Here’s what you’ll be asked prepare for it well so you won’t look dumb on air.” Debates and interviews are also subjected to time pressure and limited time viewing (yeah, make the most of it). Can you discuss a solid platform or solutions in a minute or two, 30minutes at length in face of the number of issues you have to deal with? And no interruptions please even if the candidates point is pointless; don’t clarify even if there’s something you don’t understand. Pretend the charming candidate presented a good defense or reliable platforms and cheer for him because you’re his padrino or he’s your bet.

    The past elections show that people will vote for a candidate whose platforms are presented in layman’s term and act like kaisa ng masa because that’s what the poor masa understand best. “Trabaho, Pabahay, Edukasyon, Pagkain, Kalusugan, Magandang Kita.” So that’s what the candidates use in their campaign materials. Most people will only listen and look at the matter that’s important to them, where they will benefit making Philippine election more like a nationwide event for selfish act. The bigger, wise decision is only up to those who have the brains to understand how the system really works. Most Filipinos want a fast and easy way out of poverty unfortunately the only way for that is the wrong way, no studies needed. [See the correlation between Nancy Binay and Estrada and those who voted for them].

    1. Of course they can be scripted. It just deprives the system of true competition. So the best person will not win or even run. We just get the same all crap. Just get into the heads of the baduys. Like you said , easy way out or magic . And we wonder why we are not competitive in almost anything abroad like sports. Because of entitlement and cutting corners. Proud to be pinoy!!!

      1. A Debate Moderator, who is chosen by concerned citizens, can ask the questions, on the debate…questions can be choosen randomly from a raffle (questions placed in a transparent container by people in the audience)….from time to time in the debate; these questions are drawn up ; in view of the audience…

        This will prevent a Staged Debate…

        1. Limit also the time of the Debaters, in answering the questions…such as 5 to 10 minutes, only…this will make the audience find; who among them , can think on their feet…

    1. the future will be a s dark as the people let it be.if the elections aren’t rigged, the people can vote this guy out, if the elections are rigged. the people can get rid of him as well as all the rest of the criminal politicians……it can be accomplished easily….VERY EASILY !

      1. If every Filipino who knows the Panatang Makabayan walks the talk, then what you say can easily be accomplished. Otherwise our dream of a corrupt-free government will remain just that – a dream.

        Everything boils down to our values as a people and as a nation, really.

  8. ..who really is the right one or suitable come 2016 ? . . . If not Binay.who ?. . . P’noys’ plan are good …But he is surrounded with leeches and crocs…A very clear example….how the gov’t deal the Yolanda…the MAguindanao massacre….even the simple drainage system in Metro Manila….The MRT….His appointees mostly I think, were useless…even the justice system.. see how they deal to the case of Laude….

    1. Achilles


      In the words of Phoenix Wright “hold it”. Don’t give me this crap .



      P’noys’ plan are good …But he is surrounded with leeches and crocs…A very clear example….how the gov’t deal the Yolanda…the MAguindanao massacre….even the simple drainage system in Metro Manila….The MRT….His appointees mostly I think, were useless…even the justice system.. see how they deal to the case of Laude….


      Noynoy Aquino was a 50 year old non achieving slacker when his mom died and boom he became president of the Philippines. He had no good plans EVER. The guy is as flaccid as Gumby. Oh sorry I insulted Gumby. The guy was incompetent all his life and lived off his family name yet could never take advantage of it. The guy never did anything with his life and he ain’t gonna start now. So get off your little fantasy that everybody else is the problem except him.


  9. Binay may look like an ordinary Filipino; however: what are his accomplishments as Mayor of Makati, or Vice President?

    He went to China to save that “drug mule”; and was not successful.

    Did he help solve the present problems of the Philippines?

    Where are his platforms? Too many problems in our country. A 72 years old man, will never be as strong as a younger man to confront these problems.

    Track Record is very important to examine in electing the next President. Otherwise, we will end up with another Aquino Clone…

    1. I don’t like Roxas either; or any of those siblings of Political Dynasties…Roxas failed in his test of management in the Yolanda Typhoon victims in Leyte. He is trying to show his ability as a: Traffic Aide; Onion Bag Carrier; etc…a confirmed YellowTard and an idiot…

  10. That Binay kid don’t look sooo powerful to me, the li’l bitch. He get the shit punched outta him in my neighbohood where I grew up, true dat!

