The hypocrisy in Filipinos’ anger towards US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton

Within the mounting virtually national initiative to demonise not just United States Marine Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton but the entire US military over the murder of Filipino transgender Jeffrey Laude, it is difficult to find any semlance of credibility among the noisiest of Filipino ‘activists’.

US Marine personnel: Fit for a Philippine prison?

US Marine personnel: Fit for a Philippine prison?

The Philippines is home to one of the most crime-infested societies on the planet. Thousands of Filipinos are robbed, physically abused, and murdered every year in crimes that go unpunished and unnoticed. An even greater number of Filipinos are victims of the Philippines’ renowned institutionalised injustice. Indeed, the entire nation is routinely stolen blind by its own politicians and government officials. Do Filipinos care? Consider the toddlers that line Manila’s streets in plain view who spend the day — and night — begging. Many of them are clearly victims of criminal syndicates. Still more are pimped out by their own parents. And all of these criminal practices occur in plain view to the average suit driving to work in cocooned comfort inside his airconditioned car. Go figure.

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Not only is the rape and killing of children and young adults becoming rampant, these crimes tend to remain unsolved. Those that do get solved do so after languishing in investigation limbo for months, and then only to get snarled in an even bigger queue to get court time in the country’s severely-backlogged justice system.

Filipinos have taken to the distasteful practice of violence porn to get the message across. Graphic photos of the victims of these hideous crimes now proliferate — go “viral” — across social media in the Philippines. Indeed, the most recent high-profile arrest of eight Filipino police officers allegedly involved in a carjacking is said to have been made possible only because a photo of the incident as it happened taken by a bystander went viral on Twitter. Some observers have since wryly quipped:

If there are no viral photos, the crime didn’t happen

Many Filipinos are inclined to take this as an increasingly resonant truism about the Philippines’ approach to law enforcement. Filipino kids are no longer taught by their parents to seek the assistance of police officers when they run into trouble.

So I find it quite rich that the Philippines’ noisiest “activists” have suddenly latched on to this recent circus like the barnacles that they are. If I were a parent of a victim of an unreported, uninvestigated, and, therefore, unresolved crime, the bigger outrage for me would be why the vast majority of crimes in the Philippines do not attract this sort of mass indignation.

Perhaps it is because Pemberton is an American.

Of course. It is easy for Filipinos to be angry about a crime allegedly committed by an American but not shed even a single tear over the millions of crimes perpetrated by their fellow countrymen. Indeed, if Filipinos cannot even feel this sort of collective anger against local criminals, what hope is there of Filipinos ever doing something about the impunity with which their own politicians and government officials rule their country with crooked hands?

Small surprise that many are convinced that no United States military personnel will EVER serve time in a Philippine jail. For the US government to allow that will be an absolute affont to its own people…

Q: Should an American be allowed to be subject to the justice system of a country governed by popularly-elected crooks?

A: No way, Juan de la Cruz.

Philippine society is, as most people know, characterised by a culture of crime. Indeed, honour is not even a strong tradition in this society. You don’t need to look far. The current political tele-dramas that have rivetted Filipinos lately point to it. Thievery on such an unprecedented vast scale perpetrated by the elected officials of a society are proof in itself. Many of them were not elected once but twice — and their offspring and kin elected despite all that. When a mistake is made once, we can let it slide. Twice mistaken, stupidity becomes a possibility. More than that constitutes a criminal abuse of the Vote.

Champions of Philippine democracy have long asserted that the Vote constitutes the “voice of the people”. Consider then that Philippine Congress is now widely considered to be the country’s biggest criminal syndicate we can conclude from there that this is a reflection of the character of the society that elected its members.

More to the point, Filipinos do not even trust one another. Jaime Licauco in an Inquirer article dated 22 May 2001 went as far as saying that: “A nation whose policies and rules are based on the assumption that everybody is a cheat and liar unless proven otherwise cannot long endure. Take a close look at our bureaucracy and its rules. It is burdened by elaborate and often unnecessary checks and balances so that nothing ever gets done in the process.”

So perhaps Filipinos ought to get their priorities right. Justice must be served in the case of the murder of Jeffrey Laude. But we should not make the United States to look like the Evil Empire here. Memory should serve Filipinos a bit better than that. After all, they have repeatedly voted crooks to lead them in Malacanang and “represent” them in Congress for decades.

139 Replies to “The hypocrisy in Filipinos’ anger towards US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton”

  1. the reaction is because we have a vfa treaty with them. it should be revoked if they can just kill pinoy gays anytime they want

    1. Isa ka pang bobo. Wag mong idamay ang VFA. Ang kasalanan ng isa ay hindi kasalanan ng lahat.Angyabang ng pinoy di naman tatagal ng isang araw sa gyera kung walang kakampi.

      1. easy on the language, son. besides, ever wondered if the pinoys were victorious in the revolution against the spaniards? did they win? yes? of course they did, you look down too much on your countrymen. further, it IS such a huge story because there are many issues that relate to this one, like the opposition of many to VFA, LGBT conditions in the country, the general view of the massess regarding this (imho, entertainment again, rather than actual issues),the nationality of the accused, and the pros-and-cons of having foreign forces on our soil. if it was some pinoy who killed Laude, i doubt the news would last more than a couple of days.

        1. Aguinaldo couldn’t win the revolution without the Americans sailing their Navy with Dewey at the Manila Bay and reducing to smithereens the Spanish fleet. A little history could make wonders, sometimes.

        2. Easy on language my ass and fuck you for calling me your son Mr. MTRCB. You’re too proud of your ethnicity when it shouldn’t even be the basis for achievements in life. Filipinos are not victorious against Spaniards, there was a moro moro battle between Spain and America to “liberate” us. Evidence? The treaty was made so that Americans could reside in our country. We also fought our shit against the Americans back then. Obviously you’re relying too much on government issued textbooks when you were high school. I’m not looking down too much on my countrymen, Philippines has been looking down to itself for centuries. Proof? We are so proud of being free from Spain but we continue our fucking traditions and cultures influenced by the Spanish. We hate freethinkers, we want Catholic sheeps and bootloaders. And this Laude case is another proof that Filipinos are shitty racist. These hypocrites condemn the VFA just because one fucktard American killed a transgender bimbo. Yup bimbo, because he have a German boyfriend yet still having fun in Olongapo bars with different guys. A sin of a man is not a sin of a nation and their diplomatic relations so instead of crying for the US soldier to be detained in our country, idiots should learn the laws of diplomatics and let the American court try their own citizen. And fuck you again for using Amaterasu as nickname, shitty people hiding under a game character’s name.

