Filipinos butthurt over training video depicting yakkety Pinoy nurses!

Is it me, or are Filipino nurses’ egos among the most unhealthy in the world? The recent incidence of Filipino butthurt involves nurses again!

This time it is about an “offensive scene” in “It’s a Dog’s World”, a training video that “showed two Filipino nurses gossiping in Filipino in front of an American patient.” Wow, as if such a scene is not altogether implausible. You can routinely hear Filipinos yakking away about the most inane things clear across the room. Imagine being in a hospital bed right next to one such conversation going on!

Filipino nurses: A whole lotta butthurt waiting to happen!

Filipino nurses: A whole lotta butthurt waiting to happen!

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That, apparently, made a Pinay nurse who saw the video incensed enough to report it to a certain “Filipino community leader” named Victoria Navarro who then reported it to no less than Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Cuisia Jr.

Holy cow!

So Filipinos were suposedly “negatively depicted” in the video. Jeez. Americans are probably beginning to think Filipino nurses are too much trouble for the massive savings they probably enjoy recruiting them off their former colony instead of educating locals to take on such jobs.

Why don’t Filipinos, instead of being so quick to take offense from such trivial things, be a bit more reflective about stuff like this? I mean we’re racking up quite a dossier of such incidents. Doesn’t that tell us something? After all, as the saying goes, the common denominator in all your failed relationships is YOU.

Perhaps as starting point for such a national reflection, we can refer to a related article published by benign0 earlier, Do Filipinos speak too loudly and in an annoying manner in public spaces?. In that article he thinks out loud…

Could there be something about Tagalog and other Philippine dialects and the way these are spoken that tends to get under peoples’ skins?

I think I had already answered that question earlier in this piece.

I find it amazing though that no less than the Ambassador himself would get involved in this hysterical fit. Doesn’t Ambassador Cuisia have better things to do? I mean, Washington DC is clear across the continent from California where this thing supposedly happened!

Then again, I suppose it’s because the Philippine government routinely sucks up to these Pinoy communities all over the US. I read somewhere (though I could be wrong) that the combined income of all Fil-Ams is bigger than the entire Gross Domestic Product of the Philippines. So there you go. The image of a little mouse holding up an elephant comes to mind.

39 Replies to “Filipinos butthurt over training video depicting yakkety Pinoy nurses!”

        1. And now you’re resorting to banwagon mentality. So you admitting that you’re an absolute asshurt then. pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak.

  1. Hi Kate, I just want to say and expand on the matter because as a nursing graduate from Pinas and currently residing in California, I just find it trivial and stupid that the Filipino Nursing Community is wasting time in silly matters like this when they can’t even address fundamental issues facing thousands of BSN graduates that came from the Philippines like myself to discover that California Registered Board of Nursing has been cracking down on Pinas nursing education standards and fake transcript that many of your fellow Pinoys are doing, it’s sad that people like myself who spend countless hours legitimately studying our hearts out only to discover that CA decides to clamp down on Pinas BSN graduates because these morons decided to commit fraud all in the name of the almighty dollar.

    1. @RS U r in the USa and complaining about Filippine students/schools lying about transcript frauds in the ‘name of the almighty dollar’? The fraud is originating in the RP?
      Then wouldn’t it be in the name of the almighty Peso?

      and besides most USA facilities know that Filippine schools offer inferior education cirriculum to students and that is why they have ‘the boards’ exams to make sure the prospective Nurse is qualified in the field enough so as to be able to do the job?

      in a way the education ‘bona fides’ don’t matter so much as passing ‘the boards’ does.

    1. So basically you’re saying that because there are instances of other people in other countries who had similar butthurt reactions to the silliest most inane things, that makes it okay for Filipinos to react that way and somehow justifies such childish behavior?

      It’s like a convicted murderer saying “So what if I killed someone? Other people kill other people too.”

      Furthermore, do you really think it’s fair to compare North Korea to the Philippines?

      One can clearly see the idiotic thought processes underlying the way Filipinos try to justify their silly behaviors. It’s very childish.

      We shouldn’t be too surprised then if Filipinos are taken less seriously in international politics, given how Filipinos think as we can see here and how prevalent this mentality is among the general population.

  2. These video really warrants the attention of the Philippine ambassador? Maybe he has got too much time on his hands to waste.

    A good question to ask is how exactly did it offend the pinay nurse who reported it, or the filipinos for that matter? It may be a case of “truth hurts”? And also she should have taken this positively because the video typifies US nurses as a filipino. What is wrong with that.

    Again to the people tasked to look over OFWs, you have a more pressing issues to address like why some filipinos are not given the same as a white man’s compensation working the same job? I would think that that is more important than an instructional video for nurses. Or maybe address the itsy bitsy thing of me going home and not be put through the torture of all your procedures and fees, and for once go home for a vacation truly relaxed and go back to work without your people short of harassing me in the airport?

