Ai Ai delas Alas celebrity endorser of Vicki Belo product Pussykip!

Ten minutes is all it takes to travel back in time and feel like you’ve been touched for the very first time — like a virgin! That’s according to comedy star Ms Ai Ai delas Alas. It’s just been announced. She’s the new celebrity endorser of Vicki Belo’s new self-esteem-building product, the FermiLift Procedure.



FermiLift is better known for its more catchy/descriptive alias, Pussykip. As the name implies, the procedure involves a “non-invasive vagina tightener machine” according to an Abante report.

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The same report stated that delas Alas had agreed to try out the product and endorse to Filipinahood its “good effects”.

What exactly are these “good effects”? Ai Ai thought you’d never ask…

β€œDapat i-try ang Pussykip para sa ikauunlad ng sexlife at mabawasan ang mga babaeng sawi na niloloko ng mga asawa nila. Babalik sila kay misis dahil masikip na.”

So if we are to believe Ai Ai, women who avail of Belo’s Pussykip product will improve their sex lives and society will benefit through a reduced indcidence of male infidelity because men will always keep coming back to their wives’ tighter sensation.

Lol! Ang galing!

I also read in another Abante report that Ai Ai is encouraging her fellow showbiz stars Zsa Zsa Padilla and Dawn Zulueta to try it out. She should also extend the invitation to some male stars from their generation. I heard that a certain land-owning Pinoy-Spanish oligarch would approve. πŸ˜‰

10 minutes lang naman…

You can have the procedure done and still get to your hair appointment!

Well, if I were Belo, I’d fire her marketing manager. This product should have been launched way back before this year’s Valentine’s Day. What better Valentine’s could a gal present to her significant other? Belo just missed out on a brilliant marketing coup!

7 Replies to “Ai Ai delas Alas celebrity endorser of Vicki Belo product Pussykip!”

  1. Congrats Kate. πŸ˜‰

    Now I don’t know which makes me more disgusted — Kris Aquino’s STD-spreading sexual escapades or Ai Ai delas Alas and her newly tightened vagina groping actors a quarter of her age.

  2. Belo, that old cow should use it herself. And contrary to those women’s believe, once he does not fuck you anymore, having a tighter twat will not bring him back or make him give up the other woman which is half your age. Because if your ass is as big as a house, it does not matter how small the entrance is. Aaarrrrgh! Yucks! Hurl!

  3. Oh Boy, like one of those disgusting episodes of Sex & the City. I can see the bitches talking about it and just like this post by Kate it’s giving me bad shivers and the hives!

  4. Kayo talaga. Ang tatalino kase eh. Masyado nyo sineseryoso at inaanalyze sinasabi ni Ai Ai. Comedian yun noh kaya gnun magsalita. Kay belo nlng kayo makinig kung ano benefits nung procedure. Doctor yun.

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