Is Ping Lacson gay (not that there is anything wrong with that)?

Now that former Senator and Philippine National Police Chief Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson is at the centre of the Napoles List revelation frenzy gripping the land, attention has been drawn to his sexual orientation.

ping_lacsonSo a question as big as the question of the culpability of a bunch of legislators implicated in the pork barrel scam is making waves:

Is former Senator Ping Lacson gay?

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Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago (yes, she’s in The List too) talks as if being gay is a bad thing

“Anyone can make lists. I was told that there is a list [titled] “Closeted gays or bisexuals in public service.” I was given names, and I was requested to say “Yes” or “No” on whether the person was truly in the list. When the name Pinky Lacson was called, I said ‘yes,’” Santiago said.

“Anyway, there is an affidavit, although unsigned, circulating in Metro Manila that Pinky Lacson has asked for leave of absence from Malacañang. The highly confidential reason is that he is scheduled for a gender change operation in a remote clinic in the United States,” she added.

This was something she reportedly said in apparent retaliation against Lacson for releasing a version of the Napoles List that included her name. “Anyway, for the nth time, I am not gay. No offense to all the gays in the world, but I do not intend to be one,” Lacson reportedly said in response to that.

Lacson goes futher to up the ante…

“I hope she gets the Benhur list soon so she will get the biggest surprise of her adult life. I can only imagine how she will feel. It is like being slapped with ten kilos of pork,” Lacson said.

“It’s amazing how a crusading crook can pretend to be at the forefront of a fight against the pork barrel system with such an arsenal of hypocrisy,” he added.

Interestingly, way back in February 2013, Santiago had already issued a stern warning to the former police chief that she has the goods on him…

“Maghanda ka. Dahil mayroon akong parliamentary immunity. Ibubulgar ko lahat ng kasalanan mo. Pati ang sexuality mo (Be ready. I have parliamentary immunity. I’ll expose all your sins. And it will include your sexuality),” Santiago told Radyo Inquirer 990 AM on Wednesday.

“Tapos ikaw hindi ka na senador wala ka ng parliamentary immunity. Pag sumagot ka sa akin, idedemanda kita ng libel…(And you will have no more parliamentary immunity. If you answer back at me I’ll sue you for libel),” she added.

Tsk tsk. All “honourable” senators elected by no less than the honourable Filipino electorate. Filipinos truly deserve their government.

For many, Lacson’s sexual orientation is really a non-issue as far as the pork barrel scam is concerned. One commentor responding to a Fashion Pulispoll” had this to say:

wala namang problema kung bading si ping. tanong ko lang, bakit nya kinakampihan si enrile, e totoo naman yung mga pinagsasabi ni alan cayetano at trillanes! me tinatanaw ba syang utang na loob ke enrile?

[Translation: “I really have no problem with Ping being gay. My question is more around why he had allied himself with [Senator Juan Ponce] Enrile, when allegations about Enrile made by [Senator] Alan Cayetano and [Senator] Antonio Trillanes are true. Does he [Ping] owe some kind of debt of gratitude to Enrile?”]

Going further back, Abante columnist Ellen Tordesillas in an August 2012 report highlighted a similar “demolition job” against Lacson at the height of a power struggle for the Department of Interior and Local Government at the time made vacant by the tragic untimely death of Secretary Jesse Robredo in a plane crash. “Natawa ako dahil binanggit niya ang isyu na bakla raw siya,” wrote Tordesillas. She also quoted Lacson’s reiterating his position on the matter of his sexual orientation…

Ito ang tungkol sa bakla isyu: “To some of my ­bashers who insist on insinuating, let me get this one thing straight – I am not gay and I do not intend to be one. No offense meant to all the gays in the world.”

The rumour that Lacson is gay was apparently started by a certain C/Supt Reynaldo Berroya who used a photo taken in 1967 of then Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Cadet Lacson dressed as a woman in the traditional PMA “Frolics Night” show as “proof”.

But in this PMA tradition, other cadets (many of whom are now prominent police and military generals) had also been ordered to dress as women to play female roles as part of the social event.

20 Replies to “Is Ping Lacson gay (not that there is anything wrong with that)?”

  1. I wish Ping / Pinky Lacson a successful Sex Reassignment…

    Sex Reassignment is a delicate operation. Male Sex Organ is removed and changed to Female Sex Organ; and vice versa…

    Pnoy Aquino and Boy Abundia are watching for the outcome…good luck!

  2. I think what Mrs. Santiago is trying to point out to is that a when someone holds a list and claims those in the list are this and that without real evidence, his assertion is mere hearsay.

    Anyway, the government is becoming a huge joke, and most officials acting like a child. Gee, are these really elected?