      2. If you are this mad online, I’d hate to see how you act in real life. And lol @ you for assuming Amaterasu as just a video game character. Just goes to show how much you know about other cultures.

        In b4 curses and slander directed to me. Save your vitriol for someone who actually deserves it.

      3. Such anger. If you are this mad online, I’d hate to see how you act in real life. And lol @ you for assuming Amaterasu as just a video game character. Just goes to show how much you know about other cultures.

        In b4 curses and slander directed to me. Save your vitriol for someone who actually deserves it.

    2. Read the VFA and you will be enlightened. Nobody screams at the Chinese for taking Philippine islands and shoals. Nobody screams about the many, many foreigners who were murdered in the Philippines…many case unsolved. So, what’s going on with the Maguindanao Massacre case? This case will be completed before any of the “suspects” will even step into court…if ever. Too many TRO’s and delays if you have money. The murder of anybody, no matter their sex, sexual preference, religion, economic situation, or nationality should not have a bearing; murder is murder and the accused should be a fair and expeditious trial…and if found guilty, punished as per the laws of who has jurisdiction. Do not allow yourself to be a tool to “some” groups’ agenda.

    1. Sino ang kano?
      Sino ang mababang utak Pinoy?
      Ang panuntunan ng batas ay hindi nalalapat sa Philipinnes. Hanapin lamang sa aming Pangulo at ang kanyang tugon sa DAP.

    2. @jejemon hoy bobo. Hindi dahil nakagawa ng kasalanan ang isang amerikano kasalanan na ng VFA at US. Kung Indian opakistani pala ang gumawa noon e kamatayan sa mga bumbay kagad ang sigaw? Yang generalization ang isa sa kabobohan ng pinas. Ayaw natin sa racist pero ganun tayo sa ibang bansa. Pag pinipintasan ang mali natin inaapi na kagad. Masyadong insecure at puno ng self pity ang bansa natin.

  2. the guy that murdered this ‘lady-boy’ will never see the inside of a Philippine jail. and that is wrong, but it is the way it is going to be.

    To say that the Filipino elects its gov’t. is in-correct. THE ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED, so Filipino’s should be outraged that they are not electing their leaders, not, as the author in-correctly states, ashamed of the fact that they elect criminals time after time ‘for decades’. You can’t have it both ways, the elections are rigged OR Filipino’s elect criminals. one would guess correctly that these ‘Smart-o-matic’ machines are fuckin rigged, just as rigged as the former system was. just technologically different way of doing it.

    1. That’s Filipino hypocrisy at its best. Our country prefer to get squandered by corrupt people than have VFA that can help our military forces gain martial knowledge. Fliptards use the case as an alibi to picket infront of US embassies.

  3. All i hear from the leftist groups are the old tired bitching and moaning about how the americans are taking advantage of us. Dont blame the americans. Blame our fucking countrymen who agreed and signed a raw deal which wasnt in our favor. Its called negotiations.

    1. They are taking advantage of the Filipinnes, but whose fault is that? if the people that run the country had not stolen everything that was designated for the Miltary buildup of the countries defense, it may not have to rely on ‘Uncle Sam’ every time it has a military issue, but NO ! the scumbags that run the country stole the entire future of the country and now it has to beg to be defended from everything from typhoons to China to Malaysia and back again.ITS: ‘TOUGH SHIT’ now.

  4. Benign0 has hit the nail squarely on the head. Because we are impotent to handle our own fucked-up country and society, we overreact to a perceived loss of face when a foreigner murders one of our own losers. Jesus, we are not really that different from the Chinese, are we?

    The tranny contributed to its own demise. Contributory negligence. We already have the fact that the tranny tried pulling a sex scam. It’s virtually certain there was an attempt at a financial scam, too. When you play with fire, you get burned. Shit got out of hand and now we’ve got a dead Pinoytranny. Depending on what exactly happened, the Marine is also culpable. Will he get reclusion perpetua? Highly unlikely. And neither should he. Will he get handed over to Philippines authorities, per the VFA only after all appeals have been exhausted. That’s the agreement. Like it or lump it.

    Then we have the rewards who bitch about the VFA. Who really gives a rat’s ass about those retarded turds? The bottom line is that the Philipppines negotiated the best they could get and it will probably never change. Without US backing, the native language would be Chinese within a year. Without US $$$, the Philippines would be so poor that even Imelda Marcos couldn’t steal enough to buy a cheap pair of Nike.

    Want to get the upper hand in negotiations? Stop electing generation after generation of thieves. Stop the scams. Get an honest and hardworking government and build the country into a regional powerhouse. When will we do that? When pigs fly, sadly.

  5. I know that during the negs, our guys got bought out. Not with cash but with privileges. Our own people fuck us over. Relatively, we get less today from the US than we did during the bases era. If we dont get what we want, we just say “no”. The Chinese are here, in my district, using local fronts, they are buying up huge pieces of land. Theyre doing a reconquista.

  6. It really does make you think.

    The japanese have US military bases on their soil in okinawa to this day. The japanese are rich and see no need to get rid of these bases even though the japanese are more than capable of defending themselves. The japanese also made american GI rapists from Okinawa see the inside of a japanese jail.

    to ask the obvious, what makes us different from the japanese? why can’t we deal or at least pretend to deal with the US on equal terms? are we just a nation destined to be pathetic and servile?

    then we have the US military. thy are aggressive and for them it’s a matter of exploiting real and perceived weaknesses. must be like a walk in the park to commit atrocities and get away with them in a passive, corrupt country like the philippines.

    it’s when we deal with other countries and compare ourselves with other countries that all of the philippines’ defects come to the foreground — a corrupt system, ball-gagging poverty, a damaged culture still dependent on the US…..damn you Fallows.

    1. Pinoy pride chicken. Di baleng bobo ang militar natin basta galit ang buong Pinas sa mga Amerikano. Kung hindi communism ang idea na yan ewan ko na lang.

    2. Having US bases on your soil is not worth demonstrating against.. Germany has US bases, UK has US bases, Japan has US bases. What’s your big problem guys?

      Perhaps you are unknowingly (or knowingly in some cases) being paid to cause anti – American media activity to further the fortune of some Trapo (maybe Chinese)

      1. Stop talking nonsense. Noone is anti American here. Only anti American policies. That aside, did you actually read benign0’s post???

