Why do certain Filipinos have issues with anonymous bloggers?

anonymousAn alias, handle, callsign, pseudonym, blogger name – call it whatever you want. Choosing one is something that is more often than not taken for granted. You use it when you want to leave a comment on a blog, in forums, and especially when you want to start your own blog/forum.

Some netizens prefer to use their real name spelled out in full. Others use their real life nicknames, or truncate parts of theirs. Others prefer to use aliases totally unrelated to their name whatsoever. GRP’s authors and commentators, as a mixed bag, are no different.

It’s safe to assume that those who prefer to throw out their real names know very well the risks of doing so. I don’t think any more or less of them, but personally, it’s just not my cup of tea and something I wouldn’t do as long as I have a choice. Obviously, I belong to the third group, those who use unrelated aliases. Because I don’t give out any part of my real name, I am considered an anonymous blogger.

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I blog anonymously for a few main reasons:

I like to compartmentalize – to me, my online identity and my real life identity are distinct, separate, and as much as possible, the two shall not intersect. It’s just easier for me to manage both that way.

I want my audience to focus on what I have to say – and not on who I am. Without the name to distract them, I would like to think that people would be more focused on the idea I’m trying to put through.

Believe it or not, those of us who have chosen to blog anonymously actually have it harder, because, quite simply, we are forced to build our credibility primarily on the consistency and strength of whatever we publish.

As it turns out, however, Filipinos are not comfortable with staying on topic and keeping the discussion on the ideas presented. Especially when an idea is presented contrary to what they believe in, things become personal; they assume that cutting down the one who presented the opposing idea – in any way possible – will invalidate it. And to cut down that someone, they insist on “humanizing” things.

That, in a nutshell, describes the issue that Filipinos have with anonymous bloggers/commenters.

And so the question persists: why does “using your real name” equate to “valid argument” here in the Philippines?

When they can’t defend their position anymore, they throw out what can be called loser’s retorts.

“Stop being a coward and use your real name for a change.”

Does me using my real name or not add to the logical soundness of my arguments? Oh, I almost forgot; Filipinos are obsessed with credentials. They have to judge first whether you’re qualified to say something instead of evaluating what you actually said. It’s in their nature.

“Bloggers who don’t use their real names are not willing to stand up for what they say.”

Excuse me, but there is this thing called intellectual honesty, which seems to be an alien concept to a lot of Filipinos. I wouldn’t post something I didn’t believe in or think was worth it; whether I post it using my real name or not is irrelevant.

“How are you going to take responsibility and accountability for what you say if you’re anonymous?”

How I take responsibility and accountability for what I say is no one else’s business. What Filipinos actually mean is they want someone real to physically or verbally take it out on when they can’t accept the opposing point of view.

As I said before in one of my previous articles, Filipinos, using the need to “humanize” as an excuse, do not step up to raise the level of discourse. Instead, they drag it and dumb it down to the level of comfort in gossip and trivial matters that is all too familiar to them. Before they accept what you have to say, they have to accept you as a person first. As such, this unnecessary focus on personal details instead of on the ideas is what hampers intelligent debate on important issues here in the Philippines.

Instead of focusing on what is objective and readily available at face value, Filipinos prefer to focus on the subjective, speculative and unknowable. They would rather evaluate an argument by the motivation, intent, and even suitability of the one making it, than on the soundness of his/her arguments.

The other side of this exchange is that other Filipinos – both anonymous and not – have used the opportunity afforded by “hiding behind the computer” to project and propagate their baseless sense of self-importance, their arrogance, and their intolerance of opposing views onto others. And they drag the rest of us responsible netizens with them.

Indeed, the underlying issue here seems to be the intellectual bankruptcy that Filipinos have been stuck with for a long time. Couple that with a lack of ability to use their “freedom” responsibly, and the result – it will be this way for quite a while – is a self-destructive way of thinking. One that Filipinos have refused to change since time immemorial.

It’s tough to forget the following words below because they ring true timelessly. Guess which group Filipinos belong to.

Small minds discuss people;
Mediocre minds discuss events;
Great minds discuss ideas.

25 Replies to “Why do certain Filipinos have issues with anonymous bloggers?”

    1. That is also an IDEA, Paul. That IDEA is also praiseworthy.

      Let’s face it, most want protection as stated by most who commented and that is a valid reason, that’s why they write anonymously.

