Kris Aquino’s PR strategy: Selling PNoy’s potential martyrdom

Sometimes if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself — or at least get a close member of your family to do it, like your sister.

kris aquino_1Apparently, the most bloated department in Malacanang simply can’t get the job done. The Communications Group of Philippine President Benigno Simeon BS Aquino III is composed of two cabinet-level secretaries and God knows how many undersecretaries (including The Noted Blogger himself, Manuel L Quezon III).

Yet, over the last four years and despite (or perhaps because of) this awesome propaganda arsenal, Malacanang has never gotten on top of the public relations game. Gaffes, snafus, and miscommunications, and the media’s (both mainstream and ‘new’) finely-tuned radar for these big administration bloopers have kept this Baltic-and-Company-esque team of spokespeople and speech writers busy in a never-ending but futile scrounging for convincing comebacks to the sharp wit of the President’s critics.

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So now it seems Malacanang is bringing out The Big Gun. Again. The First Bunso and mega-celebrity Kris Aquino is seemingly locked-and-loaded for the PR fight of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan’s life. Her strategy jumps off from her brother’s recently-concluded tele-SONA (State of the Nation Address) delivered last week where tears shed by the President and his sister towards the end of the speech elicited sympathy from their telenovela-addicted audience.

The centrepiece of Malacanang’s full-court-press PR campaign being led by Kris is an appeal to President BS Aquino’s possible martyrdom…

“He [Noynoy] can’t do it on his own. We need to stand by him and give him strength. Please pray with us also that he stays alive,” Kris told guests after the Holy Mass held Friday at the Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque City.

In this, Kris was alluding to her brother’s mentioning that certain “dark” forces were out to get him. In his 28th July SONA, BS Aquino hinted thus:

Will there be a day when I go onstage, for work, and—will someone manage to plant a bomb? Will the dark schemes of those who want to bring us back to the wrong way of doing things finally succeed?

When that day comes, and my second life comes to an end, will I be able to say things will be ok?

Indeed, much of what makes the Aquino dynasty great today is death. President BS Aquino’s father Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr was assassinated in 1983 and has since been regarded as a peer of national hero Jose Rizal. Then BS Aquino’s mother, former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino died in 2009, effectively shining the presidentiable light on her son and, at the same time, dashing the presidential hopes of then Liberal Party candidate Mar Roxas.

Unfortunately for President BS Aquino, dying to achieve a PR bonanza is not a practical option as of now. If he dies, then his Vice President Jejomar Binay becomes president — defeating the whole purpose of that death. So enter sister Kris — pitching to her vacuous fans, instead, the notion of potential martyrdom.

You gotta admit. That one is an original.

12 Replies to “Kris Aquino’s PR strategy: Selling PNoy’s potential martyrdom”

  1. In Noynoy’s case the Filipino was not even worth working for. How long was he on the payroll of the people and what was the return on the investment? He is doing a good enough job of killing himself with the yosi. In the words of Walter Jr. ” hurry up and die already”. His words on the show, not mine.

    1. Marami lang talaga ang na-uuto ng Yellow army family. They’re so desperate in posing Ninoy as people’s savior when he’s just an all-talk blabbering politician. I bet Ngoyngoy doesn’t even know the basics of a good leader and statesman. Sabi nga sa kanta ni Weird Al Yankovic: “Go back to pre-school, get out of the gene pool.”

  2. Kris Aquino? Is her comments and crocodile tears still relevant to Philippines’ progress? She’s one of the biggest trolls the Yellow Army has recruited. Media tabloid shows are giving her attention so she can’t shut up. People claim that she’s an intelligent person but I don’t see any intelligence with her pleading the masses not to criticize her politician brother.

    Kung ginagawa ni Ngoyngoy ang trabaho niya bilang presidente, tatanggapin niya ang constructive criticisms sa kanya dahil Pinas ang boss niya. Hindi pagdadrama ang pinapagana sa pagpapatakbo ng gobyerno.

  3. “…bring us back to the wrong way of doing things…” Back? PR aside how have things changed for the average filipino between GMA’s administration and this one? Corruption is more rampant than ever. Basic needs of water and electricity are more expensive and more difficult to get than before. Little or no significant infrastructure is being built. Traffic is more clogged than ever. It seems that “the wrong way of doing things” accomplished a lot more than his administration has succeeded in doing. True the rich are doing better; but not the middle class and the poor.

  4. Lahat naman talaga ng president hinahatk pababa ng sambayanan lahat gusto nila or ninyong ilagay sa kulungan pagka nakaupo na so whats new??? Changing our nation is a big job and for me it will not start from the pressident but it should start from our pls do some reflect guys..or why dont you run as president so you will know how it feels like be judge and be criticize? Kailan ba naging kontento ang sambayang filipino sa nakaupong presidente?botuhan na naman tapos after a year gusto niyo na namang pababain.wahahah nakaktawa.

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