    3. it’s not about having bases. i think it was a mistake to get rid of the us bases in subic and clark in the first place. the economic activity they brought and the deterrent to chinese ambition that they served were priceless. also our military plain sucks.

      to me bringing pemberton to justice is not about revenge or pinoy pride or sticking it to uncle sam it is about having respect for ourselves…it’s saying hey we may have this vfa but we won’t whore ourselves (ironic i know) and let you literally abuse our people. it’s saying you break our laws (yeah i think its a world wide if not moral law that murder is wrong), you answer for them in our justice system (shitty as it is). it’s saying the US and the philippines are equal partners.

      nations (and maybe i’ve been watching too much hetalia) are like people and nobody respects a person who openly allows him/herself to be abused.

      1. Triple R, WTF are you talking about? Do you actually know WTF you are talking about?

        First of all, as of this moment there isn’t even a criminal complaint filed by the prosecutor. If and when that happens, the accused will be *requested* to be surrendered to Philippine authorities. Under the terms of the VFA — voluntarily signed and ratified by the Philippine Senate — apply. Those terms state that the accused does not have to be surrendered until conviction and all appeals have been exhausted. In the meantime, the will be made available for the criminal process as requested, but every night he will sleep in a facility designated bybthe US side. So cut the whiny little bitch act and accept reality.

        You may not like the VFA terms and they may not be the same terms that VFA agreements with, say, Japan, contain. There are, however, perfectly good reasons why it’s the way it is. If you don’t like it, get your senate to change it. You’re deluding yourself if you think they will — especially over a two-bit tranny whore scammer.

        1. cuts the bitching….ease up on the insults we’re discussing here…how typically filipino, JC… unless you are the real JC (you know jesus) then sorry but….

          i made no claims about knowing the exact processes involved in the vfa in my post…but thanks to your comment i read it…and your statements are a valid interpretation of the vfa

          i have no qualms about pemberton being in US custody so long as he remains available for processing by the philippine justice system….the risk i worry about is that this case can be easily swept under the rug because of a number of factors: our week military, the victim is not sympathetic, also the vfa has a one year prosecution timer…

          my view is that it is weakness on our (philippines)government’s part to not speak in one voice preferably lead by the executive and show public support for jeffrey and to not show that we want to actively take jurisdiction of this case and process it ASAP…but yes we are talking about the philippine government here

  7. The Maguindanao Massacre; the Hacienda Luisita Massacre; and other cases are not yet solved. The cases are in Limbo; shelved and forgotten.

    Laude’s killing is just an outrage of the moment…remember the “ningas cogon” character of the Filipinos. A few months after this outrage. The case will be forgotten like all other cases. The U.S. Marine is already out of the Philippine Jurisdiction…

    Or, the U.S. can easily solve this case; by dangling “Green Cards”, infront of the Laude family…a repeat of the Nicolas-Smith Rape case.

    1. The US public don’t want a criminal in their midst though. As I read the comments here when this news came out here, many people would like to hand him to Filipino hands. However, he is considered innocent until proven guilty. They will not hand him down unless he is convicted.

  8. Not ALL Filipinos were defending the transgender and against VFA whatever. You probably weren’t reading the comments on those local news online. Most of them, male, female, gay, straight, were also saying why the transgender guy deceived the American person. Bashing that he/she deserved what happened to him/her (Which i think is wrong, too.)

    My stand in this is that both did wrong. I feel sad for both. Such an unfortunate turn of events. One shouldn’t have deceived and the other shouldn’t have hurt another or murdered. Now, two lives ruined.

    The activists that you’re saying were just a very few percent of the majority. Which you only see because they’re in the news. Us…readers…and our thoughts aren’t just as widely publicized.

    1. Oh and, also some other commenters have the same thoughts as I do. Just, don’t generalize Filipinos that you see on tv/news.

  9. Let’s get this out of the way. Murder is wrong and I don’t think any person in right and sound mind is condoning it.

    But I am just frustrated with what I am reading online. I hope to get this across.

    1) Being hetero or homo (LGBT) is an accepted fact/existence in this world and time of ours.
    2) Being friends with the LGBT community is okay and not frowned upon even between hetero and a homo.
    3) Being intimate between a hetero and homo is entirely different from being just friends.
    4) Just as the LGBT community wants acceptance for their choice of life, I think the LGBT community should also accept that there are those of the hetero (natural) orientation that will never choose to be in an intimate relationship with anyone of the LGBT community. Being friends is okay, being lovers/partner is a case to case basis.
    5) Noting the above #4, honesty should be observed between both parties from the onset before being -intimate or attempting to be intimate.
    6) If #5 is not observed, then you can’t really predict that the hetero partner will react in a sound and sane manner. Hopefully they do but the LGBT community must also understand that this type of dishonesty is not something you can call a “white/small lie”. It would be tantamount to you spitting in what the hetero partner believes in (Be it religion, morals or beliefs) and it is something you can’t give back/restore to the hetero partner no matter what you do.
    7) The LGBT wants respect and I also respect them for that. But they should also respect those that are not of the LGBT community and be upfront with it before taking any relationship to the “next level”.
    8) If the above results in violence because of the hetero partner finding out, then I would consider that a crime of passion. Because the act of finding out your partner is not who he/she says he is, is like finding out your hetero partner is cheating on you.
    9) Emotional outbursts are known to happen where the one on the receiving end of an extreme discovery and emotional turmoil will “black out” and just react without thinking rationally anymore.
    10) Are the outbursts correct? NO THEY ARE NOT. But that is why it should be labeled a crime of passion in that regard if that were the case.

    11) Was it what happened in this case? We don’t know but it appears there is some lack of facts/honesty in what transpired here.

    12) Crimes of passion are still crimes (hence the label). But the court will give consideration in sentencing in consideration of facts leading up to the crime. I don’t think we have an escape clause here in our country where a crime of passion is waived a guilty verdict, but do correct me if I am wrong.

    I hope I have been clear with my ideas of this case and this does lead to more open lines of communication.

  10. How about this, an Eye for an Eye… a pinoy goes there, rapes a transgender and kills one of them and goes home. Fair game? Nope. FYI Blogs and articles don’t solve crimes, it only sells ads.

    1. @Paolo you’re a fucking imbecile. Why go eye for an eye. Touchscreen phone age and you still believe the laws of cavemen? Then why the fuck are you doing comments? Nowhere did the writer said that his article will solve crimes. Your ‘FYI’ is very obvious so stop using that rubbish acronym, it makes sentences stupid.

