North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) rehabilitated under Arroyo gov’t, to be named after Cory!

Why?? Why should the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) be named after Corazon “Cory” Aquino, former president of the Philippines and mother of current President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III?

According to Nueva Ecija Rep. Magnolia Rosa Antonio-Nadres, author of House Bill 4820 which aims to do just that, naming the NLEX after Cory will “constantly remind us of the noble deeds of the late President, especially for the poor, and inspire our people to emulate her example of selfless service to the nation while her exceptional courage and leadership gave hope and united the Filipino people at a critical time in the country’s history.”

NLEX looking good after rehab under administration of former President Gloria Arroyo

NLEX looking good after rehab under administration of former President Gloria Arroyo

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One wonders whether or not these House representatives have anything better to do. We need look no further than the plight of Manila’s international airport which, by virtue of Republic Act 6639, was renamed the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in 1987 in honour of Cory Aquino’s “martyred” husband.

Naming the Manila International Airport after an Aquino certainly did not stop its descent to a national embarrassment. The NAIA is now enjoying its fourth year in the world hall of airport shame, knocked off from the top only this year by Pakistan’s Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International as world’s worst airport after it topped the list the previous three years. It now holds an “improved” fourth place in the notorious list published by

The NLEX underwent a massive 385 million dollar rehabilitation under the administration of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo through a public–private partnership (PPP) with the Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC). Part of the funding included 70 million dollars in loans from the Asian Development Bank. The ADB noted the success of the project in a report it issued in 2011 where it hailed the project as “a benchmark project for the toll road sector” which has “paved the way for further private sector participation.”

The ADB report further elaborates…

NLEX was the first expressway to be rehabilitated, operated, and maintained by a private company, with international partners, and in accordance with accepted international practice. The project has served as a model for others. Facilities and standards of NLEX are now on a par with expressways in other countries, including those in Europe and elsewhere in Asia. The design standards, facilities, financial structuring, and concession agreement serve as benchmarks for the other toll road projects in the Philippines.

Much of this work had happened under Arroyo’s watch. But unlike the current president, BS Aquino who often ends up with a foot in his mouth after most public addresses, Arroyo is a lot more circumspect with regard to her role in this and other success stories during her rule as she relates in her famous essay, It’s the economy student!

But these accomplishments have simply been part of the continuum of history. The gains I achieved were built on the efforts of previous leaders. Each successive government must build on the successes and progress of the previous ones: advance the programs that work, leave behind those that don’t.

So should the NLEX be named after another Aquino? Filipinos should think again. History and the facts are not on the side of that hare-brained proposal.

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40 Replies to “North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) rehabilitated under Arroyo gov’t, to be named after Cory!”

  1. Who cares? it is more tragic that the dreaded ‘privitization’ of government services in the West is the only way a project can get done in the corruption riddled country, the Philippines. Whereas, in the West, privitization is a looting mechanism, in the completely backwards Philippines it is the only way to get something done.

  2. On second thought I will not protest if it was called Noynoy Aquino Highway for the exact same reason the airport’s bears his dad’s name. Not a whimper. Promise.

  3. Selfless service?! Noble deeds?! What a joke! If anything, that woman is SELFISH. Besides vengeance, everything she ever did was for the good of her family and their KAMAG ANAK INC. If they want to name a road after her, choose a lousy, dilapidated road which would remind everyone of her lousy presidency. And please cut the crap about her being responsible for bringing down the Marcos dictatorship.The Filipino people brought down the Marcos regime, not her! Where was she during EDSA 1? These noble congressmen who have a penchant for grandstanding and kissing ass should do some research.

  4. I just finished watching “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes” and thought it was pretty awesome.

    This is more amazing and proves that the premise of the movie, that apes will take over, is not that far off.

    Nueva Ecija Rep. Magnolia Rosa Antonio-Nadres should get her head out of the Aquino families ass and then jump into a volcano. That would be a noble deed example and a selfless service to the nation to be remembered.

  5. Cory Aquino is known as a: Feudalist Oligarch. She did not do anything good for the country. She became a tool of the NPA and foreign power. In her administration; graft and corruption became widespread. She stopped the Agrarian Reform program; to protect her Hacienda Luisita. The land, they swindled…

    So, those “tsu-tsu” of Aquino is now naming everything on her. They are YellowTards, living in a World of Delusion…

    There are other problems; that need legislation. Other than kissing the asses of the Aquinos. And, naming a Highway to Cory Aquino…

    1. you are damn right. stopthese noytards playing selfless daw. mga walanghiya kayo. karma is coming too soon. yang mga aquino na yan na ninakaw lang ang lupa sa mga mamamayang pilipino…your end is near. mga ugok na oligarch. shame on you and your minions.

    2. Worse na nga yung corruption nung panahon ni Kori mas lalong worst ngayung panahon ni BS Aquino. Partly to be blame lang ang Masa sa pagkakalulok sa kanya pero malaking bahagi yung Hocus PCOS kaya siya naupo diyan sa Malasyañang.

