PNoy and supporters get desperate in defending the DAP

Malacanang apologists were quiet for a while after the Supreme Court declared the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) unconstitutional. They were most likely too stumped to respond because for one, they could not get their heads around the technical details of the ruling and two; they were probably too shocked after the revelation that their idol, President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino violated the Constitution. In short, the world as they knew it was starting to crumble.

Won't apologize, won't resign over DAP fallout: President BS Aquino and Secretary Butch Abad

Won’t apologize, won’t resign over DAP fallout: President BS Aquino and Secretary Butch Abad

But now a few of the President’s most rabid supporters have come out to defend their “hero”. The ruling of the highest court in the land doesn’t matter to them. When it comes to Aquino supporters, the DAP “must have been an honest mistake” or came about “more because of an ignorance of the constitution” or that “maybe the Supreme Court made a mistake”.

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Yoly Ong: an apologist who does not really understand the issue

Yoly Ong: an apologist who does not really understand the issue

Some of the DAP defenders like Publicist Yoly Ong come across as someone who doesn’t really understand the issue on DAP. In an article she recently posted on Rappler, she quotes other people’s opinions on the matter without even trying to explain it in her own words. She peppered her article with quotes as if she just wanted to consolidate the parts that were favorable to DAP and its architects.

Ong quoted Former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban without bothering to explain what he meant. She doesn’t seem to understand that the President’s claim that the execution of the DAP was done in “good faith” still has to pass the test. Meaning, they have to prove “good faith”, which is not easy since any criminal can claim “good faith” as a motive. If good faith is enough to justify a criminal act, then a murderer can justify killing another person using it as an excuse.

Ong also quoted journalist and part-time “conspiracy theorist” Raissa Robles as if the latter is a highly credible source of facts. The only commentary that we can consider Ong’s original thought in her article was her insinuation that the mess that President BS Aquino and Abad is in is the handiwork of his enemies. In other words, she was grasping at straws.

Yes, Ong is blaming the controversy surrounding DAP on the President’s so-called enemies. To Ong, it is simply “good versus evil” with BS Aquino and Abad as the “good”. Her rationalization says a lot about her character, indeed. As the saying goes, “beware when wrong-doing is called good and right-doing is called evil.”

It seems Ong thinks that those who criticize the President are not after what is right for the Filipino people. She seems to think that BS Aquino’s critics just want to bring him down. And that is where she is wrong. His critics point to his errors so he can do what is necessary to correct it including apologizing to the public.

Ong’s line of thinking is proof that Filipinos like her still do not understand the concept behind democracy. She objects to the idea of entertaining opposing views. She is acting like a fanatic – someone with a single-minded view of what is right. She wants us to believe that what President BS Aquino and his Budget Secretary did was trivial and should be dismissed because to her, the end justifies the means anyway.

People like Ong will only believe BS Aquino’s version of events especially the ones she cannot grasp. Unfortunately, BS Aquino and his mouthpieces are quite the revisionists. They claim that growth contracted for three quarters in 2011 due to “the delayed implementation of priority programs and projects and inefficient disbursements among others.” Of course that claim is not true. The growth contracted because of the government’s decision to put programs and projects on hold in 2011.

As soon as BS Aquino came into power, public infrastructure projects initiated by the previous administration were put on hold seemingly out of spite. He also wanted to show the public that he was adopting austerity measures to get “pogi” points. Apparently, this backfired because the Philippine economy grew by only 3.2 percent in the third quarter of 2011. It was a significant drop in growth compared to the 7.3% growth in 2010. BS Aquino’s supporters should not believe everything their master says.

If the DAP was really done in good faith, how come no one ever heard of the program prior to Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s privilege speech in September 2013? None of the Senators – members of Congress who supposedly hold the “power of the purse” knew about the DAP. That alone says that DAP was not done in good faith. The fact that BS Aquino is unwilling to apologize for violating the constitution is also proof that DAP was not done in good faith.