  11. I’d like to see the same kind of outrage about the politicians who have enriched themselves at the expense of the poor Filipinos! But that will not happen because Filipinos sad to say are now a bunch of hypocrites! Where is the outrage against Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada and Juan Ponce Enrile? Clearly, those behind this hype are the radicals and the communists who hate America! Would the Philippines be able to defend itself from a Chinese invasion without U.S. assistance? So we show love for America when the Chinese invade our land, but we condemn America when one of her citizens commits a crime against a Filipino in the Philippines! And how would those over acting so-called activists react if the U.S. Embassy offers them Green Cards in exchange for their silence? Do you think those clowns will turn down the offer? Not on your life! Stop the hypocrisy. The Marcoses are back in power. Those thieves are thumbing their noses on the Filipinos. Why is there no outrage against them? Hypocrites all of you! Whether you like it or not, the Philippines need the VFA when a shooting war with China begins! Get real you idiots! An accused, under Philippine law remains innocent until proven guilty! Scale back your misplaced outrage and simply allow justice to take its course! If you activists have nothing better to do, go fly a kite or take a long walk!

      1. This site are waiting for the 2nd batch of a-holes that to be indicted for the PDAF scam. So far, nothing materializes. We can’t rage against the trio now that they are in prison. Its a case of the Law of Diminishing Returns.

    1. When Pogi was detained. His women were enraged because their allowances will be stopped. Celebrity Filipinos don’t want to show they’re angry at politicians dahil alam nila na kaya silang itumba ng mga yan kahit nakakulong.

  12. It’s amazing how you have defended murder by directing attention elsewhere. Murder is murder, no matter how many hypocrites are available to blame. Corruption is everywhere, some folks just hide it better than others. Look in the mirror America, you have mentored the Philippines for more than 100 years.

    1. Philip, could you even be any stupider?

      1. Nobody is defending murder.
      2. Comparing corruption in the US with corruption in the Philipiines shows that rampant syph infection has ravaged your brain. In the US they have maybe 10% of the politicians and government lackeys corrupt. In Pinoyland we have 210%.

      1. You have clarified how you think by calling by calling me “stupid” I’m not here for name calling and calling me “stupid” achieves nothing. It makes you appear to be subjective and I’m not sure if you are subjective or racist or just a little fooooooooooolish and brash (please forgive the way I spelled foolish but I felt it had to be accentuated)… murder is murder. You can sight government and civilian statistics and surveys and polls all day long… but it doesn’t justify the taking of life. The only way I would defend this guy is if it was in self defense, and it may have been, we don’t know yet do we? You seem quite eager to jump on some sort of bandwagon and defend a cause that may or may not involve you. I get it… you have to be part of something and so do I. Look in the mirror and you will find you can’t because hypocrisy will stare you right back in the face… you get my drift? Oh, have I been condescending in any way? Forgive me for that, and I hope you will, as you seem to be a very forgiving person, particularly with regards to the taking of life.

        1. The fact is that you ARE stupid.

          Nobody here is disputing there should be a thorough investigation and subsequent judicial process.

          And the fact is that practically no place on Earth is as corrupt as the Philippines.

          Now try to take your antibiotics and get that infection under control.

        2. Wow, now I really do feel for you. I must have hit a nerve hehe and that makes me feel real good. I’m happy I upset you, maybe it will make you think more clearly. Too bad this had to become so personal, so at this point, I’m gone forever. In fact, I no longer have to read anything you post and that is indeed a refreshing thought. Good luck with your anger issues.

        3. Phillip, get used to it, GRP fans here have a tendency to think their opinions are facts. “And the fact is that practically no place on Earth is as corrupt as the Philippines.” – how is this a fact?

        4. Name one Filipino politician who is not corrupt.

          If, as some nut jobs here claim, all the Filipinos want US troops out, how is it that the entire Philippines Senate approved the VFA? Massive corruption?

          Does it hurt when you think?

        5. “Name one Filipino politician who is not corrupt.” again, as if you absolutely know with evidence that everyone is corrupt. I don’t about all the filipinos wanting US troops out, I myself am ok with VFA.


        1. Ok, Jarvis …

          Was it Marcos? Gloria? Ramos? Aquino? Estrada? Which one? Which president in the last 30 years hasn’t gone to prison, been indicted or found guilty of massive fraud? Just give us one, ok?

          Maybe if Pacman ascends the throne … but even then the odds are against it.

          But this isn’t the issue. The issue is a tranny was murdered. Will the killer face justice? Definitely. Will the fuktard whiny little bitches succeed in gutting the VFA or getting US troops out? Yeah, when hell freezes over.

        2. @J.C. all presidents in the last 30 years still does not equate to “all politicians” which you are claiming.
          back to topic, as someone here has pointed out, it doesn’t matter that the Phils is a corrupt country, a crime has been committed. We are supposed to be outraged. I don’t get calling filipinos “hypocrites”, they are equally outraged about all these other issues as well.

  13. “Thousands of Filipinos are robbed, physically abused, and murdered every year in crimes that go unpunished and unnoticed. An even greater number of Filipinos are victims of the Philippines’ renowned institutionalised injustice.”

    Exactly! why are they only protesting about an american killing a filipino when there are a lot of crimes happening that needs more attention

    1. Well ‘they’ want a reason for the VFA to be junked. That’s why they’re quick to jump on the case.

      And the fact that majority of the protesters are most likely retards.

  14. For me, it doesn’t matter what nationality he has or what color is his skin. If he committed a crime then he has to pay for it… in the country where he committed it, and be tried by the laws that governs it. as simple as that. yes may pagka OA talaga ang mga aktibista na yan na tila walang ginawa sa araw araw kung hindi ngumawa. but to say that the outrage is not warranted is misleading. we should be outraged because a crime has been committed. if there is something wrong, it is the lack of public outrage for every crime that happens in this country.

  15. Hmmmm. Let’s see the turn of events that’s going to unfold in the next few days.

    1.) Ampatuan Massacre: UNSOLVED
    2.) PDAF: the Atty harry toque said that it will take 2000yrs to solve this case.
    3.) 1yr old child killed and raped in San Juan: UNSOLVED
    4.) RANDOM FUCKING VIOLENCE: will never be solved.
    5.) Thousands of criminal cases: goes down the drain.
    6.) An american killed a tranny: A WHOLE NATION GOES BERSERK.
    7.) A Filipino is killed by a Filipino: “ANONG PAKE KO DYAN”.

    Filipino way of thinking needs a total system format. Maybe a nuclear bomb dropped in manila cebu and davao is the only way for the nations future bright thinking leaders.

  16. Well……”awesome” observation skills, so f–k it then. Since the whole country is all jacked up just let him go unpunished. As you eloquently put out, what’s another human life. Pshhh…toss his family an apple pie and a pair of Levi’s and Pemberton should just continue on with his life.