  11. Its pretty dumb really.. All of the mAjor news outfits run stories about the Binay corruption and the campaign period hasnt started. Meanwhile no one is looking at the corruption in the present administration. Its a conspiracy i say.

  12. NO TO BINAY!!!

    This piece quoted from a commenter on an article in the PDI
    MUST READ if you love the country!!!



    He tried circumventing the system by asking PNoy to interfere with the Senate in his behalf. This is akin to “making gapang” or fixing his problem, illegally, back door. This is the style of areglo that he is used to. This is a sign of desperation and feeling hopeless. What kind of person, who regularly attends cabinet meetings, will wait, late in the night, for two and a half hours just to “chit-chat” and “catch-up” with the President for 30 minutes? If that is not panicking, I do not know what it.

    Be careful of Rambotito. His concern for getting the presidency is more than just stealing more money and accomplishing a perpetual hold on power. This is now a matter of life and death for him, his family and his concubine. They will loose everything they have and stole.

    Be careful as when he lashes out, many people will get hurt or worse. He is now allied with GMA/FG, Estradas, Revillas, Enriles, Ampatuans, Ejercitos, Remullas, Tiangco, Romualdez, a faction of the Cojuangcos, the gambling lords, political warlords, illegal loggers, illegal miners, smugglers and every one else who will loose should a more transparent, clean, un-corrupt government take control in the future. Kapit na sya sa patalim. Pangako dito, pangako duon.

    He fears dying old in jail, along with his vanity strewn wife, Elenita and his pick-pocketing children and his dummies and cohorts, and of course, his concubine (kabit na babae). Ika nga, nag sanib pwersa na ang mga kampon ng kadiliman.

    He cannot make areglo with De Lima, Carpio-Morales, Heidi Mendoza, Sereno and Mar Roxas. The only person he can approached is the un-official “FIXER” of the supreme court, Presbitero Velasco.

    Binay is truly evil, dastardly and conniving. Atty Certenza belongs to the LAW FIRM SPCMB law. This is Subido, Pagente, Certeza, Mendoza and Binay law firm. Nauubusan na sila ng pagkakatiwalaan at ayaw mag kumuha ng ibang abogado kasi una, Mahal babayaran, and 2nd, nahihirapan na sila mamili kung kanilo sila mag titiwala.

    His allies are saying that Binay was a brilliant, successful human rights lawyer. Please note that how can anyone be a financially successful human rights lawyer during the term of President Marcos. I know that he had to support his income by providing Notary Public services. The only thing he did that changed his future was, as a human rights lawyer, he met the widow, Cory Aquino and since then, he never let go of his grip on her coat tails.

    Against president Marcos, everyone worked as one to topple the dictator. They had a common goal. Everyone cared about freedom. No one knew about an ally’s propensity to become a thief, womanizer or plunderer. Binay’s real true nature became apparent when he was assigned OIC of the City of Makati. Being a notary public and never used to trial law, he can never muster the intellect, wit and sharpness to face the Senate as A LAWYER. He will trip on his own tongue.

    Lets face it, it is so difficult to defend yourself if the basis of your defense is all based on lies, deceit, promises of ill-gotten weath and power. For you to be a spokesman for Binay shows na matindi ang sikmura mo at halang ang bituka mo.

    According to Sen. Cayetano, the President who will sit on 2016, will have, during the length of their term of 6 years, to appoint 10 (TEN) Supreme Court jucstices. Atty. Certeza was probably promised to be appointed by Binay. He will also have the opportunity to appoint 1 (one) Ombudsman.

    The thought of Jejomar Binay appointing 10 Supreme Court justices and 1 Ombudsman is very alarming, disconcerting and disturbing. This should be one of the BATTLE CRYS of all ANTI-BINAY groups.

    If Binay wins, he will appoint them all an effort to protect himself, his family, his concubine and extended family, his allies in government and in the UNA, Napoles and all the rest of the corrupt scalawags in the government and police.

    That is why it is imperative that Binay should not win. He is a surefire guarantee that this country will go to hell being led by no less than this spawn of Satan.