  3. These people just need to get over themselves! Do they not realize how rude or offensive it is if they were in the position of the American patient having to listen to their blabbering in another language, or do they not care because in this case they were not the one being offended?

    1. Filipinos want to be respected but they don’t necessarily return that respect towards others.

      Sometimes, Americans are called rednecks. Perhaps for Filipinos, we can use the term redbutts to refer to them – their asses are so red from being so butthurt.

  4. A very inspirational man Jim Rohn once said, failures should give seminars. Think about that. Filipinos are good for something. Unedited video of their natural behavior in the workplace can be used as an example what not to do. PROUD TO BE PINOY!!!!

    1. Interesting point from Rohn. Actually, successes can also depend on luck. Even successful people even can give nothing useful, because they were just plain lucky. Success is perhaps one of the most overrated things in society.

  5. What is it in “it is rude” that Filipinos don’t get. Some Filipino call themselves professionals yet they behave like palengkera at work and they think they are entitled to do so because it’s a cultural thing.

  6. Turn the tables and how would we feel? Suppose a callcenter trainer was talking about how bitchy some American callers can be. Or suppose someone on the media mentioned American red necks? How would we feel if the US Ambassador got involved. We would says he is meddling in our internal affairs. We wouldn’t like it. I don’t think the Americans would appreciate getting a call from a foreign embassy telling them to take a video down. I’m sure they wouldn’t!

  7. About the Pinoys being loud inside a public transport, even here in the Philippines there are those who talk loud that you would be forced to put the volume of your iPod to maximum as even in normal volumes, you could still hear their loud voices.

  8. The Nurse’s complained about and sued for the right to speak tagalog at work in Baltimore Maryland,USA, and I think they won.BUT regardless, speaking in a language not known by people who know you are speaking it inspires distrust of the people speaking it.
    These nurse’s do not know how lucky they are, and maybe shouldn’t have to know it but that is another issue, and will one day wonder why they can no longer get hired.

  9. Hi…Kate…there is a saying: “When in rome, do as the Romans do…” My American co-workers complained to me; that Filipinos behave like Flock of Birds, when they are in groups. They speak loudly and fast.

    It may be in our culture…or simply , we are lacking in good manners and right conduct.

  10. We all know pinoys cant accept any responsibility for anything. Its never their fault its always the other person who is at fault. Just look at your government if a foreign celebrity makes a silly joke or criticises the philippines in any way they want to ban them from coming here. Tell m how stupid is that. Then when you really want to know what foreigners think of filipinos just type in your search engine why are filipinos so stupid or words like that & it will shock you. Even pinoys who have grown up abroad will be pointing out how stupid pinoys are. Now watch the responses to what ive wrote.

  11. This is all based on the idea that the Filipino is “special,” and any negative depiction is a sort of crime or insult. I disagree. The Filipino is not special, and neither should they be insulated from insults. They should take these insults like mature people, because such “insults” may actually have truth to them.

    1. its all dependent on how the insult is delivered.
      the up-the-butt method some consider quite rude, while others simply enjoy it.

    2. First of all, they need to get of the gossip girl attitude. One foreign stereotype, and true, filipino women work and men are home makers lol. True and funny. Funny thing about filipinos, the lengths they’ll wreck a life for a diminutive butthurt. Even the chinese can handle shit like a man.

  12. I’ve been treated in 3 different hospitals in New York in the last 10 years. All those times I was looked after by Filipino nurses. I find them professional and very friendly especially when they find out that my wife is a Filipina. However they do talk Tagalog or Visayan among each other in front of others. Often I heard them talking laud. I personally don’t mind it but it could disturb others or could make them feel uncomfortable. I like Filipinos but they should not jump the gun on Americans and cry racism because they may loose respect.

    1. What’s your point?

      Red herring comment as usual, I see.

      As expected, you only rely on one recycled and worn out spiel.

      Still not very bright or smart are we, sendonggirl?

    2. No, filipinos gossip like a biittcchh, can’t blame them, it really isn’t fun in the philippines. Tell them to fix it in a less desperate manner.

  13. Just skimmed across the first line. No, it’s not just you, it’s me and a list of open-minded bunch for me yet to find in manila. This mentality, rubbish, is really interesting and I’d like to discuss this with someone open-minded. Now where can I find such in manila ?

  14. On a serious note though, is there meetups ? Or at least where can I meet like minds in philippines ?

    We all know the government takes shit like these with a pinch of salt.

  15. Truth hurts some people,Having experienced filipina nurses they do tend to talk in their own language and talk absoloute shit and gossip why not focus on your patients instead of blabbering in your own language you might not think it’s rude but for others it is very rude and makes them feel unconfortable,Learn to respect the country you are living in if they speak English then speak English!

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