    1. You’ve mistook number 7 my friend. Read again. A Filipino is killed by an American, a whole nation goes berserk whilst if a Filipino is killed by a Filipino it’ll probably be forgotten within hours and will fall on deaf ears hence “ANONG PAKE KO DYAN”. A common Filipino trait.

  17. You see I agree with benigo. This is a case that is thoroughly hyped up. Screw those communists. A child is slaughtered by a madman and those fucks are nowhere to be found. A tranny is slayed by an american, those fucks are up in no time like wild mushrooms. Riding with this fucked media hyped case as if they’ve cared. Stupid ass shit you’ve made me mad. Filipino hyporcrisy at its best!

    1. The only time a Filipino life has value is when it was taken by a kano. Then you will see protest and outrage. If the culprit is a Filipino then no one cares.

  18. Wake up people, this guy came here and murdered someone. Stop turning this into an issue of self reflection. You can reflect all day long but this needs to be investigated and justice needs to be served period. Rationalize and make excuses and defend all day long and it won’t solve this. Getting distracted by clouding an issue won’t give us an answer as to why this happened. Let’s stick to the facts… someone died, someone is a suspect, the facts should be forthcoming, justice should be served up on a sliver platter in the form of a Filipino jail.

    1. And the facts should be presented to you that the guy who killed Laude is an American soldier and by US-Philippine treaties and diplomatic laws, he WILL be tried either in the US military court or in the US supreme court. If you want to change the treaty, do a Middle East or Chinese style government and don’t honor extradition policies. Go insist on fucking up the agreements and show the world that Filipinos are non-diplomatic cavemen.

      1. Archie, actually he will be tried in a Filipino court. He will be present in a Filipino court for the duration of the proceedings against him. If found guilty and once any relevant appeals are exhausted, he will be locked up in a Filipino prison. Until then he will be in a US-controlled confinement facility.

  19. PS I’m done because I’m tired. Futility is best expressed in a forum like this and it’s sickening and depressing and at this point I choose not to be a part of it…. so adios amigos, have fun with the vernacular.

  20. If Filipino authorities conduct an investigation and if they conclude a crime has been committed, they will try to identify a culprit. If they identify a culprit and the culprit is the Marine, Filipino authorities will bring formal charges he will be tried in a Filipino court.

    The Marine has not escaped. He cannot escape. He is under confinement. He is made available to Filipino authorities upon request. This is exactly what happened with the Marine accused of raping a girl before.

    If this Marine is found innocent, he will be released. If found guilty, he will not be released until either exonerated via appeals or he exhausts appeals and serves his entire sentence.

    The only thing you need to wrap your pea-brains around is that he will probably not see a Filipino jail until appeals have been exhausted. This is a direct result of FILIPINO law — the senate ratified the VFA and it is now Filipino law. To dumb this down, he doesn’t have to see a Filipino jail until all appeals have been exhausted. Don’t like it? Too bad. Nothing you whiny little bitches can do to change it. Even if the VFA were changed tomorrow (which it won’t be), it cannot be applied retroactively. Ever.

    Now go back to watching your cartoons and working at doing something you stand a remote chance of success at — like precisely pouring milk over a bowl of cold cereal.

  21. Well, sure, millions of Pinoys suffer the indignity of living in the Philippines (and end their suffering by dying here), but come on. It’s too much to say that we are insensitive to the plight of others just because we are not in a position to know about their plight, much less give an opinion or give help. In principle, yes, there should be public outrage for every crime committed within this country if not the world, but we can only care about so many people before it becomes forced for want of a deeper connection, a recognition.

    (Let’s see benign0 care about every crime: those he knows, those he doesn’t know, and those that exist only in his mind. See he goes on prattling about national hypocrisy when it’s more or less the human condition he’s assailing here.)

  22. 1. No court decision yet.
    2. Itdoesn’t matter who has jurisdiction as long as the right culprit is punished.
    3. News nowadays is no longer different from showbusiness.. i only watch the result of sports.
    4. The more we talk about this makes no. 3 worse.

  23. Seems like benigno here is an american or pro-american not that i’m implying anything against americans just to clarify that.

    “US Marine Personnel: Fit for a Philippine prison?” as quoted unquoted from the article above.

    Answer: Why the F not?
    Bottom line is US Marine Personnel commited murder on Philippine soil so as logic goes US Marine Personnel is fit in a Philippine prison both figurative and literal even if questions of custody is still at work and “the Philippines renowned’ justice victims” as quote unquoted again above is completely off the point and has got nothing to do with the true issue at hand. No length of any article or website like this can justify what had been done to poor Jeffrey Laude. Yes, Filipino cares that’s why Filipinos are making actions even if the executive branch of government doesn’t seem to. Rapes and murders and robberies in the country also happens around the world not just the Philippines so might as well ask every country THAT. ” so dapat wala na dapat marami pang sinasabi” because the point here is someone commited murder, he is identified and he should pay for his crime. And it’s just so much as our luck that he is identified with enough evidence and he better pray real good that his government will not give him up because if they do, he ‘ll surely get married in a Filipino jail soon, if you know what i mean…….

    1. Bottom line, the VFA is law, no ifs or buts and despite the drama, it will be followed. The Philippine VFA is comparable to other SOFA aggreements, made with other 3rd world shit holes with questionable and substandard justice systems and prisons.

      This really just boils down to Pinoy pride getting butt hurt again.

    2. Preacher, are you brain-dead?

      The prosecutors only got the case from the police a couple of days ago. It takes them time to bring actual charges. The process isn’t as fast as you knobbing your daddy.

      If the marine is guilty, after all his appeals have been exhausted, he will be turned over to Filipino custody. That’s the law.

    3. You don’t know that he commited murder! No one knows what happened in that room!! You ever hear of self defense?! “Barbie” said she was told by “Jennifer” to leave the room before he finds out we are tranies, what is up with that?! Why would they take a man (or in this case a kid) to a room without first informing him that they are men?! Something is not right and there is more to this story then we know!!!

  24. what if its the other way around? what if pemberton was the victim and laude was the suspect? don’t u think that wouldn’t be as viral as this? its so given.. the story includes a transgender and a foreigner in our native land!! it would be definitely viral!! and we won’t giving shit and commenting on this blog if it doesn’t involved things that i mentioned!!

  25. Wow.. SMH someones brain here is in his jocks just like “US Marine Personnel” SMH you know who you are….tsk3x got no more to say here… I made my point rock hard. #NINJAOUT SMH…

    1. Hey Butthole & Poophead, are you still jealous that you could swallow that marine’s load and use the 25 cents to buy rice for that kid your wife had with your neighbor?