Raissa Robles, another apologist who admitted to working on a defense for DAP for several days dug up the Administrative Code of 1987 as a possible explanation for the DAP:

SECTION 49. Authority to Use Savings for Certain Purposes. – Savings in the appropriations provided in the General Appropriations Act may be used for the settlement of the following obligations incurred during a current fiscal year or previous fiscal years as may be approved by the Secretary in accordance with rules and procedures as may be approved by the President

Conspiracy theorist: Raissa Robles

Conspiracy theorist:
Raissa Robles

Robles’ explanation won’t fly. Malacanang never mentioned the Administrative Code in their defense of the DAP. If they had the Administrative Code in mind when they decided to transfer funds liberally from one office to another, why didn’t they mention it to the Supreme Court? They didn’t even mention it in any of their press releases. It’s a lame excuse considering the Code states that “as may be approved in accordance…with rules and procedures”. The code is vague but what is clear is that any movement of funds still has to go through the proper procedure according to the rules.

Another Malacanang apologist Solita Monsod was very good at dismissing calls for accountability of DAP. She sang praises for Abad and also did some revisions in recent events and claimed that the Executive already abolished the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) even before the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional earlier in 2014.

Speaks with conviction even when wrong: Winnie Monsod (Photo courtesy

Speaks with conviction even when wrong:
Winnie Monsod
(Photo courtesy

Monsod forgot to mention that the Executive only abolished PDAF after public uproar erupted and the massive anti-pork rally dubbed “million people march”. It was only abolished after the revelation that members of Congress used bogus NGOs run by Janet Lim Napoles so they can in turn pocket millions of taxpayers’ money. In fact, BS Aquino and some of the Senators were trying to justify keeping the PDAF prior to the Supreme Court’s decision. Senator Franklin Drilon even went on record to say that Congress is useless without the pork:

“What will happen if we will not take a direct hand (in the identification of projects)? Let’s just abolish Congress then.”

As predicted, President BS Aquino and his Malacanang mouthpieces have started spinning the Supreme Court’s decision their way. They have included the landmark decision in their list of “successes” in their so-called “crusade” against corruption. Never mind that some of the President’s allies attempted to justify giving and receiving pork barrel funds by insisting that pork helps continue the nationwide scholarship and medical assistance programs initiated by some members of Congress in the past. Congressmen Ben Evardone and Niel Tupas even filed a petition with the Supreme Court to lift the temporary restraining order on the pork so they can access the frozen funds allocated for the remainder of 2013. They probably feel like losers now.

It is easy to spot a BS Aquino apologist. They skip a lot of the important details and they avoid bringing up the 50 million peso “incentive” or bribe given to the Senators after the conviction of former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

57 Replies to “PNoy and supporters get desperate in defending the DAP”

  1. One good article Ilda! Looks like the trend last week shows that the yellow administration in on propaganda overdrive. This shows that they will continue black/grey propaganda. Talk about deceiving and manipulating the people! Oust BS Aquino!!!

    1. Too bad for BS Aquino, the chair wrecker is no more. But at least Conrado de Quiros has seen the light. He is now critical of DAP.

  2. Another bullseye of an article Ilda, although I’m sure that the usual apologists will show their faces here again, they can never defend the illegal actions that their idol did since it is already declared as unconstitutional.

      1. @Amir Al Bahr

        That kind of logic is already expected from those kind of people who would definitely confuse the meanings of inflammable and flammable

  3. who said the supreme court made a mistake? did someone really say that? f#%k legal positivism .. ignorance makes me laugh (sometimes)

  4. the same raissa robles who deleted my comment but at the same time used it in her part 2 article. tsk tsk tsk…. Bunch of hypocrite who has the guts to label her blog “Cyber Plaza Miranda”…

    P.S. nagsusumbong lang po…hehehe

  5. DAP can only be defended if proper accounting is done and cascaded to the filipino people. Then we can judge and say whether our tax money was put to good use. Without this, all defense regarding the DAP is pointless.

    1. They keep evading the issue on the whereabouts of the supposed list of DAP projects.
      No list, No Credibility & No Defense.
      No Credibility & Defense = No escape for Mr. Aquino and his cronies from the wrath of the people.

      1. @ J D “The wrath of the people”…? Wtf are they gonna do? Throw another picnic in the park? I mean really, the fact that the palais is still standing after all the corruption and thievery, it doesn’t speak well for ‘the wrath’, it just doesn’t. U kno, it is surprising too. if I had to pick which country would burn its leaders at the stake 10 years ago….RP would have been at the top of the list.
        Now it seems laughable that they would do anything.

