PNoy’s friends with benefits: Good thing the Iglesia ni Cristo does not suffer from erectile dysfunction

Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III is now on the run — from his own propaganda machine. No less than erstwhile Aquino apologist Conrado de Quiros laments the growing lameness of the ‘Edsa story’ in the eyes of the Filipino youth in his Inquirer column today, Storytelling. Echoing what I wrote earlier, de Quiros also drew upon Oscar Franklin Tan’s piece Alienating youth from Edsa to arrive at the same conclusion

What has taken the luster out of Edsa over time is not just time, it is also the power of the story. Tan’s question, “How can one tell students to ‘never forget’ what they do not remember?” has a corollary. That is: How can one tell the students to “never forget” when they are not particularly clear on what it is they should remember?

Tan deserves a pat on the back on account of that breakthrough insight he had contributed to the national debate (note that this time, I do not enclose that last word in quotes like I usually do). Philippine society as reflected in its mainstream national “debate” currently suffers from a bad case of tunnelvision. Nowhere is this more evident in the presumption that any sort of legacy of Ferdinand Marcos and Martial Law is necessarily bad. Tan came up with the conceptual leap that points us to the proverbial Emperor’s nakedness: that the notion of any political era in the Philippines that (1) pre-dates 1986 and (2) spans the years between 2001 and mid-2010 inclusive being necessarily evil is not one that transcends generations.

As de Quiros himself points out, “If the Marcoses are like the Japanese, Edsa is like the ‘Liberation’ in my generation’s experience. Both partake of very strong mythical elements.” Indeed, we in our generation cannot relate with our grandparents’ contempt for the Japanese. So it follows, today’s youth struggle to harbour the prescribed contempt for the Marcoses and even the Arroyos that their “elders” continuously shove down their throats and whip them into embracing.

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It’s no wonder then that the embattled President BS Aquino has gone off to seek comfort in the arms of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) cult on the occasion of the grand opening of its monumental Philippine Arena stadium

“We give our heartfelt thanks to the Iglesia Ni Cristo for your concern to your fellowmen; you are truly showing this not just in words but in action,” the President told the crowd gathered at the Philippine Arena.

Perhaps at the back of P-Noy’s mind was the contrast between the INC’s support and the continued brickbats hurled at him by Catholic bishops, not all of whom are necessarily “GMA bishops.” Conspicuous, for instance, was retired archbishop Oscar Cruz in the front row of those who filed the impeachment complaint against P-Noy.

Edifice complex: The ginormous recently-erected Philippine Arena

Edifice complex: The ginormous recently-erected Philippine Arena

At least the INC is being consistent as it had endorsed the candidacy of then candidate BS Aquino and his sidekick Mar Roxas during the 2010 presidential elections. Interestingly, however, the INC had also endorsed the presidency of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan’s nemesis, former President Gloria Arroyo in the 2004 presidential election. And before that, in 1998, the popular cult had supported former President and convicted plunderer Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada in the 1998 presidential elections. Most notable of all, the INC had supported the then incumbent President Ferdinand Marcos in the 1986 “snap elections”. The INC, suffice to say, holds quite the track record of political endorsement infamy.

President BS Aquino does, indeed, find himself in good company getting in bed with the INC. Fortunately for both the President and his cultish followers, the INC, as evident in its latest masterpiece edifice, remains pretty good at getting and keeping things erect.

25 Replies to “PNoy’s friends with benefits: Good thing the Iglesia ni Cristo does not suffer from erectile dysfunction”

  1. INC fact: everybody vote the way we tell you.

    The way I see it, Noynoy has always had trouble accepting or even processing alternate points of view hence his enthusiasm for the Cyber law. Hence his inability to perform in spontaneous debates when he was running for president. So maybe Noynoy and INC want to be the same animal. Hint: rhymes with beep.

  2. In all parts of the world, these so called “not for profit” groups are most organized and financially rewarding scams. I could not find any sensible reason to spend 8 billion pesos (my estimate). I’ve paid income taxes for 40 years, they have not because of their tax exempt status. I therefore am entitled to a get a very tiny portion which I want to give to my neighbor who recently lost his roof. Are there available units in that structure? I am sure there is. What do you think? Cuz I don’t know what’s their priorities.

  3. If you have millions of pesos to contribute; you have INC support. Block voting in the INC cult is like politicians buying wholesale votes. This is the reason they fall in line to kiss the ass of Bishop Manalo; and offer gifts of DAP or Pork Barrel Funds; to gain support and votes.

    Churches are supposed to “saving” of souls. Now, INC made it like those Jewish Temples, selling goods and exchanging money. Jesus Christ became enraged, because they made his Temple; a Den of Thieves, instead of a House of Worship. So, he overtuned the money changers’ tables.

    1. and look what the Jews did to him for that,HUH? The Palestinians, right about now, are finding out just what a lovely bunch they are too!

  4. any proof anyone that inc is receiving money from certain politician? show me then i’ll be glad to read or watch it. u cant just go blabbering things that has no facts support. well u just blabber with the fact that u got mouth to say anything u wanna say base on your speculations. if inc is a cult, catholic is a tradition not religion. u dont go around saying house of God is a cult especially if u cant prove anythign against that church. only your speculations. luke 20:46-47 “Beware of the scribes, who desire to go around long robes, love greetings in the marketplaces,the best seats in the synagogues, and the best place in feasts. Who devours widows’ houses, and for pretense make long prayers. These will receive greater condemnation.” I can say catholic is the cult one.