    Remulla,Tiangco, Salgado and now, JV Bautista are his so-called “FALSE PROPHETS”, speaking falsehoods in behalf of their demon leader.

    10 Supreme Court justices and 1 Ombudsman will be all THE INSURANCE he will need to get away with the Murder of the Philippines.

    To Trillianes, Cayetano and Pimentel, continue the pressure in looking for the Chongs, Limlingans, Lopez’s and Lichnoks’. Many people are helping to provide information. Many people want to help. These collaborators of Binay cannot go anywhere and they can only hide so much. The Chongs operate the canteens in the government buildings of Makati. Limlingan has family living in White Plains in Quezon City. Binay can only coerce, intimidate and threaten so much. Only thing he can promise to his people are the vasts of money and riches that would be available to them when he wins the presidency in 2016.

    When the people see that Binay is not that invicible, they will help out even more, in the course of the investigation. The only thing is that, with so many revelations, this commitee hearing might have to go on for a longer time. But that is ok, if it will mean exposing the genetically embedded propensity to corruption of the Binay Family and all their cohorts and associates.

    Remember that Binay WANTS this to go to trial in the courts. That would be a blessing for him. If he can stall till he gets into power, then we, are all done for.
    A trial can be posponed and no one can discuss it while under litigation because of sub-judice. What is foremost now in Binays mind is for the hearing to stop so that all the discussion about the corruption of him, his family and his cohort and lackeys will pull down his ratings even further and dimm his chances to get the presidency.

    The Ampatuans, with all their money, assassins and political clout have managed to delay the trial for 5 years for the over 6 dozen journalists they murdered on that faithful day. How long do you think can a sitting president delay a verdict and as insurance, have 10 supreme court justices and 1 Ombudsman in his pocket just in case things go sideways? With the low moral and ethical standards of some of our magistrates in the judiciary, this would be a walk in the park for Jejomar “JoJo” Binay. Don’t you think that having all those justices and one ombudsman in your pocket, will embolden the Binay family to plunder, steal and even kill to the betterment of their interests.

    If we had 2nd hand helicopters being sold as brand new during GMA’s time, may the Binays will sell the AFP 2nd hand bullets, passing them off as brand new. Ganun sila, pati piso-piso, pinapatulan. Halos magka pareho ang pagka gahaman sa pera tulad ang original na tao na “Walang Kabusugan”, walang iba kundi si Mike Arroyo.




  13. The article is under the assumption that Binay would win, complete disregard of undecided voters, the voter is a making a mistake in their vote, and every politican has the same level of effort as binay as a politician, meaning going around the countyr politicizing/listening to voters needs and wants.

    The fact is the voter is always right. Just like the customer is always right. The challenge is really how these politicians can craft their stand or message in their platforms that will appeal to the majority of the voters. It just so happened in the meantime, Binay is just in the lead of it. That lead is not an assured win 2 years from now. Failure of your favorite politician to win has more something to do with the failure of your candidate to craft the right message to appeal to majority of the voters especially the undecided voters rather than the fault of the voters themselves.

    1. If Binay is such a Son-of-a-Bitch…why they are just Roasting him now? Why did they not do it , when he was running as Mayor of Makati? Or, when he was running for Vice President?

      I guess the fight is Oligarchs versus Oligarchs…Trapos versus Trapos…Political Dynasties versus Political Dynasties…
      Common people like us are sidelined…

      1. My point exactly. This is nothing new. yet he is buddies with Noynoy. Noynoy who is supposed to be this crusading cop against corruption even though he slept through his time in Congress and the Senate. I am so sick of that Special Needs Strawman.

  14. All this campaigning against Binay seems a bit premature, just like Villar back in 2010. All that effort the press went to go against Villar, and he ended up as an also-run against Estrada.

    Everyone seems to have forgotten Marcos jr, and Estrada would give both a run for their money.