      But let us not confuse IDEAS with FACT, IDEAS are not FACTS. FACTS can truly stand alone, it is undisputable because it was brought forth by a scientific process, Ideas can be flawed and malicious and can also come forth from an agenda, perhaps that is the reason people are looking for real people to verify the truth to that Idea but somehow, it’s futile because IDEAS are not FACT, real name or pseudonym, it does not matter.

      Note that scientists sign their names on their scientific publishings and findings that propose scientific fact and even theories.

      People look for veracity, unfortunately, it’s futile, IDEAS are not FACT, even if they know the real authors, it does not change anything.

  1. although the filipinos being conditioned to be “sheeple” is a factor, i think it is because there are a lot more anonymous trollers than responsible posters/commenters in the internet, so anyone, not just filipinos, are wary of what is posted online. most filipinos just don’t want to read or be educated, but just want to be entertained. filipinos tend to believe news or ideas that are from “familiar” sources but still can’t spot satire and hoaxes as long as it is “sensational”

  2. I have nothing against anonymity but c’mon, with all the ‘Filipinos are idiots’ being thrown around these blogs, We all know the reason to remain anonymous is so we don’t get beaten to a pulp the moment we step outside our homes.

  3. KSP is the root of all evil. By not having my online persona tied tightly to who I am in the flesh , am I not denying the KSP angle for what I do here? Most people will only judge me from one blog or maybe a series of blogs but that is it. Besides when people get pissed off when you question pinoy attachment to beauty contests or pinoys futility in team sports abroad people will get what little you provide and fabricate an outlet for their rage. The rage exists because you were right all along.

  4. Because for Pinoys, physical appearance adds to the illusion of credibility. They also love gossipy, shallow things. They don’t care if you’re making sense as long as you’re an eye candy. Try pitting BBC’s Earth Science or National Geographic documentaries against any local shows with cleavage exposure. Boobs and mild sex scenes are rating magnets.

    1. With regards to sway of media, anyone picking up the Sofitel boycotting by UNTV over taking off their channel from their list?

  5. I use a “Pen Name” – Hyden Toro. Writers use other names than their own. Movie Stars use other names than ther own. Artists use other names than their own. What is wrong with using a “Pen Name”?

    This is the reason readers must use their brains, in reading blogs. To know , if the Blog Writer or the Website Writer is writing some sense out of his blog/article; or writing nonsense. Or is just a paid hack…

    Filipinos usually accept what is written in the newspapers. Or given by news in the YellowTard Media. Reading blogs and website articles, gives us better information. I have found out; there are many bloggers and website writers, who write good; have good writing abilities, and are very knowledgeable, in the subjects they write. I learn from them. We teach each other…

  6. It’ll be difficult for the apologists and supporters of corrupt officials to see how bad they have it. They have never traveled outside the country for an outsiders’ perspective and are probably content with their lot, the same way a physically abused person sticks by their abuser. Why should they aspire to be better when their wretched lives found belonging by being fed scraps by the oligarchs?

  7. I prefer to be anonymous because I just prefer it that way and those malacañang morons(especially those in denial/fake ofws) should deal with it.

      1. Do you automatically get the right to write, or do you have to prove your groove?


        Joking aside, though; do you have to give a sample first?

  8. With regards to Scientists or Technical people using their real name. Art is different from Science. Writing is an Art. Science and Technology are Science and Technology. Real names are needed; because, you have to file and claim a PATENT for your Inventions or Scientific Discoveries. This will protect you from other claimants of your Inventions/Discoveries. And, allow you, to charge ROYALTIES, for the use of your patents.

    In blogging, it is Free. You don’t need to PATENT what you write…and you don’t have to charge Royalties to your readers.

    This does not mean, You are writing nonsense (or sometimes, You are). You readers, have to use your brains and common sense. And, not just accept what is written.

    1. It’s a strategy…anynomity…it is Cyberspace Warfare…Aquino Hackers and Disinformation Agents versus Anonymous Bloggers….

  9. One probable reason why Failipinos have issues regarding to anonymous bloggers is that being anonymous means that the butt-hurts Failipinos will not know the name thus they can’t name-drop and get back at the one who criticizes the negative aspects of the Philippines.

    Failipinos always love to demonize people who speaks out the negative things about the Philippines but because anonymous bloggers has no name, Failipinos cannot vent their rage at specific people and thus they resort to blame everyone.

    1. funny that when you post your real photo/ real name, you’re gonna bombarded by anything rape and sex (boy/girl) related remarks.

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