    1. Proof? I don’t believe that miracles happen at INC. People have eyes, and brains…they think and can figure out.

      I haven’t seen Bishop Manalo change water into wine. Nor resurrected a “Lazarus”; nor fed 5,000 people with multiplied bread and fishes.

      I don’t need any proof…

      1. @eislet:

        I am more of a FreeThinker on religion. I don’t believe in organized religion…all are money makers…

      2. prove that inc is receiving money from certain politician.

        if you’re looking for water into wine, death to rise, few bread and fish for 5,000 people, u wont … luke 11:29 “this is an evil generation. it seeks a sign but no sign will be given…”

        1. @ Ka eislet:

          Maybe Bishop Manalo is multiplying pesos into 8 billion pesos; to build a Colosseum…Evil generation? Who is more evil? Those who sell block votes to politicians for millions of pesos, or those who believe what they want to believe? Tiwalagin natin ang maling pag-iisip!!!

          “Whited Tombs, beautiful on the outside…but inside full of dead men’s bones…” “Why not remove the beam of your own eyes, before you remove the speck of your brother’s eyes”…

        2. Your God is a myth; an outdated and wrong riposte to unanswerable inquiries during ancient times; and an nonexistent entity deemed as omnipotent. The pharisees and Temple Priests, (I think you know, assuming you have read the Bible in the most literal and “INC” manner) use this idea to collect tithes for forgiveness; place themselves in higher positions in society; claiming to be closer to God than anyone else.

          Jesus Christ, disgusted by their behavior; sought to make a change by forgiving the sinners, curing the sick, saving a donkey during the Sabbath; all to prove a point; that the power of forgiveness, and link to God are not EXCLUSIVE…

          Your Ministers, along with the Catholic “Fucking” Church, continue the never ending tradition of turning people into sheep.

          Anyone can make a God, for God is only an idea. True or False, we may never know. But it is not right to accept an idea just because someone from up high says so.

          Your lack of curiosity is the Politician/Priest/Minister’s weapon. Never lose it.

          Happy Centennial btw… 😀

  5. LOL, they ‘got this up’ didn’t they? Catchy essay title, very funny…HO HO HO oh yes…very funny!!!

  6. I guess we can also call the Catholics “the cult religion” with no directions. benignO (the blogger)needs to do more research on how to properly use the word “Cult” this is a typical example of an old crappy Filipino thinking.
    Another shitty Filipino traits, whenever something was created that would benefit the country, instead of supporting it a narrow mindless Filipinos tries to bring it down. Just be happy that there is a Philippine Arena that would help country prosper economically.

    A resourceful journalist will always do their own research to find the facts, then again I can’t discount benignO, he is just a shitty blogger.

    Collective veneration or worship (e.g., the cult of the saints—meaning collective veneration of the saints—in Roman Catholicism). In the West, the term has come to be used for groups that are perceived to have deviated from normative religions in belief and practice.‑Webster

  7. I really want to know! how many INC members? how much are their tithes? can tithes generate 8 billion? how do you finance a billions worth of arena with no real expected of return? except for prestige perhaps! did the arena get any funding too from all these pork barrels? So many questions, I can ask but will likely get NO answers.

  8. I would rather see these religious group leaders not to get into politics. They should just stick to what they are good at, and that is religion. And leave the politics to politicians.

  9. it can generate 8b for 5-8 years. for example an inc member offer 20pesos per mass 8x in a month. 20×8. and he offers 20 pesos on each mass for the rest of the year. 20x8x12. so it’s 160 offering per month, 1920 offering per year for one member. now imagine 1m inc members offers the same amount every mass on a year. 1920×1000000=1,920,000,000. almost 2 billions in a year for 1m members who offers 20 pesos every mass for a year. it’s a simple mathematics but why people questioning the amount or saying that it came from a politician? plus inc got churches in all continents, imagine that 20 pesos is 20 dollars from 1m american inc member. it’s easier to obtain that 8b.

    1. @ Ka islet:

      Why does Bishop Manalo orders his followers to block votes for his choosen political candidates?

      And, political candidates, fall in line to kiss his ass, before election….do you want me to believe that he does this for free?

      I am sorry, I was not born yesterday. some of my good friends in elementary were INC members. They were afraid to be “tiwalag”, because they believed they will end up in Hell…

  10. I really have nothing against our Filipino INC folks, In fact, as I recall, one of my INC friends invited me over to their mass and I really had a great time, I guess one of the reason is the way they preach the bible, I find it more lively compared to some our catholic priest. However, with regard to what Hyden Toro said, is it true that your ministers forces you to vote a candidate that they have chosen and not doing so is considered sin in your religion? Also, is it mandatory that you donate at least 15% ( Don’t quote with the exact figure) of your monthly salary to your church? To all our INC folks out there, can you shed some light on this?

    1. Good day, INC member here. There was never a 10% nor 15% tithe in INC. What we have is willful and voluntary offering like Catholics do. It’s quite understandable that people tend to question why INC was able to build churches all over the country and abroad and still has the capacity to build Phl Arena & CDV complex since the point of comparison is the society/organization you lived or a member with. Shouldn’t the question be why despite the offerings you offer to your organization and thousands of taxes cut-off from our salaries we see no visible progress?

  11. Also, it’s understandable that people question the diligence of members in offering. Members were not forced but instead taught of the value and importance of offering. It’s just like education at school and at home, we are taught of values and it’s up to us if we adhere or not. On an objective standpoint, wouldn’t you be more willful if you see where you money is being put into used just as taxes are good when there’s no corruption?

    On voting, no one sees us or forces us to vote for someone. It’s always the members prerogative or choice. People call our unity in judgement as coercion, we call it as faith.

    Just my two cents. Have a nice day!

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