The Philippine Government may as well collapse. Today.

No official event, no party, and certainly not the very Office of the President itself is exempt from being used as a soapbox for Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III to go on a rampage against his personal enemies. His most recent tirade was chucked during an address to the public on the occasion of the 150th birthday of national hero Apolinario Mabini where he slammed the Philippine Supreme Court (SC) anew referring to the judiciary’s own use of their own flavour of discretionary public funds to undertake their own pet projects. They “did it as well” asserts President BS Aquino and so, by his logic, he insists that “our method [too] was correct”.

What has President BS Aquino been busy with the last 4 years?[Photo courtesy More Fun in the Philippines.]

What has President BS Aquino been busy with the last 4 years?
[Photo courtesy More Fun in the Philippines.]

But the correctness of that method had been decided long before the SC had ruled the president’s Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) unconstitutional. The premise of the SC ruling is simple: the projects that benefited from the funds allocated through the DAP were either underfunded under the General Appropriations Act of that year or were flat out not approved by Congress. Worse, if not even more bizarre, the allocation of these funds were done in consultation with a select cadre of Senators. Majority of Filipinos now find the timing of this “consultation” which occured over 2011 and 2012 (the timeframe over which President BS Aquino led the impeachment of former Chief Justice Renato Corona) extremely suspect and believe that much of these funds were used to bribe senators, at the time serving as “senator-judges” in that impeachment trial, into delivering a verdict preferred by the President.

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President BS Aquino has so far demonstrated that he is really not serious about upholding his campaign promise to fight corruption and clean up government. Instead, he has focused on furthering his personal and clan vendettas. His first act as president was to lob trumped-up charges onto his predecessor former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Most of these charges had so far been dismissed for lack of evidence, yet Arroyo remains in prison. Then BS Aquino turned his sights on the former Chief Justice, bulldozing the complaint through a sheepishly complicit House of Representatives and then through an evidently pork-fattened Philippine Senate in 2012. And now the President has trained his crosshairs squarely on the Supreme Court, furious over the way they blew the DAP out of the water. Ironic, considering the Supreme Court had, itself, been virtually taken over by the Executive Branch when current Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno was personally handpicked by President BS Aquino to head the country’s highest court in late 2012.

And while the President was busy scorching the Philippines’ political and governance landscape with his adolescent tantrums and vendetta projects over the last four years:

(1) Nine innocent Hong Kong tourists died in a grossly-mismanaged hostage situation in 2010;

(2) Routine tropical storms swept through the archipelago killing tens of thousands of Filipinos in their wakes over that period many of whom died as a result of a lack of sufficient government support in basic disaster response and recovery;

(3) Delivey of justice for the massacre of more than 50 innocent people in Maguindanao allegedly perpetrated by local warlord Andal Ampatuan progressed at a snail’s pace (even as no less than an SC Chief Justice was prosecuted within less than six months);

(4) Power generation and distribution capability in the country was allowed to degenerate back to the stone age under the ownership of Indonesian taipans;

(5) A corruption scandal that has virtually paralysed Philippine Congress since last year, unprecedented in its scale and disruptiveness, erupted in the aftermath of revelations than billions of pesos had been lost to bogus non-government organisations (NGOs) allegedly headed by ringleader Janet Lim Napoles; and most revealing of all,

(6) The murder of President BS Aquino’s own father, former Senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr, remains unsolved.

What else has the President been busy with to have grossly neglected all of the above? There is, on top of that four-year rampage of personal vendetta, the Bangsamoro ‘Framework Agreement’ — basically an exercise in negotiating with terrorists sanctioned by the Philippine and Malaysian governments. Many believe that all that was no more than an astoundingly foolish bid on the part of the President to bag a Nobel Peace Prize. Guess what: That too may be deemed unconstitutional as well. No less than Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, the chief government negotiator who had dealt with the terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), had reportedly admitted that “the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) may be unconstitutional”.

So add to that a seventh (7th) epic Philippine government failure: the Philippine claim to Sabah sold in exchange for Kuala Lumpur’s stamp of approval on what has become a dud of an agreement with the purported “representative” of Filipino Muslims.