    1. Focusing on Nognog’s corruption takes the attention away from the troubles facing the BSA administration; lackluster response to calamity stricken areas, DAP and PDAF, incompetence of presidential appointees in DOTC, DOE, PNP, MMDA just name a few, corruption charges facing presidential favorites ABAYA and PURISIMA and the list goes on. Plus exposing Nognog’s corruption is helping LP bet Mar “traffic aid” Roxas’ presidential bid.
      No way in hell they will let this go away quietly, they will show survey after survey that would indicate that the people want’s Nognog to face his accusers, knowing that he will not be able to stand scrutiny in the so-called yellow ribbon senate hearings. Nognog knows this, which is why he is trying his best to avoid physically appearing at the hearing.
      Meanwhile, the working masses dreadfully wait for the next MRT’s operations failure, the next EDSA traffic jam caused by 1 hour rains, and the looming rolling brownouts in the coming 2015 summer. And of course, let’s not forget the Yolanda survivors (I prefer survivors over victims) who are still waiting for the promised rehabilitation from the national government.
      A spoken line in Guns and Roses’ version of “Since I don’t have you” best states the situation the country is in right now.
      -we’re fucked~

  15. Lakbay
    Halika nga muna binibini!
    Sa aking mga braso’y kumapit kang maigi,
    maglakbay tayo sa masalimuot na realidad, nakakabingi,
    tuklasin natin ang hiwaga ng lansangang marumi
    pero’y huwag kang kukurap baka ika’y madukutan dini.
    Masdan mo si mang Pedro sa gilid ng estero,
    dati’y nakibaka rin sa People’s Power noong 1986,
    nagtiwala sa pangakong kaunlaran at pagbabago,
    hanggang ngayo’y barong-barong ang tinitirhan,
    maralita at lagi pa ring ginugutom.
    Ang masikip na eskinitang iya’y stambayan ng magandang si Milagrosa,
    sa kadilima’y nakikipag-digma sa hanap-buhay,
    nakipag-buno sa mga militar noong Edsa 2,
    dala ang pulang bandila ng rebolusyon,
    akala’y mapigilan ang kurapsyon,
    subalit ay lalong tumindi at lumaganap pa ng lubusan,
    hanggang ngayo’y lugmok pa rin siya sa kahirapan,
    naka-lubog ang kaluluwa sa nakaka-baliw na kawalan,
    napilitang lumipad ng mababa,
    sa putik ng prostitusyo’y dumapo.
    Kung mangyari lamang ay batakin mo ang iyong pantalon,
    baka ika’y mabasa,
    umapaw na naman ang tubig sa kanal,
    huwag kang mahimatay sa nakakasukang baho nito,
    dulot ng matinding pangungurakot sa kaban ng bayan,
    mga imburnal ay nagkagiba-giba na.
    Huminahon ka’t magbuntong-hininga,
    ito’s pagaalog-alog lamang,
    hayaan mo,
    kalsadang lubak-lubak,
    sa iyong kamalayan ay mabubura din,
    putok na putok sa mga balita,
    tila’y bomba atomika,
    pondo nito’y ginamit ng alkalde noong nakaraang eleksyon.
    Oo nga pala,
    isipan ko’y nakatisod ng isang ala-ala,
    naitanong mo kanina,
    iya’y burol ni aling Juana,
    sa gitna ng lansangan ay bantog na tsismosa,
    magaling magpa-away ng kapuwa,
    kaya napaslang kanina.
    Lumingon ka’t mga mata’y buksan,
    iya’y pansitan ni mang Chua,
    tanyag na mangangalakal ng mga droga,
    nagpupuslit ng mga pekeng gamot mula Tsina,
    halimuyak niya’y abot hanggang sa palasyo ng Malakanyang,
    malaking halaga ng salapi ang ibinibigay bilang pampadulas
    sa mga buteteng pulitiko,
    buong bayan ay inilalagay sa masaklap na sakuna.
    tahan na sa pag-iiyak sa harap ng puntod ng kalupitan,
    ito ay nakakamatay na bangungot,
    balang araw ang mapapaslang ay ikaw,
    manindigan at huwag gumapang,
    boses mo’y taasan,
    isigaw sa mga tengang bingi ang harapang
    pukawin ang bayang natutulog sa mahimbing na panlilinlang,
    buksan ang mga matang nabubulag sa lason ng mga pangakong
    pagbabago ay makakamtan din.