        1. Best joke of the year, wrath of the people,cannot stop laughing.
          After picnic in the park the MACHO Filipino will go home and tweet or put a picture on fb because he is tougher than the rest. No wonder politicians all just laugh at you lot and know they can steal from birth to death.
          By the way the Chinese are still waiting to feel the wrath of the MACHO Filipino, we will defend what is ours.
          Whole country is a total joke

        2. @ YAWN, Yes, it is just a shame too. With a little motivation and coherence the people could have back what is theirs, and it would be easy too!!!….MAYBE they are just too FRIKKIN stoopid to figure it out??? IDK, it ain’t rocket science, u kno? The military is non-existent and the cops are under-paid and have no reason what-so-ever not to join whatever people want to do what is necessary to effect the riddance of the thieving scumbags.
          Good God Mon….it is such a mess that it could only get better, with a li’l bit of a push!

    2. The idiot just spoke an hour ago and he seems clueless. He still defended the DAP. He just really amazes me! Our idiot president has too much drama in his head (must have gotten from the sister!) All I wanted to see and hear were NUMBERS on an excel sheet perhaps? (accountability for the DAP projects!). But he just kept on yaking and yaking)like the idiot that he is. BS Aquino is one amazing character! From Yolanda to DAP, he showed consistent stupidity. Amazing government we have!

  6. Sorry. I saw two shiny coconut heads and it made me laugh. I’m sure weapons of meme generator is now ready for use after the 6pm illuminating speech by PNoy.

    1. Yeah, his speech writers must have worked hard all week to come up with an excuse for DAP. It would be interesting to see if he can still fool the public.

      1. Well, their clans hold much of the country’s main resources – and sadly it includes the media. People really need to be educated and not just media-fed citizens. I’m tired of this yellow ribbon thing.
        It looks like a noose to me nowadays. Symbolizing death by hanging – well just a thought.

  7. Its not the Admin Code of the 1987 Consti. Its the Admin Code. Period. And good faith may be used as an excuse in case of murder. Mistake of fact may negate criminal liability so long as such act will also not amount to criminal negligence. See the case of Ah Chong.
    Just be careful in using legal terms and what have you.

    However, i completely agree with your piece! Abnoy should resign!

    1. @AMR

      Thanks for the correction on Admin Code. I have updated the article.

      On using “good faith” as an excuse in a murder case, while it is true that a person accused of murder can use it as an excuse, it still has to pass the test. Meaning, the person still needs to prove motive was in good faith. 😉

  8. COA should be aware that proper accounting and auditing of the DAP/PDAF funds are in order. Should the funds end up suspended and later on disallowed then BS Aquino and Abad will end up paying for the funds from their very own pockets.

    1. LOL, @ T.J., did you actually just state that the president of the Philippines is going to pay for ‘the funds’ out of his own personal accounts?

      I could insult your intelligence about that one, but will rerain.

      but, UH…KEEP DREAMING…seems good enough for that one.

  9. Another good article Ilda, it is indeed that Aquino supporters are easy to spot. I really I don’t understand why these people need to depend the very obvious mistake of BS Aquino (i.e. the case of DAP). Supreme Court ruled about this DAP and it’s unconstitutional; end of story. Just stop justifying your mistakes; they making themselves pathetic people. Just say ‘sorry’ that’s the noble thing to do and face the consequences of your action, I think that’s the essence of being a civilized people in a civilized society.

    1. U can see of Abnoy’s eye the hate and evil while making his point about DAP. It look like to me a devil picture with a built in speaker attached to the the mouth.

  10. Sina Ong, Robles at Monsod ay mga Attack Dogs din yan ni BS Aquino na nakinabang sa DAP kaya hindi nakapagtatakang hindi lang Bulsa nila ang Makapal kundi ang pag mumukha para idepensa si BS Aquino.

    1. Sadly there are. And those are the same uneducated people of our country. It includes those legal people who supports him.

    1. Fact: mj is the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE ever because he looooooves to destroy his own country.

      That’s better right? Then learn your place, real-life, hypocritical, Abnoy cocksucker. 😛

    2. Consider the name PEA BRAIN. It suits you well. Just like your leader who actually says “difficult to understand,”

  11. Defensive much?nagulo ba ang limbic system nyo?hahaha. Getrealphilippines is more satirical than theadobochronicles..hahaha..keep going..effort pa admin..hahaha

    1. Not really defensive. I’ve shown you how much of an idiot you are. If you think GRP is satirical then you’re dead wrong.