And to top ALL of that off, President BS Aquino has not unified but further and possibly irreversibly fragmented Philippine politics to even smaller smithereens by encouraging Filipinos to salute his family colours rather than stand up for the true national colours. But the worst in what will likely be a legacy marked by infamy will be his turning of the Philippine government into a national-scale Mexican standoff of warring government branches — Executive vs Judiciary, Judiciary vs Legislature, and Legislature vs Executive.

Filipinos do not need a government. The way Filipinos lived over the last four years under the Second Aquino Administration has hands down proven that fact convincingly. The government may as well collapse. Today.

30 Replies to “The Philippine Government may as well collapse. Today.”

  1. you’re not kidding, right? that photo of the president is courtesy of More Fun in the Philippines and the Department of Tourism? horrors!

  2. Whenever he opens his mouth, Ngoyngoy will always be in a campaign/spoiled brat mode. 2 more years and that guy will have nervous breakdown from his stupidity.

  3. I don’t think that FHM mags are of moral quality in terms of advertising “it’s more fun in the Phil.”. It suggests flesh trades and what’s downgrading it more is that one holding .

  4. The despot BS Aquino continues to spout venom against the Supreme Court of the Philippines. This despot continues to defy the SC by insisting that he is right and the high court is wrong. The Integrated Bar of the Philippines is already thinking of mounting contempt of court proceedings against the despot. Rally to the flag! Rally to the red, white and blue! Discard the hated yellow ribbon and the divisive despotic leader of Malacanang! Unite as one Sovereign Filipino People!

  5. The roots of all this mess happening in the Philippines is the aquinos intentions to land grab hacienda luisita from the farmers up to this day. ‘The plantation is worth dying for’ that’s why he come home for not for the pilipinos.

  6. The SC will manage. Don’t worry about Pnoy. The man’s too lazy to go after the SC himself and will probably just run his mouth while his incompetent underlings fail to do it for him.

  7. He is asking for emergency powers through Petilla, to address the power problems. As if he does have what it takes to solve it. Any fool can see through these moves, emergency powers means more business to his oligarchic KKKK, and more burden to the filipino people, and I am pretty sure, he will be saying, “okey lang na mahal ang kuryente basta meron”…. and the ever loyal yellow zombies will say “amen!!!!”

  8. Trial by combat is better than what the government is entertaining us with their endless senate inquiries. Sure Abad will be questioned….. by people who were his beneficiaries at one time or another. These idiots must really take all filipinos as dolts!!! Can’t blame them though, as long as there are filipinos who still see this Aquino as “doing his job well”.

    1. Question: How many of these useless Senate “Blue-Ribbon” committee’s do the people of the country need to see/be subjected to before they realize that the proceedings are scripted and will accomplish absolutely nothin?

      WAKE UP ALREADY, it’s time to roll on all of ’em.

        1. @ YAWN, it is obvious that these hearings are staged. and yet the Filipino’s are rivetted to the proceedings.

          After seeing these same types of proceedings, with the same non-results, can they posiibly expect any concrete results?

          Even foreigners know that nothing will come from all of it, except a bit comedic theatre!

          BUT Filipino politicians know it works and they keep doing it, and the citizen Filipino’s fall for it every time.they are….

          DENSE, Thick as a Brick.

    2. @ J.D……’Trial by combat’, would probably not even be necessary, u kno? Just 500,000 really MAD Filipino’s surrounding certain bldgs. while the thieves are in them and demanding resignations and reparations to the people. That is all it would take, seriously.

      Check it out: the NCR cops are severely under-paid.The Military is a joke and could not be deployed in time to save the cornered rats…and even further than that, do the military/cops really want to shoot their fellow countrymen (many of whom are their neighbors/drinking buddies)? the military and the cops are all severely under-paid. the weapons they have are mostly antiquated and who knows if they’d even fire, the soldiers/cops might think that they’d be better off joining the MAD citizens in their disturbed state of mind.
      They could even think: Well, what could be the worst that could happen? lose a complete shit job not worth having?

      A key to this scenario is that when you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. It is why the best time to gamble is when you are down to your last P500.

  9. @joeld

    I was watching the televised inquiry done to Mr. Abad in the Senate. It looked like it was scripted. Abad was even trying to interpret the interpretation of the SC on the DAP. I will bet top dollar that the High Court will affirm with finality their ruling of DAP being unconstitutional. Blame this debacle on BS Aquino who thinks he knows everything.