  26. Hoi JC! Why would i be jealous to swallow that petri dish of STD’s marines load huh? And 25 cents??? How cheap are you??? I guess pretty much! LOL!!! i’ve got money according to a local celebrity quote here ” i can buy you, your friends and that piece of crap you call a warship PELELIU!” you pathetic JC yah hear??! P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C! Weeeeewwwww……..

    1. Butthole & Poophead, you sure pegged the Bullshit ‘O Meter!

      We all know you are a load guzzling tranny. The only money you have could barely buy a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

      The only thing you have of worth is your skanky mother, two coconut trees, a fish pond full of dead carp and your two heavily calloused hands from giving hand jobs to unsuspecting sailors at Subic.

      Yeah, I guess for a porch monkey like you that’s reason to be proud.

  27. Another one of those website with cheap ads, who spreads hate, and does not really provide a solution to the problem!

    A total waste of energy!

  28. o come on JC stop jerking off.. Get your hands off your pants JC! that’ll just worsen YOUR MISERABLE MONDAY IN EXISTENCE! whats with you and blowing and jack offs and loads?? Any experience you wanna share JC?? you poor thing, you poor piece of ape of an individual tsk3x maglalad ka na kasi LOL! While you reflect… i’ll go back to my glass of wine and “HAPPY MEALS” and no they’re not from Ronald MD! LOL! you still pathetic JC YAH HEAR! P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!

    1. Wine? Hahahahahaha!

      After begging for an hour at Robinson’s McDonald’s that half-full cup of Coke you were given wasn’t wine. Wasn’t Coke either. 😉

      But still you guzzled it. Good job, porch monkey!

    1. Yeah, it does make it more interesting for people. We are all bored with the same old crappy headlines: President steals a billion dollars! President goes to prison! President gets out of prison! President now mayor of capital city!

      I don’t think anybody is happy that the tranny got killed. I don’t think anybody is saying that he deserved death no matter how big a scumbag he was.

      What we are saying is that we are not going to cry over it. The overriding principals here are: Karma’s a bitch; What comes around, goes around; You play with fire and you get burned; Contributory negligence.

      Let’s takes a habitual drunkard who drives his car off a cliff. Yeah, too bad for him and his family. But you know what? He can only blame himself. If he weren’t a drunken piece of shit he’d still be alive.

      And if tranny Laude weren’t a fraud, if he weren’t a whore, if he didn’t lie to a certain marine about his having a snatch and if he hadn’t been a thieving bitch defrauding his German “fiancé”, he’d still be alive. Period. And THAT is funny. In this case, Darwin won.

      1. As much as i hate how you sum it up J.C. But all i could do is agree to everything that you said.

        Like Newton’s third law of motion.
        “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

        If Laude had been honest. Transactions would have been cancelled. If transactions was cancelled no hotels and no deaths has occurred.

        We are so caught up in pinning everything to U.S. when it is a crime made by one person. There was once just a few days before the Laude crime. A U.S. Service man was chasing a tranny naked. While tranny was running for his life with the service mans pants. Bystanders was just looking most laughing if i was walking at the other side of the street i would’ve jumped the tranny. What happened Service man didn’t know the person she’s with was a tranny and what’s worst tranny asked him to shower and take his clothes off as he went into the shower and heard the door of the hotel room closed he went to check and his pants are gone so he rushed out to chase the shithead.

        Bottom line if that tranny was caught do you think he’d still be alive? Worst case scenario is a big NO. If he’s lucky he’ll prolly just end up with broken bones and bruises all over. And guess what if that made the news. Then Filipinos will prolly still blame the entire U.S. over it disregarding facts. What a very sad country.

        1. Newton’s Law. 🙂 Excellent analysis, Jim Beam!

          What’s really sad is that the Olongapo tranny brigade will be out in full force this weekend whoring and scamming. You know, come to think about it, US forces don’t need to be here training Filipino troops. It’s Filipino troops that need to be training US military personnel on how to spot a tranny and avoid being scammed.

  29. are you brain-dead?

    The prosecutors only got the case from the police a couple of days ago. It takes them time to bring actual charges. The process isn’t as fast as you knobbing your daddy.

    If the marine is guilty, after all his appeals have been exhausted, he will be turned over to Filipino custody. That’s the law.

      1. “Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
        It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola
        La-la-la-la Lola

        Well I left home just a week before
        And I’d never ever kissed a woman before
        But Lola smiled and took me by the hand
        And said dear boy I’m gonna make you a man

        Well I’m not the world’s most masculine man
        But I know what I am and I’m glad I’m a man
        And so is Lola
        La-la-la-la Lola la-la-la-la Lola
        Lola la-la-la-la Lola la-la-la-la Lola”- The Kinks back in the mid 70s. They warned us but did we listen?

  30. isang mabagal at matunog na palakpakan para kay j.c.

    sinabi ng manunulat na dapat linisin muna ng pilipinas ang bakuran nito bago natin paginitan si pemberton o sumigaw ng hustiya para kay jeffrey.

    pero eto ka ngayon basang-basa sa ulan o sa isperma? na hayagang nagsasabi na sawa na tayo sa mga tiwalang pulitiko at paginitan na lang natin ang isang sinungaling na tranny.

    ang galing mo. panalo ka pre.

  31. For f**k sake just leave it to the authorities and wait for the result of their investigation and trial! Just because that biotch got killed means the marine gets all the blame. For sure there’s more to the story. No wonder our country struggles to progress because of too many idiots around. No need to react if you’re not one of them idiots. Just saying….

  32. Would it have been any different if the victim was another American, Chinese, Australian or Dutch? No… Pemberton would still have to answer to the allegations so stop with distracting your readers from the crime – a person was found dead, murdered.

    And what does the Philippines being impoverished, crime and corruption filled (what nation isnt crime free or led by an all pure absolute clean government?) have to do with the crime? Certainly it’s not pembertons motive for what he is accused of so your airing of the country’s dirty laundry is nothing short of a simple vain attempt at discrediting the nation’s anger towards the crime, the deed, and the accused. In effect this is very absurd, that the people cannot complain about pemberton being American yet accused of commuting a crime because the Philippines is fucked up as what the writer “exposes.”

    I suppose here’s the real truth to this article – your indignity to uphold the accused as one American vs a crime allegedly committed in a country u look down on. Hypocrisy is not on those crying out publicly be it on the streets or online, a crime happened, a murder happened, a victim died. Hypocrisy is all over you writing as if this crime has no merit because a country is fucked up so it’s ok for it to happen, and Filipinos should be quiet about it because he’s American and assuming all Filipinos love everything American.