  16. LMAO…EVERYTHING, COMMENT AND CONTENT OF THIS ARTICLE IS JUST PURELY RACISM… INA KAU NG INA MO!! Mga ulupong ng abnoy maya2man naturingan ang idipan ay baluktot pa sa ulo ni cado!!

  17. Kontento to kana ba writer sa na published moo make it dark and make it darker sama mo na family para kumpleto with fam pic LETCHE TAPON KANA LANG NG BASURA RACISM.. KELAN PA NAGING USAPIN NA GUSTO YA NG MAS DHL NOGNOG NEGRO OH MAITIM ANG TAO! KELAN PA NAGING USAPIN SA PULITIKA YAN?

  18. Answer: Because filipinos are idiots.

    Instead on focusing on how the country can progress, they would rather focus on personalities and the trivial things associated to these personalities. Unless this mindset is changed before the next election, then the Philippines will remain to be the weak country that it is.

    1. Indeed, that is so very true. The Philippine are the poorhouse of Asia now, and it is getting worse and worse, with crooks and criminals being voted for (hell, what an idiot to vote for a drunk drug addict fresh out of Jail to become the Mayor of Manila)

  19. This is an example idiocracy in the Philippines and why our country is still a dump. Using skin color rather than proving the acuser wrong is an excuse. Can someone explain it to me why 56 floors is the price as 10 floors? If you have the rights to the land does it mean you owed it?

    I think the writer need to do some more research, rather than write without any solid facts.

    1. Whether Binay is black or white or green, he and his family are a nuisance to the country, and a major cause for problems. If he is to become President, the Philippines will find themselves even more isolated by civilized countries.

  20. Get Lost Mr. Writer.. Sumama kana kay Binay at Dun na kayo tumira sa Hacienda Binay. Kasama nyo si Mr Tiu na Ubod ng Yabang at Kasinungalingan.. Dapat jan kay Tiu ay Ikulong kasama si Binay.

  21. The only way philippines will progress is to vote in a foreign primeminister. Of course this will never happen. Philippines would lead South East Asia instead of being under achiever if possible. Perhaps the philippines could contract out their government administration to Singapore. Honesty and politics in philippines will always be mutually exclusive. Power corrupts even more so in the Philippines.

  22. The article is well-written but you also contradict yourself. First you say that tall attractive people are seen in a positive light; then you say later that oh, maybe not, the underdog has a stronger case. Other than this, you raise some good points. It may just be that Trillanes is doing Binay a service by overstepping the limit over and over as the administration’s hatchet man.

  23. If it is proven that Binay owns much more than the ten properties on his statement of assets, which is appearing to be a strong possibility, he will have a hard time aquiring enough votes come 2016. I must agree that Binay would make a far better leader than Mar Roxas given his political and lawyer background but I think the majority of voters believe he wouldn’t be in it just for the country and people, and so do I. Unfortunately his opponents are so mediocre which will enhance his chances. One good thing though, Pnoy will be gone and that is a plus for the Philippines.

  24. The term “Family Members Joining Family Business” is a fallacy ! Writers should understand not to promote or replicate such wrongful statements. Running and governing the country is not a business for politicians to choose or pass on to its family. The writer is actually bias and subjective in its understanding of the subject. Make us understand and believe that objectivity is your aim, otherwise, we just have to intellectually and categorically dispel your personal thoughts.

    1. I love all the geniuses who come in here and say they support ______ ( Binay , Roxas, Erap,Marcos, Aquino) and dont’ even say why. Always blessed to have all that greatness visit us.

  25. Ilda, the answer to your questions is because the majority of Filipino voters have a price tag for their vote. Literally, the going rate for a vote these days ranges from a Jollibee value meal to P1,000 in cash. Needless to say, these whore-voters should be deprived of the privilege of voting. These are the same cast of stupid, ignorant and prostituted characters that subscribe to the grand deceptions of the Marcoses, the Enriles, the GMAs, the ERAPs, the Ampatuans, the Revillas, the Binays, among other ultra-corrupt political dynasties, hook, line and sinker. The same demographic of thick-skinned idiots that allow the preposterous lies of Tiu, Binay, Napoles, Tanda, Pogi, Sexy . . . to occupy even a sliver of the consciousness of Philippine society. In the absence of these traitors, Binay, alongside his dummies (Tiu, Limlingan et al), would have been slapped in jail a long time ago and Revilla would have likewise been convicted of plunder shortly after the discovery of the money trail by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC). If Binay is not convicted legally before the next presidential elections, he needs to be assassinated (together with ERAP, Enrile, Jinggoy and Revilla, for starters) for the failure of government to hold these criminals accountable for plunder. Justice delayed is justice denied . . . and I am angry to the hilt and oh so tired of waiting for Lady Justice to prevail!