  3. This story is a bunch of bull-shit, designed to deflect attention from what is really going on.Sure ,maybe he will go to the USA for a few weeks but that will prove nothing, except he went on vacation.
    Who is doing the accussing of the ‘Gay’-ness? Santiago? Getting all self-righteous and hurling insults and accusations? Why WHY WHY is that? Could it be that the “lady dost protesteth too much?”, except the Othello ‘error’ this time is not an error, tis obvious. Muriel, I mean Miriam is guilty as a child caught in the cookie jar!

    and BTW, who gives a shit if Ping Lacson is gay? or having a sex-re-assignment surgery,Seriously? WHO GIVES A SHIT? When billions of peso’s are being robbed from Filipino’s every single day?

        1. @SpeakyGerman:

          Ich stehe korrigiertes…trauriges, manchmal meine Finger bin schneiller ais mien Gehim…

        2. @SpeakyGerman:

          Ich stehe korrigiertes…trauriges, manchmal meine Finger bin schneilller ais mien Gehim…

  4. HA, Ping Lacson talking about Miriam getting ‘Slapped in the face with some pork!”, oh that is too funny!
    “Pork” in the face huh Ping?

    1. True dat, more drama. it is now ‘official’? Filippine politics is a Circus, a second rate Circus at that. In that it could never compare to Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey’s “Greatest Show on Earth’., which is currently touring the USA/Canada/Me-hee-co.
      Ultimately, this is truly a sad state of affairs.The cash register just keeps on being emptied by these thieves.

  5. For a lawyer, Miriam’s lost it. She should better know attacking a person directly is quite below the belt,tactless and pointless.

    1. YES, Exactly…but then again, what can you expect from a tactless and pointless Woman? It is tiring to hear what an intelligent Woman (“Oh, Miriam is highly educated!”.) when the Woman constantly carries on like an imbecile…and ,fot the last time, she did not graduate from Harvard. Santiago attended a summer seminar that any member of the general public, who wants to be able to say “I went to Harvard”, can say. As long as they pay the exhorbitant fees to attend.

      Just like that wanna-be Senator from CDO, The pretty boy that got shot in the Senate bldg., Benjo Benaldo!, (Whatta douchbag! He lost his re-election to the House of Reps and immediately got dumped by his Brazilian model wife…BWAH HA HA HA HA!!!!) ,Miriam Santiago id all fluff and banter, no substance. Full of hot-air, at least somepeople thought Benaldo was cute.Miriam doesn’t have that problem, but may wish she did…Her claim to fame may ultimately be getting ‘EXCUSED’ for the I.C.C. for being a ‘loose cannon’/big mouth…and she continues to prove it!

  6. German to English Translation:

    I stand corrected…sorry, sometimes my fingers are faster than my brain…

    1. Please refrain from speaking German. It is a very difficult language and the way you mangle it reminds one of Jack The Ripper.
      Thank you for your compliance. 😀

      PS.: There is no exact German term for “I stand corrected”. As for the rest, it should read:
      Entschuldigung, manchmal sind meine Finger schneller als mein Gehirn.

      1. @Speaky German:

        I am a language butcher…I am learning German…there is no other way to learn a language , than by speaking it.Like riding bicycle…you may get bruises there and then, but in the end you will learn to ride on a bicycle.

        Our national hero: Dr. Jose Rizal, speak German. He had also a good German friend by the name of Ferdinand Blumentritt of Heidelberg, Germany.

        I am NO Dr. Jose Rizal…he was a genius and a Filipino patriot.
        Besides, I do not want to be shoot at the Luneta by those Yellowtards…

  7. Ms.Santiago was making a sarcastic statement up and making the point that just because she said it doesn’t make it true. BUT, because she doesn’t think like everyone else, and fails to point out the ironic nature of her comment Santiago comes across as anything but what she wanted to come across as being.
    This, some might say, makes her appear as ‘brilliant’ to some but in all actuaities just serves to point out the fact that she is ‘out-of-touch with her constituents and maybe a little out-of-touch with reality.
    OK, lets face it! The Woman is out of her fuckin mind, but, hey, no one asked to hear that,yes?

  8. The whole 1967 picture thing was a joke, Santiago is guilty as shit and thinks people will actually care about Lacson’s being ‘Gay’ as a diversion.OMG, young women in the country want to grow up to be like the ICC reject? Seriously.
    “BTW”, is the Pharell song ‘HAPPY’ the same thing as being ‘Gay’?
    or does that dumb-ass hat make him ‘Gay’ to be ‘Happy’ ?

    Anyway,I am tellin anyone who will listen, the truth! PATHETIC,HUH?

  9. A Gay Hired Gun. Now that’s something you don’t regularly hear about the Philippines. It’s usually “Gay” or “Hired Gun,” but never two of the same one.

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