      Hithit pa, gunggong. -_-


    2. Speak of the devil, sumulpot nga kayong mga taga malacañang comms group and as usual wala parin kayong maibato sa amin kundi recycled spiels.

      Bagsak na ang boss ninyo pero sige parin kayo sa pagtroll kahit na nakakatulong lang ito lalo sa pagbagsak niya kasi illegal parin ang ginawa niya kahit ano pang sabihin ninyong palusot hahahahaha

      1. Johnny Derp..I’m still waiting for Liberal Party members to abandon ship on LP bandwagon. Mga gahamang politiko ay balimbing, siguro this time ,bahag ang mga buntot o siguro ay matagal pa ang 2016 kaya nag aantay pa sila ng ambon ke abnoy.
        Alam mo naman na kapag nag ambisyon kang tumakbo para maging lider ng mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno ay mayroon silang death squad parang nagyari doon ke Revilla

  12. Porky Drillon, a well known Hacienda Luisita Swine, cannot live without Pork Barrel Funds.
    So, he proposed to abolish Congress. Pork Barrel funds sustain his Kelptomaniac habit.
    Why not abolish yourself, Porky Drillon? It would be good for us…

    Section 49…which states about the use of “savings”; and the proper procedures and rules to follow, to spend these savings.

    We want to see the lists of projects completed, that these “savings” came from; including the Rules and Procedures to be followed in spending these “savings”.

    Concerned citizens with good knowledge in Accounting and Auditing; must come forward; to Audit these “savings” claim by Aquino and Abad. The movement of the Funds can be easily traced by good Auditors…

    Lastly, if I pick your wallet, and steal your money. Can I claim I did it in Good Faith, and it is just unsconstitutional?

    So much for these nonsense of Aquino and Abad. They are Thieves and Criminals.

  13. A thief is a thief is a thief…and Filipino politicians are all thieves.

    Every single one of them. Aquino is no exception and neither is GMA. They are all thieves.

    Now, as far as GDP growth goes. 3.2% is still a bigger growth than most of the countries around the world, especially in the West.The ‘HOT MONEY’ that slowed in 2011-2013 is a major factor in the contraction…it is not so much the cancelling of ‘pet projects’ of the government that caused the contraction.
    These stats can be manipulated up or dpwn as the source of the stats wishes…so take it witha grain of salt and know that the country is just as fucked as it was in 2000, nothing has changed.

    1. ALL the same every single one of them.
      Half of those that sat in the room clapping Aquino use to clap Gloria. Not one is any different. They all kiss anyone’s ass, sing anyone’s praises as long as they are getting money. Once the money dries up they stab him/her in the back and move on to the next money tree. Despicable every single one of them.

      1. @ YAWN…YES SIR, that is 100% correct! the height of irony is that Filipino’s put ‘loss of face’ so high on the list of unaccepatble/intolerable/things-to-kill over and yet Filipino politicians are the most shameless scumbags that have ever existed.

        and witness the arrogance of the guy in the top spot now by declaring the SC ruling a mistake is just un-fuckin-believable…what fuckin arrogance!

        1. Come January they will all be out with the rosary beads and wailing to the Pope.
          Hoping for a bit of divine intervention into the state coffers.

  14. Ilda you better include kris aquino and boy abunda as well. For sure they’ll go drama mode again to convince their stupid fans that the former’s brother is innocent.

    1. The loudest-crying-always-the-victim-attention-seeking-publicly-open-book-creature that I’ve seen on Philippine television most of the time. As in MOST OF THE TIME.

  15. I’m going to repost my comment from a separate article, because this is where it most fits.

    Now, Malacanang is on damage control, trying to sanitize the DAP and projecting that the projects funded by DAP help the country.

    They are now using the Typhoon Glenda, that because of the Doppler Satellite for PAGASA, that as they say was funded by DAP cause more accurate forecasting.

    See link:

    But, is it really because of the DAP? HELL NO!
    The modernization of PAGASA was during GMA term. These Doppler Satellites was acquired during GMA’s term not through DAP.

    See link again:

    This was publish on June 2008. During GMA’s Term. And DAP was establish on 2011. The more they depend DAP, the stupider they get, and the funny thing is, people are actually believing this deception. Seriously,what is on the minds of this people are they on drugs or something?

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