  6. Why do we have to name/re-name it in the first place? Isn’t North Luzon Expressway decent enough? What about SLEX? Another one from the Aquino family? Hope its not “Kris”

  7. NAIA is an embarrassment before the international community.Why not name it Juan dela Cruz International Airport? It justifies us, as people.We are so logged behind.Why?One of the thousand reasons is, we don’t know how to prioritize.Lets work out the rehabilitation first before anything else.We got the slowest,so disorganized & archaic airport, to be honest peeps.

  8. (Off topic) Will you be posting about the Filipino rush to consider Bette Bolivar a Pinay even though she was raised and educated in the US?

  9. Maybe we should rename EDSA to BS “Noynoy” Aquino to remind the people how he worked: SLOW & RIDICULOUS! And how a BS of a president he is!

  10. Actually, the NLEX rehab was envisioned and started under the administration of Pres. FVR. This includes the Skyway construction and the SLEX rehab, as well as the STAR tollway. Kudos to the Estrada and Arroyo administration for picking up where the FVR left off and continuing the projects.

  11. It’s to remind everyone why it was built or extended into the SCTEX (Subic Clark Tarlac Ex) with an exit going straight to Hacienda Luisita. Now the Cojuangco’s/Aquino’s can drive straight there without having to drive on the slow roads with the poor people.

  12. This inane policy of renaming infrastructure after dead people has to stop. There are many other nouns and adjectives out there that can be used instead of that from one oligarchic family. “Maharlika Highway” was for me an okay idea: no names, no “family legacies,” just an ancient name for a pre-Hispanic warrior caste.

    Which reminds me, Session Road and Carlu Loop in Baguio once collectively nearly became “Aquino Street;” luckily more level-headed people turned the proposal down.

  13. The people’s power saved the asses of enrile, gringo, ramos and cory. These people were not heroes. That is the damming truth.

    1. “People Power”was backed up by U.S. airpower…and the decision of Marcos not to use the full arm of the AFP. The U.S. warned Marcos to refrain from using his Air Force…

      This is the truth…the Aquinos claimed they did it by themselves…

  14. Mother and son wins presidency out of sympathy from the masses and not because of the qualities they have. Cory won the election after her husband was assassinated and now the son is enjoying the same after the mother’s death.

    1. Cory did not win the election. She forced her way through with the help of the US the her cohorts. It was supposed to be Arturo Tolentino who should take over when Apo Marcos left.

  15. Wow ha. Putang ina talaga tong mga Aquino. Yung NAIA, that airport was built by Ferdinand Marcos, and named it as Manila International Airport. Back then, it was still new & was furnished well. Marcos could’ve named it after him but the guy wasn’t credit-recognition hungry as Noy Noy. But of course the politically mang.mang Cory Aquino renamed the airport after her husband who’s got nothing to do whatsoever in building the airport. The nerve of the Aquinos. Ang kapal ng mukha. And now, itong NLEX to renamed after the politically mang.mang na Cory Aquino, who by the way, was the worst president in the history of Phililpine politics.

  16. Who cares NLEX is just fine. Why do we need to name it under Aquino or other persons name. There is no need.

  17. ..kakapal nman ang mga mukha niyo Aquino..Dina kayo nahiya…si macoy nga pinagawa airport sa manila pero di gnmit pangalan..mga tao talgang baliw..noon narinig korin na pati ang clarck airport gstong palitan ni noytards noon pero napigilan sa camara..palitan daw ng Aquino din..grabe talaga..

  18. Sa writer nito pasintabi lang po…kahit kanino yan ipangalan wala kayong pakialam ang alalahanin niyo lahat nang umupo sa gobyerno nakikinabang sa pera nang bayan…. In short lahat sila dapat mag effort na mabigyan nang magandang proyekto ang bayan dahil responsibilidad nila ayan.’can we stop this non sense issue kaya ung bayan natin hndi umuunlad dahil sa mga ganitong issue pati pader ibandira ang pangalan sa nagpagawa na polotiko na nkaupo sa puwesto akala naman nila sariling pera nila ang ginastos sa proyekto. Manahimik nlang kayo d iyo makakatulong sa pag unlad nang bansa natin.

  19. Why not name it as Philippines Globe international Airport? Why naming it to a particular person? There must be a law prohibiting all projects develop and constructed be passed. Para walang pa pogi points Sa mga politiko…

  20. If to remember her the she should have build infrustructer to be named after her.. Not the ones already made by the previous administration to be named after her… What a shame.. It only means she did nothing good..

  21. 9 years ago close to the tollgate in Quezon City (coming from Bulacan) I saw a sign on the hard shoulder of the North Luzon Expressway that said: “kung sira ang preno mo dumaan ka dito” and there were humps on the lane to slow down cars with worn out brakes. I wonder if the sign is still there….

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