    1. I think that was Ilda’s point though — that no amount of appealing to Filipinos voters’ rational sensiblities will change that part of their psyches motivated by their stomach juices and the reptilian urges of their brainstems (where most of their thinking emanates). She does not seem to take a position on whether Binay is bad or good. That, in fact, is beside the point. Binay may be a crook, but Filipino voters routinely elect crooks. That is why a guy like Binay winning is a very likely possibility and that anyone who seeks to oppose him better start getting better organised and a lot smarter in the way they plan to fight this battle. Otherwise, Binay will win.

      Justice in the Philippines? The two words don’t belong in one sentence. We asked for democracy and we got it. The character of Philippine politics reflects the people who motivate it.

      1. I still remember the article the writer published here months ago about Filipinos not favoring the honor system. Well these idiot voters who allow selling their ballot entries certainly don’t value their honor, not to mention sacrificing their dignity to these low life high profile crooks, who display our flag and a huge figure of Sto. Niño in each of their ill gotten mansions.

        1. For the sake of the Children and for our country’s future, our future too, I appeal to Vice President Jejomar Binay to abandon his presidential bid for 2016. Have mercy on us Sir!!
          “ Grabe na ito, sobra na, napakaganid naman niya sa yaman, sobra-sobrang pagmamahal sa salapi na sa bandang huli ay nanakawin lamang lahat ni kamatayan, sa kabilang buhay ay kahit isang sentimo ay walang maidadala !!!” Grumbled by an Eight year old lad which broke the silence between the fuchsia painted sky and the endless sea before us. His smile faded, the lines on his face showed intermittent discontent while the news anchor was reporting regarding the deepening issues of malignant corruption of Vice President Jejomar Binay, his two palms buried half of his face, curtained his disappointments. I could see vividly through his eyes the magnitude of corruption that was seeping like decomposing dead fishes through his membranes, all the betrayals and abuses that has been raping his innocence. He was sitting just right next to me, his mind was disturbed by the violence of self – serving demon : Coruption, while his powerless soul is perturbed by the fact that through these factual allegations hurled against the Vice president, the whole country remained silent, there was no clamor to unseat a thief who has been swindling for years and there was a total absence of a protest that would rekindle the spirit of nationalism. Tears began flowing from his eyes, quietly described that silence buried the country in total darkness that concealed the hands which plundered his dreams and grinding his hopes till becomes mud. The setting sun was turning red as red as his revolting emotion, I patted his back with a comforting smile.” When you grow up someday, try to make a difference, persevere against corruption and an endless wasting of natural resources such as land and Filipinos’ superb intelligence.” I told him, words ran between his sobs. There was a total silence for a moment except the chirps of the birds and occasional rustling of leaves as the wind blew through the Talisay tree. “ Do not grow up passive like a burning flame hidden beneath the cowardice which was demonstrated by the Vice President , he challenged Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for a public debate to clear his name from corruption allegations but when the Senator accepted it, he backed out and that was a very undignified display of cowardice. This country does not need a coward Presidentiable in the middle of territorial disputes with China. Lad always assert you rights, stand up and die for the things you believe to be morally right, be part of a movement that could see the unrealized potentials of the Filipinos, do not abandon the dreams of this country, though millions of Marxists and Socialists died during the reign of klepto –dictator ship, millions of rightist soldiers died through coup d’ etat and yet the country remained swimming in poverty, do not stop moving forward for the betterment of this country and her people, after all you will gonna fight for your own future and for your children!” I spoke to him again, the clouds turned blood, my esophagus breathed exasperation with the Vice President’s deceptions and lies that exploited the country’s coffer and trust. The lad nodded with a newfound inspiration then went home when his mother called him up, resolute on working for his country’s future. Again he was walking back to his real world, ran along the dark alleys infested with shabu addicts, strolled with the prostitutes that sold their bodies and souls for survival due to hunger and walk along the pothole road due to corruption.

