Is Kris Aquino dating QC Mayor Herbert Bautista?

herbert_bautistaAt the very least, this much her ex James Yap knows: their son Bimby says his mom is “dating a politician”.

Reports James:

“Last Friday nagkita kami ng anak ko, siya na nagsabi sa akin mismo kung sino. Politician. Tapos sabi sa akin ni Bimby, ‘Joke lang.’ After namin magswimming, sinabi sa akin ni Bimby na ito nga si ganito. Pero hindi ko pwede sabihin kung sino.”

Translated in English:

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“Last Friday I met with my son. He himself told me who it was — a politician. But then Bimby told me ‘Just a joke’. After we went swimming Bimby said to me that this was what’s it is. But I cannot say who it is.”

Say what?

Well, that sample of James’s articulation skills just goes to show he is better off leaving the talking to his ex wife. Whatever James Yap was trying to say, above, it seems the rumours surrounding Kris and Mayor Bautista were fired up again after she was reportedly seen being dropped off by Mayor Bistek himself at the ABS-CBN studios for a taping session.

6 Replies to “Is Kris Aquino dating QC Mayor Herbert Bautista?”

  1. Yeah, I’ve enjoyed your recent articles a lot and found them insightful bening0, but I thought this site was above this type of trash!

  2. Isn’t the point that politics in the philippines is dumbed down to entertainment level with a cast of characters predominantly either drawn from entertainment or who want to be in entertainment. Isn’t bautista one of the bad/has been actors.

    In the same vein class clown chiz ‘don’t mention smuggling’ escudero is just the same. His current political platform – heart evangelista. With a SALN worth of 4 million that wouldn’t keep her for a month! Smuggling and porky pies or just a complete failure.

  3. Articles with a content like this one make me admire the blind. I’m also now in conflict over if I should yawn or puke first?

  4. Yes the line between government and showbiz in this country barely exists. One moment Kris for whatever reason is there with the President of Malaysia while doing covert ops with her love life. Think about it. Kris is a sell out for endorsing every product there is, Up to you who much you want to believe her grandfather was a sell out. For me her brother is definitely a sell out since many of the things he is selling out on are not his personally but the country’s. Who the hell tells you these things?

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