    Much worse than this projected hypocrisy, your apathy that a person was murdered and that person was someone’s friend, brother, sister, son, daughter, someone human that breathed, talked, ate, pooped just like you. Your lack of soul is worse than your lack of writing.

    1. i agree, the author may be presenting a false dichotomy (the old all or nothing at all fallacy). prosecute all criminals in the philippines or none at all. there are so many other permutations in between.

      another prominent fallacy here is the part to whole fallacy made by other posters. just because some in the philippines want to prosecute the erring pemberton (part of the US military) doesn’t mean they think the whole of the US military are rapers and bad people. it’s just pemberton.

    2. @havana: Actually, the article and the ones previous and subsequent to it already explore the facts you stated inside and out. Trouble is, you then postulate that I “lack soul” and am “apathetic” then use those as cornerstones in your key argument against the ideas I table in this article. Not a very good strategy.

    3. Havana, learn to read.

      A crime was committed, apparently. An accused has been identified. The process continues.

      Meanwhile, we have a boatload of half-baked chimps jumping up and down with their leftist circus agenda. Why weren’t they jumping up and down when Estrada became mayor?

      But, hey … you win. The Earth is flat.

      1. Not agreeing to the article doesn’t mean he didn’t understand it, stop saying things like “learn to read”, it doesn’t mean anything. “Why weren’t they jumping up and down when Estrada became mayor?” wtf. winning an election is not a crime.

        1. Did they jump up and down when Estrada stole millions of $? Nope.

          If you are going to be outraged at crime, be consistent. And be intelligent. One murder (if it actually was a murder) doesn’t paint the whole VFA black. Or if it does, than it’s fair to say we can paint all tranny scammer whores with the same brush.

        2. “Did they jump up and down when Estrada stole millions of $?” <- There was a little bit of outrage there, I believe some people called it EDSA DOS.

  33. Raising hell over the “crime” of an American marine? Well and good but we have to put it in proper perspective; he does not carry with him the entire USA Armed Forces. His is an individual crime, let him be tried as an individual; if he must rot in our jails, so be it. But – there are hundreds, if not thousands, rape cases done on minors by relatives and non-relatives in our country. What about the hundreds of millions of people’s money appropriated or stolen to put it bluntly, by our lawmakers. Imagine, they own and live in palaces and mansions, drive imported and customized cars. support two or more families, send their children abroad! Bahala ang mga pobre mag-aral sa mga run-down overcrowded schools with primitive toilets and dirty canteens, with few desks and even fewer books and methods of teaching that rely more on cheating in national exams rather than tried-and-true teaching. And all because enough funds are not available for our education system, but unlimited funds for the allies of this gov’t. Are these not crimes that cry to heaven for vengeance?

    1. Maria, it’s refreshing to see a rational, logical view.

      There are more important things to get hyper about these days and the death of a shitbag tranny whore and scammer is NOT one of them.

      The police and prosecutor get paid to deal with these issues. I doubt they need any help from congenitally defective armchair quarterbacks.

  34. I’m so over with this news! Why would those transgenders bring that marine soldier to the motel without letting him know about their gender. Is that really how they are thirsty for lust? Are they not ashamed that they are gonna hook up with a 19 yr old? And why would they say that “jennifer” is not a prostitute? Guys, its so obvious! Don’t be so dumb!

    1. Gee, the tranny was a whore and a scammer. It’s only objective was to defraud the marine out of his cash.

      The tranny screwed up and is dead. Good riddance.

      The marine will likely end up in prison. Good.

      1. I Honestly felt pity for the soldier. This won’t happen if those transgender didn’t took advantage of him. It doesn’t mean that if you look like a woman, you can already do whatever you wanna do to a man! Know your limitations Bro! Too bad for that transgender, “she” messed up with the wrong person. I hope that the other transgender who was with “Jennifer” learned “her” lesson.

      2. Yeah, I know what you mean.

        To be fair, though, killing someone probably isn’t called for no matter how angry you get. We will have to wait and see what details come out at any trial. I would bet, though, it just isn’t a simple case of rage at a dick. I’m thinking the tranny tried to rip him off, they scuffled and things got out of control.

  35. I take great satisfaction and pleasure in knowing that any email I get from this website goes directly to my spam folder for permanent deletion. Awesome!

      1. In connection with this issue, I actually went to boracay this past week. One thing that me and my friends noticed is, we felt boracay was not a vacation spot anymore, its more on ideal place for prostitutes specifically for transgenders. It’s kinda embarassing that these kind of people are making that place for their own business. You could see them wandering around to get some customers. Is this one of the local government’s strategy to gain more tourists? And if another incident happen, are they gonna blame the foreign nationals again?

        1. Gee, you are right. Olongapo and Angeles are in reality nothing but municipal whore houses. Always have been and, sadly, always will be.

          And now Boracay. Yes, Boracay is starting to get polluted with whores of all varieties. It used to be the ideal spot for a family vacation, but now is little more than an X-rated freak show.

          It’s not a question of “if” another incident happens; it will happen. There is no doubt about it. We are now the number two sex-tour destination in Asia and, unlike Thailand, we have police that are little more than bumbling ass-wipe retards. It probably will never change. If those chimps jumping up and down about tranny Laude wanted to do something productive, they could find real issues that would improve the Philippines to protest about.

          Why don’t they protest about the Philippines having one of the highest percentages of unwed mothers on the planet? Why not protest about the very significant percentage of children who have no idea even who their father is?

          You know, maybe we would be better off under the Chinese. Maybe they could eventually turn this country into something other than an impoverished, corrupt, Catholic Pacific Island zoo.

  36. JUNK THE VFA!!!




  37. why so much outrage on this lone US marine for the murder of a Filipino transgender? of course justice must be serve. but I didn’t see the loud mouth posturing of these protesting activists against the famous criminals, plunderers, and crooks in our society. the marcos family was known to have ordered liquidation/torture of political opponents and enrile being marcos’ defense secretary was an active participant. estrada and lacson was implicated in the unsolved disappearance of dacer. honasan was a traitor who plotted unsuccessful coup to the govt of cory Aquino, the mass murders of journalists by ampatuan clan….none of these criminals has yet been brought to justice? smells like a double standard!

  38. the author of this is a first class jerk like that Bastard us last class permberton.I am an american living here in the philippines and never have i been treated with more hospitality then here in the philippines>Dont tell me philippinos are corrupt and no morals its the opposite the filipinos are known for their hospitality all over the world in the stupid immoral usa you have divorces everyday and nursing homes both of those are not even recognized here.

    1. Hey Victor, stop kidding yourself okay? If you really believe what you are saying then you are either blind to reality or a first class idiot!