  10. with folks like you around, i am not worried about noypi. my fearless forecast is: he will self-destruct, considering his increasing rantings vs. perceived enemies probably not realizing that he is his worst enemy.

  11. They are looking at converting the BNPP to either a coal fired / gas fired power plant to address the power shortage, even saying that it is supposed to be good since we have gas off Palawan. One thing I can say about this is…..amateurs. This is a student government, what a bunch of imbeciles. While more advanced power generation technology is now at hand, they would rather look at the failed BNPP. Ang hihilig sa drama e! Still this idea could have been thought-off and acted upon some TWENTY YEARS AGO!!!!!

  12. STOP insisting GMA is in prison, GMA is not in prison. She is probably not even in the hospital most of the time. The above list is accurate but doesn’t matter. Nothing has changed is not going to change and is unable to change with the current system in place.

    GRP in calling for and end to the gov’t. and then acting as if GMA is in prison is the height of HYPOCRISY. You say you know they are all thieves, corrupt as the day is long, and yet GRP insists that GMA is in prison WHEN SHE IS NOT IN PRISON!!! The helicopter deal would be enough to put most people in jail for a century and yet the 1st gentleman walks away unscathed. How the fork does that happen if they are not in cahoots? ALL OF THEM.

    STOP with the HYPICRITICAL DUNG GRP, you are losing your street cred.Get it straight, GMA IS NOT IN PRISON.

    BTW, for those who do not realize it straight away: the picture of Aquino is not BS AquinoIII.

  13. The Republic of the Philippines is a failed state by design. The puppet gov’t. has been given the go-ahead to treat the citizens as they wish, like animals/cattle, and toe-the-line in accordance with the Superpower that actually runs the countries International direction.

    the gov’t. has collapsed as it has been collapsed for decades. The ability to direct projects into reality and actually improve the lives of the citizens of the country has been stagnant for decades. Occassionally a few bones are tossed to the masses, but generally speaking, the majority of funds that could be used in the public realm for the good of the people…AHH forget it.If people don’t already know what is going on….they never will.

    1. @ Yawn, You are correct agin. How pathetic a statement is that? A country such as N.K. is still better off than the Fail-ippines, OMG!!!!

      One problem, and it is only one of many, is that the natural resources of the country are being stolen. On Mindanao island, for the last 6 years at least, the forest’s are being ravaged by 24/7/365 logging operations that are resulting in a literal ’round -the-clock caravan of trucks running up and down the Northern Highway with load after load after load of trees that have been illegally cut down.These trees are the only defense many villages have against the annual floods that inevitably reek havoc and can not simply be replaced. It will take a century to replace these trees and by that time the country could be under-water. It is clear that the gov’t. does not give a good fuck what kind of country its children inherit. It will have to be these kids that finally make the necessary changes as the current ineffectual citizens seem to be content in their being raped by the callous scumbags that enjoy the non-lubricated anal raping of its constituents.

      and that is only ONE of the major problems!ONE!
      What a complete mess of a country. A failed state getting worse by the minute.

  14. Aquino does not solve the problems of the country. Instead, he is the problem. He is acting like a rich spoiled child…the DAP Fund is a Blank Check given to him and Abad, as a multi-billion fund to spend on his own wishes…I have not seen any good project from that DAP fund. One project, maybe the INC 8 billion Colloseum, by which he attended to kiss the ass of Bishop Manalo. And to buy a wholesale block votes from the INC for his cahoot politicians.

    Aquino cannot govern…he divides people, instead of uniting them. He cannot put up a good team, to address the problems of our country. He put up a team to Steal the money from the National Treasury thru the DAP Fund and the Pork Barrel.

        1. A good article, but somehow NOTHING is ever done about anything that is shown to be illegal.

          The people need a government, but a government that is going to serve the needs of the people is the government the country should have, but does not.

          It is now a fact that no matter what the people wish be done, the gov’t. will just do as it pleases and steal everything they want to steal and the people can go fuck themselves.At what point do the people say:”We have had enough of all your lies and stealing. You want to rob someone try doing it in the street and see what happens, ya scumbags!”.

          Well, it can’t be that time yet as nothing is being done. A loud chorus of : “We are sick of you and it time for you to get the fuck out of office before you are lynched.”, is certainly called for. So,at what point is this going to happen,if ever?

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