  26. LOL, look at all the “well-meaning” voters aghast at the prospect of a Binay presidency. All anger at the masses, all threats of “dapat mga nagbabayad ng tax na lang bumoboto” and all other forms of whiny anger.

    Yet one would ask them their choice of president this coming 2016 – Roxas, Cayetano and all the other trapos raring to park their asses in Malacanang Palace are their poison of choice. So much for “enlightened voters” (what a joke) when they limit their imaginations to sorry-ass traditional politicians.

    They berate the masses for Binay fanboys but they are willing to elevate cancerous personalities and tired surnames to the presidential throne. It’s like Aliens vs. Predator – whoever they choose, we’re all screwed.

    Fuck you all, I hope you enjoy being slaves to the political elite 😀

  27. “The masses probably want to emulate Binay’s success.”

    Lol, that’s why Binay may win. Though there is some truth in that, this article downgrades the overall Filipino people’s values. Binay is the perfect Model indeed for the wannabee corrupt. Let us write about HOW TO DO IT Encyclopedia- Philippine Gov’t Edition. LOL! Philippines would turn out to be not only the MOST STUPID COUNTRY, as Times/Newsweek Mag says, but the MOST CULTURALLY-CORRUPT COUNTRY to live and to do business with. Philippines is doomed.

    1. @Crispin Basilio

      Lol, that’s why Binay may win. Though there is some truth in that, this article downgrades the overall Filipino people’s values.

      The article did not “downgrade the overall Filipino people’s values”. It was already down. The article was merely highlighting it.

  28. Everything that the writer has written here about Binay makes sense. I would rather read something like this everyday than those posts on Facebook trying to manipulate the whole nation to go against Binay.



  29. Why will Binay become the next President of this country? Because PNoy’s sisters – who backed him up in the first place – will make sure of it….

  30. People would always vote for leaders based on their emotions and not on reasons. They look up to someone that feel what they feel and know where they come from. Someone who connects with them. That give them hope. Despite of nothingness there’s always hope to succeed. Who doesn’t forget them. Acknowledge their plight. Acknowledge their struggles. Someone they can relate to. That success is always plausible to those who believe. That’s why success story is a great marketing campaign from poverty to wealth. Filipinos badly need hope and they need action-man with a heart. This is the reason why Digong and Binay are popular even though they don’t have known celebrity and political parents like Poe, Pinoy and Roxas. The people doesn’t matter if they had committed some mistakes and even forgive their weakness for Binay and Digong. What matters to people is they had set an example of how they run their city and make it progressive. They have the obvious evidence.(I am not insinuating anyway to encourage people to these two candidates.). I am just extracting juices the general behavior of the voting public. We are presented with choices as a democratic country, we exercise our rights of freedom of expression and freedom of choice. We are thankful of that. Have a great day everyone. May the peace be with you.

  31. This article clearly projects our herding attitude and the way we actuate our preferences when electing our leaders. Always nesting with the norm, afraid in challenging the status quo.

  32. I think some replies are based on the Senate Blue Ribbon Sub committee Report. Please allow me to publish arguments, facts about the Senate Findings.

    But first, let me tell you that VP BINAY has never been convicted of any crime about corruption. Out of 38 Court cases filed against him, not a single one prospered. That means, he is clean and innocent. He has never been suspended from his more than 40 years of public service.

    Senate, Inquirer not even you can convict a person. It is only the Court which has jurisdiction to judge a person if guilty or not. Mere posting or blogging in FB cannot convict a person. Please read and understand:
    The Senate Blue Ribbon Sub-Committee Report on Makati

    The Conjectures and Wrong Conclusions
    THE Senate Sub-Committee inquiry was based on allegations of overpricing on the construction of Makati City Hall Building II.

    In concluding alleged overpricing, the Partial Committee Report enumerated four (4) different approaches, but all these relied on the concept of valuation borrowed from the Construction Cost Handbook by Langdon and Seah. However, all approaches are erroneous and contrary to existing laws and jurisprudence.