    2. Lighten up on old Victor, folks. He’s in love with the Philippines. Since he’s 70 years old, broke, obviously retarded and hard-up, here is a paradise for him. His $700 Social Security check allows him the luxury of eating decently, living in a mud-hut and, most importantly, get laid.

      He’s got a 16-year-old girlfriend here whereas in the US even a skanky whore wouldn’t touch him with the shitty end of a stick for a boatload of cash. Let him live his dream.

      1. J.C. Funny the way you sum it up. You are so right. However I dont believe that most kanos would go after underage girls. Some may but that is not typical. That is more a Filipino thing. There are 200,000.00 (Two hundred thousand!)teenage pregnancies each year in the Philippines. That means Filipino men are having sex with underage girls on wide scale. Kanos just get the negative publicity.

      2. I have been at the sidelines watching this ping-pong of arguments. And I should say this exchange and your answers J.C. is absolutely gold! 😀

        1. Yes, likely if she was a sex worker and he was a sex tourist in Angeles. In my experience most kanos’ (white men) Filipina wives are in their 30’s or older.

        2. Attila, perhaps my eyesight is better than yours.

          Discounting the city-wide whorehouses of Angeles and Olongapo, I see hundreds and hundreds of kanos with Filipina wives / girlfriends under 20. Often with kids in tow.

          The ones they take to the USA are older, but the people like Victor that are too stupid / poor to survive in the US want then barely legal age.

      3. Oh come on guys don’t be such an ill mannered people. Respect someone else opinion. Everyone has a valid point but bashing or even bullying someone else will not earn you popularity. But that will obviously tell what kind of person are you. Stick to the topic not to personal life of someone. Don’t assume too much because you sound an obvious hypocrite. This is one of the visible flaws of this website, there are people who love to play a holier than thou and all knowing approach to the extent making fool of someone else dignity. Is that a reality to some of you that being such an ass-hole would make you an intelligent person? Then, you are wrong, the reality is, IQ is good but EQ is better but if you have both faculties then that’s the best.

        Well, with regards, to Laude’s case that is a heck of attention. And I shall call it a hypocrisy to the higher extent. Actually, there are few people who are using such tragedy for their personal agenda. That’s very obvious commies are really working on it to gain advantage and to pursue their agenda and one of these is to isolate Philippines from US influence and let the Philippines be an offering to China. Don’t get me wrong. justice must be served but not to the extent of intruding or interfering our country’s national security and international relations. Take note our Supreme Court already ruled out about the use of Laude’s case against the government of our number one allies the USA, as SC decided the Laude’s case cannot be used to interfere on our international relation and national security. So, Laude’s case is not a special national concern but purely a private case that is to be dealt in court alone not for public judgment nor media roller coaster thing anymore.

  39. Did anyone of you chest beating apes protest/demonstrate, and yelled to high heavens, when Bubby Dacer and his driver Orbito were kidnapped, murdered and then burned? Are you outraged that justice is still denied the Dacer and Orbito familes, even as the culprits have been identified? How about the Ampatuan massacre? No there was not even a peep out of you hypocrites! But when a foreigner like PFC Pemberton USMC is accused of killing a Pinoy, you raise your stupid voice to the sky and demand his immediate punishment! How sure are you that he is guilty? You stupid apes!

    1. The only time a Filipino life has value when that life was taken by a white men. Then you will see outrage and protest. Otherwise no one really cares.

  40. The Philippines is NOT necessary to US national security. The US is necessary to Philippines national security. Weigh those facts closely 🙂

    1. The Philippines is a former U.S. Commonwealth until 1947 and has historical ties with the U.S. There are over 2 Million Filipino-Americans in the U.S. And the U.S. will soon experience hyperinflation worse than it did during the 1929 Great Depression. Weigh those facts closely.

  41. Vic you are one of the best writers I have ever witnessed. And the fact that you allow people who live in denial to comment is very professional and generous.

    You write, you give opinion and back it up with FACTS. Everytime you include facts.

    But the Filipino brain can not accept. They will rather elect someone like Pacman to Goverment and expect a better life. Pacman by the way says God spoke to him….no the pope…but to Pacman instead.

    I have been in Phils for 5 years and I still can not believe the mentality here. They hate you until they get to know you.

    They will do something to your property or food just for fun because they are some petty devious people and they know it.

    They have no respect for human life. Neighbors would kill the other over a complaint about loud Kareoke music…I got that direct from Phils news online.

    I walked by a newstand here in Cebu and there were 5 crime stories with big headlines….All the crimes were committed by Phils Cops!

    Then you read wife cuts off mans private package, husband comes home and cuts off mans privates..then when you read about these stories online Filipinos are justifying it and and giving applause to the violence!

    I would not even put my clothes out to dry around Filipinos because they will fuck with it just because. No reason…I am foreigner that is the reason.

    Oh they love to say how hospitable they are as they live in a house that has huge walls with jagged glass on top of the wall.

    I could write a book on these people and probably will.

  42. The over acting complaints about the murder of Laude is actually being used by leftists activists to put a wedge between the U.S. and the Philippines just when there is a Chinese communist threat in the West Philippine Sea over territorial disputes with China.

  43. Same reason why Americans got so mad if a Muslim carried attack on America. not only all Muslims get demonized, but the entire middle-east with all different races and religions. Even though US also suffer from high crime rate and one of the highest in the world in homicide. Both incorrect reactions. Nobody should be blamed for others’ crimes just because they are part of one group of nationals/ethnicity/religion. For those activities I guess it’s the same feelings as tea parties calling Obama a Muslim and a traitor. It’s easy to forget our own faults.

  44. I was curious if you ever considered changing the structure of your site?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you
    could a little more in the way of content so people could connect
    with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or
    2 pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

  45. While I know the last reply to this 4 year old thread was 2 years ago, I have just seen it for the first time. So pardon the resurrection.
    Concerning this izsue, and of course the”uproar” over it. I was in Manila when this broke, sitting at the hotel bar which happened to have a gay bartender. So I asked him his opinion before I stated mine. He stated “she” (the transfag) should not have tried to trick him and should have stayed with its own kind. This was my thought as well, all LGBTQ should stay with there own kind. Further more, they are abnormal defective freaks, that is a statistical, biological and especially with trabsfreaks a psychological fact. The people screaming the loudest seemed to fall mainly in two camps, fags and their enablers, and the anti American pro communist crowd. Which is humorous as the later have historically not have much love for them once they gain power. However they do use that which gains them power. My point, the Marine should not have been charged with murder. It was self defense from being raped by another man. (Want a glimpse of what communist plan in the USA, and elsewhere? Read “The Naked Communist”, on

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