    In the consolidated cases of Cuanan vs. People of the Philippines and Sandiganbayan and Marquez vs. The Sandiganbayan – Fourth Division and People of the Philippines, the Supreme Court ruled that in determining whether there is an overprice, the comparison must be based on the actual price of the item at the time of purchase.

    Under Philippine law and jurisprudence, the technical review of the cost reasonableness of a project is based on the detailed breakdown of the Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) as reference values in the formulation of COA Estimated Cost, submitted plans and specifications, etc., and not on a cost per square meter basis.

    During the hearing on 13 November 2014 on P.S. No. 906, the Secretary of the DPWH himself testified that a building’s price cannot actually be determined by merely using the floor area (per square meter), but the volume of materials as indicated in the actual bill of quantities.

    Thus, even the DPWH Secretary himself recognizes that the Construction Handbook by Langdon and Seah that the Partial Committee Report relied on is not the proper and authoritative basis for determining the construction costs of Philippine infrastructure projects. It fails to take into consideration the ABC as well as the COA Estimated Cost, an inherent limitation acknowledged in the handbook itself.

    Based on the criteria imposed by law in determining the existence of an overprice, it is clear that after 21 hearings, no evidence has been presented that the costs of a particular item purchased in connection with the construction of the Makati City Hall II Building is higher than the prevailing market price f said item at the time of the purchase.

    On the contrary, upon simple verification of the prevailing market price vis-à-vis the actual cost per ABC of some of the major cost components in the construction of buildings, there is NO OVERPRICE in the construction of the Makati City Hall Building II. In fact the cost of some items are even lower than the prevailing market price.

    Moreover, using the guideline of the COA the ABC was within the maximum variance of 10% of the COA Estimated Cost set and allowed under existing laws, rules and regulations.

    The reports of COA are clear and leave no room for other interpretation. In Phase I the Contract Review Report of the Auditor stated that: “Review and evaluation of the submitted documents disclosed that the Approved Budget for the contract Cost (ABC) in the amount of P387,846,000.00 was found to be 3.17% above the COA Estimated Cost of P375,910,233.00. Likewise, the contract cost of P386,998,154.20was found to be 2.95% above the COA Estimated Cost. Both may be considered reasonable being within the allowable limit of variance pursuant to COA Resolution No. 91-52, dated September 17, 1991.”

    The Sub-Committee, before it accepted the preliminary findings in the COA’s Initial Evaluation Report dated 1 October 2014, should have first looked into the purpose and value of this Report.

    As the title of the Initial Evaluation Report itself, suggests, it involves only the initial findings of the COA without actual supporting document. Said Report cannot, therefore, be the basis for the Sub-Committee to conclude that there were irregularities in the procurement of the Makati City Hall Building II Project.

    For instance, the claim that the implementation of the Makati City Hall II Building Project was done with undue haste, is untenable The fact that the bidding was conducted in less than a month, instead of the allegedly usual six (6) months period as claimed by the former COA Chair, cannot be considered a fraud. Under the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9184, the minimum and maximum periods for a procuring entity to complete the entire procurement process for projects costing more than Fifty Million Pesos (P50,000,000.00) is 28 days and 144 days, respectively. Clearly the averment of the former COA Chair is contrary to the express provisions of the existing rules and regulations on procurement.

    As borne by the records, there is NO OVERPRICE in the construction of the Makati City Hall II Building considering that the cost of the materials indicated in the bill of materials is comparable to prevailing market prices at the time of purchase The variance, if any, was within the limits allowed under the existing laws, rules, and regulations.

    The Sub-Committee should have taken note of the fact that various COA Reports finding that the cost of the Makati City Hall II Building was within the reasonable limits of the law, have already been issued by the COA Technical Audit Specialists (TAS) pursuant to COA Resolution No. 91-52 series of 1991.

    Thus the Partial Committee Report is wrong when it started that the variances noted by COA in the Initial Evaluation Report above COA Estimated Cost for Phases III an IV are “red flags” that show the existence of an overprice Such allege variances are within the limits allowed by law. Indeed it is erroneous for the Partial Committee Report o disregard the COA’s collatilla in the Initial Evaluation Report itself that such variance is within the allowable limit.

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